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tv   News Ch8 Today at 530AM  NBC  February 12, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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5:30 on this friday morning, good morning. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo. a terrifying moment the middle of the night -- moment in the middle of the night, a truck crashing into and through a carport, landing on top of two other cars and just take a look at the damage left behind. >> now investigators are working to figure out what happened. news news channel 8s lindsey mastis is live at the scene. it's a riverfront community. we're told one person is in
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>> reporter: gayle, that's right. good morning. the driver of that pickup truck is in custody this morning. and i want to show you the wreckage that he left behind. take a look at this. the carport there, you will see a lot of debris. i am told there was a shed and a laundry room that used to be back there. and right now, it looks like devastation. i also want to show you what onscene this morning. this is from a few hours ago. you can see where the pickup truck is inside the carport on top of another vehicle. they had to use tow trucks to take the vehicles out one by one. and i'm talking four cars here. so you've got the dodge ram pickup truck on top of a honda accord and then it also hit a white honda accord and then that hit a black suv nissan. all had to be towed away if the scene. what is incredible about this
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and if you take a look out here live again, you can see where the carport is and how close this, you know, this house is right next to it. it's amazing that it didn't go through the house as well. there are two pillars on the other side of this and that vehicle had to go through those to end up in the carport. a lot of neighbors this morning scratching their heads saying, how did this happen? how was this vehicle able to get through the pillars? and now the family this morning isn't talking. i did speak to one family member and she says they're going through a lot right now and doesn't want to talk about it. and really is just wishing this never happened in the first place. but the good news out of all of this is that no one was hurt. and we see scenes like this from time to time where people do get hurt. just miraculous this morning that everyone is okay. gene and gayle -- >> yeah, when you look at the destruction behind you, it is miraculous that everyone is okay. thanks, lindsey. you can stay on top of breaking news like this all day every day, just download the news channel 8 breaking news app to
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we are headed into the week wednesday nice temperature bus this morning, fog to watch out for. >> just a little bit. it's patchy along i-4 . circling from plant city to lakeland. the visibility here or how far you can see into the fog and the closer to polk county, the thicker it's going to be. and we might see fog around sarasota. temperature-wise, it's cool but not cold. 41 in lakeland where the fog is. 45 bartow. 44 sarasota. and we're anywhere from five to 20 degrees warmer right now than 5:30 yesterday. so there's an improvement there. we hit 70 today. great to be the outside. lots of sunshine. so at 5:38, i take you eight days into the future to see how long we stay this comfortable. well, a comfortable drive. bay area bridges look good. not seeing delays across the water. but hey, we have fog out there. i wanted to show you a picture, i-4 at cathleen road in the heart of -- cathleen road,
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and let's move over now and talk about clearwater. now starting later today after rush hour, not during rush hour, but at 9:00 a.m., westbound state road 580 is going to be closed to charles avenue. this is right in front of countryside high school. all the westbound lanes will be blocked. they'll be doing water repair work on pipes in the area. so it will probably be closed all weekend. keep in mind because 580 is a busy road. back to gene and gayle. it's your vote and this morning, #demdebate is trending on twitter in tampa. they are reacting to the debate between presidential candidates hillary rodham clinton and senator bernie sanders. one of the heated topics included loyalty to president barack obama. the candidates also debated the size of government, taxation, health care and race relations. both said they want to reform the criminal justice system. on the republican side, front-runner donald trump is bringing his campaign to the bay area today. >> yep.
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at the university of south florida for a rally later today. and news channel 8's ryan hughs is live this morning. ryan, thousands of people are expected to go to this rally. >> reporter: good morning to you guys. and they are already gearing up here at the sun dome. you can see these barriers were placed in front of the building. the republican front-runner who is making waves all over the country, he will be here to wow voters. donald trump is coming off a huge win in new hampshire. the primary was on tuesday. that certainly helped him gain some momentum. and now the business man who doesn't mince words will speak to supporters at the sun dome which can hold around 10,000 spectators. tickets to the event are free. [ breaking audio ]. doors open at 5:00 tonight. and the event kicks off at 7:00. you can print your tickets or show them on a mobile device. many items are prohibited including the obvious like firearms and knives. and also things like scissors and even some produce. and now 8 on your side's
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and she is headed to the rally later today. again, doors open at 5:00, gene. expected to be a very big event here later today. back to you. >> we'll be watching. and i'm sure the whole country will be watching. >> reporter: exactly. today the man accused of threatening a pinellas county mosque this year will be in court. >> yeah, my name is martin. come find me, please. please record me. because i would love, love it. >> this afternoon, martin is expected to make a plea in the hearing. prosecutors claim he threaten pinellas park. in an 8 on your side consumer alert. we keep talking about this because it impacts your wallet. another credit card skimmer station. this comes a day after we told you about a device in st. pete. sarasota police removed a skimmer from this chon on tamiami trail. officials stress the importance
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and try your best to examine the gas pump you use because it's getting harder to detect the skimmers. >> the latest technology is actually blue tooth. so they don't have to return to the scene of the crime to retrieve their device that contains the data that they stole from you. >> florida lawmakers are pushing bills to toughen the penalties for the thieves. >> got to keep our eyes peeled. dog owners may soon be able to save their pets from an automatic death sentence. the governor is expected to sign padi's law soon. the bill allow dog owners to explain why their dog bit someone and should not be put down. this all start when had a black lab bit a child at a vet's office over in manatee county. that vet claimed the child was provoking the dog. and this morning, plant city police need your help to capture a bank robber. take a close look at this woman. the robbery happened at the sunshine state bank. police report the woman walked
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you get a good shot of her face there. she may have the money in a large leather or vinyl bag with carry handles. anyone who knows the woman, immediately. the power of the sun will soon be harnesses by manatee county. florida power and light announced it's triple its solar panel this year and that means new jobs. fpl will install 1 million solar panels and now three new solar fields including one in the parish area. the other two will be built in desoto and charlotte counties. the fields will bring 250 jobs it's 5:38. spann. >> well, we will see a lot of power to you. maybe as you head outside and enjoy the day. and let me walk you hour-by- hour through the day. to about 7:30, the next two hour, we will see fog along i-4 but i don't expect it to last much longer after 8:00 this morning.
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in the forecast. we just warm up nicely. chilly this morning but 65 at noon. 70 at 3:00 p.m. and 63 at 7:00. and it's time to head into valentine's weekend. saturday morning, a few clouds early in the day with a cold front coming through. so slightly cooler tomorrow and breezy at 68. and a starry night as you take your sweety out to dinner saturday shaheening, temperatures falling through the 50s -- saturday evening and temperatures falling through the 50s. and on valentine's day, a lovely afternoon with a high of 68. and in fact, we get warmer next week. finally breaking the cool snap. we will be in the upper 60s to near 70. check on traffic on the 8s. i know people want to get to work so they can get to the weekend. >> u.s. 19, pinellas county, a problem now. northbound, folks. let's look at the maps here. this is the pinellas park area. seeing a slow down and that's because traffic is light. there's not a lot of vehicles out there but nonetheless, northbound on u.s. 19, it's
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76, just like a block north of gandy, we have an accident with injuries involved and two of the northbound lanes are take anway. and right now again, traffic is light so no significant delays but i'm going to be keeping an eye on it. if here in the next hour, then we will see back-ups on 19. right now, it's okay. meanwhile, construction going on here of course around 4th and gandy and roosevelt. that intersection, keep that in mind too. that's weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. >> okay, leslee, thank you. we have been following this story all week and today is the day for one local intendant. >> what the polk county school board could do later today in light of an investigation accusations. alive. some horrifying dash cam footage of a crash that should have taken the life of a highway patrol trooper. and after the break, find out what the united states and its alleys are doing to deal launch. and the reason one of our
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a british ambassador to the u.n. is pressing the u.n. to impose tough sanctions on north rocket launch. right now the united states and china are negotiating a new resolution. the u.s. and its allies want sanctions that go beyond north korea's nuclear programs. however, china worries that it will cause the country's economy to fail. and more than 50 inmates are dead after a brutal fight at a mexican prison. started the riot.
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the tiffs are demanding answers. officials claim this is one of mexico's deadliest prison riots ever. a tough decision, polk county school board members will decide whether to fire their superintendent or let her stay on the job. this comes after getting cleared of sexual harassment allegations. news channel 8's adrienne pedersen is live in polk county for us this morning. adrienne, technically she's allowed to keep her position, she was cleared of the allegations so why are some board members trying to push her out? gayle. so here's the deal, the actually brought the claims forward about the sexual harassment as well as creating some kind of hostile work environment. and now an investigation found that technically the any rules. now that being said, some board members here are still disturbed by some new information and they want to
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>> it's my opinion that m rs. leroy's leadership style is not appropriate for the polk county school system and at this time i have lost confidence in her ability to continue leading the polk county public school system. >> reporter: now definitely not the only one who feels that way either. the superintendent kathryn leroy wants to keep her job. she claims she has learned from the experience. if they fire her without cause, she will still be on the hook for her salary. so we will have to pay that off in the end. the meeting is happening tonight here at 5:00. of course, we will let you know as soon as they make any kind of decision on-air as well as on our news channel 8 app. gayle -- >> all right, it will be interesting to see how it pans out. a teenager in orlando is dead after playing with a gun while riding a hoverboard. and the shooter now could face charges. parents are really interested in this story.
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website, and sharing with their friends on social media. the 13-year-old died from an accidental gunshot to the head. investigators discovered another teen was playing with the gun while riding a hoverboard what when that gun went off -- hoverboard when that gun went off. >> as a matter of fact, i saw him last week playing basketball in the driveway. it's sad. >> yeah, that's horrible. you know, you got to be careful. you got to keep that stuff locked up where it's safe. >> right now a death investigation is underway. the sheriff's department is also grieving. listen to this, the victim in this case is the stepson of the sheriff. an oklahoma highway patrol trooper is still recovering after a horrifying crash but this morning we have new dash cam video to show you of the crash. you can see the trooper walking to an accident when suddenly an suv loses control and swerves right into the median. the video is really frightening. after the wreck, people rushed
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the driver, there it goes again, unbelievable. the driver was not cited. a new york city police officer convicted of manslaughter is facing up to 15 years in prison. the 28-year-old was found guilty of shooting and killing an unarmed man in a dark stairwell in a public housing project back in 2014. the officer claims he did not know anyone was in the stairway. he says he fired his drawn gun when a noise startled him. well here's something great for your kids that will also help you, happening today, your kids can get free dental cleanings. the florida department of health is offering these. kid cans get the dental work done from 8:00 to 11:00 a.m. at the new port richey clinic on little road. they need to be at least 1. and they'll get some prizes while they are there. and parent, you need to be present but you don't need an appointment. just show up. we've all heard that smiles are contagious but now there's research.
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a study shows laugh, smiles and cries are contagious. experts say it only takes a split second to know when it's time to laugh or cry with others. the study found people have an instinct for copying other faces without realizing it. and it triggers the brain to feel similar emotions. >> and yawns are contagious too. valentine's day is all about love. but what better way to show your love than giving someone special something sparkly. yep, diamonds of course. the e folks at the golden diamond source are expecting a huge rush. adding to the chaos, the owners, they're throwing a special valentine's engagement party. if you pop the question at the store, a photographer will document it with pictures and you can have brunch. >> for those that do not know, my wife can throw a party. >> it's going to be fun. >> don't miss this one. >> the. >> they say don't worry about
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>> they say don't worry about the money because they say they have prices for any budget. how is the weather? >> well, it's looking nice out there. the only issue you have this morning is a fog that's developed from plant city along i-4 to lakeland. you may run into patchy thick fog at this point. otherwise, just a little cool. i wouldn't even call it cold. 50 degrees at 8:00. and warm up really nicely. 65 by the lunch break. and it's going to feel fantastic at 3:00 p.m. i haven't been able to say that degrees. in lakeland, 43 degrees. fish hawk is 48. cool, warmer than yesterday. high pressure is beginning to push off into the atlantic. so we are obviously well above freezing today. with the clockwise winds around the high, the winds come out of the south today and that's how we hit 70. and there's going to be the fast-moving cold front. so notice extra clouds early
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i don't expect any rain with it as it sweeps down. it's going to be a little cool sunday morning all you valentines. about 44 degrees, comfortable at 68 for valentine's afternoon. looking at traffic right now. not perfect but we do have some issues out there. overall, a good drive. u.s. 1, as i mentioned, traffic was light but we're already starting to see a delay approaching gandy. there's an accident just a block past gandy near northbound u.s. 19. a couple things with this crash. we have injuries involve sod there's an ambulance onscene, activity -- involved, so there's an ambulance onscene and two northbound lanes are take anway. and that's causing a slow down as you approach it. so keeping an eye on that one for you. good drive across the howard franklin and gandy bridge. and there's an accident on 275 by the ashley ramp. not seeing delays yet but keeping an eye on the area as well. that's a look at weather and
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back to gene and gayle. >> okay, leslee. when we get back, businesses and companies are making serious transitions to serve millennials. and wait until you see what whole foods is doing. what the chain is doing to amp up the grocery shopping experience. you're watching news channel 8 today. love is in the air right here at news channel 8 today. maybe in the living room or kitchen. it's in their home. trevor and stephanie from sarasota. hi, guys. they met in 1994. they went their separate ways and got back together in 2000. did the long distance thing for years. they tied the knot in 2009. happy valentine's day. love you guys.
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whole foods is making a wild transition in an effort to appeal to millennials. you could soon be seeing tattoo shops in the organic grocery store. the company wants to see businesses operate in their whole foods 365 stores. they want to partner with businesses from every kind to juice stands to tattoo parlors to start-up companies. i think it's great when big corporations like whole foods help the small guy out. >> yeah, the juice stand thing that makes sense. the tattoo, interesting combination. weather and traffic on the
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>> maybe it's organic ink. their first time going head to head since bernie's big win in new hampshire. milwaukee debate.
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5:58. time for weather and traffic on the 8s. i am tracking some fog right along i-4. that's basically the only spot where it is from plant city toward lakeland. it's cool this morning. once the sun comes up, the fog goes away, it will be great to be outside. we hit 70, pleasant. near average lows at 54. and then valentine's weekend. i'll have that forecast coming up, leslee. looking at the fog here. here you go folk, this is i-4. kind of thick in the area. use caution. but it's not as bad as this, say it i want so. we have an accident into the junction. i mentioned this in the last report. and now a delay here.
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lanes are blocked. and even slowing here. this is 275 right as you enter into the junction at i-4. injury crash right now. looks like all lanes are blocked. i don't see one vehicle moving by. so probably trying to push it over and open up the left lane. but right now, you are sort of stuck here. and this is again i-4, excuse
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hello. i am gayle guyardo. >> and i am gene ramirez. right now, look at this. a mangled mess at a gibsonton home. you have to see the images. a pickup truck crashed into and through carport of that homelanding on top of two cars. this is all happening at the lecia river front community. we have a crew on the scene and we will walk you through the scene in a live report in two minutes.


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