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tv   News Ch8 First 4  NBC  February 4, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>> right now on news channel 8, this is first at 4. >> now four headlines at 4:00. number one, rain now but cold weather later. this is a live look at downtown tampa. you might be surprised how low temperatures will go tonight. number two, the zika virus. the governor explains why there's a statewide warning. number three, a no drone zone. a huge bay area boat race claims it will stop events if organizers even spot one in the air. number four, the florida state fair. here is what it looks line right now. we will take you out there live
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i'm josh benson. >> and i'm stacie schaible. this is first at 4:00. right now it is still warm and really muggy outside. but this rain is making way for a huge drop in temperatures overnight. so for the latest on that, let's go to meteorologist julie phillips. >> good afternoon, stacie. the rain is slow to move in this afternoon. it is bringing with it decent showers across the area. here is a look at the plantation on crystal river. we have picked up 1.6 inches of rain. areas to the south not so much. right here we have seen decent rainfall totals today. here is the cold front we're tracking, moving into the tampa bay area. we have been dealing with the clouds all day long. the rain was slow to move in. the cold front easing along. but the showers and storms have finally arrived. not a ton of lightning with this.
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we are dealing with downpours in tampa bay. in the northern spots, we have lightning strikes in citrus county. tracking very heavy wayne through wesley chapel and pasco. but there's more rain behind it. and the showers extend from pebble creek to temple terrace and rain moving into south tampa right now. so if you're in eastern hillsborough county, the rain is headed your way and should be there in the next 30 minutes. the southern areas, you're wondering where is the rain. it's coming your way and you will likely see scattered showers through the evening hours as it pushes in. the other big change is the temperatures. we're still in the upper 70s in the inland areas. check out the northern spots. we have dropped back to the mid- 60s. as we take a step farther back, we're in the 50s in the northern spots and looking at a prolonged cold smell ahead -- spell ahead. we will look at the
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governor scott wants action before the zika virus starts to spread. >> right now there is a public health emergency in place in five counties. that includes hillsborough county because a dozen cases have been reported in the state. he wants test kits for the virus. until now and right now the state only has enough to test 475 people. 4,000 more kits are being ordered by the department of health. >> we will continue to be in constant communication with local hospitals, county health offices and the cdc to ensure that we're prepared to prevent the spread of the zika virus in florida. >> anyone can get the zika virus from a mosquito bite. most people will never know it. they won't even feel sick. birth defects have been reported by women who contracted the virus outside of the united states. so far it has not shown up in a mosquito here. to be safe the governor is asking for training to hospital workers in the next several weeks.
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parenthood want their state funding and they don't mind protesting to get it. this is the group standing outside of a senator's office in lakeland today. they went there to oppose pending legislation in tallahassee that would strip the group of funding. they claim it would only hurt women's access to health care. a bill sponsored by kelly star clinics. get ready for the no drone zones in the skies this weekend. all quad copters are banned from the skies this weekend. john roberts tells us why. >> reporter: good afternoon. it's a sign of the times. it needed to be done because these drones are becoming so increasingly popular. so this weekend, this whole river walk will be filled with tens of thousands of people for the boat races out here in the water. along with that, there will be a helicopter flying above looking for manatees. since the helicopter is up
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drones getting in the way of the helicopters. that's one reason why they don't want them out here. also obviously, they don't want them crashing into the participants out in the water. this weekend there be local law enforcement and the fbi patrolling and looking for drones. if a drone is spotted, the races will be stopped until the drone is removed from the area. if you're coming down for the races, leave the drones at home. john rogers, news channel 8. today rain or shine, the show will go on. >> today is opening day for the florida state fair. that's where we found rod carter live at the state fairgrounds in hillsborough county. great assignment today, rod. >> reporter: you know what, when you say rain or shine, you mean it. it's been sprinkling off and on. there's so much to do here. so much food. oh, look. somebody left me pizza. wasn't that nice? let's go for a walk.
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see and do out here at the fair. namely you can just eat, which is what i plan to do. these guys just got pizza. pizza is good, right? what's up? you can get quesadillas. you can get lemonade. you can go on rides. i feel i'm taking people on a tour of the fair. honestly it's a great place to come out and have a great time with your friends and family. there's so much to see and do, not just eat. there's a white house display. get your picture taken in the oval office, if you will. there's another display that we will tell you about at 5:00. african-american history. i'm really having a hard time with this whole story, trying to talk and eat and that guy is running behind me. >> you got the assignment for the day. beverages. just kidding.
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>> bring us some back, please. if you're looking for performance schedules, ticket prices or operating hours, we have all of that on our website. find it at still ahead on first at 4:00. subway's $5-foot long, not anymore. why the sub shop is changing its tune. terrifying video of a lightning strike. look at this video. wow. we will show you that coming up on first at 4:00.
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i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just
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comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story. publix. where shopping is a pleasure. >> now more first at 4:00. >> starting today, subway's foot long sandwiches are no longer $5 as the catchy slogan says because of the cost of rise in ingredients, it's now $6. it launched the $5-foot long
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it has traditionally taken place this month and other times as well. if you have a dirt devil vacuum, watch out. 47,000 are being recalled because they can shock you. these are the dirt devil total cyclonic vacuums look like that. there is aproning that can come off outside of the electrical outlet. replace dirt devil for a free replacement vacuum. brace for more fast and furious and a broadway tune on grammy night. >> david daniel has that and more in today's hollywood minute. >> reporter: make that three last rides. fast and furious producer and star vin diesel has confirmed release dates for three more films in the franchise. he completed a series of instagram posts by declaring the trilogy will hit theaters
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2021 respectively. the first 7 films in the franchise have grossed $4 billion worldwide. [music] >> reporter: hamilton is giving the grammy's a shot. the l.a. awards tell cast begins with a live performance from the show's new york theater. the opening number might not be the only grammy moment. it is up for best musical theater album. >> once upon a time there was a little prince who lived on a planet that was bigger than himself. >> i thought i would never find anyone that wanted to hear my story. >> reporter: the little prince has made history. the first animated movie to open the santa barbara film festival in the 30-year history. the movie's subject and international flavor are perfect for the fest and star jeff bridges is a santa barbara native. hie i'm david daniel.
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overnight. we will have the forecast coming up next. then do you remember these? well, while phones may change, one social media site seems to be hanging on. we will tell you how this site actually changes or changed day- to-day life coming up. we are hoping for another big win from the bolts. we will take you along before they hit the ice against the penguins. this is first at 4:00 on news channel 8 and we will be right
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>> joining us now for another look at our crazy weather. wet today and then it will be cold. it can't make up its mind, julie. >> it can't. we had temperatures in the 80s to start the week. a different story this weekend. the winter clothes. >> if you like -- >> enjoy it. >> if you like bad weather, enjoy that. if you like sunny weather, you get that too.
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and thought where is the rain. it is here. we actually have cool video. not from the tampa bay area but nasty weather in australia. a lightning strike that scares a couple of weather wanters there. nick and danielle had decided yes. they told the television station they felt the static from the lightning. whoa. not a good situation there. thankfully they did not take the boat out. always pay attention to the weather forecast before you head out in the water. tomorrow probably not a great day either. after the rain clears out, tomorrow morning will be sunny but much cooler. temperatures down into the 40s. check out those winds, coming in out of the north between 20 to 25 miles per hour. so it's going to be chilly throughout the day. we only make it up to 60 in the afternoon hours. beautiful blue sky. with the cooler temperatures and the stronger winds, it's definitely going to be a brisk day.
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currently out ahead of the cold front we're tracking. you can see the showers and storms have moved on shore pushing east across the tampa bay area and portions of citrus county and also the eastern portions of citrus county. tracking heavy rain moving through dade city, heading for zephyrhills and some outs in the gulf pushing in. if you like the rain, you will see a couple bit more in the next couple of hours. just starting to see rain move into manatee, sarasota county. it's just taking longer to get to you. there's the front moving south to us. after midnight tonight, the rain chances are over with. when you wake up tomorrow, it will be dry. the north winds bringing in the cooler air. we're in the 40s for pretty much all of us. and breezy throughout the day which makes it feel even cooler. lots of sunshine. as we head into saturday, notice the cloud cover returns. it will be partly sunny.
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saturday afternoon and saturday evening as well. but the rain chances looking lower than what we first thought. and then this area of low pressure really starts to develop east of us. that's why the rain chances are not so great. it develops in the atlantic. north winds behind the system and it's chilly again for super bowl sunday. just stay inside is probably what you will want to do. low 60s and notice temperatures in the 50s and 60s for all of next week as well. >> thanks, julie. today is facebook's 12th birthday. it's celebrating by declaring it friends day and giving users a personalized video with videos of their friends. i liked mine. how has facebook changed the way that we communicate? today 8 on your side has answers. jonathan sellers from illuminate local is here. thank you for being other -- thank you for being here.
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>> when i woke up this morning, what was it like back then? i went back and i thought what were the smart phones like back then? it was really surprising because it was -- it was the color blackberries and the color palms. so the color screens had just become a screen. 3g was available for the first time. >> look at that. i remember those. >> and 1.3 megapixel cameras is what we were clamoring for. >> and now how many megapixels are we at. >> 12, 14, 18, 20, depending on the phone. >> that's why our pictures are so good. >> definitely. and now we're talking about 4g internet. we're actually talking about in the not so distant few fur 5g. we have wireless internet access everywhere. and throughout this -- through this -- this all happened over the 12 years. like the whole infrastructure changed. >> i don't go a day without checking facebook personally. there are a lot of people that
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>> they really have changed how we communicate, interact with each other. >> in fact, we have three things that you think that facebook has changed our lives day-to-day. the three are connectivity, communication, and access. those are the three. >> absolutely. so connectivity. think about it. if you were 30 years old in 2004, you didn't have a way of connecting with all of the people that you went to college and high school with. if you're 30 years old today, you probably are connected to every one of them. interaction, you know, if you wanted to go out and set up a meeting, let's meet up somewhere with a group of friends. you had to call everybody, accepted a text message. now one person makes a post on facebook and you're there. you post an event, everybody knows it. you can remind them automatically. >> and access to information right at your fingertips. >> that is the biggest thing. it has changed the way that we find out information. information and entertainment. really it taylors it to what we
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>> interesting stuff. thank you. appreciate t. also today facebook's popular messaging service what's app claims it has topped the 1 billion user mark worldwide. that's up from 900 million in september. facebook paid $19 billion for what's app in 2014 but the service has yet to figure out how to make money. let's head over now -- >> i miss the nokia ring tone. do you remember that one. let's talk about the super bowl. when the denver broncos and the carolina panthers on sunday most of us will be hitting the buffet line. erica edwards shows us how to have a lot of fun while watching what we eat. >> super bowl, baby. >> reporter: the only thing that gets football fans fired up more than their favorite teams playing in the super bowl is the food that goes with it. >> couples, beers -- chips, beers, yeah.
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bowl menu is so filling that some estimate a person can consume as many as 2,000 calories on game day. >> i start my diet the following morning. >> reporter: one of the biggest culprits is the chicken wing. three to five can have as many as 300 calories and no one only eats three to five. >> chicken wings are calorie and fat grenades. >> reporter: lisa suggests replacing wings with chicken tenders. also swap out sour cream and dips for greek yogurt and stick with light beer. >> the higher alcohol content of the beer, the higher calorie content of the beer. >> reporter: and the best defense against an entire bowl of chips and dip ending up on your end zone is a plate. experts say fill it up once and then turn your back on the buffet table and get back into the game. super bowl sunday is considered the second largest day of food consumption in the country. it really is just one day.
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indulge a little and get back on track on monday. reporting in charlotte, north carolina clearly without any bias whatever, i'm erica edwards. >> you can add peas to guacamole. think of that. but it adds nutrients and proteins and helps it stay the green color as well. if you're curious who the manatees choose to win on sunday's game, they like the broncos this year. they live at the mote aquarium. he has picked 7 out of 8 in pastaers. >> i think it's buffet like jimmy buffet. >> i've got buffet on my mind. >> super bowl. >> speaking of buffets, hey, this guy. >> how many football games have those manatees watched. >> i did not know that. >> welcome. >> my super bowl pick is
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>> my producer says buffet. we're talking about hockey now. >> okay. the tampa bay lightning plays 14 games in february. the shortest month of the year. fortunately that comes on the heels of the all-star breaks so the bolts are fresh. which is convenient because break time is over. the bolts already back at practice this afternoon, just 12 hours after beating the red wings 3-1. tampa bay hosts pittsburgh tomorrow. for now they can savior the critical win against their division rival. >> the first 20 minutes after a break like that it's a feel out process. and i think we came out and kind of felt it out and that second we picked it up. it was a big game. one of the bigger ones of the year, if not the biggest. you have to take care of the home ice when you have a chance like we did tonight. and they're a good team. any time that you can beat them in regulation and take the two points, it's good. enjoy it for a couple seconds and get ready for pittsburgh.
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it's crunch time. to get a win against detroit is huge. >> tampa bay took advantage of the power play chances against three opportunities. the bolts are middle of the road with the extra man this season, converting at a 19% clip. last night that unit looked especially dangerous. >> in this kind of game, it's kind of a playoff game and you need to score on the power play and give you some momentum. >> for us to score on the power play like we did, get the big opportunities, that's human. we need a lead against that team. you can play a little more defense and kind of rely on that. i thought we did a great job of that. >> ultimately our special teams won us the game. you know, i know they only had two power plays but we kept them off the board and the pp came out with two and that was the difference. >> the usf women's basketball
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but discussing the victory is kind of burying the lead. courtney williams was the reallied. the senior guard pulled down 15 rebounds and scored 28 points, including three she will never forget. >> williams goes into the corner fires a 3 from the right wing and it swishes. 2,000 career points for williams. >> williams entered 28 points shy of a milestone. she left it with exactly 2,000 career points. courtney is one of only 11 active players to score that many and just the second bull to do so. >> i was hyped that i made the shop because coach drew the play-up. he was like -- my teammate wished whispered in my ear, if you make this shot, it's 2,000. >> that's hype. i'm feeling hype right now. the bulls take on temple this sunday.
4:25 pm
>> i think the numbers speak for themselves. the second ever to score 2,000 points. she has gone to three ncaa tournaments. pretty spectacular career. they're going to hang her jersey up in the rafters there. >> and check out jimmy buffet's new album. i love it. >> does it have a manatee song on it? we'll be right back.
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>> now four headlines at 4:30. hillary clinton and bernie sanders will face off tonight at 9:00. and you can watch it live on msnbc. we will have highlights from our crew in new hampshire tonight at 11:00. number two on the republican side presidential front runners ted cruz, donald trump and marco rubio are all in new hampshire ahead of tuesday's primary there. meanwhile ben carson is downsizing his campaign staff. number three, the irs is once again taking electronically filed tax returns.
4:28 pm
yesterday because of a hardware failure. today irs.^gov is working but where is my refund and other services are down and expected to be down for at least a day. people that already filed returns don't need to do anything. nine out of ten taxpayers will get refunds in three weeks. number four, playboy enters a new era today. the first issue without fully nude photos. the magazine says it is part of an effort to reach a new generation of readers. another change, the cartoons and the jokes have been pulled and the monthly magazine is now it features sarah mcdonald. florida pastors and their churches could not be sued for marriages. >> and that's under legislation moving through the state -- state capitol today.
4:29 pm
acknowledged that they are protected by the first amendment. but those in favor of the legislation said they would like one more layer of protection. >> family first starts with a man and a woman. i don't see it any other way. i will not do it and i will not let you handcuff for something that i'm doing right for god. >> it's devicive and it will rip apart how we understand our faith. >> reporter: nearly all conceded they're already protected by the first amendment freedom of religion clause. >> i donned need it and i don't want it. >> reporter: but the christian family coalition pointed to two lawsuits in other states that embroil small churches in litigation. >> it prohibits discrimination against clergy, houses of worship. >> reporter: those that voted yes said they hope it's never needed but it's like an air bag, it's there if you do. >> today's vote teased the
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as early as next wednesday. >> similar legislation it the senate has two more hearings before a vote takes place there. now we will switch it up and talk about your forecast. here is meteorologist julie phillips. >> good afternoon, josh. a soggy afternoon for us. you can see the rain coming down out at st. pete beach. i've only picked up .10 of an inch of rain. but we're already starting to see the breezy north winds kick in with the cold front. winds blowing between 20 to 25 miles per hour. temperatures are dropping. as the front moves in, if you haven't stepped out the door yet, it will be cooler as you head home this evening. and it will be really cold overnight. there's the front as it moves through. the showers and storms making their way into the tampa bay area. the rain was slow to arrive today but it has finally made it here. you can see the heaviest of the stuff extending from citrus county south through pinellas county and starting to see rain move into the coastal portions of manatee county as well. a lot of us have seen rain.
4:31 pm
steady rain heading your direction in the gulf. it will rain for a few more hours before this ends. we will keep showers in the forecast through this evening. waking up tomorrow morning, a chilly start to the day. we're in the 40s and looking at a prolonged cool spell ahead. we will have the details coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks, julie. 8 is on your side on what you need to know to plan your morning commute. here is lace lace lucy lacey. >> i want to remind you about work that is going on in clearwater for a little longer through the 15th of february. you will see lane closures to palmetto. take king or us-19. this is going to be from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. you can also connect with me at leslee lacey on facebook for transportation questions and follow me for your morning
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>> catch leslie and leigh spann starting at 4:00 a.m. still ahead on first at 4:00 -- one man who thought he found a good deal on super bowl tickets got scammed. we will show you what he did do and what you can do before the deal to get your money back. then you will want to stick around for these 8 on your side stories. >> reporter: a meet-up event in this park for people who are in favor of rape? it sounds too weird to be true. but we will tell you why the mayor is angry about it. >> reporter: new speed bumps have shown up in a port richie neighborhood. i will show you why they were not authorized by the county and they may have to go. maybe your goal is to win of these guys during the state fair this year. i will explain why this time around you might have a better
4:33 pm
>> welcome back. for a look at celebrity news here are the hoes of holly -- the hosts of hollywood live. >> this is the htl daily wrap. kanye west has gone to feuding with wendy williams. it started when she questioned how legitimate his marriage was to kim kardashian. kanye apparently recorded a track saying that she is a man. this one will probably get uglier before it gets better. the murders of to you pack and big -- tupac and biggie smalls has been a mystery. as we know he survived and allegedly retaliated by hiring another gang member also now deceased to kill biggie. it will be fascinating to see how this plays out.
4:34 pm
latest star urging actors to boycott the academy awards. all eyes are on you, chris rock. >> and that's the hdl daily wrap. >> all eyes on stacie schaible for today's send it to stacie. >> we love when you send us pictures. the theme is actually the warm weather that we have been having, preceding today's rain. starting with this shot sent in by lindsey clark. look at that adorable child. this is goldie enjoining the florida sunday yet. >> cute shot. >> kelly allison tweeted me this shot captioned this is how we do winter in florida. love it. >> that's right. >> here is otis enjoying ice cream during the heat wave. he looks happy. finally another beauty shot. just a gorgeous one from tony of plant city. this is sunrise in winter haven.
4:35 pm
>> my mom and i went out to the dog park on davis island. boy, that was fun. such a cool place. if you're a dog lover. >> you still have -- are they considered babies. >> they're huge. they're like 60 pounds. they're nuts. they need to run back and back and back and forth. >> you can send it to stacie and share them with me on my facebook. i hope you will.
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with havertys furniture, your home can be perfect. even when life isn't. our presidents day sale is happening now. from classic to contemporary,
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>> right now we have breaking news we want to bring you. emergency workers on the scene at palm river road and 78th street in hillsborough county. let's go to paul mueller who is joining us live with what he knows. >> reporter: this happened at 4:15 this afternoon. we've got two cars involved in this accident right here. look at the damage to that car right there.
4:38 pm
you see hillsborough sheriffs deputies are here? with this hart bus. look at the crack in this it's amazing. the black car smashed right right there. inside the bus at the time we're told by hillsborough treated. that's the good news. there is traffic that you can see. you can see traffic, lanes are being delayed right here. some lanes are closed. you will want to avoid this area. it's 78th street south and palm river road. we're a half a mile from the expressway in tampa. reporting live in pinellas county, paul mueller, news channel 8. >> thanks, paul. a warning for football fans. if you want to go to the super bowl and you buy tickets online, make sure that you're on the ball. >> yes. a denver man spent 6 grand for tickets of his dreams. as dave young shows us, it's
4:39 pm
deal that saved the day. >> all right. just got these tickets in the mail. >> reporter: this was supposed to be a happy ending for cody. >> searching for tickets. never been to a super bowl before. it was all about going to this game. >> reporter: he turned to craigslist after finding processing fees on other sites were hundreds of dollars a ticket. >> i found one seller two tickets $3,000 each. a good deal but not unreasonable that it was a scam. >> reporter: ware eof craigslist scams he found out he could protect his money and use protected paypal. >> i reached out and said are you okay with paypal but it will be the protected paypal. you won't get your money if this is a scam. that's fine. we will do it that way. >> reporter: they exchanged text messages for days as cody waited for his tickets. after all his precautions days before the super bowl, his girlfriend recorded him opening the package. >> i honestly thought the
4:40 pm
lengths knowing that the purchase is protected. there's no tickets in here. >> are you serious? >> yeah. i get the envelope. there's no signature required. it feels a little light to be carrying these tickets. so i open it up and it's just blank paper inside. >> reporter: after the shock, he went into action. >> i went through it the right way so my money is protected. i have opened the case with paypal and the denver police department. >> reporter: he helped another by talking to us. >> there's a part of us being a denver native and a broncos fan wants to get the story out there so people aren't scammed into this. >> it happens every year and he did the right thing. heed the warnings. denver police tracked that scam to a man in kansas. >> that's a lot of money too. especially online. make that transaction. transaction to make. glad it all worked out for him. checking the forecast. it's gloomy. >> it is.
4:41 pm
we're seeing some of that now. now the big story is the chilly weather. >> winter is back. >> we thought we escaped it. not the case. we have cool temperatures ahead. below average for the entire week ahead. you can see average is 71 for this point in the year. but we're going to be in the 60s next week. really going to be seeing a prolonged cool spell. if you're thinking of heading out to the state fair tomorrow, not dealing with the rain like we saw today. but if you're heading out, make sure you bundle up. at 11:00 a.m. we will be in the low 50s probably. we will top out near 60 tomorrow afternoon. beautiful blue skies for the day. sunshine. but when you factor in the strong winds and the cool temperatures, you will definitely want to make sure that you have a decent jacket with you. by 8:00 p.m., temperatures really starting to drop back into the low 50s again. there's the cold front moving into the tampa bay area right now. the showers and storms along it. haven't seen a whole lot in the
4:42 pm
so mainly just heavy downpours coming down. some gusty winds at times. some northern spots seeing heavy downpours moving through places. pine island dealing with steady rain. new port richey, it's really coming down where you are. and this is shifting east. we are tracking plenty of rain in the gulf. it will be a few hours before this completely moves through. heavy rain moving through indian rocks beach, dealing with steady showers coming there anna marie island. interior areas are still warm. northern spots where the north winds have kicked in, the winds have been coming down for a while, we have fallen down to the 60s already. as we take a step back across the state, here is what we're in store for. quite a change when you head towards miami. they're still dealing with the warm air mass and the upper 70s. this cool air is moving in as we speak.
4:43 pm
so skies will clear overnight. as you wake up tomorrow morning, it will probably already be mostly sunny. the north winds will be kicking. we're expecting winds gusting over 25 miles per hour through the day. temperatures only making it up to around 60. it will stay cool even into the afternoon. then by saturday, notice a little more cloud cover building. we will watch an area of low pressure developing near us. it will generally miss us and really develop east of florida in the atlantic. we're looking at a chance of showers saturday evening. then by sunday, strong north winds kickback in. so super bowl sunday is looking dry. but chilly and breezy with highs only in the 60s there. for tonight, we're expected to drop down to 44 in west chase and temple terrace. 47 in palm harbor tomorrow morning. so quite a change there as you wake up. get back out the jackets. you will need them. keep them out because you can
4:44 pm
a cold front on monday brings us a slight chance of rain and chilly temperatures next week. >> thank you, julie. let's talk about social media and kids. did you know that 94% of kids using social media have a facebook page. that's a lot of kids online. ask it may be affecting anxiety levels. today 8 on your side has answers for you. joining me now is dr. william lambos with abf behavior health. thank you for being here, doctor. >> thank you. everybody is on it. is that part of the problem for kids. >> it is part of the problem. but it's only a part of the problem. the -- in the young brain. >> uh-huh. >> it has a -- it's still developing. >> okay. >> so there is -- there are limits to how much information can be taken in as the frontal lobes mature and as the brain matures and how to process that information.
4:45 pm
>> back when i was a kid, all right, if you had a run-in with someone at high school and a little dust-up, you know, it was there, you got over it, you worked it out. now, all right, anything that happens, any interaction can go back and forth and goes viral. >> and you are just online. you don't have to deal with it person to person. >> that's right. >> some teens are comparing themselves to their peers. they're constantly judging. >> right. there's a whole list of things that happen. starting at the bottom with what they call fear of missing out. just not being part of that buzz. >> right. >> then there's the negative comments that come across. all right. online bullying as it were. >> uh-huh. >> and then there can be, you know, isolation, group attacks and so forth. so they're always looking out. they're always on that. and then of course they're supposed to have enough capacity left over with their attention span and their
4:46 pm
it to keep up with their homework and keep up with everything else. it definitely places a stressor. >> ask it affects their brains too. you say you can look at somebody and help unlearn some of that stuff on the brain, right? >> that is actually true. i've been doing this for quite some time. we map the brain using what is called queg brain mapping and we can actual see see the areas that are affected. >> wow. >> and there's been many studies in peer review journals about this. it's like baby ptsd. the brain lights up in the primitive fear fright flight centers. and everybody is always on the lookout for the next thing coming in that is negative. we can train the brain very gently using biofeedback and low level stimulation to quiet that fear center back down. >> unbelievable stuff. thank you for talking about it today. we really appreciate it. >> thank you for letting me be here. >> it's not going away for a long time, if ever.
4:47 pm
here is what is next on first at 4:00. a college freshman at a political rally. talk about social media. this guy is going to be all over social media. that's when first at 4:00
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>> let's take a look at what is trending. >> beginning with a dad who created a series of cute videos with dub smash. listen to this. >> i decided to trust him sufficiently to put my finger
4:50 pm
>> turn to page 394. >> all i want to do is show you the beauty of this animal. i have to be so careful here. i said hey, what's going on >> i want a cookie. i want to stay up. i want, i want, i wanted, me, me, me, me. >> this is really cute. this took a year to create. it is called dub smash dad. hillary clinton may be trending online, but so is this guy. 18-year-old peter clinksscales. he got on stage in iowa. his parents are awfully proud i bet, but he is going viral today. >> time for newschannel8 at 5:00. >> tonight, governor rick scott demanding help from the feds as
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