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tv   NEWS CH8 7PM  NBC  March 7, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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snoop it's 7:00 and the station
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8 at 7 begins now. good evening. we begin with breaking news. a jury has reached a decision in erin's $75 million civil trial. that jury ruled that both michael barrett and the company that owned the nashville marriott where barrett recorded a nude video of andrews are to blame. here is the jury's decision go how much should be awarded. >> 55 million, correct? >> yes. >> $55 million. theagain that total award was $55 million. that means barrett owns $28 million and the company owes her $26 million. erin tweeted a response to the verdict. it reads, quote, i would like to thank the nashville court, the court personnel and jury for their service.
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people of nashville has been overwhelming. i would also like to thank my family, friends and legal team. i have been honored by the support from victims around the world. their outreach has helped me be able to stand up and hold accountable whose it is to protect everybody's safety security and privacy? marco rubio was back in his home state rallying supporters at the tampa convention center. his sights are set on next week's primary. news channel 8's marion mcguire joins us live from the tampa convention center. this is a crucial state. rubio has to win here? >> reporter: yeah. it certainly is. good evening to you, jen. rubio has won two primaries in minnesota and puerto rico. florida is as close to a must-win state as it can get. the scene inside this rally tonight was definitely a lot
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the trump rally a couple of weeks ago. trump drawing in crowds of thousands. rubio only drew in a crowd of a couple hundred here. now, a very familiar face to many in the bay area did introduce marco rubio this evening. pasco county sheriff chris naco tailored his speech to the florida crowd, noting florida's status as an important swing state through the election cycle stating, quote a turning point is coming and it starts in florida. speaking with the media before the regional, rubio acknowledged this election cycle has been one unlike any other in history. >> oh, i am going to be on the ballot. we are going to win florida. this is going to be a long process. you have never covered a campaign like this. this is unchartered territory, no one, not even donald trump is on track to have over 1,000 delegates. a vote for ted cruz is a vote for donald trump. i am the only one who has any chance of beating donald trump
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to be the nominee, you have to vote for marco rubio. >> reporter: rubio responded to the attack ads released this week in florida by republican frontrunner donald trump saying that those attacks were the same ones charlie crist used against him when they were running for senate back in 2010. tomorrow rubio will be back speaking to crowds in the bay area down in sarasota. now an "8 on your side" consumer alert. deputies found credit card skimmers that can be accessed remotely by bluetooth. these devices may have been stealing information for weeks. >> reporter: sarasota county deputies say on sunday a report came in that two credit card skimmers were found at this mobile gas station at the intersection of cattle man and fruitville roads. they weren't ordinary skimmers. they were equipped with bluetooth. >> they don't have it retrieve
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they can hook up to it remotely within usually 30 feet, maybe a little bit further away, and they can retrieve the information. >> reporter: and get this. these devices were likely sitting inside those pumps for two weeks. officials are doing all they can to track down these thieves, but you can do your part, too. when you pump gas, look over the gas pump to make sure there has been no tampering there, and also make sure to constantly check your bank statements. reporting in sarasota, john rogers, news channel 8. he is known as world famous wrestler hulk hogan. this week terry bow lay a in a courtroom in a $100 million lawsuit with gawker. jeff patterson reports hogan claimed today he started violently shaking when he found out the sex tape went public. >> i was aware of a security camera in the house. >> reporter: heather klemm is the ex-wife of bubba the love
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dark and grainy security camera sex tape with hulk hogan. deposition. they saw terry bolea, aka hulk hogan, in person. hogan told the jury about his sponge. >> i believed in my heart he my best friend. >> reporter: he told the jury about his failing marriage with ex-wife linda and how bubba and heather started talking about with him. >> one thing led to another. >> reporter: hogan claims bubba approved of the sex. me a condom. my gut didn't feel right. feeling this. was so embarrassed when he found out the sex tape had been released, he started shaking uncontrollably when he heard the news. testimony in this larger than life trial resumes tomorrow in the st. pete courthouse. jeff patterson, news channel 8. the boys and girls club of tampa bay received a record
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vinic and his wife announced they are donating $2.5 million to the organization. that money will now help renovate the rec center at winston park. the current facility includes tennis and basketball courts, but you know with vinic's hand in the mix a roller hockey rink will be included. >> just because we are in florida, because just because we are in tampa bay, florida, doesn't mean hockey isn't a great sport. we want everybody to experience it and enjoy it. >> this is the largest individual gift in the 90 year hist riv boys and girls club in tampa bay. it will be renamed. chief meteorologist steve jerve joins us now. i am amazed you made it into work that the throngs of happy people didn't keep you from coming in.
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>> mean, man, especially yesterday. yesterday was just exceptional. >> today is a little bit warmer. we saw temperatures close to 80. i think 80s will be with us the rest of the week. if you get a chance to go out this evening in jupiter after 7 p.m., as soon as it turns 7 -- it's already 7. sorry. this is a good view of jupiter. it will be up above us at midnight. a good night to view it in the eastern someday this evening. hopefully, skies will be clear enough. watch jupiter this evening. strawberry festival looking good. they had a great weather weekend. fantastic out there eating strawberries in plant city. 81 tomorrow. the evening forecast calls for partly cloudy skies. probably clearing conditions here. very dry air aloft remains. can you see 58 degrees to start the day. lots of sunshine. that will help us warm up nicely in the afternoon. near 80 degrees with a few
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we will have more on the forecast coming up. still ahead on 8 at 7. radio controlled pilots come from all over the world to race their jets here in lakeland. i will show you some of the ten foot, 200-mile-per-hour speed demons coming up. the state of florida says no more of this until the windsor academy gets its act together. wait until you hear what the charter school parents have to say about that. we will have that and more coming up. you're watching news channel 8.
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this week 200 pilots from all over the world are coming to lakeland compete in the florida jet week world championship.
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will see remote controlled pilots sending their jets screaming across the sky. >> reporter: you would think the city of lakeland is under attack. but a second glance might tell you scott guller is an rc pilot competing in the 2016 florida jet week world championships. >> this plane has 118-inch wingspan. it has two turbines and this plane can probably get up to 160 to 175. >> reporter: the cost of some of these jets in these championships can range anywhere from $10,000 upwards of $40,000. so you know these pilots take this kind of flying seriously. >> this is pretty serious stuff. like any hobby. there is an ultimate level. this is the ultimate level of model airplanes. >> reporter: it's the ultimate level. that's enjoyed by some of the sport's most die-hard fans. in lakeland, anthony allred,
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coming up, peyton manning makes a decision and lovie smith has a new job. also ahead, bay area schools in day os after our 8 on your side investigators exposed a financial mess.
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ramirez is on your side. on wall street today the dow was up much points. the s&p gained ounce. the north dakota lost 8. verizon will pay nearly $4.1 million with settlement with the fcc for using an ad technology technology known as super cookies. they track websites and deliver targeted ads to visitors with verizon's cell phone service. for a while customers were not given an option to opt out. they will have to receive an explicit yes now for customers for some tracking. mac users are being targeted with ransomware. a malicious code that steals your files and encrypts them and asks you to pay to get your files back. apple has taken steps, including updating its anti-virus software, to protect against
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juggling so many things at once can do more harm than good. experts say when switching between tasks you are more likely to make mistakes. it can also stress you out, especially if there are consequences involved. and eating while multitasking means you may eat too much too quickly. experts say each task requires a specific mindset and once you start, you should commit to the end. well, it's official. peyton manning is definitely going out on top. the broncos super bowl winning quarterback delivered a tearful good-bye today in denver. we could list his career accomplishments, but the show is only a half an hour. whether you are a fan of the colts or the broncos or neither, manning represented the game well. >> when i look back on my nfl career i will know without a doubt that i gave everything i had to help my teams walk away with a win. there were other players who were more talented, but there was no one who could out-
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and because of that, i have no regrets. >> head coach lovie smith is running the university of illinois football program to the tune of $21 million over six years. he was introduced this afternoon. it's his first head coaching job on the college level. lovie is still, by the way, on the bucs' payroll for a total of $6 million. now an "8 on your side" investigation. schools in chaos. >> the gravy train has run out. the state is cutting off grants to a company that runs charter schools until they can get their act together. the state of florida is ramping up the pressure on four charter schools in pinellas county operated by new point education partners. mark douglas tells us money troubles at those charter schools have state educators concerned about how management company that runs them is spending tax dollars. >> new point has know we are not running scared. >> reporter: bruce mcwilliams is one of the growing number of
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to save the windsor prep charter school from a financial crisis. a crisis they blame on windsor's for-profit management company new point education partners. >> we are getting louder and stronger. we can get rid of the management company. >> reporter: windsor is one of four new point managed charter schools that the penguin school district recently declared in a deteriorating financial condition. the state department of education agrees and insists a corrective action plan must be submitted in 30 days. >> where can we find people from new point corporate? when we tried to get answers, managers avoided our questions wherever we went. mark douglas with channel 8. now the doe is cutting off funds for basic needs. a letter mailed last week warns, state capital outlay payments for new point pinellas academy
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on hold until the commissioner has approved the corrective action plans. the same goes for new point pinellas high school and windsor prep. >> the department of education is holding off on releasing more funds to the schools. we need textbooks, computers, desks, chairs for that revenue. >> reporter: our investigation shows newpoint has a long history of troubled charter florida. windsor parents now feel it's their turn. >> my daughter has been there four years now. >> reporter: mark douglas, news channel 8. the four charter schools have until april 5th so submit a correction plan to the state. time change the clocks again this weekend. seems like we just did it. saturday night before you go to bad. tuesday, wednesday, thursday temperatures well above normal.
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so these -- 75 degrees. these forecast highs in the 80s are definitely what we were talking about. a much warmer atmosphere. 67 degrees at 10:00 p.m. evening. temperatures close to averages. maybe a little bit more than that. overnight our forecast low is close to that. near 58 degrees. but by 10:00 a.m. 68 degrees. 74 by noon. now. st. petersburg 71 degrees at the airport. the dewpoint 56 degrees. high pressure is centered off the east coast of florida and the flow around that high is from the southeast. that's a warm flow for us. what this ridge of high pressure is going do for us is help to hold all the activity back to our west. going to give us a warm week, clear things out. we will see a few fair weather clouds. not anticipating rain this week. probably until we get to saturday until this feature breaks down and pushes off too the east and we see influence from the trough digging in the west. that's going to make for a rainy situation for places like texas
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it looks like wednesday afternoon into thursday. dry and warm conditions continue for us. you see that line of thunderstorms farther back to the west with wet weather conditions for us and all that rain is going to drench texas, pressure. hours. 58 degrees. just a very nice start to the day and very typical for this time of year. 82 degrees on wednesday. 83 degrees on thursday. rain chances don't pop back until saturday. timing isn't completely exact on that. that's what we think right now. sunday. but until that ridge weakens a bit and the rain gets closer to us, we got a warm one, jen. low 80s all the way into the end of the week. >> equals great spring break >> right. >> anyone from out of town. >> imagine driving down and hitting the beach with this >> awesome. why are we at work? i ask myself all the time. electricity and groceries. i like those. we will be right back.
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see tomorrow at 6 a.m. >> these are sculptures created to help identify unknown victims. but there is a problem. i am 8 on your side's lindsey mathis. why these are being stored away. plus weather and traffic on the 8s on news channel 8
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a two-year-old girl in south carolina needed help getting dressed for the day. naturally, she called 911. >> 911. >> hello? greenville county 911. >> she wanted help with shoes and then she wanted knee hug her and hold her. it just -- i kept saying it made my day. it was the highlight of my day because she was so sweet and so outgoing. >> so here's what happened. the girl's grandfather was
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had no idea that she had called anyone, let alone 911. the deputy adds she wishes all citizens were as glad to see her. an epic mascot stunt fail at the miami heat game. the team's mascot bernie tried do a flip over several mascot friends. i came up a little short. >> a little short? he hit two. >> landed on top of the carnival cruise and the florida panthers mascots. that's gonna leave a mark. we invited his mascot friends to the heat-76ers game to celebrate his birthday. i am thinking they would prefer cake over pain. just saying. >> if they were playing the character rolling around in pain there? i hope they are already. >> bernie's bum has to be hurting at that point. that's a knee to the back side. >> he was planning on that to protect him in the fall to clear the others.
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low 70s this evening. upper 60s. normal lows overnight. >> see you at 11. >> good night. was the o.j. simpson verdict payback? marcia clark's stunning new claim about the trial of the century. >> now, on "extra." r. the most infamous verdict in history. revenge for the rodney king beating? believe. >> marcia clark's headline-making interview. today? "extra" remembers first lady nancy reagan. the hearse leaving her bel-air mansion today. her legendary love story with the president. >> i miss him more now than ever did.
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words about chris rock's oscar slam. lady gaga takes the plunge with taylor kinney. and warms up on the kiss cam. all of take's breaking couples news. then, jen garner opens up about ben and his birthday surprise for their son sam. >> best dad moment in history. >> writing the book on a friendly divorce, their life today, and her new movie about miracles. bachelor ben's women tell-all. a sneak peek at tonight's catty reunion show, and the big question -- >> when are you getting married? plus, "the voice" coaches totally uncensored. >> i'm going to pee my pants, stop. >> now on "extra" from universal studios hollywood, the entertainment capital of l.a. hey, everyone. welcome to "extra." i'm mario lopez. coming up, the incredible life of nancy reagan, from her acting days to her fairytale marriage to president ronald reagan, and
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also coming up, mario, taylor swift celebrating one year with calvin harris and what he got her for their anniversary. but first, a stunning new o.j. simpson headline. was the infamous not guilty verdict a way to even the score for the rodney king incident? well, that's what prosecutor marcia clark was saying today. >> the trial of the century. >> not guilty. >> the tv event of the year. >> the murderer. >> and now, famed prosecutor marcia clark makes major new headlines. clark telling "dateline" nbc that the shocking verdict heard around the world was actually retribution for the rodney king beating. >> would we be better off with a white jury? well, yes. i don't think there's any disputing that now. >> clark quoted that it was payback for the king case, and believes if o.j. were tried today, it would end in a hung jury due to america's rash of racial unrest. you can get a sneak peek at the


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