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tv   News Ch8 Sunday Morning at 9AM  NBC  February 21, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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channel 8 today. rise and shine in tampa bay. it will be a beautiful sunday. it already is. you're looking at downtown tampa. good morning. thank you for joining us. we start with breaking news. right now the southbound lanes of i-75 they are shut down in sarasota county. a fuel tanker crashed at mile marker 179 in north port. the driver of the truck is in the hospital but is okay. crews are cleaning up the mess. let's start by checking on our forecast with mark collins. >> it will be a beach day today. a lot of folks scattering out right now to get out and enjoy seeing. in fact, we'll only warm up through the day.
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you see those clouds, those are alto stratus clouds, high-level moisture continues to flow in. those clouds streaming in from the north. as we head through the afternoon we will probably see a little bit more cloud cover than yesterday but still mostly sunny to get you through the day. still looking at 57 for you in crystal river. 55 in inverness. light sweaters there. on our way up today into the mid-70s. let's show you, though, over the next couple of days we stay warm with above-normal spring-like temperatures before we see changes. that change will come with some rain showers for tuesday and wednesday. so that is a peek ahead to what we'll expect through the week but as far as today goes, i think it looks really ideal. we'll talk about that cold front and just how much rain you might see in your back yard when i come back. i want to remind you, take a look at this phone app. you can download it at the itunes store.
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and it will give you the weather forecast at your fingertips. mark, thank you very much. right now a berth day party ends in disaster after gun fire rang out at a hotel in st. petersburg. two teens in the hospital. this happened on the fourth floor of holiday inn express on 54th avenue north and that is where we find mary mcguire. what is the latest? >> detectives tell me they are still trying to pin down the suspect in this case. they're interviewing witnesses that may have seen something inside of that birthday party gone bad and they also believe that those two teens that were shot were the uninvited guests at this party. now this all happened just after midnight last night at the holiday inn right off of 275 in st. petersburg. a fight broke out on the fourth floor where the party was being held. during the course of that argument those two teens were shot, one in the hand and one in
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one hotel guest said he heard it all happen. >> i was just laying in bed, not sleeping yet, and didn't really hear any party noise or anything but then heard four pops. at first i thought it was firecrackers, but they weren't spaced like firecrackers would be spaced and i was pretty sure it was a shooting and there was a lot of commotion after that and i saw people leaving, you know, very quickly after before the police came. >> now the teen who was shot in the hand is being treated at north side hospital and the teen shot in the abdomen is at bayfront medical center. we're also told there were a lot of kids staying at this hotel. they were in town for a gymnastics competition being held at tropicana field over the weekend. they are understandably finding a new place to stay tonight and other hotel guests i've spoken with say the holiday inn has offered them a free night's stay because of this whole ordeal.
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the police are questioning the suspect in a series of random shootings at three parking lots in kalamazoo, michigan. thus is the mug shut, jason bryan dalton. the highest number of victims was in the parking lot of a cracker barrel restaurant in texas township where police say four people are dead. six people in all were killed. a 14-year-old girl continues to fight for her life at this hour. >> a 14-year-old is not as was earlier reported deceased. she is still alive. she is seriously, gravely injured. but she is still alive at this point. >> the police say they found weapons in daltones car. he was arrested resistance.
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police have not released the names of the victims. the university of tennessee head football coach butch jones spoke to the media since a lawsuit was filed against the university claiming that there is a culture that enables sexual assault at the school. >> you know, when you just look at the academic excellence, the graduation rates, the community service, winning on the field, winning off the field, there is no culture problem. >> the 23-year-old mckinsey crowder was arrested in pinellas county after he was accused of making arrangements to have sex with a 14-year-old girl. he sent nude photos of himself to an undercover detective. he was released from jail after posting bond. a gunman opens fire at a tampa nightclub. this morning we still don't know who the shooter is. shots rang out on the the smokin bull restaurant and hookah bar on bears avenue. one person was killed and
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one neighbor who lives near the bar said this happens here far too often. specifically a problem. there is a whole lot of other restaurants and bars here we've never had any issues with. i lived here for 10 years. this one, this is the third shooting they had here in a year. >> we're waiting for investigators to release a description of the gunman. a suspected robber is dead after deputies say he was shot by his own gun during a scuffle. it happened at the captiva club and apartments friday night. a woman was walking her dog when an armed man forced her back into her apartment. a man inside confronted the gunman and the gun went off killing the suspected robber. he is identified as 27-year-old terrence roach. from swimming to riding horses a young special needs child is conquering it all. how some kind strangers helped her fulfill her wish to ride her own bike.
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the time is 9:10. after conquering swimming and horseback riding now she wants to ride her own bike. anthony allred shows us how the kindness of strangers put a big
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>> hi, everyone. >> reporter: meet kiley griggs. this happy go lucky 7-year-old special needs kid sings because she just got a new bicycle. kiley picked up her $4,000 bike with all of the bells and whistles. free of charge thanks to a donation from the people at will cherish kids. >> these bikes are very expensive and you can't -- the average person could never do it. >> reporter: as a baby she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and spas stick quadra pleej gentleman. her arms stiffen up and she can't control her body. her new bike helps to stretch out her limbs and gives her
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>> this is my first time seeing her on the bike itself. i did see videos of her from therapy, but this is just amazing. >> now that kiley has her brand new bike her parents hope it is one step closer to her walking independently. >> i want to show you some of my fancy tricks. >> this is just another avenue that we are going to have and sure beats the heck out of therapy. >> the two things that impress me most is that every time she rode her bike just like in life, and hit an obstacle, she figured it out. >> rudy, rudy, rudy. >> reindeer games. >> news channel 8. >> news channel 8! >> what she said.
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coming up, mark collins has the full forecast. also ahead, people in fiji are cleaning up. we'll show you how people there are picking up the pieces. i need new carpet. ok. i have two dogs. and a husband. house trained? my husband?
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feature yeah is cleaning up and assess -- fiji is cleaning
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cyclones ever reported in the south pacific. we have more on the extensive damage and the chain of islands. cyclone winston crashed into fiji with deafening winds. torrential rain and gusts of 186 miles an hour lifting steel roofs like pieces of paper. leaving tourists and locals terrified for hours. >> i didn't know i would survive last night because this cyclone was terrible. it was terrifying everyone. how can you sleep when you have a monster hovering over your house? >> reporter: the spanish rugby team played defense protecting a beach resort with a line of sandbags. the monster storm is one of the strongest ever recorded in the southern hemisphere, category 5. >> tropical cyclone winston is
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category 5 to hit fiji. >> reports of homes flattened but people are clearing away the worst of winston's wrath. the government declared a month-long state of emergency to assess the damage. we certainly know what it is like to batten down the hatches around our home front. but today it is blue skies and calm winds. no need to tie down the boats on the dock. the winds are light. you want to be out and riding them. the conditions today are good for boating but wednesday and thursday not so, since the winds will be picking up. right now it is 66 degrees at hula bay. this is the way it looked at the beach yesterday. you see how crowded it was on treasure island. a lot of folks were laying out the beach towels and enjoying the sunshine and as i did growing up there, it is a great
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if you plan to be on the beach or lakes, we're heating up. 64 in brandon and 55 in inverness. you could see it could be colder. the northern tier of the nation dealing with the 30s and mild across the south. there is a front that creates that transition. this is the front that will eventually bring us some rain showers in the bay area. for now that ridge of high pressure is in control. but this is how things will play out the neck couple of days. we need to wait for this zonal jet stream, flat river bed of air to dip south ward. that will then push the cold front through the area. we have several more days of this lovely 70-degree weather. nothing is going to change here until we head into wednesday. that is when we'll see better rain chances. even a few scattered showers are possible tuesday, but i think wednesday and then as the front comes on through on thursday
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turn around to the north and temperatures dropping off. so until then we'll see our winds stay very light, the breeze will then pick up on wednesday and then we'll see the cool-down for thursday. today is 76 degrees. some spots might actually get a little bit warmer than that and those inland zones you might actually get to 78 in plant city. and then tonight with clear skies a full moon high above we'll get cool again down to about 59 degrees in town with some low 60s along the coast. so sweaters at night, early in the morning, comfortable weather in the afternoon, and here you see 70-degree readings. i'll get out of the way so you see the cool-down into thursday and friday. we'll have nice weather but we have to get through a few rocky spots for the middle part of the week. >> we have a taste of it warmer today, warmer in the week, and then get our last few tastes of this winter weather.
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it feels like that today. >> you can feel the pollen out in the air, too. >> and flowers, time to get back into the garden. >> time to get the allergy medicine. mark, thank you very much. a big win for the bulls, a milestone for steven sam companies and a soccer showcase. there is a lot going on in the world of sports. a 20-year-old tearing up the track in daytona. the highlights are next. many seniors don't want to be forced out of their homes. >> my mom has a terrible feeling. >> i'll show you the new trend in tampa bay to keep your older loved ones engaged during the day and still living at home.
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what is on your bucket list, going skydiving, learning to play guitar? how about winning a regular season hockey game at council energy center. lightning never did that entering yesterday's matinee in pittsburgh. lightning and penguins entered the afternoon as two wild card teams. tampa bay builds a lead in the first. anton stralman, bolts up 1-0. steven stamkos gets it to alex
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stamkos reaps the fruit of his labor, scoring 300th career goal. pretty good company there. same score in the second. hey, carle, good to see you, matthew carle soil lenses his haters for a minute netting his first of the year. johnson added a beauty in the period. lightning get their first season w at the council center. beating penguins 4-2. on the hard woods south florida and memphis, usf down one in the second but just like pamplona there is a running of the bulls. chris perry puts back two of his 16. a little later, a tough shot to fall. better to be lucky and good. game high 19 points. freshman jamal mcmurray, wet. 17 points for j-mack. south florida gets first win over american conference team at
9:25 am
80-71. florida trailed south carolina 30 to 13 at one point. gators closed out first half on 20-0 run. smith eaten like he's playing hungry hippo glutton here. 13 points, devin robinson beats the shop clock, 30-30 lead at recess. smith splits a pair at the free throw line in the closing seconds to force overtime. south carolina gets the best of the extra session, 73-69 gamecocks the final. the next up florida state and virginia tech with extra bacon. um, bacon. the lakeland native dwyane bacon scored 22 including four first half triples. the center looked like they will roll the hokies. fsu up 52-42. hold the phone.
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hokies in front and they stay there. allen led all scores with 23. how about some preseason action on the pitch, sun coast invitational in st. pete featuring rowdies and philadelphia union. no chance for the rowdies' keeper. check out the ball movement here. give and go. give and gone. leo fernandez with the finish. tampa bay had a few quality chances but gets shut out by philadelphia union 2-0. the power shares qqq300, better known as the xfinity series race at daytona. first race of the season goes to chase eliott. the 20-year-old took the lead with 20 lapse to go. eliott having a fabulous weekend already and he's the poll sitter for today's daytona 500. that's it for sports. paul ryan. a dog and several of her puppies are safe after
9:27 am
burning apartment building in miami. the mother and poodle and her three puppies were suffering from smoke inhalation when rescuers got to them. four puppies died in the fire but they were able to revive the others. >> we saw they were in severe distress. our crew used the pet masks we keep on the trucks and gave them oxygen. >> one pup needed additional medical care at a local animal clinic but she is back with her mom. beyond the animals no one was injured in the fire. the cause remains under investigation. we're covering the biggest headlines in politics including the south carolina primary. coming up in our next half hour
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you are watching news channel 8 today. good morning, thank you for joining us as we follow the biggest headlines in politics. we begin with major developments in the race for the white house. donald trump and clinton are victorious and end of the road for jeb bush. we'll begin with the republicans in south carolina. trump is the big winner. he secured the contest with 32%
9:31 am
nbc declared the winner as trump early on. the big developments is that jeb bush is suspending his race for the white house. bush has finished no better than fourth in any of the primaries or caucuses to this point. as for the democrats, hillary clinton was the winner. senator sanders came in with 48% of the vote. jeb bush dropped out of the race after donald trump won that republican primary in south carolina. like we said in nevada hillary clinton pulls out a win in the debt crat tick caucus. chief national correspondent has more on how the white house is once again changing this morning. >> hillary clinton is two for three in the race for the white house. >> this is your campaign. >> reporter: hillary clinton in
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caucus held out out for victory made out for big turnout in vegas. >> i called up secretary clinton and congratulated her. >> reporter: sanders came close in nevada but not good above. south carolina is this saturday on the democratic side and clinton is well ahead. sanders needs to gather more african american support in south carolina which makes up the base of the democratic vote there. >> i also want to congratulate the other candidates. >> reporter: donald trump wins two primaries in a row. he handily defeated his opponents in a race called rather early. >> tonight i'm suspending my chain. >> reporter: bye-bye bush. he dropped out after a dismal showing in south carolina. reporting in washington. florida senator marco rubio had a strong second place finish in south carolina and calls this a three-person race. the republican candidates move
9:33 am
is next and democratic primary is in the south carolina next saturday. spurp tuesday is march 1. the democratic candidates targeted specific voters. bernie sanders met with civil rights leaders in the urban league in washington, d.c. it included reverend al sharpton. he understands the struggles the black community is going through in the united states. hillary clinton is also trying to get support from the voters in the black community. the presidential candidate gave a speech to harlem, new york, promising if he becomes president she'll make it her mission to fight racial inequalities. that is part of many issues that minority communities face. we're here to break down news of the week. i'm joined by mya brown brown. we talked a lot and saw a little
9:34 am
secretary clinton are trying to target african american voters. we saw sanders appearing at hbcu and clinton on stage with other black legislators. many things worked in the past and many things in this election are different. they have political analysts stumped. my question is as we see the traditional way of getting the black vote, will that work this time? >> i think both hillary and bernie sanders under we are in a new wave of mill len yals and so like sanders is appealing to young black voeltd voters and hillary clinton is appealing to older black voters and they're going about it differently. >> you're a millennial yourself. what is it they want to hear from a candidate? >> i think that millennials, no matter what race but particularly black voters want
9:35 am
candidates are going to go into office and facilitate policies that impact education, environmental issues and economic development for millennials becoming adults in the united states. >> it is for them getting excited to get out to vote. we saw it with barack obama. what can hillary clinton do? is there more you would like to see her do? >> it seems hillary clinton is appealing to the associate with president obama. so she's using that as a good ploy to bring in the youth voters that have an affinity for the current president. >> we talk also about women voters this time around. they say hillary clinton is having a tougher time with younger female voters. >> i think a lot of people assume because she's a woman that she will pull in all of the women voters across any nationality or ethnicity, so
9:36 am
time because she's prioritizing other segments and social groups to bring them in to get out the vote. >> especially when you talk about young women and getting them excited and getting them out to vote that is a way to make a huge difference. what else can we see them target the younger female group? >> i think what could happen is prioritizing issues for the women, for the right to chooshgs right? having that as a major policy standpoint on both the sanders and clinton camp and i don't think that is happening right now. >> absolutely. of course, as we continue to go on, these -- targeting these specific groups will be incredibly important for any candidate that wants to win the white house. >> absolutely. on his way back to rome he managed to upset gop candidate donald trump about his christianity.
9:37 am
thinks about building walls and not bridges is not christian. trump called comments from the pontiff disgraceful. >> for a religious leader to say that -- i will not allow weakened. >> former florida governor jeb bush, a roman catholic, also commented on this and he said wanting to make sure people don't cross our border illegally is not an unchristian thing to do. as a political battle over his successor heats up a funeral was held for yus stis antonin scalia. several thousand people attended the service in washington. as pete williams reports, among those speaking at his funeral was a fellow justice. >> reporter: justice scalia wanted a simple funeral in a
9:38 am
as it turned out, 3,000 came to the immaculate conception church. the mass was celebrated by his son paul, catholic priest, part of the large scalia family. >> he's the father that god gave us for the adventure of family life. sure, he forgot our names at times or mixed them up, but there are nine of us. >> reporter: like scalia himself the ser is vis was deeply spiritual but marked with humor such as the story of a time justice scalia got a surprise going for confession. >> he found himself in my confessional line. and he quickly departed it. as he put it later, like heck if i'm confessing to you.
9:39 am
fellow conservative, justice clarence thomas red scripture. >> god proves his life for us while we're still sinners christ died for us. >> vice president joe biden representing the white house and ted cruz a former supreme court law clerk who criticized president obama for not attending. the president and first lady paid their respects on friday as he lay in repose at the supreme court. the other seven of the remaining justices were here as were two retired justices, john paul stevens and david suitor. his spot on the bench will be drapd in black for another month. the white house made a point of showing president obama walking with an arm full of background materials assembled by his staff, but this was a day for remembering a man who was devoted to the law, to his faith and to his family. pete williams, nbc news washington. well, a war of words here in florida as 1 congressman tries to land a senate seat.
9:40 am
and news channel 8 caught up with him.
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9:42 am
congressman alan grayson is firing back at lawmakers. he is accusing them of smearing
9:43 am
we caught up with the representative. he was fired up when it came to voter questions of a hedge fund and his money making money off of a company in africa that uses slave labor. >> i wanted to know what you men when you told potential investors that the best time to invest was when there is blood in the streets? >> i would like to know how you plan to be successful candidate with your financial baggage and i'm talking about the cayman island bank accounts and $17 million you lost in a scheme. >> reporter: the congressman, and patrick murphy are running for senate. >> there is a smear complain against me.
9:44 am
false witness against me are getting the one-finger salute. >> that is against reed. representative patrick murphy called on grayson to donate money that his family profited off investments from a company in africa that supports slave labor. >> that is not true. maybe patrick should have give back $1.5 million. >> to levee a tax on him seems another investigative journalist finds something truly horrifying about limb is really disappointing. >> representative grayson is denying all accusations and said his opponent and lawmakers that are targeting him need to get back on focussing on the issues. well a bill requiring recess for elementary students is stuck
9:45 am
out a single senator from cass sko county is responsible for the hold-up. >> as many as one in four florida kids is overweight or obese. >> active and play 60 minutes a day. >> reporter: legislation requiring 20 minutes a day of recess cleared the state house with just two no votes. >> i believe that recess is definitely a right, not a riff lich. >> reporter: a facebook page for florida recess moms has hundreds of follow owers. half dozen came to the capital to support the recess bill because they say local school districts are not listening. >> if it is not a policy or mandate there will be people that don't follow it just like everyone else. that is why we're rallying with the other counties. >> reporter: senate education chairman john legg is blocking the bill from being heard and tells us he won't change his mind. >> it is a too rigid of a
9:46 am
our local districts to resolve. >> reporter: senator bill monford is in the education committee. he supports recess. >> recess is good, kids need it, but in place of what? >> reporter: when the state added an extra hour a day at low performing schools the price tag was 66 million. >> legg did tell us if counties don't adopt recess locally the bill could be backed next year. if it is, legg won't be there to block it. he is not running for reelection. the florida house and senate are about $1 billion apart in their budgets. lawmakers have three weeks left to pass the state budget to avoid a special session. there is still time but lawmakers want to avoid a repeat of last session's midwest. both chambers passed respective budgets but no conferences are scheduled.
9:47 am
he's not worried yet. >> i think if you look back it schedule. i mean, they could ramp it up and shut it down pretty quickly i think and try to get a budget to the governor before the end of the session. i think that is still possible. >> there are no budget conferences this weekend but they are expected to happen early next week. it was a historic week in cuba. news channel 8 sent a crew to cover it. jefr paterson wraps up his trip to cuba.
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now for lifting the embargo coverage in cuba. u.s.-cuba relations take a major term. president obama said he will visit cuba. a u.s. congressional delegation
9:51 am
congresswoman's favorite moments from the trip. >> reporter: this is the image many americans first notice when they arrive in cuba. a country that appears frozen in time with vintage american cars rolling down the streets. we explored a little deeper into the lives of everyday cubans finding a man who earns money by hand rolling cigars at a small table in a corner of his cramped home. we were also there for one of congresswoman kathy castor of her visit to music. it happened in the home of barbara fernandez, a cuban woman who supports her family making baby clothes and shirts for men. >> she remines me of sarah blakely who founded spanks who is from clearwater. she has worked to develop this small business. >> reporter: castor and the
9:52 am
crowded into barbara's small home to find out not long ago she earned a modest income working for the cuban government. >> where she inserted medicine bottles into cardboard boxes for sale. >> reporter: she's supporting herself and her family now. >> and it has given her family money in their pocket to be able to buy a home. this is pretty unique in modern cuba. things are changing. >> congresswoman castor told me she is more committed than avenue to lifting the embargo to help barbara in her small but growing business. jeff paterson, news channel 8. >> you can count on news channel 8 to cover the changes in cuba and that includes president obama's historic visit. keith kate will be in havana next month for the trip. the small island wants
9:53 am
becomes president. stay with us. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise)
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asylum from trump that is one canadian island is offering.
9:56 am
along canada's east coast. they started the website as a joke. >> i'm thinking berlin. >> i would do it in a heart beat. >> no, i'm an american. i'm going to stay here no matter who is president. >> well this offer puts the little island on the map and now it is actually known for something. mark, you got to tell us if you really want to move there, what would we be dealing with today. >> those pictures are inviting but notice they were from >> summer lasts for 60 days? year. that is why they're all here enjoying our sunny weather. you. very nice. come on down, canadians. our icebox of the state, 58 degrees in the community. 50, big deal. as we head through the day we'll be warming up, in fact we're shooting up for a high around 76
9:57 am
now notice over the next couple of days you see rain chances come back into the picture tuesday and wednesday. but wednesday night the front slides in. that's why temperatures drop off into the 60s. so that is our cold wave. by sunday we'll see readings back near 70 degrees. so i would think that 70 over an average high of 31 there at that island. >> they can go but they'll come running back. >> i think so. >> hey, and like we said our cold blast 65. >> cold came in just in time for the distance classic of runners enjoying this weekend. >> perfect weather. mark, thank you so much. thank you for joining us. "meet the press" is next.
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this sunday morning, another big win for donald trump, now the undisputed republican front-run sgler it's tough. it's nasty. it's mean. it's vicious. it's beautiful. >> but republicans believe it's a three-man race as marco rubio and ted cruz vie to become the chief trump challenger. >> and the 21st century conservative movement is the son of a bar tender and a maid from cuba. meanwhile, the bush dynasty comes to an official end.


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