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tv   News Ch8 Today at 5AM  NBC  February 15, 2016 5:00am-5:29am EST

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do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story. publix. where shopping is a pleasure. right now on news channel 8 today, a deputy is on administrative leave after shooting and killing a man during a domestic dispute. hillary clinton will be in florida today to attend a grass roots movement. she met with a group of children brought into the u.s. illegally before the age of 16 this weekend.
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morning, some forever change. in new york city this man popped the question at rockefeller center ice rink, and then in chicago, there was the first live wedding on the tower's glass sky deck, and way over out west in los angeles, runners had the chance to propose or renew their vows during a marathon. good morning, and welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. happy presidents' day to you. i'm gene ramirez. it's a busy day on the roads. several accidents we are tracking this morning. over to leslee to see what we are track right now. >> a fatal crash on the howard franklin bridge, folks, and this has the two right lanes taken away here. it's northbound traffic, and it's a little bit slow as you pass, but no severe congestion. it's lighter with traffic, but again the two right lanes are taken away this is on the map. moving over to pasco county, our second fatal accident.
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road, and it involves a motorcyclist and a semitruck. all the season lanes here are blocked no delays yet because traffic is light. it's early in the morning, and you're routed right around it. follow the detours, and let's move down to the ulmerton area. eastbound ulmerton road, all eastbound lanes are blocked. a vehicle collided with a pole, and they have to remove the person out of there. a possible fatal crash here west of 275. we have had quite the issues this morning, out on the roadways, leigh, it's been a tough monday morning after valentine's day. >> certainly. so we hope everyone remains safe for the rest of the morning. temperaturewise, it's not that bad out there 60 in tampa, 61 for auburndale. sarasota, the coolest spot at 48, and what a difference from yesterday morning. yesterday was certainly chilly, and now some 10-15 degrees
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will make it all the way to 75. above the average of 73. tonight a low of 64, and that's as rain increases, and you want to stay tuned at 5:08 to weather and traffic on the 8s for an hour-by-hour look at presidents' day. developing this morning, a manatee county deputy is on administrative leave after a shooting during a domestic dispute. it's one of the top clicked stories on overnight. the deputy shot mark stoddard when stoddard approached the deputy with a knife. pinellas county police are looking for the driver of this white car. it's becoming a game with young drivers who take the video of themselves driving recklessly.
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>> shhhh. oh my god! oh my god! >> he's going to cause an accident. this was at the intersection of 66th street and 121st avenue. anyone with information on the driver is urged to call pinellas park police. an 8 on your side investigation has a close look at the hit-and-run tragedies in tampa bay. later today the florida highway patrol will kick off a campaign to get drivers involved in hit- and-run crashes to stop. lindsey mastis is live. this crime is impacting a lot of people in our area. >> reporter: the florida highway patrol will be here to push the drivers to stop. most of us could not imagine getting into the a crash and take off, especially and someone needed help, but it happens all the time. a legal expert says there's a lot of reasons why it happens.
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maybe they are not supposed to be out, maybe they are breaking curfew or they are on house arrest, or second, they feel like it's the wrong place at the wrong time, and maybe safety is an issue for them. >> reporter: state law requires drivers to stay at the scene, and they are also supposed to can. legislation passed in 2014 now making it a requirement that drivers that flee the scene of the deadly crashes spin a min numb of 4 years in prison, and fhp will also go over all the penalties today so drivers know the consequences, and the ramifications are something that the families like the gimsons know all too well. stacey lost her son 2 years ago. >> you caused devastation. it's your responsibility to stay and see what you can do to help. >> reporter: the driver that hit her son got a 13-year prison sentence, and she tells 8 on your side she doesn't
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her son lost his life. last year there were 92,000 hit- and-runs in florida, and this is a huge, huge problem in the state of florida, and of course we are going to have updates on fhp's big announcement today. that starts at 10: 10:00 -- 10:30, and if you have our app, we will update you. the nation is mourning the loss of justice antonin scalia. maybe describe the justice as committed to the law. flags are flying at half staff. >> his body is now in virginia after being flown there from texas. his family is requesting a private autopsy because he died of natural causes while visiting a ranch in the lone star state, and now the future of the highest court is getting heated.
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senate and the white house. >> a vacancy on the court during an election year, it has not happened in decades. the presidential candidates are weighing in on whether president obama should nominate scalia's successor. >> reporter: hours after justice scalia's death, president obama made his intentions year. >> plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to nominate a successor. >> reporter: but republican presidential candidates say any nominee will fail. >> the senate is not going to act, and that's pretty clear. >> reporter: senator cruz is warning of dire consequences should mr. obama add another justice to the court. >> we will see partial birth abortion, taxpayer funding, no parental notification. >> reporter: just as his views often influence the values of the court. >> we lost one of the greatest,
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be tailored to be just like justice scalia. >> barack obama is president of the united states until january 20, 2017. [ cheers ] that is a fact, my friends, whether the republicans like it or not. >> apparently they believe that the constitution does not allow a democratic president to bring forth a nominee to replace justice scalia. >> reporter: democrats are also be paralyzed with just 8 members. >> reporter: and now president obama will nominate a successor after the senate returns for a week-long recess. >> it's 5:08 on this monday it's presidents' day. a lot of kids have the day off a lot of parents, too. we only have a few days to
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it will be a comfortable day. as the day goes on, rain chances increase. i will show you throughout the day. partly cloudy at 8:00 a.m., and 57 degrees. look how quickly we already get to 70 at lunchtime. extra clouds, and 73 at 3:00 p.m., and slim rain chance throughout the day today, and a cold front will come through early tomorrow, and that's bringing us the best rain chances for 4:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, and behind that, a stretch of sunny days for wednesday, thursday, and friday, and we will go from 75 today to 72 on tuesday, and 71 on wednesday, and 70 on thursday. not too chilly behind the front. let's check in on traffic on the 8s. there's a lot people need to know about. >> there certainly is. we have two confirmed fatal accidents, possibly a third. we are waking up to a rough monday morning, folks. northbound on the howard franklin bridge, a fatal accident, and the two right lains are taken away. whenever there's a fatal crash,
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haas why the lanes lane -- that's why the lanes are always closed for so long. don't worry, this will only take you 8 minutes to cross the howard franklin bridge. pasco county this particular accident, a semistruck and motorcyclist. southbound u.s. 19, all lanes are blocked at ridgeroad, and you're routed around that, too. but no delays because traffic is light. now we have an issue, ulmerton road, and all the eastbound lanes taken away before you get to 275, folks, and this is fountain parkway. that's possible fatal, and at this point, severe injuries, and a lot of activity going on in the eastbound lanes, and i will be following the break traffic news for you throughout the morning. now back to gene and gayle. happening today, big progress at tampa international airport, and leaders will be on hand for a ribbon cutting, and that marks the first completed
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plan expansion, and we are talking about the airport's new concession and receiving and distribution center it will allow t.i.a. to add more food choices for passengers it comes as the airport prepares to unveil the bay area coffee and tea at auntie ann's next week. the overcall expansion will cost $1 billion, and it started in late 2016. you can count on news channel 8 to be there for today's ceremony and walk you through what is new on first at 4. a lot of questions about a 4-year-old boy who finds a gun and fires a shot outside of st. petersburg. the boy was playing with a cat when the animal ran under the house on yale street. the boy followed the pet, found a gun, and fired a shot into the ground. thankfully no one was hurt. the boy's family says they don't own the gun. the case is under investigation. we are checking on the
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water that nearly drown in two separate cases in northern pinellas county a boy just a year old wandered away from his dad and ended up face down in a drum of water. in the second event a2-year-old was discovered in a backyard pool, and both boys are in critical condition. a terrifying day at a rental car company. >> the item found under the car that put the area on lockdown. news channel 8 is in cuba all week long. what u.s. delegates are doing today to help expand trade with cuba. it's 5:12 on this monday morning, presidents' day, and
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welcome, doctor, nice to have you here. first, let's talk about the problems caused by unattended veins. >> it can lead to leg heaviness, swelling, and even leg cramps and restless legs. >> how are the symptoms like that treated? >> we treat them with special medical lasers that allow our patients to return to work or special activities immediately. >> a lot of people want to know if insurance covers this treatment. >> yes, because they lead to help problems and discomfort, it's covered by medicare and most medical insurance. >> how do we know if we have vein disaster? >> see a vein doctor, and they will conduct the screening, and it will allow you and your physician to know if you have
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thank you, doctor. for more information go to, or you can call 1-800-vein-doc for a free screening. u.s. congresswoman kathy caster is in cuba this week, and so is news channel 8. she is looking at how political change similar pacting the country and ways to expand business with cuba. jeff patterson shows us what is
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>> reporter: a busy weekend for the u.s. delegation led by kathy caster from cuba. they met with a woman who sells baby clothes licensed by the government, and they met with a man who services the beautiful cars on the road in his garage. they wanted to know what political impact the changes are having on their lives, butt u.s. delegation will find out what are are the obstacles in business from tampa to cuba and to find out what can be done to make the obstacles easier to get around. in havana, cuba, jeff patterson, news channel 8. >> you can watch more reports days. pope francis will visit southern mexico, celebrating mass at a soccer stadium where
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of migrants trying to reach the u.s. border. more than 300,000 people showed up for the event on valentine's day. pope francis urged them to make their country the land of opportunities where there's no need to immigrate in order to dream. the fbi is trying to figure out who installed an explosive device on a rental car and then returned the car. an avis employee discovered the bomb under the car. the bomb squad worked for hours to neutralize it, and fortunately no one was hurt. swallowed by up a woodchipper. that's what happened to a tree trimmer in oregon. it's believed the victim's harness got stuck on the branches going into the chipper. his leg hit the safety bar that turned off the chipper with the
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he broke his leg and hurt his head, but he will be okay. two tram car at ski resort became stuck 40 feet off the ground in below freezing temperatures. skiers repelled down from the tram, and 48 people were rescued from the cars at the new hampshire resort, and ski officials handed out vouchers to everyone affected. and no one was hurt. the hunt for the invasive burmese pythons is over. the challenge began january 16th. the final tally be announced by the 27th. the snakes were turned over to researchers. they are trying to find clues to control the expanding population. tax season just start, and the irs is warning americans something could be wrong with their tax returns. taxpayers are receiving letter from the irs saying the agency
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returns, the reason? last year's data security preaches. 8 on your side found more security measures are in place to detect fake returns. look at this crash near indianapolis. 40-50 cars were involved. two miles of the highway were closed to salt the roadways and clean up from the collisions there. several injuries were reported, the most serious being a broken leg. it's not looking any better in ohio this guy seems to be taking one step forward and then two steps back when it comes to cleaning off his car. when he's making progress, you can see the snow is falling, piling right back on. there were traffic problems all over the state. drivers on the highways slowed way down because of the low visibility on top of everything else they were dealing with. we will turn things over to leigh spann with more weather on the 8s.
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>> the weekend could not have been any prettier, especially compared to what was going on around the country. today, things will change. 8:00this morning, 57 degrees, and it will feel nice. as the day goes on, clouds increase, and temperatures increase. 75 at 3:00 p.m., and that's warmer than average with the small afternoon rain chance. right now in inverness, 50 degrees. 58 in bartow, and i even checked with my weather watcher, wendy in brooksville, she said 51. notice the clouds a stray shower, and again a 10% chance today, and things certainly change tomorrow. before sunrise, 3:30 tomorrow morning, and we will see the rain come in from the northern areas, and 5:30 this time tomorrow, we will see rain through the lakeland area through sarasota, and 7:00, it's down to the south, and we will clear out behind the cold front, and sunshine in the afternoon, and a light breeze,
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long stretch of nice weather into the weekend. waking up to a sad morning here with at least two fatal accidents, possibly a third. northbound on the howard franklin bridge a live look here. the two right lanes are taken away due to a fatal accident here, and i want you to keep this in mind for the howard franklin bridge. moving over now, taking a look at pasco county, folks, and this is southbound u.s. 19 at ridgeroad, and all the southbound lanes are blocked due to an accident involving a semitruck and a motorcyclist. that's also a fatal crash, and a big mess, eastbound ulmerton road. a live view here. what a mess! you can see the pole in the distance and the wreckage around it, that's the vehicle. looks like they are transporting someone root now this is is a possible fatal crash, and it looks absolutely terrible.
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are blocked at fountain parkway, just west of 275, and a lot of activity is routed around this. that's weather and traffic, and now back to gene and gayle. a busy morning out there, leigh. ahead the way couples in largo marked the holiday in a way they will never forget. the stock market just closed on the other side of the world. what investigators need to know before they head out the door. it's 5:22 on this presidents' day, you're watching news
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right now asian stocks are showing some promise this morning. the first day of trading after the week-long lunar new year trading in china the shanghai market fell when it initially opened the shanghai composite closed down less than a point. the nikkei closed slightly up. what better day to get married than on the most romantic day of the year. >> couples are waking up married after doing just that in largo. couples participated in the pinellas county clerk's group wedding at the botanical gardens. some came from out of state to
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>> it's very romantical here. i just made that up. weather and traffic in just 3 minutes.
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well, we certainly have several issues going on with the roadways. first of all, the fatal crash on the howard franklin bridge, and we also have a fatal crash, folks out in pasco county, and issues in overton. more coming in just 1 minute the. comes to your -- minute. pit's easy: bogos from other stores aren't always the best deal, pbut walmart every day low prices, pwell, that could save you some money. tampa, the total amount saved at walmart vs winn dixie was $24.49 in this week's basket - that's 22%. including bogos. give walmart every day low prices a try today.
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it's presidents' day, good morning to you. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo guy. -- gayle guyardo. there's a lot going on with traffic. this is the two right lanes,


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