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tv   News Ch8 at 6PM  NBC  February 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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involved. i'm keith cate. >> i'm stacie schaible. thanks for joining us. new developments on our 8 on your side investigation danger lurks beneath. under pressure code enforcement storm a sinking apartment building and we got our first look inside. the city of tampa showed up in full force to check out the buildings sitting on a sinkhole and after they took a look they decided to take immediate action. investigator shannon behnken saw the investigators firsthand. >> reporter: it was the first time city inspectors able to get an up-close look at the damage and now they are demanding the property owner to further testing to see if the whole has gotten worse. city officials showed up in full force. code inspectors, fire marshals, and attorneys to inspect the french quarter
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100 foot void since -- underneath the center building. >> it seems to be limited to the front section of the building where it slopes. >> reporter: the property owner closed up the building after learning of the big hole seven years ago but the sinkhole activity was not fixed and the landlord continues to collect rent from tenants just feet away even after engineers on other buildings could be in danger too. city officials say they were not informed of any of this until 8 on your side gave them the report and we were there today when officials that the first glimpse inside the vacated building. one of the first things you notice is the floor is sloping this way toward armenia avenue on the other side of the wall. there are cracks inside the walls and ceilings and thick cracks outside. a city engineer wants updated
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what about what the report said about the building next door and how they could be in danger? >> we're looking at that report. it's eight years old. i had my engineer look at it today and he didn't see any indications of anything going on like new cracks. >> reporter: no one disputes the massive hole under building 6411. the property owner is fighting citizens insurance in court arguing the problem is so badly needs more money to stabilize the ground. city officials tired of waiting. they want this fixed and they want confirmation that residents are safe. updated testing begin next week. engineers will use ground penetrating radar on monday and drill into the ground wednesday and meanwhile the issue set for trial in june and property owner hopes to receive enough money to fix all the sinkhole activity under all the buildings. >> and a chance things have improved since the report in 2008 fax >> not a chance.
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only get worse. engineers say it's only a matter of time before the main building in the center falls in the hole. they want more reports and they >> scary stuff. thank you. a health crisis that had calling for action. >> the spread of zika is a frightening event and potentially devastating affects for families. >> zika virus cases exploding worldwide including in florida and people's worries are also growing. the cases of zika virus in florida have increased from just three the cases of zika virus in florida have increased from just 3 to 9. here's a look at where the current cases are. we have 2 in hillsborough county, 4 and miami-dade county, 2 in lee county, and one in santa rosa county. candace mccowan joins us live with an 8 on your side health
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afternoon governor rick scott asking for a public health emergency declaration in hillsborough county and the three other counties where people currently have zika virus. in hillsborough county commissioners demanding information and action. >> we won't wait two weeks. >> reporter: for days now call seven coming into the commissioner. >> calls about concerns of people trying to have a family this year and live near the water and they are nervous. >> reporter: concern growing by the day. where 2 zika cases in hillsborough county now and each person contracted the virus in another country. in places like brazil the virus causes major birth defects for babies on the pregnant mothers are bitten by mosquitoes and affected. >> you see a little thin right here. >> reporter: in hillsborough the push is on to make sure the cat doesn't spread to local
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traps near the homes of the people with the virus. >> we think it's half a mile around where the person lives. >> reporter: health officials making changes to policy to protect americans. >> just today the red cross issued a warning stating if you travel to any of these areas and potentially could have been infected don't donate blood for 28 days after you come back. that's a big deal. >> reporter: should they stay inside so they are not bitten by mosquitoes?>> that would be to the benefit of everyone else not to have a mosquito that can be contaminated because someone is exposing him or herself.>> reporter: here is the most important information. knowing there are no mosquitoes so far in the united states found to have the zika virus. be careful because mosquitoes that carry it out from sun up to sun down and recommending pregnant women can't be too careful so wear long sleeves
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>> better safe than sorry. candace mccowan reporting live in tampa and for more prevention tips and information about zika head to our website at $200,000 worth of stolen items discovered during a burglary bust over the weekend. victims say the stolen jewelry and electronics at the hillsborough sheriff's office today. the men were arrested saturday on breaking into a home in pasco county. detectives think they hit more than 30 homes across five counties. a state audit found sarasota county not doing proper background checks on its teachers and staff members. under florida law every school employee must be re-screened every five years. a recent audit found the school district has failed to do that. school officials say they didn't have enough staff members for the job but don't believe the public should be alarmed about it.
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priority to me so essentially i want to make sure i have all the information and see what happened and what caused us to not be in compliance.>> school officials claim every employee went through a thorough background check when they were hired and expect to have every employee be screened by june 30. political experts on opposite sides of the aisle come together in the bay area. >> karl rove and jim messina talking about the 2016 presidential race and they have a lot to agree on about donald trump. time for bay area standouts to shine. whose dreams came true on college football signing day? that's coming up in sports. antonio tarver's mom said he's a great son so why is he giving up a mercedes? spied out tonight when 8 on your side investigates. lots of sunshine helped to lift the temperature to 84
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talk more about that and a cool down and rain chances and doing an analysis right now. forecast coming up. we will have that and more coming up. you are watching news channel 8 the station that's always on
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hillsborough county taking steps to create a local registry of animal abusers. the ordinance prevents people convicted of abusing animals in the county from adopting a pet. the fbi collects data on animal cruelty cases nationwide and shares it with local law enforcement but that information not always available to shelters. now to your boat and it turns out the presidential field starting to thin out more . republican candidates rand paul and rick santorum dropped out of the race. meanwhile the remaining candidates pushing for more support before the new hampshire primaries. marco rubio made a stop in new hampshire and former governor jeb bush spoke with supporters in new london. 2 political masterminds met in sarasota to talk about the 2016 campaign. karl rove on the left a jim messina on the right are considered some of the top political strategist of our time in the republican and democrat agreed donald trump made a big mistake in how he
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i thought the rules didn't apply to him so he just the he was bigger than that. he did not build a ground game in iowa. >> i think you will see him to continue to sink in the polls. the one thing we have seen so far is unpredictability. both of us would have thought he would have been gone by now. >> both men agree much can change by the time lord of primary voters go to the polls on march 15. candace mccowan traveling to new hampshire to cover the primaries and shall report on the republicans and democrats and how it affects voters in florida. will have your boat coverage live from new hampshire tomorrow night at 11:00. they call him magic man and he could use that magic right now. >> a former boxing champ order to hand over his mercedes to pay child support. now his mother getting involved and what she had to say to 8 on
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breaking news. the judge just announced bill cosby sex assault case will continue. he rejected claims of an immunity deal. a former da testified in pennsylvania court he gave an unwritten promise of immunity to bill cosby. cosby is charged with drugging and assaulting a former temple university employee. now an update to our 8 on your side
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misbehaving. >> he threw a tantrum when he was told to hand over his mercedes. now antonio tarver the magic man in more trouble with his mother. he owes more than $750,000 in unpaid child support. >> the former world champ is still living the high life and to hear her tell it at the expense of his own mother. she spoke with investigator mark douglas and i know that's a phone call you were not expecting. >> that's exactly what she told me yesterday and she was right. this is a woman who claims she dearly loves her son and i believe for not happy about ending up on the wrong end of his money troubles. when it comes to fatherhood tarver and sisters on antonio tarver the magic man is a real champ. she hates to see him branded as a deadbeat dad to his 14-year- old daughter. >> i guarantee you that man has been an awesome father to that
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>> the trouble is he owes $750,000 in overdue child support for his 14-year-old daughter. he walked in court last week claiming he's broke. >> ever since my suspension and loss of job in 2010 i have made no money. >> he made money all right. last august magic man grossed a quarter of $1 million in this fight. and just two days before last week's hearing he told instagram dollars he was living large in la. he stayed in a swanky beverly hills hotel. hardly the down and out dye portrayed in court days later. >> you are killing me.>> reporter: he was in la for a spike tv photo shoot. >> camera ready baby! >> reporter: he earned $6000 per fight as an analyst. last week a magistrate ordered
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suv or go to jail. >> he just killed my chances of earning a living. i can't catch the bus. >> reporter: now his mom tells me losing the mercedes is killing her to also. >> he bought it as a gift to me. >> a gift to her he took back just before the court seized his range rover last year >> i am disabled and get social security disability and that's all i live on. it's a hardship for me.>> reporter: she is mad because the mercedes truck as she calls it was supposed to be hers. >> unhurt because that truck has been my truck. >> reporter: antonio tarver has a week to hand over the mercedes or go to jail but if he can scrape off $19,500 in cash instead he can keep it. either way the champ has to answer to his mom. >> and the irs eventually
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>> he hasn't filed taxes since 2007 and owes three quarters of $1 million in child support and next month he has to have a deposition where he has to lay out his finances. he's not out of it yet. >> surprise call for you. nice-looking camera views at the moment. full of a 73 degrees with southwest wind. same as the lake club in lakewood ranch 77 degrees. one of the last warmer nights will have for a little bit. 76 plantation crystal river with southwesterly breeze. you see 72 on the beach with a south wind and breezy and 86% humidity. no rainfall. freedom plaza in sun city center was very nice also. 84 degrees our high temperature today. 84 degrees also the record in
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the state fair forecast which starts tomorrow at 11 am rain begins and 75 degrees. rain coming in because of a cold front. lingering showers at 3 pm and colder air in the evening hours. bryan bennett julie phillips just did an analysis to look at the entire month to see what we can determine what the temperatures may be. the early part of the month expecting six days through midmonth. very cool stretch here. possibly towards the second half of the month temperatures average line right here could take a jump. the cool spell headed our way well below normal. average line the next week or 10 days rain chances take a climb tomorrow. 70% chance for thursday and saturday 30% chance on sunday not a big chance but there is a chance there with a disturbance that might develop farther off to the east so we lowered the rain chances a little bit.
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winds from the south warm and carrying moisture so watch for patchy fog in the overnight. the gusts at clearwater 25 miles an hour. breezy on the beaches. low pressure ramps up with snow and colder weather across the upper midwest. mild 50s new york and boston. ahead of the cold front laying out showers across the panhandle. most thunderstorms to the north and not anticipating tornadic thunderstorm's with the front tomorrow. a few isolated thunderstorms along with rain in the morning hours in northern spots around 7:30. as it pushes southward with the front the rain chances fairly high they bring hiram house central and southern areas -- central and northern areas and as the day goes along chilly conditions building in with high pressure to the north. friday pairing nice-looking day but cooler with highs in the 60s and lots of sun. saturday a few clouds later in the day and possibility of a
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of that has changed focusing later saturday then early part of sunday but not a great chance if the low develops to the east. these are forecast lows for the area. looking at my elbows near 70 degrees. we can thank the moisture in the atmosphere. 70% rain chance thursday. friday 63. 68 degrees in the forecast saturday. cooler again sunday at 61 degrees. cool air gets yanked into the bay area and that's why we're keeping the highs in the 60s not only the short term but long-term as you saw in that analysis we did. cool for a while so get the check it out. storm exports coming your way
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education at auburn university. >> it took him a couple of seconds to fish out the fancy porcelain tiger but the big fish in the bay area reeled in today by auburn. nate craig-myers screaming tonight. congratulations and while tampa catholic enjoyed national attention every single school in the bay area had reason to be proud on national signing day. as always the more than 120 schools in our area reduce collegiate talent at all levels of football and other sports as well. football turned national signing day into the equivalent of election day for rabid college fans across the country. ole miss landed a good one today. jacob mathis takes the rebels over michigan. >> the people that were there honestly. visiting there a few times. i've never had any bad feelings about the people i've met there. they are honest upfront people and really happy with the decision.>> and in largo packers defensive back brandon
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indiana. at one time he was committed to nebraska but now the cornhuskers opponent in the big ten conference. he can't wait to get started. >> i'm just grateful to everybody because they don't get this opportunity and i'm trying to take advantage of it. get my education or going to the next level after that. i'm just ready. >> and a wonderful season for admiral farragut through potential for its recruits and craig watts fielded offers for more than 30 college teams and decided he wants to stay close to home and play for willie taggart at usf. how did those usf bulls do today? willie taggart's program ends the day at number 66 on the most recent top 100. to compare florida state climb to number two and florida is 14th in miami 21st. ucf number 55.
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before the nights and bulls declare war the bulls at a different situation. you are signees thanks to transfer players. the bottom line 9 4 star recruits off from 2 last year. packets high-fives across the room and even a visit from rocky the boat. >> early on some guys were hesitant not knowing what was going to go on here and as the season went on things got better and guys were assured they got to stay here another guys got on board and that was good to see. >> by the way, the lightning playoff chance resumes tonight. 8:00 for national tv and the game against the red wings. ben bishop your starting goaltender and a game that's the beginning of a tough two- game stretch. they play the penguins on friday so everyone chasing the playoffs.
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lot of fun here. >> feeling good for willie taggart. the nightly news coming up next and we're back at 11:00. >> at night.
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