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tv   News Ch8 Today at 6AM  NBC  March 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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good morning and thank you for watching news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm gene ramirerez. we begin with breakingng news this wednesdaday morning two. bodies found in a burning mobile home. these are live pictures from polk county. this is the scene on old polk city road. >> investigators tell us fire crews found the bodies who when they were called to a fire at a -- bodies when they were called to a fire at a home. a dog was also found dead inside. a live report in two minutes.
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the race for the white house super tuesday. democrat hillary rodham clinton and republican donald trump morning. >> look, i'm a unifier. i know people are going to find that hard to believe but believe me, i am a unifier. >> i believe what we need in kindness. [ applause ] >> they of course were not the only winners. senator ted cruz picked up a much needed win in his home state of texas and he also picked up alaska and oklahoma. our florida senator marco rubio picked up his first victory, winning the minnesota caucus. testimony continues today in the erin andrews peephole trial. she is suing marriott hotels and her stalker r over the naked video of her posted to the internet. erin is ththe daughter of our andrews. over. the trial is expected to last through the week. now it's 6:01. let's get a check on the
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>> good morning. in fact, temperatures are rising as we speak. typically we see the temperaturures drop by sunrise but we just came up to 66 degrees in st. pete, clearwater and tampa. and now w up to 59 in bartow. and 64 in inverness. a soututhwest wind is bringing the temperatures up p and we are certainly warmer than this time yesterday. sisignificantly so. brooksville 15 degrees warmer. brandon, 13. tampa, eightht degrees warmer at this point. and a lot of that has to do with extra clouds. clouds trap the heat overnight. and the clouds are ahead of this cold front. and look at the tiny spots of rain. i told you we would see very little rain. only a 10% chance. highs today at 75 which by the waway is the average for today. and then we get cooler behind the front and drop down to 54. in weather and traffic on the 8s at 6:08, an hour-by-hour look at the day as the cold front comes through. and let's get up to date on the
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we have one accident. >> one accident. >> fortunately no road blocks here. that's ulmerton in largo. we have someone with car trouble westbound i-4 right at 275. still waiting for a road ranger to arrive onscene. not slowing most folks down though so that's some good news. we will keep you posted throughout the morning. otherwise, pretty quiet. back to the desk, gayle and gene. we want to get back to the breaking news in polk county where two bodies were found in a burning home. >> the home is on old polk city roroad in lakeland. news channel 8's ryan hughs is joining us live. ryan, whatat are investigators tellining you about the fire and the victims? >> okay, looks like we have lost ryan. but this fire from what we have learned from authorities burned very, very quickly. about 10 minutes or so and then
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two people died the inside the home, a man and a woman. and we have just learned moments ago that a dog was also in there and passed. let's listen in to this here. >> we had a witness pass by and that was at 1:12 this morning and he saw that the mobile home was about half way involved. and by the e time the crews got there at 1:22 this morning, it was about three-quarters involved. >> okay. right now, investigators are still looking into the cause of this fire. 8 on your side is digging for answers about this video. ththis shows a a fight betweeeen a student t or students i should say at east bay high school. and now according to one mom that contacted 8 on your side, that fight also includes a dad. the guy righght there in the black shirt. news channel 8's josh thomomas is live at hillsborough county school headquarters. josh, she wants to knowow why the dad isn't facing charges. >> reporter: that's exactly
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and now we should hear back from the hillsborough county sheriff's office later on today. we know high school fights are not uncommon but a mother tells us what happened in the video has left her very angry. let's take a look. we have learned that the fight actually happened at east bay high school in gibsonton last month. in the video, you can clearly see the students throwing punches but what troubles a parent of one student involved in the fight is the man you see in the black shirt. she claims that the man is the boys. and nonow she is demanding answer as from the district and 8 on your side is also asking questions. >> when we talk about case, it often takes more than one >> definitely. >> so are they stone walling or just not had enough time to look into this? >> i think they're definitely stone walling me. superintendent. > reporter: now we have
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county sheriff's office. and they are investigating this issue. we also have learned that the state attorney's office is well. . you can certainly caught on 8 on your side to followow up with the hillsborough county sheriff's office later today to fifind out any new information on why they have not been able to figure out whether or not this that school fight. >> yeah, seems like with everybody asking for answer, we ththank you. well this morning, an 8 on your side consumer alert that will have you checking your credit card statements. it's another one, another skimmer found at a gas station right here in the bay area. detectives found the device on a pump at the rally convenience store on main street. they believe it was installed sometime between 6:30 a.m. monday. so that's a big window of time. it was found yesterday. customers are now being
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cards and bank statements for unusual transactionsns. well ththis morning an assistant fire chief in cleaearwater is off the job. he resigned in the midst of accusations that he stole a $3 energy drink. he had been with clearwater fire-rescue since 2012. 7-eleven employoyees claim he put a 5-hour energy drink in hihis pocket and walked out. he claims he sisimply forgot to pay. well check this ouout, a pasco county deputy is alsoso out of a job this morning. the e sheriff fired him for attempting to frame a drug suspspect. investigators believe this goes back t to that suspspect spray paintiting messages, mocking the officer. and now he is accucused of planting a syringe and a crack pipe in the suspect's bag. well now the former depuputy could alalso face some charges among thosose obstruction of justice charges. it's your chanance to win universal tickets. >> yeah, r right now we are giving you two chances to win
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one of the lucky cacallers. the number is 1-855-4-420-9352. if you are the eighth or the ninth caller, we are extra a again joss thihis morning -- extra generous this morning. 855-420-9352. . goodod luck to you. will win. if you don't win this time, you will get a chance to win the grand prize between 6:30 and 7:00. >> oh. it's 6:08 on this wednesday morning. the weather sure has been beautiful. >> yep, , we are winning in this department. it's been gorgeous. and now today won't t be as gorgeousus but still pretty nice. here's the hour-by-hour forecast. a couple extra a clouds this morning and already y very mild in the mid-60s. so we do warm up into the low 70s by lunchtime. and then afternoon high of 75 degrees. 457ing around 3:00 p.m.
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i left in a 10% rain chance because the cold front will be comingng through anand we will cool dodown quickly this evening. that front, only bringing a 10% measly rain chance. still mild behind it in the mid- 70s. and anotother cold front comemes through friday and. that one is also not going to have much of an impact, keeping a great range of temperatures in the mid-70s into next week. and we will check on traffific on the 8s to how it's all rolling along this wednesday. we have an accident in the brandon area. let's get to you the maps. it's kingsway at brandon boulevard. right now, fhp not reporting any road blocks. we will keep you u posted on that. and we have an injury crash in largo at ulmerton and ridge. westbound i-4 into downtown tampa on the right-hand side of the scscreen, busier but delay- free. and 275 picking up through downtown b but no major r snarls yet. gayle, gene, back to you. >> thank you so muchch.
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building into a place of healing. >> still ahead, how the plan in manatee county could save taxpayers like you and me millions of dollars. and a cruiseship cursed? the ship cutting a trip short again and why. and gayle and i were just talking about this on facebook live a few moments ago, the erin andrews peephole trial. up next, why the defense argues the nude videos of erin andrewews actually helped her. how do you feel about it? talk to us on facebook and watctch the story coming up afteter
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happening today, the e civil trial continues today afteter two emotional days of testimony sportscaster erin andrews. she is suing ththe owner anand operator of the nashville marriott for $75 million after a stalker recorded nude videosos of her there. nenews channel 8's lindsesey mastis is following the story for us live from ththe tampa news center this morning. and lindsey, our hearts go out to her and her family. we all know her r father here, our investigative e reporter steve andrews. >> reporteter: and we now knowow just how much erin andrews has changed after the nunude pictures and video wentnt viral online. and while on the stand, she revealed that she lives in fear. liststen to what she does now when she travels for workrk.
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and then i dodo a check of the roomom. i look everywhere. i look for lights. i look for red lilights. i look to see if there's cameras. i check the bed. i check the alalarm clock. i check the phone. i booby trap my room. >> r reporter: during a brief cross-examination, the hotel's attorneys argued that the blame lies solely with the stalker despite the hotel agreeing to give him a room next to her's without informing her. and they claim the incident didn't damage her r career but andrews insists that's only because she focused on work to try to take her mind off the video. jurors will have to decide whether the hotel should have to pay $75 million. we will updadates about what happens today beginning at first at 4:00. gayle -- >> you know a lot of people are expressing t that it's inteteresting for hotel safefety in general. all right. thank you, lindsey.
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this time severe weather and a norovirus outbreak are to blame fofor the anthem of ththe seas returning to its s home port in new jersrsey early once again. and this is a live pipicture here as the ship just docked this morning.g. a royal caribbean spokesperson reports more thanan 100 passengers are sick wiwith norovirus. and on top p of that, the cruise line claimims it cut the trip two days short because of an anticipated storm. remember this cellphone video? you can see furniture being g tossed around, waves crashing up against windows. 30-foot waves reported at the time. royal caribbean is still dealing with the fallout of this ill-fated village. people not able to walk. this is the same ship. it was also sent home early a couple weeks ago after encountering severe weather in the atlantic. . well quite a scare for a sushi restaurant in south florida. take a look at this suv as it comes crashing through the restaurant.
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this happened at a sushi bar in medley. investigators believe the driver made a mistake, hitting the gas pedal instead of the brake. no one was hurt but the restaurant is closed until it can be repaired. it's's 6:15. manatee county workersrs soon may not have to go all that far for basic health care needs. the cocounty has been working to build an onsite clinic for county employees. as 8 on your side's ryan hughes shows us, this could save taxpayers millions of dollars over years. >> reporter: right now, it's old brick and wood in a and a lot of space. but manatee county leaders want to transform this building into an onsite hehealth clinic for every cocounty employee. >> our philosophy has been, let's help get people healthier and that will ultimately reduce the cost to our taxpayers. >> reporter: she has worked for years to get the idea off the ground. it would be housed in the old memeryl lynch building.
6:17 am
for basic medidical needs and that would help cut costs they would face in the doctor's office. >> they have a headache, a sore throat, they could come in and see a physician and get back to work. >> reporter: this is the manatee county administration building. if workers here had a health issue, they could walk here to get care. the clinic wouldn't replace an employee's primary care physician, it would be used as a quick care facility. some residentses wish the services could be theirs too. >> what about the rest of the residents? they still have to go to the emergency room. >> is it the best use of the tax dollars that it's being targeted for just the very specific group? >> reporter: 8 onon your side learned the county anticipates it will cost nearly $3 million to renovate the building. and it willll take three years to get a return on that investmentnt. pasco county opened two wellness centers for emplployees and saved morere than $900,000 in health care cost in the first year alone.
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reportrting in bradenenton, i'm ryan hughes, news channel 8. >> county commissisioners must approve funding within the next several weeks. andd we are e told there's been some oppositition to the clinic by local doctors. they feel it will take business away from them. coming up on 6:18 on this wednesday morning. not too bad today, leigh. >> not too bad despite e the factct that i'm trtracking a cold front. over the last few week, with a cold front we have had strong storms and the possibility of tornadoes. today. in fact, you may barely notice the cold front.t. mild around the front, 63 degrees at 8:00. when the cold front passes through your particular area, chance. and northwest breeze behind the front. brooksville, 60. 66 in tampmpa. 66, st. pete. 59 in bartow. and rich in oldsmar is at 62
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you see ththe extra clouds this morning. they are patchy. and now forecast mode. notice i i moved this ahead to about 7:15. more clouds, just not much rain. and quickly pushes to the south. it will bring a slight chill to ththe air tomorrow morning but it should be a sunny, mild afternoon on thursday before another weak front friday brings a gorgeous weekend. let's check on traffic on the 8s. yeahah, we're seeing a slight increase now. traffic southbound 275 out of north tampa, this is at bird street. right now though 275 looking pretty good. and we have a new accident being reported south of tampa, riverview area, 50thth street south of causeway. look out for that. currently no road blocked. gayle, gene, back to yoyou. >> thank you. brace face, metal mouth,
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just one of many reasons most people do not like braces. >> still ahead,d, the reason a dog is now wearing them. at least he won't mind the name calling. but fist, too soon? why this basketball team walked away with their heads in their hands after a big celebration. it's 6:20. you're watching news channel 8 today. colossal curl at adventure island. it's not just a water slide, it's a thrill slide. pand if you get get the busch gardens p fun card now you'll also get pan adventure island fun card for rfree. restrictions apply visit adventure island dot com for details or to purchase
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colossal curl at adventure island. it's not just a water slide, it's a thrill slide.e. pand if you get the busch gardens p fun card now you'll l also get pan advdventure island fun card for rfree. restrictions apppply visit adventure isisland dot com for details or to purchase tickets. thisis one hurts. a high school basketball team is kicking themselves in the rearar this morning. you see they thought they pulled the title game win and then they let it slip away. we're talking about the broncos. they thought the shot clock had run out so they started celebrating. the big win, right? but the chargers called a time- out with a second left in the game.
6:24 am
quick lay-autopsy resulting in a win. the crowd goes wild. > that's going to leave a mark. >> y you knowow what they say, can't count your chickens before ththey hatch. bracace yourself for this one.e. you know that cute boy or girl in the middle school with the braces? got nothing on this. the cutest metal mouth ever. >> it's not a kid. this is westerly, a golden retriever. look at the smile on that game you might think whwhy in the world wowould a dog need braces? well, it's not for the same shallow reasons we might get them. his teeth were so badly misaligned that he had trouble closing his mouth and eating. >> poor guguy. >> he will have the braces out in just a few weeks. i ththink it helps thatat somebody in his family like his owner's family was a pet orthodontist.
6:25 am
cleaning up dog poop goes forensic. oh, yeyeah, the bay area community that is turning the search into irresponsible owners into an episode of crime drama. >> pick up. plus finally home, where scott kelly landed after plummeting to earth after about 17,000 miles per hour. he is back after almost a a full
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getting kids to the bus stop, it will be warmer. 63 dedegrees, patchy clouds, better rain chance up to about 10% when they come home from school a at 75 degrees. but emoji man is bored with the barely noticeable cold front. i willll tell you what happens behind t the front comiming up thouough. how is traffic on the 8s? 275 starting to get slow
6:29 am
bush boulevard and down near the sly area. that's where you will see the delays. westbobound i-4 frfrom 5050th street through downtown, also slow. right now, the veterans expressway welcomes okay.
6:30 am
it is 6:30 at the top of the half hour, two people are dead after a fire at a mobile home in lakeland. and you can see there's very little left of this home. good morning. i'i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez. that mobile home is on olold polk city road in lakeland. news channel 8's ryan hughghes has been gatherering information for us since 4:00 this morning. this is the latest. . >> reporter: gogood morning. right now, the statate fire marshall is here investigating after this fatal fire. yoyou can see a number of officials here onscene including some crime scene technicians who arare taking photo of the mobile home and d
6:31 am
we're told the passer-by saw 1:00. and by the time the firefighters got here, this place was three-quarters of the way engulfed in flames. we are told by a polk county spokesman that two people are dead, a man and woman,n, both adults. no word if ththey were simply friends or relatives or a couple. i dog was also found dead in the home and two dogs were injured. they were on the outside of the home. and we spoke to the coununty spokesman not too long ago and he expxplained what happened when somebody drove byby this mornrning and saw fire here at the mobile home. >> we had a witness pass by and d that was at 1:1:12 this morning and d he saw that the mobile home was about halfwaway involved. and byby the time our crews got there at 1:22 this morning, it was ababout three-quarters involved. >> repeporter: and this is another look at the scene here. polk county firefighters here dealing with this after a fatal fire at this mobile home. again, two people dead. right now, they are investigigating and looking for a a
6:32 am
accidental here or perhaps it was deliberately set. we will certainly keep you posted when we get more information from here. back to you for now. >> thank you ryan. . and to stay on top of breaking news, download our news channel 8 app on your smart spoken. it's free. notice from the sun toyota camera in new port richey, more clouds than we have seen recently. 66 in st. pete and tampa. and 64 in bradentoton. just look what a a difference. . you're 15 degrees warmer in brooksville than yesterday at this point. crystal river, you're 25 degrees warmer. 11 in brandon. as the cold front t comes into our area later today, it will bring up the cloud cover where ever the cold front actually is. this is about 8:00 this morning. citrus, hernando counties. there's s also a 10% % rain chance.
6:33 am
quick light shower around lunchtime. moving into pasco, hillsborough, pinellas. and then after lunchtime, the cold front sinks to the south. just the 10% rain chance. in weather and traffic on the 8s, i will have an eight-day temperature trend for you. and meredidith has the trending traffic weight right now. interstates are accident- free but we are seeing the typical delays. this is southbound 275 at fowler. the slow traffic begins just south of bearss. and takes you down around hillsborough avenue. i-4, westbound, going to be slow from the selmon expressway into d downtown in through 275 junction. again, accident-free on i-4. 75 near i-4 looks okay for right now. moving youou over to the bay area bridges. so far so goodod on the howard franklin. not seeing the delays at the
6:34 am
gayle, gene, back to you. >> thank you. donald trump is on top after a big super tuesday. he solidified his position with seven key victories. trump won arkansas, virginia, massachusetts, alabama, georgia, tennessee and the state of vermont. >> if i'm going to win all of these states with tremendous numbers and come in the worst is second in the two o or three that i might not win, i think, you know, we're a democracy. >> hillary rodham clinton also won seven states, her biggest victory texas. the democratic front runner also took arkansas, virginia, massachusetts, alabama, georgia and tennessee. at a rally in miami, she used her speech to take aim at her republican opponents. >> i believe deeply that if we resist the forces trying to drive us apart, we can come together to make this cocountry work for everyone, the
6:35 am
the successful. >> clinton says she is now focusing on the upcoming democratic primaries here in florida and in michigan. other winners overnight include senator bernie sasanders, senator ted cruz, and our own senanator marco rubio who won his first state, minnesota. >> y yeah, our nanational core spontaneous accident live from the news chchannel 8 dc bureauau to break down the votes for us. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, gene and gayle. well, a few neck in neck races but all in all, a good night t for donald trump anand hillary rodham clinton. each candidate already starting to talk like it's the general election. take a look. >> i believe what we need in america today is more love and kindness. [ applause ] >> you know what, it works. instead of building walls, we're going to break down barriers. >> i am a unifier. once we get all of this finished, i'm going to go after
6:36 am
rodham clinton on the assumption she's allowed to run. >> reporter: now trump won seven states as you mentioned. the new york billionaire's big success in the deep south came as a big surprise. senator ted cruz pulling off a victory against trump, a big victory in his home state of texas as well as pulling in two other state tell us. and now your own senator marco rubio finally pulled off a win. it wasn't virginia like many thought it would be. instead, minnesota. and now hillary rodham clinton and her seven state wins up against sander's four state wins. and now even though hillary rodham clinton still has a big delegate lead on sanders, those four wins he had last night and his record-breaking fund raising for the last month mean he's not going anywhere. there's still 35 states left to vote. and right now,w, there is alwaysys the slight possibility, however it doesn't look like any candididate on either side will be dropping out. the key races now are your own race there in floridida on march
6:37 am
again just like he just lolost to cruz is going to challenge some of the candidates in their home states. gene and gayle. >> it sounds like they are sticking around for the long haul here. and not just florida, what are some of the other statates coming up in the next couple week, alex? >> reportrter: well, you have 11 contests in justst the next week. march h 15th, same as flororida is the big day to watch. there's north carolina, ohio and illinois as well. all of those states have a lot of delegates. if clinton and donald trump cocontinue to lead, we could have a nominee, an official nominee in both parties or at least one of them by then, gene. >> okay, thank you. and the primary is nearlyly two weeks away but early voting is already happening in hillsborough and polk counties. in hillsborougugh, more than 53,000 people have alalready taken n advantage. head t to to find out how you can vote and get more information on the primary. just seconds away from 6:38 on this wewednesday morning.
6:38 am
momore of the same? >> it has been a string of nice days and today would be technically the worst day but still vevery ninice. that's the kind of weather we like to talk about. when you wake upup this morning, right now, it's mild. low to mid-60s. but there are some patchy clouds and i expect those clouds to increase during the e day.y. so there's only a 10% rain chance. i don't think k today is going to be that t bad of a day. 72 degrees at nonoon. 75 at 3:0000 p.m.m. after 3:00 p.m., the cold front, the weak k cold front has pushed to o the south. and we will start clearing out though we will see a breezy northwest wiwind. great weather today for springng trainining games. and there are a lot including the rays. bradenton, tigers pirate, tampa. other tigers playing the yankees. sarasota, braves and orals. everybodody may see some extra clouds and there's just that 10% rain chance but low 70s when the games start. our tempmperature trend is to
6:39 am
next several days, 75, 7474 degrees through sundayay. and then we t trend a little warmer getting up to 80 by tuesday. >> here it is at 6:38 so time to check on traffic on the 8s. the sun is cocoming up this morning. >> it is. pinellas county, accident- free. we like to see that. and people concernened about bay area bridges so we want to show you the howard franklin. this is going to be the oncoming cars into tampa. and we're not seeing any delays just yet. so good news there. courtney campbell and gandy looking good. southbound 275, certainly starting to bog down a bit. and starting south of bearss in through bird street, those typical delays. another update in a few. gayle, gene, back to you. >> okay. the final day of our universal contest. >> and now is the time to give away the grand prize. all you hahave to do is be the eighth caller to win four juneier sal park tickets, hotel accocommodations and a parking pass. >> nice.
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all you have to dodo is be the e eighth caller to win. >> 1-855-420-9352. you u got to dial the 1 before the 855. it is a free cacall. good luck to yoyou and thank you to everyone who partrticipated in the universal studios contest. back on earth. plus, going after irresponsible dog owners. the bay area community going to great lengths to get people to pick up the poop. a new susurvey shows just how dangerous the roads are for motorcyclists. it's 6:40.
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6:43 am
8 on your side is working to get answer about this video.
6:44 am
students at a hillsbororough county school. one mom tells us it also includes at least one parent and that's where shshe has a major issue. news channelel 8's josh thomas is joining usus live frfrom board headquarteters this morning. and josh, a lot of questions there right now. >> reporter: yeah, we certainly are asking questions of the school and the hillsborough county sheriff's office. and now the video happened last month and it happened outside east bay high school in gibsonton. let's look at that video. in the fight, you can see that several students were cacaptured on video fighting at that school in gibsonton. and now in the video, you can see punches thrown by the students but the mother of one of the boys told us it wasn't a fair fight because the man you snow the black shirirt, she claims he's the father of one of the other boys seen slamming her son to the ground. and she wants to know why he isn't facing any charges. >> to me, you know, i see all
6:45 am
arrested for jumping into fights. you know, not only were they at the fight, they were at the fight on school grounds. >> reporter: now we contacted the hihillsborough county sheriff's off and they told us that -- sheriff's office and they told us that they are looking into the matter. you can count on us to follow- up to find out why that man has not faced charges. >> a lot of folks have questions. thank you. a brand new report shows just how dadangerous our roads are for motorcyclists. florida is number one for fatalities in the nation. motorcycles account for 19% of the vevehicle fatalities in the state. since the repeal of the helmet law in florida, motorcycle fatalities have more than doubled. a third of riders don't think they need a helmet. generally most riders choose to
6:46 am
86% of riders do wewear helmets. a blue cheeeese recall from whole foods that involves maytag raw milk blueue cheese sold nationwide. tests revealal there's a possibility of listeria contamination. no one has gotten sick from this yet but whole foods is asasking people to throw the cheese away, bring your receiptpt back to the store and you can get a refund for that. they are stepping it up, taking names and even morere. the homeowner's association is now taking dna samples. >> yeah, -- >> from dog poop. >> it sounds extreme. >> who is collecting it? >> i hope that's not t my job. but it's all in an effort toto catch irresponsible owowners who are leaving messes behind. first they want to charge owner $35 to register their information. and left over dropping, -- that's what we're calling them this morning, that pop up on the proper thety will be
6:47 am
if the dna links back to the resident's dog, the owner will be fined. agree something has to be done. >> i have to do it at least three, four times a week. i have to pick up somebody else's dog stuff when i'm picking up my own. >> yeah, that's not good. dog owners who refuse to pay could end up with a lien. >> those that don't pick it up say this stinks. astronaut scott kelly is backck on solid ground. he is headeded to houston today. he landeded safely in kazakhstan overnight. >> kelly spepent nearly a year at the international space ststation to find out how prolonged time in space affects people's bodies. news channel 8's lindsey mastis has your morning alert. so lindsey, kelly has a long day ahead of him. >> he does, gayle. good morning. astronaut scott kelly won't arrive in houston until late tonight but right now, #yearinspace is trending on
6:48 am
we will be tracking his return home all day today. >> scott kelly, back on mother earth after 340 days in space. >> reporter: kelly kept smiling and even helped posisition himself so he could be carried off the capsule and on to the chair. and beforere landing, nasa shared this video of the undocking. his entire journey is being documented. he will have to undergo some tests when he gets back to houston but he is planning to jump in the pool once that is done. and on friday, he will talk about his 340 days in space and answering questions on reddit and he is also going to go on facebook live. he promises to keep us updated on social media. i'm gob going to keep checking for his -- i'm going to be keep checking for his nenext selfie. >> you can follow the morning alerts on facebook and twitteter. search the #8alert. we are in store for another beautiful day.
6:49 am
up right now and it is gorgeous out there. just some high thin clouds. patchy clouds, from the lakewood ranch. and the clouds have kept us warmer, 62 at that location and a few degrees warmer across the boboard this mornining. this is ahead of an approaching cold front. it will have very little impact today. i did leave in a 10% rain chance. and it will get cloudier, 72 degrgrees at noon. by 3:00 p.m., , the front isis pushing to the south. and it's still mild at 75 but the breezes may pickck up from the northwest as well. tampa, st. pete, you're at 66. fish hawkwk, 6 1 . lakeland at 57. and d 65 in sarasota. this is anywhere from about 5 to 20 degrees depending on where you are than this time yesterday. and i checked in with patty in new port richey. it's 63 degrees at heher house. this is moving forward in time. warmer this morning. the farther north you live, you will get the thicker clclouds
6:50 am
to the south. and 10% rain chance at best. and after about 4:00 p.m., the cold front is south of i-4. this continues to bring in a little cooler air. just a little bit. about 10 degrees cooler tomorrow morning than right now. that's just putting us back closer to average. and mostly sunny and pleasant tomorrow. . and look atat this, another cocold front. this one alalso will be very little impact on us. we're getting warmer in the southern areas before the cold front gets here, 80 in bartow today. 75 in tampa. 75 in brooksville. and d 74 in st. pepete. temperatures in the mid-70s. just the 10% rain chance on friday leading to a gorgeous weekend. let's check on traffic on the 8s. well, we are accident-free onon i-4. but not without our usual delays. westbound near macintosh road, startiting to bog down there. and you're going to stay slow on westbound i-4 right at the 275 juncnction. otherwise, looks okay.
6:51 am
busy from about fletcher through the i-4 interchange. 275 also slow from south of bearss all the way down in through h the 275 junction. so again, pretty typical morning volume there. veterans expressway also checking in accident-free. but look for those delay, sugarwood toll plaza through about gunn and ththen cram up through hillsborough avenue. bay area bridges so far, so good. gayle, gene, back to you. well the emoji craze hasn't slowed down yet and with a new proposal in place, you could be using them even more. emoji specialists from apple and googling are submitting plans that would make you the star of your own set of customized emojis. that's rightht, you can edit emojojis to look like you. >> we have done that. >> yes, we have. gene is eating a pancakes. i submitted my hello one but i don't know why i'm wewearing a tie.
6:52 am
recruit me for religion or something. >> i'm a flight attendant is. >> that what it is? >> yeah. >> i thought you were trying to impersrsonate adele because you're like, hello. what yoyou need to know before you walk out the dodoor is next. >> including finding out where the presidential candidates stand this morning after super tuesday. and then we are on the scene of a fire investigation going on all morning. up next, what investigators found on the scene inside this charred home. you're watching news channel 8 today. (avo) my name is pamela and i've been making dog chow for 36 years now. my dog girlfriend is 1 17 years old. she's been eating dodog chow from her very first day and she can still chase squirrels. she can't catch them, but she can still chase them.
6:53 am
confident in feeding her dog chow because i see the high quality ingredients that go into i it. i'm very proud to make dog chow
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6:55 am
we have been on top of brbreaking news since 4:00 this morning. firefighters are on the scene of a a charred mobile home in polk county. >> right now, investigatorors are working to fifigure out what sparked the flames at the home. n lakeland. ryan h hughs is live on the scene this morning. >> reporter: -- home in
6:56 am
ryan hughs is live onon the scene. >> reporter: good morning. you can see how w badly burned it. is and you can also see a number of sheriff's deputies and investigators here right now. the state fire marshall's office is leading this investigation, looking for a cause. we're told by a spokesman that a passer-by saw the flames around 1:15, called 911. by the time firefighters got here, the place was engulfed in flames. inside firefighters found a dead man and woman and a dead dog. and two dogs were injured on the outside. right now, they are attempting to determine if it was a suspicious fire, perhaps it was deliberately set or maybe it was an accident. they hope to have some clues later today. live in lakeland, ryan hughes, news channel 8. >> thank you. this morning, republican donald trump and hillary rodham clinton are getting closer to winning their party's nomination. trump racked up wins in seven states and clilinton climbed have it riders in six.
6:57 am
senanator ted cruz survives another day. the republican presidential candidate won in three states. he is refusing to give up, calling on the other republican candidates to drop out and unite behind him. >> our senator marco rubio won for the first time. he took home the victory in the minnesota caucus. he is hoping to bring home a win in our state's primary march 15th. . if you step out the door right now, extra clouds around. you sesee the cold front just to the north. it will come through here but t ahead of it, the it's really warm for this time of the day. 36 plant city. 68 clearwater. 64 bradenton. and 66 in tampa. when the cold front comes through, not much of an impact, bringing extra clouds, about a 1010% rain chance. 7575 degrees at 3:00 p.m. a northwesest breeze. and lower the humidity, gorgeous for ththursday. and another weak front friday gives us a gorgeous weekend, mid-70s and sunny.
6:58 am
blocked northbound seven springs at mitchell ranch. you will want to detour for now. little road yoyour best alternate and that's not too convenient. southbound 257 slow from bearss avenue. westbound i-4, 50th street through the junction, and 75 through i-4, typical delays there. no surprises with h the veterans expressway. you are slow past dale mabry in through just north of hillsbsborough avenue. howard franklin slows on the e tampa side of the bridge. >> thank you. and i and a quick correction, both hillary rodham clinton and donald trump each took home seveven states. by mistake said it was six for clinton.
6:59 am
7:00 am
ba da baba ba ba good morning. something for everyone. donald trump and hillary clinton each win seven super tuesday states, tightening their grips on their party's nomination. >> once we get all of this finished, i'm going to go after one person, that's hillary clinton. >> instead of building walls, we're going to break down barriers. >> cruz, rubio and sanders, will ththey be well enough to stay in the race?? a new piece of debris has been found that could be from malaysia air flight 370. missing fer


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