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tv   News Ch8 Weekend Morning  NBC  February 6, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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i'm adrienne pedersen. thank you for joining us. we will get to the top story in a moment, but first let's check the forecast with mark. >> it looks like a chilly day. it looks like maybe we will have 70s by the end of the week, but that means all weekend we will be wearing these jackets. lower 50s, and this is hugging the coastal areas through
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have cloud cover that will be building in throughout the day. you can see on the radar right now, showers out there, and rain is in the forecast for later today, folks. not a lot of heavy rain, but it's the type of light sprinkles and occasional shower that could catch you if you're going out the door as we head through the 3:00 or 4:00 time frame and into the early evening. we will probably touch 60 today, and with the clouds building in, that's as warm as we will get here folks. we will see a cool down for sunday. a lot going on with the weather front, and i will be back with more, coming up. >> moving on now to breaking news in tampa, 8 people shot. one person is dead, and a night out turns into a horrific scene. we keep getting new information on this into the news room.
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rain in tampa. mary mcguires live. do we know who the shooter? maybe more than one person? >> reporter: good morning. i just spoke to tampa police on the phone. they don't know if there was more than one shooter, and no arrests have been made. they are asking the people who were inside club rain for any information they may have, any cell phone video or pictures that could lead to answers as to what exactly happened. here's what we know right now. this morning. close to 300 people were inside at the time of the shooting. one person was shot to dead. hospital. one victim later drove themselves to the area hospital. no arrests have been made. they are still interviewing witnesses. north nebraska from citca to
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approximately 7:30 this morning as the various agencies investigate, and a reps from the state attorney's office are on scene right now. i want to pull up a facebook post i found. i was searching club rain. this american said that god was with me. rip to the ones who passed. we don't know the situation for those who were shot. there's still multiple units here, and i will stick here and have an update in the next half an hour. adrienne. >> sounds like a lot of details still to come. we will check back with you. mary, thanks. someone was stabbed to death in tampa.
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both directions at the internext of east nebraska avenue. we are make calls to find out all the details, and we will keep you updated on that story. a massive earthquake hit southern taiwan. we know so far 11 people are dead, but the number could rise, and it's changing any minute here. a 17 story apartment collapsed when a 6.2 magnitude earthquake hit. you can see all the emergency people. now. we will update you as we get more information on this breaking story. right now crews are searching for survivors after two small planes crash into the ocean near l.a. the coast guard believes three people were on board the divers found one plane's tail number in the water this is is a story we will definitely be
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>> happening today a pinellas county tae kwon do teacher will be facing a judge. investigators said andrew kim confessed to the crime after one of the victims told her mother. he touched the 6-year-olds and 7-year-olds between 2013 and 2014. he told them to keep it a history. we learned some boaters had to jump overboard to save themselves. look at this dramatic video from a viewer. the pontoon boat caught on fire in sarasota county. firefighters treated one boater for smoke inhalation. morning. thank goodness for that. right now pasco county deputies are looking for a trailer thief. look here.
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thompson stole at least three trailers for a storage facility. you can see he has distinctive tattoos there. anyone who may have seen him should call the sheriff right away. it's 60: -- 6:06, and the world is watching marco rubio as his campaign strengthens. the other candidates are watching rubio climb mt. polls. >> reporter: good morning, adrian, from new hampshire. we spent much of yesterday at a rubio rally. he's now second in the latest gop polls. >> we had to move to a bigger venue to accommodate everyone. >> reporter: it's the momentum that the rubio campaign is
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now a move from third to a strong second in the latest poll. >> we have rubio and ted cruz, who are both first-term united states senator and with nothing that was ever bigger than a 30- person staff. >> at the end of the day, this election is about what happens next for america. >> reporter: have you gone to see any other candidates? >> oh, yes, i have seen them all. >> reporter: brenda keys has been to many rallies and says rubio is the man. >> sincerity is extremely important. >> this is my second time seeing him. >> reporter: he's one of many trying to get the rubio message out, letting many know what appeals to him. >> the other candidateses may be more negative, attacking
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negative message, and i like marco's positive message. >> every candidate has their own way of doing it. >> reporter: governor, what do you make of the polls? >> the guy got a third place finish. congratulations, it was better than me, but it was a third place finish. >> reporter: rubio and christie will continue to duke it out at the latest debate tonight. we will have coverage tonight at 6:00 and 11:00 from new hampshire. back to you. >> candace, thank you, we appreciate that. candace will be catching up with the supporters who have traveled a long way for their candidate. the trump campaign has confirmed the candidate it planning a rally at the usf sun dome on friday, february 12th.
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details on the event from an official announcement. the rays' stadium search is heating up. the team held the first meeting with the city. the team president said they are considering all possibilities, but they want to build a new stadium that is unique. >> we want to be representative of tampa bay, and we want it to be iconic. we want this to be the building that shows up on the postcards when you come to visit tampa bay. >> the county commissioner met with the team and said the team has to come up with most of the funding for a new stadium. our sports team said it may happen, and guess what? it did.
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pepsi and the nfl announced late last night jamis winsson. he is up for ap offensive rookie of the year. a lot of people are talking about it on social media this weekend. the florida state fair is open for business. the new exhibit you can see that is unlike any other. it's 6:10 on this saturday morning, you're getting a live look outside of downtown tampa.
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music: "another sunny day"
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welcome back. so there's the food, the fun, and yep, more food. the florida state fair is now open, and rod carter shows us that in between bites we can also catch a little bit of history. >> reporter: from the thrills high in the air, to the tamology a sweet tooth with some cann i did-coated confections it seems there's something for everyone at the florida state fair. >> the state fair is about 100 years old. >> reporter: for the first time in the fair's 102-year-old history, there's a display area dedicated to african americans. >> it's part of history. african americans are part of the history, and it's important when we bring our young folks out here to the fair, the fair is not just about entertainment, it's also about educating them.
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up through the hillsborough county school district it features contributions for african americans from throughout the bay area. >> this represents our struggle for equality. >> reporter: also here, living history. clarence fort in 1960, fort organized the first lunch counter sit-in in downtown tampa, and that's him in the picture, second from the right. he's part of the fair exhibit to tell that story. >> the officers don't know the struggles that we had. even my son and daughter couldn't believe we had to drink out of a colored water fountain. they said we were crazy. >> reporter: they will have live performances of well known african americans. >> that was rod carter reporting. a lot of fun things to do at the fair this year. at we have everything you need to know from the entertainment schedules to the hours it's going on. coming up, we have your
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also ahead, it's something that many of us use all the time, nail polish, and up next, the nail polishes that can leak a toxic chemical into your bloodstream. you really need to see this
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so a lot of us like to do
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enjoy a nice mani-pedi. maybe it's on your agenda for this weekend, but a new study out of duke university may have you rethinking that. a chemical from the nail polishes can leak into your bloodstream, messing with your hormones and even leading to weight gain. gayle guyardo found safer ways for us to pamper ourselves. >> reporter: big brand names when it comes to nail polishes are hearing the consumer demands, making safer products for you to use. >> reporter: the customers are becoming safer with their mani- pedis, and they don't want to be exposed to toxic chemicals. >> i don't want to go to a salon where i can see and smell the chemicals. if that's in the air, i don't want to be part of it. >> reporter: the chemicals can
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look for brands free of the same chemical used in flame retardant that can mess with your hormones causing weight gain, and there's safer options for little ones like piggy paint. >> even their nail polish remover they have is perfectly safe. it's void of all the chemicals. >> reporter: while more brands are answering to consumer demand for safer options. >> reporter: gizette is urging consumers to do their homework. >> get online and see what is exactly in your favorite nail polishes. >> reporter: gayle guyardo, news channel 8. see guys? that's how we keep our slim figures, we don't paint our nails here. you want to put on weight today with your jacket. keep the jackets around over the next few days.
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we will be seeing an extra cool blast for the next few days this afternoon, light rain could be moving in. that could continue into the overnighttime period. we will head throughout the course of the day, and tomorrow, the skies will clear, but the winds will pick up, and it will feel colder for sunday. another front riding into the bay area on monday night. if you're looking for a warmup, until friday. we look at the numbers outside right now, and you can can see crystal river. lakeland, 44 degrees, and morning. right now, 44. as we head into the evening tonight, we will see the temperatures really dropping off here, and cloud cover will be coming in as well. the winds are going to be switching from the northeast, more towards the north, and then back to the northwest, and right now, those winds are up a notch, and it will feel a bit
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showed you, but tomorrow, we could get winds around 18 to 20, so weather goes down, and that's downhill for boating. small craft advisory posted. clouds from the gulf, and there's a front here. but actually what we are looking at is a system developing across south florida, moveing into the atlantic. what we are going to see, the chilly air over us right now, the warmer air will try to ride up and over that. that could squeeze out very light showers or sprinkles later in the day, not the heavy type of rain event, but nuisance rain, and temperatures headed through the afternoon, they will go from about 60 degrees to 53 at 8:00, and then overnight lows tonight, 47 here in tampa, and those upper 30s, towards the north, and if you want a warmup, it's a long wait. what we will see here is a reenforcing shot of cooler weather riding in on monday that sets the stage for lower temperatures headed into
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through the end of the week. today, light shower activity, and any time after noon through the early evening, and then with the next front, monday night, another round of showers, and other than that, the dry weather, just cold weather. >> we are such wimps. a few minutes ago, i asked when will it warm up? >> we have a right. this is florida. we like our 70-degree weather in january. >> there you go. will tony dungy or john lynch be inducted into the hall of fame? and we have all the sports
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if the lightning many made a goal of going undefeated at home, they have done a great job of sticking to it. stephen stamco said he didn't want last night's affair with the pens to be a run and gun like the last one, oops. the game is tied at 1 mid-way through the 1st, late in the period this is pinball wizard
6:25 am
in. 2-1, tampa bay. in the 2nd, stephen stamcos and take another look. they get one back with crosby over the glove of bishop. the lightning answer immediately on the power play. johnson should consider a career as a contractor. check out his best roof job. 3 points on the night for t.j. didn't go the way stamor wanted, but who cares? the bolts take the eighth straight victory at home and tenth win in the last 11 games. 20916 profootball hall of fame class will be announced tonight during the nfl awards honors show. there's two finalists with buccaneers' ties.
6:26 am
either of the legends get a bust. >> reporter: probably one spot for dungy or lynch. i like dungy's chances this year, and he has a lot of support in the room. both are strong candidates, and i have to tell you, guys f you look at that list of 15, you can make a case for all 15. >> i will let you know if either gets in tonight on news channel 8. that's it for sports. i'm paul ryan. >> thank you, paul. february is american heart month, and we have a touching story to share with you. >> coming up, we will introduce you to a man who suffered a heart attack, but thanks to quick first responders, he's thriving today.
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good morning, everybody. we are getting a chilly start to this beautiful saturday, and you're taking a live look at sleepy downtown tampa, and people don't look like they are out of bed just yet. good morning. i'm adrienne pedersen. thank you for joining us. with mark collins. mac, another chilly day it looks like? >> you're right, adrienne. it's a beautiful weekend even if we are going to see clouds and some rain just because it's the weekend. right?
6:29 am
it will be widespread throughout the day. what we are going to see showers building into the coast, and then here through the first half of the night, temperaturewise, 49 in tampa. and upper 40s to mid-40s over the interior. don't look for a big warmup here today. most of the day will be spent in the 50s, and we will probably touch 60 degrees here if we can crack sunshine during the afternoon. otherwise, increasing clouds, and we will probably hold back the sun, and tonight, cloudy. tonight we will see changes and have the rain showers for the first half of the night, and then after midnight, we will slowly clear out so that tomorrow, tomorrow when the sunshine comes back it will also come with wind and falling temperatures as we head into
6:30 am
a lot going on with the weather front. i will tell you more coming up. moving on to breaking news in tampa. the lead story today. one person is dead and eight others are shot. we are getting details on how this happened. we know it happened at club rayne in tampa. that's where we find mary mcguire live from the scene. any updates in terms of who the shooter could be? maybe more than one person? what do we know? >> reporter: good morning to you, adrienne. tampa police believe there could have been more than one shooter in the incident. right now they have not made any arrests. i'm outside of club rayne in front of an active crime scene. there's a strong police presence they have not brought out the victim's body yet, but we did see the gurney go in.
6:31 am
this morning. there were close to 300 people inside at the time of the shooting. six were transported to st. joseph's, and one person later drove themselveses to the hospital. they are still interviewing witnesses, looking for cell phone video and pictures from inside that may give them answers as to what exactly went down tonight. north nebraska from citca and byrd will be closed until approximately 7:30 this morning as authorities investigate. we have been monitoring the facebook pages and social media sites, and people have been posting about this shooting, and there was one woman who posted god was with her tonight, and she was not shot. >> we actually did speak to one woman who was work inside of club rayne at the time of the shooting, and she said she saw three people who were shot, and she said one person was shot in the head, and another was shot in the leg, and she said it was of there.
6:32 am
at the time of the shooting, and it was a very scary incident. we will hear from her coming up in the next hour. for now, back to you adrienne. >> reporter: hearing those details makes it even more real. thank you for checking in for us. moving on to more breaking news overnight a massive earthquake hit southern taiwan. we know that 11 people are dead, new could change any minute. the 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit, and you can see the rescuers are on the scene right there. 300 people in taiwan are now in the hospital. rescuers still trying to get people out, and we will keep you updated on the story throughout the morning. and a scary sight caught on camera of a highway patrol officer pulling the man from the edge of the bridge.
6:33 am
on the edge there in north fresno, california. the officer tries to talk to him and then the man slips, and the officer tries to wrestle him back on to the bridge. quick thinking there. a truck pulled over and helped the officer grab the man. there's two more cases of the zika virus in florida. now the total is 14. senate is urging president obama to ramp up the government's response to this outbreak, so let's take a look at the map here. we can see three cases are in hillsborough county. miami-dade with the largest number of cases with five right now, and all of florida's zika virus cases were contracted in central and south america and the caribbean. those who have not traveled should be careful.
6:34 am
the people most at risk are pregnant women. the virus can cause birth defects. police found dave mirra's body in a truck in south carolina. he was top bmx rider in the '90s. he helped to bring action sports to the mainstream, winning medal in the x games every year from 1995 until 2008. he died. people in tampa are reaching out to help the residents of flint, michigan, deal with their water emergency. a fraternity at the university of tampa is collecting water today. they are calling the event tampa to flint. of course this is part of the major national story. right now people in michigan are dealing with the lead- tainted water. for those of you headed to
6:35 am
weekend trip, we have a behind- the-scenes look at tampa international airport and what the tsa agents use to keep us safe. let's look here. the agents use the most advance x-ray imaging and technology machines, and they are hiring people with a background in law enforcement or military. >> you were a law enforcement, fireman, or an arson investigators in the public safety realm, or you were a mel tear bomb technician for the armed service. >> last year 49 guns were brought through the t.i.a. check points, and that's among the largest number in the airplane's history. participants will race in
6:36 am
they have a bat-like wing, and competitors stand and get hooked up to the trapeze. you can see it there. official practice starts on monday, but some sailors are getting a head start. >> they may need an extra wet suit or a jacket. >> people don't think sailing is extreme, but the 49ers are. it's a wet, wild, crazy ride, and the sailing center in clear water is in the heart of it. small craft advisories going up, and the winds will increase, and look at this. this is the shot looking out over downtown tampa this week. it was a beautiful picture from one of our viewers. keep it coming. we like to see what is out there more weather is still to come. plus, love is in the air. here is what you will see starting monday at 6:00 a.m. i'm lindsey mucitis. despite the reputation rep --
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despite the reputation, cell phones can bring couples closer together. >> love is in the air. see you monday. take a look in your medicine cabinet. chances are there's old medicines that need to be disposed of, but how do you do that safely? jason fields is joining us, and
6:38 am
why not throw them out in the garbage? >> when you take unnecessary, unwanted or expired prescriptions and put them in the toilet or trash can that i go into the environment. that's not safe. also, children and pets can get to them. >> that's not safe at all. >> not at all. >> what are our options? >> you can take them to the local hillsborough sheriff's office or dropoff sites or contact the antidrug alliance, and there's a new product that combined with the medications that i will neutralize them and they are biodegradable.
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when we go to the store, i find my box of honey bunches of oats and i' m checking to see if i packaged it. best cereal in the world right there. if the last 3 letters were p22, that' s me. welcome back. cleaning your kitchen could help you cut calories, and a warning for pregnant women this flu season. this is your saturday morning checkup. >> reporter: sooner is better. that's what experts are telling pregnant women with the flu. a study shows they left the hospital 5 days sooner when they were treated within just 2
6:40 am
so this story will make your skin crawl, bedbugs are getting tougher to get rid of. overusing certain chemicals can make the bugs resistant to the insecticides. cleaning our kitchen can help us lose weight. researchers asked stressed out women to wait in a cluttered kitchen, and a group sat in an organized one. the group in the messy kitchen ate twice as many cookies for a bowl than those in the clean kitchen. february is american heart month, and a clear water man suffered a heart attack and had to be rushed to the hospital. doctors said he only had a 1% chance to live. anthony allred shows us thanks to quick-acting first responders, nicholas smith is now a healthy student.
6:41 am
>> reporter: it's kind of hard to believe, but the fast-paced beat to this 1970s song has helped to save countless lives. >> it's important to push of the rate of at least 100 rates per minute, about the same testimony -- tempo of the song "staying alive." >> reporter: nicholas was at home when he started not feeling good. >> the last memory i have was kissing my stepdaughter good- bye, and then i felt my heart race. i got up, walked towards my bedroom door, and immediately after getting toot door, everything was going black. >> reporter: nicholas had sudden cardiac arrest when his fiancee heard him on the floor. >> i heard a big crash, and i walked to the room, and i
6:42 am
i was like get up. i called 911. >> reporter: the operator told pushing. >> it was the longest 6 minutes of my life, making sure i could ability. >> reporter: he had cpr for a total of 27 minutes, but first responders said thanks to his girlfriend jumping in first, he can now live to tell about it. >> obviously what she did with the cpr, it was very important to do the bystander cpr. >> reporter: to thank first responders, nicholas wrote them this thank you card. >> this is one of the most difficult things i have had to do, putting what i feel into justice. >> reporter: it's a heart-felt saved his life. >> if it wasn't for them, i would not be standing here today, and i would not have been able to kiss my stepdaughter good-bye this
6:43 am
standing next to her. >> reporter: in largo, anthony allred, news channel 8. lesson learned. everyone should be trained in cpr. you never know when you will be the first responder. let's plan out the weekend for you, saturday and sunday, what do you like? do you like the sunshine? tomorrow is your pick if you like the wind. if you're a sailor or kite border, today is your day. today we will have a bit of sunshine early on, and for the most part it will be cloudy. at least the winds will be lighter. if you want to do boating, today is the day. you also have to watch for the light rain here, and it's moving more towards the late afternoon and into the evening, and still pretty chilly across the map. numbers range from 47 in brooksville to low 50s in the south. here in tampa. we are standing at 49.
6:44 am
really cold enough, 39 in tallahassee to the 60s across miami and the keys, and this is going to set up a weather situation, where we have the wedge of cold air, and it's right down here at the surface, and aloft, we are actually seeing the warmer air coming back over the chill on the ground that event will result in rain showers as the low pressure winds up and moving along the frontal boundary, and what we can see is starting late today into the evening, some of that rain will move into the bay area, and notice here, the radar is already starting to pick up on the rain over the gulf of mexico. the rain chance around 30%, not a washout here today, and most of it out of the picture in time for sunday, but the low will wind up in the atlantic to become pretty significant
6:45 am
i think it will move so it's not a headache for the folks to the northeast. we are probably going to get to the 60-degree mark, and then temperatures will cool through the evening. at 8:00, 53. spots of rain, and especially in the southern areas, around manatee, sarasota counties, and further south, and then for tomorrow morning, those clouds we had overnight, they will slowly be clearing here, and then by the afternoon, nice sunshine, but it will be chilly. 47 tomorrow morning here intown with the 30s to the north. today a better boating day than tomorrow. sunday. today, winds are turning from the northeast, more to the north, and here's the tide setup with the low tide and high tide at 2:09. over the next few day the, monday, slightly warmer temperatures and another front is coming in. overnight showers monday.
6:46 am
will not see it. the sunshine will gradually take us slowly, slowly warmer through the week. below average temperatures now bundle up, right? >> friday looking okay. >> even into next weekend, we will be warmer and sunnier than we are seeing here. >> it's only saturday, and we are looking ahead to friday? >> always looking ahead. >> okay, thank you. taylor swift fans like me, get ready to be glued to your tomorrow. many of us are looking forward to the memorable ads, and coming up, everything you need to know in the world of tech
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lowe's presents: how to put your foot in your mouth. man, wish my yard looked like yours. hey, the grass is always greener on the other side of the... sorry. now get 20% off sta-green fertilizer,
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welcome back. wassup hits a milestone, and there's another reason for us taylor swift fans to be glued
6:49 am
lot going on in the world of tech and social media. lindsey mastis is tracking it all. good morning, lindsey. >> reporter: big news for whatsapp. they are claiming they have 1 billion users worldwide. facebook paid 19 million to buy the company in 2014, but they are trying to figure out how to make a return on the investment. if i had a dollar for every user, i wouldn't have enough money to pay the debt off. amazon is keeping mum about this, but the head of a mall chain says they are planning to open up 400 brick and mortar shops, and that's ironic because amazon is credited with putting bookstores out of business. we first got the kim kardashian app, and then katy perry, and now wait for it. taylor swift is coming out with an app. it's a mobile game.
6:50 am
but i'm sure we will hear more about this as if it's on repeat or something. >> trending, of course, the super bowl, and many companies released their ads, but the teensters are getting a lot of play online. happy birthday mr. super bowl >> this is a snickers teaser, and it's pretty funny. already there's more than 5 million views on youtube. this is a series that has more than 5 million views as well, and bud light's commercial this is getting a lot of play online as well with amy and seth. 2million views it seems humor and star power is the way to go for commercial success, but the big question, who is going to win. any predictions? >> i don't know yet, but i do
6:51 am
that's why i watch, lindsey. it's almost time for our favorite story of the week. it was supposed to be a fun outing on the boat for a father and a son. their boat flipped. the fast rescue from unlikely
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switch to fios.
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a bay area father and son can thank local boy scouts for their quick actions the their boat hit an objection going down the manatee river. they were tossed into the chilly water after their boat flipped. a boy scout troop nearby heard screams for help. two scouts quickly jumped into the catastrophe in, and -- canoe, and they were able to render aid. they were ready to perform cpr, but the emergency officials arrived just in time. you're watching news
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