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tv   News Ch8 Today at 430AM  NBC  February 22, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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. good morning. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo in our top stories, a violent weekend in the bay area. two people are dead and five injured in three separate shootings. the first one, a deadly shooting at smoke and bowl restaurant and hookah bar in hillsborough county. one person died two others were hurt. two teens were shot during a hotel party in st. petersburg friday and breaking this
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after a shooting at a tampa liquor store. >> the fbi is putting pressure back on apple. this is the latest move in a baelt over your privacy versus your -- battle over your privacy versus security. in an open letter, the fbi director invisits apple could help getting access to the san bernardino phone. a photo e finish. tampa's native deny hamlin is waking up the winner of the closest daytona 500 finish in history. it also the first win for toyota and the first in 23 years for joe gibbs racing. the margin of victory was, get this, 0.010 seconds. unbelievable. 4:31. you should see headlines across the nation that one centered around a tampa native. >> congratulations to him.
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you are, you still win. this storm system won't have an impact on us in the short-term. it is pulling up winds from the south. it will feel more warm and humid than yesterday. you go in the northern areas. it is cooler. 51 in brooksville versus 62 in tampa. these temperatures are all above average. polk county. 53 and auburndale. 56, sarasota, still warm. 77 degrees, a bit humid and patchy clouds. we have an eight-day temperature trend to let you know we have big changes coming in the eight days. leslee is here to let you know what is changes on the roadways. >> it will stay like this and won't change. it will. enjoy it while you can. northbound i-75, folks, good drive. 301 to i-4, 6 minutes in hillsborough county and bearce avenue to i-4 if you're coming southbound 275 say leaving pasco
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you have a good drive. 10 minutes into downtown tampa looking at i-4 from homosassa, five minutes and bruce b downs to i-4, that is a nine-minute commute. that is a live look at weather and traffic on the 8's. back to gene and gayle. breaking news overnight. a man is dead after a store robbery attempt in item pa turned violent. this happened at the cut rate liquor store on north 15th street. police tell us a store clerk and two robbers got into a shoot out. there one of the criminals ended up dead. the search is on for the second would be robber, we've been on the scene since shots rang out several hours ago. news channel 8's ryan hughes joins us live with the very latest. ryan? >>reporter: this is the scene and we were told the robbers entered through this door but the quest to steal from the store of course, was short lived overnight. it was around 10:45 when they stormed into cut rate liquor. the men were armed but the clerk apparently saw what was coming
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so did the robbers. during the gun fight, one of the robbers was struck and died on the sidewalk in front of the store. the other robber got away. he wasn't caught at this point. tampa police are trying to find the second robber. they have not released any details of a description on the person. we're also waiting to hear if store surveillance video will be available of the incident itself. perhaps giving us a clear picture of the two robbers involved if we get the information in the news cast, we'll let you know. back to you for now. on top of updates on this and all breaking news even if you have to head out the door. we'll have the news channel 8 app it is free. deputies in pasco county need your help to identify this man you see here. take a closer look. they believe he may be responsible for several car burglaries in the fox wood community in trinity. if you think you know who this guy is, call the sheriff's office. two teens are recovering in
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being shot during a birthday party in a hotel in interg. we checked this -- in st. peter we checked this morning and no new leads. according to police, a fight broke out after uninvited guests showed up to the part. octavious brown and demetrius were shot. police are trying to determine what caused a track to crash on nokomis drive. two people died. the names have not been released. happening today it is back to work for supreme court justices. the supreme court hears cases today for the first time since the death of associate justice antonin scalia. the court is now evenly split
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controversy, president obama plans to nominate a replacement. democrats are now shifting their attention to south carolina. >> fresh off a victory and nevada caucuses hillary clinton and bernie sanders are heavily campaigning in the palmetto state. senator sanders is trailin former secretary of state. they will face each other off at a democratic town hall at the university of south carolina in columbia later this week. the democratic primary there is sat. republican frontrunner donald trump is still riding carolina. it was his second primary win. night. trump's big win is having a huge impact in the race for the white house. jeb bush is out of the race. suspended his campaign after low poll numbers in south carolina. despite a second place finish in south carolina. senator marco rubio's campaign
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this morning, our senator also has the support of actor donnie wahlberg. he joining rubio at a rally in las vegas on sunday. he told the crowd he never voted for a republican today but the senator changed mind. >> interesting endorsement there. >> isn't it? . here after the wahlberger opening in orlando. now an endorsement. >> burgers for everybody, leigh spann! >> i'll take one. it is quite mild when you head ott. you don't need -- when you head outside. you don't need a jacket. you don't get a chill factor when you walk outside. starting in the upper 50s, it does not take us long to get well into the 60s. 10 a.m.. 66 degrees, by your lunch break, patchy clouds, i expect to see a few more clouds than yesterday. 74 at noon. all. was to 77 at 3:00 p.m., the average is around 73. we stay mild, again with the patchy clouds, still about 70 at 7:00 p.m..
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only a 5% rain chance today. it is 30% tomorrow, just some spotty showers in the afternoon. the biggest storms will come on wednesday as a cold front comes through and it does dry us out. that is where zero % rain chance on thursday and friday but you will need the coat. here is the temperature trend to show you 77 today. 78 tomorrow. 77 on wednesday with the storms but emoji man is watching the temperatures drop. friday's high, 62, we stay in the mid to upper 60s below average throughout the weekend. 4:38. let's check in on traffic on the 8's to see how things are moving along. >> it is a wonderful drive across the bay area bridges, not seeing slow downs. let's take a quick look at our friends in the sun coast area a little bit of overnight construction here around university parkway and i-75. that is typical right between the bradenton and sarasota area. and that usually wraps up by 6:00 a.m. april side from that. state road 64, roughly nine minutes. got a good drive across the sky
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polk parkway is up to speed and a wonderful drive from i-4 between each entrance, 11 minutes and it continues to be a great drive as you move into tampa this morning. that is a look at weather and traffic on the 8's. back to gene and gayle. >> okay. thank you. it is a topic a lot of people are talking about. diversity in movies. the results of a new report that ranks film making companies for their diversity efforts. you have to stick around to see who is on top. mood altering music. the way tunes can help us relax before a big medical pressure. >> a mass shooting suspect due in court. the condition update on the surviving victims of the kalamazoo shooting spree. you're watching news channel 8
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. developing this morning, the michigan man accused of killing six people in a random shooting spree is expected in court later this morning. investigators in capital magazinie believe -- kalamaazoo believe jason dalton picked victims at random. dalton, an uber driver, actually picked up passengers during the shooting spree.
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story live from our tampa news center. the big question this morning is why. >> gayle, good morning, people who know james dalton seem surprised he is the accused shooter and don't believe he knew any of the victims so they don't know why just yet. the first victim is in serious condition this morning. she is a mother of three and her children were close by when she got shot. >> it is my understanding there is about 16 casings out here. they're very lucky. everyone is very lucky here, but at the other things, not. >> nearly four hours after that shooting, a teen and his father were killed at a car dealership and 15 minutes after that, four people were killed outside of a cracker barrel. people are leaving flowers there. initially a 14-year-old girl was thought to have been killed
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were to be donated, she squeezed her mother's hand. she is now in critical condition. a shooting spree took place over seven hours and some uber passengers were coming forward insisting that they were picked up by dalton in the midst of all of this. in a statement, uber insists it reached out to police to help in the investigation. now, later today, on the today show, you're going to hear from one of the people who says that he took a ride with dalton as an uber passenger. that will be happening when the today show starts at 7:00 a.m.. >> wow, gosh, but the back story of the victims, how tragic. thank you. today in florida, the woman severely beaten by her roommate is showing small signs of improvement. danielle jones was beaten and nearly stabbed to death on valentine's day in miami. she is now opening her eyes and
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first to her. byron mitchell lived with her only a week before the attack. she found him on craigslist. in orange county, deputy sergeant marsy pierce is home from the hospital recovering after being hit by a car friday in orlando. deputies say when sergeant pierce confronted carlos ortiz, sped away. they're searching for ortiz. he is wanted for a attempted murder. hundreds of people are protesting the discharge of lake okeechobee bee water into the saint lucy river. they marched carrying signs. they argued the poor quality of the water damages the water sea life and could present health risks. don't have insurance or having trouble finding a plan. open your laptop. a new start up is hoping a to make it easier to to get health insurance online. stride health is a benefits platform that acts as a modern
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it helps individuals find the right health insurance plans for their profile. individuals cover the cost of benefits, stride health is free. they have 230 insurance carriers on their platform and it it is available right here in florida. it is 4:45 now, this morning, a good excuse to crank up the volume on your tunes. it could help you relax before surgery. who knew? a new study published in the journal of advanced nursing suggests this simple fix to calm your nerves a bit. researchers found listening to music and viewing photographs lessens surgery patients anxiety. it is a low cost way to help and could be used almost anywhere, even in patient waiting rooms. >> big accusations against amc theaters this morning, according to a class action lawsuit, the company is unfriendly to the blind customers, according to the lawsuit nield san francisco,
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amc rarely provides devices to customers, they often play the wrong audio descriptions. they claim amc staff sometimes hand blind customers devices intended for those who are deaf. amc did not respond to an nbc news request for comment. new this morning, hollywood is waking up to disappointing grades. usa today surveys holiday studios to release the diversity of the releases. they look at directors hired and male to female ratio for major roles. sony pictures and the weinstein company performed the worst. paramount pictures got an f in dive. this news comes just a week ahead of the oscars. the diversity of the nominees has been getting a lot of attention as you may remember, the 88th academy awards takes place. chris rock is the host. the hillsborough river is
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>> this is all part of the preparations for the mayor's river o green fest. crews are testing a small part of the hillsborough river biodegradable dye. mayor bob buck horn will host the actual event and the family can celebrate at curtis hickson water front park from 10:30 to 4:00 p.m.. it is 4:48. let's on the weather with leigh. >> a little bit on the warmer than average side for this time of the year. for us, 59 degrees feels pretty comfortable. we warm up quickly. 74 degrees, partly cloudy at noon and we'll see an afternoon high of 77 with some patchy clouds, rain chance less than 10% and of course, 77. a little bit above what we would expect but not bad. brooksville, you're checking in at 51. bartow, lakeland. 55. going closer to the coast. it gets warmer. 59 in bradenton and i checked in
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says it is 57 and this is warmer than yesterday. looking at the 24-hour temperature change, 2 to 5 degrees warmer than where we were on sunday morning. it is bringing the wind up from the southeast. we'll keep us warmer and little more humid over the next couple of days. not too bad this morning. this afternoon, slightly higher humidity which will lead to the patchy clouds. tomorrow, one front is going to stay to the north. it may cause a few showers in the afternoon, but i'm more concerned about the storm system coming through on wednesday. that will bring us the highest rain chance and cooler weather. let's check in on traffic on the 8's. >> looking at the roadways out there. it is a good drive across the water if you're on the sky way bridge, it looks great. the gandy bridge looks great. four minutes across it. six minutes on the howard frankland bridge. seven minutes on the courtney campbell causeway. the bay side bridge, a nice drive, too. all of the links look good at this point. also if you're going to be travelling from, say, the kissimmee area from plant city. it looks good and from plant
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you have a 22-minute commute. that is a great drive here on i-4. a quick live look at i-4 at the parkway in lakeland. it is a nice drive there. back to gene and gayle. >> thanks. spring training is starting in the bay area but this morning, you won't see the fanatic anywhere near clear water. we'll explain why just ahead. fulfilling three promises during a wedding ceremony high in the sky. unconventional wedding that brought some passengers to tears right after this break.
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. a washington couple is still on cloud nine after a touching and unusual wedding ceremony. chrissy larson married the man of her dreams 30,000 feet in the air and she did it for her mother who is fighting stage four cancer. they planned to grant her mother the three life long wishes to see where her daughter works and lives and watch her get married. >> my mother is the world to me. anything to make my mom happy. >> that is so sweet. >> a plane full of passengers watched the sky high ceremony. a video was up loaded to youtube and before they could land it went viral. many major league baseball teams are settling down here in the florida for spring training
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running around the bay area this morning. >> they're all up in philly with phanatic. that is wi! >> that is a little out dated. >> doing the electric slide there. they have to teach them the whip nae nae. >> they were hosting the furry convention. 138 mascots doing the electric slide, yeah! it is all for a very good cause. a charity called mascots for a cure raises money to combat childhood cancers. they brought together the costumes characters to try to break the world record for the largest gathering of mascots in one location. i don't know if they did it. >> they did it! >> he is lost. >> what are they e doing! >> -- what are they doing! >> this has to be verified by the guinness book of world record.
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>> an update on breaking news that we're following for you at this hour. one person is dead after a shooting at a liquor store in tampa. >> we'll explain the information we're digging for at scene. that is straight ahead. plus new in the next half hour, the new way we can keep our seniors at home and still cared for during the day. it is a new bay area trend that gayle uncovered. >> but first, weather and traffic on the 8's is just three minutes away.
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. it is 4:58. time for weather and traffic on the 8's for your monday morning and it is kwielt mild. we have patchy -- quite mild. we have patchy clouds and we'll see more around this afternoon due to the fact that there is more humidity around. highs today, 77 degrees. the rain chance is less than 10%. it will stay warmer tonight with a low of 63 but then the rain
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i'll tell you when we have the best chance at seeing storms coming up. how about traffic on the eight snoos. >> we have a little bit of overnight construction lingering out. there what you're seeing is over in the far right lane. this is 275 southbound over in pinellas county around 27th avenue south. keep na that in mind. we have no delays on howard frankland bridge and as you continue south onto the sky way bridge in manatee county, great
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. it is 5:00 a.m.. while you were sleeping a deadly shoot out at a tampa liquor store. the search is on for one of two would be robbers. they robth cut rate liquor store. the gunman exchanged shots. one of the robbers was shot and killed but the other got away. the store clerk was not hurt. in our other top stories, we checked and so far no new leads in a st. pete hotel shooting that put two teens in the hospital. it happened in a room at the


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