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tv   News Ch8 Today at 6AM  NBC  February 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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we begin with a house fire in sulfer springs. good morning. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez. one person in the hospital right now. firefighters tell us he tried to put out the fire. he and three others escaped from the home. >> news channel 8's lindsey mastis is now live from east sitka street. you keep getting new information. what have you learned since we last checked in? >> reporter: well, gayle and gene, so far there, are four people that were inside the house when the fire broke out. and it was called in around 3:50 in the morning and firefighters were able to put
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but one of those people, a 35- year-old man did get burned. he is in the hospital right now being treated. we are told he has non-life- threatening injuries. you can see the house and what is left of the front of it. i am told that the fire mainly stayed to the front two rooms and that is where a 73-year-old woman, carmen ortiz was staying. i talked with her a moment ago and she tells me that it's horrible. >> i even lost by id there, my glasses, everything. house. i was sweating. >> reporter: and now that was a neighbor who saw the flames. she said she couldn't sleep and lucky she was up and able to call 911.
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to help the family. i am told that the red cross will be here later on this morning trying to help the family. they have two dogs and the dogs got out as well. they have got an eye out for one running around the neighborhood this morning. and of course, as soon as we get an update on how the 35- year-old man is doing, we will let you know on-air and online. gayle, back to you. >> yeah, to see the flame, it was unbelievable. update, lindsey. so stay on op of breaking news any time, anywhere, you can hands. download our news channel 8 app on your smart phone. it is warm out there. at least warmer than we expect for february, 65 degrees in tampa right now. our cooler spot, like zephyrhills, not that cool, 61 lakeland. 61 fish hawk. during the day today, i expect it to at least stay dry for the
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maybe extra clouds and more humid. this say forecast through 9:35. rain. calling for a 20% chance. warm day. 74. so in weather and traffic on the 8s at 6:08, i will walk you hour-by-hour through today and then talk about when i expect stronger storms. first, let's get you out the door this morning. >> yeah. now we have a big issue on state road 52. pasco county, folks, first of all, i want to show you this video of i-75. a good drive here. we've got more traffic on the roadway, here's fowler avenue and i-75 but still a good drive. southbound 75 past blanton road, an accident here. here's the big issue, this just road 52. fhp tells me both directions of state road 52 at i-75 and the ramps are blocked. that's a look at weather and traffic. >> thank you.
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side with a look at a plan to cut down on the headache getting to the beach on spring break. this is how it looks in clearwater during that time of the year. sometimes cars don't even move. brake lights for miles. bumper to bumper traffic is common and is very frustrating in the area but there could be relief on the way. >> i have been in that traffic, all you want to do is get to the beach. and news channel 8's ryan hughs is live in downtown clearwater this morning. and now the city is working with the clearwater ferry to reduce fares during peak times. >> reporter: exactly. good morning. by a dollar each way. the ferry was just docked a moment ago but it took off for clearwater beach. city leaders think more people will use the ferries and that will keep more cars off the roads. this shows all the places the ferry departs from including downtown clearwater. the city wants to encourage visitors to park and take the ferry to the beach hoping to
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and now it would cut one-way passenger fares from $3 to just $2. and it lasts from march 1st to the end of april. and it would be available from 10:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. and now the kinks for the program still need to be ironed out but hopefully it will come to fruition in the next week or two. >> i know this personally, if you ever sat in that traffic, it would be fantastic. thank you for the update, ryan. happening today, the search starts for a new top dog in the polk county school district. board members will talk about hiring a new superintendent. this is all after the previous one resigned amid scandal. news channel 8's adrienne pedersen is live this morning at the school board. and adrienne, the searches can be very, very intense. >> reporter: good morning, gene, that's right. we are talking about a lot of time and money. we have been through this before with other school districts and i am hoping that
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better idea after the workshop here about where the board members want to head with the search. now we are already on the hook for the former superintendent's 20 weeks of severance pay, all of her paid leave and her attorney fees. there aren't a lot of details on the agenda. and now remember this is all happening because she resign add mid scandal of hitting on a coworker. she was cleared of the allegations but still decided to step down. after this workshop, later at 5:00, the board will vote on making the deputy superintendent the interim superintendent so that someone will hold the position during this search. and now also something interesting, gene, we just posted on our website,, the entire paper trail of that investigation. i know a lot of people are still interested in that. >> oh, yeah, a great read. thank you, adrienne. the time right now, 6:06.
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at the surveillance video of the liquor store shootout in tampa. it's a story we brought you news. let's take a closer look and you can see two men enter the cut rate liquor on north 15th street in east tampa and then, running off. that's when police claim the at the men. one man died in the shootout. and police are still looking for the second armed man. well a tampa man is now facing charges after a 6-year- old found a loaded gun in his mom's diaper bag. a lot of parents are talking about this this morning. they are clicking on the story on and sharing it. ricardo marquez is accused of putting the gun in his girlfriend's diaper bag. the little boy found the gun and fired it. he does have a concealed weapons permit but still he is
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with evidence. police claim he tried to throw the gun into the bay. and developing this morning, new revelations about the uber driver accused of going on a killing spree in michigan. investigators found 11 rifles at jason dalton's home. and they discovered dalton bought a, quote, heavy duty jacket capable of concealing a first shooting. he is accused of killing six people and injuring two others in a shooting rampage that went on for several hours. this morning, there's news about one of the survivors who was shot in the head. >> yeah, the parents of the 14- year-old abigail cop revealed that she gave doctors a thumbs up sign after they asked her a question. now the news came when the teen's parents discussed abigail's condition. they told reporters abigail is in the fight of her life. she remains on a ventilator in critical condition.
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up later today. >> yeah, we will be well above what we would consider average or normal for february. starting this morning by 8:00, we will be at 65 degrees. and notice i put in a 10% rain chance northerning. most will get to work and school dry. and then -- chance this morning. and most of us will get to work and school dry. and then a 20% chance after lunchtime. 74 at noon. 78 at 3:00 p.m. and still 73 at 6:00. 20% rain chance today but check out tomorrow, a 60% chance of storms. and then we are dry for the rest of the week. but tomorrow and the timing. i think most of the tomorrows happen in the morning and quickly push east after lunchtime. while those storms are here, strong wind gusts are a possibility along with lightning and there's an isolated risk of a tornado. and behind this front, it cools down significantly, highs back in the 60s. of course, we will keep you posted on the threats throughout the day today and tomorrow.
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it's dry when people head to work today. >> yeah, that's one big thing. overall, it's a good drive. and i mean the bay area interstate, not seeing significant delays. let's talk about pasco county again folks. it's never been slowing you down. just keep that in mind, if you see activity there, south 75 past blanton road. and focus on state road 52, this is westbound approaching i- 75. we have a big accident here and seeing eastbound delays. both the west and eastbound lanes are blocked. due to the collision that's tying up lane. and also the entrance ramps are blocked to i-75. and of course, if you live in the area, you know that there's not exactly a closer way to get on 75. you have to go up to blanton or stake state road 54 to the south. and a collision as well over here and just heads up, delays eastbound state road 70 at bethany road. back to gene and gayle. >> all right.
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well, botox isn't just to get rid of the wrinkles and that burrow in the brow. >> how botox may help ease knee pain. and a 97-year-old california woman is getting kicked out of her house. why the landlord claims he has no choice. but first, world spay day. getting your dog or cat fixed is not an easy decision. a local vet helps us identify those myths and separate fact from fiction.
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8 is on your side with an important reminder for pet owners, today is world spay day. the humane society remines us, there are thousands of homeless cats and dogs. spaying and neutering is just one way to help control the problem but we often hear about potential issues associated with fixing our pets. i spoke with the humane society vet to separate fact from fiction. >> reporter: he may have the shakes waiting to see the vet but you may be the run who's really nervous. people believe all kinds of things about fixing their pets. >> ridiculous ideas about, oh, he's such a charming one and i would like to breed him.
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>> reporter: the hue mate society believes don't believe these myths. ladies first, they might have to have the first litter to be healthy. >> it's not true. >> reporter: in fact, female cats and dogs should be spayed before their first heat. it avoids breast cancer, especially in cats. for the big boy, nope, they won't miss their you know whats. >> i guess i would if i was a dog. >> what they'll miss when they get their dog or cat neutered, they'll not mark their at the lior. >> reporter: i hear, my pet is going to get fat lazy. >> the biggest issue for obesity is how we act as owners. >> reporter: what the doctor order, diet and exercise. it's a no brainer. and have you heard this one? my dog won't be a good protector for my family. >> they'll. what you won't see is a lot of dog fights with male dogs. >> reporter: that settles that. the vet the tells us it's a
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>> it's amazing how quickly dogs and cats recover. >> reporter: and yes, you can afford it. >> we have a lot of discount programs, free programs to help you out. >> reporter: if pet ownership is new to you, cocoa's mom has raised pets for 60 years. what have your years of experience taught you? >> they have to be neutered. by the time they're six months old, they're done. >> reporter: well, that's a little controversial right. the six-month window, some like to wait longer. the hue mate society suggest you have the vet examine the pet first and then -- the humane society suggest you have your pet examined first and then tell you. >> it all comes down to the training. and another thing i didn't mention, people like to breed their dogs because they want to continue the this champion line. well, you can go to a shelter and find a pure bred. you just got to search for them
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we have an 8 on your side alert on those botox injections. research suggestion they might have healing properties for athletes with bad knees. a study followed 45 men and women who were injected with botox in the hip and followed up with physical therapy. 69% didn't need any further care and were pain-free five years later. and that's a higher success rate than anti-inflammatory, steroids and even surgery. that's great to know. well this morning, a 97- year-old california woman is fighting to stay in the home than 60 years. >> that's a longtime. she just received an eviction notice though ma rear hatch claims her former landlord agreed to let her stay in the home for the rest of her life but the landlord died. the new landlord claims the home. hatch and her roommate of 30 anywhere else.
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look at all this nice stuff. >> we're staying optimistic that some accommodation can be reached. >> you can pile up a lot of stuff over 60 years. the new landlord explains he is unaware of the, quote, lifetime agreement. >> it's tough at that age to uproot and move on. >> maybe they can make an exception and then sell it. >> we will hope so. let's get a check on the weather. warmer weather for us. >> yeah, you will really feel the difference this morning. significantly warmer than yesterday morning, 65 degrees. and at this point, just calling for extra clouds in the morning with a small rain chance from lunchtime through the rest of the day. 47 at noon. 78 degrees at 3:00 p.m. and about a 20% chance. step out the door though in clearwater, 36. and not only are temperatures higher but there's more humidity making the air feel softer. 62 in wimauma. and my weather watcher in inverness, she's at 63 degrees. and what's going to be happening?
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now. this is about 7:15. partly to mostly cloudy skies and more humid. and here come the afternoon showers, this about 2:00 p.m. most of them east of i-75 ask quickly moving north and east. and here's where i want you to pay attention, a cold front overnight and then right before sunrise, we could see the first strong storms coming onshore and generally working their way from northwest to southeast. and by p 4 , rain is all gone but while it's here, we have the threat for some severe weather. especially the farther north that you go. north of i-4, some damaging strong wind gusts a possibility tomorrow morning and even that outside risk of a tornado. and now again that's all going to be tomorrow morning. and then clearer and cooler for the rest of the week. the 8s? well, we have issues in pasco county. i want to talk about dade city. downtown is fine but you're going to exit off there, heads up, we have a big crash and it's located on state road 52 at i-75.
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are blocked both on the east and westbound side as well as the entrance ramps to i-75. if you get by there, you know you have to go south down to state road 54 or north up to blanton road to get to 75. hopefully that will wrap up soon. and a collision in lanes. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. >> thank you so much. it's your chance for free tickets to universal orlando. >> find out how you can win. and looking to buy something online? well, first, you got to take a selfie. coming up next, the company looking to implement this idea
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well selfies, they're everywhere. they have really become a part
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>> and now mastercard wants to use selfies to protect consumers. the company is launching new technology to approve online purchases. they claim selfies and fingerprint scans are safer than the passwords we type in. when you download the mastercard identity app, tough take a selfie before you buy something online. and it makes you blink so that the app knows it's actually you. and hopefully makes adjustments for hair styles and that kind of thing. it's your chance to win universal tickets. >> that's right. all you have to do is be our eighth caller. pick up the phone, 1-855-420- 9352. if you are the eighth caller, you win. >> the number again, 1-855-420- 9352. please remember to dial 1 before 855. good luck to you. if you don't win this time, you will get another chance in the next half hour. weather and traffic on the 8s is three minutes away. and new in the next half
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us the most. and our continuing coverage this morning of breaking news, a house fire in sulfur springs. the reason one of the men inside ended up hospitalized. it's 6:25.
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it's 6:28. it means it's time to start getting kids to the bus stop and it will be warmer and partly cloudy at 65 degrees. when they come home from school, only about a 20% rain chance. and emoji man let's you know that most of the showers will be in inland areas but heads up, tomorrow morning, that's when i expect the best rain chance at 60%. leslee, how about traffic on the 8s? trouble in pasco county outside of dade city.
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road 52 because the entrance ramps are blocked. a big crash in lane, both eastbound and westbound of state road 52 tied up and you won't be able the to enter on to the interstates. you got to go back down to state road 54 or up to blanton
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it's 6:30 on this tuesday morning. good morning. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo. we begin with breaking news. four people woke up to flames on east sitka street. and you can see those flames were intense. and now they were able to escape the fire. one man was burned as he tried to fight the flames with a hose. he is now in the hospital. we will have a live report from the scene in just two minutes. and in our other top stories this morning, wet roads are being blamed for one crash
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deputies tell us that the driver lost control near the intersection of livingston avenue and robertson trail. the driver was taken to an area hospital. his injuries are not life threatening. spring break traffic mess solutions are in the works. clearwater is working on a deal to lower the price of the ferry. the idea is to give drivers an option to make it to the beach without having to sit in traffic. let's find out if it's a great day to hit the beach. here's leigh spann. >> well, it will be warm enough to head out there but maybe more cloudy. this is what's happening right now, temperatures warmer than they were this time yesterday. in clearwater specifically, 46 degrees. 64 plant city. 61 in lakeland. but look at the 24 hour temperature change, tampa six degrees warmer than this time yesterday. plant city, brandon, nine degrees warmer and. 13 degrees warmer in brooksville. and tracking clouds now but the overnight rain is gone and should stay gone through the morning commute.
6:32 am
what is happening in east texas, that storm system is going to cross the gulf of mexico tonight and be here tomorrow. spotty showers today, higherment and this is above average. and coming up in weather and traffic on the 8s, i will have tomorrow's storm threats and what you could expect. >> yeah,. at least the roads are dry but we have issues here and there. getting closer to rush hour and more vehicles on the roadway. let's talk about pasco county. outside of the date city area, big issue on state road 52 at i- 75. you won't be able to enter the interstate due to the the crash. it's blocking the ramps and it's also blocking both directions of eastbound and westbound state road 5 2 . take 54 to the south instead at this point. and i know it's a bit out of the way but when the roads are blocked, the road is block. paul buchman highway, highway 39, a crash off to the shoulder. and eastbound state road 70,
6:33 am
bethany road in manatee county. that's weather and traffic. now back to gene and gayle. >> thank you. and now back to the breaking news. four people are happy to be alive after escaping a house fire they recall morning. >> yeah, right now -- fire after escaping this morning. >> yeah, right now, lindsey mastis is on the scene on east sitka street. you have been there since just after 4:00 this morning. what are you learning now? >> reporter: well, gene, and gayle, good morning. you know four people as you mentioned were able to get out. one man is many the hospital. and there were two dogs inside. and i wanted to introduce you to one of the two dogs inside. he is doing just fine. and another dog is running around as well. and now from with what i'm told, the person in the hospital is a 3535-year-old -- is a 35-year-old man and we are told he was trying to fight the flames and trying to save this home. and now the flames broke out just around oar just before
6:34 am
3:50, that's when it was called in. the fire department was able to put it out pet at the time -- was able to put it out pretty fast but there's a lot of damage in the front rooms. a 73-year-old woman tells me she lost quite a bit in the fire. >> i even lost my id there, my glasses, my everything. and i never we want through this before. i don't want to go through it again. it's real bad. >> he had on no shoes. he's spanish so he is pretty light skinned but he was dark. like you seen the blackness all over him. he had a little gash on his nose. and then it's like, he had grabbed a lot of hot stuff, so yeah, i'm hoping he's okay but yeah, he went through a little storm. >> reporter: that's a neighbor and she tells us that one of the men who lived in the home was doing his best to fight the
6:35 am
we are told he has non-life- threatening injuries. he is being treated for burns this morning at tampa general. and now as you saw behind me right now, they're still putting out hot spots in the home. and soon, investigators are going to be going in and trying to figure out how the fire started. as soon as we find out more about how it started and how the 35-year-old man is doing, we're going to let you know on- air and online. gene -- >> yeah, that has to have been scary for everyone involved including the cute puppy. thank you. to the stay on top of breaking news any time, anywhere at the palm of your hand, download our news channel phone. superintendent ramps up. this afternoon, the board will talk about where to go from here now that the top dog resigned in the midst of a scandal. news channel 8's adrienne pedersen is live if the polk county school board. adrienne? >> reporter: good morning, gayle. well, that's what they'll be
6:36 am
the workshop is happening here at the polk county school board building at just about 1:15 this afternoon. and now the searches for superintendents can take a lot of time and money. and we would be on the hook for that. i am checking the agenda this morning and there are not a lot of details, it just talkings about discussing the -- talks about discussing the search for superintendent. hopefully today we will get a better idea of what direction this search is taking. this is happening because kathryn leroy resigned amid scandal of hitting on a coworker. she was cleared of the allegations but eventually stepping down. tonight the at 5:00, board members will talk about this, what i have right here, this is a potential contract asking the deputy superintendent to become the interim superintendent. and now one big question of course we have is does that mean in the future, they could be up for the job?
6:37 am
or maybe do a national search. i will let you know as soon as i get more details. >> and the transitioning can be tough for both students and parents and like you say, costly for taxpayers. thanks, adrienne. this morning, two teenagers are facing charges for the weekend shooting at a holiday inn express in st. petersburg. 16-year-old charles jones is charged with attemped murder. and 18-year-old sean turner mcgee is charged with aggravated assault. the shooting wounded two teens. and one is still being treated at bay front medical center. and now an 8 on your side fraud alert. deputies are on the lookout for more victims after a man was captured and accused of scamming elderly homeowners across the bay area. he is faces charges from hernando county. investigators believe he and his wife took money from victims to fix cracks in driveways. detectives claim he used a
6:38 am
and a little concrete to coat the driveways but it only lasted a few days. deputies are encouraging other victims to please come forward. it's 6:37. happening today, the nevada caucus. the republican presidential candidates are fighting for any last-minute support they can get. senator marco rubio spoke to a crowd yesterday and senator ted cruz also spoke. in a late scramble, donald trump flew from an atlanta event to las vegas for a rally. he is expected to win the state but second place is up in the air right now. well today the pentagon will present its plan to shut down the guantanamo bay detention facility. it calls for transferring detainees to other countries. those deemed too dangerous would be moved to the united states. the facility in cuba holds suspected members of terrorist groups captured overseas. well the time right now is 6:38 on this tuesday morning
6:39 am
>> the sun is just beginning to peak up over the horizon and it's already warmer than yesterday. starting at 65 degrees this morning at 8:00 a.m. this is the slightest rain chance between now and 10:00 a.m. after that, it's a better chance, especially east of i- 75. but when it's not raining on you, that's when it's warm. 74 at noon. 78 at 3:00. and 73 degrees at 6:00 p.m. and tomorrow morning, that's when i expect the stronger storms. there will be lightning, some heavy downpours and those are the main threats. i don't think hail will be much of a threat but in some of the storm, strong, gusty winds that may do some damage. that's a possibility. and then the outside low risk of tornadoes. and now it's 78 today and 76 tomorrow but a cold front will pass through wednesday evening and we dip down into 62 for a high on friday. now let's check on traffic on the 8s. the sun is just starting to peak up over the horizon.
6:40 am
unless you're on state road nice. issues going on, bearss avenue store,-4, typically slow 275 southbound, that's 15 minutes on your commute. and now let's talk about the city. see the slow down here? highway patrol. and looks like just the eastbound lanes are blocked now. so westbound, you've got people slowing down and check out what's going on but you can get by. and the southbound entrance ramp is block but the north one is open. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. now back to gene and gayle. >> okay, getting busy. thank you. your chance to win universal studio tickets. >> right now, we are giving away a pair. the number is on the screen, it's 1-855-420-9352. if you are the eighth caller, you win. >> the number again, 1-855-420- 9352. you do have to dial 1 before 855. it is a free call.
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if you don't win this time, you will get another chance tomorrow. king kong in space. >> it happened in real life. the video is pretty funny. and is it a selfie gone too far? >> hmm. >> yeah, look at this video. what a man was caught doing on a south florida beach to get a selfie with a shark. and then spring break traffic relief. the plan clearwater beach is working on to keep you from sitting in traffic. it's 6:41. you're watching news channel 8 today. p the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. r let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, p and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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it' s a taste so bold, yet so smooth, it could only be called, black silk, from folgers. a taste you could enjoy, fresh brewed, or one cup at a time.
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we're back at 6:44. this morning 8 on your side has details of a traffic plan that may settle things for spring break. the city of clearwater wants to work out a deal with clearwater ferry to lower fares. that's a way to keep a lot of cars off the beach.
6:45 am
is live in clearwater this morning. and ryan, this could save beach goers a lot of time and hassle. >> reporter: gayle, good morning to you once again. for sure. and this is the location where the ferry departs from. it took one trip to the beach already and it just arrived back moments ago. for eight week, the city wants to reduce fares to encourage people to choose this mode of transportation over their cars. and now take a look at this map. it shows all the places the ferry departs from including right here in downtown clearwater. the city hopes encouraging visitors to park and take the ferry to the beach will help reduce traffic. the program would cut one-way passenger fares from $3 to just $2. it last from march 1st to the end of april. and it would be available from 10:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. and at this point, this isn't a done deal yet. the city and the ferry company still have to agree on terms and conditions. but gayle, if this does come to fruition in the next couple weeks, it will be a good thing
6:46 am
the corner. back to you for now. >> and we keep getting these accolades for being such a great beach soy aloft folks will want to visit. thanks, ryan. >> a busy season. four people are facing burglary and criminal mischief charges after a brawl, all over a order of garlic knots. yeah, a lot of attention on the news channel 8 app. we are talking about this woman right here. she ordered these garlic knots, good choice, right? well, she didn't think so because when they were delivered, they had cheese on top. what would you do? >> scrape it off. >> nope, not her. according to deputies, she demanded her money back, became enraged with the clerk when he put the money on the counter and then her three friends trashed the restaurant. >> not a good plan. >> no, not good at all. a viral video is getting a lot of mixed reactions from viewers.
6:47 am
shark out of the water and pinning it down for, get this, a selfie. after a full minute and a half, the shark was finally dragged back into the water but people who saw the whole thing claim the shark didn't resurface for some time. wildlife authorities say the stunt was cruel because the shark was suffocating. >> and then you have to ask yourself, what's the difference this and sport fishing? i don't know and maybe i'm wrong, but i would like to hear your thoughts. this guys, big papi, he is saying good-byes. david ortiz arrived in fort myers for his last spring training before he retires at the end of the season. he shared hugs and hand shakes with his teammates and even a former rival. they got into drama a few years back but that's in the past now. they even shared a warm embrace. good luck to him. starbucks making some big changes to the rewards program. this is blowing up on my facebook this morning.
6:48 am
getting one star per visit regardless of how much you spend, rewards members will get points based on that dollar amount spent. starbucks believes it will speed things up at the checkout where people were making multiple transactions to get more rewards. if you drink exmessive drink, it -- expensive drink, it works in your favor. >> works out great for me. i have kids in tow. here's something to think about before getting behind the wheel northerning. morning. some driving distractions are worse than others. researchers collected data on real world behaviors of more than 3500 drivers. applying makeup or interacting with rear seat passengers had little impact. but driving while angry, sad or emotional created almost 10
6:49 am
speeding it was the most dangerous, increasing the the all right. it's 6:48. i know you sing a lot in the car, leigh. >> i do. loudly. and terribly. but we were just talking about getting to clearwater beach and making that easier so i wanted to show you clearwater beach right now. extra clouds, and humid too, 66 degrees and overnight just after midnight, .02 but rain. just knows the extra humidity. 65 degrees at 8:00 a.m. 74 by noon. and 78 at 3:00 p.m. and a 20% rain chance. and outside the door right now, 65 in st. pete. 64 in plant city. 61 in lakeland. and rich in oldsmar says 64 degrees. what will happen throughout the day today, obviously another mild start. and i hold off even the small rain chance until at least the early afternoon hours. and mostly for areas east of 75. and late this afternoon and
6:50 am
across the southeast ahead of this approaching front that's going to cross the gulf of mexico arriving here tomorrow but tomorrow morning, especially the farther north that you live, there's a slight risk of some of the storms having strong, damaging winds tornado. again, that's tomorrow morning. and then we are much cooler and drier for the rest of the week. leslee, let's check on traffic on the 8s. well, rolling, some slow speeds through ybor city, typical for this time of the morning. 18 minutes from ehrlich to 275 on the veterans expressway southbound. starting to get busy there as well. and moving into rush hour, it's typical. and i-75 outside of the dade city area, big delays here. basically the eastbound lanes are blocked on state road 52. and then also, the southbound entrance ramp to i-75 from eastbound is blocked as well.
6:51 am
a big crash going on here, westbound, it's open but we have lookky loos. and a little bit of a delay, eastbound i-4 at the paul buchman highway, this is off to the shoulder. and eastbound 70 at bethany road, we've got a crash. we will take a live look at traffic when we come back. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you so much. things went a little bananas at the international space station. >> oh, yeah. that's because a great big ape took over. check this out. uh-oh, what is that? a gorilla seen floating around the international space station. looking for the planet of the apes? nope, he was chasing a british astronaut. that's scary. he was the american astronaut scott kelly with a great sense of humor with the suit. this is funny. ready for this? his twin brother's mark sent him the costume in a care package because what do you
6:52 am
>> not pictures of the family, not a care package with food and candy, a gorilla suit. >> and he's probably going bananas. the most time up there. >> yeah, that's a longtime up there. i would be, yeah, monkeying around. >> me too. what you need to know before you walk out the door is next including apple's stand- off with the fbi. >> why protesters are planning demonstrations across the country. and flames race through a sulfur springs home. what investigators are doing right now. it's an update on breaking news
6:53 am
(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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6:55 am
breaking news this morning. one person is many the hospital with burns after trying to fight a house fire in sulfur springs. >> yeah, three others escaped the same home.
6:56 am
is live from the east sitka street with an update. >> reporter: gayle and gene, good morning. now all morning long, we have been telling you about the four people inside the home but also there were two dogs and one they couldn't find. here he is. they finally found him and he is doing just fine this morning. they knew he made it out but he had been running around the neighborhood. and there were four people there, one man a 35-year-old is in the hospital with burns. we are told he has non-life- threatening injuries. the fire broke out just before 4:00 in the morning and most of the damage is to those two front rooms. and investigators are inside right now trying to determine a cause and as soon as we get more information, we will update you online and on our news channel 8 app. >> all right. thank you. well, wet roads are being blamed for one crash in the bay area. deputies tell us that the driver lost control of the truck. the driver was taken to an area hospital.
6:57 am
the republican presidential candidates are fighting for votes in today's nevada caucus. senators marco rubio and ted cruz spent time speaking to crowds in a last-minute scramble. donald trump flew into lei las vegas for a rally. he is expected to win the state but second place is up in the air. today protesters in cities across america will planning to demonstrate in support of apple resisting the feds. you see the fbi wants app toll help it hack into a terrorist's cellphone two. protests are in the bay area. it's warm this morning as the sun comes up as we speak. 36 in lakeland. clearwater, 64. tampa, 65. sarasota, 64 as well. and it's more humid. 74 at noon. 78 at 3:00 p.m. and calling for a 20% rain chance today. and heads up about strong storms tomorrow morning. and then look how much chillier by the end of the week. traffic right now, just outside of dade city, the
6:58 am
state road 52 at 75 as well as the southbound 75 on-ramp. yes, keep that in mind. and meanwhile, traffic bearss avenue store,-4, about 20 minutes. and let's take a live look now at some of the traffic out there. what you see on the left is westbound i-4 away from plant city up to about mango road. it's very heavy on the westbound side. eastbound is a breeze. and 275 around bush and bird, typically into downtown the tampa, very heavy there too. >> thank you. first at 4:00. >> thank you for joining us this morning. and we will stay on top of the breaking news so catch updates on the "today" show. >> and today is world spade day and also -- >> world dog biscuit day.
6:59 am
7:00 am
ba da ba ba ba good morning. winning hand. donald trump with a strong lead heading into today's caucus in nevada. he plays tough guy with the protester at his rally. >> i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell ya. >> as he and marco rubio take swings at ted cruz over alleged dirty tricks. >> every single day, something comes out of the cruz campaign that's untrue. s s s slug it out, it's trump on the way to the nomination. bill gates sides with the fbi, saying apple should unlock


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