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tv   News Ch8 Today at 430AM  NBC  March 14, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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good monday morning. welcome to news channel 8 today. >> we begin with breaking news. law enforcement officers injured in a crash. this is the second time in three days this has happened. right now a tampa police officer and a st. pete police officer are in the hospital. this a live picture from the scene at central avenue and 54th street in st. pete. astolen car full of teens hit an undercover truck with the officers inside. investigators are saying some of the teens were hurt. some officer's injuries are, he
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is expected to survive. this comes just two days after a hillsborough county sheriff deputy died in a wrong way crash. the deputy was with the force for six years. he died when 31-year-old eric drove the wrong way on the expressway smashing into him head on. macbeth was killed in the crash. investigators are looking into whether alcohol was a factor here. 4:31. acheck on weather and traffic. first, traffic. is this affecting our commute this morning? >> it is. as you can see a big crash on central avenue. i mentioned this before, this is in st. pete, folks. this is what you need to know before you head out the door. we have a little bit of construction, they have to wrap up getting rid of the track from the grand prix. so remember that in the heart of downtown tampa. both directions are blocked at 54th street. keep that in mind, you can always take first avenue north
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fine. i'm not seeing significant delays, but a lot of activity crash. 54th street. and also in the sarasota area, university is blocked both directions. this should wrap up within the next hour or so. but you want to use fruitville under the interstate. we have issues traffic-wise. but weather is better. we have rain this morning. and it will be darker for longer. so going out on the commute you need to be careful. after the time change, the sun will not rise until 7:30 this morning. and it will be lighter when you're coming home from work, 7:30 this evening. not a lot of rain, but the roads could be wet from overnight showers. watch what happens forward in time.
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here it is 7:00 a.m. showers in the gulf push on shore. here it is. 11:00a.m. and then in the afternoon i begin to taper the rain chances down. outside right now, 60s to 70s. and an eight-day temperature trend for you. >> thank you. breaking news. two police officers are in the hospital. >> this happened after a stolen car full of teams slammed into their undercover truck. investigators are on scene at central 7 and 54th street in st. petersburg. >> and josh thomas is live. josh, how are the officers and teens doing this morning? >> reporter: well, right now they were out trying to pursue stolen vehicles, i will get into that in a moment. right now, behind me here, investigators are still on-the- scene on central avenue again trying to piece everything together that happened after
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from st. pete and one from tampa looking for stolen cars force. they were hit on 54th. and the vehicle that hit them was stolen last week. >> we were not involved in a pursuit. we were not behind a car at any time. we have two witnesses that verify that. the two officers in the car are in stable condition. the driver of the car that hit the police vehicle is in critical right now. >> reporter: now, there were six people in that stolen vehicle, four of them females and two males. the male driver as you just heard is in critical condition. the two police officers in stable condition. quite frankly, as the investigation continues, central avenue is closed and probably remain closed for
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>> that ceeffect -- affect the morning commute. thank you. this morning the tragic death of a hillsborough county deputy in the line of duty. funeral arrangements are in the works for the deputy. he was killed in a wrong way crash on the expressway. this morning we are hearing from a former deputy who knew him well. news channel 8's ryan hughes is live this morning. and the deputy was considered a really good guy. >> reporter: gayle, good morning. exactly. we spoke to a deputy here that sheriff's office, and he would do anything for anyone else. he's being remembered here and all over the bay area. >> he was just a genuinely good guy. he went above and beyond for everybody. everything crash that he worked, he was a crash investigator, he treated like
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>> reporter: kirby and john worked together for a few years at the sheriff's office before he left to begin a private business. he tells us that john would help anyone. he is not surprised by that, considering he comes from a family of police officers. his dad is a sergeant the massachusetts state police and his brother works for a small town department in massachusetts. and law enforcement was in his blood and that was apparent with anything he did on the job. now that former deputy also sounded off about wrong way crashes. hear what she thinks about the problem plaguing bay area roads that is coming up in the next half hour. gayle, a very sad day for many people at the sheriff's office. >> a tragic example of this problem. thank you, ryan. in your vote, gop frontrunner, donald trump is bringing his campaign to tampa today.
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the republicans rally drew thousands. during this speech he mentioned the violent protests at his rally in chicago, reiterating he made the right decision. >> we want everybody to go home really happy, really peaceful. so we said, you know, we'll postpone it. it was a very wise decision. we've been given a lot of credit. >> well, but donald trump's florida stops are the exception. donald trump rallies saw protesters and arrests from chicago all of the way to kansas as you're seeing in the videos here. in chicago, organizers canceled the rally after fights broke out. in dayton, ohio, one demonstrator rushed the stage. secret service jumping into action. some in the party are calling for donald trump to make responsible for his fiery rhetoric. but the republican front runner is on the defense and directing blame at bernie sanders for the trouble in chicago.
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>> they were not protesters. they were disrupters. they were professionals. >> bernie sanders denied involvement in the protest. and donald trump's fellow presidential candidates are pointing fingers at donald trump himself. >> responsibility starts at the top. it is not beneficial when you have donald trump telling his supporters punch that guy in the face. >> reporter: despite this wild weekend, donald trump is still ahead in the polls as we head sarah palin is stumping for donald trump in the bay area. at plant city to explain to voters when they should back the frontrunner. she made an appearance at the strawberry festival. donald trump will be at the convention center in tampa today. the rally starts at 2:00. and of course, news channel 8 will be there. we will have updates at 4:00. and a check of the weather. >> this morning there are a few showers. where bring the chance for
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showers up over the next couple of hours. here is what i'm looking at right now, maybe sprinkles happening right now. certainly nothing huge, but there could be wet roads. and heavy rain offshore, i bring the rain chance up to 20%. 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 this morning the temperatures in the mid- 70s. after lunchtime, i dwindle them down. and muggy and breezy. if you're going to the spring training game at 1:00 in sarasota and lakeland, mostly cloudy skies and warm. but the rain chance is out. 78 in sarasota, 80 in lackland. and the we stay near 80s. and traffic on the 8s. i do want to just information rain chance might be out for the spring training games, but traffic will not be. it is usually congested 45 minutes before the games.
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we have serious issues on your roadways in the bay area. this is st. pete, and central avenue is closed in both directions. there was a stolen vehicle involved in the crash with police officers. and central avenue is blocked at 54th street. so what you need to do is go up to the north and take first avenue north or south. it is usually pretty easy to get around things. in sarasota we have the roadway closed both directions at university parkway. so go to the north or south. that's a look at weather and traffic. now, back to you. >> thanks. it is a mistake.
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it is 4:43. adeadly tugboat crash kills two crew members. now investigators are searching for a third worker who disappeared after the collision. the boat crashed into a barn near the new tappan zee bridge that is north of new york city. the bodies of two crew members were found. several people are injured in a bus crash on a las vegas highway. police report a car suddenly changed lanes and hit the bus, flipping the bus multiple times right in the middle of the interstate. one person is critically hurt. the driver of the car arrested suspected of driving impaired. right now, virginia tech university is stepping in to help with flint, michigan's
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toxic water crisis. residents will be hired to help researchers go door-to-door and test water in their community. and they will conduct forensic testing on homes in flint. the environmental protection agency will front the efforts. the man accused of hitting and killing dogs in the iditarod race will face charges. the 24-year-old will be charged with assault and criminal mischief for hitting the dogs with a snowmobile. the driver is broken up into the terrible incident, not only for the dogs, but the measures. >> i don't know how i can possibly make it right for jeff and alley, but i hope they can forgive me. i didn't mean it. >> police are saying he was going about 100 miles per hour when he crashed into the first sled team.
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more than 70 years later an american sailor killed in pearl harbor has a resting place of his own. luke's family didn't know where his remains where. until ray entry tracked in. his remains we're part of 388 sets that were identified last year. >> i would like, if he was killed somewhere, i would like to know if his body was somewhere, at least get him buried in a decent respect. >> luke's relatives didn't have to say a word to reporters, their emotions speak volumes. luke was finally buried with full military honors. we have chaotic video to show you this morning of a wild brawl in australia.
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down on crimes after crowds ran for safety. police broke up fights in melbourne's central business district. crowds enjoying a festival there had to run for cover. four people arrested. a state of emergency is in effect for rio brazil. torrential rainfall is flooding parts of the city. cars are almost completely emerged. one bus was trapped in the floodwaters with passengers still onboard. the rain flowed into homes there forcing residents to walk in ankle deep waters. now, to an news channel 8 your side alert. more americans are waiting to do their taxes to protect themselves from identity threat. 78% are willing to delay getting their tax refund so the i.r.s. has time to fight tax fraud. 22% will wait eight weeks.
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and a few study shows how patients are preparing for surgical procedures. researchers found that videos may help patients get ready for operations better than a doctor's consultation. 80% of people enjoyed the video. and it explains the procedure i love it. >> i do, too. >> today is national pie day, but we're not talking about the great american dessert you get to eat, but the first three digits of pi. >> all you are a math wisconsin or not -- whiz, you could throw numbers out there and earn by. pizza hut will throw out three math questions today. >> i would rather pay for my pizza. >> i put it in social media, where to get the best pizza in
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we need to get pizza for lunch today. >> yes. and have pie for dessert. all right. this morning i'm already watching just light, light showers at the moment. now, come up here, portions of the county, drizzle and sprinkle, the same thing happening in northern portions of pinellas county. but out to the gulf of mexico the rain is harder. i bring the rain chance up, i expect to see heavier rain showers in the next couple of hours. in other thing to notice hour- by-hour, 7:00 a.m. it is still dark. 20% rain chance, 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, very warm in the low to mid-70s. by lunchtime, 77. 80 at 3:00. and notice after 3:00 p.m. the rain chance is out of the forecast. asouthwest wind pushing the showers onshore this morning. this is through 10:20. notice during the afternoon it is dryer and humid and breezy. but the rain chance is out.
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over the next couple of days cold front to the north. we could see fog tomorrow morning. basically over the next several days we are warm and dry, including st. patrick's day. the next rain chance is friday and saturday. now, traffic on the 8s. we have a couple of issues going on, folks. st. pete pinellas county right now. central avenue is closed. we are talking about it all morning. we have an accident with injuries. central avenue at 54th street is completely blocked. take first avenue south or north, depending on which way are you going at an alternate to central. and also, sarasota is blocked under the interstate. so take fruitville. that should be wrapped up in the next hour. and polk county. westbound i-4, before you get the parkway, a disabled vehicle. it is in lanes. so, be aware of that as well. back to you.
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go, no surprise that we want our meals the same way. checking nutrition labels before convenience. sodium can hide in places. one dietician to go meals from take home kitchens. >> most of the companies are very sodium conscious. the sodium will be lower. and the food fresher for the most part. >> well, that dietician also recommends diversity and variety in our meals. we get a well-rounded helping of nutrition and keep things interesting, too. palette. >> we have a lot of take home kitchens. one kummel's gender -- couple's gender baby analysis will be tough to beat. family and friends were there for the big event. it is a boy. >> nice.
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time for weather and traffic on the 8s. there were some showers overnight, still some lingering sprinkles so there will be wet roads. i bring the rain chance up between now and noon but after noon, the rain chances decrease again, 80 and breezy. 67 degrees overnight but fog should develop tomorrow morning. leslee, how about traffic on the 8s? still following the breaking traffic in st. pete. central avenue closed both directions at 5 -- 54th street. 1st avenue north or south, it's
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central completely blocked at 54th street. and great drive on the skyway bridge. but in sarasota, looks like construction still has university parkway blocked
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two police officers hurt this morning after a crash with a stolen car filled with teenagers. good morning and welcome to the news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez. it happened right after midnight on central avenue and 54th street in st. petersburg. investigators believe the stolen car was speeding when it crashed into an undercover police truck carrying two officers. the officers are part of the auto theft task force. news channel 8's josh thomas is now live from the scene. josh, what are detectives saying about the crash and the injuries here? >> reporter: well, right now, they are continuing to investigate this crash which


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