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tv   News Ch8 First 4  NBC  February 29, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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now four headlines at 4:00, number one, a gorgeous way to start the workweek. we'll find out how long this great weather will stick around. number two, a library closed because of mold. where does the books go. number three, your taxes. today the governor is not getting what he wants. what that could mean for your wallet. number four, oscar wins. we're going to look at the winners and get an inside scoop of someone there. i'm josh benson >> and i'm stacie schaible. this is first at 4:00. a 16-year-old student is in jail
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>> the other student is in the icu. police arrested walker last week. a viewer senlt these pictures to 8 on your side. the student had to be wheeled away on a stretcher. our cameras were rolling as sheriff's deputies arrived. students tells us it seems like the fights are happening more frequently. >> it has been seven day in a row just straight up fighting. >> there were four or five fights last week. usually when i'm walk to go the cafeteria. >> a spokes woman says the principal reported one fight last week. on friday, when the student was badly beaten, but rumors swirled on social media, there would be pay back today. a lot of people living in venice are upset about the closure of their library. it was closed because of mold. they feel the closure was rushed. hundreds are signing a petition asking for reconsideration.
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plans to hold public meetings on march 21st. and the books will stay put. if the books are moldy, county officials will have them cleaned. governor rick scott is using just about every speaking opportunity to push lawmakers for a billion dollar tax cut. he's getting a resounded no. mike explains. >>reporter: governor rick scott has talked about nothing but a billion dollar tax cut and $250 million for economic incentives. heeds going to get half of the tax cuts he wanted and -- he's going to get half of the tax cuts he wanted and none for economic development. >> the enterprise fund. >> lawmakers are pushing back by refusing the governor's request to use local property taxes to fund an increase in school funding. >> there's over $11 million property taxpayers, i'm told, in the state of florida. when we
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million people, that's better than giving it to a handful of big corporations. >> the legislation doesn't end until march 11. it gives the governor time to negotiate. his priorities are dead. reporting from the state capitol, i'm mike vasilinda. the detroit tigers played -- spring training generates millions where the teams are based. tigers are a $45 million boost to the local economy. >> even more than that, it's a sense of identity for lake land. if you go travel anywhere, especially up in the midwest, michigan, in that area, they're familiar with lakeland because of the detroit tigers. >> most teams including the tigers will start playing other pro teams that starts tomorrow. all right. a beautiful day
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phillips. >> it was a beautiful look out temperatures in the mid-70s. 77. winds calm and temperatures for all of us have made it back up into the 70s. first thing at 71 in newport richie. 727 in as you head inland, temperatures warmer in the upper 70s and 80s 72 in frost proof this afternoon. warm afternoon. a dry afternoon as well. no rain on the radar. you can see just a few cloud z s hanging around. but generally, we've seen plenty of sunshine that has helped warm us up during the day and as you step back, a quiet forecast across the southeast. high pressure in control in that dominate factor, but we're tracking our next system. low pressure off to our west will bring a cold front through as we head into the middle of this week. it will
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impact on our weather. currently, tracking dry air. that color you see in the water imagery, dryer air working its way in. with dryer air, yes, you can expect quiet conditions overnight tonight. no rain expected. dropping down to 57 in west chase. 55 in temple terrace. as you wake up tomorrow, 51 in brooksville and 50 in invernes. let's look at your headlines from hollywood including a quick look at the oscars which we'll talk more about later in the newscast. here's david daniel with today's hollywood minute. >>reporter: chris rock kicked off his gig for the 88th academy awards by tackling diversity. >> if you want black actors every year, have black categories like best black friend. that's right.
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a row is wanda sikes. >> a long awaited win as five-time oscar loser leonardo yo dicaprio took home an oscar. >> bire larson rie larson -- brie larson won for -- >> the winner goes to spotlight. >> it's a match made in dancing with the stars -- he's engaged to his dancing with the stars johnson tweeted sunday saying she's the luckiest girl in the world. they met in 2015. the camden members of the 90s hit show, 7th heaven -- they reunited.
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tv siblings, mom catherine hick -- i'm david danielle. 4:00. >> inside the oscars, we're going to catch up with jaime -- it's leap day. so why exactly do we get extra day on the calendar this year. we're going to find out next on first at 4:00. if you're going to say "better ingredients. better pizza." you better deliver. which is why i'm introducing our new papa's quality guarantee: love your pizza, or get another one, absolutely free. pget any large pizza up to 5-toppings pfor just $9.99. online only.
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welcome back. today is pretty special. we only get a february 29th every four years. >> a leap year course. do you know why that is? there we are. >> welcome back. >> meteorologist lee span igh spann is here to explain.
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february 29th on the calendar and it has to did with earth's trip around the sun. >> did you know it was a leap year? >> i did. >> you have anything special planned for february 29th. >> i can't say i've celebrated the leap year before. >> you may not celebrate it, but it's important. >> do you know why we have leap year every four years? >> i heard about it, but i forgot, leigh. >> we have leap year because our calendar does not match the orbital period around the sun. >> he's at the university of tampa. it takes the earth 365-days plus nearly a quarter of another day to orbit the sun. to be exact, 365-days, 5 hours, 48 minutes and 45 seconds. to account for that extra time, we add a full day every four year. >> the main purpose is to help
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>> without a leap day, the calendar will be off by 24 days. we had a leap day since julia caesar. today's version of leap year was started in 1582. here's where it gets even more corky. because it's not quite extra quarter of a day, leap year is skipped three times every 400 years. the next one skipped will be in 20100. >> the next time we get this leigh spann, news channel 8 too long. >> a lot of math involved here. day. >> not so bad. >> most of us don't have to worry about that. crazy. a check of the forecast. you work with numbers everyday.
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>> leigh was probably fit to do that story because meteorologist have to be good at math and numbers. >> does it mess up the weather? actually the day is perfect. >> the day is perfect. anytime. >> we sure will. we're getting into march, beach season, spring break season heading our way, and we actually had some rip current warning signs that were you saw that video from sand key. we don't have any rip current warnings in effect for today. but that's just a warning for any beach goers of a water rip current especially as we head into march and april. people are on the beach that aren't familiar with rip currents as we are in florida. they could be dangerous. look at the folks enjoying the day at sand key. just a gorgeous day to be at the waters and temperatures are conducive to heading out to the beach for the next several days. mid-to upper 70s over the next
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weather. waking up tomorrow 50s. as we head through the day, temperatures make it up a few clouds building in, but generally it's going to be quiet throughout the day. temperatures now in the mid-to upper 70s. really a comfortable afternoon. it's 57 in plant city. 75 in brooksville. 73 currently in in inverdict next. no shower around. just a few clouds left for your afternoon hours. we're seeing that clearing out. so we'll see clearing skies through the rest of this evening. temperatures will stay comfortable. you'll be out into the late evening hours and as you wake up tomorrow morning, mid-50s. blue skies, sunshine to start off the day and as we head into the afternoon, just a few clouds build in. we're going to see a rapid warmup. temperatures reaching into the upper 70s by the afternoon hours and then as we head into
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notice off to our north, our next cold front. so this will be approach wednesday morning. we'll move out by noon or so. with it, we'll see a few light showers, which we'll thankful for because the last couple of cold fronts have brought storms. at this point, we're looking at small rain chances. as it moves through, it holds temperatures steady. we're not going to see a major cool down. mostly sunny skies and march temperatures. we'll reach back into the low to mid-70s across the area and we're back to seeing dry conditions. you can see that slim 10% chance of a front on wednesday. another front on friday with another chance of rain. we head into next weekend. doesn't that look nice. mid-70s and sunshine. >> we love it. thank you jewel julie.
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dicaprio finally has that oscar. >> list crock -- chris rock has -- >> the orscar ghos to -- the oscar goes to leonardo dicaprio. >> he's final an oscar winner. >> i have to thank jones forecasting me in my first film. >> brie larson won best actress for her role in room. host chris rock kicked off a dig at white movement. >> if they nominated host, i wouldn't get this job. you all would be watching neil patrick harris. >> he won last year and spotlight took home best picture.
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voice which we hope will be a choir that will resonate to the vatican. >> mark beat out sylvester stallone to take on -- alicia vikander won for her role in the danish girl. alajandro won for the best -- >> although she didn't win an oscar, lady gaga stole the show >> we had an inside guy at the 2016 academy awards and he got up right and early to talk to me. here's my interview with extra corespondent and daytime host jerry penacoli. >> jerry, what a big night in hollywood. let's start with chris rock. what did you think right out of the gate? >> the general reaction was that
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he killed the monolog. it was just great. right on point. we really thought it would have been funny if he elephant to obviously address the elephant in the room, but with that not happening, i thought he did a fantastic job. really nailed it. but i think it then went over and over and over and it just -- it was too much. and i think a lot of people felt way. >> a taste of it would have gone >> absolutely. do less. you know, a lot of the actors ended up thinking maybe the spotlight wasn't on them necessarily. but on that issue. it just became too big for the show. >> let's talk about -- >> i think he made some valid points at the beginning in his monolog, and funny ones. >> let's talk about -- what do you think was the big surprise of the night?
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far as i was concerned. the fact that mark rilands who won over bridges of spy over sylvester stallone. i think he was getting ready to get out of his seat and when his name wasn't called, he had a visible look on his face that he was shock that he didn't win because winning. everyone thought this was his big carrot at the end of the stick playing rocky. i think also similar, kate was in the minds of people. they thought because she won a couple of the big awards prior, she was going -- and she didn't. alicia vikander won, but she was deserving and won a couple of big awards ahead of this. the fact she picked it up for the danish girl and i had a chance to speak with her after she won,
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tickled and like a getty school girl and enjoying every moment. jerry, i know it's always awesome to cover these award shows. did you have a moment of the night that stands out for you personally? >> well, i have to say that it had nothing to do with actors. but in one of the very last moments of the night, i saw joe biden at the governor's ball, and he was surrounded by secret service, and i walked over to the large crowd around him and i just kept looking at him until we made eye contact. and my producer who was next to me basically almost passed out because there's joe biden saying, jerry, hi. because we knew each other a long time ago when he was a senator in delaware and i was a news anchor in philadelphia, and i used to interview him all the time, and so even all these years late, he's gracious and we took a selfie. >> senior corespondent for extra and daytime host, thank you for
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we'll see you back here in tampa. >> all right. thank you so much, stacie. >> i can't imagine he didn't -- he probably didn't get much sleep. >> he probably got three minutes. an exmilitary being located to take down bad guys. you don't want to miss this story. then what's the recipe for menu pricing. we find out why your dinner cost more at some places than others. there's more than the obvious reasons. >> that's right. plus deadline -- find out why one lightning player isn't playing or getting paid. this is first at 4:00 on news channel 8. we'll be right
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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welcome doctor. let's talk about the problems caused by unintended veins.
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welcome back. let's check in why first at 4 sports, dan
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>> got any words of advice for jonathan durant today. >> you got to lay this out. >> he's got free time on his hands and he cannot be a happy camper because this did not work in his favor. we didn't think it would. the nhl trade deadline has come and gone, and jonathan remains apart of the lightning. duran sits and his life sit in the hands of general manager eisman. that's what really put this mess on the hockey front page. eisman said from day one, he would be open to trades duran if there was equal value. no team is going to appease a player because he's unhappy. he's a number one three draft pick with potential
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now he must honor his contract through this season before any type of negotiations can take place to move him. incredible story. >> tonight is night number two of back -to-back for the bolts. and right there, look at that circle. we've isolated johnson. watch johnson at the bottom of your screen . the puck right to the face. this was a scary site and members of stamkos having the same thing happen to him five years ago. believe it or not, johnson felt okay after the game other than the obvious stitches for a nasty cut and yes i tried to cut that out. the visor on his helmet was the difference. he's not ruled out that would be something to see him on the ice tonight. today was the day buck fans had their eyes on the nfl scouting columbine. that's ramsey of a 4.4640.
4:27 pm
just land in the lap of the bucks with that nice pick, florida vernon. here he is. he looked terrific. the question now be comes, which direction do the bucks go with that first pick in the first round. the 9th pick of the first round. they have options and on sunday, we got to see some of the dominant pass rushing defensive ends. another area of need for the bucks. we can sit here and say they don't have a top pick and it's not a sexy draft pick like last year, but it's going to be fun to watch. free agency march 9th if they can sign a defensive end to tip their hand on which direction they're going. either way, it's so much fun to build up. it's coming up. >> and duran just sits. >> he's doing what we're doing. >> he's watching the lightning. >> okay. >> we'll be right back.
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layered with fresh berries and frosted to perfection like our publix bakery chantilly cake it'll be remembered for all the right reasons.
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now four headlines at 4:30. keep your eyes on a silver car to the right. the red dump truck absolutely destroys that silver car, pushing it through the intersection in austin texas. that collides with another car and collides through a concrete barrier. four people taken to the hospital. number two, a foot long sub. a judge granted approval of a settlement after a teenager posted a picture of his 11 inch subway in 2016. the company will measure its bread. snap chat. hackers got information to payroll information. the social media company claims the servers were not breached. the fbi is investigating.
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today republican presidential candidate marco rubio is blasting trump for refusing -- by a kkk grand -- the businessman claims he was unable to hear and that's why he did not reject the facebook endorsement. aaron andrews is expected to testify against the man who took nude videos of her in the hotel where she was filmed. >> andrews is the daughter of news channel 8 reporter steve andrews. this is week two of her trial. michael barrette who spent 30 months in president on for the crime testified today about video. aaron anders left the courtroom while that barrette testified he was having financial troubles when he began following andrews. eventually explaining how he found her at a nashville hotel. >> i picked up the house phone, and i called the operator and
4:33 pm
i said can i have aaron's room. they connected me. [indiscernible]. i didn't know what -- >> barrette testify ied that he was hoping to sell the video, and andrews is suing barrette and the hotel for 75 million and the hotel maintains it's not their fault. in florida, there was a major speed bump. matt is in our capital bureau with more on this story today. >>reporter: the florida senate was ready to vote on a bill last week to allow terminally ill patients to use medical marijuana, but with so many amendments being filed, it was kicked back to committees. one issue is who gets to dispense the marijuana. they have designated dispensaries -- >> the president made the wise decision to move that bill so we
4:34 pm
amendments that had been filed. and then take a -- have the committee take a look at it. and get in proper posture. >> marijuana supporters hopes that legislative in action adds up to voters passing a constitutional amendment this november that would allow some patients to use medicinal cannabis. at the capital, i'm matt. now a check of your first at 4 weather. here's meteorologist julie phillips. >> gorgeous outside in newport richie. 70 degrees with our winds coming out of the west at 5 miles-per-hour. a nice afternoon. we're ending february today. so we'll recap it for you. we've seen 2.53 inches of rain. shy of what we would see in a typical february and for many of you it felt cold, but we're close to average this year. average high temperatures, 71 degrees and that's two degree cooler than the average for february.
4:35 pm
were right on track there for this evening. it's looking quiet, mostly clear skies and it stays comfortable. temperatures will be in the upper 60s. if you have some late evening dinner plans, it shouldn't be too bad. waking up tomorrow morning, a mild start to day. similar to what today was like. temperatures in the mid-to upper 50s. mostly sunny start. in the afternoon hours, a few cloud clouds build and a quick warmup. highs reaching back into the upper 70s. we'll have more on the rest of your work week forecast and talk about cold fronts coming your way coming up. 8 is your side with what you need to know to plan your morning commute. >> here's leslee leslee with a look at tomorrow's -- >> i want to remind you about construction that gets underway over in south tampa. a heads up here. it looks like from today until tuesday, we're going to have the intersection of bay to bay and isabella completely blocked. they're doing water main work here. so that
4:36 pm
but you can access the selma express way at bay to bay and connect with me at leslee lacey on facebook and on twitter. >> you can catch leslee lacey every week day morning with weather and traffic on the 8 starting at 4:00 a.m. still ahead on first at 4:00. >> a group of elite ex members of the military are finding new jobs hunting down child predators. we're going to tell but the hero project coming up. and you want to stick around for the 8 on your side stories. the owners of this roofing company is a victim of the scam effecting the entire industry. tonight, we'll show you how it works. a pinellas county mom is in the news after her son got into more trouble.
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and see what you could save.
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brought to you by your sun coast hyundai dealer: welcome back now for a look at celebrity news including more highlights from the oscars. here's hollywood live. >> i'm christen from the hollywood today live. this is the hdla daily wrap. he did it, actor -- leonardo dicaprio went home with that academy award taking host the best actor for the revenant. leo used the platform -- he says climb change is real. let us not take this planet for granted. i do not take tonight for granted. i'm sure you don't. >> it wasn't a great ratings night for the oscars. there was talk about the lack of diversity in nomination and chris rock came out swinging in his monolog, but it doesn't translate into more viewers. it was down 6 pefrs from last year.
4:41 pm
the r-rated super hero movie concurred the box office for a third week in a row with $31 million in ticket sales. it has made 2 -- it's the third highest growing r-rated movie ever. gods of egypt came in second with 14 million and kung fu panda got 9:00. >> that's the hdla daily wrap. all right. now it's time for send it to stacie. >> where we feature your pictures on tv. today we're starting with a beauty shop from carol who says the sky was on fire sunday morning in floral lakes. she had to take that picture and send it to us. we like it. thanks. trudy of bell air shores took this shot and call it's a sure thing. >> great. >> sofia farrell says it's too cold outside for this tlor floor girl. so sarona wants more
4:42 pm
according to julie, angela says i'm sure my parent's dog teddy has the best hair in town. angela's mom rose took this awesome picture. teddy looks groomer -- >> a little hair spray or gel helps that. stacie by tweeting sendittostacie and sharing it with me on my facebook page.
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welcome back. right now, we have breaking news. erin andrews on the stand in her civil case. here's a live look inside the courtroom where she has taken the stand moments ago. erin andrews taking the stand in her $75 million lawsuit against marriott. the man convicted and
4:46 pm
half years for stalking andrews was on the stand via video today. now this is the second week of the trial and we're going to have much more on this trial today at 5:00. well, how much are you willing to pay for a big mac or a fancy dinner at ocean pride. have you wondered how they decide on prices. one of the leading companies in the country which help with that is head quartered in tampa. when you're hungry, you might be willing to pay a lot for something you really love. >> according to american express, they told me i have the largest restaurant business. i go to restaurant for a reason. >> tom kelly knows food. >> i'm a huge fan. i eat there a lot. >> he eat at the restaurants of his clients and over the years, his clients included 85% of the restaurant brands that you're familiar with. they run the gamete from mcdonald to ocean
4:47 pm
kelly is the chairman and ceo of rms, revenue a company with offices in london, paris, singapore and tokyo, but head quartered right here in tampa. rms helps restaurant set their menu prices. >> we ask you what you're willing to pay. >> they do that using data. >> we download the data to sell prices. every half hour, we receive an electronic transmission on a line from asia and it has all the data for the last half hour for thousands of restaurants. sweet spot. a price the restaurant makes money. >> the worst thing you can do is take your prices too far because it's so much -- it's hard to get a person to come to a business
4:48 pm
>> region to region, even street to street -- >> if it's worth $5 in ohio, that same thing might be expected to be 10, $15 in midtown manhattan. >> the next time you sit at a restaurant and pick up the menu, you'll know a lot went into the prices and what cost $5 one place might cost $6 a few street away. it's what the market will bare in a location. >> you can see it a lot. >> you can imagine the math and the data that goes into that. who would think it's done right here in tampa. >> interesting stuff. >> it's interesting. >> the weather is beautiful. let's keep it the way it is. >> great weather for baseball too. spring training has started up. a great time of year in the bay area. a lot of games getting going. if you're going to the games tomorrow, you won't be disappointed. temperatures in clearwater for the blue jays verses the phillies, mostly sunny. lakeland is going to deal with
4:49 pm
in the mid-70s for the start of that game. now, leading our headlines, we're tracking a cold front. don't get too excited about this one. it's not going to have a big i am -- it's not going to have a big impact. a second front will move through on thursday bringing a small chance of rain. huge rain chances, just not in this 7-day forecast. we head into this weekend, it's shaping up nicely. temperatures are expected to reach into the mid-70s with mostly sunny conditions. good news there. for the rest of this evening, mostly clear skies. it's pretty comfortable on the upper 6 on 0s. waking up tomorrow, mid-to upper 50s. lots of sunshine to begin the day and a few clouds building through the afternoon. plenty of sunshine to enjoy. temperatures reaching above average in the mid-to upper 70s. nice day to be in the waters with east winds turning southwest at 5 knots and seas at 2 feet and expect to have light chop on the bay.
4:50 pm
of this evening, skies will clear and temperatures will stay comfortable for us. as we head into the morning hours, blue sky and sunshine and mid-50s and tuesday afternoon, a few clouds, but again, mainly just that rapid warmup through the day. there's the front we talked about. so it's just at a doorstep wednesday morning. as it rolls through, we could see a few light showers, but not seen. it exits by the afternoon and evening hours and temperatures are a little cooler, but still close to average for this time of the year. by thursday, it's mostly sunny again and we're right near average in the low 70s. so a nice stretch of weather. rain chances staying low through this weekend until next weekend. the small rain chances wednesday and friday with our next cold front. so for this evening, 67 degrees. winds coming out of the northwest. 57 tomorrow morning. with a light east wind. by tomorrow afternoon, we top out near 77 and things stay around that average all the way into
4:51 pm
next weekend like i mentioned, looking absolutely fantastic again. 74 degrees each day. at this point, mostly sunny skies. >> thanks, julie. thousands of us service personnel return with wounds. they have a lot of fight left. >> we see some of them are putting their skill to work chasing down people who abuse children. >>reporter: it's training day for army ranger tom block. block and 23 elite soldiers with the -- the military spent a million dollars each to be mentally exceptionally are prepping for a new mission. >> so the core being that it's a unique program. it gives a veteran the opportunity to not
4:52 pm
really, really go out and make efforts to rescue children. >> jay christian -- he leads a team called protect. they're partnered with homeland security and us special operations command to train and place these veterans with law enforcement agencies around the country. >> you see groups of children being abused at levels. the average american can't fathom the. abuse seems to be getting more documented and worse. >> united states is the world's largest -- the images too hard to look and horrible to describe. for these heroes, the idea of not taking action is not an option. >> what we're dealing with is actual capturing of crime scenes. it gives you that sense of urgency to make sure that you're able to get there as fast as you can. when they go into
4:53 pm
for the hero is to aid and assist in child rescue. >> these hero core vets share a -- they must have been injured. blocked the army times 2014 soldier of the year was badly wounded during a raid in southern afghanistan in 2013. a suicide bomber charged him and his team. the explosion went off 8 feet from where block was standing. >> we lost four friends that night to an ied blast. it through me back 30 feet into a ditch. wounded a bunch of others. >> getting back to fighting shape wasn't easy. after learning to walk again, sergeant block endured several reconstructive surgeries. doctors couldn't save his right eye, but block used a setback to make a statement. >> i picked a captain america's shield for my fake eye because i
4:54 pm
represents what i stand for in a big way. he doesn't like bullets. neither do i. >> let that serve as notice for anyone who may be terrorizing children. young law, cnn. we did research and found the mail ing address for the hero core is in knoxville tennessee. >> the video on the website we shot in the bay area at macdill air force base. a lot of work they're doing out there. coming up, this hedge hog needs special care because of his weight. >> he's three times heavier than he should be. see how rescue staff is helping him when first
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i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you' re totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424.
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welcome back, now let's take a lakota what's trending online today -- look at what's trending online today. >> >. beginning with a far out trip becoming to an end. at introduce naught mark kelly -- astronaut mark kelly is the international space station of a year in space. he will return to texas wednesday. a hedge hog tipping the scales as nearly three times the weight of an average wild hedge hog is going on a diet. it weighed over four pounds. the average weighs only a pound.
4:59 pm
now he's so big he can't curl into a protective ball. favorites. >> poor guy. this is quite a game of fetch. tennis tournament. match, but weren't as excited about giving them back. it's geared to give awareness to a local shelter. >> makes the game long. >> more interesting. >> all right, much more news coming your way. the news at 5:00 starts now. right now on news channel 8 at 35:00. a critical day in the race for the white house. super tuesday is tomorrow, a look at where the candidates stand and what's at stake. >> and emotions running high at the erin andrews trial. right now the sports caster is on the stand.
5:00 pm
with her troubled son, and worried he'll end up in hand cuffs. good evening i'm jennifer leigh. >> i'm keith cate. we're counting down to super tuesday. tomorrow republican voters in 13 states will go to the poll, a total of # 95 dell -- 595 delegates up for grabs. clinton and sanderson vying for about -- sanders vying for about 865 delegates. most polls projecting clinton will win every state but vermont, and on the republican side trump is favored overwhelmingly except for texas, cruz leads there, of course that's his home state. here's more from houston, all eyes on texas. >> reporter: that's right. thanks good evening from houston, where texas senator


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