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tv   News Ch8 Today at 5AM  NBC  February 11, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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right now on weather and traffic on the 8s at 5:00 a .m., according to police, this new surveillance video shows an art thief returning a pricy piece of art. to put him behind bars. we are going to fight for every vote in every state! >> democratic candidates bernie sanders and hillary rodham clinton will battle it out tonight at the pbs democratic debate in milwaukee. the debate comes after senator sanders meeting with reverend al sharpton and clinton's endorsement from the congressional black caucus.
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>> free at last! >> passengers of royal caribbean's anthem of the seas back on land this morning. the cruiseship docked in new jersey overnight. and breaking overnight, the fbi is now surrounding the last occupiers at the oregon wildlife refuge. the stand-off could end sometime this morning. and good thursday morning to you and welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez. you will want to grab a warm cup of coffee this morning. there's actually a freeze warning and a frost advisory at this hour. so how long is this going to last? and i think we need the jacket all day, right? >> well, you will probably need at least a light jacket later today but it's going to be more comfortable? the afternoon. right now you think, my goodness, are we still in florida? that's the blue shaded area, the purple which includes pasco, inland portions of hillsborough, manatee, sarasota and all of polk county, that's a frost advisory. even though you stay above
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frost on the windshield. the again, freezing. in polk county, notice you're close to freezing, mid-30s like 36 in lakeland. and that may lead to frost, windy. that's good news. 40 currently in fish hawk. and this is colder than yesterday, anywhere from five to 15 degrees colder and. we will stay below average. today's high is 6 4 . that's below the average of 72. but it will be relatively comfortably cool in the lows tonight at 48. in weather and traffic on the 8s at 5:08, i take you hour-by- hour and show you how quickly things warm up. and leslee is here to get you through the morning commute. good one. we don't have anything that's going the to slow you down if you're leaving the house soon. let's take a look at what is happening. a wonderful drive here. ignore the low pressure sign. that has to do with the camera. this is i-4 around county road
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city, we are up to speed. clearwater, largo road right at wyatt street, i have an accident here, folks. it's a hit-and-run but it's off to the side of the roadway. it's not blocking any lanes. and a good drive 275 at fowler. that's weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. >> all right. thank you. breaking news overnight, the fbi is now surrounding the last occupiers at the oregon wildlife refuge. this stand-off could end sometime this morning. right now, four activeses are left inside the refuge. they are promising to put down their weapons and turn themselves in. while you slept, agents moved around the refuge in armored vehicle. the four are left of a group who seized the refuge nearly six weeks ago protesting federal land use policies. right now, police are hot on the trail of an art thief. st. pete police want you to see this newly released surveillance video. take a good look. they want to talk to this guy. police believe he's carrying a $25,000 piece that disappeared
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he appears casual for holding a small fortune under his arm. and police want to talk to the man he stopped to chat with. for now, dna samples are being tested from the box. right now, two bay area students busted for having guns on school property. even scarier, considering we're talking about two separate campuses here. news channel 8's adrienne pedersen is now live from brandon alternative school. adrienne, this has to make parents wonder about close calls at both of those schools. >> reporter: for sure. good morning, gene. and as soon as any parents show up this morning, we will be talking to them about whether this makes them nervous and what they think the school can do the in the future to make again. and now in the meantime, we know an 18-year-old student here at this brandon school is sitting in jail waiting to face a judge in just a matter of hours.
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this is 18-year-old jamarcus sims. deputies tell us another student saw simms loading a gun in his lap on the school bus. and that student thankfully texted a relative who in turn called 911. eventually deputies got everybody off the bus and cuffed the teen. it really turned out as well as it could have in that situation. and now in a separate issue during a lockdown in tampa at plant high school, police found a student sitting in the car with guns used for hunting. he is now charged with two counts of possession of a firearm on school property. obviously, that being a totally separate issue. and now as for simms, they found a black ski mask on him. extremely concerning to hear that last detail. and now again, he will be facing a judge this morning at about 8:30 or 9:00 so of course we will be tracking that case, gene and, bring you the latest -- and bring you the latest in terms of what happens in court today. >> thank you. and you might want to check your car this morning.
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to determine how many people burglars because nobody's called it in yet. this story is getting a lot of clicks on our news channel 8 website as well as our app this morning. investigators tell us, this guys, 18-year-old matthew gunn, they skipped school to steal downtown sarasota. detectives say the teens were unlocked doors. once inside, they took money electronics. they believe at least 40 cars were hurt but nobody has called it in. >> that's unusual. >> yeah. right now, scientists are in the first stages of developing a vaccine against zika. >> yeah, but it's expected to take years before it's ready. in the meantime, the zika virus is causing people to think twice about traveling outside of the u.s. lindsey mastis is joining us live from the morning alert center. so lindsey, is this affecting many families' travel plans? >> reporter: it, gayle.
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no one wants to get zika virus but those most at risk are pregnant women because it can affect unborn children. because it's getting so much attention on the news and social media, it's affecting travel. according to aaaa, people are not canceling trips but instead, they're changing where they go or pushing the trips back to later in the year. right now, the cdc wants people to avoid traveling to areas known for zika. an ohio woman got zika after visiting haiti. the nurse explains she isn't worried because she's not pregnant but she still got sick. >> headache, joint pain. and then on thursday, the 28th of january, i had a rash that came all over from my face and leg, my arm, my trunk. >> reporter: a chicago woman is speaking out about getting zika in honduras. she was pregnant at the time and miscarried but she doesn't know if it was because of zika.
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will appear before a senate subcommittee to talk about the virus. and they'll be discussing president barack obama's request for $1.8 billion in emergency funding. we will keep a close eye on the discussions as well as as the speed of the zika virus. >> and you can follow the morning alerts each day on facebook and twitter. just search the #8alert. remember the cruiseship that sailed into a rough storm in the atlantic? it's now back at its port and now royal caribbean is trying to make this up to passengers the. anthem of the seas returned to new jersey, the home port. the ship was on its way to here in florida when it came across a bad winter storm. and all the furnishings tossed around, people tossed around for hours. and some people were even hurt. >> free at last! free lateral last! >> it was horrible. i can't even describe it. >> 17 hours. it was like on a roller coaster you can't get off of and you weren't strapped in. >> you can feel the emotion and how scary it must have been for them. everyone now is safe but the
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the passengers will get a full refund for the cruise as well as a 50% off a future cruise. and hopefully they'll give it another shot. they're fun and this is, you know, this doesn't normally happen. it's 5:08. >> it would be tough to get back out there. >> yeah. >> your some am squeezes for them. frost advisory, yeah, it's cold. if you are training like me for the gasparilla distance classic, maybe don't get out on this morning. an early evening run is where i'm putting my shoe of approval. and here's the reason why, sunny sky, yes, that makes it chilly this morning but also warms up quickly. we go four to five degrees each hour until we get to 64 around 3:00 p.m. so still below average but comfortable. and the headlines, this warming trend is going to continue, low 60s today but near 70 tomorrow. a cold front is going to be dry and it's just going to stop the warming trend. it's the not necessarily going to cool us down.
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and checking in on traffic on the 8s, things should be good this morning. they are good. just cold. you know, other than that, a great drive. you know, chilly out there but we have a wonderful drive across the bay area bridges. south tampa, we are up to speed as well. and we have a little issue going on but it won't slow you down. and this is bay shore boulevard, a southbound lane take anway at hawthorne road. and meanwhile, over to clearwater, largo road, right at wyatt street, we actually have a hit-and-run and that's off to the shoulder. a live look at i-75 around i-4, man, traffic looks good on the interstates. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. you got to think about this the next time you order something that's fragile. this ups delivery is raising concerns. just thrown over the fence. the homeowner outraged after his packages were thrown at his front door. here what he has to say.
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new video takes us inside the investigation. how police are tracking down the culprit. but first, a battle over a parking lot. next in a live report, the vote happening today that puts a tampa community against a hospital.
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happening today, tampa city council members are expected to vote on a controversial issue. for years, st. joseph's hospital has wanted to develop land into a parking garage. the city has continually said no but that could change later today. 8 on your side's ryan hughs is live near the hospital. and ryan, neighbors are not happy. >> reporter: good morning. not at all. and they have even gone so far to claim discrimination. they put up these signs in some front yards to get their message across. neighbors put the signs to draw attention to the issue they said. they feel st. joseph's top brass is anti-hispanic and believe this move would destroy their community. and now the hospital has south to rezone the l.a.p.d. for years and a vote failed three times -- rezone the land for years and the vote failed three times. but the city council members
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the word is, a yes vote could be coming. neighbors hope not. >> a lot of the neighbors are disappointed. selling. i don't know what it's going to do to the property value but nobody around here is happy. lot of questions. again, the city council expected to discuss this issue at 6:00 tonight. and gayle, it is certainly one that has continued for months and months and months. back to you. >> i'm sure it could get heated. thanks, ryan. >> reporter: yeah. now to an 8 on your side warning. skimming is skyrocketing. 8 on your side spoke to investigators about the latest incident that happened at a st. pete gas station. and we are getting a closer look at the investigation. in this video, you can see police pulling that skimmer out of the gas pump there. and taking eightway. now it will be dusted for -- it away. and now it will be dusted for prints next. >> it's like finding a needle in the hay stack. it's hard to solve, these cases.
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clicked stories on the news channel 8 app. police are hoping that the bad guy or girl left some dna behind so they can stop this person from striking again. it's 5:15. one deputy is dead and another is struggling to stay alive after a gunman started shooting inside a crowded restaurant. and now we're learning more about the shooter. the shooter was killed in the shootout in maryland. just north of baltimore. investigators don't know the motive just yet. the shooter had warrants out for his arrest in florida and hartford county. the second new york police officer shot in the line of duty is back home this morning. look at the support. members of the nypd greeted officer diara cruz. her partner pushed to the car waiting ther her. one person believed to be connected to the shooting is in custody.
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himself after shooting the officers. an 8 on your side consumer alert. a south florida homeowner speaking out after surveillance video caught a ups driver carelessly tossing a package, causing the contents to spill out. laura rodriguez shows us the reasons why the homeowner believes it was uncalled for. >> reporter: what looks like a routine delivery to a front door spills over into a clean- up job for a married couple. >> it was surprising. the last thing i expected. we usually have good luck with ups. generally they set them on the doorstep. this one time, they decided to just pitch them over the gate. >> reporter: kevin told me the delivery guy had good reason to take better care of the packages. >> two were marked heavy and one had a fragile sticker on there and all three just got chucked over the fence. >> reporter: and getting past the front gate would have been no trouble. >> the gate was unlocked. they could have walked them in.
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helper and still didn't bother to properly deliver the packages. >> reporter: the delivery guy doesn't even bother to look back in the video. inside one box he dropped was hand gun ammunition he ordered for target practice. nothing actually broke but the impact scattered them across the brick pavement. >> the safety issue, you don't want to throw it around. and the box were cleared, they were small arms ammunition. >> reporter: we contacted ups about what happened. a public relations manager told us in an email, quote, we are investigating the incident. he says he contacted ups too but he get any answers. >> really seems like they just don't the care. >> that's wild with the ammunition obviously and then also, you order something fragile and you don't won't like that. >> investigating become easier when there's a camera rolling. >> yes. >> so you never know. >> when will people figure that out? >> a great report.
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>> well, clear skies but it is cold. a lot of people dressed up in the winter best. we have a freeze warning for citrus, hernando and sumpter counties and that's where the temperatures right now are below freezing. the purple shaded areas, which includes pasco, sarasota and manatee and highlands county, that's a frost advisory. so just above freezing but you may see some that will stay in place until 9:00 a.m. by 8:00, 41 degrees. and i'm saying wear layers because it will keep you warm this morning but you can take the layers off at 3:00 p.m. at 64 degrees. it should feel more comfortable. 32 in inverness and brooksville. 36 in lakeland. just above freezing there. and milder near the coast, 46 in bradenton. and my weather watcher big monkey in crystal beach says 48. lighter winds which makes it more comfortable but allows us to drop to freezing in spots. blue sky, cool in the afternoon. and as high pressure heads
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winds getting up to 70 tomorrow and 68 saturday. leslee, how about traffic on traffic on the 8s? well, looking good out here. we don't have slow downs. a good drive-thru downtown tampa. south tampa, a quick reminer, road work that has one southbound lane take anway right at bay shore boulevard and hawthorne road. and that should be worked out and reopened sometime tomorrow. keep it in mind, most of the traffic is northbound through the morning commute. in pinellas county, a collision, a hit-and-run, no injuries involved and it's off to the side of the roadway so that's good news. and let's take a live look here at i-75 at i-4. looks great. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. >> okay, thank you, leslee. 8 is on your side with everything you need to know in the financial world. >> the major city where stocks are plunging. also ahead, it's never too early to start planning your summer vacations. how much more you will have to shell out at universal studios.
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taking a look at the other morning. stocks in hong kong plunged, closing down nearly 4%. the nose dive comes amid concerns over the global economy. investors took hold of gold and top rated bonds. they are confident the federal
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the top listed shares were off 3.9% in early trading. here on wall street, the dow will open at 15,914 after falling .62% wednesday. the s&p 500 index will open at 1,851. and the nasdaq composite will open at 4,283 after gaining 14.8 points yesterday. whether you find yourself at universal studios for spring break or summer vacation, be prepared to fork over more money. the cost of a one-day ticket is now $05, a $3 jump. your plans to ride the train will cost more. you will need a park to park ticket. if you add that up, it's an extra $8 to visit but a lot of folks are willing to pay that. well the spirit of valentine's day is hyping up couples but a recent survey from shows we just might love our dogs more.
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their valentine. and 95% of dog lovers are cooking a meal for their loved pup. and 58% of tinder users swipe right if there's a dog in the photo. >> did you hear that, guys? take a selfie with the dog. >> this means you like the profile if you're not a tinder user. and 95% would rather stay with pup than go on a blind date. >> well, because you know what you're getting with the dog. >> exactly. >> loyalty. coming up on today for all you love birds, the secret of a happy marriage. today. weather and traffic on the 8s is just three minutes away. plus -- send. how one organization changed forever. you might want to grab your it's really touching.
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right now, freeze warnings, frost advisories, so when the kids go to the bus stop, it's going to be cold. thankfully not as breezy but a pleasant afternoon when they come home, 64 degrees. leslee, how about traffic? taking a look in pinellas county, clearwater largo road at wyatt street, we have a hit- and-run. be aware of that. it's off to the side of the roadway and no injuries
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