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tv   News Ch8 First 4  NBC  February 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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. four headlines at 4:00. day. you're looking ate live picture of downtown tampa. we'll show you when rain is expected to move in. >> and number two. gunfire at a crowded park. find out where a 6-year-old shooter found that weapon. number three, scam alert. how crooks are targeting your neighbors and what you need it watch ou. mma comes to tampa bay showcasing amateur fighters looking to turn pro.
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>> good monday afternoon, everyone, i'm josh benson. >> i'm stacie schaible. this is first at four. thanks for joining us. we have a developing story about a gun going off in a crowded park. >> it is a frightening situation for dozens of people in south tampa a 6-year-old found the gun in the mother's diaper bag, took it out and fired a shot. >> it happened while the park was packed with people yesterday. it is a miracle no one was struck by that bullet becky rhiner's friend was in the park when the shot rang out. >> they were very scared. you don't know where that shot was going to go. it could go into you or me or any other child here. >> especially in a crowded park. >> and it was a sunny afternoon, very loaded with kids and parents. >> tampa police arrested ricardo mendez for storing the gun in
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tampering for trying to throw the gun in the bay when he found out the police were on the way. a clerk turned the tables on two armed men when they pointed guns at them inside a store. he pulled his own gun killing one of the men. as candace mccowan shows us, they're searching for a second would be robber. >> josh, stacie, i spoke with the store clerk. he didn't want to get on camera but is thankful for his life after one of those men waved a gun in his face. >> he went in the wrong store, that's for sure. >> poem who shop at this liquor store know not mess with the men behind the corner. >> his life or the other guy's life and he needs to go home to his family as well. he had to do what he had to do. . >> the crooks fired and so did a store clerk. surveillance video showing the suspects running from the store, one of them eventually falling
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from the clerk's gun. police tell us the dead suspect is cody ballesta. his partner didn't stop and remains on the run. investigators continue to comb through the surveillance video as they try to identify whoever that second man is. in east tampa candace mccowan, news chan. wildlife experts are concerned about what is going on in a bay area neighborhood after finding a raccoon shot with an arrow. someone found that raccoon in south bradenton and weeks earlier, in the same area, officials found a duck shot in the neck with an arrow. officials tell us not only is this uneither call but the suspect could be charged with animal cruelty. if you know who is doing this, they ask that you call florida fish and wildlife. take a look at this man, do you know him? hernando county sheriff's deputies say he scammed more than a dozen people out of thousands of dollars to pave the driveways. detectives started receiving complaints about dennis prairie
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according to investigators, he would knock on the door of elderly victims and ask to fix the cracks or holes in the driveways for a low price. deputies tell us he did fix the cracks but the cement wouldn't . >> he would use basically a very tiny amount of cement mixed in with a whole lot of water and would spread it, basically paint it on the driveways and in very short period of time it was obvious that the cement would turn into powder or basically run off even before it dries. >> deputies tell us so far they know of 13 victims in spring hill and they believe there could be more. right now prairie is waiting to be extradited to missouri on similar charges. the hillsborough river turned green today but don't worry it was just a test in preparation for the city's st. patrick's day celebration. the water department mixed liquid with a dye powder, that
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there won't be pfrp under floating in the water. mayor buckhorn plans to host the river o'green. here is meteorologist julie phillips. >> good afternoon, josh. a wonderful beach day if you happen to have the day off or in town visiting. here is the view from st. pete deech out at the loews don cesar. temperatures at this location sitting in the low 70s. another day in the 70s absolutely gorgeous outside again. some spots even up to 80. check it out in temple terrace. 80 in lutz. we're up to 81 in brandon. milder along the coats with the breeze coming in. 74 in weeki wachee. 75 in venice. 81 in sebring. warm afternoon, we've got partly cloudy skies, no rain just yet although we can't rule out an isolated stray shower in inland spots. if you're wondering what we see on the radar, it is likely a fires there. as you step back.
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a small disturbance to our south. this could actually bring us a few sprinkles overnight into tomorrow morning as it moves north. not expecting much in the way of heavy rain fall but we could see a few sprinkles or light showers, also watching this system in the southeast, the bulk of this moisture will stay to the north of us but the rain chances will be increasing as we head into wednesday. so through this evening. slight rain chances in the forecast for us, about 10% or so into the overnight hours. asso wake up tomorrow morning. temperatures will be in the mid-60's. may have an isolated shower, but it is really wednesday when we're looking at the stronger storms moving through. there is a threat to see severe storms coming through. strong winds look to be the biggest threat. we'll talk about the rain chances coming up in your full forecast in a few minutes. guys? >> and right now we have breaking news. the venice fire department is at scene of a crash involving a school bus. it happened at pine brook road
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we're told at least three people minor injuries. apparently some of the injured are children. eagle eight hd is on the way to the scene and we'll brick you a live update as soon as we -- bring you a live update as soon as we get there. let's look at hollywood including emma watson's year old and ferris bueller. >> an award you've probably never heard of may have cinched an oscar for the big short. it won the university of southern california scripter award for the best sin mattic adapt -- cinematic adaptation of the written word. . emma watson's year off. the british actress and un women good will ambassador says she is
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in an interview with belle hooks, she says she will spend that time working on the he for she campaign for gender equality and what she calls personal development including reading one book a week. [ music ] . >> and it has been 30 years since ferris bueller's day off, so get ready for ferris fest, a celebration in chicago where the film takes place. events planned include a screening, a tour of filming locations and recreation of the famous parade scene. with the hollywood minute, i'm david danielle. david daniel. we'll see how state republicans are reacting to a presidential race without former florida governor jeb bush. some of the people we talked to donated thousands to his campaign. >> and then there is this -- >> a largo mother of four uses
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tial arts to unwind. i'll have her story coming up. . right now an update on the breaking news we were telling you about. a school bussed involved in a crash in venice. we'll go to paul lamison. we're down here in pine brook road in venice. the school bus and car collided and there were injuries. 2 to 3 students were injured and taken away and 1 to 2 people in the car. the good news is the injuries are minor, the bad news is this road, pine brook, is still closed by water road in venice. so in this area it is not a populated area. bullet it is a through street and it is affecting traffic. if you're down here in the venice area avoid this area once again, an accident with the school bus, 2 to 3 students
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all of the injuries are reported to be minor. in eagle eight hd, paul lamison, news channel 8. >> one quick question, do we know which school the school bus is from? >> no, we don't. i haven't been able to figure that out. it is from the sarasota county schools. but there are a number of schools down in this area and we're not sure where the bus originaled from. . paul lamison reporting. if you asked almost anyone around florida's capitol last year who would be the 2016 republican nominee for president they probably would have said jeb bush. >> supporters are still proud of capitol bureau matt galka explains. >> it is a sad day for many at the capitol after one of the most beloved governors in florida history decided to end his bid for the white house.
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>> former florida governor jeb bush officially called it quits saturday. lobbiest slater bayless hopes his message isn't lost on the remaining candidates. >> one of the things governor bush did and i thought did well was proposed substantial policies as he went through the presidential campaign and my hope is once the craziness of some of this settles a little bit that some of the remaining republican candidates will look at the proposals and adopt them. >> now marco rubio supporters are hoping jeb's loss becomes reporting in tallahassee. i'm matt galka. >> bush raised $100 million for his presidential run. something that is not lost on rubio supporters. >> they will try to swing some campaign. we have an eight on year side consumer watch. toys r is pulling all hover boards from the website
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the move comes after the consumer protection says no hover board meets the safety standards. the toy retailer is working with today, starbucks is overhauling the rewards program to benefit you. that goal is to speed up service at the check out. under the old program, members got one star per visit and it didn't matter how much was spent. the new program is based on how much a customer spends, not on the number of transactions. starbucks has more than 1 million active reward members. just when you thought you could take that tax refund and it. >> critic clakam shares 8 on your side ideas about what else . >> if tempted to use your 2015 tax refund to indulge yourself, you're not alone. >> maybe a day at the spa. i know that sounds crazy but
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>> because the irs is on pace to match or exceed last year's 77 million refund checks, that averaged about $2,800 an apiece. many of the lucky ones have already spent it. >> an imaginary world i would get season tickets to the panthers. >> it doesn't take much imagination to figure out what you should do with your refund. >> number one, paying off high interest rate debt and that is typically consumer debt. credit cards. >> chris hobart says get rid of it grows daily. put money into an emergency fund that reduces the potential for more debt and depositing much if retirement account. >> that means either making sure your 401(k) or ira is maxed out but more importantly, maybe starting a roth ira.
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withholdings so you aren't providing the government with an interest free loan for next year. nbc. >> don't forget. the date to submit your tax rush has been moved back -- tax return has been moved back four days, on april 18th. nice to know. a lot of people get behind this time of the year. >> especially on taxes. >> couple extra days helps. >> it is not something you anxiously await doing sorting through papers and files. >> i don't think a lot of you will do it this weekend. it was too sglies they shouldn't be doing it this weekend. >> they shouldn't be doing it next weekend. we see changes we have rain moving back into the forecast. a few showers will can back tomorrow and wednesday will be the day we're watching for the chance to see more storms roll through the tampa bay area as far as severe weather goes. we see strong to severe storms possible on wednesday. keep that in mind. behind the system, we're actually looking at cooler
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it has been a little bit that we've been enjoying the 70s but that is about to change. we're looking at a significant drop in those temperatures. for the rest of this evening. things looking quiet. mid-60's. can't rule out a couple of light showers tomorrow and really through the day. we could see sprinkles, isolated showers inland into the afternoon but tomorrow is not really the day we'll see a ton of rain rain across the area. temperatures across the area upper 70s. at the moment, a few clouds around. notice light moisture to the south slowly working to the north. this is what could bring us a few sprinkles overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning. there is the system off to our north now. so we could see an isolated shower inland this evening. most of us looking at dry conditions, rain chances only at 10% or so. tomorrow morning, again, the small chance for light shower. notice by tomorrow afternoon, we could actually see showers roll in to the inland spots and then
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arrives, showers and thunderstorms generally at this after 8:00 a.m.. continuing into the early afternoon hours but this front will push through quickly, could see strong storms, maybe even some isolated severe storms with damaging winds. tornado. by wednesday afternoon, late in the day into the evening hours, this front is cleared out and we're looking at clearing skies and then the breezy winds will kick in as we head into thursday as well. the northwest winds bringing in the cooler air. so the storms move in, mostly on wednesday, and then the temperatures start to drop. so friday morning, saturday morning, we're waking back up with temperatures in the 40s. guys? >> all right. thank you, julie. to become a successful mixed martial arts fighter you have to devote a lot of time to practicing the craft. >> news channel 8's doub anthony allred. caught up with a fighter who
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juggling to be a single parent and running her own co. >> if you're looking for one of the biggest, hardest hitting entertaining sport in the tampa bay area, you're in luck because world class fight league is here to stay. >> this is our 14th show. wcfl 14. 18 fights on this card. we have five title f. >> this is ledia, hollywood's third fight and so far she has never been beaten. >> i get this feeling. i don't have it anywhere else. it is a sense of empowe. >> she would go on to punch, record. >> i do it for free.
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you have to have five to go pro. >> as she waits to turn pro she runs chauffer company. >> i'm a single mom. it keeps me sane. i have four kids. they can drive you crazy sometimes. i go train and i feel better. makes me a better friend, person, and a better mother. >> this is the 5th time in a row world class fight league has put on a show before a sold out crowd of more than 1,000 people. and people i talked to say they can't get enough of this kind of mma fighting. >> boxers got a little bit for us. we want to see them get down and the action. this is about all of the action. >> i never saw women fighting. it was only men boxing. now you have pretty much everything. i think it is good to see male and female fighting.
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by everyone right down to the youngest fan. in tampa anthony allred, news channel 8. >> better not talk back to mom. >> no. coming up, we'll take a look at your presidential race as we get closer to super tuesday. >> rays players already reporting to spring training. we'll get a preview of this year's team with first at 4sports coming up. >> you're watching news channel
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. welcome back. let's check in on the first at hadsports with dan lucas. >> out at rays camp it was absolutely stunning. >> the weather. >> appeared the talent. >> the talent is good too. out there. >> not much shade.
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reported over the weektd and as talented as blake snell is on the mound, he rubbed chris archer the wrong way. snell who finished last season in aaa durham showed up late in archer's opinion and herd all about it. archer learned how to be a pro from david price and shields. now they can learn from him even in pra. >> the air horn signalled it was time to move onto the next station. chris archer was not finished. beneath the gusts in poor charlotte, you can h foundation being built. do it again, and again, archer's pitching group waited and watched until finally. >> there you go. >> this is why pitchers and catchers report to spring training early. archer worked with veteran catcher hank conger on this day and you better believe the conversation went both ways.
4:27 pm
and you also living up to what you just said t? >> well, every different. some people like the catcher's glove to be where they want the ball to finish. some people want the catcher's glove where they want to start the ball. >> ha is what makes the conversations so important. a little chat out here in the practice bullpen can mean a huge out later in the season. >> just so when we do get into games it there is no questioning there, is no doubt. he already knows, kind of the game plan and we work within that. >> i'm sure if you're a catcher like hank is, you have a good memory and track record of remembering those things. >> i could tell 20 and 30 pitches, he was anticipating where the ball was going to go. >> no detail ignored, no fundamentals skipped at practice. archer has assumed a leadership role as a pitcher and if he is not satisfied, well, everyone
4:28 pm
>> and by the way, blake snell is the real deal. he is a name we'll hear plenty. he is likely to begin the season back in durham but could be pitching sometime this center and chris archer said show up on time which means before the media gets in the clubhouse. >> correct. >> and we run around the field together as a group. doopdz go on your own -- don't go on your own. he is on top of blake snell. >> exactly.
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. four headlines at 4:30. the man police say killed six people in a series of random shootings in michigan faced a judge today. investigators are trying to make sense of the weekend rampage kalamazoo county in which brian dalton picked up passengers for uber in between attacks. number two, security guards
4:32 pm
a conference room at a massachusetts hotel where bill cosby's wife is answering questions under oath. camille cosby is being deposed in a defamation lawsuit by seven women who claim the comedian sexually assaulted them. big codby filed a counter suit against the women. apple's ceo e-mailed his staff thanking them for the support. tim cook is referring to the case involving the iphone of terrorist syed rizwan farook who along with his wife shot and killed 14 people in san bernardino. the fbi has a court order demanding apple help break into farook's phone. cook is refusing. apple has until friday to officially respond. cheers! the drink has been around since at least the 1930s but became popular in the 70s when a bartender converted a soft serve ice cream machine into a frozen margarita machine. if you're looking for local
4:33 pm
a holiday, our web team put some up on right now we want to bring you an update on the breaking news. we're learning about a school bus crash in venice. let's send it out to paul lamison in eagle eight hd. . >> we know the name of the school. the bus i'm showing you organize nated from venice high school and we're hearing that 2 to 3 students on the bus were injured and taken to an area hospital. the good news is, the injuries are minor. we're on pine brook road just by water street and the road is bus up. you can see the guy down here working. here is the other car and it took a lot of damage to the front and they're hooking this up to the tow truck. pine brook road is still closed and this bus originated from venice high school. the 2 to 3 inches are minor, so they're about to reopen the road any minute so hopefully we'll get traffic flowing back a
4:34 pm
in eagle eight hd. paul lambson, news channel 8. >> and paushlgs just quickly, the passenger in the other vehicle, did you say they're okay as well. that looks pretty bad. >> yeah, the car does look bad if i push in, you can see the whole front end is crushed in but from what we're hearing, the injuries from everyone are minor, they were taken to the hospital for precaution, but the injuries in this minor and over here in the school bus, minor as well. >> all right. >> good news from hear. back to you, josh. >> paul lambson live for us in eagle 88 h developing. thank you. in your vote 2016, democrats and republicans are flipping the script. democrats tweet in south carolina while the republicans will caucus in nevada. >> that is the exact opposite of last week. here is tracy potts moving forward with your. >> we're just going one after another. are we going to win georgia? >>reporter: donald trump looking beyond tomorrow's contest in
4:35 pm
>> i have a big advantage but long way from being won. >>reporter: behind him, interest is a race between ted cruz and marco rubio. >> what naps las vegas is not staying in las vegas -- what happens in las vegas is not staying in las vegas. >>reporter: cruz is not winning his key group, evangelicals. >> there is a division of opinion. >>reporter: the democrats are getting ready to square off in south carolina this weekend. hillary clinton is popular with the large african-american electorates. >> she will have tremendous momentum going into next weekend and the super tuesday states. i think it is a real problem for bernie sanders. >> the next president of the sa! >> we are listening to the african-american community. head. >> i'm in texas right now.
4:36 pm
>> tracy potts, nbc news, washington. texas, one of the 13 super tuesday states cortex further narrow the race. >> and remember -- could further narrow the race. >> and remember the primary is on march 15th. the first at 4forecast is right now. here is julie phillips. >> good afternoon. another gorgeous one across the tampa bay after what was a fantastic weekend. take a look at the view from sun city center. cloud cover here in other places. the inland spots with more clouds today. 79 degrees at moment with the winds out of the northwest between five to 10 miles an hour and we've really seen temperatures warm up this afternoon. notice a lot of areas in the 80s. 81 in plant city. 80 in bartow wimauma. brooksville, 77 this afternoon, very comfortable afternoon still, winds generally out of the south. breezier along the coast at 10 to 15 miles an hour.
4:37 pm
changes are headed our way as we head into the next couple of days. notice deeper moisture that moved on top of the tampa bay area the drier air moved to the south and this will allow for the rain and storm chances to go up the next couple of days. tomorrow, a few showers but there is a good chance of storms on wednesday and we'll talk about the timing of those coming up in your full for. eight is on your side with what you need to know to plan your morning commute. here is leslee lacey with a look at tomorrow's traffic today. >> i hope you're enjoying your afternoon. i want to let you know about good news that kicks off in downtown tampa cache street goes both ways. it is eastbound and westbound between franklin and ashley drive. it used to be a one-way street. if you want to contact me or connect with me, go to the facebook page @leslee lacey and follow me for your morning
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>> you can catch leslee lacey and leigh spann every week day morning with weather and traffic on the 8's st 4:00 a.m.. still ahead on first at four -- >> a blind dj isn't letting a little competition keep him from following his dreams. i'll have his story coming up. >> you'll want to stick around for these 8 on your side stories. >> welcome to tarpon springs where the town building official is still playing hide and seek a month after we discovered he doesn't have the proper cells to do his job -- credentials to do his job. >> stolen last week from a church in bradenton. this statue of the mother of mary is in the rightful hands. how it was recovered, coming up. >> my mother has a terrible fear of nursing home. she has all her life. >> we'll show you a new trend in the tampa bay area keeping your older loved ones engaged while living at home. that is coming up at 5:30.
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. welcome back now for a look at celebrity news, here are the hosts of hollywood today live. >> i'm kristin. >> and i'm tanner. this is the htl daily wrap. kim kardashian and kanye west three-month old son saint west appeared on kim's app and website as a tribute to her late father robert kardashian who would have turned 72 today. she wrote i know there is nothing else he would have wanted than to meet his grandchild. >> celebrities were either walking down the aisle or putting a ring on the neyo and girlfriend tied the knot. brian grazer married. kylie minogne got married to
4:43 pm
had a big engagement party. >> speaking of marriages; reality star bethny franco dating a married man. she is getting up close and personal with dennis shields. sources close to frankel say they're old friends. >> that is the htl daily wrap. now it is time for today's send it to stacie. >> where we feature your pictures on tv. we'll starting with this shot. this is ollie, apound maltese. i guess you can call this an olligator bag. >> nailed it. >> here is ray len liking the desoto beach. great picture. >> i love those dog picture parks. the dogs go crazy. >> my new friend, bill dixon who owns real images photography sent me this picture before the
4:44 pm
shot and another beautiful sunset, this one from beth jacobs of holiday. this is the anclote fishing pier. keep it coming! >> very cool. very good landscapes today. send it to stacie by tweeting your pictures with the #sendititstacie. share the pictures with me on my wfla facebook page.
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. recently, stevie wonder talked about the need to make every single thing accessible to every person with a disability. we found a great example of that right here in our own backyard. today i want to introduce you to a dj doing what he . >> it is your boy joven, we're here to talk mma and mixed martial arts for appear hour. >> 29 jonathan guzman loves radio, tev and film. >> what i like the most about
4:48 pm
>> at the hillsborough community college ybor campus, he hosts a weekly talk show on mixed martial arts. >> local fighters, gym owners we arts. this is a special morning edition of beat down radio. what he doesn't talk about on-air is the disability. >> i don't want it to be the main focus. >> he has a disease that occurs in premature babies causing abnormal blood vessels to grow in the retina, vebtly leading to -- eventually leading to blindness. >> i could see out of the left eye until i was nine years old. it is such that i lost the vision. so totally blind since nine. >> there is a lot of things around that. >> that hasn't stopped him from reaching his dreams. >> it is not limiting. you can do anything and he picked a major that is tough to get into.
4:49 pm
director of the light house for the blind in tampa and she helped jonathan land his radio . he graduated from the university of hawaii with a degree in creative media. what he wants next is a full time job in his career field. >> the jury is out on how much i can actually do. speerps. they said sure come in and learn and play in our sound box and it has been a great experience. >> jonathan is a one man band. he runs his radio show all by him self with no help. >> you can feel the board and know which buttons to press? >> yeah, the switch board over here it actually toofive minutes to really nail down so i could use it. my computer, we have a screen reading software on it. so i do all of my notes on here
4:50 pm
a ooi play it off of here. >> what jonathan needs is what? >> a job. he needs somebody to give him a shot at a job. he just needs a break. he needs a break. he sure does. >> i would love for this to take the show to a professional broadcast station. maybe have my own talk show one day will be great. >> and jonathan also loves film and writing and would love to work at a major studio one day as a writer or producer. the one thing he is not willing to do is give up on his dreams cl. >> very impressive. that weekend was perfect. >> can we keep that going for awhile? >> sunny and 575? >> eventually has come to an end. we get a nice, warm stretch. hope you get a chance to enjoy it. we have rain moving in the next few days.
4:51 pm
first, this is actually taken from space of lightning because it is severe weather awareness week. we're looking at lightning and this is extremely relevant for us in florida for the lightning capitol of the country. you can see it all year long because it is warmer here. it can be quite dangerous at times. that is the dangerous kind. it is a good time to remind the kids when thunder roars, go in indoors, you're within the lightning. not expecting much in the way of lightning. a stray shower is possible but most of us will be partly cloudy, still warm. close to 70 degrees. wake up tomorrow morning, you'll be in the mid-60's. clouds already around could see a few sprinkles, mainly just a couple of showers as we head into tuesday afternoon.
4:52 pm
mid to upper 70s and at the moment you can see light showers, like hardy, desoto county could see light sprinkles over the next couple of hours. through the overnight hours ke can't rule out the light sprinkles staying with us. partly cloudy skies waking up tomorrow morning cortex see a couple of small showers for the morning commute. it shouldn't be a major issue across the area and notice east of i-75 get to the heating of the day. see a few showers developing east of i-75. storms rolling in. out he did of this cold front, we're looking at showers and thunderstorms arriving at this point in time at 8:00 a.m. although you know the timing can change, be sure to check in with us over the next couple of days. this front sweeps through. we'll see showers and thunderstorms in the tampa st. and then by the late afternoon hours, rain chances are over cloudy skies.
4:53 pm
continue on thursday. with this northerly shift to the wind we'll see the cooler air start to roll through and we could see strong to severe storms on wednesday as well. the biggest threats will be strong winds, can't rule out an isolated tornado so make sure you have a way to get weather alerts as we head into wednesday. slight risk for areas north of i-4. when you say slight risk. it may seem like a small risk but it is a decent risk. we're looking at the elevated risk of severe weather north of i-4 and the slight risk as you head south of i-4. there is a chance we could see isolated storms that could become severe. check back with us again on the timing as that can change. inland right now, temperatures have soared into the 80s, 80 in wimauma and bartow. 81 in brandon. 77 currently in tampa and in brooksville. 72 in crystal river, milder along the coast. 73 in venice and as you take a step back, you can see, well, we're looking like warmer temperatures are coming to an
4:54 pm
by thursday, highs in the mid-60's by friday. only making it up to 62 and next weekend looks beautiful as well. lots of sunshine, cooler in the low to mid-60's. >> all right. thank you much. 8 on your side for your health. >> yes. a new study claims that drinking coffee could actually cut your chance of developing a type of liver disease. two cups of day could cut your disease to reduce your chance of alcohol related sirosisis by 44%. -- cirrhosis by 44%. it will never balance out the negative effects of excess alcohol. coming up, a sen tearon -- centurion meets the president and her reaction is priceless.
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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>> >. welcome back, now let's take a look at what's trending online today. >> beginning with college hockey fan, mimicking a tradition in detroit when they throw octopus on the ice. look, he's trying a man brought a fish, clearly too big to handle. he's still trying. he fails in his first team, but he's not giving up. he wants to get that thing out on the ice. he appeared to be giving up, and then yep, timely got it. that was one fish you didn't want to be iced. finally got it over the glass though, accomplishing that mission. this new hampshire tradition of
4:59 pm
after the home team's first goal dates back to the 1970s. today was quite a day for a 106-year-old woman who got to take a trip to the white house. she began a social media campaign to immediate the obama, and explained online she was happy to see a black person in the nation's top job, and even mentioned it to the president. she showed her excitement by dancing. her lively visit is now trending online. >> and i can see why. >> all right, much more news coming your way. >> news channel 8 at 5:00 with keith and jen starts now. right now on news channel 8 at 5:00. he promised to fix a driveway and took her money. now deputies believe the scammer has more victims. with jeb bush out of the race, where will his supporters go.
5:00 pm
and a rock can and -- raccoon and duck shot with arrows. i'm keith cate. >> i'm jennifer leigh. first two breaking stories to tell you about. at least two students taken to the hospital after a school bus crash in venice. this is eagle 8hd video of the scene. the students injuries are not described as serious. we're working to find out what caused the crash and will bring you more information in a bit. also in venice, an suv crashed into a retention pond over the interstate. we also flew over that scene under mile marker 189. no bond for an uber driver accused offed going on a deadly shooting rampage in michigan. jason dalton made his first appearance today, and prosecutors are still trying to figure out why this happened.


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