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tv   News Ch8 First 4  NBC  March 18, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> ellen: i want to thank drew sam smith. be kind it one another. bye. now four headlines at 4:00, number one, two people killed in a plane crash in tampa today. investigation begins into what went wrong. two, a final goodbye to a hillsboro deputy as those gather to remember -- killed by a wrong way drive. hulk hogan and gather are awaiting their sex trial -- a 10-foot alligator trolled by. i'm josh benson.
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this is first at 4. >> an air plane crash off davis islands. news channel 11 chip osowski joins us live. >>reporter: we saw two vans pull up. we assume they're medical examiner's vans. one witness heard several booms and saw -- authorities have not confirmed if there was a second airplane involved. when fire crews first responded, the plane was engulfed in flames. authorities tried to pieiece together what happened regarding the charred wreckage. the plane that crashed was a twin engngine sesna with two souls onboard. it was an sesna 300 like the one here
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the plane was taken off from peter owe night. there was little they could do. >> we made access onto the property and it started to effect firefighters procedures and it was not a very large fire at the time. it was very easy to get under control. we proceeded with a search for victims in the surrounding areas. it was confirmed we had two people deceasese within the wreckage of the air crash. >> the faa and ntsb are out here investigating. authorities have not released the identities of the victims or told us if they're men, women, or children. an active investigation at this hour. live in tampa, i'm chip osowski. a hillsboro deputy
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was given a final salute. >> wee brought you the salute to deputy john kotfila. he was k killed by a wrong-way driver on the selmon express way. >> thousands turned out for the deputy's funeral. among -- >> in this business, a high star, i see a lot of cops out there, but the highest honor is a solid troop. one whwho could be counted on when the chips are down. john was a solid troop. more than that, he was a friend on the road to those he served witith. cop kotfila and the restt of the family, you raised a good and honorable son. he will be missed.
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each and every one of you. >> he put himself in front of us -- >> among the dig in a tories was florida rick scott. that service lasted more than an hour a and the law enforcement carried casket out of the church. the procession will take plplace in massachusetts. his father is a state police. his brotother is a state police with the massachusetts police department. that was an emotional sheriff -- a woman claims he sped around her car to keep a wrong-way driver from hitting her. he was only 30-year-old. in other news, the jury
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hogan sex trial. an attorney for terry said -- he claims the p publication of the sex video has ruined his life. >> it has [indiscernible] this case has never been about anything thann the fact that gawker took a secret sex tape of my client and put it on the internet. >> an attorney for gawker said he spoke -- gawker contends they have a first amend the right to publish the sex videoeo. the case of a a bus aide slapping a child will go to trial. lambert was caught on camera repeatedly slapping a 10-year-old autistic child on a pasco county school bus. he's facing charges and the case will go to trial in june. he was fired after it was
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for your weather, let's go to memeteorologist julie phillips. >> not a bad afternoon across the tampa bay area. you can see a pretty actitive scene there and springg breakers in town. we haven'n't had as much sunshine, you can see overcast skies in this area. temperatures are up nortrth and glad to be in the 75 degrees at this l location, but the wins coming out of miles-per-hour. look at temperatures right now. it's milder a along the coast like we've been seeing. inland, temperatures heat up. they reach back into the mid-to upper 80s once again. 89 in bartow. 82 in lakeland. 8 4 currently in arcadia. warm temperatures around. on our sunlight and radar imagery, it's quiet. we have seen showers some storms in citrus county. those has wrapped up, but we won't rule o out an
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although tomorrow is the day we're looking at the rain. the reason being, we can see a stalled front to our north. the bulk of the rain near ththe panhandle -- the pressure off to our west will bring rain chances with a second front and deeper moisture as we head through weekend. we're seeing a litittle deeper moisture around, the greenish color on our water vapor i imagery and more will move in. temperatures stay mild. in the mid-70s through the late evening hours and a slim chance of rain through t the overnight hours. as wee head into tomorrow, the rain c chances will be going up. wewe'll have a full look at youour weekend's forecast and the rain chances involved coming up in a few minutes. guys. still ahead on first at 4:00. >> they may look like candy to kids, but they are not candy. the number of kids -- the number of times thahat kids get their hands on medicines or arere other dangerous drugs is staggering. coming up, a
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welcome back. a new warning every parent mustt hear about a risk of accidental poisoning for children. >> almost every minute of everyday in the u.s., a call is made to poison a -- becacause a child got into memedicine not meant for them. >> the racee to the er is staggering. >>reporter: robert leach called 911 just once in his life for his daughter catherine. >> i heard a crunching sound and shed said eww. i knew she accidentally got one of my pills instead of a meant. >> robert takes blood
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it's not clear which one catherine ate. >> i was scared and felt guilty all at the same time. >> every nine minutes, a child is rushed to the er for an accidental medicine poisoning according to a new report. 60% of amamericans take one description drugs and 80% use over the counter medicine. >> kids have more exposure in multi -- multi generational kids. >> this is a hazard for children. of children brought to the er for possible medicine poisoning, safe kids worldwide found that medicine in a pill box, on the floor, in a pulse, or right on the countnter. experts say conontrolling access is key. >> all medication should be stored out of sight of children and out of reach of children. >> catherine wasn't hurt,
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>> when you see something like this, do you eat it right away? >> no. >> what do you do? >> you think about it, and like turn away if it looks like medicine. >> a reminder for families everywhere. erica hill, nbc news, columbus, ohio. >> important s stuff. uber is launching crossss border service between mexico and the u.s. >> the popular ride share ing service says uber transport allows riders to transfer from san diego to tijuana. they chose those cities because they're sister cities closely linked. >> it's the first cross border. the uber program highlights the best of what san diego has to offer by offering the world's most innovative apps to bridge
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a way that has never been done before. >> as for how mucuch a cross border uber trip would cost, it's a $4 base rate and 30 cents per mile. that does not include border crossing fees. uber is testing a way to give its drivers of option of being paid instantly. drivers can deposit money from each ride from the card company green dot. there's no fees for the service and they won't charge a monthly fee. the program is to fin off emerging payday lenders charging ubeber drivers. fit bit users can get motivation to -- when prommed, amazon's alexa devised to equip when they know about the vital and provide a little encouragement, so if you
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bit how many steps you have taken and alexa say you took 4500 steps but need -- >> alexa, siri, who else do we have? >> i have the weather maybe. >> all apart of the process. >> all apart of the process and we're looking forward to weekend. i wish we had us. it's not going to be a the good news is it's not going to rain all day. if you have plans, just takake into account, on saturday, we'rere going to look at showers and storms on and off through the day. it could be a nice chunk of time to enjoy the air fest. we're looking at a descent rain chance into the second half of the day. on sunday, primarily the rain will be early in the day. we're talking about morning showers sunday. then things clearing out in the afternoon, but it's going to be cooler. we're not
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low 70s on sunday. look at cooler air m moving in foror the end of march. expect extra clouds around and a few shohowers. temperatures in the upper 60s. as we head through the day, we'll top out at 80. and a 50% chance of rain through the day. on our radar, you can see mostly cloudy skies for the majority of us and seeing showers in citrus county and a few isolated showers through the evening and overnight hours, but it's tomorrow we're focusing in. you can see through the overnight. extra clouds and a 10 to 20% chance of rain overnight for us. when you wake up tomorrow, expect more clouds around, maybe even a shower to start the day, but developing area of low pressure to our north and this approaching front, we'll see our showers and storms increasing as we head into the evening, and by sunday morning, a few showers to begin the day, butt this front passes very quickly, so while the clouds hang around, we're
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before noon on sunday. behind this system, expect clearing skies and breezy northwest winds as we head into the overnight hours. it's going to be cooler on monday. waking up monday, we're talking about low in the 40s. i haven't seen that in a while and low 50s to begin the day. as we head intnto the afternoon hours, we'll top out in the upper 60s. cool for our spring breakers, but the main thing to focus in on is the chance of rain over the next couple of days. a 50% chance on saturday and next week. temperatures for this evening, low 70s and partly cloudy skies and a few showers around. as we head into next week, comes dryer conditions and lots of sunshine and we'll warm back up. low 80s by the end of next week. >> looks like a great week ahead, thanks julie. a change for the special olympics summer games. jean ramirez reports, a local high school is going to host
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>>reporter: jesuit high school has been involved with the special olympics for 16 years, but this is the most special of them all. >> our school does care about helping these kids and allowing them to express their talents and their acts. >> senior matthew started volunteering last year. the jesuit high and special olympics goes become for years. it was held at usf for 16 years but it's happening at jesuit. a fitting home after all, it's a family affair. it's tradition their fathers join in to help at the event. >> it's moving for the dads and to watch their sons grow up before their eyes as they walk the athletes around and interact with them around. >> it goes both ways. jason stokes is happy his dad is pararticipating for the first time. >> thihis is my senior year and he wants to be involved.
4:19 pm
inspire. becaususe we're enlightetened by the community. serving. >> they themselves have needs and they're supported by others and they have had their father and older brothers and their teachers working for them. >> if you like to head out here to the field at jesuit high, the event is open for spectators and the parade kicks off at 9:00 saturday morning. in jesuit high, i'm gene ramirirez. a all eyes on the first president and mr. president. >> mr. president and the first lady in this case with bald eagles. take a look. one of the two eagle eggs hatched at 8:28 at the national arbarnia in washington dc. the
4:20 pm
the way is on for the second hatch. this is a live picture of the net and that other baby is expected in the next few days. >> it's our second eagle egg hd. >> our other eagle egg. people love taking pictures of their kids. >> how parents -- the florida woman's basketball team finds out why the 12 verses 5 match up can be dangerous in the
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welcome back. let's check with first at 4 sports with paul ryan. >> what do you have for us today? let me guess, our favorite, basketball. >> yeah, but we've got to talk about the ligightning today, we're in tampa. >> i thought you were talking about the same tie. >> we have great taste, josh and i.
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that ends well. the tampa bay lightning were not well. they were out shot last night. a lack luster effort that allowed dallas to win the game 4-3. this was an exciting showcase between two high scoring captains including the game winner, stamkos and number 32 and 33 in the second period, but stanler couldn't save the lightning from losing. >> it's [indiscernible] to be honest. you got to have -- the guys in the room have to hold themselves accountable. to come out completely no changing the way they play, we have to do better. >> when they get three goals -- so i'm going to wash it off as one of the nights where it didn't go your way and get ready for the next one.
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point one percent of the brackets submitted to espn challenge are perfect. considering the odds predicting all 63 games is roughly 1 in 92 quinn till on, i think that's good. they too, a first round action. we begin with a 10-7 match up between sarasota and dayton. your name is fun to say. smith hits a three and tosses to charles cook for the big finish. they score 12-14 respectedly. that wasn't enough to beat the orange. mall change richardson fear the throw. second half, queues up 20. richardson, three points the hard way. he scored 21. sarasota blows out dayton, 70-51. unc, asheville and villanova, check this out. a hoop to josh hart who got more hops than the easter bunny. can't hide the basket from him. the
4:26 pm
he puts on his jammies and late in the first half. ryan, three at the horn. villanova goes super nova on unc asheville winning 86-56. bsu is still a cinderella. the rams upset oregon state, 75-67. lewis nearly messed around and got himself a triple double. for upsets, how about a double doze in the eaearly game. hawaii knocks off calculate, 77-66. the rainbow war wores -- these are dangerous. alyana hits a three and the gators led by 17, but florida falls apart in the 4th. allowing albany to go on a 15-0 run. some great ball movement here leads to a header forced lay in and the great dane takes the lead with
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its first ever win in t the naa tournament upsetting florida. finally got to mention the rays really quick. put the finishing touches overr the red wing. closure brad had surgery to repair an a abdominal muscle tear today. he's out eight weeks so the rays are going to miss their closure. i'll have more coming up at 6:00. >> painful. >> thanks so much.
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now four heaeadlines at 4:30. number one, paris attacker was captured in belgium. he was taken alive. he's at the hospital. investigators have been hot on his heels since finding his fingerprints in an apartment yesterday. number two, north korea ignored a u.n. resolution by firing a missile into the sea today. south korea officials claim the missile flew 500 miles before
4:31 pm
thisis is the first medium range the north has launcnched in two years. number three, an investigation into whether an electrician jumped to his death. he took off his -- number four, the cigarette service are looking at a suspicious envelope sent to trump's son. police are strolling the trump area where trump lives. when his wife opened the letter, white powder fell out. the substance is not hazardous. 2016 legislative session is over and while it's a long way away, things are expected to look very different in 2017. >> capital bureau reporter matt galler shows us the majorr face lift the state senate is going to get. >> 2016 legislative session
4:32 pm
not realllly. but as soon as this year's law making period ended, the chambers started a long awaited remodeling project. >> senators desks have been removed as the chamber renovation since consnstruction in the 1970s. nearly $66 million project could force senators to take a step back in time, if a special session is called. >> we've made contingencies. i think you wrote about it where we would go to the old capitol and when i talk to members, they think that would be cool. >> t the new and improved senate is expected to be completed by the fall. reporting in tallahassee, i'm matt galka. >> there's 20 inquiries to purchase desk removes from the -- with julie phillips. >> good afternoon, josh. a
4:33 pm
bay area. temperatures still warm. we're up to 80 degrees at lakeland ranch and winds out of the southwest at 5 miles-per-hour. quiet at the moment. temperatures varying quite a bit of the cooler along the cove. mid-730s around clearwater, st. pete. as you h head inland, things have heated up. 88 in bartow. it's 82 in plant sit city, and 86 currently in seabring. so here's the current set up. we're going to get extra clouds around, but the bulk of rain to our north and west south of this stalled boundary. we're going to watch low pressure as we head into this weekend and that's going to enhance our rain chances in the bay area. at this point, it has been a quiet afternoon. we have seen rain so far in citrus county, but at the moment, everything is ququiet, although we can't rule out an isolated shower as we head through the rest of the evening. it will be cloudy and warm with
4:34 pm
showers possible, and we're looking at scattered stormed through your saturday. we'll have your full weekend forecast which includes a cool down by sunday coming up. >> all right, thank you for that. new developments today on chicago white sox player adam larochehe who is retitiring because the team asked him not to bring his son to the clubhouse as often as he does. pitcher -- he says white sox president lied to the team and players are demanding a meeting with jerry. willie guys has more on this story. >>reporter: adam laroche in the national spotlight for bring your kid to workday to a new level with his 14-year-old son drake. this afternoon, he's likely to tell his side of the story. why he's walking away from $13 million rather than cutting bacack on father, son time. >> i was a little surprised at the stance he took.
4:35 pm
several teammates came to larouche's defense threatening to boy scout. adam e eton saying happy to play along a -- he incest drake was not banned from the clubhouse. >> all kids should go to go -- >> that's a day care center. >> larouche grew up around baseball and his father was a player and coach. laroche s saying he wanted the same for his son drake. larochche told the washington post, we're not big on school, saying his son is quote, going to learn a lot more useful information in the clubhouse than he will in the classroom as far as life lessons. >> he talks about being there for his family, and family first, you know, he puts -- i respect him. >> other major leaguers like prince fielder of the texas rangers and the detroit tigers victor martinez briring their kids to the ball park, although
4:36 pm
>> however the players want to control theheir clubhouse regarding items such as with their kids there is up to them to police. >> interesting update there. what willie guys reporting. laroche signedd his retirement papers, but they h haven't been handed over to major league baseball. laroche may speak today. we'll keep you posted. still ahead on first at 4:00. a lakeland school got a surprised visitor. check out this guy. a 10-foot alligator greeted teachers and students outside. we'll show you how the gator was reigned in. he's the tiniest babies born in the u.s. to survive. why doctors are calling this a miracle
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at your headlines from hollywood screening wood. a service is meeting with stiff operation. >> here's hollywowood minute. >> the market can be -- it can be a huge h handicap. >> screening room gets another thumbs down. the at home movie service by sean parker which would let viewers stream for $50 has another detractor. yesterday we reported james cameron and his production partner john came out against the service. now, variety reports instellar director spoke out. several movie screenings are study -- miracles from heheaven had a -- they estimate the movie starring jennifer gardener opened in $1.9 million wednesday night. ready player one may have a new player. the hollywood reporter says
4:41 pm
join the cast of the sci-fi flicks directed by steven spielberg. he'll be seen on star trek beyond on july 22nd. and a lot of people are talking about this story on social media. an unexpected visitor showing up at a lakeland school. >> look at the size. 9 feet, 11 inches long showed up at the geneva a cam mee on highland's road. the teacher captured this video. you can tea a -- you can see a trapper capture that alligator while those watch in the background. >> that's when our dismissal started so we have 200 kids to dismiss through. so it caused a stir for us. >> you can imagine, cars had to be detoured around a police believe it was the street.
4:42 pm
have seen in a circus or a mamagic show, a stunt man eating fire. >> but when it went wrong for one fire eater yesterday, it was a big issue. coming up, we're going to show you why the stunt didn't work and he says he won't s stop doing what he does. also ahead, it's every child's dream. getting to be a a part of t their favorite professional sports team. but just ahead, why this boy's story is s much more
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welcome back. a fire eater is recovering today after accidentally setting himself on fire during a high school pep rally in florida. ricky charles says he's been eating fire for dozens of years and has never had an accident until now. while performing at del rey beach high school, he used an exsell rant that he has not used before. this is a cell phone video
4:46 pm
he had burns to his face, ear, forearm and calve. i used the wrong -- i used the right fluid, but i didn't practice. you're supposed to practice. i'm not going to stop doing this. this is what i do. this i is my life. >> yiek kes. the del rey beach fire captain says 20 other people were treated for injuries in that incident. and rescue workers in eerie pennsylvania say the dog from a house fire, everyone living in the homemade it out okay, but their dog had to be given oxygen by first responders and the pup taken to the hospital. take a look at this tiny baby. it's the smallest born in this country to e ever survive. it's being called a miracle birth. in a short life -- nathan have been thrhrough so much and just keeps fighting. valerie has the story. > truly blessed because he's here. >> eric and mary road to
4:47 pm
short of a miracle. it was during week 24 of her pregnancy, their wororld came crashing down. >> i knew somethingng was off. my ob knew something was off, i was we will from head to toe. >> she was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia.a. she had to deliver her b baby 16 weeks early. >> wee didn't know. >> nathan weighed 14.99 ouounces. he was only 10 inches long. >> his first picture,, i have my pinky rightht next to his hand, and my nail of my pinky is as big as his hand. >> doctor wodd has more than 30 years experience and that's the smallest baby. >> the smallest in the country. it's one of the smalallest ones.
4:48 pm
nathan had kidney failure knew -- new mown y'all. things were changing before we can make that assessment and he was developing -- >> armed with antibiotics, this super hero bounced back. >> from the minute i saw his first ultra sound, i knew he was going to be a fighter. he had his hands up to his face likee he was fightingng. >> whenn nathan was firstborn, this was the size diaper he wore. you can see the size c compared to a pin. this super hero was a fighter. he's quintupled his size. >> i can't realize how big he has gotten. >> his parents cherish every moment and t they hope to bring him h home. >> for him to be here
4:49 pm
>> thatt was mally maddox -- that was mallory maddox reporting. his parents will spend every weekend at his side. >> interesting. a little fighter for surere. scrap booking is neaearly gone. >> parents shows hundreds of pictures of their children on social media. parents are posting 1,000 pictures of their kids online. >> it's popular. we're going to check the forecast. the weather lookoking nice. overcast today. >> yeah. >> we're -- we're working in the weekend. >> we know air fest and other things going on. >> they're practicing today. >> i heard them. >> you can heard them. >> the good news is it's not going to rain all day. we're going to see showewers and storms. we can only hope that's not from 11:00 to 3:00 when the air fest is, but we'll have to wait and s see. more rain in the forecast as we heaead into saturday and sunday momorning.
4:50 pm
severe weaeather, we're looking at showers and your one of the mill thunderstorms but we could see an isolated storm storm north of i-4. we're not going to rule that out either. cooler temperatures behind this system. as the cold front rolls throughgh, highs in the upper 60s to start next week. it's a big change. it has been since the end of february we've seen temperatures dropping below 50 degrees. we're likely to see those. temperatures in the low 70s. can't rule out a stray shower overnight or tomorrow morning. temperatures starting off the day in the mid-60s. we'll see on and off showers through the day. temperatures reaching 80 degrees by tomorrow afternoon. here's a look at our satellite and radar imagery, at the moment, dealing with clouds around and we've seen sun rain in citrus county. most of us have dealt with dry conditions today. there's the front, stalled well off to our north. so most of the rain is going to stay out of our area through the overnight hours, but with
4:51 pm
can't rule out showers. notice, showers could be beginning through the morning hours, butut they'll wrap up through the later portions of the day. by sunday morning, there's the front. we'll likely see another round of rain early on sunday, but this clears out very quickly. so luckily all the rain is gone by 11:00 when the air fest start and we'll see clearing skies. winds breezy behind the system and as high pressure builds in, we'll see a cool down and highs on monday, well below average. only in the upper 60s. so here's that air fest forecast. as you head out on saturday, there's going to be on and off showers during the day. hopefully we can keep the rain near tampa into the afternoon and evening hoururs, but definitely no guarantee. but sunday, most of the rain should be before the air fest. if you're arriving early, you could deal with showers.. it should clear out quickly. you'll be left with breezy conditions and cooler weather. highs only
4:52 pm
we're not going to warmup much. notice, temperatures take a tumble behind that cold front, highs in the mid-to upper 60s monday, but this time of year, we warm back up very, very quickly, so we'll be on spring break next week. we're back to beach weather as we head into next week with dryer air and plenty of sunshine. >> julie, thank you. imagine out of the blue your favorite team ask you to sigign a contract. that happened to an indiana 4th grader. >> it landed him in a uniform with the new yorkk yankees. there's much more to this story. nate martinez shows us. >>reporter: 10-year-old landa has gone from the most popular to the most famous. >> i have my camera crew. >> it's not everyday that your classmate is a pro baseball player. >> he signed a real contract for real money and
4:53 pm
he had lunch with a-rod. he has an old fashion phone. lesson. >> is there anything you can't do? >> h he believes he's whole and perfect the way he is. >> he was born with no hahands or feet. fearless in his ability, he showed the yankees his skills. videoing him and you have a-rod watching from the other side. >> comee on. >> landus continues to practice. this is the first year he's using a special slugger to allow him to hit in a way he hasn't before, and he's pretty good. >> landa is more about showing kids what he can do and not complaining. >> the first yankee i've ever met.
4:54 pm
teammates cheered him on too. >> he's awesome. >> popular not just for his kidsds but more for his heart. >> don't give up. keep trying at it. >> great answer. >> great story. coming up, most of us like a good magic trick, right. >> wait until you see how a bam boon reacted to a mu jigsn magician magic trick coming
4:55 pm
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>> now let's take a look at what's trending online today beginning wiwith a video of a
4:58 pm
but you have to wait for it. it's pretty funny. at first, the baboon seems bored. no reaction at all. but then ... [ laughter ] he can't believe it! it is incredible excitement. is primate is positively awe struck by the man's wizardry and her jaw drops again when the man make it is card reappear. no way. that's funny stuff. i like it. well, some people want to travel to all 50 states but this couple wants to renew their wedding vows in every state. larry and jane cisco said their latest i dos at a hot dog joint. it may not have been all that romantic, but the groom's words definitely were saying he loves his bride more and more. they have exchanged vows in 11 states so far. they were the first wedding customers for the hot dog joint
4:59 pm
wedding chapel today. and look at these cuties. three baby beavers rescued from flood waters in east texas. the kits as baby beavers are called are now about a week old and being taken care of by a wildlife rehabilitator. they were only about two days old when they were found and still had their umbilical cords. they were named chain saw, buzz, and chopper. volunteers say they will stay at the wildlife center about two years before they can be released into the wild. and to see what is trending now and get updates, you can always go to titime now w for newschannel8 with josh and jenn at 5:00. >> right now on newschannel8 at 5:00. >> a firey plane crash claims the lives of two people. officials are still trying to figure out what happened. >> a deputy who gave his life
5:00 pm
how law enforcement honored him. >> a suspect in the e paris terror attacks is now in custody. i'm jenn holloway. >> i'm josh benson. first, new video of a plane crash on davis island. peter mesa shot this video at peter o' knight airport. the smoke could be seen for miles. it left two people dead. fire crews were on the scene within minutes but there was little they could do so let's geget right out to chip osowswski live on the scene. a witness said another aircraft may have been involved on this right? >> reporter: that's right. a witness saw one plane taking off. another one at the airport in flames. she couldn't confirm or deny


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