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tv   News Ch8 Today at 5AM  NBC  February 25, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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right now on news channel 8 today, the risks most of us are taking behind a wheel. coming up in a live report, the list of dangerous things you also -- >> i got my car stolen twice in jail. >> this morning this clearwater dad and the mother of his son are free on bond. they are accused of making up a story about their little boy being in the backseat of their stolen car. why police believe the parents lied ahead if a live report. report. plus -- >> to win, you've got to win
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candidates hope to win some support today. the five candidates will face off at a debate in texas. it will be the last one before super tuesday. then -- >> sitting in the middle of the house when it came through and it just demolished everything. >> this morning we are hearing stories from tornado survivor, residents across the south cleaning up after the devastating storm that killed at least seven people,er to off roofs from homes and uprooted trees. -- people, tore off roofs from homes and uprooted trees. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez. we have a lot in the next hour but fist a check on the weather. leigh is standing by. >> good morning. we are glad the cold front has passed through the area. we did have strong storms yesterday and now it has pushed up to the new england area, bringing a threat for strong storms there and then the it. clouds now. the bigger story, the colder,
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55 right now in lakeland and tampa. 58 in sarasota. but here's the bigger story, the strong wind, 12 miles per hour in polk county like lakeland and winter haven. 18 in sarasota. and gusting up to nearly 30. that's going to keep us cold all day. a high of only 65, well below average of 74. and at 5:08, i take you hour-by- hour through today and tell you how long it stays this chilly. and leslee is going to help you get out the door, just hold on to the wheel with both happeneds. especially across the skyway bridge. there's a high wind advisory there. in the sun coast area, for those in palmetto, 10th street over to state road 70, that's a nine minute commute on 301. and also u.s. 401, manatee avenue to state road 72, that takes about 29 minutes. just red lights basically. and up in hernando, up to speed. brooksville new york city delays. and down to brandon, that's
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44 minute commute. and now i want to change gears if air minute. we have all seen them on the drivers. yeah, everything from talking on a cellphone to weaving in and out of traffic. it's really bad out there. and new this morning, aaa shows us just how bad it really is. 8 on your side's ryan hughs is morning. and ryan, nearly 90% of drivers report some bad behavior while driving. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you once again. and gayle, you name it and it seems like people have done it while on the road. and some of these statistics are alarming. we have some statistics to show you right now. according to aaa, 87% of drivers have engaged in at least one risky behavior in the last month including impaired drowsy, speeding, running red
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and they may make you uncomfortable. 70% of drivers admitted talking on a cellphone while driving in the last month. 42% said they read a text message or an email. nearly half reported going 15 miles per hour or more over the posted speed limit on a freeway. and 32% of drivers claim they have driven while they were so tired they could hardly keep their eyes open. and of course, the one that gets everybody, around 13% in the last month said that they were drunk or close to drunk while on the road, gayle. so some really scary statistics this morning. >> yeah, drowsy driving is especially a problem. i know sometimes i have to roll down the window and let the air in the car, anything to stay alert. thanks, ryan. new information for parents accused of making a false police report about their toddler being inside a stolen car. they're out of jail on bond this morning. police tell us their lie sent officers on a frantic search
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fine at day care in fact. news channel 8's immediate adrienne pedersen is tracking the case live from the clearwater police department. and i have to ask, what kind of parents would do this. we heard this woman is a sassy one. >> reporter: good morning, gene. that is for sure. she had some fiery words for us. you know, this story is so convoluted and that is why we will be talking to officers here today at clearwater police department trying to figure out how this all unfolded, why any parents would lie about their car being stolen with a child in the back. we talked to the grandmother who now has custody. >> and now thank god i'm getting my grand babies and i'm going home and they're going to be safe and they're going to be okay. >> reporter: her daughter called 911 reporting her car stolen with the child in it. turns out, she lied and sent investigators on a pointless chase.
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the car and the mom's boyfriend was behind the wheel. you could see it there smashed. thank goodness the child was not inside. i did check and the parents bonded out just within the last few hours. as for the guy behind the wheel, well he is still sitting in jail. he might face a judge this morning. i am going to the check on that and let you know in the next 30 minutes what i find. gene, just a really complicated story here. >> it's incredible. and you have to see the video of the when our paul mueller spoke with her yesterday because sassy doesn't even begin to describe how she was acting yesterday. adrienne, thanks. it's 5:06. happening today, sports reporter erin andrews is headed back to court in her lawsuit against a big hotel chain. >> andrews is suing her stalker and nashville marriott for negligence claiming the hotel allowed that stalker to request and stay in a home right next to her. news channel 8's lindsey mastis
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her father steve andrews is our chief investigative reporter here at wfla. he testified yesterday, i know things got really emotional on the stand. and i understand today we could hear from erin? >> reporter: you know, this is a story getting a lot of attention on our wfla news app right now. steve andrews told the court his daughter called him after finding out nude images of her were posted online and what he heard would make any dad shudder. >> she was crying, screaming out of her mind that she would -- images of her, video of her were up on the internet of her changing. >> reporter: erin andrews' attorney insist that the stalker requested a room next to hers, the hotel complied and then he filmed her through a peephole. steve andrew thes that it wasn't until this happen that he started to worry about his
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>> the first time in my life as her, sorry, as her father where i didn't know if she was safe or not. i feared for her life. >> reporter: the stalker michael barrett served 30 months in prison and he is now free. he is expected to testify via video. the hotel's lawyer claims the blame lies only with the stalker. erin andrews is expected to take the stand during the civil trial which could last two weeks. we will have a close eye on this and update you through the news channel 8 app as soon as we get anymore information. >> very emotional day. okay, thank you so much for the update, lindsey. the time right now is 50:00 and will it's chilly. >> it's chilly and windy. the wind is basically moving air and the air is coming in if the north and bringing in the colder temperatures. hour-by-hour through the day, i expect us to drop the temperatures until about 8:00 this morning. so another three hours. we get down to about 54 degrees.
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warm up that much after we get there. 60, only a couple degrees warmer by 11:00 a.m. 64 at 2:00. maybe a high around 65. about 10 degrees below average. but the strong northwest wind is going to continue and feel colder all day. quickly tonight. and with the strong northwest conditions today. and it will stay chilly. highs in the 60s over the next several days. lows in the 0s. but you know, -- in the 40s. but you know, for the weekend, sunny and pleasant in the afternoon, again, chilly in the mornings. we will check on traffic on the 8s. boy, it's windy. >> it is windy. i can't imagine going on a boat. you have the wind on top of that and the cold, i can't think about it. >> people do it and i would not. >> i wouldn't even fly a kite right now. right here traffic-wise, six minutes across the howard franklin. four across the gandy. seven across the courtney campbell causeway. skyway bridge takes 10 minutes
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key is the wind. so hold on to the wheel and you should be fine. it's still open but very gusty out there. let's take a live look at 275 at west shore boulevard. had some earlier activity. that's cleared from the roadway. it was never slowing you down. and then i-4 at the polk parkway throughout lakeland, up to speed on interstate. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. now back to gene and gayle. >> leslee, thank you. this morning people in charlotte county are assessing the damage after strong storms hit there including a tornado. this is video from eagle 8 hd flying over the damage. you can see some homes lost their roofs and one of the hardest hit area, deep creek, that's a subdivision, you can see the winds were so strong, pool enclosures are mangled and fences were knocked down. in virginia, it's a more serious situation. several people are trapped under storm debris. rescue crews are working right now to free them. they became trapped when several tornadoes touched down,
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at this point, we know as many as 25 people are hurt and some with minor injuries and others with serious ones. before the storms moved through florida and up the east coast, they hit louisiana. and boy did they hit hard. look at this video here. it's like complete destruction in areas. a community just devastated. that's convent with hundreds of mobile homes and campers destroyed. one man was tramped in his rv during the storm. >> my camper started shaking and when i raised the the blind up, the privacy fence behind my camper took off. and then the next thing i know, i was hitting the icebox and airborne. by the time it was done, i woke up on the ground face first, didn't know where i was and thought it was still going. the wind was still blowing hard. >> he suffered a fractured shoulder and knee and he has cuts and bruises on his back. wow. well a local school bus driver is outraged. parents you will want to
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>> and you will understand why she is outraged. what she saw that made her so mad she just had to post it on social media and how it could impact the safety of our kids. then -- >> reporter: maybe you feel out of place at work. you're certainly not alone. i'm adrienne pedersen and i'll introduce you to one local
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well this morning an 8 on your side story about your workplace. in florida, same-sex workers can technically be fired for just being gay. a bill that aims to stop this called the florida competitive work force act just got shut down. one major local player backed it show. news channel 8's adrienne pedersen takes us inside tech data. >> reporter: 24-year-old christian feels safe sitting in the middle of his company cafeteria talking to me about being gay. definitely not something he would have done just a few years ago. >> it was a very small company. i wasn't really comfortable coming out. it's something you have to think about all the time if you are closeted like that. and it really wears you down to have to do that.
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for always being inclusive started a group called spectrum for lbgta employees. >> the employees are encouraged to be themselves, they put more effort into work. >> reporter: members will have gust speaker, attend charity events and go to job fairs. this got us wondering, how inclusive are other bay area companies? well the human rights campaign keeps track with the corporate equality index. three bay area companies got perfect scores for 2016. tech data is on the list as well as fields jordan lawyers and consultants and holland and knight, a global law firm. i'm adrienne pedersen, news channel 8. >> tech data has employee resource groups for women and military members. we checked and a lot of larger companies are starting similar committees so you're going to want to check before you sign your next contract. well this happens far too often, children nearly getting run over by other cars while
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bus. one local bus driver sending out a message this morning. she wants drivers to slow down. we're talking about driver robin russ. she told 8 on your side it happened to her in pasco county, a driver barely missed one of her students while trying to speed around a stopped bus. the driver ignored the stop arm and the flashing lights. >> i screamed my student's name and told him to get back on the bus i've never spoken to him like that before so he kind of leapt back on. >> we did some digging and found a study by the national transportation association showing more than 70,000 cases in 26 states just from one day. today hillsborough county will try to figure out the number of homeless people now living on our streets. starting at 5:30 this morning, hundreds of volunteers will begin the process of counting homeless people that they come across.
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and women. the county is trying to better understand homeless problems in our community and develop outreach programs. this thursday morning. yesterday. >> yes, you're going to feel that difference all day today. obviously the cold front has pushed to the south. and we are still getting some patchy cloud cover at this point due to strong winds off the gulf of mexico. but the rain chance this morning is less than 10%. the bigger story today will be the strong winds. it's going to be very windy, 54 degrees at 8:00 a.m. and those winds continue to bring in cooler air. so we never really warm up all that much. 62 at noon. 65 at 3:00 p.m. 53. dropped to 56 in bartow. 58 in sarasota. and my weather watcher big monkey in crystal beach, 5 degrees. but again, it feels colder because -- beach, 55 degrees. but again, it feels colder because the winds are gusting
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be careful. there's a high surf advisory and a small craft advisory. seas today expected at 6 to 10 feet. the forecast for the winds. they stay out of no northwest, about 10 -- out of the northwest, about 10 miles per hour. coming home from school, 15 to 20 miles per hour. and finally relaxing tomorrow but it's going to be cooler at 62. leslee, how about traffic on the 8s? well, it's of course windy on the skyway bridge so use caution across it. and activity on the interstate, 275 around 38th avenue south. and looks like activity on the right shoulder. a arrow here near the median as well. so keep this in mind pinellas county. move over, look at this nice drive here, no issues on i-4 around the polk parkway. a very good drive. and also taking a quick look here in downtown brooksville, absolutely no delays in hernando county.
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through pasco and into tampa. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you so much, leslee. of a story. a woman in washington state is planning to -- washington state is planning to make a brand new necklace after fining a rare pearl in her dinner. >> yeah, lucky lady here. she was out on a rare date night with her husband when she bit into a clam and found this. what is it? it's a purple pearl and it's so flawless, even a gemoologist was skeptical. he thought it was a joke but it's real. and it's worth $600. aapparently the clam lives along east coast is known for occasion. you think they just come from oysters but there you go. >> with my luck, i would bite in and get a broke pearl. well it's a question many people have asked, what would it cost if you bought one of everything on
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of time on their hand, actually calculated how much money you would need to go on that shopping spree. and next, the american astronaut about his year-long stay in space. when he is due back is just ahead.
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he has just one more week left up in that awesome space station. >> american astronaut scott
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he will once again become an earthling next tuesday. >> i have been up here for a really longtime and sometimes when i think about it, i feel like i have lived my whole life up there. >> well, not quite his whole life but he has spent a year at the international space station studying the effects of space on the human body and mind. and nasa hopes this will all contribute to future efforts to travel to mars. how much would it cost to buy one of everything from a computer scientist thinks he knows. the answer, $12.86 billion. there's an estimated 479 items on the site at an average price around $26 amazon hasn't verified whether he's on the money or not. >> hope you get free shipping. a new standard, same-day deliveries and ups is now jumping on the bandwagon investing in a company that works with retailers to have online orders delivered the same day.
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8s is three minutes away. plus, a fake murder scene. it was meant to be a prank but coming up in the next half
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5:28 on this thursday. getting the kids ready for the bus stop? well, you will have to find the jacket because there's a chilly wind, 54 degrees, gusty all day. in fact when the kids come home today, only 65 and still windy. emoji man says hold on to your hat with these strong northwest winds and that will keep us well below average with highs in the 60s through the weekend. all right, well taking a look at this construction again folks and as you can see, it's
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south but the exit it's blocking is actually 54th avenue south here. and this is southbound on 275. so this is where it's located all the way down here right at the edge of pinellas county. try to exit 22nd and make your
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it's 5:30 on this thursday morning. good morning to you. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo. our top stories this morning, sports reporter erin andrews heads to court today in her hotel peephole lawsuit. and we could hear from her. andrews is the daughter of our chief investigative reporter steve andrews. when he took the stand, we could feel how helpless he felt as a father. >> first time in my life as


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