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tv   News Ch8 First 4  NBC  February 11, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>> right now on newschannel8, this is first at 4:00. >> now, 4 headlines at 4:00. number one, watch out. someone could be stealing your money while you pump gas. we are going to show you where more gas station skimmers have been found in the bay area. >> number two, the zika virus. if you are not pregnant, you may find some good travel deals. >> if you drive a car, this is for you. 8 on your side finds out why lawmakers are making it harder for you to suspend your drivers license.
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>> an airman comes to tuskegee to celebrate black history month. >> i'm josh benson. >> i'm stacie schaible. thank you very much for joining us. this is first at 4. credit card skimmers are appearing in more gas stations across the area. >> 8 on your side's john rogers shows us the latest skimmer locations. >> reporter: good afternoon. the skimmer was found this morning at this gas station. this exx to n here in sarasota. this is a problem that is becoming a big issue here. just last week, another skimmer was found just a couple of miles from here in a gas station. the problem is rampant across the country. these skimming devices are causing u.s. consumers to lose $2 billion a year. it is very important every time you fill up your gas tank. make sure you are looking at the pump for any suspected damage. when you get home, make sure you are constantly monitoring your bank statements. these crooks could be saving that information and stealing from you years down the line.
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rogers, newschannel8. in of our downtown areas are seeing a downtown boom and lakeland is no different. for the first time in a decade, a new residential project is going up. no bay is slowly rising north of downtown. when it is finished in the fall, it will have 55 residential units and 11 new businesses. not everyone is happy about this project. tonight at 5:30, we are going to hear from a business owner who says they are being impacted by the development. concerns about the zika virus spreading coupled with worries about the stock market and terrorism. places where zika virus is most prevalent could be a real travel bargain. a spokesperson from aaa tells us deals could improve as the zika virus becomes more of a concern. >> we are seeing people who are concerned or thinking of altering their itinerary or
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we have had a couple of pregnant women more concerned side of caution. >> travel deals are possible for destinations like the caribbean and brazil. some are in the forms of two for ones or credits for on board purchases made on cruise ships. now, let's check in on our >> good afternoon. a gorgeous day here. take a look outside at our camera at the plantation on crystal river. beautiful blue skies. temperatures in the mid 60s . the winds are light out of the southwest around 5 miles an hour or so. really, it's a whole lot more comfortable this afternoon. one, because the winds are lighter, two, because temperatures are warmer. 10 degrees warmer than we were this time yesterday. while we are still on the cool side of things, below average, we are definitely seeing temperatures that are feeling a little more comfortable in the afternoon hours.
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a little cooler along the coast. 63 in crystal river. as you head inland, we made it up to 73 in bartow so far today. so beautiful blue skies. really not a cloud in the sky if you are about to step out. you can see south florida with a little cloud cover. nothing here in the tampa bay area. we also have the beautiful blue color conditions that really deep blue hue is because of the dry air that has pushed in. so, as you would expect with the dry air around, no rain expected for the rest of this evening. temperatures going to be cool, but not as cool this last night. we will fall back into the late 50s in the evening hours. temperatures will continue to drop back. waking up tomorrow morning we will be in the upper 40s with mostly sunny skies and overall, the weekend is shaping up nicely. details in the full forecast. >> thanks julie. now an 8 on your side keeping you in the know. bernie sanders and hillary
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in the sixth democratic debate. now, this comes on the heels of sanders big win in new hampshire and the stakes couldn't be higher in milwaukee tonight. now that chris christie and carly fiorina are out, a smaller number of candidates are left in the republican primary. florida's primary is march 15. now let's look at the headlines from hollywood. >> including previews of movies from johnny depp, daniel radcliffe, and a foul mouthed superhero. >> you are probably thinking this is a superhero movie. surprise, this is a different kind of superhero story. >> reporter: fox appears pretty sure the r-rated action comedy deadpool will be a hit. they have already green lighted a sequel and the first film's
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now, you see him, now you don't. says johnny depp is set to star as the invisible man as universal reboots its monsters. the first is the mummy starring tom cruise. harry potter is headed into the jungle. daniel radcliffe is starring in jungle. he posted on google plus he can't wait to start work on what should be a very intense and physical shoot. minute. still ahead on first at 4. >> a delivery driver caught on gate. wait until you hear what was inside. at 4. >> then if you don't pay your traffic tickets you can go to jail in florida. we will tell you why some lawmakers believe that needs to change.
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>> today, morgan stanley agreed to pay a $3.2 billion in settlement for misconduct that contributed to the 2008 financial crisis. as part of the settlement, they admitted they sold mortgage loans to investors they knew had material defects. part of the money from the settlement will go directly to struggling families and communities in new york. tens of thousands of floridians who can't afford to pay a traffic ticket sometimes go to jail on felony charges. >> lawmakers wanted big changes. mike vasilinda has the story in the capital. >> reporter: each year, nearly a million-and-a-half florida drivers have their licenses
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pay a ticket or other fine. many driver again, get caught, and some end up in a vicious cycle that they never escape. public defender nancy daniels sees cases like these everyday. >> you see the people who have been arrested for this. now, they are entitled to a bond, but of course, because they are so poor, they can't pay the bond even so they sit in jail and we wrack up jail costs for this too. >> reporter: senator jeff brandis wants to stop suspending so many licenses. >> we suspend 1.4 million licenses in the state of florida any given year and most of those are because of inability to pay fines or fees. >> reporter: reporting from the state capital, i'm mike vasilinda. guess what? we are looking at beautiful weather over the next couple of days. the first at 4 weather is coming up next.
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munching away at a tree. we didn't even know manatees could do this. we will find out how he got up there coming up. >> and also ahead, the lightning lose a key defense man. we will get reaction from the coach in first at 4 sports. you are watching newschannel8
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>> joining us now for another look at first at 4 weather. a little bit warmer today. i could feel a difference. it is gorgeous. >> in the sun, it feels good. and we have beautiful blue skies. so, also, the winds were lower which makes a huge difference. i know we saw some of the video. >> this is good. >> it is good. a man-a-tree. i stole that from josh. >> witty today.
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eat moss from trees. a crystal river wildlife volunteer caught this guy using his flipper to climb high enough for the low hanging snack. by the way, the spring is open for swimmers and boaters today. but, that status may change tonight if more manatees move in. he is getting a nice afternoon snack there staying warm. for us, it has been a bit warmer overall. highs will be closer to normal this weekend. still a little bit below average, but not bad. we are tracking a weak front. but this is not going to have a huge impact on the weather. it mostly brings a few clouds saturday morning. the next storm system that brings us rain, an area of low pressure moves in monday night into tuesday bringing shower and storm chances there. this evening pretty quiet. beautiful blue skies. winds will be light out of the southwest. as we head into the afternoon
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upper 60s close to 70 degrees. we will make it into the 70s . notice the mostly sunny skies continuing. a gorgeous ending to the week. not a cloud in the sky. a few clouds with a little more moisture in south florida. we have dry air moving in. that is why we have had the deep blue color if you are stepping outside, you will enjoy it. this evening the clear skies will stick around for us. winds will be lighter through the overnight hours thanks to the high pressure sitting right on top of us. so as you wake up tomorrow morning, i would recommend dressing in layers because starting off in the morning hours it will be chilly still in the 40s . you will want a jacket. but by the afternoon hours, that is when we make it back up into the upper 60s close to 70 degrees. it will feel a lot more comfortable, even warm at times if you are in the sun. moving into saturday morning,
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not expecting rain. just clouds. the north winds kick in behind this system and the front is long gone. temperatures are going to stay mild in the upper 60s . it will be mostly sunny by then. valentine's day, it will be a little breezier. northeast winds moving in. looking at mostly sunny skies and great snuggle weather with temperatures in the upper 60s there. so the big question, when will it actually warm up? temperatures have been below average for a while. they will continue to stay that way for a little bit longer but there is some light at the end of the tunnel as we head into the end of next week. the ridge will build in. i noticed the temperatures jumping up over the line. we will reach into the mid 70s so the warming trend will continue as we head into next weekend. so, warmer temps will eventually move in. for now, we are looking at mild temperatures in the upper 60s through this weekend. notice our rain chances best monday night into tuesday morning. >> good news. thanks julie.
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our need for love to steal from our wallets and a lot of them are doing it online just in time for valentine's day. today, 8 on your side has some answers. joining me now, social media expert jonathan sellers. thank you for being here as always. >> happy to be here. >> so i guess social media users are the hottest target. probably the easiest target. >> they are one of the easiest definitely. the scams have been around forever. they used to just send out a lot of e-mails and faxes and try to catch suckers. now they are taking a much more personal approach trying to build a relationship with you. they are trying to earn your trust and then something happens and they need money. >> okay, so, i understand that the australian consumer love birds lost $23 million just last year and more americans than australians fell for it. >> significantly more. back in 2014, just in the last six months of the year, 82 million was reported lost to
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so, it really does affect men or women. it is not one or the other. it is really men or women, all age ranges. obviously, slightly from about 40 and older, typically fall for it more often and lose more money. >> how are they doing it? how are they scamming people? them. so, they are literally all day everyday creating fake profiles and building elaborate stories and testing different methods. maybe they will be an older guy today. a young girl tomorrow. but basically, they are putting in the work. so what a lot of the victims say is this was better than any relationship i have ever been in. and it is because they are going and finding what are the things that i can say that are going to turn this person into ... >> and there is enough information on your various social media profiles that you could ... >> you are giving it away. you are giving them tips and they are experts. this is their job. so they are turning it around on you.
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get tricked or duped? >> two things. first thing, take the profile picture. so, if you have never seen this person on video before, haven't seen them in person, take their profile picture and do a google image search on that image. if it shows up as other profiles or other people's names, it's a fake. number two, is demand. video. less get onto skype or google chat or whatever and send a picture with either today's date or have them write something on a message. don't buy i don't have access to a camera. if they can stay online talking to you for hours a day, they can find a camera. >> good advice. thank you jonathan. as always, we appreciate it. and how much will you spend this valentine's day? a new study by compares prices for a number of valentine's day staples and finds the average price tag is $512.
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diamond earrings followed by fine dining for two. a bottle of champagne. a dozen roses, and a box of chocolates. also in your first at 4 consumer news, we have a recall to tell you about. nuna baby essentials wants you to stop using it's zaaz highchairs. four kids have been hurt so far. if you contact them, they will send you a new arm bar free of charge. what parent hasn't struggled with getting their child to focus and calm down? some children have a hard time coping with their emotions but some say yoga can help with that. >> good job little yogis. >> through the exercises, they learn to, you know, hey, i don't have to scream and cry over the situation. i can take a deep breath and be cool with it. >> reporter: yoga is helping
4:22 pm
flexibility. >> it gives them body awareness. space awareness. mindfulness. that is what some children with developmental issues can benefit from. >> reporter: even kids struggling with stress and anxiety. instructor jenny holiday says incorporating yoga into a child's routine teaches them how to focus. >> what we are noticing in the field of psychology what seems to cut across all mental health diagnoses, if they get depressed, it triggers their symptoms. >> reporter: once they have the ability, their confidence goes up. the negative behaviors go down. >> what we see is they process more slowly. so it can give them a structured way to follow instructions. and, have a sense of mastery. >> i see the results when they can lie 30 seconds at least.
4:23 pm
heart to see a child go from really crazy at the beginning of class to this peaceful little being on their yoga mat. >> reporter: let's not forget about mom. >> when mom is relaxed, baby is relaxed so it is a great opportunity for moms to take a deep breath and the more deep breaths we can take, the happier our babies are. >> reporter: emily and her daughter isa practice yoga for bonding time. >> to feel a little less lonely, a little less isolated. you can exercise. you can get to the gym on a weekly basis and connect with other people going through what you are going through. >> and aside from benefiting moms, instructors say baby yoga can strengthen a child's neck and crawling muscles. let's talk about the first at 4 sports. paul ryan has arrived in the studio. >> i'm trying sports yoga.
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end up with a steamstress. first, the bolts got blasted by ottawa. then they lost in montreal. now tampa bay will be without one of the top four defense men for a long time. jason garrison will miss the next three to five weeks with a lower body injury sustained not doing yoga. he left the game after just 4:10 of ace time. defense man karls is expected to help with some of his minutes. with the trade deadline approaching, they may try to replace garrison's production from outside the organization. but in the meantime, it is next man up. >> it is part of the game. guys are going to get hurt in 82 games. it is unfortunate for gary. because he has been a rock for us, but we will just have to adjust, you know. >> he is a quality defense man in the league.
4:25 pm
radar, but for the right reasons. he is usually pretty solid out there. he is a leader on this team too. it will be tough. you have to deal with injuries. every team has to. we found ways to get through it. >> the usf football team is going to be hopeless next season. okay, not in the traditional sense of the word, quite literally without hope. offensive line coach danny hope is leaving the program to get closer with his family. he was the head coach for a few years. his play calling led the bulls to a school record. 5700, 41 yards, 54 touchdowns. the head coach will assume primary play calling duty and work closely with the offense. he is expected to name a new offensive line coach. it starts with pro day monday.
4:26 pm
with the spring game set for april 16. >> it is hard to believe spring ball is right around the corner. so how do the bulls look? >> you remember last season, expectations couldn't have been any lower. definitely not the case this year. i think they will be right in the thick of it. that team is returning a lot of play makers. >> good news. >> we will take it.
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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>> now, 4 headlines at 4:30. a couple of hours ago, three of the four final occupiers of the wildlife refuge in oregon have surrendered but one is refusing to budge. it is being streamed live on the internet. david fried is the one refusing to leave. they seized the refuge january 2 to oppose federal land use policies. check out this new helmet cam video of firefighters rescuing a dog from a burning home.
4:30 pm
and the dog, as you can see, is so scared, they had to pull him from his hiding spot to get him him safely out of the house. someone is placing thumb tacks in the dog park in california. they have picked up between 3,000 and 5,000 of the tacks and handed them over to police as evidence. and one way to catch a would be drug dealer, trip them. this guy used a leg to stop the bad guy. this happened in kings england. did you know florida tries more children as adults than any other state in the country? >> right now, lawmakers are trying to change that. matt galka is in our capital bureau to show us how. >> reporter: advocates say kids being tried as adults and sent
4:31 pm
far too often in florida and it is not helping the juvenile offenders. two bills moving through the legislature aim to change that. representative katie edwards' discretion. she says too many kids are being punished by the adult system when the juvenile system could provide them more help. >> i want to give every the services they support. make sure we are not diverting a juvenile who could be rehabilitated. have a better outcome in the long run. >> reporter: a majority of the more than 1200 youths tried as adults from 2014 to 2015 were arrested for nonviolent burglary crimes. reporting in tallahassee, i'm matt galka. >> the bill gives prosecutors the ability to direct file and transfer a child into adult court. >> but it would have to be a heinous crime like murder, carjacking, or a sex crime.
4:32 pm
fired shots near an elementary school for the second day in a row. tucker elementary was put on lock down while police try to find the shooter. right now, looks like a stray bullet went into a portable classroom, but no one was injured. also in south florida, this incident is under investigation. it is video of a ups driver tossing a stack of packages over a gate. the box that spilled is full of bullets. the delivery guy doesn't bother to look back leaving the bullets scattered on the pavement. ups claims it is investigating this incident. now, julie phillips with the weather. >> good afternoon josh. a gorgeous afternoon. take a look at the view from saint pete beach. blue skies. can't even catch a cloud. we really have been seeing clear skies all day long. temperatures a little warmer as
4:33 pm
. wind around 5 miles an hour southwest. you can see temperatures significantly warmer than they were yesterday. five to ten degrees warmer. 68 in plant city. 64 in tampa. 62 currently in saint pete. so, temperatures are a little more mild. winds are lighter today as well. also variable. we have high pressure sitting on top of us. that is what has helped our winds to really ease up which is making it feel more comfortable as you walk outside. so it actually feels really nice in the sun. so, for this evening temperatures will be in the upper 50s . it will be clear. light jacket weather if you are headed out in the late evening hours tonight. as you wake up tomorrow morning it will be chilly again. you will want a decent jacket to start the day, but you probably want to dress in layers. as he head into tomorrow afternoon, it will be mostly sunny. temperatures will be pretty comfortable. we are making it into the upper 60s . some areas reaching into the low 70s so you can toss the jackets by the afternoon hours. if you plan to head out in the
4:34 pm
seas at two feet. a light chop on the bay with the winds coming out of the southwest between 5 to 10 knots. we will have more on the weekend forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks julie. and 8 is on your side to help you plan your morning commute. here is leslee lacey with a look at the traffic tomorrow. >> reporter: i want the remind you of a little bit of road work. we had a broken water main. you may still see a bit of activity just south of the don cesar hotel. you can also connect with me on facebook for story ideas or transportation questions. and you can physical low me for the morning commute on twitter. >> you can catch leslee lacey and leigh spann every morning starting at 4:00 a.m.
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>> a rare opportunity to celebrate black history month with the tuskegee airmen. i will tell you how the dill air force base made it happen. >> and you will want to stick around for this 8 on your side story. >> love is in the air in the animal kingdom. i will show you how the animal friends are dating and mating in time for valentines. if you're going to say "better ingredients. better pizza." you better deliver. which is why i'm introducing our new papa's quality guarantee: love your pizza, or get another one, absolutely free.
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5-toppings pfor just $9.99. online only.
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>> to celebrate black history month, mcdill air force base invited a distinguished guest to speak. >> anthony allred was there as george hardy captivated the room. >> reporter: they were all just kids back then.
4:39 pm
ready to do whatever it took to find their way into the sky. when it comes to bravery of world war ii fighter pilots, you could say lieutenant colonel george hardy is one of the few left of a dying breed. >> of the 355 overseas, only a few are left. i'm the youngest of the group. >> reporter: he served as a tuskegee airman in germany. this squadron is known for their signature red tail tips on the back of each plane. and on this day, he got to share some of his military memories in front of a room close to 150 of his fellow airmen. >> we had certain problems in this country. racial problems basically. and rigidly enforced black and white. we are able to overcome most of it, or a good portion of the problems that existed in world war ii and before that time. but the thing is, it is not over.
4:40 pm
hardy was only 19 years old when he joined the air force. he turns 91 in a couple of months and says one of the biggest things he thought he would never live to see, an african-american president. >> i came home one day. my wife, my second wife, and she brought this sticker back and it said obama 08. i said what is this? i said, he doesn't stand a chance. she says you wait. [ laughter ] unfortunately, she passed away in 2008. she didn't get to see him. but i still have the sticker. >> reporter: as the motto goes, remember the tuskegee airmen. he and his crew were on the front lines battling everything from racism to war. and their uncommon valor was a common virtue that helped this country win the war. >> when we looked back, yes, it was all worth it. we paid a price, but it was a price we were glad to pay. >> reporter: anthony allred, newschannel8. >> great story.
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>> we'll be right back with
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>> welcome back. did you know one child up to age 14 is killed by a gun everyday? today, we are talking about gun violence facing kids today and how you can help. we have some answers today. freddy barton is here with me from safe and sound hillsborough. discuss. so what is safe and sound? >> safe and sound is is a multisector approach assuredsing violence. it brings together the resources of hillsborough commissioners. the public defender's office. the administrative office of the court and the children's board who came together after the shootings in newtown, connecticut to find out what can we do to reduce violence from a prevention based standard. not just looking at an intervention model.
4:45 pm
as a disease, we want to make sure we can find out what contributes to community violence and gun violence and how we can stop these things from happening. >> so you actually believe that violence is a public health issue? >> right, when you think of incidents of violence, it affects you at your job and in your community and school and relationships. so, it actually affects the entire community. it is a public health epidemic. we have the zika virus, we can relate it to that. it has been around a long time but it is now spreading out. we need to find out what causes it. we found out it is from a significant strain of mosquitoes. in we attack that, we are able to stop the spread of the violence. the same thing with gun violence. find out what causes these things to happen. go to the street level. talk to the residents and the neighborhood. make sure we are able to remedy those things looking at truancy and work force development.
4:46 pm
social cohesion back to neighborhoods. once we look at these things we can bring a reduction to violence. >> that is interesting comparing it to zika. it has been around for a long time. >> yes. just like violence. it is not going to go away, but we can keep it from growing out of proportion. >> what can we do? >> by working together. we have all the agencies working together. it has to be a community wide effort. so, we have committees as part of safe and sound where volunteers can come in and join in this effort. we need subject matter experts. we need volunteers from law enforcement from the public. sector from the private sector. and also residents to talk about what we need to do in communities. what programs are needed. what services are needed and how can we really work and connect with our youth. >> nice to know the program is out there doing a good job. we appreciate it. thank you very much.
4:47 pm
>> we will send it back to stacie schaible and julie forecast. it is going to gradually inch up and warmer. >> eventually, we will get back above average. so that is good news. probably not in time for this >> good. weekend. >> we are. >> a lot of big plans for folks out this weekend. and overall, it is looking pretty nice. we are tracking a cold front moving through early saturday morning but it will not have a huge impact on our temperatures. we will be in the upper 60s each day. not expecting rain along the front. just a few clouds around. and a lovely afternoon on valentine's day. beautiful blue skies. sunshine a little breezy. we have late evening plans. you will probably want a light jacket planned for that. today, this is pretty much been the view for everyone. blue skies. sunshine. this is it.
4:48 pm
you can share your photos with me on my facebook page or twitter. i always love to see when you are sending in the photos. the reason we are dealing with the clear skies, and the bright blue color is because some pretty dry air has moved in the upper levels of the atmosphere. under water vapor imagery, that red color is the dry air. right on top of us. that is why we don't have any clouds around today. you can see across the entire tampa bay area. it is looking clear as we take a step back. we have a little more moisture in south florida near the keys. we are tracking a little bit of cloud cover this evening but it is quiet across the southeast. temperatures this afternoon, definitely more comfortable. 70 in plant city. 66 in brooksville. up to 61 in crystal river. a little cooler along the coast. for the rest of this evening the clear skies will continue. the light winds will continue. temperatures are going to fall
4:49 pm
by the time you wake up tomorrow morning, you will be in the upper 40s . the morning will soon be pretty chilly. by the afternoon hours, as you are leafing work, heading out for the weekend, we will be in the upper 60s , and the low 70s . it will be pretty comfortable. by saturday morning, sorry, friday afternoon, again, warm temperatures in place for us into the upper 60s . low 70s by saturday morning. that is when the front arrives. the north winds kick in. the front is long gone by sunday afternoon. valentines day working out nicely. we are in the upper 60s . cool, not too cold. , a lot of sunshine around. bottom out at 48 in palm
4:50 pm
43 in temple terrace. around 43 in brandon. waking up tomorrow morning around 49 in tampa. no rain the next couple of days but rain chances return into the forecast with our next storm system. monday night into tuesday. doesn't look like we will see a little bit better of a chance to see the rain hanging around tuesday morning. then we are reaching back into the low to mid 70s as we head into the end of next week. guys? >> thanks julie. this year's oscar's gift bag is setting a record with swag. $200,000 in gifts. so what is in this bag? a ten day first class trip to israel. a car rental from silver car. one of the most interesting items would be the vampire breast lift. i don't even know what that is. also on the list of high priced items, toilet paper said to be
4:51 pm
the market. [ laughter ] february 28. i have to look into that. wow. we are going to check out more celebrity news. here are the hosts of hollywood today live. >> i'm kristin. >> i'm tanner. here is the htd daily rap. kanye west wants your money. he is looking for a $100 million investment to help take his clothing line to the next level. he is unveiling his third line. you have 100 million for him? >> no, but i bet he does. katherine mcafee is divorced and will have to pay. they were divorced after she was caught on camera kissing her director. >> that was an expensive cast.
4:52 pm
a $10 million advance to write his autobiography. he wanted to wait until other rockers were done with theirs first. >> that is the htl daily wrap. >> the vampire breast lift uses your own blood to enhance cleavage. >> it is an alternative to surgery. >> i was more interested in the toilet paper. $75 a roll. we will look into that. >> now it is time for your pictures on tv. send it has gone to the dogs. this one starting with from lark abersheen. she lives in avon park. she says baby it is cold. you are not kidding. the weather didn't bother the hokey pokey. great picture.
4:53 pm
thanks to betsy, we get to see him making pancakes today. for the record, max is a therapy dog i found out, that visits betsy's office and he is just very cool. more to come. and check out this adorable little creature. zach tweeted me this pick of phoebe who fell asleep on his face. zach says she still has some growing to do. >> our cat does that to my wife. reason. >> it is warm. >> must be. >> well, you can send it to me tweeting your picture using the hash tag and share them on my facebook page as well. coming up, check out this video from okay go. pretty neat right? >> it is not a trick. we will tell you what makes this music video so different
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vo: know you have a dedicated advisor and team who understand where you come from. we didn't really have anything, you know. but, we made do. vo: know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values. al, how you doing. hey, mr. hamilton. vo: know that together you can establish a meaningful legacy. with the guidance and support of your dedicated
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>> welcome back. let's take a look at what is trending. >> beginning with a music video shot entirely in zero gravity. it is pretty cool. take a look. >> wow, this is the newest video from a band called okay go.
4:58 pm
they filmed the video at a cosmonaut training center. >> how fun is that? check out this albatross and her chick. she is 65 years old and this is her 40th baby. this is in the north western hawaiian islands. both seem to be eating very well. scientists have been following this bird since she was five years old. they only lay one egg a year and travel thousands of miles. i didn't know any of that. we have much more news coming your way. >> newschannel8 at 5:00 with jenn and keith starts right now. >> right now on newschannel8 at 5:00. >> they are lurking in gas stations waiting to steal from you. an 8 on your site skimmer warning. >> and the 2016 race kicks into high gear. tampa gets trumped tomorrow.
4:59 pm
>> they survived a savage storm. cruise ship passengers compare their ordeal to the titanic. i'm jennifer leigh. >> i'm keith cate. thank you very much for joining us tonight. we begin with breaking news. a disgusting crime involving a grown man, a young girl, and a messaging app. reports reveal he threatened to burn her house down unless she sent him naked pictures. let's get right to jamel lanee who is live with that report. >> reporter: i just got my hands on a chat conversation between the 11-year-old building and lucas bales. and the details are disturbing. let's get right to his mug shot we got a few moments ago. deputies were contacted by the fire of an 11-year-old girl who says he harassed his daughter on the kik messaging app.


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