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tv   News Ch8 at 5PM  NBC  February 3, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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channel 8 at 5:00. background check blunder a school district failed to check up on teachers and staff. 8 on your side demands answers. donald trump tweets and accusation of flawed. what he claims ted cruz did. we will find out what it takes to make the team in the puppy bowl. i'm jennifer leigh. >> i'm keith cate and thanks for joining us. burglary victims reunited with their stolen property at the sheriff's office. right now detectives have two burglaries spanning over five below. here's to validate joining us with that report.>> some of these victims still showing up at the sheriff's office and many of them traveling as far as lake and orange counties. detectives say the burglars racked up at least $200,000
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homes they broke into. we're talking about jewelry, tvs, electronics, firearms, and anything they could get their hands on and thought had value. detectives say these two men are connected to 30+ home burglaries. the crimes took place in hillsborough, orange counties , as well as when the city limits of tampa. both were arrested this past saturday breaking in a home in pasco county. one of the victims spoke to said she's happy she was able to get some of her stuff back.>> i didn't think it would happen. i didn't think we would get anything back so good to know that some of it is here. that's always good. >> reporter: detectives say these burglaries took place between the month of december and january. right now the two men behind bars facing numerous burglary charges. >> detectives believe they are
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>> reporter: that could very well be the case. they are going back and looking over other cases of burglaries that happened in the area and they believe these guys will be tied to several other burglaries and will be facing more charges. >> live in hillsborough county tonight. thank you. 8 on your side health alert and governor rick scott wants a public health emergency declared over the zika virus. there are cases in hillsborough in hillsborough county there are two reported cases of zika believed to be contracted county commissioners asking for immediate action plan . they are calling on the health department to educate the public. commissioners asked mosquito control if they have everything needed to test and mosquitoes. >> just today the red cross came out and issued a warning stating if you travel to any of these areas and potentially could have been infected don't
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you come back. >> reporter: we are working to find out what county officials are doing to find out that the two cases contracted out of the country don't spread locally. we will let you know what we find out at 6:00. questions about the safety of students in sarasota county. the auditor general says the school district not staying up to date on background checks for teachers and staff. john rogers joining us now live to explain this report. how do you let that fall through the cracks? it sounds alarming. >> reporter: it certainly is alarming. according to florida law school districts like sarasota must resubmit fingerprints for screening every five years but the report shows the school district failed to do that. this report from the florida auditor general express sincere concern for the safety of
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and staff are much to throw background check when they are hired and the law as an employee must be be screened every five years. the audit found the school district failed to do that for every employee. some staffers have not been screened since 2002. the auditor general wrote there is an increased risk that employees with unsuitable background may have direct contact with students. the school district explained they haven't done so because they have limited staff available. >> we don't want them to be concerned but it's something we need to address immediately. >> reporter: a school board member was concerned over the findings. >> safety is the highest priority to me. i want to make sure i get all the information and see what happened and what caused that for us to not be in compliance. >> reporter: in a statement the school's spokesperson assured that students are not in danger and the public should not be concerned. the official said these periodic checks need to happen and are happening but all staff
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the spokesman's and that after the findings were released the school district assigned a staffer with the sole responsibility of finishing the background checks. the school district expects to have everyone properly screened by june 30. the school district also told the state auditor that the next budget cycle they are planning to hire additional full-time staff who will be tasked to make sure they are under compliance with the background checks. we will keep you posted. >> usually when they do these audits they find other things. any other red flags you found what don't there were a number of other issues that the audit addressed acutely -- including issues of payroll and contractors. the most alarming was the background checks. the school member you heard from is going to have a meeting later this month with board members. 50-year-old man accused of sexually assaulting a 3-year-old and inviting a teen who tried to stop him.
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him assaulting her daughter. she called her teenage son for help when they wrestled jones to the floor but he gets the teen and ran. officers caught up with him and jones is a registered sex offender. donald trump accusing senator ted cruz on stealing the iowa caucuses. trump tweeted this morning at cruising cash accusing cruz of fraud and demanding a new election. he claims cruz's campaign sent out misleading mailers and that he imply dr. ben carson was dropping out of the race to get supporters for himself. cruz defeated trump in iowa monday night. fewer gop candidates in the field this evening because kentucky senator rand paul and rick santorum announced they would be ending their campaigns as of today. both candidates had a disappointing showing in the iowa caucuses. rand paul was fighting for his seat in the senate and santorum expected to endorse another candidate tonight.
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hillary clinton by 29 . in new hampshire. both candidates held town halls in the granite state and tomorrow they meet for another debate. at 11:00 8 on your side tomorrow candace mccowan will be live from new hampshire for the primaries and following the candidates on the campaign trail covering races and how they affect voters here in florida. you don't want to miss our special your boat covered live from new hampshire starting thursday at 11:00. a heated argument on both sides about two gun bills under debate in the florida legislature. the face of campus carry an open carry bills may already be decided. >> reporter: the florida house spent three hours questioning to controversial gun bills tuesday night. one allows concealed carry on college campuses and the other allows open carry throughout the state. democrats heavily opposed both. >> there are two constituents needs.
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everybody else and the majority of floridians don't think there should be guns in schools and on college campuses. >> reporter: got issues really have trouble clearing the republican-controlled house. why are we all want of only five states that allow open carry? >> i hope members of the senate are just as encouraged as members of the house had been to provide the most liberty weekend. >> reporter: the senate president made it clear his chamber could be a major roadblock for both pieces of legislation. >> the bill that will pass the house i think they are in trouble. they are in judiciary. it's not my intent to pull them out of committee. i think it's important for the chairs to make those decisions. >> reporter: the judiciary chairman said he won't hear the campus carry bill and his committee and not certain if open carry makes the cut either.
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>> i don't know any bills are in trouble yet in the fourth week of the legislative session with five weeks of work remaining. i'm hopeful we will get an up or down vote. >> reporter: the house amended their open carry proposal and lawmakers can concealed carry and legislative meetings if it became law. in tallahassee news channel 8. >> the florida house expected to pass both angles this evening. if you have the super bowl but you have dogs from polk county playing in the puppy bowl. >> coming up pocket puppies are selected for this year's adorable televised contest. and which airline is bringing back the free snacks? a very warm day we tied a record high at 84 degrees in cooling off with a cold front headed our way and possible storm chances in cooler trend i had. we'll talk about those numbers
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any building anytime a gunman can open fire. today tampa workers find out what they should do if the worst happens. that are more coming up. you are watching news channel 8 the station that's always on
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a former prosecutor admits to making a deal with bill cosby's lawyers over a sexual assault case. the former da testified in the pennsylvania court he gave an unwritten promise of immunity to bill cosby. in the case can't be charged with drugging and assaulting a formal temple university employee. his attorneys are trying to have the case dismissed. today the first congressional hearing on the
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flint, michigan. citizens told the house oversight and government reform committee their children were poisoned by lead in the water. it happened when the city switch from detroit water to water from the flint river. the city manager is expected to testify. barack obama making a visit to an american mosque. afterward he spoke to the islamic society of baltimore where he denounced hate speech directed at the muslim american community. he said bias against any segment of society tears at the fabric holding the nation together and must be tackled head on. crews in california putting finishing touches on levi's stadium ahead of super bowl 50. lady gaga will sing the national anthem and coldplay performs at halftime and we will be keeping an eye out for clever commercials. some local stars play a big role in this weekend's big game. not the super bowl but the puppy bowl. the bay area has its share of players on the field.
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winterhaven. a sweet assignment today. >> reporter: no question about it. we need to let you know this is where several of the puppy bowl players call home. they want to find a permanent home and the weekend game could make that happen. >> is a touchdown. >> reporter: much of the nation's attention focused on super bowl 50 this sunday. there's another big game going on this weekend, puppy bowl 12 on the animal planet channel. on the wall pops competing fiber from polk county's animal shelter. besides watching the cute ones on the gridiron is to encourage pet adoption. >> we have wonderful pets available in local shelters that need a deserving home and we had great ones here in polk
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time.>> reporter: those that didn't make the big trip to new york for the big game are ready for a loving home but this year animal planet is doing something different. all of this year's contestants of special needs. >> that school because a lot of times people pass over those animals because they think it might be too much for them or not have the heart for what they have to deal with. >> reporter: other polk county animal shelter dogs admitted to the puppy bowl in the past and right now they are in new york getting ready for the game. >> we love that puppy bowl promotes you can find all different kinds of breeds and ages that your shelter. >> reporter: so if you watch the puppy bowl keep an eye out for the local stars. this is not the first time that polk county has been well represented in the puppy bowl. last year they had several players in the game. they were all adopted.>> i like to see that. when will the local cops be
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reporter: first they have to recover from the big trip to new york and the big game. truthfully once that is over they come back here to polk county and they will be eligible to be adopted. >> josh thomas live in polk county tonight. thank you. >> they can be drafted. it's on my puppy team. how are you doing? >> i'm good. it's good to be back. >> nice job in iowa. you covered the primary. >> one of our favorite clips came yesterday of you driving in the snow. your political coverage was top- notch as well but the driving -- >> i have to give a shout out to jim our photographer and nancy our producer. we had a great team and work our teachers off covering the caucus.
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hope you enjoyed the coverage. were on the way now to new hampshire to cover the primary. it's political season and the weather changes with it. it's good to be back in the sun. 84 degrees yesterday in driving in a snowstorm. look outside to torture you more. compared to the folks up north in blizzard conditions in northwest iowa yesterday. 74 in the bay with south wind at 16 and strong from the south. 81 degrees at lake club. 55% relative humidity. 79 degrees with southwesterly breeze at the moment. breezy and warm and i had of a cold front. cold front headed our way and rain chances in cooler temperatures sliding our way. before the high today side of record set in 1990. it felt like it and add to that the humidity. state fair starts tomorrow and can you believe we are already there? rain begins at 11 am and lingering rain possible at 3 pm and then temperatures drop with a cold front later in the
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temperature changes. 77 degrees at 7 pm and temperatures largely in the 70s, low 70s into the overnight. back. mild overnight and colin were not here yet and rain chances hour by hour you see chances increase as the day progresses. 78 degrees in dew point gary i- 65 with south wind 11 miles per hour. cooler on beaches thanks to an onshore flow. 75 seminole argot. 84 riverview. sun city 82. sebring 75 so a big difference between coastal and inland areas. 85 in brooksville. a toasty on in winds out of the south which is not unusual with stronger gusts as you see an southerly flow helps lift our dew point. it will be breezy and warm this evening. enjoy it while we have it because we'll go through a stretch of cooler air. there's the front to the west
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mapping of snow today across sections of the upper midwest great lakes. rain around panama city. not sugar levels and no watches. the tornadoes last night in mississippi and alabama and the storm activity well to the north and will remain that way. could see thunder storms but mostly rain tomorrow. 7:30 possibly starting morning areas and by afternoon pretty much into the central portion of the bay area. central and northern areas of better chance of more measurable precipitation throughout the day. write a chilly and breezy with cooler air arriving behind the front. that brings lower temperatures for the area. saturday partly cloudy includable showers possible later in the day and early part of thursday. we backed off on the rain chances thinking the area of low pressure could develop off to the east 75 thursday and still warm with 70% rain chance. call 63 on friday and same for saturday at 68 degrees. we're not looking for a big warm-up.
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briefly but we stay cool throughout this period and chillier temperatures move back in 64, 61 for monday and tuesday and then 60 degrees wednesday. we are definitely in for a week stretch of much cooler. popular fast food chain adding a mystery item to the menu. >> how you can get your hands
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ba da ba ba ba now an 8 on your side consumer alert. the pain at the pump we used to talk about seems to be dissipating this year.
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unleaded gas now a dollar 78. gas prices in missouri and oklahoma under $1.50 and sarasota and braided said the average is the dollar 77 and campus ate pizza dollars 74. first cvs pharmacy inside a target start to target store opens today. it's all part of cbs's acquisition of targets business. when complete more than 1600 target pharmacies and 47 states will be rebranded as cvs pharmacies. cbs is the largest drugstore change with 9500 locations. knockabout launched a new ad campaign for a mystery menu item. james harden featured in the ad for $2.99 you can preorder the item on the website and pick it up at a taco bell restaurant this saturday. taco bell plans to reveal the item in a 32nd ad on sunday and start selling it to the general public monday. a u. s. mobile operators as
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in november amazon opened up stored in seattle and now all properties claims amazon's role is to open up 400 bookstores. as folks the osha spokesman has declined to comment. american airlines bringing back something it hasn't had since 2003. complementary snacks. cookies, pretzels for passengers in the main cabin. you'll see on domestic flights by april pierce also expanding free entertainment on domestic flights. i want to give a shout out to american airlines because i was trapped in des moines and we got to united o'hare and everything was a mess. i had some peanuts. i had to run and chicago o'hare if you've never been there at 100 miles and i ran 50 in five minutes to get on a plane. i was profusely sweating. >> he's the sweaty guy on the plane. >> i got my bag today from
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>> sweaty guy! steve talked about this early and the state fair starts tomorrow and that means food. it kicks off tomorrow and great attractions and rides. no code like the pizza funnel cake. plus draft debate now that women are eligible for military combat should they be able and have to register for the draft?
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