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tv   Today  NBC  March 15, 2016 2:07am-3:00am EDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. how great were they, coldplay. hey, everybody. it's fun day monday. march 14th. delighted to be back. i had an adventure of a lifetime. >> can't wait to hear about it. coldplay was out on the plaza.
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it was pouring and cold. >> it was a cold rain. >> looked at chris martin. look at coldplay. look at the crowd. some people have been out here since yesterday. they were singing. they got rid of the tents because the rain had stopped. then it started to downpour. >> yeah. >> he just got more and more energy and more juice as it went on. >> every woman is in love with him here. >> hello. anyway, they saved a song for us in the pouring rain. >> so nice. if you want to see what true love is about, wait to hear what gwen stefani did while her boyfriend blake shelton was hosting the kids choice awards. >> hopefully if you're hoping to drop some lbs before thong season. we'll have two member was our joy fit club. they'll share the app that helped them. they're a married couple and lost a combined 250 pounds. we'll do our godwing stories.
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tell us about the 40-day prayer challenge that could change your relationships and your life. >> a lot of people have been wondering if they turn on the tv for the last week or so, where is kathie lee? we have not said. now we can. >> yeah. ten days ago, i left from here to go to the holy land. to israel, specifically. i've been going to israel since i was -- well, 45 years i've been going. >> when did you first go? >> i was 17 years old. i went to the first jerusalem conference on biblical prophecy f phecy prophecy. i was a total nerd when i was a kid, went on bible prophesy. i missed my high school graduation. could have cared less. i was going to israel. >> okay. >> we are toasting with these beautiful goblets. >> are they wooden? >> uh-huh. i got these for you in bethlehem. >> we have to take a sip. >> yeah. >> somehow, it tastes better. >> yeah. a couple of pictures. all next week, monday, tuesday and wednesday of next week, beginning holy week, we'll have all the things that i shot.
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as well. we don't go -- well, here i am. >> wait a minute. >> in the sea. >> do you have a bathing suit on in public? >> i did. >> you said you'd never. >> well, yeah. unfortunately, i did. that'll be part of -- >> here is your mud. >> what is this? >> mud from the dead sea. people come from all around the world to go to the dead sea. for health reasons but mostly because of the incredible minerals that are there. all the health things and the beauty. >> put it on your face? >> you do, hoda. >> it's like a facial? >> it's a mask. >> thank you. >> here's a wooden camel. because i rode a guy named kojak. this family of camels have been taking people on rides. you'll see that next week too. >> beautiful carving. >> they're huge and disgustingly stinky but really fun. >> we like them.
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judah on it. boaz is the designer. put it on your bigger finger. >> barely fits. thanks a lot. >> it's meant to be there. >> doesn't fit. i told you, need to put it here. let me do it. let's get rid of joel's bracelet. bye-bye. >> look at you, egyptian princess. aren't they beautiful? >> oh, my. >> won all kinds of design awards. >> stunning. >> really beautiful. also, brooke shields and janet jackson, they wear his jewelry. >> they do? what is this? >> chocolate tahina. >> wait, wait, i love tahina. >> you can't even believe how many hundreds of flavors. from spicy to mango to chocolate, to this. a lot of flavors. >> do you put it on a cracker? >> do anything you want.
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all healthy. on the day i left, i ran into jeffrey downstairs and told him where i was going. he said, israel has become the top gastronomical place in the world for food. it's on the cutting edge of all things great food. >> i didn't know that. can i double dip or is it gross? >> it's all yours. >> oh, it is? >> all yours. save a little space. this is wine flavored from the market, where they sell over 100 different flavors. >> what is that? >> i don't know. have a bite. >> what is it? doesn't look great. >> it's great. wine flavored. it's good. no cream in it. >> looks like liverwurst. >> it's not. >> hmm. it's good. >> isn't that great? >> it is wine flavored. >> here are pictures as hoda enjoys her feast. >> delicious. where is that?
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>> you said you could see -- >> that's the monastery. as you walk the jericho road leading to jerusalem, and they did that three times a year for the festivals in ancient times. this is a place built into the -- only way to get there is walk. >> you went with your kids? >> they came. my granddaughter, frank's daughter, like my own daughter. and dear friends. my david pomeranz, david and i wrote about 12 songs for this trip. next week after you see the different things, the different segments, you can download them. we wanted that to be a gift for everybody to have. we went all around israel singing these songs. it was very, very cool. here are highlights from the trip and proof i was thinking about hoda. take a look. hoda, i couldn't come all the way to jerusalem without bringing you along. this is kojak.
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i thought this would be perfect because nobody likes to good hump better than you. hi, hoda. this is a little bagel. she likes it. not too much, hoda. don't chew with your mouth open. >> part of the residential palace of harrod himself. hoda is exhausted and wants a rest. she wants a little vino too. >> patience. >> i have my white and you have your red. hoda. well, you're egyptian. miss you. >> my egyptian sun goddess should have been with me. but you are with me. so it's all perfect. i love you, hoda woman.
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>> i've been telling my friend michael here that you are my favorite stick in the mud. i miss you so much right now. >> by the way -- >> who was that guy in the water with you? >> a top male model, michael lewis, in israel. they call him abs or something like that. anybody watching, i love those -- lost my glasses there that day. my chanel. >> are those the white ones? >> they're black. >> christy hates the white ones. >> i got the black ones. look how happy michael and i look. >> i'm oddly positioned. >> hoda is oddly positioned. >> that's what i was saying. >> oh, my gosh! >> it was a great trip. it's all i can say. >> oh, my gosh. anyway -- we'll have pieces all next week. >> monday, tuesday and wednesday because it's the beginning of holy week.
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you. >> i heard jenna did a great job as always. >> people were wondering where were you. we didn't say. we're excited to show the pieces now. >> these are yours. your gifts. one last one at the end of the show for favorite things. >> good. the good news is, because i'm jet lagged, it's national napping day. >> yes, it is. you're supposed to take an hour nap to get back the hour you lost because of daylight savings time. can you nap, and can you wake up, or when you nap, do you go in a deep slumber? >> i get a deep one and don't -- i love it because i don't get that during the middle of the night. >> so you take it during the day? >> yes. on weekends, i love it. >> they said you should have a 20-minute power nap. it takes 20 minutes to kick in. once it kicks in, you're awake. >> coffee in the middle east --
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is it like thick? >> that's like a turkish, but just a regular coffee, everything is better. everything tastes better. smells better. except with kojak. they played a trick on me. if you go there and you're on the mount of olives and you're lucky enough to get off koj ak, don't let the guy tell you to go ride him on the front, on his neck. it's a trick. >> riding kojack's little neck? >> it's not little. they're 20 feet tall. >> when they get up and down, it's scary. >> you have to lean back, and it's counterintuitive. you want to go like that. >> we rode them when we were kids. >> of course you did. >> we were terrified. >> saw more kids trying on top of kojak. they really are foul. >> can we show ariana grande? she was on "snl."
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they did a spoof on jay-z's streaming service that wasn't issues. they were asking her character, who was playing an intern, if she could sing and fill in the gaps as the streaming stops. take a look at some of her >> can you sing like britney >> kind of. >> people need their britney spears. oh, baby, baby, how was i supposed to know here >> we just lost celine dion. there were nights when the wind was so cold that by body frozen bare as i listen to it right outside the window >> shall we go for it! >> well done. celine dion is at 100%. now we're losing whitney
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and i will always love you i will always love you >> is that amazing? >> unbelievable. >> she's a great talent. >> oh, my gosh. >> great talent. >> if you have any old toys that happen to be hanging around you house -- >> they have to be in the original boxes, right? >> i know. who has that? >> people do. amanda. >> of course she does. >> you can sell them on ebay for big money. here are some of the toys. if they're packaged up, they can make big money. easy bake oven. never opened -- why would you buy it and not open it? >> some people think things through, hoda. they're thinking, someday, this is going to be worth a lot. >> there you go. $300 if you have an easy bake oven. if you have a game boy system with tetris, back from the flintstone days, that's big. $650.
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if you have barbie dolls from 1959 to the '60s, the price is $2,500. that's the first edition princess diana beany baby. if you have a princess diana beanie baby with the original >> only 14 of them. >> exactly. >> wow. >> stick around. coming up. could mariah carey be trying something she's never done? we have the scoop in today's buzz. >> chocolate tahini is delicious. i think we should've taken a left at the river. tarzan know where tarzan go! tarzan does not know where tarzan go. hey, excuse me, do you know where the waterfall is? waterfall? no, me tarzan, king of jungle. why don't you want to just ask somebody? if you're a couple, you fight over directions. it's what you do. if you want to save
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lost an hour on sunday, which means you may not have had the chance to catch up on the hollywood hot gossip. >> that's why today's buzz is here. with all the scoop is editor in chief of >> you nearly got it right. >> what is it? >> you love this site, you're always on it. >> always. mariah carey, we're hearing rumors she may have a reality show? >> i'm excited about this. i hope it's true. >> of course you are. >> the gossip is she's going to be doing a reality show for the e network that hasn't been confirmed. her people won't say a word about it. this show, allegedly, is going to follow her around las vegas. she has a residency there.
2:24 am
>> they rotate. >> so she sings her hits, she's fabulous backstage. you know what it's like with mariah. >> a lot of drama. >> she's got this new fiance. >> billionaire. >> he would be in the reality show, too? >> this is what we're hoping happens. the reality might not be as exciting as all this. think if mariah gave us an insight into the fabulous world. >> to let somebody in, see the underbelly -- >> there is a story in the paper today saying it's the other way around. she has a new team, and they're calling all the shots. >> manager. >> within the last couple years, mariah has a new manager, new people around her. she was asked about a reality show a couple years ago and said, not for me. not for me. now, she seems maybe to have changed her mind. fingers crossed. >> watch out what you wish for, you may get it. blake shelton was hosting the kids choice awards. where was gwen stefani.
2:25 am
don't start any rumors. they're very much in love together. she was in japan. she was working in japan. so sweet. she was trying to figure out how she could stream the show so she could watch it in japan. she sent a tweet out, asking for her fans in japan to try to help her. she couldn't figure it out. her kids were in the audience. she snapchatted with them, spoke with them. and they could hold up their phones. >> how did blake do? >> brilliant. the best part of the show is watching him get slimed. >> good. >> she saw that. >> that happened with kojak the camel. >> ooh, he got it. >> that was big too. >> to host it, it proves his fan base is huge. kids, adults, women, everybody loves him. >> "the voice" made him accessible to everyone. >> he was asking his managers, i they go, you do? >> it's a huge honor.
2:26 am
it's hard to get into. it's a really big deal. >> you have to talk about ciara and russell. >> he's a football player. i learned this. he's a football player for the seattle seahawks. >> what do you mean he learned this? >> i didn't know who he was, he plays football. >> he's a quarterback and a very, very big star. >> well, he popped the question. great picture. she said yes. >> aren't they saying they're not going to have sex until marriage? >> they haven't. >> they're planning a big woding. -- wedding. we don't know the dates yet. >> can you say that, hoda? coming up, our biggest stars, coldplay, sing "yellow." >> it's not easy to do by the way. which lucky viewer will be tickled pink to find out they're our fan of the week? >> could be you. >> probably not. >> highly unlikely, but maybe. >> after this. it differently. only flonase is approved toprelieve both itchy, watery eyes pand congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our
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the week. >> drum roll while we spin the today it's landed in pasadena, california. jamie is here by skype. hey, girl. >> it's early there. how are you, darling? >> i'm good. happy to see you guys. >> we want to tell everybody why you were chosen. sadly, jamie recently lost her mom. we're sorry, sweetie. she said watching the show helps her get through the days. >> your mom was beautiful. >> she really was. >> jamie works at a consulting firm but is devoted to watching us every day. she admires kathie lee and admires how open she is about her faith. >> thank you, sweetie. i appreciate it. time to put your fandom to the test. 15 seconds and one guess. get it right to win.
2:31 am
>> ready. >> once a month, we invite a panel of guys to join us who give relationship advice. what is this segment called? is it guys tell-all? guys talk love? guys keep it real? >> guys tell-all. >> yay, jamie. >> good girl. >> you're going on a fabulous vacation. you and a guest will go to chicago, four days and three nights at the thompson hotel in chicago. jamie thompson is staying at the thompson hotel. >> you'll be welcomed with truffles and champagne. you'll receive breakfast in bed, so hopefully you like the person you're taking. airfare is included. excited, sweetie? >> yay, i'm excited. >> love with your family during this difficult time. >> thank you, jamie. could a pray a day keep the doctor away? >> what the 40 day challenge could do for your relationship. plus, the one app that helped our joy fit club members
2:32 am
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geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. it is fun day monday and we're ready to meet the members of the joy fit club. >> when you're trying to get fit, having someone else take the journey with you can be a big help. >> we have proof of that. we have a married couple, musicians from virginia, who lost more than 250 pounds
2:35 am
it got the attention of "today" nutritionist and leader of the >> hey. >> how are you? >> say their last name. and they're unbelievable. this is really cool because they're not only a power couple when it comes to the weight loss, but they're musical. we're going to have entertainment, as well. i'm going to first start with donnie. donnie is 42 years old. he grew up as a quiet, shy and overweight kid. in the sixth grade, he learned to play the trumpet and that became his thing. he studied music in college. he was the band director. he'd hit more than 300 pounds. >> wow. >> you see in the before pictures. he went on to get his doctorate at florida state university in music. that's where he met the love of his life, kelly. kelly is 32 years old. she also was a chubby kid. she was an emotional eater. she was a closet eater. she found solace in playing the
2:36 am
she was good. she also studied music. she then went on to meet donnie in graduate school. at the time, she was 265 pounds. they fell madly in love. they got married. they then had a beautiful baby boy named brennan. when he was 15 months, together, they decided they needed to change things. >> they wouldn't be around for him. >> that's right. they downloaded a free app called lose it. this is really cool. they were able to log all of their food and their exercise workouts, but the app enables you to link into each other's accounts. they had double the accountability. eating. eating. the competitive juices started flowing. and you're about to meet a couple that has together lost more than 250 pounds, and they'll come out playing a song that i think you may recognize. >> yeah. >> one last look at the before picture to get a peek.
2:37 am
and -- >> nevermind. >> isn't this great? >> good job. >> joyful, joyful, i adore thee. >> the joyful fit club. >> by the way, you guys look awesome. >> thank you. >> did you lose at the same rate? how was that? >> she wants to hold your hand. reaching for you. >> i started first, with the couch to 5k program. i started running and using the lose it app. i bought him a bike for his birthday. >> present i didn't want but it changed my life. >> did watching her weight loss motivate you? >> we started about the same time. >> how long did it take to lose
2:38 am
years. >> healthy way. >> we kept it off for two or three years now. >> it's a team effort. she takes care of their son, and he does the cooking. what i wanted to show you, because he's strategic with the cooking. >> oh, yeah. >> this is a recipe that he makes in the slow cooker. it's a chicken and black bean chili. then what he does is stretches it throughout the week. one night, he serves it with brown rice. another night, he'll put it in enchiladas. then spoon it over nachos for loaded nachos. there's different ways he utilizes and serves the same dish. >> healthy. >> i'll tweet it out after this, >> you made it up? >> i love to cook. >> how nice. >> i know. great for me. >> congratulations. >> so proud of you guys. god bless. awesome. >> thanks, joy. their world tour kicks off in a couple weeks. first stop, our plaza. >> we'll get a song from coldplay in the rain, right
2:39 am
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>> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. paradise the rain was pouring but it didn't stop this crowd from seeing coldplay perform on the plaza. the weather didn't stop them from singing their hearts out. they loved it. >> they seemed to be enjoying it. the boys of britain are heading out on their world tour after the release of their new album, head full of dreams. right now they're singing one of their all-time classics for us.
2:43 am
"yellow." look at the stars look how they shine for you and everything you do they were all yellow i came along i wrote a song for you and all the things you do and it was called yellow then i took my turn oh what a thing to have done and it was all yellow your skin, oh, yeah, your skin and bones
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do you know you know i love you so you know i love you so i swam across i jumped across for you what a thing to do my love, cause you were all yellow and i drew a line i drew a line for you
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yeah, and it was all yellow your skin bones beautiful do you know for you i'd bleed myself dry for you i'd bleed myself dry it's true
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look how they shine for you look how they shine for look how they shine for you look how they shine for you look how they shine look at the stars look how they shine for you everything that you do >> thank you, everybody. [ cheers and applause ]. >> the nicest guys. >> awesome and kind. >> great songs. >> love them. the couple that prays together stays together. >> we have the 40 day challenge. >> why it could be good for your relationship and your health, as well. >> more coldplay, please. >> yes, please. your skin, oh, yeah, your skin
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grab your spouse, friend, mother, daughter, because we're all about to tell you how you might be able to change your life in 15 minutes a day. >> it's called, partnered prayer. it's a daily habit for squire rushnell and his wife louise duart. they write all about it in their new book. it's the "40 day prayer challenge." >> one of our favorite psychologists is also with us, who can say how prayer is good for your health. there is the spiritual and the health aspect to this. >> hi, kids. >> hello, everybody. >> been together a long time. >> 16 years. >> guess what? you only have to do five minutes. >> i know. i wondered if there was something else that dale was going to add. >> prayer is five. >> for 40 days. you'll have bliss like we have. and wonder, how do i do it? it sounds basic. what do you do?
2:52 am
at it like, it's the golden gate bridge i have to cross. really, it's a footpath. what you do is open your heart to each other and to god. >> it's frightening to many people though. >> it is. >> it's a new world for them. if they don't want to be vulnerable, which we'll get into, what do you tell them? what if people don't pray? they're not a religious person. >> you need to establish the step to the golden gate bridge. you find out it is a footpath. you need to establish a routine in your life. i bring my wife a cup of coffee and a bagel every morning. >> you bribe her, basically? [ laughter ] >> 7:00 a.m., i bring her coffee and a bagel, no matter where we are. after we have the coffee and bagel, we pray together. >> they've been praying -- >> so it's morning in your house. you brought the bagel and coffee. what happens? >> well, we eat that first.
2:53 am
>> squire has a son with a brain injury, grant, and we pray for him a lot. and my son and daughter-in-law are looking for a house, so we pray for that. first, we'd be thanking god. >> for answered prayer. >> then, god, we lift up grant and ask you give him peace. he's anxious. give him peace. for my son, danny and jesse, god, we ask you give them favor with the loan. >> she's getting into it already. >> basically, anything that's going on in your life. >> yes. >> there's a wonderful scripture that says in the morning, lord, you hear my voice. in the morning, i bring my requests before you. and i wait in expectation. >> there you go. >> it's perfect. >> that is it. you should expect it. >> that's what i said. >> if you don't expect it, guess what, you're not going to get it. >> that's right. >> part of what the prayer is. >> let's bring dale in. it has other implications as well. >> i love how you're demonstrating, number one, and how you can relate to it. i want to talk about, there are other implications that have to
2:54 am
well-being. when there is prayer and/or activity that changes. first of all, the cortex of the brain thickens. this is a preventive and really helps you not to be depressed. there's a wonderful study done by dr. lisa miller about helping we're able to deal with stresses better. we're able to understand that we have a strength and a power within us to be able to look at things that are very difficult. our heart rate goes down. our metabolism improves, goes down. our blood pressure goes down. people who have heart surgery recover better. there are lots of studies on the health benefits. most people remain calm and focused and able to feel in control of their lives in a way they didn't before. >> you can be a part of the study. it will be at baylor university.
2:55 am
five minutes for 40 days. it's so easy. doesn't cost you a thing. go to the "today" show website and it'll tell you about it. >> thank you so much. >> thank you, all. good to see you. our favorite things are next. i have something special for hoda. >> you do? first, this is "today" on nbc. >> it's that model. no. [ laughter ] i can't believe it has 40% fewer calories than butter. i can't believe it's made with real, simple ingredients. i can't believe...
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to give you comfort. which helps you feel more energized ...all day long.
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all right. time for our favorite things. i was thinking about hoda the whole time i was there. what i did was -- >> what?
2:59 am
to the valley of allah where david smoked goliath. look at this stone. it's a heart. >> oh, my gosh. >> we got to know, what is your stone and where are you going to throw it? this is hoda's personal stone from israel. >> i love it. i can't believe it. my favorite thing now, since this is a stone from israel. anyway, mine is brownie brittle. [ laughter ] you can get it at the drugstore. i'll tell you why it's delicious really quick. in this container, there are five servings. it tastes like the top of brownies, the crunchy, delicious part. >> hoda! >> i can't worry about spanxs right now. crew, just applaud in you like the taste. [ applause ] >> they're delicious. >> they are good. i had a little. >> they're in different flavors. where is my stone? >> right there. >> thank you. >> love you all.
3:00 am
all of the segments will be next week starting on monday. i love you. >> look at my stone. >> tomorrow we have shirley mcclain and helen mirren. two o oscar winners. steve: i'm here to help.


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