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tv   News Ch8 Today at 6AM  NBC  February 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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good morning and thank you for watching news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez. our top story wednesday morning, a political shake-up in the new hampshire primaries. republican donald trump and democrat senator bernie sanders are the ones waking up big winners this morning. and now they are promising to take this fight nationwide. >> this is the promise of america, and this is the promise we must keep alive for future generations.
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>> now the candidates are turning their attention to south carolina's primary. you will want to hear this before you head out the door, problems this morning with a big road project in largo. those orange barrels lining ulmerton road are there to stay for now. the company working on the project just packed up and left. and now a new company is picking up the work. the ulmerton road project was supposed to be done already and now the hope is it will be completed in a few months. and breaking news this morning, right now a home in safety harbor is seriously damaged. you can see in this video here, just in to the newsroom, the pinellas county sheriff's office tells us a vehicle hit this home. it's on martin luther king street. and now all this happened this morning. and you can see now, the vehicle has been removed. and we are checking to find out what caused this crash. we will have more on this as we learn more this morning. now at 6:01, let's get a check on weather with meteorologist leigh spann.
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things are changing as we clouds will continue to clear out for the next two hours and when you get the clear skies without the sunshine, it allows you to cool down even more. that's what's happening in citrus county and around the crystal river area, you're down to the freezing mark at 32. overnight. clouds still in polling and hillsborough county -- polk and hillsborough county. 53 and milder in sarasota. it's breezy but it is not as windy as yesterday morning. the strongest winds are near the coast, pinellas, sarasota, eastern hillsborough county where we're up to about 15 miles per hour. the breeze will kick up throughout the day, helping to keep us chilly again. a high of only 58, well below average, check out tonight, 39. at 6:08, i take you through the day and tell you when you start to warm back up. leslee is here to help you get the commute started.
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harbor, heads up here, it's on u.s. 19. and it's right by tampa road. so we have a collision with injuries involved, seeing a delay northbound where it's rid. just keep this in mind, 19 at tampa road, crash just happened with injuries. and a vehicle fire, the fire is out now pinellas bay near sun boulevard but activity. that's a look at weather and traffic. back to gene and gayle. >> thanks, leslee. in your vote, solid victories for two anti- establishment candidates in the new hampshire presidential primaries. >> democratic senator bernie sanders and republican donald trump are hoping their wins will help them as we head into south carolina's primary now. >> trump's win was big. he claimed 35% of the vote. ohio governor john kasich came in second with 16%. and senator ted cruz rounded out the top three. bunched together in a tight race for fourth place are our florida candidate, former governor jeb bush and senator marco rubio. >> as for the democrats,
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he won 60% of the vote compared to her 38%. news channel 8's candace mccowan is in new hampshire this morning. she shows us what the rules mean for all the candidates. >> reporter: good morning, gene, good morning, gayle. this place here in new hampshire was all about the outsiders. they seemed to do very well tuesday night. donald trump and bernie sanders taking the lead in the gop and democratic sides representatively. but we know this is far from over. former florida governor jeb bush had a strong showing. as for senator marco rubio, he didn't do as well. bush behind donald trump, john kasich almost tieing with ted cruz. both winners had a strong message to the voters of new hampshire. >> what began last week in iowa, what voters here in new hampshire confirmed tonight is nothing short of the beginning of a political revolution. >> new hampshire, i want to thank you. we love you. we're going to be back a lot. we're not going to forget you. you started it.
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>> reporter: this morning, jeb bush supporter will weatherford is telling us that he is confident that trump will not make the same splash in south carolina as new hampshire. >> it's embarrassing that trump would say such vulgar things. if my son or daughter had been in the crowd, i would have been mortified. >> reporter: jeb bush saying he will continue to south carolina confident that he will do well. marco rubio telling supporters promising to do much better >> thank you. if you want to follow all the election result, head to we have reaction from candidates and the voters as well. it's 6:50. 6:05. developing this morning, police want to talk to this man. they think he may know something about a deadly
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news channel 8's adrienne pedersen is working to get us live updates. >> reporter: good morning, gene. well, they are not calling him a suspect but they think he might have some information. and they are just trying to track down his name at the very least. and i am talking to supervisors here this morning and they're telling me that still no arrest in this case. and now let's pull up this guy's picture again. here he is, officers tell us that they don't know anything about him but believe he was in the area at the time of the shooting. the picture is tough to make out but you can tell he has a beard. and now one of the reasons so many of you are clicking on this story on our website is because of this. you're looking at video from the streaming app periscope. and now this might show the moments marvin lancaster gets shot and killed and now developing, christopher houston died in the hospital. that makes eight people shot, two of them dead. of course, soon i get anymore
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this guy could be, better pictures or if the place have made any arrest, i will let you know. gene -- >> thank you. get a close look here. you can share this on social media to help police find him this morning. if you head to the wfla facebook page, you will find it there and you can share that to your own social media accounts. right now, problems this morning with a big road project in pinellas county. orange barrels lining ulmerton road in largo are not going away any time soon. 8 on your side learned the company working on the project just packed up and left this week. 8 on your side's ryan hughs is there live. and ryan, this was supposed to be finished last month. >> reporter: good morning to you, gayle. that was certainly the hope but the south american-based company quit recently.
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>> reporter: the company that quit, it's based in colombia. workers were $19 million into that $23 million contract when they just walked off the job, leaving commuters dodging barrels and cones, even longer. the company that just took over is called prince. it's based in tampa and has hundreds of millions of dollars worth of road projects underway in florida right now. now a spokeswoman with the florida department of transportation tells 8 on your side the project should be summer. gayle, it seems like this has been going on forever. so the hope is that it will summer. you can count on 8 on your side to keep track of it and let you know what happens as we go down the road, so to speak. the furious. nightmare is ongoing? >> it's been years. years. there. ulmerton.
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just have patience until it's finally finished. right now, what's going on outside of those barrels. we have got a collision here in the palm harbor area, u.s. 19 right at tampa road. we are starting to see both the southbound and a northbound delay due to the collision. and again, injuries involved so more activity out there. and this accident wrapped up, it was a vehicle that caught fire near sun boulevard. it's gone now. and a good drive across the bay area bridges. bear trail at richard drive and things are getting busy in downtown tampa. but not as bad as yesterday on the skyway bridge. >> that's right. so if you're getting ready for the gasparilla distance classic like i am, it's a great time to run. let me walk you hour-by-hour through your day so no matter what time you go for a walk, you will know what to expect. 40s this morning. a slow warm-up through the 50s by noon. and 58 at 3:00 p.m.
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the wind will make it feel cold. and tonight is the coldest night -- colder. and tonight is the coldest night. even palm harbor 39. 37 riverview. freeze warning for st. louis and hernando counties right -- warning for citrus and hernando counties right at the freezing mark. the upper 60s friday and saturday. and lovely for valentine's day, cooler, mostly clear, guys. >> lovely. >> yeah. the count down is on to valentine's day. and we're exploring our feelings. >> ahead, the science of love and why we feel different at the beginning and then later on in a relationship. know what i'm talking about? >> no, but i can't wait to find out more. >> yeah. and the way a bay area's pooch's case is changing the laws that govern our pets today. it's 6:10. today.
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happening today, the bill noun as padi's law heads to the governor's desk you will remember the dog that was supposed to be put down for biting a 4-year-old boy in bradenton. >> yeah, news channel 8's lindsey mastis joins us live from the tampa news center.
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>> reporter: gayle and gene, good morning. this bill would essentially change the way dogs are punished when they bite someone. right now, dogs in florida are suppose ised to be put down when they bite a human but the law would allow flexible. padi got a pardon because the judge ruled that the state law is unconstitutional. his case involved a 4-year-old boy. the dog bit the child's ear lobe off. the owner, a vet, insisted the child provoked the dog by following it under a desk. but others believe the dog should be put down for biting a child. the new law would make it more clear about when dogs should get a pass. >> for example, if someone were to climb into a jump yard and the junk yard dog bites the person, by law, you're supposed to put the dog down and that doesn't make sense. so it's really a clarifying bill ask it's one that's long overdue. >> reporter: the bill passed unanimously. it will head to governor rick scott's office later today.
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bill that's gotten so much attention becomes law. we will have updates on-air and on our wfla news app. >> and i know a lot of folks have opinions on both sides. thanks. you have to hear this story, they just wanted to buy something nice. and now one family's mansion is reduced to ashes all after a hoverboard caught fire. yep, it started on the first floor, trapping two of the four kids upstairs. two kids had to jump from the second floor window the. that's where they were trapped. and they went right into their dad's arms. and now thankfully, no one was hurt. incredible. mother nature is turning up the heat out west. temperatures if the state of washington are reaching into the 60s. many people are taking advantage of the nice weather and spending some time outside. in southern california, the mercury is shooting up way high into the 80s. >> that's what we call a cool day here. >> yeah.
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8 is on your side to help you navigate romance this valentine's day. we are looking at what causes our feelings. news channel 8's adrienne pedersen explores the science of love. >> all right. here we government. >> reporter: she believes one of the secrets to a happy marriage is friendship. >> just started talking and hanging out. and we were friends first. and still friends now. >> reporter: according to dr. scott, a psychology professor, there's more to love or at least attraction than you might think. >> there's actually research that we tend to want to be with people that have the same eye and hair color as our parents. >> reporter: it probably sounds weird but it's about comfort with the familiar. >> our sense of smell plays a big role. >> reporter: one thing you can count on, the feelings will change. >> a lot of people make the mistake, when the initial feeling is over, they feel like, well, maybe i'm with the wrong person or something's wrong.
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>> whether it's science or not, we fell in love first thing. >> reporter: in tampa, adrienne pedersen, news channel 8. >> she explains that according to the psychology professor, your brain uses different transmitters at the beginning of the relationship verses a few years in and that's why people feel different. and i know it's going to sound cheesy but i buy into the smell thing. we take naps on this shirt and i put on my husband's t-shirts because i feel close to him because he's not home. >> you can do that with the dog the. >> i don't want to be smelling him. the dog. >> not for you. that wouldn't be good. >> and i want to know more about the phase two situation, what's happening in your brain during phase two. got to the ask about that. i think you just grow more in love. and find other reasons to love them beyond the first attraction or first science factor there. well, tough listen to this love story, it was sent from a
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amy and justin who you see here, they met online. why is one so much younger than the other? he told her a story about a girl named amy he had a crush on in preschool. turns out, the it was the same amy. and justin's mom found a picture of the little kids. and now they are set to get married in st. pete this summer. >> i've got goose bumps. >> i don't think think that she think that he has the cooties anymore. what's in the air besides love? >> maybe a little chill. get closer to your valentine. the skies are clearing as we speak, as i expected so that even with sunshine, we're not going to the warm up much. 54 at noon. 58 at 3:00 p.m.
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i don't expect it to be as windy as yesterday but still breezy. and where it's been clearer longer, it is colder. 34 inverness. 32 crystal river. tampa dropped to 48 because skies are clear. 46 in hillsborough county. 53 in sarasota where the clouds have hung around. and again the winds will get stronger, north, northwest 10 to 20 knot, waves 6 to 10 feet. and notice the stronger winds right now are near the coast like pinellas, hillsborough and sarasota counties. quieter inland. and watch the temperatures through the next couple hours. they'll continue to drop. notice the clouds in the southerners and even with sunshine, 10 -- southern areas, even with sunshine, tampa, 54. the slow creep into the upper 50s. but tonight again, once the skies clear out and the winds calm down, we get into the 30s. so tonight is the coalest night before we see a warming trend.
6:18 am
no major congestion but things are getting busier, south 275 around hillsborough avenue, thicker into downtown. here's i-4, look at polk county, looks great from lakeland into bore city. and ybor, seven minute commute. ehrlich to 5, nine minutes on the veterans expressway but i expect it to get busier over the next 2420 minutes. that's weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you so much leslee. taking the video you record next level. >> really cool video ahead. one skier's idea that's giving morning. >> and don't try this at home. and more air bag issues for thousands of vehicles on the road right now. next, the automaker that's issuing a recall this morning. it's 6:20. you're watching news channel 8
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now an 8 on your side alert. chrysler is recalling 840,000 vehicles in the u.s. for defective driver's side air bags. it affects 2005 to 2014 model years including the c class, e class, slk and sls sedan, m class, gl class and r class suvs. and the recall affects 2007 to 2014 sprinter and freight liner vans. they insist the recall is only precautionary and no one has been injured. you have got to see this, cool video from a skier. it's perfect for the chilly morning. look here. nicholas is the skier here. he shot this in slow-mo using an iphone, a tether and i'm going to add this, a lot of practice. it took him years to perfect this and get the shot but now
6:21 am
look at that, the flying snow powder looks like beach waves. and his balancing skillz with a z, that's what it takes to pull this off. he's skiing with one hand. the other hand is holding the camera. >> it's called a ski-fie. a purple heart for a special dog in florida. what he did that earned him the honor. plus, drivers along a busy road in pinellas county, yep, not getting relief any time soon. the delay that means the barrels are stick around
6:22 am
ba da ba ba ba 6:28. kids at the bus stop still need a coat, cooler at 47. in fact, we don't warm up much through the day, 58 when they
6:23 am
well, use caution on the skyway bridge. it's windy out there. palm harbor area, this accident roadway. that's good news, u.s. 19 right around tampa road. it was in the southbound lanes. again, it's off to the shoulder. lakeland, highway 37, a crash
6:24 am
6:30 on this wednesday i am gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo. we have breaking information for you. >> yeah, the car into the house story on safety harbor. pinellas county sheriff's office just now con floridaed that a stolen car slammed into the home on martin luther king street. and as you can see here, it left behind serious damage. we're told the chimney and electrical panel of the home are damaged and now deputies are looking for three people believed to be inside the car
6:25 am
the car took off. the car was stolen from clearwater. the votes are in and these are the big winners in new hampshire, democrat bernie sanders and republican donald trump. but for some other republican, the results are giving them hope of carrying on. >> this campaign is not dead. we're going on the to south carolina. -- going on to south carolina. >> new jersey governor chris christie is not sure he will continue on to south carolina. today he is going home to new jersey to assess his presidential bid and see where he goes from here. are there more victims? that's the big question this morning. investigators are tracking a st. pete taekwondo instructor accused of molesting kids. this is the guy right here, his name is andrew kim. he faces three charges linked to inappropriately touching young girls. it's 6:31 on this wednesday morning. let's check in with meteorologist leigh spann. >> yeah, the sky, look at this,
6:26 am
still some in sarasota, manatee county. everywhere else waking up to clear skies. look at this, now just dropped to 39 in zephyrhills. clearwater and tampa down to 48. the skies have cleared out. 46 plant city. and the clouds have hung tough and it's milder. 53 in sarasota. and now still breezy this morning but not as gusty as yesterday. and the strongest winds through the morn willing be near the coast in pinellas, western hillsborough and manatee and sarasota. but the winds are coming out of the north so we never warm up. high today of 58 degrees. that's 15 degrees below average. at 6:38,ville the wind speed forecast -- 6:38, i will have the wind speed forecast. the traffic forecast, getting slower, folks. let's look. we've still got a decent drive- thru ybor city, up to -- drive through ybor city, up to seven minutes. ehrlich to 275, a 10 minute
6:27 am
and the accident in palm harbor, off to the shoulder, u.s. 19 at tampa road, not going to slow you down. and lakeland, pipkin road at highway 30, a collision. and there are injuries involved in this accident. good drive away from plant city. and quick reminder, one lane southbound bay shore boulevard blocked at hawthorne due to road work. that's a look at weather and traffic. back to gene and gayle. >> all right. right now, there's no end in sight for a big traffic mess in pinellas county. construction continues on ulmerton road in largo and we continued the company behind up and left. the roadway has been a pain for drivers for years now. 8 on your side's ryan hughs is live along ulmerton road. and with the company out now, when should this be finished? >> reporter: at this point, that's up in the air. the company working on the project defaulted back in mid- january. there's a new company onboard now that must pick up the
6:28 am
to have this finished within several months. >> they're doing some night work. they have one or two crews right now and we have been told by next week they can bring in more crews and get the job done by summer hopefully. >> reporter: the company that just took over is called prince, it's based in tampa and has hundreds of millions of dollars worth of road projects underway in florida right now. the company that quit, it's based in south america. workers were $19 million into the $23 million contract when they simply walked off the job, leaving commuters in the lurch. now the company also walked away from two other road projects in arcadia and north port. this is a live look at the sign that is on the road side that says it should be finished by spring but now it's unlikely that will happen. back to you. >> after all these years of
6:29 am
company just walks off the job, unbelievable. >> reporter: sad. >> thanks, ryan. it is day five of the search for a shooter in a strip club. right now, police want to talk to this guy right here. he is considered a person of interest. they think he might know more about what happened. news channel 8's adrienne pedersen is tracking the case live from tampa police headquarters this morning and it sounds like the officers are being extremely careful in how they word this. >> reporter: that's exactly right. they'll not call this person a suspect but instead, they're just telling us that they want to talk to him. i did print out the picture. it is difficult to see but you can tell that he has a beard there. and you know, they're just explaining that they don't know his name. so any information will help. i do want to go ahead and show you video though. i'm sure you've ever seen it at this point but it's really so interesting. and that's why it's one of the
6:30 am
website right now. it is periscope video that's a streaming app, and it might show the moments marvin lancaster gets shot and killed. and also develop, police now tell us christopher houston died in the hospital. and let's show the person of interest one more time. talking about. again, not easy to see but maybe if you know him, you will know who it is. police believe he was in the area at time of the shooting. and of course, we will stay in touch with police and we will let you know if they get more information on this person, maybe a name or perhaps better pictures that we can pass along to you. >> it seems like if you know this guys, even though the picture is fuzzy, you could thank you, adrienne. >> just go to our facebook page and hit share. this morning, a stolen
6:31 am
an employee found the piece in a box outside the center tuesday morning. inside that box they found this, the $25,000 glass chihuly sculpture. it was not damaged thankfully. police are still trying to track down the thief. this morning, they'll continue to review more than 24 hours of surveillance video from 28 security cameras in the gallery. it's also a big day for president barack obama. today he will return to the place where his political career began. springfield, illinois. that's where he served in the state senate for nearly eight years and you may remember, it's also the place where he announced his presidential campaign in 2007. president barack obama is expected to make a move for political unity. today michigan's governor will propose spending millions of dollars to deal with the water emergency in flint. the city is struggle canning lead-contaminated water.
6:32 am
million to update infrastructure. the city hopes that will go towards replacing lead- contaminated pipes throughout flint. the number of open jobs in the u.s. is at a record high. the labor department reports 5.6 million jobs went unfilled in december. but many people don't have the skills to fill the jobs. many require training such as plumbers and electricians. today we could get an idea of when or if interest rates will go up. federal reserve chairman janet yellen will address congress later. investors will hang on her every word, of course, to determine if the feds will raise rates in march. her testimony comes just months after the rates were raised for the first time in years. it's 6:38. we want to get a check on weather and traffic on the 8s. >> man, a chilly start here at 6:38. the skies are clearing out. and just starting to see the
6:33 am
and after that, we see the temperatures climb up, yeah, they'll get warmer each hour but not a lot. we go from 47 at 8:00 a.m. to 50 at 10:00. and 54 by your lunch break. and around 58 degrees at 3:00 p.m. and that's well below average for sure. and the breeze, make it feel colder than tonight. our coldest night as we drop into the 30s. and what happens with the wind speed, step outside rite now and you will feel the breeze, it's out of the north but it's not as strong as yesterday. and we will get that light breeze through the morning. and hold up, here comes the lunch break, where the wind speeds get to 10 to 15 miles per hour. and then headed home from work at 5:00 p.m. and then 15 to miles per hour. but what think is, after the sun sets, the winds relax and that allows us to drop into the 30s overnight and that will be the coldest night because we see the warming trend, 62 tomorrow and 69 for friday and 68 for saturday and valentine's day at 6 5 . how about traffic
6:34 am
first of all, congratulations for emoji woman for making an appearance. >> yeah, we have a couple. >> yes, we do. congestion starting to happen because we are getting closer to rush hour. bearss avenue to i-4, up to about 13 minutes southbound on 275. and look at this, tampa, kennedy to ashley, off the howard franklin bridge, we have the fourth lane that extends over to himes. good drive off the bridge but southbound into tampa, slow and go. and 275 right through the heart of tampa, looks good, gorgeous sunrise in the distance. and look at, this right around hillsborough avenue, you are starting to see it get sticky this the area. lakeland, downtown lakeland, typical, pipkin road at highway 37, we have a collision with crash. a great drive on i-4, ybor city starting to get busy. and then a reminer southbound on bay shore boulevard at hawthorne road, we have one lane taken away. they're working on the road.
6:35 am
the water main has been replaced but road restoration is going on. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. and now back to gene and gayle. >> okay. thank you. we have something special for you. >> that's right. it's happening in california. so very early for them but any minute now, we will see the delta 4 rocket launch from the air force base in california. and now the space launch complex there, just 10 seconds away. now this was actually getting launched in support of national defense. here we go. >> three, two, one. and lift-off of the united launch alliance delta 4 rocket carrying the nrol mission for the national reconnaissance office. >> again, there's the perfect launch happening out in california. love to bring those to you live. again, just launched the delta 4 rock fret the air force base
6:36 am
national defense. >> right-on time and looks like weather cooperated beautifully. >> looked great. we'll be back after a short
6:37 am
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new hampshire i want to thank you, we love you. we're going to be back a lot. remember, you started it. >> this morning, donald trump is celebrating his win in the republican presidential new hampshire primary. trump had solid numbers with both men and women and also with first-time voters. and on the democratic side, senator bernie sanders is on top this morning. >> yeah, even though new hampshire is still tallying vote, the candidates are on social media and talk about their results. right now, nhprimary is trending here in the tampa bay area. news channel 8's lindsey mastis has been following the tweets and posts and has the morning alert. what's the reaction from the
6:39 am
they are all thanking voters. that's despite so many experiencing a disappointing night. now take a look here. we have the latest numbers right now. florida senator marco rubio is coming in fifth place, just behind our former governor, jeb bush. and now even though they came out in a similar spot, this is being considered a step up for bush but a big step down for senator rubio. and you know what, he is blaming himself for his poor performance. to twitter. he says our disappointment tonight is not on you, it's on me. i did not do well on saturday night. so listen to this, that will never happen again. he's referring to his debate performance. and hillary rodham clinton is also posting to twitter. sanders. and now the winners aren't boasting much this time around including trump. he tweeted, thank you to new hampshire, i love you.
6:40 am
and he posted this picture of his family traveling with him. and senator sanders tweeted this, he says when we stand together, we win. thank you, new hampshire. a lot of people are sharing this image this morning on social media. we want to know what you think of the outcome. i was on facebook live earlier so you can join the discussion there. just head to my facebook page, wflalindsey. >> just search the #8alert. new this morning, china reports its fist case of the zika virus involving a man who recently visited venezuela. more than 950 anti-body tests arrived from the cdc. the test is for pregnant women and new mothers. it will tell them if they've ever had the zika virus. we are hearing for the first time from some of the victims of a man accused of
6:41 am
the 81-year-old has 18 stitches in his head. both of his eyes are black and blue as you see there. one nearly swollen shut. but look at the video. yeah, he's counting his blessings after sunday's attack. >> suddenly he came towards me and his hand was behind his back. i didn't know he had anything in his hand. and he just struck me over the head. >> wow. look at. that the 22-year-old suspect is facing now a long list of charges including attempted murder, car jacking, also aggravated assault. and listen to what he told police, he told police he had just watched a movie and wanted to kill evil. >> look how the man's wife is trying to help. >> poor thing. >> that's horrible. in volusia county, the efforts of this sheriff's k-9 are being recognized. he have wounded in the line of duty last year. and he now has a purple heart and a medal of valor to show for it. he was shot in the neck while
6:42 am
shot and wounded his girlfriend during a domestic disturbance. >> can we get him a treat too? >> maybe groomed. it's 6:48. >> nothing like a day at the spa. a lot of clear skies now after the overnight clouds. this is the way it looks in sun city center, 49 degrees. a chilly start to the day, cooler than yesterday. and a breeze but not that gust that we had yesterday morning. 47 degrees at 8:00. and i expect the winds to get stronger through the day. , 54 at noon. and an afternoon high of 58. that's well below average. certainly cool although still breezy, making it feel colder and. zephyrhills, you're now down to 38. we're at 32 in crystal river in innerv. and clearwater, now down to 47. and 46 in fish hawk. and 53 in sarasota at this point. i checked in with betty in plant city in eastern hillsborough county, she's at 46. winds will get stronger through
6:43 am
offshore. so the seas building 6 to 10 feet, that's down from yesterday but still very high for us. in fact, there's a high surf advisory and as a matter of law craft advisory because the winds are continuing to come in out of the north. that scattered the clouds out overmight. that's why it's cool they are morning. chilly, breezy and sunny again today. and once the winds relax overnight, tomorrow morning is going to be our coldest. and we have a freeze warning for citrus and hernando counties. and all of us starting in the 30s except places near the coast. it's going to be a sunny day tomorrow, still cool at 62. and 69 friday. 68 on saturday. and actually another cold front, dry cold front comes through saturday so that valentine's day is a little cooler but comfortable at 65. >> all right. a look at the roadways, things are starting to get busy, folks. pressing into rush hour so seeing slow downs westbound i-4 through ybor city, up to nine minutes.
6:44 am
. slowing down southbound on our veterans expressway, pretty typical. look at 275, here's the slow part, bearss avenue to i-4, up to 19 minutes now. southbound on 275, still a good drive off the howard franklin bridge. and let's look in the heart of downtown, and right at jefferson, moving at decent speeds, about 45, 50 miles per hour but gets slow past hillsborough avenue here southbound. all right, let's move over now and look at lakeland. we do have an accident, folks, on pipkin road at highway 37, a the general vicinity. and we have injuries involved in the accident. downtown lakeland, pockets of bad. the lakeland area. and all the way to ybor city and then hit the brakes. southbound lay shore at hawthorne, one lane take anway. that should wrap up friday. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you, leslee. what you need to know
6:45 am
>> and governor rick scott is getting his pen ready today. the law inspired by a bay area dog. how it could impact your pets. and it should have been done by now, up next, what one company is doing to pick up the slack someone else left on ulmerton road.
6:46 am
this morning, there are problems with a road project in pinellas county. >> news channel 8's ryan hughes is live on ulmerton road in largo where the orange barrels won't be going away any time soon. >> reporter: good morning, you guys, once again. it could be months and months before the construction behind me is finished. that is not good news for people who driveway on a regular basis. it's based in tampa and it has hundreds of millions of dollars
6:47 am
the company that quit is based in south america. workers were $19 million into a $23 million contract when they simply walked off the job. we will keep you posted on things from here. live in largo, ryan hugh, news channel 8. >> thank you. -- hughes, news channel 8. >> thank you. police are looking for this man. they believe he could help solve this case. he was caught on video inside club rain the night of the shooting. investigators are not calling him a suspect. instead, they just want to talk to him because he was so close to the shooter that might. eight people were shot. two of those died. pinellas county sheriff's office is now confirming a stolen car slammed into this home on martin luther king street leaving serious damage. you can see the chimney and electrical panel are messed up. deputies are looking for the three people inside the car that took off. they tell us the car was stolen out of clearwater.
6:48 am
expected to sign pad thei's law today. the dog bit a little boy. and he was automatically set to be euthanized. and new law will allow more flexibility in deciding the fate of dogs that bite humans. the new hampshire votes are in. democrats favored senator bernie sanders who credited his win to a huge voter turnout. and republicans, donald trump won big. the campaign now moves to south carolina. but chris christie is headed to new jersey for a breather after coming in sixth. when you step out the door this morning, cooler than yesterday. look at auburndale, you just dropped 40. 53 in bradenton. and yes, near the freezing mark in crystal river and inverness. so it is cooler, it's breezy. during the day, the winds from the north will keep you from warming up very much. 54 at noon. 58 at 3:00 p.m. that's about 15 degrees below average. and we have a chilly night tonight down into the 30s. and we won't see the stronger winds.
6:49 am
warming trend into up ther 60s by the weekend. valentine's day looks nice. >> 65, not bad for heart day. westbound i-4, hitting the brakes. ybor city area, 301 to 275, nine minutes. 17 minutes here on the veterans expressway from ehrlich to 275. so southbound heavy. and look at this, away if bearss down to hillsborough, really heavy south 275. and a crash fowler avenue by the interstate. and then look to the right, through new tampa, south 75, bruce b downs down to i-4, slow so typical delays at this point. >> thank you. and don't delay in making valentine's day dinner reservations, flower orders, you're running out of time. thanks for joining us.
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