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tv   News Ch8 Today at 530AM  NBC  February 23, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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good morning. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo. right to our breaking story of the day, a house fire in sulfer springs. just look at the flames. >> we now know that four people are out of this home. one is in the hospital this morning after smoke and fire tore right through their house this morning. our lindsey mastis pulled up to the scene in the last 45 minutes or so. lindsey, what's the latest now? >> reporter: yeah, you're right. we have been getting updates all morning long since we have been out here.
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this house looks at like now. we're going to have meliek zoom in a little bit. you can see one of the tampa fire-rescue trucks is leaving the scene. that's because the investigators are getting ready to go inside. the fire was put out shortly after it was called in. it was called in around 3:50 in the morning. they got the fire out at 4:17. i'm told there were four people living there at the time, all of them adults. a 73-year-old female and the rest were all males in their 30s. one person is in the hospital, a 35-year-old male. i am told that he has non-life threatening injuries. a neighbor tells me that he was out here with the garden hose trying to put the fire out himself. and i want you to hear what she says happened. >> yeah, he had no shoes. he's a spanish so he's pretty light skinned but he was dark. like, you see the blackness all over him.
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nose, i seen the blood coming. and instead -- he had grabbed a lot of hot stuff so, yeah, i'm hoping he's okay. but yeah, he went through a little storm. >> reporter: and i wanted to mention again, you know we're told that he has nonlife threatening injuries so that is good news but it sounds like he this morning. and i'm told that the fire was contained to the first two rooms of the house and that is where investigators are going to be focusing their attention this morning to try to figure out how it started. i mentioned earlier on this morning that there were arson investigators onscene. that does not mean that it was an arson, that's just their job title. so we are investigators out here trying to figure out what happened and why. and of course as soon as we get any update, we will let you know on-air and online. gene and gayle, back to you. >> and from the video from earlier, you could appreciate the intensity of the fire,
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to stay on top of breaking news anywhere, any time at the palm of your hand, just download our news channel 8 app to your smart phone. and let's turn things over to leigh spann for a look at the forecast. >> it will be a warm day today. we are sort of in between systems. one system is to the north and another back here in texas from houston down to corpus christi. that cold front is going to cross the gulf of mexico through the day today and arrive here tomorrow. at the moment, what i'm tracking right now, just patchy cloud cover, not patch -- patchy cloudy. and not seeing any rain today but we could see scattered showers later today. 63 inverness. 62, sarasota. just the 20 to 30% chance of spotty showers later today. and big story today is about how warm and humid it will be. i will talk about storm's threat. first, let's get you on the roadways. >> that's right.
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we have some issues going on but they won't slow you down. southbound i-75, just past blanton road, we have a collision. no injuries involved. man teen county, state road 64 at i-75, an accident off the shoulder. and state road 64 east of zipper road, another collision but no delays. and of course, overnight construction still out there, southbound i-75, university parkway. the exit is blocked and also two lanes are blocked but it should be wrapping up soon. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. >> thank you. happening today, the search for a polk county superintendent ramps up. the superintendent will talk about where to go from here. and news channel 8's adrienne pedersen joins us live from the polk county school board building. adrienne, what's the next move here? >> reporter: good morning, gene.
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out for them. this afternoon the school board will be talking about where to go from here in the search. that will be happening in this afternoon. and these searches can take a lot of time and money. and of course, we would be on the hook for that. i checked the agenda and there are really no details, just saying discuss the superintendent search. hopefully today we will get a better idea of what direction the district wants to the take. this is all happening because kathryn leroy resigned scandal of hitting to on a coworker. she was cleared of the allegations but she still stepped down. after the workshop, there's an actual board meeting and they'll be talking about this, this is a potential contract to make the deputy superintendent the interim superintendent until they can figure out who they want to take the position permanantly.
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be listening to every word there. thank you. this morning, 8 on your side has details of a traffic plan that may settle things for spring break. the city of clearwater wants to work out a deal with clearwater ferry to lower fares as a way to keep a lot of cars off the beach. 8 on your side's ryan hughs is live in clearwater this morning. and ryan, this could save beach goers a lot of time. >> reporter: good morning. for sure. this is where the ferry would depart. you can see it just pulled up here against the dock within the last 10 minutes or so. and for eight week, the city wants reduced fares to encourage people to choose this over their cars. now take a look at the map. it shows all the places the ferry departs from including downtown clearwater. the city hopes encouraging visitors to park and take the ferry to the beach will help reduce traffic. and now the program would cut one-way fares from $3 to just $2.
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the end of april. and the reduced fares would be from 10:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. and at this point, this isn't a finished deal yet. the city and ferry service are still trying to iron out details. so in the next week or so, we should know exactly if this will come to fruition or not. back to you. >> well let's hope it does because with clearwater beach always get top rankings around the world, a lot of folks want to visit so let's make it easy on them. thanks, ryan. this morning, two teens are facing charges for weekend shooting at a holiday inn expressway in st. petersburg. 16-year-old charles jones is charged with attemped murder and 18-year-old sean mcguy is assault. the shooting wounded two other teens. one is still being treated at the hospital. now to an 8 on your side fraud alert. deputies are on the lookout for more victims after a man was
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scamming elderly homeowners across the bay area. dennis prairie is facing grand theft and organized crime charges from hernando county. investigators believe he and his wife took money from victims to fix cracks in their driveways. detectives claim he used a substance made of mostly water and a little concrete to coat the driveways but it only lasted a few days. deputies are encouraging other victims to come forward. well the time right now is 5:38. and boy, the sun is coming out. it's going to be hot later today. >> you know, it will be a little on the warmer and more humid side and along with that, clouds. hour-by-hour through the day, i just left in a 10% chance of rain this morning. most of you will be dry but we already get to 70 at 10:00 in the morning. and then from lunchtime right through the evening, it's a 20% rain chance. and another than that, warm and humid, 47 at noon. and 78 at 3:00 p.m.
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and i am more concerned with the storms coming through tomorrow, basically more than 24 hours from now. and we could see heavier downpours and embedded in that, lightning strikes. i don't think hail is going to be a big deal with the storms but you could see strong, damaging wind gusts, a moderate risk of that and a low risk of tornadoes but a risk is there, especially in the el nio season. check out the eight-day temperature trend, warm today and tomorrow. and then teeth-shattering by friday with a high of only 62. again, tomorrow maybe rain but not this morning. >> i will take it when i can get it. traffic actually looks pretty good. nice to have the dry roadways for commute. up on the screen here, southbound i-75, still working as an accident past blanton road. and this is in pasco county, folks. and it's tying up the left lane but traffic is light. again, no delays. and the latest here, state road 64 at i-75, still working a collision there. and it's off to the shoulder as
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zipper road. and now an update on the overnight construction, looks like the university parkway off- ramp is now back open from southbound i-75. but we still have activity up there. and taking up lanes on i-75 proper. just keep in mind, you can still get by, no delays but it should wrap up soon. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you. grab the old lottery tickets right now. coming up, the numbers of a big unclaimed jackpot that expires in one week. also, dangerous driving distractions. what's more dangerous a plague makeup behind the wheel or driving angry? the findings of a study will surprise you. but first, apple verses the fbi all over iphone encryption. which way public opinion is now swaying on this one coming up.
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today republicans will caucus in nevada. candidates are campaigning around the clock. senator ted cruz got a roaring applause when he said he wants millions of acres of federal land in nevada turned over to state control. >> and our senator marco rubio is confident he will win nevada. he doesn't have a win under his belt but he did edge out senator cruz for the second place spot in south carolina. his campaign continues to gain momentum now. senator rubio has a new key endorsement, former senate majority leader bob dole. he is the party's presidential nominee from 1996 you might remember. the republican front-runner
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party members to get out and vote today. he is drumming up a lot of support. about 10,000 people came out to cheer him on a rattily in las vegas. voters begin caucusing as early as 8:00 p.m. our local time. on the democratic side, hillary rodham clinton is leading this morning in the race for delegates. clinton won the final delegate from the nevada caucuses. this morning she has a total of 52 caucus and primary delegates while senator bernie sanders has 51. clinton's lead gets bigger though, 503 to 70 when you include endorsements by super delegates, party leaders and members of congress. the time right now is 5:44. happening today, apple supporters are planning protests against the fbi. demonstrators will rally at apple stores and fbi headquarters in support of apple resisting an order to help the feds hack into a terrorist's phone. but a new poll shows the
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take a look at the results of the poll. right now, 51% say apple should unlock the phone used by san bernardino terrorist syed rizwan farook. only 38% believe apple should not so it can ensure security of other users' information. and 11% are undecided. the protests are planned for 5:00 this evening and there are two in our area. one at the apple store at international plaza and another in brandon at the apple store in westfield mall. right now, only a handful of people are interested but no one has rsvped to attend. you got to listen to this. today in florida, four people are facing burglary and criminal mischief charges after a brawl all over an order of garlic knots. yeah, this is getting a lot of attention this morning. the woman you see on the screen, she ordered the garlic knots. good stuff, right? well, she wasn't by because
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wasn't happy because they had cheese on top. according to deputies, she demanded her money back and then became enraged when the clerk put the money on the counter. and then her three friends trashed the restaurant. big papi arrived for his last spring training before he retires at the end of the season. he shared hugs and hand shakes with his teammates. even with his former enemy, david price. enemy is a strong word. and the two got into some drama a few years back. that's all in past now. embrace. this morning, a fantasy 5 big jackpot remains unclaimed. the winning ticket will expire next tuesday at midnight. the drawing was on september 3rd, 2015.
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scene, 1, 11, 12, 15 and 28. the tick set worth $73,000 was sold at a circle k in lakeland. again, the 180 deadline to claim the prize is just a week away. so be sure to check around your home. all right, when it comes to weight loss, you would think more is better, right? well, turns out, less can be more. it's confusing but listen. obese adults can improve their health by losing just 5% of their body weight. there's a study that found that small weight loss cuts the risk of type two describes cardiovascular disease. -- type two diabetes and cardiovascular disease. all right, here something to think about before getting behind the wheel of the car this morning. a study suggests that driving distractions, some are riskier than others. researchers used camera and radar to collect data on the
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than 3500 drivers. applying makeup or interacting with rear seat passengers have little impact. but driving while angry, sad or emotional created almost 10 times the risk of a crash. >> yikes. >> speeding was the most dangerous driving behavior, increasing the risk of an accident by 13 times. >> happens when you're angry, so you put angry music on. >> yeah. >> and you just let your foot go. >> yeah, got to put the brakes on the road rage. >> or you could be in lala land and then going 30 on the highway. >> and crying over your favorite love song. that happens with leslee lacey a lot. >> i do. i cry. when master of puppets comes on, i just cry everywhere. no. all right, folks, southbound i-75 past blanton road, an accident that just won't go away. it's still here.
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no delays. traffic is light overall. and over here at state road 64 at i-75, it's trying to clear up. fhp says it's on the shoulder. road. as far as overnight construction that i have been following at the sarasota/man degree county line, southbound at university parkway, the exit is now open. so you can exit on to university. and they're still trying to clear up a couple lanes blocked due to construction. but you can get by and again, no delays. that's a look at the roadways. how is the weather looking leigh? thankfully not too bad today. keep in mind, this time tomorrow things will be very different. what's happening right now, you feel it warm and humid when you walkout side around 56 degrees, extra clouds. 78 at 3:00 p.m. well above average, about a 20% rain chance. out the door right now, polk county, lakeland, currently 64. 62 in sarasota.
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weather watcher big monkey in crystal beach who says 64. here's what's going to happen, walk you through the next couple hour, mild, partly cloudy, there will be a few storms that develop east of i- 75 but again, just the 20% chance. here's where things change, strong front crosses the gulf of mexico, arrives tomorrow in the northwest counties and pushes to the southeast by the evening and everything clears out. and cools off. but while this storm system is here, tomorrow morning, especially north of i-4, there's a slight risk of severe weather including strong damaging wind gusts and even the high of a tornado. a high of only 26 for friday. friday. >> thank you. is your pet the top dog? coming up, we will reveal the most popular dog breed in america. plus, the teen, how he
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letters from more than 20 colleges.
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he's inspiring his peers to reach for the stars. a georgia teen is looking at acceptance letters from more than 20 colleges and even better, he's received more than
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he spent his entire high school career working for it. while his gpa and extracurricular got him here, he credits his success to something else. >> the more positive people you have around, the more positive you will be. so the fact that i'm around good people and our minds are focused on one common goal. >> that's very selfless. >> that's great. >> well, he has made his pick. he wants to study political science at moorehouse college in atlanta where he feels the culture and high standards suit his interests best. and for post-graduate school, he has his eyes set on law school. >> wow. i'm sure he will do it. >> yep. >> seems like a person who goes after what he wants. good for him. these guys are too cute to hand and will they know it too. for the 25th year in a row, labs are america's most popular dog breed. that's according to the american kennel club.
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listen up, beagles, golden retrievers, and german well. akc officials claim the list shows americans prefer easy to care for, family-friendly dogs. ones. >> mine is lazy. today is world spay day. >> and many pets will be snipped but that's not an easy decision for pet lovers. coming up, new in the next half hour, the importance of this day and we will talk to a local vet about some myths. >> can't we call it fixed? first, weather and traffic away.
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time for weather and traffic on the 8s. i do expect a relatively warm day, 78 degrees, about a 20%
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ahead of a strong cold front that gets closer tonight. leslee -- all right, still working, an accident i-75 past blain on the road. downtown dade city looks good. and let's take a live look at traffic. a look at i-75 and fowler new
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we begin with a house fire in sulfer springs. good morning. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez. one person in the hospital right now. firefighters tell us he tried to put out the fire. he and three others escaped from the home. >> news channel 8's lindsey mastis is now live from east sitka street. you keep getting new information. what have you learned since we last checked in? >> reporter: well, gayle and gene, so far there, are four people that were inside the house when the fire broke out. and it was called in around 3:50 in the morning and firefighters were able to put


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