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tv   News Ch8 at 5PM  NBC  February 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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was like sailing through a massive storm. i'm jennifer leigh. >> i'm keith cate. thank you very much for joining us tonight. >> gusty northwest winds make bay area. meteorologist steve jerve joins steve? >> reporter: the cold front has passed us through. the northwest. take a look at the view here, you can see out at the beach at clearwater. winds at 28 miles an hour. we have seen stronger gusts throughout the day. quite a few clouds rolling in. these are the winds at 29 miles an hour offshore there. 20 miles an hour in bartow. 20 in plant city. these are the gusts over 30 miles an hour.
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still breezy in the forecast for tomorrow tuesday. so no cool and breezy part of the words we will be using tomorrow coming up. all right, thank you sir. you can track the weather any time using our weather max app free to download in the app store. gale force winds have stopped sailboat racing off the coast of clearwater. feet pete is live on sand key tonight to tell us about that. peter? keith. all boats are back on shore. we were there as crews scrambled to find people hurled into the choppy water. as the winds picked up, sailboat masts went down. splintered in two. ashore. the northwest winds were too much for these little skiffs to handle. several capsized south of pier
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the u.s. coast guard. we spotted this boat as it was toted with the mast broken in two. despite the race suspension and damaged craft, these sailors enjoy the challenge. >> i wanted it to be as windy as possible. >> reporter: stammer and his teammate skipper a 49er boat known for its instability and danger. he has dislocated his shoulder twice in four years. >> this is one of if most olympic games. sail the extremes. >> reporter: they got their wish today with heavy swells and strong winds. they think of wind like gas for a car engine. >> a lot of horsepower. it is like riding on a bull. trying to hang on. >> reporter: it is a balancing
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the summer games in rio brazil. days like today separate professionals to the amateurs. >> we are way out here. we have to put straps downwind. big surfboard and souped up sailboat. >> reporter: the top wind speed for these boats 25 miles an hour. gusts were above that. so for safety reasons, race organizers decided to call off racing for the day. keith? >> boy peter just looking at the waves. those are massive waves and the water temperatures still cool this time of year. what is it? how did they stay warm? >> reporter: it is 57 degrees keith. way too cold for me. i like it around 80. what they do is wear a wet suit. that keeps them warm. otherwise, they would freeze. that is below the air temperature. so 57 degrees if they went in. without the wet suit it would be thrilling. >> they found their adventure for sure.
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florida senator bill nelson wants action after a cruise ship went through a dangerous storm. these caribbean passengers got a terrifying storm. things got so bad, people were forced to stake refuge in their cabins more than 10 hours. >> seeing what we were seeing outside of our windows, these 30-foot waves. you know. we are told in 30-degree tilts. it was insane. >> i was hanging on. you would roll out of bed if you didn't hang on. >> pretty scary. the ship is expected at the pop of cape liberty wednesday morning. senator nelson wants investigators to look into why the ship's captain decided to sail into the dangerous storms. now, 8 on your side your vote coverage. the new hampshire primaries. >> right now, voters are
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country's first presidential primary of 2016. with voters. candace mccowan, our political reporter traveling from tampa to new hampshire to track this primary every step of the way. she is joining us now live on the road to manchester. >> reporter: good evening to you keith. we are on the road in manchester this evening but it has been an extremely busy day. that is why we are talking to you on the move. candidates have been going around to many polling places, restaurants, anywhere they can to get face to face with voters. we have been there with them along the way. it is nonstop madness for the voters in new hampshire. the candidates were every many. jeb bush at the polls trying to win over the last few supporters. on the way out, the bush campaign bus passing senator marco rubio who was stopping at action.
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were there as ted cruz stopped, responding to donald trump's comments to refer to him. >> usually the insults are pretty crude. he is welcome to do that. my approach from the beginning has been that i don't respond in time. i think the people of new hampshire deserve better than someone just throwing mud. >> reporter: jeb bush and marco rubio releasing plans to stop in south carolina. rick baker told us no matter what happens tonight, he thinks bush should stick with it. >> my encouragement with him would be to stay going no matter what happens. he has a strong organization in south carolina. >> reporter: it was also chris christie who spent out his
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they will both be headed there tomorrow. many of them hoping to get second place behind donald trump. that would be a huge win. >> there are clustered up in that sec, third, and forth spot. hering a lot about john kasich and jeb bush moving up beyond expectations. i guess that is the thing. just beat expectations. how is jeb doing? >> reporter: we have been following him to several stops. he has drawn in a lot of large crowds. there's been a lot of energy. we heard from other political commentators. he could very well pull up an upset here tonight despite what the poll numbers are saying so it will be interesting to watch and see what happens here in new hampshire. of course, we will be here every step along the way bringing you the latest throughout the evening. keith? >> polls close at 7:00. candace mccowan reporting live from new hampshire. we will talk to you soon. there is new information on the strip club shooting in tampa. a second person has died and now police have released a
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the picture shows a man detectives want to talk to. jeff patterson joins us live with the update on this case. jeff? >> reporter: yeah. good evening, jen. eight people were shot that night. two have now died and police are trying to piece together what happened in the confusing moments as the shooting went down. the video is from a cell phone sent out live over the twitter twitter app periscope. it is dark and loud. it is the first time someone has sent out video of their own more. marvin lancaster iii was and killed. christopher houston has also died. in the moments after the club.
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want to speak to one man who is there in particular. >> we don't have his identity. he is not a suspect. he is being described as a person of interest. we would like to identify him so we can talk to him. >> reporter: take a close look at this photo. police have identified others who were in the club that night who were standing near this man. but so far, they don't know who this person is. >> he appears to be in a situation where he might have seen something that would be of interest to us. some of the other people we see in the video, we have been able to identify and we have not been able to identify this one. >> reporter: we talked to a number of people about club rayne saying there have been shootings at the parking lot of the club, but nothing like this. we are told club security normally pats people down for weapons as they enter the club, but somehow at least one person got a gun into the club that night. >> that raises the question why
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we would like an answer to that. >> reporter: some of the people shot that night inside of the club had been released from the hospital. we attempted to speak to several of them today. they just didn't want to talk on camera. jen? >> obviously, we saw in that video, and your video, there were a lot of people in the club that night and potentially a lot of witnesses. are police getting cooperation from witnesses who were there that night? >> yeah. a lot of witnesses jen. they tell me detectives are speaking to some of them. so they have information. just not enough information yet to make an arrest. >> so somebody else needs to start talking. jeff patterson, live for us tonight. thank you jeff. the second teenager who escaped from a hillsborough county detention center has been caught. anthony cooke was arrested in saint petersburg today. he and anthony bay arrested from the falkinburg academy sunday january 31.
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four employees at a private company that oversee security were suspended without pay after the teenagers took off. an expensive piece of art stolen has been found. the glass sculpture comes from the chihouli gallery. they found it in a box. it did not look damaged. police plan to process dna that was found on the glass to help locate that thief. still ahead, nobody wants to get a speeding ticket. >> really? nobody? >> not anybody. >> come on. >> no. >> but popular traffic apps are causing a little bit of concern for law enforcement. >> why the technology could be doing more harm than good. >> getting the water crisis in flint, michigan under control. what city leaders are asking for to help them tackle this problem. >> the polk county school superintendent could lose her job though she has been cleared of sexual harassment allegations.
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>> visit your local dealer today or shop the mayor of flint, michigan wants $55 million to remove the lead piping from the city's water system to fix the water crisis as quickly as possible. first priority goes to high risk households. meantime, michigan's governor rick snyder declined an i i havation to testify before the house democratic committee. let's face it. nobody likes being pulled over by the cops. so, there are phone apps that warn you of police officers looking for speeders on the road.
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out a warning you could be doing more harm than good. newschannel8's john rogers joins us live from sarasota. here? >> well, good evening. officials say too much information on the phone apps is not necessarily a good thing. you could be helping out the wrong people. when kristi weaver goes out for a drive, she keeps her eyes on the road and her ears on her ways app. >> if you get lost everywhere, it is a great thing. >> there is a red light camera coming up. >> reporter: it is way more than a gps. it connects her to other drivers on her route and they will warn her of obstacles coming up like car crashes. traffic backups. or police officers. >> why is it so helpful to know that? >> i'm not really a speeder. but, it is just nice to know. there's always that moment in your heart where it is okay. make sure all my blinkers are working. you are always on edge. so, it is just kind of nice to know. look sharp.
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>> reporter: but state trooper ken watson says speed enforcement zones are more important he may realize. >> so you have to remember by blasting out all this information, you may be helping someone who really need to be behind bars. >> reporter: dangerous, violent criminals are arrested daily thanks to simple traffic stops. for example, oklahoma city bomber timothy mcvey and serial killer ted bundy were both arrested after they were pulled over. these traffic apps can help these criminals get away. >> we are makeing the traffic stops. we are pulling bad guys off of the street. this is something that we all have to remember. >> reporter: instead, watson suggests just obey the speed limit and let law enforcement officials do their jobs. that way, everybody wins. drivers like weaver won't get a ticket. and bad guys can get the justice they deserve. law enforcement agencies
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app because they think it can help criminals tagger and attack police officers. they are working to address these concerns. back to you. >> john rogers live in sarasota for us. thank you john. i don't know if you saw the peter bernard story where we had the winds. >> incredible. >> oh my goodness. the waves are just churning out there. >> we talked rip currents. gale warnings. high surf advisories. the strong westerly winds leading to that today. surf's up today. dangerous conditions will continue probably throughout the evening hours. probably somewhat tomorrow as well with gale warnings still in place. but, winds should be a little lighter here by the end of the week. mostly overcast in sun city center. here at the lake club, a bit of a breeze coming on here. we showed the pictures earlier from clearwater beach and the winds there, over 20 miles an hour. so, you can see these are not as strong, but obviously still a windy day up here in the
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looking forward to the weekend, we know it is a big one. many folks have plans for sunday. valentine's day. justa few clouds expected. 53 degrees this evening. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy conditions. clearing from north to south. breezy and cool for us. 45 degrees tomorrow morning. colder with the chilly temperatures building in. almost the second invisible front. 58 degrees for the afternoon. bright blue skies. windy, chilly, much more sunshine the next couple of days. 59 degrees clear water beach. 60 in apollo beach. 61 degrees the current temp in lakeland. crystal river 57. lake placid, 59. venice, 63. the wave heights are quite high. these are buoy observations. 11, 12, 13 feet offshore. so they are kicking up.
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affecting our local picture is the dip in the jet stream. this jet stream extremely fast. over 200 miles an hour. as it was just to the north of us yesterday. now offshore. just indicates how fast everything is moving. and when it is moving very quickly high in the atmosphere, it tend to move a little faster at the surface too. that is why we are seeing the strong west to northwesterly breezes. cold front down to the south. you recalled 24 hours ago to the north. this will race through the area last night and the high clouds continue to whip across the sky. but at the surface, some lower clouds starting to erode to the north of us. we are starting to work some clearer skies in when the cold front passes and especially when the upper level winds are strong. we will see the high and mid level clouds straggle along. but the clearing is taking place from north to south. freeze advisories. just to our north. so fissure the evening lingering clouds. lines of equal pressure. that is just a cool direction
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moving further south into the state of florida. it is pretty chilliment tomorrow morning clouds will linger a little bit. by the afternoon, a lot of sunshine. still on the breezy side. maybe not as windy as it is as is moment. thursday morning, coldest us. not as many lines on the map. which indicates the high pressure is directly over us which leads to radiational cooling. less mixing in the atmosphere. in the afternoon, beautiful day. very dry air allows for the bright blue skies. high pressure cooler than a very nice day. as we get into friday, gradual warming, mostly sunny, comfortable weather conditions. not going to warm to average highs. 58 degrees for a high wednesday. 68 saturday. so the average high. 72 degrees. it will be a cool stretch of weather as we have been talking about. we get do 70 by monday again. but the rain chances are fairly low. timing a little unsure. monday, tuesdayish. we will zero in on that next
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otherwise, it stays dry. >> and cool. >> today is a big day for you isn't it here? >> uh, not sure. >> your career here at adulthood. >> yeah. 18 years. >> 18 years. >> happy anniversary. >> thank you very much. thanks to the viewers and newschannel8 for keeping me. >> just getting started here. >> a few more to go. >> thank you steve. good news at the gas pump. where you can find the cheapest gas in the u.s. >> plus, keeping another happening. >> the changes chipotle is putting in place to keep its
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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>> an 8 on your side consumer alert. gas prices have reached a seven year low. the average price for a gallon of unleaded is down to 1.74. cheapest since 2009. for the cheapest gas in the city. it is going for 1.11 a gallon there. but the drive out will kill investment. not so great. chipotle making changes aimed at keeping customers healthy and safe. they are offering employees paid sick leave. the company is also revamping the way it repairs and stores some food to minimize the chances of food born illnesses. this comes in the wake of an e. coli outbreak in the restaurant last year. josh benson, what is coming up at 5:30.
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schools superintendent has a problem. why some school members are calling for her job. and caught on camera. a sword wielding attacker try to cut up a clerk at a store in broward county. this was not the only bizarre
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