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tv   Today  NBC  March 18, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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>> whether this has any connection, we do not know. we'ree trying to get a as much information from our crews on the ground, in the air, tampa fire and rescue and tampas me. we have been told that tamampa police will be briefing us at 12:20. it's 12:21 now so we're a little behind fromm tampa police as they're trying to come out and tell t the news media exactly what has happened here. so we're getting information that you see from the air, and a little this teterms of what was involvedd in
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we do know that there were two aircrafaft involved. one aircraft remains on the runway there in a grassy area. it's charred from the fire that occurred following this plane. as we wait for a briefing, i'm not sure if we can did back to paul or try peter again. >> hello, things are prettyy much the same up here. the fire crews aren't actively attacking this plane anymore. it look like it's pretty much out. they're
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investigators to come out. they got it out pretty quickly. >> again we don't know if anyone died in this, it anyone was hurt or injured. i don't know if you were able to see an ambulance or anything leaving the airport grounds. >> no, i didn't see anything leaving. i saw -- i had to pull over about three times for emergency crews to get b back me, firefighters and police. but i didn't see anything leaving. and i never saw an active ambulance. >> trying to find out what happened, how many people may have been on this aircraft, whether they were injured, taken out by ambulance.
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on this police briefing which will enlighten us a great degree in terms of what happened. we do know this happened roughly about 35, almost 40 minutes ago that this incident occurred at the airport. and two aircraft were involved. we can only see the remains of one aircraft. there were flames and we could see a lot of smoke coming from this. it was shot off in the distance, as well as some video shot from the water near the airport. clearly a fire rescue boat thahat was trying to pour water from the shoreline onto what was left of that aircraft. we're waiting and trying to find out as much
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the news conference from tampa police was supposed to start at 12:20. obviously they're a little behind . peter o. excite airports a small -- o. knight airports a small airport where fairly small aircraft take off from. this is close to mcgill air force base and also to tampa international. so there's no doubt a lot of flight patterns that have been adjusted for the air show this weekend.
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beenen familiar with the changing pattttern that occurred with all of these aircrafts coming out of the air force base. we just don't know the particulars. and the aircraft looks like it happened at very end of the runway. and we're waiting on this news briefing from tampa police which was supposed to happen five, six minutes ago. we're still trying to find out as much asas we can, fromm the ground and air, and we have several crews on their way there. no traffic, no air traffic is coming in or out of that airport for obvious reasons.
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paul is just a little way from where this crash occurred. >> it's right next to where i'm standing. yes, i'm here. >> go ahead. cann you hear me? >> yeah, okay. i was talking to our mechanicc and he told me t that the line guys came and got him. they didn't hear anything in the hangar. they came in looking for a fiber extinguisher because the -- fire extinguisher. the plane was fully engulfed. they were told it was a twin cessna that was on fire. and they don't know if it was takeoff o or landing. but a twin cessna is the initial report from here. where i'm standing is a couple hundred yayards away. inside the hangar, they didn't hear anything. they were out with the helicopter and heard nothing of a crash, suppose, anything. -- explosion, anything.
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they saw the flames and they were greeted by the line people trying to get a second or third fire e extinguisher to put this fire out. right nowow the fire is out and all the runways are closed here at peeve -- peter o. knight. kind of south of downtown. right on garrisonn channel. there's still activity out there, but i can't get any information because they're what we're initially being told, it was a twin cessna, that could change.
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let you know, you said that the mechanic did not hear an explosion, which certainly leaves the questioion of what could have happened here. >> right. they heard nothing. they're in the hangar, which is very close close to where the accident happened. and so they heard nothing. they came out and then they were able to see the smoke. and our pilot was also out there as well. something that happened suddenlnly. and there's no information of what happened right now. so tampa police will hopefully brief us.
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tampa fire and rescue holding this news conference, any moment now. so we're waiting to hear from them in terms of the latest information they can share with us and that we can share with you in terms of what led to this plane crash we can see the charred remains of that aircraft off the runway there. the charred grass, remains of the aircraft. tail section i is basically all you can make out. we d do not know how many people were on board. we d don't know if ananyone lost their lives in this particular a aircraft crash. you can see on the left side of the screen, all the news crews are
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conference from tampa fire and rescue. >> is peter mesa up there? >> yes, josh. this is where the plane crash happened. and you can see the tail here and the charred remains.
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quite a ways out. fairly close to the end of the runway. it's runway 18. and the fire crews are packing up their hoses now, just waiting for investigators to get out here. >> obviouslyly they put out the fire, controlled that part of the situation. you certainly would want to open that they were able to do whatever they could do to get whoever was on that aircraft out of there into the emergency room. we're not able to get all the information,
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conference from tampa fire rescue. what happened, what led to this, did it have anything to do with a change. flight patterns in and out of mcgill which also changed the flight patterns in and out of peter o. knight airport because of the air test going on this weekend. we don't know a whole lot of information. we were told this was possibly a twin cessna aircraft that crashed. the tail
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see of what was left. i understand we're gonna go back to paul on the ground. >> reporter: there's not much. this is downtown tampa. and here's peter o. knight. you can see the runway goes this way and down at the very end of the runway on the east side of the runway is where the crash happened. and right now they have all traffic in and out. >> p paul i'm gonna have to cut you off. steve hagerty is with
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in. >> probably most of what we're gonna have for you today. and emily with tampa international, and i'm steve with tampa police. you want to start with a timeline? >> we received a call about 11:33, the possibility of an airplane that had crashed. we were on scene in about four minute, the fire boat doing some training here. made access onto the p property statarted to affect firefighting procedures. it was not a very large fire. it was very easy to get under control. and then we proceeded with a search for any victims in the surrounding area. it was confirmed that we did have two
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the wreckage of the aircraft. are there any questions? >> there's a lot of different stories that are circulating, and it will be up to t the faa tow do that -- to do that investigation. we do not know the sexes, the names or the people. it's under investigation. >> have we said what kind of plane it is? >> we have not. >> it was a twin engine cessna 310. and i think we can confirm that it was departing. that's all we're able to say at this
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it's being investigated. emily can addressss what organizationss will be brought in to investigate something like that. >> i don't have a whole lot to add other than it's gonna be investigated by the faa. they'llll be the ones giving information to come. >> any witnesses able to call in anything about the plane? >> that'll all be investigated by the faa. >> can you talk about any other
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>> well, we have generally airports part of the aviation in a plane crash, the faa is the one who investigates. >> are there here yet? >> i believe they're, yes. > most of your questions are very answerable, very early in the investigation. so we should have answers later today. we're just trying to give you some information as quickly as we can. >> do you know where the plane was taking off to? >> we should know a lot of these answers later. >> only one plane can take off from the airport at one time?
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currently the airports closed. we have a simple release on our twitter. whenever there's an update about the airfield opening up, we'll put that out. >> there should be more information coming in about that. >> and you're not looking for another flight? >> can't say that, no. >> a twin engine cessna 310, take off somehow caught fire. that's all we know. and two people dead. was there a crash or it just caught fire?
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the crash. that's gonna be under investigation by the faa. [ inaudible ] >> the actual site is -- the airports totally destroyed and was completely engulfed in flames on arrival of the first arriving unit. we do not know the circumstances on how that airplane came to be where it is. it's all part of the investigation. all of you folks have heard stories. that's all we've heard at this time. and that's yet investigation will need to be done so the correct information can be given out. >> any indication on the plane? >> we did not dig through the wreckage. that was left in tact for the faa to do their investigation. okay? i think we're good. i'm district chief,
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thank you. >> you've been listening to a news conference outside peterer o. knight airport where we have learned a little bit more in terms of what happened. unfortunately we know that two people did die in this plane crash chahampionshiped around 11:33 this morning. it was a twin engine cessna 3 ten that crashed. the faa will be investigating to figure out exactly what happened and how in terms of how this all played out. and we'll continue to follow this story and have the latest in terms of what happeneded. and of course we'll also be o on the air here just a short while f from now covering the funeral of hillsboro county deputy who died last weekend on the expressway trying to stop a wrong-way driver that. begins at 1:00. we'll cover it live here
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aircraft crash at peter o. knight airport beginning on our first newscast at 4:00. for now, back to our regularly scheduled program. i guess, well, my mom is here with me today, but i guess my parents are a big help for sure, and just that, like, i really do like spending a lot o of time with them and always know i have somebody to go to. >> going to college, a lot of people when they get on the superstar route, w which you were on that track, don't say, wait a minute. i'm going to go to college. what made you decide to do that and kind of change gears a little bit? >> i started acting when i was little, like 3 or 4. it was always -- my mom was l like you can save up money for college. so it was also my goal and then i ended up loving acting so much.
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still wanted to go to college. >> so grounded. >> so awesome. when you're in school, are there ever any time, boys or people are like, oh, i've seen you on that nickelodeon show. i loved you. >> i was friends with a girl. we were in a study group. she was like you look like the girl from icarly. i was like, yeah, i am. that's me. >> yes, i'm much prettier. >> oh, god, no, not her. >> we are so happy for you, miranda. >> good job, mom. >> mom is awesome. we love that mom. >> "crowded" airs sunday nights here on nbc at 9:30, 8:30 central. >> fun for the family. it's bright and bold and you'll be seeing it every day this spring. >> how to wear the hottest shoes of the season. >> adorable nonow, meet the matte of your dreams... our first matte foundation that hydrates. new dream velvet soft-matte
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okay. easter is only a week away. if you haven't already found an outfit we have adorable fashion to help them look their sunday best. >> senior lifestyle editor for how are you? >> fabulous. >> one of our favorite kind of segments because we get to show off our kids. first up the retro rose quartz trend, and we have two lovely little girls. alana and ashley who happen to daughters. tell us what they are wearing. >> of course that rose quartz is one of pantone's hot colors of the year and goes beautiful in easter with the light pink. i love this dress on alana. it has that drape tropical print that is so fresh. this is from tommy hilfiger. the boots from joyfully. so cute military style boots on
12:50 pm
then for ashlin. and the mod sunglasses. that 1960s retro look. she also has some short booties with bows. >> i love the glasses. >> we love it. thanks. >> we love you. okay. the next trend is bohemian rhapsody. we have the darling models, victoria, amelia and blake. >> i love the idea of doing a lot of trends. stripes are really in and the embroidery is also super on trend for the season. she's wearing a poncho and the bold, bold dress colors. >> what is in it? >> what's in there? >> oh, candy.
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>> tell us a little more. >> the shoes are actually from garnet hill and they are italian leather and hand made. so adorable. and blake who found all those treasures in the egg has one from blue rooster. the embroidered short and from gap kids. >> next up we have -- >> it's candy! >> this >> nice talking to you. >> bye, guys. >> these are your kids. >> these are my babies. they are showing how to wear the short story. this is how to dress up shorts for the season. this is from gymboree. it shows you how to wear shorts for the holiday. striped shirt here. the bow tie is all of $5 which is a great, great find.
12:52 pm
they are like chambray on sneakers from old navy. and a romper with pieces from joy folie. >> thank you, guys. >> let's bring in our next kid. we want to make sure all the children get out here. >> come on out conan and grant. >> bye. >> and on cona, she has a great accessory. isn't it nice and bold? these are from gap kids and the sunny yellow cardigan. we've seen that yellow everywhere on the red carpet. i love the shoe from old navy. grant did a great job. that's from abercrombie kids. the parka is a nice way to dress it up and h & m pants. >> come on. bye guys. >> this is called gazebo groupies. drew and alexa. >> styling. >> this is a different way. they look like they're doing separates.
12:53 pm
these are everywhere for boys this season. h & m chinos on and great finishing old navy sneakers. and she's got a great dress. botanical florals. >> let's bring everyone out. >> ashlin, blake, amelia. >> nice job, everybody. coming up next, lilliana has the color of the season. >> and everything is under 50 bucks. >> but first, this is "today" on nbc. >> what's inside the egg?
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hey. we love coming in the dressing room. >> i love having you. >> what is the hue of this season. >> yesterday was all about green, st. paddy's day.
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it looks good on princesses, the first lady and kathie lee. these are from shopakira. >> what would you wear that with? >> i love it with a dress. >> what color dress? >> i wouldn't wear it with this color. i'd wear it with white, nude. >> black maybe? >> black looks great. >> this is only $19.99 from marshalls. how gorgeous are these necklaces? if you don't want to make a huge statement you can incorporate it into jewelry. swatch watches are back and huge for spring. love this from opi. i love this name. my car has navy-igation. gorgeous car coat from on sale today under $50. and how cute is that shift dress from >> a little shirt poking out --
12:58 pm
>> how are you feeling? you have a cold? >> i think so. i think i'm getting sick. >> we love you no matter where you are. >> i want to thank jenna for being here. >> have a great weekend, everybody. >> you're welcome.
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this man put himself i in front of us as a human shield absolutely. >> hillsborough county deputy john kotfila stopped a speeding wrong-way car savingg a life but ending his own.


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