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tv   News Ch8 at 11PM Saturday  NBC  February 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EST

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the results are in. donald trump is in the winner in south carolina and a major republican candidate is dropping out. plus, another mass shooting at a tampa before leaves one man dead. the search is on to find that shooter. good evening, everyone, i'm rod carter. thanks for joining us this saturday night. we want to begin with the major developments in the race for the white house. donald trump and hillary clinton claiming victory and former florida governor jeb bush ended his campaign. we will begin with the republicans in south carolina, donald trump the big winner there tonight. he secured this contest easily, tonight, with 32% of the votes. nbc declared trump the winner early on. well before 8:00. now, the other big development for republicans tonight is that jeb bush announced he is dropping out of this race. bush had another disappointing finish coming in fourth place in south carolina. he has not finished any better than fourth place in any race. and for the democratic side, hillary clinton was the winner in nevada.
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another close race with 52% of the vote. senator bernie sanders came in second with roughly 48% of that vote. now, we have a lot of reaction to tonight's results, coming in, for us tonight, we will go live to columbia, south carolina, here, in just a moment, and steve handlesman is standing by with a look at what this means and whether even the other candidates will be calling it quits after south carolina. >> reporter: thanks, good evening, from columbia. here in south carolina, apart from the continuing cruz, rubio drama, they remain virtually tied at this hour for second place here with 99% of the vote recorded. aside from that, there is affirmation that donald trump, among all of the republicans, remains at the top. it is the second victory in a row for the national republican front-runner, donald trump's first in the south. >> when you win, it is beautiful. and we are going to start, we are going to start winning for
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let's go, let's have a big win in nevada, let's have a big win at the s.e.c., let's put this thing away. >> as they cast their ballots, mainstream republicans flocked to marco rubio, powering the 44- year-old's comeback from 5th in new hampshire. >> tonight here in south carolina, the message is pretty clear, this country is now ready for a new generation of conservatives to guide us into the 21st century. >> ted cruz kept his spot in the top tier of three. >> we are the only campaign that has beaten and can beat donald trump. >> jeb bush finished far down in fourth and quit the race with a parting shot. >> we put forward detailed innovative conservative plans to address the mounting challenges that we face, because despite what you might have heard, ideas matter, policy matters.
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lost her once-big lead in the polls but still won. >> i am so, so thrilled and so grateful to all of my supporters out there, some may have doubted us, but we never doubted each other. >> union leaders had pushed a big democratic caucus turnout. which helped nullify bernie sanders' late surge. the primary in south carolina, next saturday, the presumed front-runner, as the republicans leave here and go to nevada, they will have what is sure to be a huge fight between rubio and cruz and trump. live from columbia, south carolina, steve handelsman, now back to you. >> thank you very much for the live report. i had a hans to talk with our news channel 8 political analyst dr. seussen mcmanus today about jeb bush's decision to drop oust race. she told me it was not unexpected and south carolina is a turning point for a lot of campaigns. she also told me bush always does what is best for the
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in this case stepping aside. we are continuing your vote coverage and you can go to our web site. we will have the race for the white house, you can look at our web site on it is all there for you. it has happened again, for the second time in two weeks, a gunman opened fire at a tampa club, in this later case one person is dead and several others are injured. it happened early this morning at the smoking bull restaurant and hookah bar near bruce b. downs boulevard. chip, no arrest in this case? >> reporter: not yet, rod and authorities have yet to say if they know exactly who they are looking for. nor have they said, or have they given us a suspect description. but suffice it to say, people who live and work in this area are reallien edge. >> -- reallien edge. >> i heard six shots and then a pause, and then additional shots. >> hall robinson lives nearby
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familiar occurrence at this establishment. >> this bar has been specifically problematic. there is a whole lot of other restaurants and bars here we have never had any issues. i have been here to 10 years. and this is the third shooting they have had here in a year. >> for hours, detectives and crime scene technicians marked out the parking lot gathering evidence and sheriff's deputies initially got the call around 4:15 saturday morning. >> and came into contact with a fairly large crowd, and discovered four individuals who had been shot. two of the -- subjects were transforted to pgt and two to saint joe's hospital. >> a 29-year-old man died from his injuries two. other men, ages 20 and 22 were hit as well as a 33-year-old woman. the shooting happened shortly after the restaurant closed. authorities telling thrust was some sort of a fight. a man went to his car, got his gun and opened fire at the crowd. investigators are hopeful the surviving victims will help them track down the gunman.
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>> we don't know that at this point. they are in various stages of medical condition so we are at the hospital waiting to interview them. >> i saw the sheriffs and the fire trucks and i saw multiple ambulances come on the scene. >> robinson, like many who live and work in this area, are concerned. they believe this lounge needs to be cleaned up, or shut down. and tampa bay crimestoppers is offering a $3,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the gunman. as far as the victim who died, authorities have yet to release his name, pending notification of next of kin. >> chip, thanks. a suspected robber dead tonight after deputies say he was shot by his own gun during a scuffle. lat night around 8:00 at the captiva club and apartment complex. a woman was walking her dog when an armed man forced her back into her apartment. a man inside the apartment confronted that gunman and the
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suspected robber, who is now identified as 27-year-old terrence roach. in pinellas county, two men are behind bars accused of allowing a pit bull to attack a caged raccoon. deputies arrested leo perry and damian haines after one of the men posted a video of that attack on facebook. now, we are not going to show you that video of the attack, which was very gruesome, and very bloody. animal services also took 10 pit bulls found in perry's home into custody. in miami today, a 6-year- old boy was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting. that boy who was identified as king carter was shot while playing outside in his neighborhood. investigators do not believe the boy was the intended target. they tells that you a black car with three people inside was seen speeding away after. three people in the hospital tonight, after a plane caught fire inside a hangar at orlando international airport. that fire broke out on the northwest side of the airport's property. and it did not affect any airport operations in any way. it is not clear yet the severity of the injuries
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who had to be rushed to the hospital. a coast guard helicopter crew had to med-evac a 74-year- old woman from the carnival elation cruise ship near venice early this morning. according to the coast guard, the woman reportedly suffered a heart attack. she was transported to a hospital near new orleans in stable condition. thousands of mourners said goodbye today to the leading conservative voice on the high court. supreme court justice antonin scalla. dignitaries included vice president joe bidden and ted cruz, republican presidential candidate attended. scalia's son presided over the mass at the national shrine of the immaculate conception in washington, d.c. scalia unexpectedly died last week end, he was 79 years old. strange timing for railroad construction in clearwater. coming up why it could make your complete to downtown in clearwater a mess. >> also ahead, what led to shots being fired at a mall near south carolina's capital.
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sunshine, temperatures in the middle 70s. tomorrow, looking really nice as well. but we have some big changes in the forecast.
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railroad construction could make your trek to downtown clearwater or clearwater beach a nightmare this weekend.
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on court street, that is near east avenue. csx railroad told the city of clearwater they have to do this work this weekend, despite several events going on, including the sea blues festival at coachman park the at least one resident though feels it is for the best. >> they are just taking this extra opportunity to fix the crossings, and they are beautiful. they are concrete. it is going to be smooth, and i think people will eventually appreciate the work. >> right now, there are two detours in place. once the core street project is complete, the work will then move a block south to chestnut street, next weekend. today, hillsborough county took steps to again fight the zika virus by accepting old tires. those tires are a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes because they can collect standing water. the zika virus is spread through mosquitoes. there were up to 10 tires accepted per person free of charge. there are now 24 cases of the zika virus here in the state of florida. coming up, our storm team 8
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great weekend forecast. >> also ahead, a dog and her puppies are rescued from a burning apartment building today. >> we will have that and more
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authorities in columbia, south carolina, evacuated a mall after a fistfight turned into a shootout. police in columbia say that incident began as a fight between two men and then a third person joined in. shots were fired and then the men ran out of the mall and they have not been located. no injuries were reported. a dog and several of her puppies are safe tonight after firefighters rescued them from a burning apartment building in miami. the mother poodle and three of her puppies were suffering from smoke inhalation when those rescuers got to them. officials say four of the puppies died in the fire but they were able to revive the others. >> seeing that they were in severe respiratory distress, our crews started using the pet mask that we keep on the trucks and started administering
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the puppy, trying to save them. >> one pup needed additional medical care at a local animal clinic but she is back with her mother tonight. no humans were injured in the fire. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. take a look at the time lapse today, out of clearwater beach. blue, sunny skies. look how busy the beach was, folks playing volleyball with your umbrellas, and jet skis and also sailboat, it looks like a classic day through july, doesn't it? got to love living in florida enjoying the beach. temperatures. now tomorrow, it is enough to make this emog ji emoji smile. another dry day tomorrow. morning. a refreshing start to the day. 70s. and warming up pretty nicely tomorrow.
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and upper 70s on monday. and tuesday, approaching 80 degrees, on wednesday, and that will bring some rain, and a cool front, which is going to drop our temperatures into the lower 60s for thursday, friday, and saturday. so a tad cooler by next weekend. as i mentioned, at 6:00 p.m., we had the international space station pass over tampa tonight, a great view, and this picture taken by james boon, you can see the solar panels right there, there, and another solar panel right there. so great view from his telescope. here is his view from the international space station. as it was passing over tampa bay. this picture was taken by astronaut scott kelly, who has been aboard the international space station for about a year now. if you would like to see more of these pictures, or get updates on future passovers,, wfla brian on facebook or twitter. >> current temperatures right now, it is comfortable. right around 60 degrees for most of the bay area. and satellite and radar picture, not much to show here.
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it was a lovely day. courtesy of an offshore high pressure. we have southerly winds bringing up warm air, from the south. and that is why we had the high temperatures in the mid to upper 70s today. we have a cold front, back to the west. and this is going to be the one that brings us the showers, and the cooler temperatures, but it is going to move very slowly in our direction, as we move toward the middle part of the week. by tomorrow morning, anybody going to the gasparilla half marathon, will have the sunrise at 7:02, and the temperature is 57. start off the day, as you maybe head off to church as well, a good deal of sunshine. by afternoon, just a few clouds. high temperatures in the middle to upper 70s. so a nice day. and tomorrow, a few more clouds, and monday, a rogue shower. highs in the upper 70s. moving into tuesday, the front gets a tad closer, about a 30% chance of a shower, and then a better chance for showers and
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tomorrow morning, good deal of sunshine. maybe a little spotty area of fog or two. 57 degrees. tomorrow afternoon, a few clouds. middle 70s. basically a carbon copy of what we had today. you got to love living in florida this time of the year. great weather, wonderful high temperatures tomorrow. and daytona 500, the weather is looking great tomorrow. 73 degrees. we don't have to worry about any rain delays in daytona. so good weather tomorrow. pretty nice on monday. and a few showers tuesday. and scattered storms on wednesday. and then cooler behind that front, next weekend, it will be about 15 degrees cooler than this weekend, but still, sunshine, still good, next week. >> thank you very much, appreciate it. coming up, a very busy saturday in the world of sports. a big win for the bulls. a milestone for steven stamkos. and a soccer showcase. not to mention a 20-year-old tearing up the track in
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geico for your boat.
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what's on your bucket list? going sky diving? learning to play guitar? how about winning a regular season hockey game at skoal energy center?
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lightning had never done that entering today's matinee in pittsburgh. no better way to kick that bucket than now. the light innings and penguins coming into the afternoon, as the two wildcard games in the eked. east. and steven stamkos wins a battle behind the net. alex rips it off the post. and stamkos reaps the fruit of his labor, scoring his 300th career goal. trailing only la cavalier and st. louis. and karl, the -- beleaguered defenseman, adding the first of the year. and the lightning beat the penguins 4-2. meanwhile, on the hardwood, south florida and memphis. usf down one in the second half.
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is a running of the bulls. chris perry puts back two of his 16. a little later, mario, has a tough shot to fall. he scored a game high 19 points. and then it is freshman phenom jamaal mcmurphy, 17 points for j-mac, and south florida has the first win over an american team, 80-71. and florida trails south carolina 30-13 at one point but the gators closed the first half on a 20-0 run. and smith, eating like he is playing hungry, hungry hipos. 18 points. 13 boards. and robinson beats the shot clock to give florida the lead at recess. the final seconds of the second half, they forced overtight. and south carolina gets the best of the extra session, 73- 69, gamecocks is the final.
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virginia tech, with extra bacon. duane bacon scored 22, including four first half triples. seminoles looked like they would rule the hokies. malik beasley getting in on the fun. fsu up 42-32. and then there is a comeback: the slashing lay-up puts the hokies in front. and they stay there. and allen led all scorers with 23. and virginia tech beats florida state, 83-73. how about preseason action on the pitch. the sun coast invitational in saint pete. featuring the rowdies taking on philadelphia union. the latter strike first. tribbet gets his head on the corner kick. no chance for the rowdies keeper. the 30th minute, check out the ball movement. give and go. give and gone. leo fernandez with the finish. tampa bay had a few quality chances but gets shut out by philadelphia union 2-0. finally the power shares qqq300, better known as the x- finity race at daytona.
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and it goes to chase elliot, the 20-year-old took the lead with 13 laps to go and held off joey lagono to win. elliot is having a fabulous weekend and he is the pole sitter for tomorrow's 500. huge race tomorrow. highlights in sports. >> and brian says the weather is going to be good so there you go. >> nothing to complain about.
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tonight's winning lottery numbers: a final look at the forecast for tonight. >> a good choice of numbers tomorrow, too. beautiful weather. sunshine once again. so if you like today, you will like tomorrow. high temperature in the middle to upper 70s. our next chance for rain will be on tuesday. and especially into wednesday. that is a cold front that will
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obviously, by thursday and friday. high temperatures back in the lower 60s. but tomorrow, get out and enjoy. it is going to be a top 10 day. lovely day. >> all right, sir, thank you very much. and finally, tonight, a deer walks into a liquor store. no, really. this is true. surveillance video actually, photos, show the deer staggering into a northwest virginia liquor store. >> was that a deer joke or an alcohol joke? >> i'm not done. employees say that it headed straight for the bourbon aisle, perhaps to pick up some red stag. with no i.d., and no buzz. and the deer was shown the back deer and it left empty-hoofed. >> did you write that? >> i did not but i will give you the first and last name. he didn't take credit. did you -- >> he didn't say. oh, dear. >> saturday night live is next. have a fantastic night. ive on the f ess network, it's th xth


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