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tv   News Ch8 Today at 400AM  NBC  February 19, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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well good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo and. >> i am gene ramirez. a highlands county teacher is in jail. she is facing child assault charges. she is listed as a science teacher in sebring. we have a crew track down more information for us on the teacher and the accusations. and also breaking while you were sleeping, a fire broke out
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flames erupted in the laundry room. crews evacuated the hotel. no one was hurt. investigators are now trying to figure out what sparked the the fire. and this friday morning, an emotional plea from the parents of a man murdered at a tampa nightclub. >> for this the to happen, tragic event, how he died, you know, our baby shouldn't have been taken away from me so brutally. >> she is the mom of the 21- year-old marvin lancaster. she wants someone to step up and help police find who opened fire at club rayne killing two. it's 4:01 on this friday morning. how are we looking for the weekend? >> absolutely fantastic. this big area of high pressure. high pressure typically leads to very tranquil weather.
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southeast for the past couple days and it's not going anywhere. we may see a couple cloud, other than that, just a wonderful day to be outside today and through the weekend. in lakeland, 52, the light breeze, 48 in inverness. there's just enough of a chill to remind us that it's february. looking at this, make it up to 74 this afternoon, just above the average of 73. at 4:08, i take you hour-by- hour through the day and walk you through the weekend as well. but leslee is going the help you get the friday commute started. it's going to be a lot worse tomorrow when we have the marathon and the races. tampa looks great and so does brooksville. in fact, from cortez road down to highway 60 in brandon on i- 75, roughly a 44 minute commute. a little bit of an issue on the veterans expressway. ehrlich road is blocked underneath the veterans expressways due to overnight construction. it's usually wrapped up by 6:00 a.m. i will let you know as soon as they reopen ehrlich.
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gunn highway to get underneath the veterans expressway there. and that's weather and traffic. now back to the gayle. >> thank you. traffic is back to normal on i-75 in manatee county after a deadly crash. eagle 8 hd flew over the scene near mile marker 215. that's just south of the exit for state road 70. we're told at least one person died when several vehicles including a semi-truck crashed. we are making calls to get more information on exactly what happened. it's 4:03. right now, a cry for help from a st. pete mom and dad. they claim their 12-year-old daughter is being bull flammable liquid school and the school -- bullied from school and the school isn't doing anything about it. our paul mueller started asking questions and the district promised to reach out to the family. >> reporter: a school spokesperson says they didn't know anything about it until we alerted them. and look at this stack of the email. some of it dates back to december 15th.
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says, they never saw any of them. >> it's horrible. my daughter wakes up and she's afraid to go to school. >> reporter: renee lopez says she has done all she can and still it's not enough. what does this do to you as a mother? >> it's heart breaking. >> reporter: they have sent email after email, call after call, and no response they say from anyone at school. all these phone calls and email, you never hear anything back? >> never heard anything back. >> reporter: they say it began two months ago here at john hopkins middle school with these profanity laced tirades scrawled all over the bathroom walls with their daughter's name clear as day. >> those are big words for a 12- year-old little girl to be written all over a bathroom stall. >> reporter: and then this photo on instagram say, me sneaking up on my next murder victim. gossip, rumors, lies, all at
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classmate. >> what do you want done? >> i want some answer. >> reporter: so we called the principal only to get another school official. >> that's why we're trying to get all of our is dotted and ts crossed. >> reporter: we were told he had left for the day and finally out of town. so we went to the administration building. >> well, you could come down and see the emails that hi. >> reporter: no one did. but they told us that they would investigate the allegations, to just e email them. so we did, at least six times. they claim they never got them. >> i want to feel like it's safe to send my daughter the to school. >> reporter: paul mueller, news channel 8. >> okay. you can see how much they are hurting there. what happened once 8 on your side started asking question, the school's resource officer contacted the parents and were told that today someone with the district would reach out to the family and discuss the situation. we will let you know what happens next.
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is off the job this morning. the 30-veteran of the force is in trouble for sharing confidential information. court documents indicate that ken castro gave his brother driver's license information to track down a woman in a car accident. that is against the law. once an investigation started, castro resigned. a 13-year-old girl in pinellas county is in big trouble this morning. she is accused of taking a minivan on a joyride and then crashing it. investigators tell us that jade miller stole the van and then drove it to pinellas park where she crashed, look here, into a brick wall. and check out the damage there. well after crashing the van, police claim she took off running. they caught her nearby and now the teen is charged with grand theft and leaving the scene of an accident.
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too hot >> oh, boy, beyonce controversial super bowl performance could affect upcoming concerts here in florida. she has shows scheduled in april for both tampa and miami. >> and the police union in miami wants a nationwide boycott so officers don't voluntarily provide security at her concerts. news channel 8's lindsey mastis is joining us live the morning alert. how is the tampa police department reacting? >> reporter: good morning. the tampa police department is making it clear officers are signing up to work the concert. and they even tweeted this, saying that the event will be fully staffed. but it's a different story in miami. the president of miami's fraternal order of police accusing beyonce of using the super bowl to promote an anti- police message. shout my name you know who i am >> reporter: during the
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dancers dressed in outfits like the 1960s black panthers. in a statement, the miami fraternal order of police accuses beyonce of failing to support law enforcement. and here's what he posted to twitter, back the blue, boycott beyonce. and now i checked her twitter and instagram accounts this morning and so far, she's not responding. tampa police though did post this to twitter, their latest tweet trying to put to rest rumors that officers weren't signing up to provide security. it says, what? tampa pd officers have been in formation for days. signing up to keep the beehive safe, hash hashtag truth, #fact. do you agree with miami's police union or tampa police? i'm going to be putting a poll up on twitter. let us know. >> all right. you're going to be getting a loot of feedback on this one.
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the morning alerts on facebook and twitter. just search the #8alert. all right, it's 4:08 on this friday morning. we made it and the weather is gorgeous. >> we are getting spoiled and it is wonderful. hopefully you were able to get outside and enjoy it. the if not, i have another one on tap this morning. a chill this morning in the 50s. but we quickly get up to 10:00 this morning. near 70 by the time you take your lunch break around noon and 1:00. and up to 74 degrees when the kids are coming home on this friday from school. and hopefully they get outside and play and enjoy the great weather. still 68 degrees at 7:00 p.m. in the headline, these warm sunny afternoons continue right through the weekend. when is the next rain chance? that's the next question. tuesday into wednesday, another cool front comes through. highs in the 60s the end of next week. until then, look at the stretch
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and let's check on traffic on the 8s because people need to get to work so they can get home. >> that's right. and we have a good drive. a little bit of construction. let's talk about sarasota. university looks great. no construction underneath the interstate but southbound on i- 75 at university, a couple lanes taken away. and also over here in hillsborough county, ehrlich road blocked both directionings underneath -- directions underneath the veterans expressway and that's due to road work there. and they should open that up by 6:00 a.m. and let's look at traffic, i-75 at fowler, wonderful drive here. no delays and 275, same situation. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you so much. thousands of bmx bikers are invading the bay area. >> ahead why the athletes are in town and the link to the summer olympic games in brazil. plus, a tornado. a fire sweeps across the plains.
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of the big changes happening in cuba. coming up, new information about the president's trip and how it all coincides with a trip the tampa bay rays are making. you're watching news channel 8
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now to our exclusive coverage from cuba. news channel 8's jeff patterson is now back after spending a area reporter there. jeff was able to follow members of congress on a fact-finding mission. jeff's trip came as president barack obama announced he would make a historic trip to cuba. we now know the president will visit march 21st and 22nd. some republicans are criticizing president barack obama's decision including our u.s. senator and republican presidential candidate marco rubio. however, our congresswoman kathy castor is praising the president's decision. >> when i hear nay sayers like senator marco rubio and senator cruz say that they believe in the status quo and that just says to me that they want remain shackled to the cold war policies of the past that have hurt cuban families. >> president barack obama's visit happens at the same time the tampa bay rays are
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the cuban national baseball team on march 22nd. and you can count on news channel 8 to bring you complete coverage of the changes taking place in cuba and that includes president barack obama's historic visit. keith cate plans to be in havana before, during and after the president's two-day tour the. so keep it here for his reports. >> really great. we're really all over the developments in cuba here at news channel 8. good stuff. donald trump is toning down criticism of the pope this morning. it all started when pope francis questioned trump's christianity. the pope criticized the candidate's plan to build a wall along the u.s./mexico border. he told reporters someone who builds walls instead of bridges is, quote, not christian. trump first called the comments disgraceful but last night in a town hall, he softened the criticism. >> i don't like fighting with the pope. i think he said something that was much softer than originally reported by the media. i think he heard one side of the story which is probably by
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he didn't see the tremendous strain that the boarder is causing us with respect to illegal immigration, the drugs pouring across the border. >> the pope made the comments after a five-day visit to mexico. so how is this for a nightmare? what we're looking at here is a fire tornado. this video is from missouri. it's unbelievable. look at the flames swirling into the air and traveling along the ground like a twister. it did a lot of damage too. more than a thousand acres were charred in missouri. investigators don't know how it started. all right, you're going to want to double check around your home after this 8 on your side alert this morning. two recalls involving christmas items from a popular craft store. there's a risk of mold exposure. the first involves poinsettias sold at michael's arts and crafts.
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if you have the poinsettias or the boxes, please return them for a full refund. this is neat. it's over in oldsmar and that's where we could see potential future olympians. about a thousand bmx riders are hitting the track. the guys from the u.s. actually represent 38 states. guys from all over the place here. the it's the annual gator nationals supercross series. and some of these guys right here you will see them throughout the weekend and they are trying to qualify for the summer olympics in rio so the pressure is really on for these guys. >> when you walk up on the eight meter hill and you have seven other of the fastest guys in the world beside you, the biggest thing is being confident in yourself and get ready to go out of the gate and give it everything you have. >> cool stuff. and of course, you can check them out today and through the weekend. well this morning, we are getting a cool look at the
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it's all coming together. check out this drone video. the drone flew over the site of the upcoming olympic games and the officials explain it's 97% complete at this point. and now we're excited about the games here because you can watch them right here on news channel 8. all of this quicks off on august 5th. going to be a good time. and coming up on 4:18. how is the weather looking leigh? >> beautiful. hopefully you can enjoy some kind of activity outside. if it can't be today, it can be on saturday, it can be on sunday. join me and thousands of others on the gasparilla distance classic saturday and sunday mornings. mostly clear at 8:00. we warm up quickly, already near 70 by lunchtime. and afternoon high of 74. just high, thin clouds today and a light breeze. if you step out the door in brooksville, 50 degrees. auburndale, 53. not bad. just a little bit of a chill to remind us that it's february. 53 also in sarasota right now.
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to be nice and sunny all day today. thank you high pressure. that generally leads to relatively quiet conditions all the way through sunday. and into late sunday and monday, see how the high pushes toward the east? we get a return of moisture. due to the clockwise winds around the high which is going to bring up just some gradual increase in humidity. not a big deal into monday but you may notice the difference. this is ahead of 2 next storm system. notice the time here, tuesday night. a cold front cops through and we will get a little shot of cooler air. not cold but cool. we're in the mid-70s through tuesday and 60s for thursday. leslee, how about traffic on the 8s? well, we are moving at good speeds out there. we have a great drive in and out of tampa from the howard four minutes. and bearss avenue to i-4, just a 10 minute commute. look at sarasota, we are up to speed between university and clark but we have overnight construction here southbound approaching university on i-75. blocked.
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as well as the construction here on ehrlich road. you can't pass underneath the veterans expressway. you will need to go down to gunn highway and that should wrap up within the next hour and a half or so. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. now back to gene and gayle. >> thank you. a star lit grand opening celebration of a burger joint not too the far from us in orlando. and news channel 8 was lucky enough to be there. >> but nobody brought back burgers. why tampa could be actor mark wahlberg and his brother's next business deaths destination. and if you have your phone in your hand or nearby, pick it up and find me on social media. i posted that story about the st. pete parents who claim their child was bullied in school and the district didn't do anything about it until we got involved. have you tried to ask the school district to step in and your pleas have gone unanswered? tell me about it. find me on facebook.
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well it looked like a scene from a movie, the red carpet, the flashing lights and even some celebrities. >> big names there. yep, the grand opening celebration attracted crowds to church street for orlando's new wahlburger. the story is getting a locality of clicks on the restaurant is owned by mark wahlberg and his brothers. the grand opening celebration shut down church street. the wahlbergs couldn't be happier to kick-off their
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a restaurant in tampa is not out of the question. >> amazing. such a great town. and you know, the this is our first venture down south and what a great place to kick it off. >> and we're hearing word that tampa may be in the future? >> yes. yeah. but you know, one thing at a time. >> everything is in his future. >> well after this red carpet affair, fans got the chance to meet and greet mark himself. he wore some clothes this time around. >> i am so jealous. if i were there, i would have serious good vibrations. crickets. 8 on your side's health and fitness expo kicks off today and runs through the event. it starts at 10:00 this morning and goes through 8:00 p.m. tomorrow, we will it will be from 6:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. it will take place at the tampa convention center's east hall. and the date, times and
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gasparilla distance chancic races. >> good vibration, is that one of his songs? >> yes. >> i didn't know that. >> yes, you do. my gosh. >> i'm going to listen to good vibrations. >> fire up the facebook live. gene's going to be dancing. plus, the bay area mom and dad at their wits end. they claim their daughter is being bullied and the school is doing nothing about it. >> i want to feel like it's school. >> new in the next half hour, 8 on your side is asking questions to find out why the school didn't respond to these parents' emails.
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it is 4:28 which means it's time for weather and traffic on the 8s. sending the kids to the bus stop, not too cool, in the mid- 50s. and another great day when they come home from school at 74 degrees. in fact, i'm saying this is perfect february beach weather
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so get out and enjoy the comfortable mid-70s into next week, leslee. looking to traffic right now. things look great in brooksville, hernando county up to speed. no delays there. and let's hop down and take a quick look at the sun coast area. manatee county up to speed but coming into sarasota county right at university, some overnight construction tying up a couple southbound lanes but
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good friday morning. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo. our top stories this morning, begging for help. a st. pete family believes their 12-year-old is the target of nasty rumors and even a death threat at her school. when they couldn't get the school to respond, they came to 8 on your side. >> it's horrible. my daughter wakes up and she's afraid to go to school. >> the family has tried contacting the school but nothing's been done until 8 on your side got involved. and now we're told one of the


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