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tv   News Ch8 Today at 430AM  NBC  March 4, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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. good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm candace mccowan in for gene. >> i'm gayle guyardo. in our top stories this morning, after about two weeks in court, the erin andrews lawsuit is starting to wrap up up. both sides will give the closing arguments. the sports broadcaster is suing a man who secretly took nude videos of her in 2008 and the marriott for allowing him to book the room right next to hers. hillsborough county high school brawl has parents pointing fingers.
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son when a fight broke out at east bay high school. the father is giving his side of the story. >> you can clearly see me tripping over the kids sneaker. >> the father is also saying the school resource officer didn't do enough to protect the teens. florida's largest outdoors expo and boat show kicks off today. this is a picture from news channel 8's event at the florida fairgrounds. it goes until sunday and today you can get in for free. if you buy a boat, it looks like it will be a great weekend to take it out. >> just call us. i'm sure we'll be able to enjoy it with you. this morning it is nasty in some spots. we have light rain falling in eastern pasco county around saint leo. we had really spotty rain happening right now in parts of the tampa bay area. fish hawk area, lake wales. heavier downpours off anna maria island. by 8:30.
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the skies clear out, nice, northwest breeze. 74 degrees, very comfortable today. in weather and traffic on the 8's at 4:38, i have an eight-day temperature trend for you. i'll let you know if it turns warmer or cooler. >> we have a good drive. it is not perfect. we have overnight construction, some debris on the roadway. look at this. this disabled vehicle. 275 at fletcher, that cleared and traffic looks good into downtown tampa. let's go to the maps, st. pete area. we have debris out there right at olmerton and roosevelt. seeing a little bit of an eastbound slow down on roosevelt and then the 54th avenue south entrance ramp to southbound 275 is blocked until about 6:00 a.m. due to overnight construction. great drive on the sky way bridge, a traffic light not working properly. cortez at 71st. in manatee county, treat it as a four way stop. back to candace and gayle. right now, tampa is moving closer to reducing the
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amounts of marijuana to just a fine. the city council voted 6-1 in favor of the change. 8 on your side ryan hughes is live at tampa city hall. how much change is this? >> good morning. as it stands, somebody caught here in the city with marijuana would likely lose their license and have to pay a fine. they could go to jail. under this new ordinance, the punishment could be a slap on the wrist. this is the top clicked story right now on and it is getting a lot of heated discussion here at city. >> first and foremost it is a plant. put here by nature. >> i'm here this morning as a parent. a parent who does have a child still as an adult who is an addict. and he started in high school with marijuana. >> residents sounded off to tampa council members at a public hearing.
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some say it ruined their loved ones lives. they found mayor buck horn is in favor of this change. people who possess 20 grams or less would be issued a $75 fine for the first offense. 150 for the second and offenders would pay $450 for each offense after. that back here live, this is not a done deal yet. the council must approve the ordinance at a meeting on march 17th. we'll certainly keep you posted on this very controversial issue. back to you for now. >> certainly a talker. thanks, ryan. in your vote this morning, #gop, debate is trending here in tampa. four candidates attacked each other as they tried to gain ground ahead of the primaries taking place tomorrow. >> donald trump responded to the news of the day about mitt romney's attack on his character. >> senator's ted cruz and marco
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kasich struggled to get a word in. lindsey mastis joins us live with your morning alert. a lot of people are talking about this debate right now online. what are they focussing on in. >> i've been monitoring the stats on social media all morning long and take a look at this. donald trump is dominating right now with more than 60% of the conversation on twitter. that means a lot of people are talking about him specifically. the rest of of the candidates are hardly getting mentioned right now. the most tweeted moment though came during an exchange between senator rubio and trump both accusing each other of being con artists. and he is trying to con people into giving them the vote. >> the real con artist is senator marco rubio who was elected in florida and who has the worst voting record in the united states senate. he doesn't go to vote. he is absent. he doesn't go. now, the people of florida can't stand him. he couldn't get elected dog catcher. >> the name calling continued throughout the fox news debate
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the debate. if we take a look at the stats. trump is on top of that, too. followed by governor john kasich, senator cruz and senator follower growth. that doesn't necessarily mean votes though. that is why all of the candidates are using social media right now to try to get their message across. it will be important as we head into another primary. that is tomorrow, but right now, won the debate. we're putting a poll on the website, go there, let us know. gayle? >> it just keeps getting more thank you. you can follow the morning alerts each day on facebook and twitter. search the #8alert. a war of words away from the debate. former gop candidate is getting involved while the party panics over the real possibility that trump will win the nomination. mitt romney set-up a major offensive during a speech in utah.
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commander-in-chief and is a danger to the sglags donald trump is a phoney, a fraud, his progresses are as worth raes as a degree from -- worthless as a degree from trump university. romney will appear on the today show, matt lauer is has an exclusive interview with the republican on what is driving them to trash trumle. . donald trump is dealing with another kind of threat on his own life. a man from egypt threatened to kill the billionaire and now he faces deportation. the 23-year-old student lives in los angeles right now while studying to be a pilot. police say the student posted on facebook that he would be willing to kill trump and world would thank him. secret service agents arresteded the egyptian -- arrested the egyptian. you can make a difference in the race in about a week and a half. we're getting ready for florida's primary. it takes place on march 15th.
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hillsborough and polk counties. the rest of the bay area counties start early voting tomorrow. we posted everything you need to know about the primary and how to vote on the time right now is sneaking up on 4:38 on this friday morning. a little bit of drizzle throughout. >> we have very small areas of rain and this won't last long. let me show you where it is. you might want to step outside and grab the paper. a little bit of drizzle in the state area. southern areas of hillsborough and lake wales and pasco. heaviest rain is off the coast of manatee and sarasota. all in all it is a 20% chance for the next couple of hours and then we're in for a treat! cold front sinks to the south, doesn't bring in cooler air it brings in less humid air. 71 degrees at noon, 74 at 3:00 p.m.. then as you head home from work, cutoff early on a friday. temperatures will fall quickly.
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64 degrees at 7:00 a.m.. a lot going on today. bradenton. dunn eedin happening around 1 o'clock. light 70s. nice breeze. we stay in the 70s today and tomorrow. we trend warmer into the low 80s next week. we'll check in on traffic on the 8's to see how things are going on the friday morning. >> they are going. it is a decent drive. overall you'll be fine this morning. let's look at travel times here, state road 54, folks. we have about an 11-minute commute here from new port richey from u.s. 19 to the sun coast parkway. on 19 itself. it is a good commute through palm harbor. state road 54. i mentioned because it is yellow it means you have red lights to go through. it is the surface streets we're talking about here. southern sarasota county. northbound i-45. we have construction out there. it is overnight construction tying up a couple of lanes. you can get by just fine. keep that in mind also a little
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roosevelt in pinellas county. that is a look at traffic. back to candace and gayle. presidential candidates are getting support from all over. >> ahead, which is getting and. >> if you're a boat lover or outdoor enthousandist, i'll give show.
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. a dangerous situation caught on camera. new police dash cam video shows us a shoplifter driving off, dragging a police officer, actually two of them in south carolina, officers stopped an suv of two suspected shoplifters. the driver got back into the car after questioning and started driving away with the two officers hanging on. she then crashed into a patrol car. an officer shot the driver in the arm and she was arrested. she is now charged with shoplifting and hit-and-run.
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released from the hospital. icy roads in new england are making things treacherous not only for drivers but for first responders as well. a police chief's suv flipped on its side in vermont when it slid off a slick road. look at that dash cam video. the suv starts rolling back and toppled over a hill. fortunately, the chief was not hurt. . >> the police chief was able to drive the suv back to the station after the crash. pinellas county investigators are taking new steps to solve cold cases and it means you'll start seeing some new billboards going up. seven are being placed near old crime scenes. each is offering a $3,000 crimestoppers award for help
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this is close where paul wittas and james martas was murdered and malaysia gamble found in a dead lot in 2009. her mother tells us it still hurts. >> i waited seven years to be able to get in front of this camera and let the world know what my daughter meant to me. malaysia was a good person. >> the new billboards are being donated by clear channel outdoor and will be put up over the next two months. reality star caitlyn jenner is throwing her support behind senator ted cruz. asking to be his transambassador if he is elected president. jenner says senator cruz is a great constitutionalist and articulate man. she claims she would love the chance to advise the senator on issues involving the transgender community. senator cruz criticized the
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to embrace transgender students. we have a look at a spring tradition that kicks into gear later today. the outdoor expo and boat show begins in a few hours and josh thomas joins us now live from the florida state fair grounds with a look at some of the things we can expect to see and do while we're there. josh? >>reporter: and there is certainly a lot, candace. the doors here at the outdoor and outdoor boat show will open. boats, any number of boats, whether it is a central council boat demonstrations will be available for those who are outdoor enthusiasts or becoming to be an outdoor enthusiast. whether you're looking for a good deal on boat or fishing gear it can be found here at outdoor expo which will be
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opportunity for people to get a fishing pole or any number of things. we'll show you the hours right now and it will be free today. it will be open from 1 o'clock until 8:00 tonight. tomorrow it will open at 10:00 in the morning until seven in the evening and on sunday from 10:00 in the morning until five in the evening. it is free today, tomorrow it is $8 for adults and children 12 and under will be able to get in here for free and it will be an opportunity for the whole family to have a whole lot of fun at the florida state fair grounds. >> it looks like a lot of fun toys you can get your hands on. thank you. they're calling it the expedia of healthcare. it is a new way to combat the sky rocketing doctor's bills we all deal with much like how you shop for the cheap flights. even those with health insurance are utilizing that service. for one type of man, his deductible who have forced him to pay thousands out of pocket for an mri.
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>> they're doing that because they want to fill their excess capacity. same way in hotels and in the travel industry. >> save on medical works and 39 states has helped 30,000 patients save about $1,000 each. no. mo are for mri's, cat scans. parents will have less time to take advantage of the florida back to school sales tax holiday this year. it is going down from 10 to 3 days. the decision comes from state lawmakers. they're also limiting the amount of clothes you can bu$60 or less. last year's limit$100 and you will not be able to buy computers tax-free either. it is 4:48. i'm kind of bummed out about that, leigh. >> those are big changes. and we're seeing changes happening right now in the weather because about two hours ago we had a lot of rain. now you have to zoom way in here to find it.
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zephyr hills area. pocket of rain in polk county and the rain that is along manatee's coastline it was much heavier even 30 minutes ago and now it is dwindling. the last of the rain at 8:00. 64 degrees. still clouds, clearing getting breezier by lunch time. it is 71 and a wonderful afternoon at 74 degrees and sunny. it is mild ahead of the cold front. notice it is 65 in bartow and auburndale. cooler at inverness versus 68 in tampa the cold front is beginning to affect the northern areas. so we'll just see a couple of showers along this front. the better news, you don't have to wait long for it. northwest breeze. mostly sunny this afternoon. going to wake up to season blaechl cool weather. and emoji man got his shades on. thumb up. beautiful and comfortable for monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday. how about traffic on the 8's.
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for the most pafrment a good drive through i-4 through the lakeland area. no delays. i-75 pasco county through wesley chapel. state road 52. to 275, 11 minutes. good drive in pasco. we had earlier construction in sarasota. it has been cleared from the freeway. northbound i-75 past toledo blake boulevard. it is gone from the roadways and also this traffic light apparently fixed. cortez road in manatee county. that is a look at weather and traffic on the 8's. back to candace and gayle. >> thank you. we like to think that we learn from our mistakes. >> right. practice makes perfect, we'll explain what happened to the capsized sail boat that turned over during an intense training session for the american sail team. it is 4:50.
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. a tough day on the water for america's sailing team. capsized. you can see them practicing off the coast of number muda. look at the 25-foot catamaran on the side there. it was sailed back to the dock. they're practicing for the world series riggata in may. a -- regata in may. an increase in the black
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taken off of the endangered list. . the federal government says if the bears are taken off of the list. officials will implement rules to keep the population safe. the tampa bay lightning are riding high this morning. they just topped their best winning streak after earning a win against ottawa. the bolts walked away feeling victorious with a 4-1 win. this extends the consecutive winning streak to eight and now they're two points behind the division. the lightning hits the ice again tomorrow for a match up against the carolina hurricanes. >> i smell another playoff run. >> me, too. . weather and traffic on the 8's is just three minutes away a. >> erin andrews is back in court today as her civil lawsuit nears an end. coming up, we'll explain what the attorneys are focussing on today. time is 4:54.
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. it is time for weather and traffic on the 8's on this friday morning and i'm tracking a cold front. thankfully this is a weak cold front but it is bringing heavier rain off of the eastern sea board closer to home. we have some around polk county and manatee. we won't see this for very long. by 9:00, the cold front has come through. the skies will clear out. it will be comfortable, kind of cool, northwest breeze but nice and warm in the sunshine. 74, low humidity. can't get better than that. 55 degrees. a slight chill in the air tonight. i'll let you know about the weekend comi. >> we have debris on the roadway right here in rat of pinellas county. roosevelt and olmerton, that has been cleared. good drive on the howard frankland bridge. gun highway to anderson road, we
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a look at the pinellas county. the 54th avenue south on ramp to southbound 275 is blocked for the next hour for overnight construction. now, over the last few days it has been the exit ramp. we're working on the on ramp. if you need to hop on 275. take 22nd avenue south instead
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. good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm candace mccowan in for gene ramirez. the top stories this morning, tampa is moving closer to decriminalizing marijuana. it gave preliminary approval to a plan that would only impose a small fine to those caught with pot. you can lose your driver's license, spend up to a year behind bars and be fined u $1,000. a showdown in mo town.


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