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tv   News Ch8 Weekend Morning  NBC  February 21, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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you are watching news channel 8 today. a developing story, a hotel party ends in gunfire. police are looking for the suspects who opened fire inside of a holiday inn in st. petersburg. two teenagers were shot. after tonight this has become a three-person race and we will win the nomination. >> the race for the white house is less crowded this morning. one candidate dropped out of the
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hillary clinton are celebrating big victories this morning. seven people are dead after multiple shootings in michigan including a 7-year-old girl. at least two others are injured. good sunday morning. thank you for joining us. we'll get to the top story in a moment but let us start by checking on the forecast with mark collins. >> another cool start to our day but just like yesterday we're going to wind up on the warm side and at least the sunshine already beginning to break above the horizon and that will pave the way for a lovely sunny start to our day. 56 right now as we look at you in sun city center. good morning there. light winds out of the east and that will not cause any head winds for the runners this morning as we head through the 9:00 hour. temperatures warm up to 64 degrees. and if speed is your thing and maybe you're headed to daytona, similar forecast to us. it will be warmer there. along the east coast 73. west coast 76.
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mostly sunny, dry and mild to afternoon. forecast. it won't be today but when you see the extended forecast you will know just when. details on that. you can track the weather any time using our storm team 8 weather max app. it is free. download it from the app store. mark, thank you very much. now to a developing story. two teenagers are shot after a late night party at a hotel in st. petersburg. it happened on the holiday inn express on 2100 block on 54th avenue. we find mary mcguire there. what are you learning about the two victims? >> hey, good morning to you, and we're learning it was two teenage boys that were shot. one is 19 and one is 17. one was shot in the hand and the other in the abdomen. forensic investigators from the
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are having a meeting at the crime scene right now. st. petersburg police have been here since the shots were fired just after midnight last night. they say that this was because of of a birthday party, a group of people rented out a room here at the holiday inn to host a birthday party and after an argument the two teenage boys were shot. one of those men is in critical but stable condition at bayfront medical center and the other is being treated for his injury at north side hospital. police are still working to arrest a suspect. >> it was a party that took place, a person was transported by sun star to bay front hospital and it was a male subject. and another man left the party and went to a different hospital and then has been transported to bay front. we have two victims at this point. >> now since i arrived on the scene here, several hotel guests have been leaving and getting into their cars to get on with their day.
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them and they said they were really shaken up. they heard the shots because they stayed on the same floor as the incident occurred on the fourth floor. >> thank you for that update. also developing at this hour. the police are questioning the suspect in a series of random shootings at three separate parking lots in kalamazoo, michigan. it happened over a five-hour time period at various locations. the highest number of victims was in a parking lot of a cracker barrel restaurant in texas township. seven people in call were killed. the undersheriff gave a chilling description of what happened. >> we have multiple people dead. in summary what it looks like we have somebody just driving around finding people and shooting them dead in their tracks. >> wow. the police say they found weapons in the suspect's car.
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two other people critically injured. the police have not yet released the names of the victim or the man they have in custody. now to your vote. florida's former governor is out of the race for the white house. jeb bush dropped out of the race after donald trump wins the republican primary in south carolina. in nevada hillary clinton pulls out a win. we have more on their victories. now the race for the white house is once again changing this morning. >> good sunday morning. hillary clinton is two for three in the race for the white house. >> this is your campaign. >> reporter: hillary clinton in danger of losing the nevada caucus held out for victory in vegas and surrounding area. >> i called up secretary clinton and congratulated her. >> reporter: sanders came close in nevada but not good enough. south carolina is this saturday on the democratic side and clinton is well ahead. sanders need more african
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makes up the democratic base there. >> i want to congratulate all of the other candidates. >> reporter: trump wins two primaries in a row as it was held in south carolina. >> tonight i'm suspending my campaign. >> reporter: bye-bye bush. jeb bush the former governor of florida dropped out after a dismal showing in south carolina. reporting in washington. the republican candidates move to nevada. the republican caucus is next tuesday while democrats shift to south carolina. the democratic primary there is next saturday. super tuesday is coming up on march 1. new this morning, a university of tennessee head football coach butch jones spoke to the media for the first time since a lawsuit was filed against the university claiming there is a culture that enables sexual assault at that school. >> you know, when you just look at the academic excellence, the graduation rates, the community
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field, there is no culture problem. >> last tuesday 23-year-old mckenzie crowder, a former university of tennessee football player was arrested in pinellas county after being accused of making arrangements to have sex with a 14-year-old girl and sending nude photos of himself to an undercover detective. crowder was released from jail after posting bond. for the second time in two weeks a gunman opens fire at a tampa nightclub. this morning we don't know who the shooter is. the shots ran out at the smokin bull restaurant. two were killed and several others were hurt. a neighbor said this happens too often. >> this bar has been specifically problematic. there is a whole lot of restaurants and bars here we never had any issues with and i lived here for 10 years. this is the third shooting here in a year. >> we're waiting for investigators to release a description of that gunman. a suspected robber is dead
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by his own gun during a scuffle. it happened at the cativa club and apartments friday night. a woman was walking her dog when an armed man forced her into her apartment. a man inside confronted the gunman and the gun went off killing the suspected robber. he's identified as 27-year-old terrence roach. in pinellas county two men behind bars allowing a pit bull attack a caged raccoon. one of the men posted a video of the attack on facebook. we won't show you the attack which is gruesome. animal services took 10 pit bulls found inside of that home. in miami the search continues for the suspects who shot and killed a 6-year-old in a drive-by shooting saturday. the boy who has been identified as king carter was shot while outside playing in his neighborhood. investigators don't believe the boy was the target.
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inside was seen speeding away. three people continue to recover this morning after a plane caught fire inside of a hangar at orlando international airport. the fire broke out on the northwest side of the airport property. it did not affect airport operations but it's not yet clear the severity of the injuries suffered by the three people who were rushed to the hospital: the cause of the fire is still under investigation. colorado boy is suffering with an extremely rare skin condition. coming up, how this is turning him into stone.
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a colorado boy is fighting a rare skin condition that is essentially turning his body into stone. the condition is so rare that only 40 additional cases have been confirmed. . >> my hands are cold. i'm sorry. >> reporter: for as many doctors as jayden rogers visited you would think somebody would be able to help him. >> people don't get it that mainly because they don't know what it is, because nobody has ever heard of it. >> reporter: three years ago his parents noticed some spots on his skin were hardening. >> almost if you took your finger and tapped on his arm it
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counter top, on a hard surface. >> reporter: the spots have spread to his legs, back and hips and it has made walking difficult. >> he just matter-of-factly says i need a wheelchair and i was just... >> he said my legs don't work anymore, i need a wheelchair. >> yeah. >> reporter: doctors eventually determined it is stiff skin syndrome. >> it is outrageous sounding when you say, you know, a boy turning to stone. they just -- people can't get that through their mind. >> yeah. >> and that's basically what's happening. >> and this hip area looks the same to me. >> reporter: with each passing day the symptoms get worse. >> he does tell you it hurts. he never really -- i don't even know if he can describe how it feels. >> reporter: there is no cure and really no treatment. >> i kind of exhausted the medical library in terms of trying to find something myself.
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continue to try everything including his latest round of chemotherapy for cancer. it seems to be slowing it. >> once the skin has done this, that area is kind of done. we're not going to be able to bring back normal skin to that area. but what i'm hopeful of is that this treatment helps prevent the spread of it. you know, halts it in its tracks. that would be a win. >> reporter: it would be a win for future victims of this terrible disease. >> maybe we're a little bit too late to really make a huge profound significant difference for jayden because of what is already there, but the next patient that gets diagnosed with stiff skin syndrome can start on this medicine on day one of diagnosis and stop it at that point in time. >> for now jayden's parents say the physical therapy is one of the only things they can do for him. they're also considering treatment options in europe for their son.
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the full forecast. people in fiji cleaning up after one of the strongest cyclones ever hits the south pacific. we'll show you how people there are picking up the pieces. stay with us. when we go to the store, i find my boxxof honey bunches of oats r and i' m checking to see if i packaged it. r best cereal in the world right there. r if the last 3 letters were p22, that' s me. know you can keep your financial
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know you can see how much you have to spend and whether you should transfer funds. know you can easily keep track of what you're putting away. and know you're budgeted for the great escape.
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the time is 7:17. with all of the events going on there could be traffic tie-ups.
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>> hello there, i hope you are enjoying your sunday. i want to remind you about road closures taking place in downtown clearwater. court street is going to be completely blocked. that is a portion of highway 60 and gets you on to the memorial causeway here that takes you over to clearwater beach. it will be closed down. expect it to get bogged down here as you approach downtown clearwater. what you can do to avoid that if you head to the beach today, take drew street and then come down on fort harrison and hop across the bridge and that should ease your commute. of course, we have the gasparilla distance classic half marathon and 8k taking place today as well. what that means is a lot of road closures around bayshore and downtown and on davis island area as well. the closures start at 3:00 a.m. they usually last to about 1:00 or 2:00 in the afternoon. they are rolling openings. as the race continues, they
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two races today. the race gets under way at 6:00 a.m. but the roadways are closed around 3:00 a.m. not too far away from there adding to the congestion in downtown tampa. we have arena cross taking place. this is at noon. a lot of people heading out to see the motocross there. if you don't feel like going to the race, see a movie. the jesse owens here. also the "witch" is open and also "risen." new this morning, feature yeah is cleaning up and assessing the damage from one of the strongest cyclones ever recorded in the south pacific. we're following the storm and we have more on the extensive damage in the chain of islands. >> reporter: cyclone winston crashed into fiji with deafening winds.
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miles an hour lifting steel roofs like pieces of paper. leaving tourists and locals terrified for hours. >> i didn't know i would survive last night because the cyclone was terrible. it was terrifying everyone. i mean, how can you sleep when you have a monster hovering over your house? >> reporter: the spanish rugby team in fiji for training played defense defending a beach resort with sandbags. the storm is one of the strongest ever recorded in the southern hemisphere. a category 5 cyclone. >> tropical cyclone winston is so massive that it is the first ever category 5 to hit fiji. >> there are reports of homes flattened but people are already out clearing away the worst of winston's wrath. the government declared a month-long state of emergency to assess the damage.
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visit fiji, that is one place i wouldn't want to be right now. so here is your bearings. you see australia, new zealand to the south, and there is tropical typhoon winston. the winds dropped down to category 4. there is a reef that breaks down the storm action but the storm moves right in and that is what you see with the high winds. it is in one spot. the water temperatures are so warm and that is why it strengthened to one of the strongest tropical cyclones in the southern hemisphere. for us, we're dealing with the warm weather and it will stay warm until thursday. we'll cool down behind a front that will move through in advance of that front some showers tuesday, wednesday. but not today. so what we're looking at is a dry forecast here and then as we head in towards the end of the week we'll see that cool down. the winds will pick up, especially wednesday into thursday.
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from the north giving us the cooler temperatures. right now 61 degrees in st. pete. not as chilly as the other spots. inverness, crystal river, you're looking at 45 degrees. we're on our way up into the 70s but right now it's chilly. 57 here in tampa and 50 in brandon. so we have a ways to go. in the north you see the cold air is bundled up across the northern tier of the nation. the southern half dealing with the milder weather, and that is because the front separates the two and this is the system that will come our way as we head into wednesday evening and it will bring an end to the above-normal temperatures. today upper vecht's. tonight we'll get down to about 59 in tampa. you can see the low tomorrow morning. that is a little on the cool side for us but as we head for the next couple of days we'll stay warm. rain chances invees as we head into wednesday. the front koments through overnight and there is your cool-down for the end of the week.
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watch later this afternoon, few more clouds streaming in and tonight another cool evening. >> a lot of people spend a lot of time getting ready for weekends like this to race and so they'll have a beautiful day to go sit somewhere and take some advil after the race. >> they will be resting their bones, a lot of folks out of town coming down for this race. we have a showcase of weather. a big win for the bulls. a milestone for steven stamkos and a soccer showcase. a lot going on in the world of sports. we'll show you a 20-year-old tearing up the track in daytona.
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what is on your bucket list, going skydiving, learning to play guitar, how about winning a hockey game at council energy center. the lightning never done that entering the matinee in pittsburgh. the lightning and penguins entered the afternoon as the two
7:27 am
tampa bay builds a lead in the first, stralman, 1-0. steven stamkos wins a battle behind the net gets it to alex who rips it off the post and stamkos reaps the fruit of his labor. trailing only the st. louis, pretty good company there. same score in the second. hey, carle, good to see you, matthew carle soil lenses his haters for a minute netting his first of the year. tyler johnson added a beauty later in the period. lightning get their first season w at the council center. beating penguins 4-2. usf down one in the second, just like pamplona there is a running of the bulls. chris perry puts back two of 16. later, tough shot to fall. better to be lucky than good. scored a game high 19 points.
7:28 am
17 points for j-mack. south florida gets its first win over an american conference team at home this year. topping memphis 80-71. florida trailed south carolina 30-13 at one point but the gators closed out the first half on a 20-0 run. smith eaten like he's playing hungry hippo. 18 points, 13 boards for him. devin robinson beats the shop clock to give 30-33 lead at recess. smith splits a pair at the free-throw line in the closing seconds to force overtime. south carolina gets the best of the extra session, 73-69 gamecocks the final. next up florida state and virginia tech with extra bacon. um, bacon. the lakeland native dwyane bacon scored 22 including 4 first half triples. the center looked like they will roll the hokies. beasley getting in on the fun. fsu up 52-42.
7:29 am
vt seth allen leads a comeback, that slashing layout puts hokies in front and they stay there. allen led all scores with 23. virginia tech beats florida state 83-73. how about some preseason action on the pitch. sun coast invitational in st. pete featuring rowdies and philadelphia union. the latter strike first. ken gets his head on the corner kick, no chance for the rowdies' keeper. check out the ball movement here. give and go. give and gone. leo fernandez with the finish. tampa bay had a few quality chances to get shut out by philadelphia union 2-0. finally the power shares qqq300, better known as the xfinity series race at daytona. first race of the season goes to chase eliott. he held off joey logano. eliott having a fabulous weekend
7:30 am
sitter for today's daytona 500. that's it for sports. i'm paul ryan. a shooting at a local hotel sends two teenagers in the hospital. and how the victims are doing this morning.
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you are watching news channel 8 today.
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waking up with us this sunday morning. breaking news at this hour. the southbound lanes of i-75 are shut down in sarasota county. a fuel tanker crashed at mile marker 179. the driver of the truck is in the hospital but expected to be okay. emergency crews are on the scene cleaning up the mess there. it is unclear when the lanes will reopen. the time to get a check with mark collins for the forecast. >> the sunshine will help start our day today. it is shining brightly over crystal river. temperatures on the cool side especially in the northern communities where it is 49 degrees. but there you see the river looking very nice and inviting especially for the manatees as they concentrate in the warmer spring fed waters this time of year. 49 in apollo beach. a chill in the south. bradenton 51. we're on our way up to a high of 76.
7:34 am
of year. this temperature, the warm temperatures, will stick around for some days to come but we do have some changes in the outlook. the front is coming through by the middle of the week and wee we'll see a cool-down. stick around. i'll have more on that ahead. now to our top stories. for the second time in two weeks a gunman opens fire at a tampa nightclub. this morning we still don't know who the shooter is. shots rang out at the smokin bull restaurant on bears avenue. crimestoppers is offering a $3,000 reward for information that might lead to an arrest. the it is the end of the road for jeb bush. he has dropped out of the race for the white house. bush announced his candidacy for president in june but quickly slid in the polls during the south carolina primary bush couldn't make it into the top 3. people in fiji are picking up the pieces after a strong
7:35 am
as the cyclone whipped winds up to 143 miles per hour at least five people were killed. now residents there are assessing the damage. this morning many parts of fee gee are without power. two teenagers are shot after a late night party at a hotel in st. petersburg. it happened at the holiday inn on the 2100 block of 54th avenue. we find mary mcguire there. what are you learning new about the two victims? >> good morning to you. we learned those two men that were shot were 19 and 17 years old. this all appears to be part of a birthday party gone bad. i am told a few people rented out a room here at the holiday inn to celebrate somebody's birthday and then a few uninvited guests showed up. that is when the scuffle broke out. several parties fired multiple shots.
7:36 am
man were shot. this happened after midnight last night at the holiday inn express. it is off of 275 south in st. petersburg. after the argument, the two teenagers were shot. one named octave use david brown shot in the upper body, dimitrios crawford shot in the hand. one is at bay front and the other at north side hospital. we spoke with one hotel guest inside at the time of the shooting and he explains what he heard. >> i was laying in bed and not sleeping yet and didn't really hear any party noise or anything and but then heard four pops. at first i thought it was firecrackers but they weren't spaced like firecrackers would be spaced and i was pretty sure it was a shooting and there was a lot of commotion after that and i saw people leaving very quickly after before the police came.
7:37 am
working on identifying a suspect in this case. we also discovered that there was a lot of young children that were staying at this hotel over the weekend. they were here in town for a gymnastics meet at tropicana field. and a lot are checking out tonight finding a new place to stay. obviously this incident has shaken them out after hearing shots ring out after midnight on the fourth floor of the holiday inn. again, two teenagers, one 19-year-old and a 17-year-old are injured after the shooting. >> thank you. great now. railroad construction continues in downtown clearwater. this creates headaches for beach goers today. the work that is being done on court street near east avenue, csx railroad told clearwater they must do the work this weekend despite several events
7:38 am
one resident feels it is for the better. >> they're just taking this extra opportunity to fix the crossings and they're beautiful. they're concrete. it will be smooth and i think people will eventually will appreciate the work. >> right now there are two detours in place. once the court street project is complete the work will move a block south to chestnut street next weekend. hillsborough county is taking steps to fight the zika virus by accepting old tires. they collect standing water and are a perfect breeding ground. the county accepted up to 10 old tires per person free of charge. there are now 24zika cases in florida. a 74-year-old woman continues to recover after she was medivaked in a coast guard helicopter from the carnival cruise ship near venice early saturday morning. the woman reportedly suffered a heart attack. he was transported to a hospital
7:39 am
as the political battle over his successor heats up a funeral was held saturday for justice antonin scalia. several thousand people attended that service in washington. pete williams reports among those speaking at his funeral was a fellow justice. >> reporter: justice scalia wanted a simple funeral in a parish church. as it turned out more than 3,000 came to the massive basilica of the massive shrine of the immaculate conception. it was celebrated by his son paul a catholic priest. >> he's the father that god gave us for the great adventure of family life. sure, he forgot our names at times or mixed them up, but there are nine of us. >> reporter: like scalia himself the service was deeply spiritual but marked with humor such as
7:40 am
scalia got a surprise going for confession. >> he had found himself in my confessional line. and he quickly departed it. as he put it later, like heck if i'm confessing to you. >> reporter: justice scalia's fellow conservative and catholic dr. clarence thomas red scripture. >> god proves his love for us in that we are still sinners christ died for us. >> joe biden representing the house and ted cruz a former supreme court law clerk who criticized president obama for not attend thanksgiving. the president and first lady paid their respects friday as justice scalia lay in repose at the supreme court. the other seven of the remaining justices were here as were two retired justices.
7:41 am
supreme court bench will be draped in black for a month. the white house successor showed president obama with an arm load of materials. this is a day devoted to his faith and his family. a dog and several of her puppies are safe after firefighters rescued them from a burning apartment building in mime knee. take a look. the mother poodle were unable to breathe. four puppies died in the fire but they were able to revive the others. >> they were in severe respiratory distress. our crews the pet mass sks to give oxygen. >> one was treated at the local
7:42 am
no one was injured in the fire. thankful they have puppy mask. >> when they see a fire hydrant they will think of their rescuers and maybe they'll just walk on by and treat it with more respect. hey, it was hard finding any spots on the beach yesterday. it was a crowded spot in my hometown of treasure island. there you see all the people lining up. today will be another beautiful beach day. send us all your pictures, especially bryan tonight when he comes back with the weather.
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it was at another summer olympics eight decades ago when a young american caused a sen tation. not only did jesse owens win four gold medals. he made a powerful statement about race. we have a sneak-peek of the new film about the life and times of jesse owens. >> he was the fastest human of his days. >> reporter: this marks 80 years since owens dominated the olympics. a focus of biopic called "race." >> you want to win a gold medal? >> sure. >> reporter: his four gold medals stunned his german host, adolph hitler. while his record breaking performance made headlines and
7:46 am
to many owens was the wrong color. >> friends will have to use the service entrance. >> reporter: the actor who plays him, canadian native, said the movie is more than just black and white. >> what he want people to see this get out of it. >> we want people to say if he could do what he did at a time and place where he did it, then there is really no excuse for me not to be great myself. >> reporter: race not only highlights the prowess of owens, it shows his humility and grass against racial injustice and his commitment as a family man, something his daughters say was most important to him. >> they he just have to make a true story about my father and the things he went through at them. >> the expectation was that we would finish school, go to college. >> go to college, no.
7:47 am
>> reporter: before clay rose to world wide prominence as muhammad ali or jackie robinson, karl louis, even joe louis, reached their pinnacles, there was jesse owens. >> there is no black and white, only fast and slow. >> reporter: blazing a trail for others who followed in his tracks in the race to greatness. nbc news, new york. >> looks like a good one. the movie is rated pg13 and playing in theaters in tampa bay. now to this world sight last night. the international space station as it flew directly overhead tampa. james boone took this picture and you can see with his long lens captured the space station as it flew overhead, the sunlight glistening off of it, appearing like that white dot as it streaked over the sky. we had a near full moon last night leading to a sunny start
7:48 am
we're on our way to a warm day. right now we're still seeing pockets of cool mid-40 degree readings in citrus, hernando. even 61 in st. petersburg. 10 degrees cooler in sarasota. the difference between yesterday and today, more clouds speak into our forecast here late this afternoon. they will come in from the north. you will see some sagging south ward. ridge of high pressure over us giving us the light winds. we will see a little bit of a sea breeze develop today. some spots may get up to 80 degrees in the inland zones when you combine that with 62-degree water temperatures. that will force that wind inland. there is the front. that front plays a forecast, plays into our forecast wednesday evening. it slides in but it is held up with the jet stream. the front will come in increasing rain chances as we head into tuesday and wednesday. so as it gets a little bit
7:49 am
rain chances to increase. clouds will also approach us as the winds turn southerly into monday. that will boost our moisture, and there you see in the extended forecast the rain chances climbing to about 40% there on wednesday. so both today and tomorrow looking good. the warmth continues wednesday. and then we're talking about more winterlike weather as we head towards the end of the week. next week cool side. at least it should be dry. the rain times out while a lot of folks are at work. >> you have to wear a jacket next weekend. hitting potholes while we're driving can be a pain and a mess on our cars. one company has a fix for that. if you haven't registered your unmanned aircraft you can get into big trouble.
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switch to better. switch to fios.
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tax returns to spend or to save, that is the question. news channel 8's adrienne pederson is here with the consumer alert. >> our rides could get smoother soon. ford is expanding pothole defection technology. the 2017 fusion v6 sport will have it. the new technology can tell when the car is going over a pothole and adjust the shock absorbers. calling all drone pilots. if you haven't registered yet, well, you're late. this applies to owners of remote controlled aircrafts that way at least 9 ounces. even if you consider your drone just a toy. all drones purchased before december 21 have to be registered with the faa. it is tax season. do you know what you're doing with your return? the national retail federation finds half of us plan to save the money rather than spend it right away. that's the highest percentage in the survey's history. i usually plan to save it and
7:54 am
what about you? >> that happens to a lot of us, adrienne. we have a daily dose of cuteness for you this morning. we'll introduce you to a tiny
7:55 am
(church bell) (bear growls) (burke) smash and grub. seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two.
7:56 am
the indo knees inn zoo is celebrating the newest member the tiny tiger cub.
7:57 am
the authorities want to increase the incredibly endangered species. conservationists say there are less than 400 in existence. he is cute right now but i'm sure he won't always be that way. >> they could only stay that small. mark is here with the final look at the forecast. >> we have another good day in store for you. a few more clouds as we head through late this afternoon. temperatures top out at 76 today. cooling down to 59. this pattern of cool nights warm afternoons will continue here until we just see cold day s cold nights later in the week. >> absolutely not a bad day, though. mark, thank you very much. thank you for joining us this morning. our next newscast is on news channel 8 at 9:00.
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good morning. trump and clinton on top. the billionaire republican riding high this morning after a big win in south carolina. >> let's put this thing away and let's make america great again. thank you very much. >> marco rubio edging out ted cruz for second. >> well, now the children of the reagan revolution are ready to assume the mantle of leadership. >> and an emotional jeb bush calls it quits. >> so tonight i am suspending my


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