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tv   News Ch8 at 11PM  NBC  February 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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the votes in the iowa caucuses are cast, so who moved up? who lost ground? who's out? 8 on your side is in iowa to bring you coverage of this big night. >> we thank you for joining us. we investor angle of the iowa -- we have every angle of the iowa caucuses covered for you. first the results, ted cruz is the rep winner. he has 28% of the vote in iowa. trump received 24% of the vote and marco rubio is just 1% behind trump. let's look at the democratic side. it is a dead heat between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. keith cate is in the middle of all of the action in iowa, what a big night in particular for marco rubio. >> reporter: marco rubio had a terrific night. we'll talk more about that later, but the fact ted cruz came back to knock donald trump back is a big story line we'll continue to hear.
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beginning to end and this bernie sanders/hillary clinton battle just goes on and on. we've built up for months in this day and in three hours we have the results. i have never been to a caucus in person and i thought it would be interesting if i would take you, our viewers, inside to see how it plays out as we continue to get results coming in. i tuned into the middle school where the governor himself caucuses. it took about two hours for republicans at this des moines elementary school to go through the process. a few were allowed to speak on behalf of the candidate of their choice. >> marco rubio has lived the american dream. >> reporter: then it was time to vote. this is where the governor of iowa, terry branstad, caucuses. he didn't want to say who he voted for. it is a secret ballot, after all. >> i trust the voters of iowa that they'll make a thoughtful intelligent decision and i think we'll see where it goes.
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told us yesterday she was going to be here and was true to her word. you were you were probably going with marco rubio? >> yeah. stuck to my word. >> reporter: when all was said and done, the handwritten votes on the paper showed marco rubio the run-away winner with 63 votes. democrats were holding their own caucus. here they needed a microphone. after supporters spoke they moved around the room separating into a couple big groups, one for hillary clinton, the other for bernie sanders. there was another small group for candidate martin o'malley, but after the first count it was clear he had too few supporters to be a viable candidate. now you're the most popular guy in the room. are you going with hillary or bernie? >> i'm torn, but i'm probably going with hillary. >> reporter: proving the polls right this democratic race is neck and neck. this couple remains split. one is thes clinton, the other -- one supports clinton, the other sanders. >> i've got to work on my wife
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>> reporter: it took longer than the republicans, but after some creative and confusing math this democratic caucus location sided with hillary clinton. within two to three hours it was all over 2016 in the books and it may go down as a record breaker when it comes to turnout. >> everything that i can see, it's going to be a record turnout. i've never seen as many candidates, nor as big of crowds. >> reporter: that is saying something coming from the governor of iowa. what a thrilling night it has been. so much attention again for months paid on this race. behind me you hear them talking on the stage. we've seen the results trickle in over the past hour or so. the big news from tonight, of course, is that ted cruz knocks out donald trump. marco rubio faring really well coming in third place and the battle on the democratic side, we'll see how that plays out in the days to come.
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some candidates. mike huckabee dropped out. martin o'malley says he's out. jeb bush who we interviewed earlier today did not perform well tonight. he wasn't expected to. he left early for new hampshire, which is the next primary state. we'll see if he can do well there and continue on to our voters in florida, but it's a tough night for jeb bush, great night for marco rubio. we'll break down the numbers more in depth with our political analyst dr. susan mcmanis later in this newscast. i'm keith cate reporting from des moines, iowa, site of the 2016 first in the nation caucus. >> real quick before you go for a second, i just have a question. these numbers are so tight on both sides of the aisle. when you were there in the room while they were caucusing, did things get heated? is it like a debate or is this all like very civilized conversation they're having for two or three hours?
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it was so interesting for me to watch. again i wondered how. i went looking for video of caucuses and didn't find very much, so i was excited to get in there and watch the process. yes, it's organized. there are some methods to the madness. they talk about it. people stand up for their candidate and brief everyone and on the republican side it's a secret ballot. again it's run by the republican party. it was over lickety split. they counted them out. the democratic side it was a bit more raucousous, had to move from -- raucous, had to move from one side of the room to the other, but hillary clinton won at this middle school and it is both as you say a democratic. it's cordial but also engaging and that's a fun thing to watch. again the democrats run one. republicans run the other. watch. look. we'll come back to you in a
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all eyes obviously are on iowa tonight including on social media. the #iowacaucus is trending right now with more than 300,000 tweets. our your vote the iowa caucuses team coverage continues now. >> up in iowa they're expecting a lot of weather and record setting caucus turnout, well done, proud to be an iowan this woman says. so they did get out to caulks tonight for sure. what's the big deal with -- caucus tonight for sure. what's the big deal with the caucus? i can't watch, too close to call, great picture there. not much of a ballot #noonetoldmetobringapen. you saw how kind of that thing was operating where they hand out and sign the ballot and the caucus. a few more, this one as a canadian watching the iowa caucus, it seems a crazy process but very interesting to
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i still prefer our system, less confusing. nothing. we'll see if that rings true. hampshire. interesting. share your thoughts on the iowa caucuses right now on news channel 8's facebook page. we'd love to hear from you. >> again here's a look at the numbers. ted cruz is the republican winner, 28% of the vote, trump receiving 24% of the vote and marco rubio 1% behind trump. democratic side, too close to call between hillary clinton and bernie sanders, neck and neck at the moment. acting on a tip, federal agents found explosive devices and an ak-47 inside a tampa home. investigators discovered eight pipe bombs and ammunition inside the home of michael ramos. tampa police officers along with atf and fbi acts carried out the search. ramos has expressed anti- government sentiment in the
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a robber picked the wrong terrace. two men pulled a gun on the homeowner while he unloaded groceries. the victim pulled out his own gunfiring out shots. the terrifying following call. >> i was putting in groceries. i was just finishing up when one of them grabbed me by the arm, pointed a gun at my face and said don't [ bleep ] say anything and started trying to usher me away from the house. >> the two men ran away. if you have any information, you're asked to call temple terrace police. an 8 on your side health warning tonight, the zika virus has been declared a health emergency and because of our topical climate we could possibly see cases here soon. this is worth an update for folks here even though it seems
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>> reporter: many do not know this tiny insect right here is the world's deadliest animal because it spreads so many diseases. now science is stepping in to help with that battle before it spreads here. what do you think the most deadliest animal is in the world? >> i'd probably say a rattlesnake. >> shark. >> deadliest animal ever is the mosquito. >> reporter: that's right. the deadliest animal ever is the mosquito and right now world leaders are battling the rapid spread of the mosquito borne zika virus. a public health emergency has been declared. one case already confirmed in tampa. biologists say we could see more because of our warp temperatures and international travelers. >> but because of our global trade from this country, we're bringing it over to the americas. >> reporter: but the newest weapon has been set loose to fight the bite, males carrying lethal genes mate with the females to kill them decreasing the population.
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to genetically modify the genes in the males so that the larvae, the babies, the juveniles never develop into adults is pretty sexy technology. >> reporter: and that technology is said to be working at this time, especially ahead of the 2016 olympics set in brazil for the summer. reporting live in tampa. terror in the skies. >> coming up next where this up on is terrorizing homeowners putting -- this owl is terrorizing homeowners putting many bay area residents on edge. >> a very nice sunset around the region, more clouds tomorrow, rain and cool temps,
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now 8 on your side your vote coverage of the iowa caucuses, keith cate live from iowa. >> tonight is the night everyone has been waiting for. keith cate is life in des moines, iowa, with a recap of tonight's voting from des moines. hey, keith. >> reporter: hey, jen, just one more time want to say what a big night it was for ted cruz obviously, donald trump a bit disappointed i'm crews, but what a bigger night for florida senator mark owe -- i'm sure, but what a bigger night for florida senator marco rubio coming in just one percentage point behind donald trump. listen to some of this. >> tonight we have taken the first step but an important step towards winning this election. if i am our nominee and i will
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you have done here in this great state, when i am our nominee, we are going to unify this party and unify the conservative movement. >> reporter: again marco rubio coming in a strong third in the iowa caucuses. the big story also tonight is hillary clinton/bernie sanders, dr. susan mcmanis from university of south florida our political analyst, what does this mean, 50/50. we don't know who will win? >> we don't. hillary clinton got the women's vote and sanders got the young people's vote and hillary was really strong on healthcare. people liked her stance on that. >> reporter: she had a great ground game here. >> right. but bernie sanders scored best among voters who scored him on income inequality as the issue. >> reporter: he certainly has the enthusiasm. he's proving tone his followers are willing to go and --
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willing to go and caucus. >> we're leaving here really with both party undecided who will be the nomination for president. this is the first, but it's only the first because the race continues and nobody was a slam dunk on either side of the aisle. it was really very, very interesting. >> reporter: it's been an interesting caucus. it was a record turnout. as we love you, we want to let you know -- leave you, we want to let you know it's been a great five days with this coverage. begun. we don't have mike huckabee or martin o'malley on the democratic side. we'll see what maps as the days go forward. we do -- happens as the days go forward. we do wonder about florida governor jeb bush. back to you, jen. >> keith, we've enjoyed your coverage these last five days. congratulations to you and your team and come home safely, live in des moines, iowa, tonight. >> reporter: we'll do. video only on news channel
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neighborhood under attack by this, a baird owl. neighbors believe it's a mama owl protecting her babies during nesting season. >> but this mom is a menace attacking people and flying into garages and going after people and children. this owl is really terrorizing the neighborhood. >> reporter: she's only 2 feet tall. as it turns out, the owl likes to hang out at night making this the time she normally strikes. how would you like to see this flying full speed right at you? meet the newest nosey neighbor in this community. she's bold, brave, not one bashful ounce in this owl. she even poses for pictures with her razor sharp talons on full display, but when it comes to being a mom, well, this bird means business. >> she is mean.
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he had a close encounter with the big bird and it began with this sound. [ hooting ] >> it makes a very, very distinctive hoot and it was hooting and being very aggressive. >> reporter: so aggressive that the owl swooped down into robert's garage and tried to fly right in his minivan. >> i could hear the wings. i could hear the animal in the garage and rob was swatting away, so i knew something was going on. >> reporter: then there's the next-door neighbor who felt the owl's claws dig in her scalp. >> it knocked it off me. it jumped on my daughter. the wind knocked it off of her. it fell to the golf cart. it was hooting aggressively at us. >> reporter: and the realtor who lives around the corner now carries an umbrella rain or shine. >> he charged at me and grabbed me by the hair and i ran
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me into the garage. >> reporter: so obviously a lot of chaos in this lutes neighborhood. there is nothing these people can do. the barred owl is protected and while the neighbors do not want to see the bird hurt, they want this to stop. >> they'll have to run. well, we're now in february, 73 degrees, our average high temperature for the month. the average rainfall still one of our drier months, 2.9 inches, but the forecast from the climate prediction center says a little bit cooler and a little bit wetter going along with that el nino theme. some folks speculated we may be headed toward a neutral phase this summer accident but we'll see. 60% rain chance for thursday, our next big chance of showers. we have a small chance -- we
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shower in sebring around 6:30 today. great shot from linda in frostproof earlier today, had some lake visitors, nice day for it, 78 degrees for a high temperature, gorgeous, certainly above normal, but after the chillier temperatures felt good. 60s overnight, humidity making a big comeback thanks to the easterly flow. as a result, we're seeing some thinking fog forming around sections of the bay area including sea fog. 77 degrees, upper 70s, near 80 degrees for a high temperature around the region tomorrow. 64 degrees currently. the temps haven't fallen as far, largely because the humidity is up. when the humidity is higher, much. 70 sebring, 60 brooksville, 65 st. pete and visibility readings in miles, 1.75 miles, seeing thick fog in clearwater, sarasota down to 1/4 mile visibility, inverness, brooksville, crystal river, a heads up.
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water vapor imagery, this big red splotch is dry air high above, nice viewing of the international space station around 6:30 tonight. also you can see to the north this area of low pressure, these bright colors here, that's a blizzard warning southern minnesota, northern iowa and, of course, winter weather advisories go all the way up into wisconsin. that's des moines right there where keith was reporting from. some snow starting to move into the western part of iowa. this will progress over the next 24 hours across that area. so folks watching that very closely. cold front to the north of us with that area of low pressure. high pressure is our big feature sending us that easterly flow and, of course, at forementioned moisture into the area. if you stare at this a bit, you can make out some of the sea fog, low cloudiness right along coastal areas in place. fog forecast already confirms that, too, low visibility into the early morning hours, starting to clear up around 11 a.m. in some areas but maybe holding on bay and coastal areas. our p.m.
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flow and a slight possibility of showers especially favoring inland areas and warmer temperatures overall. as we get into wednesday, approaching cold front. this gets a little closer thursday. that's our rain chance for thursday into the early part of friday with the passage of this front, possible thunderstorms, too. that's our next rain chance that you'll see in the seven- day forecast. there it is, 72 the high, certainly warm the next couple days, 80, 79 degrees. then cooler temps behind that front. once it slides through high temperatures in the 60s. also note the rain chance sunday with a disturbance that. could bring possibly a better chance of seeing some thunderstorms in the area on sunday. it's natural when you get a cold front, once the cold front goes through it gets a little cooler. >> oh, is that how it works? >> usually. >> learn does new every day. >> you -- learn does new every day. >> -- learn something new every day. >> you can stay in and watch the super bowl. coming up super bowl week
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rough start for the denver broncos. >> and the nfl circus known as super bowl media day. dan lucas has the sights and sounds coming up next. >> plus here's what you'll see tomorrow at 6 a.m. >> the gasparilla distance classic is coming up. i'm leigh spann and i talk to a ymca trainer about ways you can start and continue running at any age. >> plus weather, traffic and
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sports on news channel 8 is brought to you by your gulf coast honda dealers. >> i'm not sure if this is a bad owe man, but we have -- omen, but we have a bus running into another team bus, minor injury for a highway patrolman, injury for a highway patrolman, but he is okay tonight. with that let's count down to super bowl l. today is the popular media day when the nfl decided to look a lot cooler on live television at night, so they called it opening night. why not? you had the big stage inside s.a.p. pavilion, home of the san jose sharks. panthers quarterback cam newton drawing boos from the fans in attendance i think unless that was the media booing.
11:25 pm
surrounding the podium of broncos quarterback peyton manning. that's media day. let's ask some tough questions. >> i promise if i run a touchdown on sunday, i will celebrate. >> everyone has been asking are you going to retire after this. do you have any idea? >> hey, you're sharp. you're sharp. you're well dressed and you're smart and you're sharp. >> how are you going to sack cam newton? >> if i sack him, there's two sacks, not one. >> it's super bowl l. the mantra or colors are black and gold. what i had in my closet was extremely limited, so when i looked at my pants and said these are black and gold, the shoes are black and gold to tie along with the whole super bowl l black and gold. >> there you go. that's the answer to the mystery. florida state hosting nc state tonight. the noles had a 16 point lead dwindled to two. it goes back to eight.
11:26 pm
goes off on eight consecutive points, a two-point game again. barber had 31 points. finally duane bacon with the right touch. the noles survive 77-73, exciting finish there. the versace pants, pretty sharp. >> all right. thank you. we'll be right back with your
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your winning lotto numbers cash 3, 1, 0, 9, play 4, 4, 2 , 6, 5. you can look at the forecast in the morning? >> temperatures nice and warm in the 60s largely because the humidity is up there. watch for the fog is probably areas. it gets warm again tomorrow. 78 today, 80 tomorrow and rain chances creep back in mostly on thursday, but there could be a slight chance tomorrow. >> 80 in february. >> how about that? in the night cap if you have a taste for gold and pizza, you are in luck. pizza hut wants to celebrate super bowl l by delivering 50 garlic topped pizzas with 24 karat gold on super bowl sunday and they don't just look good. that 24 karat gold is edible as well delivered in a gold box right to your door.
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did you say this? >> $100 worth of gold chips sprinkled on the pizza, don't know how that tastes, can't be very good. >> i'd send that back. that's too rich. take it back. thanks but i candle of want a pizza. pizza. >> just want some cheese and pepperoni. >> jimmy fallon is coming up
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