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tv   News Ch8 at 6PM  NBC  February 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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strong storms in the forecast. meteorologist steve jerve joins us from the weather center. >> the morning commute is the timing of it. there are no watches in place, but are severe thunderstorms occurring across parts of the lower south. mississippi, louisiana, alabama. but for now, we are enjoying very nice warm weather. it is tomorrow morning for the commute time when we are really watching for the approach of a line of thunderstorms associated with a cold front. new orleans has reports west around the kenner area of tornado touches. we are seeing on social media. pictures coming in of what appear to be a tornado damage. right now, these are the warnings in place. several tornado warnings east of laurel, mississippi. north of mcclain, mississippi. then north of slidel. this is all moving off to the northeast. this is part of a larger complex that will eventually drag the cold front through here tomorrow morning. things are quiet.
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the severe weather says a slight risk of potential severe weather for the bay area. most of the bay area, marginal risk further south. we have to remain weather aware starting from 6:00 a.m. to noon into the early afternoon hours from west to east. we will bring you more and talk about any severe weather potential coming up later on. >> all right steve. thank you very much. before you head out the door tomorrow, check the radar on your smartphone useing the storm team 8 weather max app. now an update to an 8 on your side investigation. facts flubbed. medical documents sent to a woman's home fax machine. but when she brought the records to the doctor's office. >> you committed a crime. >> reporter: things got ugly. andrea scarboro was accused of being the criminal when she
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candace mccowan was there as she met with the doctors and this was not the first time she has tried to return the faxes. >> reporter: absolutely. today was the third time. 8 on your side went with her today. she was not expecting what the doctor ordered. >> you committed a crime. >> reporter: andrea thought she was helping. >> no question. >> i want to know who you are. >> no. i will not tell you. >> reporter: returning private confidential patient records that were incorrectly sent to her home fax machine. this was the response she got. >> you don't have any authority to ask me. you are a criminal. >> reporter: she began receiving the faxes in january. >> this happened to be regarding a finger.
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>> reporter: she figured out her phone number was somehow printed as the fax number on the prescription pads of the doctor's walk-in clinic. when she first reached out to the clinic, they had a solution. >> maybe i could unplug my home. >> reporter: yesterday, she got a fax from the staff of dr. today. >> he was terse to me. he said turn over everything that i have gotten. >> reporter: when she arrived with the documents, the clinic doctor says she was the one who violated the patient privacy. >> we are talking confidential information. >> you seem very concerned about it but you weren't when it came to her house. >> we didn't send it. >> reporter: on multiple occasions, as you see here, he shoved the office administrator. >> why are you so upset with her? she is just bringing them back. >> reporter: seconds later ... >> i am not.
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when these things are showing up in my house? unauthorized at my house? >> reporter: as you can understand, andrea told me she was shaken after the altercation saying they were yelling at her like she had done something wrong. this could have been avoided if her number wasn't on the prescription pad. >> i don't get it. why is he copping an attitude help him out? you got the wrong number. here is your stuff. and he wants to throw it in her i don't get it. >> he was obviously upset we were there. she reached out to health and human services hopeing to get something done. we asked them what they have done to rectify the situation, didn't get an answer. >> i don't see any charges coming her way. candace mccowan, thank you. now, we have an 8 on your side exclusive. a fedex driver behind the wheel of this swerving truck and he
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of what he is doing at all. the fedex driver ran other cars and a tow truck driver off the road as he veered out of control and it was all caught on video. jeff patterson joins us live. sounds and looks like a very dangerous situation. >> reporter: good evening stacie schaible. imagine you are driving down the road and you see a fedex truck veering in and out of the lane ahead. what would you do? driving down the road just before noon, jonathan noticed something that just wasn't right. >> there's cars stopping. there were cars veering off the road. they know something is wrong. >> he took out his cell phone and recorded what happened next. the fedex driver slowed down to under 5 miles an hour. >> you can't see him, but his head is down and he is driving very slow. so i'm afraid he will keep
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>> reporter: he yells at the driver to get his attention. the fedex driver then speeds up and is totally out of control. >> i thought he was going to run head-on into a car in the westbound lane. >> reporter: he is able to talk the fedex driver into pulling over. >> it is all right. just pull over. >> reporter: once into a parking lot, he convinced the fedex driver into giving up his keys for the safety of all. >> i think i saved lives that day. not only somebody else's life, but i think i saved this guy's life. >> reporter: hillsborough county sheriff's deputies arrived but because the fedex driver had taken the keys out of his ignition, he wasn't charged with driving under the influence. >> we have citizens in the area that were able to take steps to help get this guy stopped before he did hurt somebody.
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part of this story. the tow truck driver you see in the video? he is a coworker of the tow truck driver hit and killed by the driver on the howard franklin so he is very concerned about people impaired. i called fedex for a response. talked to them a couple of times. so far, they haven't gotten back to me without a response. obviously, we would like to know what they have to say about that driver. >> all right. we would like to know that answer. thank you. jeff patterson live in hillsborough county. drive safely. new tonight, a very close call on a sarasota county highway. look at this. you saw the break down lane here. the black honda comes rite at the deputy there.
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deputies eventually catch the driver. ryan flurery is facing a long list of charges including dui. a simple necessity that a disabled woman has fought so hard for. we are talking about sidewalks. why she has to risk her life just to get to the store and what is being done about it. >> plus, injured and abandoned. a dog found hurt on the side of the road had an owner, but where are they? why the clock is ticking to track that owner down. >> we'll have that and more coming up. you're watching newschannel8. the station that is always on
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>> quite a scare for a lakeland county. another car hit a pickup truck and it lost control. the homeowner had left to take her son to the bus stop and her parents were sleeping upstairs. >> i just thank god. i just thank god almighty that it didn't come in and my parents were upstairs. because, usually, i sit in the living room waiting for my son to get ready so i'm glad i wasn't here. >> the driver of the car was a disabled spring hill woman has been working for years to get hernando county to finish a stretch of sidewalk
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she relies on a motorized car to get to shopping areas and the hospital. but the sidewalk abruptly ends forcing arlene and others to find another way around. >> for a sidewalk, are you kidding me? we need it now. >> this project is already scheduled to be completed in about two years. fast tracking that would shave four months from the time line. commissioners will decide on the move next month. one of the biggest chains in the furniture industry is now calling ibor city home. governor rick scott and mayor bob buckhorn were on hand and so was the tampa bay lightning owner. he is excited to see the neighborhood grow.
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and a great place to live. more and more people will come here in the decades ahead for those reasons. >> he is investing $2 billion in tampa's channel district. the addition of ashley furniture e-commerce center created 40 new jobs and eventually, the center will employ about 200 people. a dog left to die severely injured on the side of the road. >> now the search is on for its owner. coming up, why tracking the
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>> a dog left to die, severely injured on the side of the road. now, the search is on for its owner. we are going to explain a little more about that now. jamel lanee joins us live from hillsborough county. she is at pet resources there. tracking down the owner of this poor dog has not been easy. >> reporter: they have an update for you for this story. you know. we just learned a few moments ago that the dog that is here has been picked up by a rescue group. they will care for this dog for now. but, your heart goes out to this poor little puppy. again, anyone, they believe that someone could abandon this dog. the search is on for the owners so they can help this dog get some treatment. cheryl martin's heart dropped when she saw pictures of this black lab. >> my heart went out to him because of the injury he had.
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takeing the dog only known as animal 30833753 home. >> we look at chocolate labs and black labs. i wouldn't mind rehabbing it. >> reporter: the pup was brought in about two weeks ago after someone found him badly injured on the side of the road near downtown tampa. rescuers believe he was hit and dragged by a car. he has been in a cast for eight days and his skid marks are healing. now the search is onto find his owner. >> super well trained. someone spent a lot of time. it is why we are kind of curious as to why an owner hasn't come looking for him. >> reporter: calls have gone unanswered. rescuers think either the owner doesn't want him or doesn't know he is here waiting but time is of the essence to treat his broken body and the money may not be easy to come by. >> if the doctor can't find this, and he has been like this
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can no longer be repaired, we would probably amputate the leg. >> reporter: his medical costs now, about $2,000. now, they find the owner so he or she can help pay for the costs or the person who adopts this dog could chip in. >> thank you jamel lanee. what's old is new again in tampa's hyde park village. the goody goody hamburger sign is now up. the old sign was salvaged and is now hanging up. love those vintage signs. goody goody will be reopening soon with the original recipes in may. another lovely evening for us. lakewood ranch. mostly clear conditions. a bit of a breeze.
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very nice in the western part of pasco county at the moment. no clouds in the sky. but that will change over the next 24 hours. you can see the lows look good in caesar and freedom plaza. 73 this evening, warm, a bit humid. the southerly winds have helped to lift the moisture areas around there feeding the thunderstorms rolling in tomorrow morning. we expect that around commute time. anywhere from 6:00 a.m., 7:00 a.m. all the way up until about 1:00 in the afternoon from west to east across the area. some of those could be strong, potentially severe. stay tuned. 73 degrees in the afternoon. a few storms to the south. mild temps, kind of windy. after that front moves through, we will see a wind shift to the northwest. that will be our cooler trend. these are the high temperatures forecast. that is our average line there. the emojis are dressing up for
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thunderstorms early in the day. by the afternoon, the bulk of it is clear of the area to the east. temps are warm. 77, temple terrace. 78 sun city center. 76 weeki wachee. 73 in sebring. 73 in lake placid. winds out of the south with stronger gusts. the wind direction has been a southwesterly flow and south today. this is the feature, the upper level low continuing to barrel across the south. fast movement. the jet stream moving everything along quickly. that also leads to a higher tornado threat. a tornado watch has been in place. we have seen tornadoes around the new orleans area. around mississippi. we have seen several warnings as we showed you a couple of minutes ago. all of this is lifting now. mississippi eventually into alabama. again, you will see the rain primarily to the east inland. not really an issue. but we could see a passing mostly light stuff. from 7:00 a.m.
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, the timing of the line of thunderstorms. most of it should shift to the east. but folks in high lands may still be having to deal with a few showers. rpm forecast model. a few light showers. mostly cloudy and mild. back to the west, front will arrive with storms after 7:00 a.m. here comes the front around 11:45. the rain coverage, possible storms and midday. behind the front. most of it should be clear of the area. 66 for thursday for a high. 63 for friday as we trend toward a much cooler temperature regime here. 64 degrees for saturday. sunday, 6 # degrees. rain chances are gone after tomorrow morning. and then you can see we settle into a tranquil weather period. although certainly cooler, temperatures will be below normal through this period monday and tuesday of next week. temperature ins the low and mid 70s . we are looking for a
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thanks steve. coming um up next in sports, the lightning with a big game tonight. >> and steven stamkos is not
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>> the number dwindling now. 23 games to play. lightning sitting in second place in this very unsettled
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one point ahead of a wild card spot. ahead of the arizona coyotes. very important because a five- game road trip starts friday. three consecutive wins for the bolts. six points to leapfrog three teams over the weekend. that is how fast it can happen. one reason for those wins, especially the two road wins, defense. sounds silly when you see the penns and the hurricanes wracking up 70 total shots against the bolts over the weekend, but it is the quality of the shots that is decreased. >> you know, to get back on track, you know, in both games, you know, it's a good standard to have. for us, run and gun will not win you in hockey. so for us, it is all about continuing to focus on playing good defensively and good things will happen. >> all right. don't look now. but steven stamkos is heating
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a goal in each of the last three games. a reunion of ryan callahan and lawrence calorn has produced 11 points. >> we continue to play well defensively. that is leading to more offensive zone pressure. more offensive zone chances. we have been shuffling around a lot this year. hopefully, this is something that can stick because it has been working. >> speaking of scoring goals, the tampa bay rowdies have one more game in the sun coast against the montreal impact. three games against teams for major league soccer. a difficult preseason schedule for any nasl team but it is exactly what the head coach wants. >> yeah. you can see that season starts
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seven games. we want to find it hard physically and mentally as well. >> so, back to the bolts. keep your eyes on that line tonight. >> i will be. >> it is stammer. lightning fans are saying why did you ever split them up? they are red hot right now and we need goals. finally, tampa's lowry park zoo is sharing three generations of an orangutan family. the ten-year-old female has become a mom. josi is a grandma. the zoo is now home to seven endangered orangutans. >> and those are precious pictures. tiny, but not for long. got to watch the weather. >> tomorrow morning especially for the commute. any warnings, we will pass along.
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>> jenn and steve back at 7:00. nightly news is next. >> we will see you back here
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breaking news tonight. state of emergency as tornadoes explode across the south. millions under a severe threat. fears the town could be demolished in the dark. trump towers as nevada votes tonight and can he win three in a row? and can anyone stop him. murder mystery, chicago images of the uber murderer in a gun shop hours before prosecutorses say he went on a shooting rampage. a popular sports skast e fights back after being secretly videoed in a room next door.


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