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tv   News Ch8 Today at 6AM  NBC  February 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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good morning and thank you today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez. overnight. the fbi is closing in on the last occupiers at the oregon wildlife refuge. take a look at the video. while you slept, agents surrounded that facility in armored vehicles. there are four activists that
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promising to put down their weapons and surrender. they took control of the refuge nearly six weeks ago. they are protesting federal land use policies. in our other top stories this morning, the road to the white house is moving down south. today the democratic candidates will go head to head in south carolina for a debate. it comes days after senator bernie sanders beat hillary rodham clinton in the new hampshire primary. the debate starts at 9:00 tonight. and grab those jackets this them. it's a chilly morning. the bay area right now seeing freeze warnings as well as frost advisories. so let's go straight to leigh spann with what you need to know to plan your wardrobe. >> i'm saying dress in layers today because you will need the layers to help keep you warm. especially like kids waiting on the bus stop, the freeze warning is for citrus, hernando and sumpter. and the purple includes pasco, inland portions of hillsborough county, basically east of i-75,
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manatee county, and then all of our inland communities. this lasts until 9:00. but remember, dress in layers. the layers actually keep you warmer than one thick layer. 30 degrees right now in inverness, yes, below freezing. 31 in zephyrhills. yes, below freezing. and everywhere else is just above freezing. 41 in fish hawk. and colder than this time yesterday anywhere from 5 to 15 degrees. and we see a nice warm-up. remember the layers? you can take some off through the day as we get up to 64 degrees. in weather and traffic on the 8s at 6:08, i take you hour-by- hour through the day so you know what to expect. and leslee is here to tell you about the layers. >> in the army, we used to do that. and if it's tighter, it helps out. it doesn't let in the wind. that's your army fact for the day. palmetto, here's what's going on. we have a collision on u.s. 4 1
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so keep that in mind. and let's hop over now and talk about pinellas, clearwater at largo street, that's cleared from the water. and this is gulf boulevard at cabrillo castor brillo avenue, a live look, a lot going on. this is south of the hotel. you can get by but a lot of activity out there and water on the roadway. that's a look at weather and traffic. and now back to gene. >> leslee, thank you. two bay area students busted for having guns on school property. and even scarier than that, we are talking about two separate campuses. news channel 8's adrienne pedersen is live from brandon alternative school. adrienne, this has to make parents wonder about close calls. >> reporter: good morning, gene. you know i really think they're probably wondering this morning what is going on. and of course, the big question, could either of these things have been prevented? and now in the meantime, we do
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student from this school here in seffner is behind bars set to face a judge in a few hours. let's pull up his picture on the screen. sims. deputies tell us another student saw simms loading a gun in his lap on the school bus. that student then taxites imagined a relative who in turn called 911. eventually deputies got everybody off the bus safe and cuffed the teen. and now in a totally separate issue in tampa, during a lockdown at plant high school, police found a student in his hunting. he is now charged with two counts of possession of a firearm on school property. and back to simms, the student here, he is set to face a judge at 8:30 or 9:00. we will track his case and will let you know what happens and what happens next. gene -- >> yeah, we can't wait to hear from the parents because it's got to be so scary thinking what could have happened here, adrienne. thank you. you might want to check your car this morning.
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to determine how many people were victims of some teen burglars because nobody's called in yet. the story is getting a lot of clicks on our news app this morning. investigators tell us 18-year- old matthew gunn and three other teens skipped school to steal from dozens of cars at parking garages. detectives say the teens went car to car looking for unlocked door, taking money, phones and electronics. they believe at least 40 cars were hurt. >> wild nobody's called it in. right now, police are hot on the trail of an art thief. st. pete police want to you see this surveillance video. take a close here. they want to talk to this man. you see him there wandering about there, walking slowly. police believe he's carrying a $25,000 piece of art. it's a glass sculpture that disappeared from the chihuly gallery on st. pete drive. he appears casual.
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because he stopped to chat with somebody there. well for now, dna samples are being tested from the box. happening today, tampa city council members are expected to vote on a controversial issue. for year, st. joseph's hospital has wanted to develop land into a parking garage. the city has continually said no. but that could change later today. 8 on your side's ryan hughs is live near the hospital this morning. and ryan, neighbors are not happy. >> reporter: good morning, gayle. not at all. and they have even gone so far to claim discrimination. they put these science throughout the neighborhood, anti-hispanic neighborhood they read. neighbors put up the signs to draw attention to the issue. they feel the top brass at st. joseph's the anti-mispanic and believes the move -- anti- hispanic and believes they're looking to destroy the community. tampa city council members will deal with it again tonight at 6:00. word is, a yes vote could be
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>> a lot of the neighbors are really disappointed. a lot of them are talking about selling. i don't know what it's going to do to the property value. but nobody around here is happy. >> reporter: a lot to be discussed and obviously a lot of heated opinions. the meeting gets underway at 6:00 tonight, gayle. you can count on 8 on your side to be there and have the latest tonight. back to you. >> yeah, sure to get heated because it's been going on a longtime. thank you, ryan. and now to an 8 on your side warning. skimming is skyrocketing. 8 on your side spoke to investigators about the latest incident at a st. pete gas station. well now we're getting a closer look at the investigations. check out the video here. you can see police pulling that skimmer out of the pump that's been opened and taken apart. they are taking the skimmer away and it will be dusted for prints next. police are hoping the bad guy or girl left some dna behind so they can stop this person from striking again. this story is one of our top clicked this morning on the
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remember the cruiseship that sailed right into a rough storm in the atlantic? well, it's now back at its port. and now royal caribbean is trying to make it up to the passengers. the anthem of the seas returned to new jersey. the ship was on its way to port canaveral when it came across a bad winter storm. people and furnishings were tossed around for hours. look out the window right there, you can see it just being thrown like it's nothing, waves crashing high. some people were even hurt. >> free at last! free at last! >> it was hobble. i can't even describe it. >> 17 hours. it was like on a roller coaster you can't get off of and you weren't strapped in. >> everyone is safe. but their vacation was cut short. the passengers will get a full refund and 50% off of eighty which you are cruise. and meet spoolings leigh spann is on stand-by. this was a heavily forecasted storm. >> yeah, we knew there was
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storm just off the coast of the eastern united states. we knew it. there were warnings about it. guess they'll have to figure out why they decided to head into it. this morning though, it's cold. you have to head right out into it yourself. freeze warnings, citrus, hernando, sumpter, frost advisories. so if you're like me and training for gasparilla distance classic, maybe go for an early evening run, cool, clear, not as windy as the past few days. and i talked about it being cold but the hour-by-hour forecast shows we go up three to five degrees every hour. so we actually hit 56 at noon. 64 at 3:00 p.m. and it's below average but a lot more comfortable, especially with the lighter winds. so low 60s today and near 70 tomorrow. and a weekend cold front is going to temporarily stop this warming trend and keep us this the upper 60s before the next rain chance monday night. and leslee is here with traffic on the 8s to get thursday started. well, looks like we will be in the 60s which is nice.
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>> so traffic and weather is on the same patch right now. let's take a look right now. we have a great drive-thru the interstates. not seeing any delays, speeds 60, 65 miles per hour there. south tampa, heads up, we have one lane take anway southbound bay shore at hawthorne road. should reopen sometime tomorrow. there was a broken water main. and a crash in palmetto, heads up on u.s. 41 at 37th street court. and then we've got another broken water main at st. pete beach. a lot of activity, gulf boulevard at cabrillo castor brillo avenue. let's go to meliek on the street. he has a live look for us and they are trying to get it repaired for you. it's off to the shoulder. the road is open. you can get by. and this is south of the don hotel. again in the st. pete beach area. and traffic is still light, not seeing cars go by. one is in the distance but activity. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. >> all right, thank you so much, leslee.
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count down to valentine's day. >> we aren't the only ones getting hot and bothered this time of year. >> what? >> look at that. yikes. ahead, i'll show you how our animal friends are dating and meating. an interesting look at the animal kingdom. plus, zika virus fears. up next, the impact the mosquito-borne virus is having on how much you pay to go on vacation. it's 6:11 on this thursday morning.
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right now, scientists are in the fist stages of developing a vaccine against ski cabrillo castor. >> yeah, but it's expected to take years before -- against zika. >> yeah, but it's expected to take years before it's ready. lindsey mastis joins us live now from the morning alert center. lindsey, is this affecting many families' travel plans. >> reporter: gayle, good morning. no one wants to get zika virus but those most at risk are pregnant women because it can affect the development of unborn children. because zika is getting so much attention in the news, it is affecting travel. according to aaa, people are not canceling their trips but instead changing where they go or they're pushing their vacations back to later in the year.
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disease control wants pregnant women and women who may become pregnant to avoid traveling to areas known for zika. and an ohio woman got zika after visiting haiti. the nurse explains she isn't worried because she's not pregnant but she still got sick. >> started having a headache, joint pain and then on thursday, the 28th of january, i had a rash that came all over from my face, my leg, my arm, my trunk. >> reporter: a chicago woman is speaking out about getting zika in honduras. she was pregnant at the time and miscarried but she doesn't know if it was because of zika. later today the director of the cdc will appear before a senate subcommittee to talk about the virus. and they are discussing president barack obama's request for $1.8 billion in emergency funding. we will keep a close eye on the discussions as well as the spread of the virus. gayle -- >> all right. thank you, lindsey. and of course you can follow our morning alerts each day on facebook and twitter.
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i have been waiting for this all morning, love is in the air here at news channel 8 and as i learned in the animal kingdom too. just a few days away from valentine's day, the zoo taught me a thing or two about animal dating and mating. >> reporter: bald eagles have the all-american love story, monogamous, mostly and it all starts with a dance. >> they lock talons and you will see them spiraling to the ground. >> reporter: this is what it looks like before they get a room. >> sometimes you may have a divorce. it happens. >> reporter: that's between them. >> it is. >> reporter: and now these guys, florida's famous manatee, they're not discreet. >> it's a group effort. >> reporter: oh. i wasn't expecting that. >> no, they get together and during certain times of the year, all the boys chase the girls. >> reporter: and sometimes the
6:16 am
elephants draw the line at sharing. ear flapping and other signs show who is the dominant male but it's all about the moment, dad probably won't stick around. and now let's get back to romance. these southeast asian animals sing duets. [ animal noises ] >> reporter: it all gives way to i afamily tradition, the young learn part of the song and incorporate it into their own future lo song. everybody now, awwww. and cuddle giraffes. >> it's where the term "necking" coming from. >> reporter: but as we know, it doesn't always work out. >> well, they have to be careful because they're high up in the air and if she's not in the mood, she just walks away. >> reporter: left high and dry. yep, love is wild. you and me baby ain't nothing but mammals so let's do it like they do it on the discovery channel >> reporter: nobody likes being left high and dry, ladies. >> no doubt. that was a great story.
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swimming back in the day with the manatees at the park zoo. and it got awkward. fast. >> they get frisky. and the manatee, they often get calls from people saying that the manatees are splashing all about near the beaches and in disstress. not in disstress. leave them alone. they're okay. they're having a great time. >> and the group thing, that's big in the tampa bay area, even with manatees. >> that reminds me, a great place for valentine's day, ideas. >> exactly. and snugging up to next to your valentine. i'm sure that's important too. great story, gene. i loved that. we are again below freezing in the areas. and now the purple shaded areas which includes most of us except for pinellas and coastal areas of sarasota and manatee, you may not drop below freezing but you could still see frost. i'm waiting on pictures. i'm saying to dress in layers this morning. all these thin layers help to keep you warmer when you wait on the bus this morning or
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as the day goes on and we warm up, you're able to take the layers. a 56 at noon, not bad. 64 at peculiar p.m. feeling nice considering we will have lighter winds today. and again, inverness, below freezing at 30. lakeland, not so much at 36. and again, you're close. 42 in tampa. 41 fish hawk. and i checked in in inverness, she's also at 30 degrees. and here's what i think is going on, high pressure is moving in. we have lighter winds and that allows for the freezing conditions in spot, the bright blue sky, cool day today. but as the high heads east, we warm up. 68 saturday. and look at valentine's day, 67. >> looking forward to that. what's going on traffic- wise, a good drive on the bay area bridges. no delays here on the sighway, howard franklin, only six minutes to cross it. u.s. 4 s we have an accident. it's right here at 37th street court. but no delays. good drive again across the skyway. broken water main affecting
6:19 am
of the hotel here in st. pete at cabrillo castor brillo avenue. meliek on the street has a live look. check it out. water out there but a lot of crews trying to wrap it up for you. you can still get by but activity gulf avenue at cabrillo castor brillo avenue. >> i heard her roll -- at cabrilo avenue. and the house of love. how one woman shares her love of valentine's day with neighbors. you're watching news channel 8
6:20 am
a virginia woman takes her love of valentine's day to the next level. she goes out for the romantic
6:21 am
take a look at her yard. and did you hear her last name, lovings? it's filled with four-foot heart, flashing pink and rhodolites and a kissing booth. >> does she man the booth? >> apparently so. look there. >> hey. >> she explain, she just wants to spread a little love to the neighborhood. >> wow. >> hmm. >> i'm just going to reserve my comment. >> me, too. >> i'm just thinking of what they might call her in the neighborhood. >> we'll keep that up in virginia. leading up to valentine's day, we are sharing love stories from the bay area. >> we want you to the meet this local couple, connie and ed. they met on a blind date. those work out sometimes. it was in maryland nearly 48 48 years ago. happy valentine's day to this cute couple. you can submit your story to us using the #iheartwfla.
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so keep the pictures coming. >> she should do this without your husbands knowing. just embarrass them on tv. >> yeah, look, how sweet. and now everybody knows. >> weather and traffic on the 8s is three minutes away. he's he's calling them a god-send. how one organization changed the life of a homeless man forever. grab your tissue, a really touching story in the next half hour. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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6:28 and it's cold. freeze warning, frost advisories through 9:00 a.m. when you send the kids to the bus stop, know they have to dress in layer, 41 degrees, chilly. but when they get home from school, it will be more pleasant at 64 with sunshine. and then we actually get to 70 tomorrow and 68 saturday, leslee. all right, looking at traffic right now.
6:24 am
have an accident here. this is located at land o'lakes boulevard at hail road and seeing southbound delays where the crash is. keep that in mind. and state road 54 getting busier around u.s. 41. and meanwhile, a great drive on
6:25 am
good morning to you. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo. in our top stories this morning, one day, two student, two local schools, and several guns. and now parents want answers. one of the teens brought a weapon to brandon alternative school and the other to plant high school. both students are facing charges. and after a rough time at sea, passengers of royal caribbean's anthem of the seas are back on land today. while you were sleeping, the ship returned to its new jersey port. look at the video.
6:26 am
bahamas via florida when it encountered a winter storm. powerful winds and tall waves tossed around people and furnishings and kitchen item, everything on the ship for hours. some people onboard were even hurt. >> unbelieverrable. the long battle over a piece of property in tampa will be a heated topic at today's city council meeting in tampa. city council members are expected to vote today on what to do with the piece of land near st. joseph's hospital. the hospital is proposing a parking lot. neighbors are against that idea. coming up in a live report, why racial issue. well it's 6:31 on this thursday morning and it's >> it. is especially citrus, hernando and sumpter, under the freeze warning until 9:00 and at or below freezing for several hours. and now i'm going to put in the shaded area. all of the inland communities, you may stay above freezing but you will have some frost on the
6:27 am
and notice who is not in the frost advisory, that includes pinellas county, coastal areas and sarasota. you are too close to the water to get the frost. below freezing in inverness at 31 in zephyrhills. and eastern portion of hillsborough county like plant city, you are 37. and 41 in fish hawk. it's cold now but there will be a quick warm-up. and lighter winds today and more comfortable with a high of 6 4 . in weather and traffic on the 8s 6:38, i have an eight- day temperature trend for you and leslee lacey is excited about that. >> yeah, i don't mind if -- it's 50s are too much but i like the 60s so valentine's day should be nice. traffic is okay, folks. we've got a good drive so far congestion-wise. not seeing any on the interstates yet but a slow down, land o'lakes boulevard at u.s. 41, hail road, we have a collision there. and then over here in the st. pete beach area, we've got a
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activity on gulf boulevard right at cabrillo avenue. and let's look, meliek is on the street. they are doing the work right now. you can still get by but activity south of the hotel. that's weather and traffic. back to gene and gayle. right now, two bay area students are in big trouble, both for having guns on school property. and we are talking about two totally vat cases, both -- totally separate case, both on the same day leaving parents wondering what is going on. news channel 8's adrienne pedersen is live at brandon alternative school. you don't feel safe going to school for students. >> reporter: good morning, gayle. oh, for sure. and especially because we're talking about two separate campuses here. so here's the deal. i just checked and the 18-year- old student from this school in seffner is sitting in jail right now on $4,500 bond. he is going to be in front of a
6:29 am
and we talked to a neighbor who tells us, it's amazing that nothing terrible happened. >> was he going to do something at school? was he going to rob a convenience store or somebody? that's disturbing. >> reporter: disturbing to say the least. deputies tell us another student saw the 18-year-old jamarcus simms with a gun on his lap on the bus. that student then texted a relative who in turn called 911. eventually deputies got everybody off the bus safe and cuffed the teen. in a separate issue in tampa, during a lockdown at plant high school, police found a student sitting in his car with a gun used for hunting. he is now charged with two counts of possession of a firearm on property. they tell us that they don't believe the plant high school student meant any harm. and for the student here, he will be facing a judge at about 8:30 or 9:00 this morning so we will keep you updated on that case and in terms of happens next. gayle --
6:30 am
incident goes, it was such quick thinking for that student to text his family and for the family to call 911. no telling what would have happened. all right, thanks, adrienne. we have some breaking news to tell you about happening overnight. the oregon stand-off going on now for more than a month could be over in just a few hours. now right now, only four activists remain inside the wildlife refuge. >> and they insist they'll soon surrender. this story is trending right now in tampa. lindsey mastis has been following the story throughout the night and she joins us live from the tampa news center. lindsey, what's happening right now? >> reporter: well, gayle and gene, good morning. right now the fbi has the refuge surrounded and overnight police arrested the father of the group's leader. and now according to protesters, he just flew into oregon and planned to head to the refuge overnight. and this is still a very tense situation. protesters yelled at officers to move their armored vehicles back. at one point, while talking
6:31 am
insisted the only way they would leave is dead or without they'll surrender. they claim they'll leave their weapons in their vehicles and then walk one by one to a police check point. and they promise to do this flag. the group has been at the refuge since january 2nd. protesting federal land use policies. it's not clear exactly when they'll surrender but it is supposed to be this morning. the situation. and as soon as they surrender, we will let you know on our wfla news app. >> and i think it's interesting that people got to listen to the negotiations because it was streaming for a live. thank you. the road to the white house leads through south carolina this morning. today democrat candidates bernie sanders and hillary rodham clinton will face off for the sixth time. tonight's debate comes just days after senator sanders' victory in the new hampshire primary. tonight's debate takes place at
6:32 am
9:00 this evening. in the republican party, the race is over for two candidates. governor chris christie and carly fiorina are out. after finishing in sixth place in new hampshire, governor christie told the staff that he would end his bid. and former ceo carly fiorina also called it quits through her post on facebook. the six remaining candidates are looking forward to south carolina's primaries late thermo. candidates are also look ago head to the primary here in florida. you will notice as they visit for many events in the coming days. donald trump will be in tampa tomorrow for a rally at the university of south florida. tampa bay for sanders will hold a two-day music festival to encourage voter registration this weekend in st. petersburg. on february 27th, feel the burn, srk is hosting a march for bernie sanders too.
6:33 am
make a campaign stop on the east coast. that's happening on monday. we've got to keep this in mind the next time you order something fragile or dangerous. ups is under fire for this, all of the packages thrown over the fence. surveillance video captured this. a driver tossing the boxes over the front gate. they landed on the brick walkway but as you saw there, items from inside one of the boxes fell all over the place. it turns out that the stuff that fell out of the box is hand gun ammunition. yep. it was clearly marked on the boxes. and the homeowner claims that the boxes were marked heavy and fragile. and he says the gate was unlocked. ups is only saying that they are investigating. >> well, there's not much to investigate with the camera rolling. >> and goes to tell everybody
6:34 am
anything you do will be seen on camera nowadays. >> yeah. >> definitely think about that. >> we have weather cameras. what are they seeing? >> some cold people leaving the house this morning at 6:38. temperatures are in the 30s and 40s. we do have below freezing conditions in citrus, hernando and pasco. we are in the 40s for most of us right now in hillsborough. and of course, warmer near the coast. it's now 51 in st. pete. and watch this hour-by-hour forecast. we go up three to four degrees each hour. so it will be a quick warm-up. when it's 64 and sunny and not as breezy this afternoon, i'm calling it pleasantly cool. 65 for an afternoon high in brandon. 61 st. pete. 64 north port. and the trend that leslee lacey is excited about, we get to 70 tomorrow. 68, nice and sunny on saturday. and sunday, of course, valentine's day, not bad at 67. and then near average for most of next week. and this time of the year, average is nice, low 70s.
6:35 am
>> emoji man is love struck in the picture. i'll tell you what, man. look at traffic, we have a good the drive. nothing to completely love here. it's a slow bearss avenue to i- 4, about a 14 minute commute but good off the howard franklin bridge. and look at land o'lakes, we have a collision taking up lanes and look at the southbound delays now. the crash is at hail road but injuries involved and a bit of a back-up there southbound on u.s. 41 approaching hail. and over to plant city, disabled vehicle in lanes westbound alex sander at the james redman parkway. and a vehicle fire on the polk parkway westbound at u.s. 98. and coming up, we will look at downtown tampa next. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you, leslee. music and sex. how the two are working together to bring couples closer. and then a florida man homeless for almost 10 years is reuniting with his family. how social media helped make this dream come true. first -- >> reporter: people in this tampa neighborhood are upset
6:36 am
build a huge parking garage here. what the sign and the message
6:37 am
happening today, tampa city council members are expected to vote on what to do with land near st. joseph's hospital. for years now, the hospital has wanted to turn the land into a parking lot but the city has continually said no way. 8 on your side's ryan hughs is live there this morning. less did he wants are ticked off that this is still going on. >> reporter: good morning, gene. they truly believe that this new parking lot would drop the values of their homes and now many people in the neighborhood are sounding off. >> the last thing we want to do is look out our window and see a four-story parking garage there. >> reporter: now neighbors put up signs to draw attention to the issue. they claim top brass at st.
6:38 am
feel the move would destroy their community. the hospital has south to rezone the land for years and a vote failed three times already. -- looked to rezone the land for years and the vote failed three times already. the meeting gets underway tonight at 6:00 and we should have the results later tonight. >> yeah, going to be a heated meeting. thank you. congresswoman cabrillo castor is leading a delegation to hah van -- congresswoman cabrillo castor is leading a delegation to havana this week. she will meet with port authorities and discuss how improving relations are changing the lives of cubans. >> it's important for us to understand whether or not the restoration of diplomatic ties
6:39 am
states are working for -- between cuba and the united states are working for every day bans. >> and she is interested in meeting with small business owners to see how changes are impacking them. today our jeff patterson will be traveling to cuba. you can watch his reports beginning tonight at 11:00 right here on news channel 8. tampa international airport is getting into solar airport. they are unvailing a canopy of solar panels on the top floor of the economy parking garage. they estimate the solar panels will produce enough electricity to power about 250 homes. and today crews will break ground on a new apartment building in downtown tampa. we keep growing and growing here. this 23-story tower is on franklin street. that's what it will look like there. it will have 362 apartments and there's also some space for retail stores and an eight- story parking garage and then a pool.
6:40 am
homeless man in miami reunite with his family after nearly 40 years. the 65-year-old lost his job 10 years ago and he has been roaming the streets ever since. recently an organization that records and shares stories of homeless people searching for their loved ones up loaded a video of him on youtube and facebook. nearly a thousand views and 18 likes later, he found his family. and now he is forever grateful. >> herr a god-send. they are my hero now. -- they are a god-send. they are my hero now. they are my hero. they are my people now. my saints. >> he plans to meet up with his family this weekend. the organization that helped him is called miracle message. it was started in 2014. and boy, it's a life-changer. >> yeah, going to be a great meeting. good for him. listening to music with
6:41 am
your sex life. >> yeah, but it's the way you listen to music that matters. researchers found couples who listen to music outloud together had twice as much sex. so i know you're going to be blaring it this sunday for valentine's day. listening to music outloud helps with families here. it translates into an increased time with children and parents spending quality time together. and now the idea for the study came from the trend of people always listening to music by themselves with headphones. that pumps you up listening to it by yourself. >> yeah. >> in a group, i guess the same effect. >> the family part works. we have dance party fridays at my house. and everybody dances. except for my husband. >> the kids get tired and they go to bed and we don't know what happens next. love is in the air here at news channel 8. and meet this couple, trevor and stephanie first met in 199 4 . they went
6:42 am
back not 200. -- back together in 2000. happy valentine's day. and don't forget, you can submit your stories through social media using the #iheartwfla. >> yep, keep them coming. you might see yourself on tv. and you may want the to snuggling up tighter. the days are getting longer. 44 here in lakewood ranch. yea, it's cold. we have the freeze warning in citrus, hernando and sumpter. and a frost advisory for most of the rest of the area, especially inland communities. pinellas county, not under the frost advisory. also not included is coastal areas of hillsborough, manatee and sarasota. but a lot of you may have some frost on the windshield. and it is chilly. calmer winds though, 41 degrees at 8:00 a.m. and we actually see a quick warm-up, 56 at noon. 64 at 3:00 p.m. and that's still below average but with the lighter winds and
6:43 am
39 in plant city. 43 clearwater. and right now, 40 in fish hawk so it's cool but most of us are above freezing. my weather watcher patty in new port richey says it's 42 at her house. clear and calm, that's why this is the coldest morning we have seen in this cold snap. sunny, low 60s this afternoon. and as the high heads east, what i expect to happen is the winds come out of the south and a warming trend sets up so it's 70 tomorrow, 68 saturday. and check out valentine's day at 67. the 8s? drive. down. getting closer to the heart of rush hour, westbound i-4 through ybor, hitting the brakes 301 to 275. and 15 minutes, starting to get slow too. and a look at downtown tampa. i prommed you a shot, not too bad in the heart by jefferson. and before that, 275 starting at fowler, this is southbound into downtown, especially around bush boulevard. all right, let's move over and
6:44 am
meliek is live on the street. and we've got a lot of activity out here. this is gulf boulevard at cabrillo avenue. broken water main. you can get by but cones out there and work going on. and let's look at the maps. u.s. 41, what a mess through the land o'lakes area, you hit the brakes southbound and this is land o'lakes boulevard known as 41 right by hale road. we have got a collision tying up the intersection and backing you up. and new crash in a hot spot, we have accidents here, 50th street at causeway boulevard. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. >> it's cabrillo, the spanish. burger king is going to the dogs. the fast food restaurant is adding hot dogs to the menu. you can choose a classic grilled dog or chili cheese dog. they should start serving the hot dogs this month. about the spanish with
6:45 am
her how to roll our rs. get on my facebook. lesson of today was -- >> no -- >> don't make me do it on live tv. >> you will see what i'm talking about. >> what you need to know before you walk out the door is next. >> including a skimmer investigation happening in st. petersburg. just ahead, what police hope the scammer left behind at the pump. and a scare at two local schools. a closer look at how guns ended up in two students' hands. you're watching news channel 8 today. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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two students with guns at two bay area schools all in one day. and now it's no surprise parents are concerned. >> adrienne pedersen is live at brandon alternative school. adrienne -- >> reporter: good morning, gayle and gene. well, to say the least, they're concerned. and i keep checking back for you this morning and so far, it
6:48 am
this seffner school is still behind bars and is facing $4,500 bond. he is going to see a judge at 8:30 or 9:00 this morning. deputies tell us another student saw jamarcus simms load a gun on the school bus. investigators caught up with the bus before anything happen. second scene, same day, police found guns in a student's car during a lockdown. for now live in hillsborough county, adrienne pedersen, news channel 8 today. >> thank you. the fbi is closing in on the last occupiers at the oregon wildlife refuge. while you slept, agents surrounded the facility in armored vehicles. the four remaining activists are promising to surrender. they took control of the refuge nearly six weeks ago protesting federal land use policies. skimming is skyrocketing. 8 on your side spoke to
6:49 am
incident that happened at a st. pete gas station. and you can see police pulling the skimmer out and taking eightway. it will be dusted for prints and police are hoping the scammer left some dna behind so they can stop the person from striking again. the road to the white house is moving down south. today democratic candidates will goad go head to head in south carolina for a debate days after bernie sanders beat hillary rodham clinton in the new hampshire primary. the debate starts at 9:00 tonight. bundle up, a freeze warning, citrus and hernando, frost advisory, temperatures this morning below freezing, 30 in inverness. 31 in zephyrhills. it's chilly but above freezing in hillsborough county. 39 plant city. and sarasota, just a chill in the air at 40. we warm up quickly. all the way to 64 this afternoon. yeah, that's still cool but it's more comfortable than yesterday and then great tomorrow at 70. all right, looking at traffic right now.
6:50 am
now in the red zone here, ehrlich to 275, 18 minutes southbound. and then ybor city, slow westbound 301 to 275. that will take roughly eight minutes. and biggest issue is on land o'lakes boulevard, u.s. 41 southbound, oh, hitting the brakes due to a crash in lanes with injuries at hale. what's going on here, what to do instead of getting stuck, take the cut-off to the parkway. and that should ease your commute a bit. and typically slow on 275 southbound. nothing out of the ordinary there. >> yeah. all right, thank you leslee. and thank you for joining us on this thursday morning. >> and we will stay on top of the stories for you. catch our updates during the "today" show. >> and download the news channel 8 app there for news in
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