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tv   News Ch8 Today at 430AM  NBC  February 19, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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good friday morning. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo. our top stories this morning, begging for help. a st. pete family believes their 12-year-old is the target of nasty rumors and even a death threat at her school. when they couldn't get the school to respond, they came to 8 on your side. >> it's horrible. my daughter wakes up and she's afraid to go to school. >> the family has tried contacting the school but nothing's been done until 8 on your side got involved. and now we're told one of the
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out to the family today. a teenager is fighting for his life after a helicopter crash landing in pearl harbor. look at that. that's intense video. right after this, witnesses jumped into the water to rescue the five people onboard. the navy says the chopper was operated and owned by a company that gives tours of hawaii. and now if faa is investigating. a huge step for the catholic church, pope francis is relaxing the church's rules against artificial birth control to stop the spread of the zika virus. after returning to rome, the pope said, quote, avoiding pregnancy is not an absolutely e involve. zika is linked to birth defects. you are in store for a great weekend. >> high -- absolutely evil. zika is linked to birth defects. you are in store for a great weekend.
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long. the winds are coming from the east to northeast throughout the day. it may spread a couple of clouds but certainly still beautiful. a little cool but not cold, 47 zephyrhills. 50 in lakeland. 53 in sarasota. we make it to 74 later today, just a few passing cloud, come on, this is fantastic weather. so at 4:38, i'll have an eight day temperature trend to the see how long it stays this nice. and leslee is hopefully going to give us a nice traffic report: >> yeah, pretty good out there. we do have some overnight construction but that's typical at this early morning hour. sarasota, ongoing project for the diverging diamond intersection, the first of its kind in florida and that's at university and i-75. right now, university is completely open but southbound on i-75 right at university, the two left lanes taken away. that should wrap up within an hour. and then also ehrlich road is blocked under the veterans expressway. you will need to go down the to gunn highway until that is
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as soon as that happens. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you so much. breaking news. a highland teacher will be in court this morning. the 38-year-old stacey hooks is facing child sex charges. hook is a science teacher at hill gusted middle school in sebring. and we have a crew in sebring right now tracking down information on the teacher and the accusations. developing this morning, a double murder still unsolved. we have to show you this video once again. it's getting a lot of attention on our website again this morning. a 21-year-old periscoping as he is killed in a tampa nightclub. you can see the commotion and hear the gunshots. and now his parents exclusive speaking to 8 on your side about this awful event. this morning tampa police are still looking for the shooter. news channel 8's adrienne pedersen is now live from club rayne. adrienne, good morning. not only do the parents have to face the fact that their son is
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>> reporter: yeah, good morning gene. this is horrific to say the least. and 21-year-old marvin lancaster's parents tell us that they can't bring themselves to watch the video of what happened here at club rayne. the last moments of their son's life. >> he's always, always with us. he's that kind of kid that he let me love on him in public, you know. he didn't care. at all. and for this to happen -- >> reporter: a mother's pain, 21-year-old marvin lancaster was so close to his parent, he still lived at home. they were on vacation the night he went to club rayne. lancaster just so happened to be using the app periscope to stream live when shots rang out. [ gunshots ] >> reporter: his mother won't watch the video and wonders what kind of person could do this to her son. >> how could you live with yourself?
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how do you eat a meal? you know, we try to put on a brave face, but my heart is broken. >> reporter: that same early morning we know that six other people were hurt. one other person also shot and killed. the lancasters are really hoping that by sharing their story that more people will become interested in this case and hopefully tampa police can track down the shooter. of course, we keep checking back in with them and they tell us still this morning, nobody is in custody for that crime. but we will be sure to let you know as soon as anything changes. gene -- >> yeah, a lot of people must have been at the club and somebody must have seen something or know something. all right, thank you. an 8 on your side story parents need to hear this morning. what do you do when your child is bullied at school and the school doesn't do anything about it? well, 8 on your side is helping one family get answers at a st. pete middle school.
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parents tell us that their 12- year-old daughter is being bullied and it's so bad that she's afraid to school. news channel 8's lindsey mastis is joining us live. lindsey, how is the school responding to this? >> reporter: 8 on your side spent all day yesterday trying to get answers for the family. they want to know why nothing was being fun when we confronted the school, they claim they didn't know anything about it. and now they are agreeing to at least look at the case. take a look at this. renee and stacia lopez claim a middle school student is targeting their daughter, writing profanities on school walls and posting a photo they call a death threat. they insist this start 2 months ago at john hopkins middle school. they don't know why their daughter are being singled out so viciously. >> those are big words for a 12- year-old little girl to be written all over a bathroom stall. >> reporter: they claim they sent emails to school officials. and 8 on your side did the same at least six times. the school claims they never got them.
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district promises 8 on your side they'll be in touch with the family today. it's very concerning that this could be going on and yet the school either doesn't know about it or isn't stepping in. >> how could they not know? if the writing is on the wall, literally in the bathroom, somebody saw it? for the person who cleans the bathroom, somebody should have reported that something was going on. >> and why aren't they getting the emails? >> i have been in the situation, go to the school, you go to the parents and it's hard to get action sometimes when your child is being bullied and not even to this extreme. >> and it seems like they are responding now that 8 on your side got involved. we will keep following. thank you, lindsey. and an outrageous crime committed by a south florida teenager. the 18-year-old is out of jail charged with grand theft for posing as a doctor. you might remember we told you about this story earlier this week. and now we are hearing from him. we have been following this
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police report he was accepting patients and performing physical exams at an illegal medical office. he told reporters he was just trying to help people using alternative medicine. >> i am deeply saddened and a little disrespected by some of the things that have come forward but i will say that my attorneys are working hard. they are working around the clock to make sure that the issue gets resolved in the best way possible. >> according to the palm beach post, he got his degree from an online school for $25.99. apple battling the fbi's request to unlock a terrorist's phone. but this morning the tech giant is getting more back-up. google, microsoft, facebook and now twitter all these company, they all support apple's decision to refuse help hack the iphone. apple's co-founder believes it's a matter of customer privacy. >> i think you should buy a
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what i have is what i think i have and i don't have companies playing tricks behind me in the background. >> well apple claims the government doesn't have authority to make the company create new software to help unlock the phone. no federal court has ever made a ruling on this. pretty wild. >> certainly is. here at 4:38, we are expecting just a gorgeous day today. let me take you hour-by-hour and show you what to expect. no matter what time you are able to get outside, it's going to be nice. 55 at 8:00 a.m. and look how quickly we jump up four degrees each hour in the morning. 59 at 9:00. 63 at 10:00. by noon, 69. the mid-70s by the afternoon. and low humidity, a light breeze. great this evening, 68 degrees at 7:00 p.m. and i look forward to seeing many of you at the gasparilla distance classic tomorrow morning. bill running the 15k. not too cool. and later in the morning the 5k, 63. and maybe you're going to have the half marathon on sunday, a
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and a fast warm-up by the time the 8k starts at 65 degrees. hope you like mid-70s. emoji man does. continuing that into next week. the trend is to get a little cooler after tuesday when the cold front comes through. bay shore boulevard will be filled with thousands of people. >> and right at the edge of downtown tampa. that's going to be stacked and packed too. so remember the road closures. if you're not participating in the race, it's not suggested that you go down. >> there exactly. no. >> well, let's take a look right now. you have a good stroll through lakeland if you're on i-4, 22 minutes from u.s. 98 to i-75. and then on i-75 itself, a wonderful drive-thru wesley chapel, state road 52 to 275, that's about 10 minutes. and also for our friends in hernando county, looking good for you in brooksville. and if you work in pasco, or in hillsborough county, a good drive on i-75 coming away from
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and speaking of i-75 out here in sarasota, still a little bit of construction southbound. two left lanes taken away but you can get by at university. another than that, it looks great. back to gene and gayle. thank you. well this morning remembering justice antonin scalia. >> just ahead, how those close to him are paying respects before the funeral. and then, they're calling it the chicken mcgriddle. what mcdonald's is doing to amp up your breakfast favorites. one minute she's grocery shopping and the next, she's being rushed away on a stretcher. up next, where a trip to the store took a terrible turn. it's 4:41. living well your immune system works hard to keep you on top of your game. you can support it by eating healthy, drinking fluids, and getting some rest. and you can combine
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it's 4:44. chaos and confusion in the dallas area check this out, an suv slams into a grocery store and runs a woman over. now investigators want to know how this could happen. a man drove through the front door of the grocery store. and you can see the suv in the building and then someone getting rushed to an ambulance on a stretcher. this is the scene right outside. the investigation going on there.
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are in the hospital. and a terrible accident is blamed for till kilning two construction workers on the -- for killing two construction workers on a job. a two-ton the crane fell -- a two-ton generator fell from the crane in new jersey. a federal inspector from osha is now investigating. happening today, a private ceremony will be held for the late justice antonin scalia ahead of his funeral. the justice's body will lie in the great hall of the supreme court building. the ceremony will be held before the public can pay their respects. a black drape will be hung over the courtroom doors and his chair on the bench as part of tradition. the funeral is set for tomorrow. the so-called affluenza teen will in court. couch could be going to prison if a judge moves the case to adult court.
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victims' families to attend the hearing. an update on the toxic water crisis in michigan. a new grant is on the way to flint to help remove old pipes. michigan's governor reports the $2 million will be approved for the mayor's fast start plan. however the governor believes the the process needs to be mapped out before removing the pipes. the mayor wants to start training workers as early as next week. nascar's racing season kicks off this weekend in daytona. look at scary moments from last night's race. on the final lap, he tried to block jimmy johnson for second place igniting the seven-car wreck. thankfully all seven cars are okay. and jimmy johnson and two others all have to drive back- up cars for sunday's daytona 500. this story has people shaking their heads. a woman is accused of biting a wendy's employee because that
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the manager on duty claims the 25-year-old lovely robinson storm stormed into the restaurant cursing, -- robinson stormed into the restaurant cursing. and then attacked the manager across the counter after making a change to the order. >> clamped down right above my kneecap. and i continued to punch her because she was biting me. >> she fought back. well, this is lovely robinson. she is now charged with malicious wounding and intentionally damaging property. >> that's like taking where's the beef to a whole new level. >> yeah. you want a hook with a side of that? anyway. this is a little more appetizing. mcdonald's is experting with a breakfast favorite, breakfast and waffle. >> they are the testing the chicken mcgriddle. it's like a mcchicken but replace the buns with maple flavored pancakes. right now it's only being tested at some ohio locations. >> sweet and savory. >> yum.
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>> got that crunch but a little syrup on there. >> i'm in. a special honor for a good samaritan who helped bring a missing elderly man home safely. dennis johnson received the ward from the police chief. he was working on january 20th when he noticed something in the woods. it was bob taylor who disappeared for 18 hours on the coldest night of the year. taylor was treated at the hospital and is now back home with his family. a new record for the sunshine state. we have the final numbers of people who visited florida last year, 105 million tourists made their way to florida in 2015. this even beat governor rick scott's goal for the year. he wanted to see 100 million tourists come to florida. most of the visitors were from the united states but millions also came from overseas and canada. that's so exciting. when you hear the forecast, you will know why so many people visit.
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i mean this is the premium time to come visit us because a lot of the country is gripped in winter and we are experiencing our spring basically. 54 degrees at 7:00 a.m. and now i'm showing you the weather wheel today because i want to you see that every hour, it's just beautiful. and how quickly we go from 54 degrees at 7:00 a.m. already to 63 at 10:00. so a very fast warm-up through the morning. i will spin this around a little bit, hey, the lunch break looking great near 70, a light breeze. and. and we make it up to 74 at 3:00 p.m. and 47 in zephyrhills. yeah, it's chilly. and 51 in bartow. 53 in sarasota. and even checked in with my weather watcher bob in venice. he says 54 degrees. and talked about the light breeze from the north today. and throughout the day, just gorgeous. mostly clear, not too chilly. a light breeze. come on, this is great. having trouble finding something to talk about. the near average temperatures, a gradual increase in humidity but we're talking super gradual.
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looking at traffic right now. holding on to a good drive. man, it's a nice commute. not perfect. we have a little bit of overnight construction. bradenton right now, southbound on i-75, the two left lanes are blocked at sate road 70. so be aware of that. and to the south, right at the university area, that construction has cleared. and let's go ahead and take a look at ehrlich road. it is still blocked right under the veterans expressway. so you won't be able to pass underneath it. you got to go down to gunn highway. and that should wrap up by 6:00 a.m. i will let you know as soon as it clears up. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. >> okay, leslee. winds so strong, even walking was difficult. >> when we get back, a look at one truck's losing fight with the wind and what the driver had to do when he was forced into a tight spot. it is 4:50 on this friday morning. you're watching news channel 8
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well it was no match for strong winds. a tractor-trailer tossed on its side. this happened in wyoming. the winds aren't expected to die down today either. take a look, the red tractor- trailer on the side of the road, the windshield was shattered and the driver had to escape through the dash board. the penguins are about to get a new home and you won't be able to see them for a while.
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their last day at the exhibit and now they'll move to an off- exhibit area for two to three months while their new home is being built. it will allow guests to get up close and personal with the african penguins. >> they're so funny. >> and always overdressed. so cute. >> better to be overdressed than under dressed. that's my rule. it's your chance to win tickets to universal orlando. >> all you have to do is watch from 6:00 to 7:00 a.m. once you see the announcement, you need to be the eighth caller. if you are the eighth caller, you win tickets. good luck to you. weather and traffic on the 8s is three minutes away. plus, queen b is coming to tampa. in the next half hour, the way her controversial super bowl performance could affect her concerts here in florida. you're watching news channel 8
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welcome back to weather and traffic on the 8s. it is time for weather and traffic on the 8s -- welcome back to news channel 8. it is time for weather and traffic on the 8s. a little chill, relatively comfortable, 46 in crystal river. and polk county, 52. and also 52 in auburndale. seems to be a popular temperature. 53 in sarasota. boy, do we have popular weather in store. 74 degrees, a few passing clouds today, otherwise, a great day with a east to northeast wind at 10 to the 15 miles per hour. a pleasant evening under mostly clear skies and down to 55 degrees tonight. and then the weekend. that forecast come up. a little bit of overnight construction to be on the lookout for. looking good in bradenton overall. but south 75 at state road 72, left lanes taken away. the construction should be wrapped up within the next hour. and the same thing for ehrlich road right underneath the
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you're not able to pass underneath it. take lynn road or sheldon down to gunn highway to get underneath the veterans expressway because ehrlich is blocked both directions but that should wrap up in about an or so. we have a good drive on dale mabry highway. this is 75 around fowler, nice shot for you. and 275 at fowler, that looks
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well good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. happy friday to you. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez. happy friday. but first, breaking news. a highland teacher is in jail facing child sex charges. this is the woman right here, 38 reid stacey hooks. she is head -- 38-year-old stacey hooks. she is headed to court this morning. we have a crew in sebring right now tracking down more information.


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