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tv   Today  NBC  March 4, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockfellar plaza. congratulations, you made it. jenna bush hager is in for kathie lee gifford. listen --
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>> this is how we're going to kick off your weekend. do you have a bunch of things lying around the house. old phones, toys and that stuff, we'll show you how you it make money off of that stuff. and so many people have a little trouble getting a good night of sleep. we'll get you the tools. >> and if you're looking for an interesting way to keep in shape, these firefighters have it. >> you got me. >> we can't wait. me may not even work out. >> and all of those activities, i call my mom and i'm like nina in is ballet and -- are all of the activities necessary? >> we have a question for you. you're in traffic, someone cuts
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car, no kid, how many times do you totally pound on the steering wheel and yell [ bleep ]? whatever your word of choice, do you feel better when you're done? don't you feel relieved? there is science behind this. they told new york magazine that it feels satisfying to scream out a curse word because it is so taboo and it is a great, quick, easy way. >> but there are some words that, for example, we took mila to a mu seek. she was sitting on the potty. now mommy has to go, and i stand up, my phone has fallen from my back pocket into the toilet and i bleep!
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>> yes. >> it's the worst, and that's what gets you in check. you do not want a 2 1/2-year-old going to cool and saying. >> they say if you put your hand in a budget of cold water and you swear a lot, you can keep it in longer. i remember baby sitting a little kid, and he was having a great time and he yelled out the f bomb while i was baby sitting him. i didn't even say it. so all i could think of is when i leave, if his parents come home, he says it, and he thinks it's me. he saw how crazy i went when he said the word -- >> henry and i could not help but laugh, we were like oh no. but the other reason i think it is fun to swear is that it is taboo, but it shocks people.
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does it with friends of hers that are a little older and slightly more conservative and she'll just go -- f and everybody -- we look at our mom and we're like mom? it does work for people like us, but for real ladies, for real classy ladies -- mom! >> and kathie lee doesn't curse a lot, but when she does it's different. i don't know if you were watching the oscars, but there was a picture of whoopee goldberg, and they thought it
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we realize that a lot of celebs very do look similar. we're going to have a game, two celebrities, aem name who is who. shaleen woodley and jennifer lawrence. next, lake bell and amanda peet. >> amanda peet, yeah, they both have bangs. harington. can we just say for a minute because we know what they look like because we have looked at them. >> we oddle ggled.
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interment. >> jordan sparks and america fer ferrera. >> isla fisher and amy amends. >> isla fisher is on the left. something. who do you get mistaken for. >> once i got mistaken for hulk hogan's daughter, brook. they said you look like the daughter of, the daughter of -- here it comes, hulk hogan. >> have you ever heard that before? >> no, but she is really fun, i like her a lot, but what about you? >> i get gayle king all of the time.
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friend oprah, and i just say -- >> i wonder if that's more that you're in similar work -- similarities. there are days when we -- >> it's too late. all right. guys. does your husband like to dance? >> yes. >> joel likes to dance, too. >> isn't that a prerequisite? >> i have to have a man that can dance. >> or that wants to dance. as long as they don't dance crazy weird, i think a guy that likes to enjoy himself, yay. i don't even mind if they're not good at it. here are questions couples had. >> couples that imstate each other's dance moves. >> he crosses first. >> repetitive, a lot of this, a lot of this --
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school teacher. >> lot of -- >> she dances and she goes there she goes, there she goes, she's just -- >> commentary, that's it. >> i love it. >> how does henry dance, by the way, it's like and go. when i first fell in love him, we danced to little troy. but he had a dance move where he would go like this. i don't know if he just -- it was like he was gambling and doing dice. and i was like -- >> that was on one of the first times you saw him. i was like it's fun. he would say that i'm a mom dancer. what are you all saying about me. >> you are the mom dancer. >> i see you turning red. >> don't ask them.
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don't ask them. don't be nasty. >> i want to hide somewhere. i'm horrified. >> that's the last time i've ever danced. >> he is a jock, so he keeps it close, but sometimes he extends the arms a little. it's kind of like flying. right? how about do you ever slow dance -- sometimes we will slow dance to music in the house? don't you love when you put on a little slow country and it's like seventh grade slow dancing. yes yes. >> one of our jams, i do love that. i slow dance in the house is one of the funnest -- >> we to sunday family evening
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>> what does mila like to do. >> mostly "frozen." >> oggled. >> it's googling. >> we're going to google it right now, it is oggling. >> no, it is oggle. >> does anyone have a phone with google on it so we can google oggle. all right, is that it? do we have more to talk about or are we going to break? okay. here is something interesting, you guys. >> i mean, the wheels have come off. >> in england, when it's that time of the month, some companies have designated those specific days where women are having ta time of the month they
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it as a sick day. they say some women have a really difficult time, it's painful, they're cranky, now they can take the day off. we were talking about this in the makeup room. we thought it seems silly. for one thing, once you work with the same group of people over and over again, you sync. so goodbye, it would be like a ghosttown. i can't come in and neither can you or anyone. >> the one reason i think my husband wishes this existed is that he had the day off. the day when the hormones get going -- oggle. >> come here, i want you to tell bhae it says exactly. this is davie, one of our reachers. he made fun of me earlier. >> oggling. thank you, thank you. go ahead.
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>> congratulations. >> that was not even -- >> congratulations, you win the pronunciation contest like it was ever -- my 2 1/2-year-old can pronounce words better than i can. we got it, it runs in the family. if you can't sleep, your mind is racing all of the time, find out how to flip that switch and catch some zs after this. i'm savin' you fi hundred coming soon from progressive, it's "savin' u," the new hit single from the dizzcounts. cash money and understand... the dizzcounts. safe driver, paperless, paid-in-full, multi-car and joey fatone. savin' you five hundred i'm savin' you five hundred we have auto-tune, right? that's a hit!
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does this sound familiar to you? you climb into bed, but you just can't fall asleep.
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in your mind. >> or you're tossing and turning? week. so joining us is the director of sleep medicine at meridian health. >> how many people are not getting the sleep they need? >> most people are not getting the sleep they need. all of us, we have busy schedules, day care needs, all of the demands and expectations that we have on us. so upwards of 60% to 80% of people. >> everyone says eight hours is best, what can you get by on? >> you really don't want less than seven. >> sometimes the problems can be right outside of your window. there are street lights, other things going on, and they can keep you up. >> there was a study done recently where they looked at
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and people in communities of 500,000 people or more, it was very difficult for them to get the sleep they needed. they get get less than six hours and wake up confused at night. >> isn't the solution just black out shades and a sound machine? >> yeah, and what you're sporting on your head. and for someone in a big city, an eye mask is as important as an alarm clock. >> we have two awesome producers here, who are exhausted all of the time. we have sarah, she has two little boys. >> she has busy girls, she works here and her husband works, what is your problem? >> my mind is racing when i get home, i can't get rest. i just want peaceful sleep, and -- help! >> that is a really common problem. most people say it is because of
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missing and intrusive thoughts come in your mind. the bedroom has become a cue for this pattern in your mind. it's like if you're a smoker, and you smoke and eat desert, smoke. you can get an expensive interior decorator to redesign the room, or simple things like a lightbulb to change the colors in the room. you can pick the colors you want, so you can have -- >> it does change your mood, i have to say. >> you could have romantic time in this color, too. >> wow, that is cool. >> any other -- >> one follow up?
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nyquil or benedryl. >> they will help sedate you, but -- >> i'm going to go back to sleep. >> we have jerrod here, he has issues too because your shift changes. tell us. >> tell her. >> i try. i work early mornings and overnight sometimes. so i want to know how do you adjust your sleep schedule accordingly when it is constantly changing. >> that's a problem. what you have to do is do fatigue counter measures unless you're going to get a new job. and that may not be realistic. you're a keeper. so something you can do called a coffee nap. after consecutive hours of wakefulness, you can get a
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cafe, or the coffee, and then a 20 minute nap. as you come out of the nap, you will be more alert. >> the coffee doesn't take alert for 20 minutes? >> yeah, you have a sip, and you a double whammy when you wake up, the cafe and the alertness. >> and people have spouse that's work different shifts, should you just sleep in another place if your spouse is up in the middle of the night? >> it's really okay if that's what you have to do. 60% of new homes have his and hers bedrooms. >> that is sad. sorry. get ready to rummage through your closet. >> she just called to say "i
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today's video for webtastic will put a smile on your face. this is a little girl who mimics everything her siblings do. >> i love you. i love you. i love you. i love you >> we could watch that 1,000 times. the video has more than 2 million views. >> it's about to be 3 million now. do you have a bunch of old
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>> yeah, gathering dust in the attic. >> we're going to show you where to sell your old stuff coming up. plants may have their limits. imagination...doesn't with the right nourishment... ...patience... day... have you seen your garden?'ll blossom. find low prices on the things that make easter fun and delicious. walmart. wish your skin could bounce back like it used to? neutrogena hydro boost water gel. with hyaluronic acid it plumps skin cells with intense hydration
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it is try day friday. jenna bush hager is here. >> i love to clean, but did you know -- >> did you say you love to clean? >> i love to clean things out. all of those old clothes, kids toys, electronics and things you have not used in years could be worth dollar 2,000. >> our guest took her family from in debt to financially flush.
12:31 pm
>> yeah, we were $40,000 in debt. >> there was a moment you said this is too much. >> yeah, i laid out all of my credit card bills on my bed, and i said we're $40,000 in debt, it around. >> you're going to teach people here at home how to do it. and we have a lot of things in our homes that we can make money off of, right? >> i box up -- >> kids clothes. >> i can box them up -- sometimes i get rid of them and give them to good will. sometimes i say what if i have other kids? >> yeah, but you can sell them, you can sell them easily. you don't have to do it online. get a box or a bag from thread and you take all of your clothes and you put them right in the bag, you ship them, and then they pay you.
12:32 pm
sometimes some of her clothes have stains or something. they don't take that. >> that's right, toys are another thing, and it's gently used toys? >> yes, to sell used toys you can do it at a garage sale, but will give you these boxes, you cut send them to them. >> what type of money do you get for something like this? >> you can get from $25 to $50 and for not having to do the work it is super convenient. >> clothes. we all have things we have not worn in forever. >> it is great to clean out your closet.
12:33 pm
find name brand clothing, things like anthropology, banana republic. sell them on ebay. they have an ab, you take a picture, and you can sell it in a few seconds. shoes are also great. >> do they sell well? >> yeah, i just pull sold a pair of thrift shoes i got for $45. >> is e bay the only place? >> you can sell on posh mark as well. >> you would never think about appliances. >> yeah, give them away or toss them flp is a company called, they come pick up your stuff and sell it for you. they are just in a few states
12:34 pm
more on the eastern side, but kitchen and small appliances, athletic equipment. >> is it like a 50/50 split in. >> yeah. >> i'm always nervous about old phones and things. >> they send you a box, they send you a box with a prepaid label, it has packaging materials and everything. you put your old phones in there -- >> don't you get worried about everything on there. >> you just wipe it clean, put the label on and ship it out. computers and electronics. >> books. i love selling used books. once you're done reading them, you don't need to create clutter. go sell them. put them in a box and ship them to amazon, and they will sell them and ship them out for you.
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if you're a parent, you know is a hard work to raise good kids. >> the pressure to be good at everything these days can be overwhelming. >> here are tips on how to raise a successful kid. here is dr. deborah gilboa. >> i love this. i have a 2 1/2-year-old, nearly three, and she is in a lot of activities. when do you decide when they're ready and what is age appropriate? >> the best age is when she says that looks so fun, can i do that? if she is three or four when she doesn't want to do it you can say you know, you said you wanted to do it we're going to stick to it.
12:41 pm
expose them to things. the more they do, the better. >> tiger's dad had a ball and said you hit it, on day two, you can hit two, and day three, you hit three. if you jam something at a kid, they could suddenly dislike it. sometimes they want to quit something. they like it in the beginning -- >> i was desperate to quit piano. >> if they make a commitment, say you sign up for soccer because your child says i want to be on the soccer team, you make a commitment to that team, i'm a believer of finishing out their commitment. they don't have to redo it or sign up for the next season, but finish what you started. >> i would say 10% of the time you have a coach that is
12:42 pm
so out of league with the values of your family and you say we need to take a time-out and stop. >> kids can seem so overscheduled. >> i feel like our family is and i don't love that. >> you have to look at play time as important time. you have to not think what are they not doing and what are they not doing, but what do they get to do on their own time, but also -- >> also, isn't it important for families to sit around and hang out together. >> yeah, not only on the way from one activity to the other. >> we adults say we need to break. we have our kids like this. if your kid is exhausted and saying i'm so tired. a mental health day is okay. >> and don't be afraid of their down time. >> a lot of kids want to learn, their parents want them to learn
12:43 pm
what age do you introduce another language. >> i mean, as early as you can. they show that kids are natural learners and they will soak it up and bring it in. there is limitations, but they take it on -- >> yeah, don't go to japanese class at 9 months old. >> at two, what are good activities, at three what are good, what age to start them and all of the way through, what are good activities to enroll them in. >> a grown up and me class is fine any time. if you say go do this, i think matching their personality to what they do, see if they like it, way more fun than being good at it. sign them up for something if you would want them do it even if they were only average. >> and they can burn out if you
12:44 pm
two and three, can they separate from you okay? if you say peace, i'm going to get coffee, mila is like peace, mommy. that's great that she is so confident, some kids aren't. we don't want to create anxious kids. we want them to feel confident. >> it's more about fun at a young age than what they enjoy, too. >> and is there something to learn from it. >> get off of the couch, swim suit season is coming. that's a night ware. >> i'm going to squeeze myself into a whale suit. the firefighter workout is
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are you sick and tired of your same old exercise routine?
12:50 pm
firefighter workout will get you right into shape. >> here is justin flexin, did you name yourself that? and at his gym you can do the firefighters workout. and also instructor paul lower. >> the workout was created by a real firefighter if is a circuit high intensity class. >> okay, so there are a few ways to do this. we do a lot of cardio and
12:51 pm
>> there are two ways to move this dummy. you get down and you drive with the lower body, and that is so hard. there is an exercise where you just kick your legs out -- >> do you want to try it? >> she has ridden a dummy or two. >> paul can climb it because she super strong. >> you're not -- >> hoda could do it. >> you have to hit the bell, so we have a pole. there is a lot of i wa to the do
12:52 pm
you okay one, two b three , three. >> i just wanted to say that i've been on a pole. >> you climbed to the top. >> so this is the cardio part of the class. a lot of moves you can do. this is an arm burner. paul is a gymnast, right? so we work in rounds. so everything we do -- >> i'm going to try. >> jenna, that's good.
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12:55 pm
okay it is time for okay or
12:56 pm
some celebrities have been trying to keep up with the kardashians by imitating them. we were asked is it okay or not okay to copy kardashian photo shoots. here is what we had to say. >> i suppose it's the highest form of flattery, but personally i always prefer originality. >> klg is always original, but you can never have too many redos of kim k pouring champagne on to her tush. can't have too many of those. next week we'll have
12:57 pm
and we'll be stirring things up in the kitchen. and tyler henry is here. and a performance by granger smith.
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today it's florida flatbread with fresh tomatoes and bell peppers. it's easy to turn local produce into a meal time favorite. look for the fresh from florida label when you shop. remember, delicious is always served fresh from florida. >> victor: thank you f coming by, caroline. i was hoping we could talk about what happened when you ran into deimos. >> caroline: well, really not very much, except... for the smell. >> victor: [chuckles] i'm sorry? >> caroline: well, i mean, stefano dimera may be dead, but evil has a particular stench, and it doesn't matter who it's coming off. okay? >> victor: well, i hope that means you'll give him a wide berth. my half-brother means to hurt me. >> caroline: why? why does he hate you so much? >> victor: goes back a long way. >> caroline: you know, we go back a long way too. don't you think i deserve


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