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tv   News Ch8 Today at 6AM  NBC  March 21, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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right now breaking news on news channel 8 today. >> we are following breaking news. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> i'm candace mccowan in for gene. three people are dead after their car crashes in sarasota. only one person survived. >> this happened at the intersection of old bradenton road and desoto road. news channel 8's ryan hughes is live in sarasota. ryan, how did this happen? >> reporter: well, at this point that's still under investigation, gayle. as you mentioned, three people are dead, one injured. i'll step out of the way and show you a live look at the scene. we're
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in two. we have some video to show you. it happened around 3:00. we're told that a car was traveling westbound on university parkway, preliminary investigation shows that it was going very fast she said. that's when it slammed into a tree. again, three dead on scene, one taken to sarasota memorial hospital. we just spoke to that police spokeswoman a few moments ago and here's what she told us. >> when our officers arrived they do believe due to the severity of the crash that speed was a factor. the vehicle actually split in half after it had impact with the tree. so that's why our officers do believe that speed was a factor. at this time it's unknown if alcohol or drugs were a factor in this crash. >> reporter: again, the investigation in this case is in full swing. we have no information at this point on identities or ages of the three dead and the one injured. we're waiting to get that information at this point. as you can see live at university parkway at
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closed at this hour as this investigation continues. we'll remain here and bring you the very latest information as soon as we get it. leslee back to you. >> thank you, ryan. as you saw behind ryan what a mess it is. some really sad news to wake up to, folks. a triple accident here. this is going to be closed for a while. they've got to do a lot of investigating in the area. this is what you need to know before you head out the door, university parkway is closed as ryan mentioned here between old bradenton down to desoto. this entire stretch is closed. if you're coming along university you can't move down road. now you can either keep going straight and take u.s. 41, desoto road is an excellent alternate because it runs parallel to university and it also connects with it. desoto road your alternate. this is going to be closed for quite some time. meanwhile we have a good drive on the bay area bridges. not seeing delays there. over in east lake we do have a collision with injuries.
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roadway but it's east lake road right at keystone road. over the polk county southbound on u.s. 98 right at duff road we've got a bunch of debris in the roadway. we have traffic issues this morning. >> everyone needs to take it easy and remember that especially if you're going over the elevated roadways like the bridges or over passes it's so windy you need to hold the steering wheel with both hands this morning. inverness just dropped to 48 degrees. temperatures drop. tampa now down to 54. we were at 57 a 60 in bradenton. the cold air is come ing ing from the north down the peninsula. 22 mile per hour winds in clearwater right now, 14 in brandon. gusting up in most cases to 25 miles per hour. that's going to keep us cool all day. obviously below average. average is 77. i'm expect ing 66 even colder tonight. more of us will be in the 40s. coming up in weather and traffic
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know about rain chances in this forecast. gayle. >> thank you so much , leigh. developing right now, another wrong way driving incident in the bay area. this time a police officer was almost struck head on by the out of control driver. it's a story we first told you about sunday morning. the woman arrested is out of jail this morning and we are told -- and we were there to talk to when she walked out. this is a mug shot of a ja cancela. he was driving northbound in the southbound lanes of 275 in the fowler area. that officer had to swerve to avoid her. shortly after that another tpd officer stopped her and arrested her on the spot for drunk driving. this comes a little more than a week since sheriff deputy john kotfila was killed when a driver slammed into his cruiser on the selmon
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we tried to talk to cancela as she left the jail. >> can you saying anything? >> no, she's not going to say anything. >> get the camera out of my face. >> get in the car, get in the car, get in the car. >> cancela tried to hide her face from our cameras as you can see right there. happening today, senator bill nelson will be in tampa to discuss the search for hangar space for noah's fleet of hurricane hunter planes. right now it's at macdill but needs to move next year to make room for more tankers. other airports considering housing the hurricane hunter planes include st. petersburg airport and lakeland airport. get this, two 13-year-olds are expected to face charges for stealing a car and crashing it. this morning the girls are recovering from their injuries. the teens slammed into a traffic light pole at u.s. 19 at darlington road.
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car unlocked with the key in it. it's 6:05. a hit and run crash leaves a homeless woman in pasco county critically injured. now investigators are searching for the driver. the highway patrol tells us the woman was hit by a truck on palm grove drive at u.s. 301. the driver never stopped. the truck is described as a white four door ford f-150 or f-250. anyone with information please call the florida highway patrol. today is a big day for apple fans. the company unveiling new products. >> as always they're being very lindsey mastis is joining us live with your lindsey, you have a few ideas of what we can expect today. apple loves to keep the detail their announcements under wraps but we're pretty sure were going this will have a 4 inch screen. now apple has not come out with a new leg sized phone since 2013.
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hard to tell what will make the new model special. we expect to see new apple watch bands and some software updates. a lot of people want to see an update to the mac books but so far i have not heard of anything solid so we may have to wait a while longer on that one. this is apple's first event of 2016. they usually have a rock band perform as well. it begins at 1:00 our time. i'm going to be new. >> lindsey is our resident apple expert. you can follow our alerts on facebook and twitter, just search the hashtag #8alert. if you're groaning when you pull into the gas station you're probably not alone. the average price of gas in the u.s. jumped 20 cents. the average price across the country is $2.02. here in the bay it's $2.03.
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crude oil prices and the demand for gas. police at the university of south florida are cracking down on drivers to keep bicyclists and pedestrians safe. officers can now issue citations using money from the u.s. department of transportation. usf was awarded a more than $14,000 grant. now officers can issue citations as well as warnings. the time right now is 6:08. you never know first of all by our spring colored dresses and short sleeves that it's cold out there. >> it's quite iconic, we started spring yesterday and brought back winter weather. this is your winter day. it's breezy, it's clear and it's not warming up much. we start at 50 degrees at 8:00 a.m. much cooler than we expect. we don't warm up. 54 at 10:00, 58 at noon. finally into the 60s this afternoon with an afternoon high
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even them the breeze will make it feel even cooler. interestingly enough the winds will relax a bit for tonight. so we'll be even colder. feeling more like a january day. don't worry for the folks on spring break it's a fast warm up. low 70s tomorrow, near 80 on wednesday. i do hold off the the weekend. here's a better look at the temperatures. average this time of the year 77. we'll be at 66 today but 73 tomorrow, 79 wednesday and up to 82 on thursday. let's check in now with traffic on the 8s because there's a huge accident this morning. >> very sad news. a triple fatal sdnt in sarasota accident in sarasota near the sarasota international airport and portions of university are blocked. that will be blocked for a couple more hours. this is a triple fatal crash. on university
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old bradenton road it is completely blocked here. now this is where university comes down and intersects desoto. you can take desoto as an alternate here. this portion by the airport not too far away from air cargo road is completely blocked on university. all right. let's get to some better news here. the howard frankland bridge is getting busier but still a good drive across it. only going to take you 6 minutes. traffic is beginning to build throughout tampa. i'll have a look at tampa coming up in my next report. thatst -- that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to candace and gayle. a tragic death on the job. a fire department is grieving the loss of one of their men. >> the devastating way a firefighter died just before he was supposed to battle a fire. >> it's a problem that happens every time it rain, debris and trash into the storm drains and going into the bay. how one neighborhood figured out to solve it. >> news channel 8 is covering the president's historic visit to cuba. what's up next on the
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we have special coverage of president obama's visit to cuba. for the first time since 1928 a
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it was a sight many thought they would never see, a first family stepping on the soil. many business deals are flights and soon cruise ships docking in havana. >> today president obama will meet with president raul castro. right now keith cate is in cuba with our coverage of this historic trip. >> good from outside the latino americano stadium where the tampa bay rays will take on the cuban national team on tuesday. it's been a rainy start to this historic visit from president obama. when we arrived the president was here and everyone was trying to catch a glimpse either on the street or just anywhere they could, in their homes. a lot of optimism here of course tourism in cuba has year. more needs to be done. the president has a congressional dell
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with him, business leaders here with him. all this comes amid some criticism. the president will attend a wreath laying ceremony and has a state dinner with raul castro. a lot of optimism in cuba. we will be here to cover it for you all week long. reporting from havana waiting for the sun to shine, i'm keith cate. back to you. the tampa bay rays are in havana, cuba and they are ready for their game against the cuban national team tomorrow as keith just told you. for some of the rays stars they are calling the trip a visit back home. he crossed the gulf of mexico three years ago. tomorrow's game will be the first between a u.s. major league baseball club and the cuban national team since 1999. president obama and cuban leader raul castro is expected to be there. right now preparations are also underway for the rolling stones. the band will hold a free concert in havana this friday. it was originally planned for this weekend but rescheduled to friday due to
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hundreds of thousands of people are expected to watch that concert. >> keith cate will bring you special coverage of president all week long. keith will be there when the rays take on the cuban national team right here on news channel 8. it's 6:15. a south carolina fire department is mourning the the firefighter was hit and killed by a fire truck. officials in conway say a fire truck was backing up to the scene of the fire when a firefighter on the the firefighter was on the department for 6 years. right now this story is all over social media. a number of people are reaching out to send messages of condolence to the firefighter's family. this morning an 8 on your side alert, every time it rains water flows into the storm drains along the streets and that water and all the stuff in it goes directly into tampa bay. >> meteorologist leigh spann joins with how one community start add way to get ahead of the problem. >> that's right.
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install ing -- is installing storm water catch baskets so they can curve the trash at the curve. >> neighbors in tap tampa shores a self-proclaimed boating neighborhood wanted to keep the bay clear of trash. >> we see people throw trash out all the time. you can stop it here. like cigarette butts, we can catch those and all the nasty things and stop that from going in. >> these custom made baskets fit in a storm drain and catch trash and yard debris and has a lining to catch oil. >> that got us the golden man doing positive environment
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area. >> many groups have worked to improve the water quality of the bay in the last three decades and these neighbors are proud of their contribution. they have 11 catch baskets installed now and will have another 9 soon. >> this is the only way that i know that you can keep this from going into the bay. >> each of those baskets cost about $1,000. the tampa shores community received a $5,000 grant to help them buy more. very cool. >> it is. thank you, leigh. sgrd the the u.s. national arboretum is saying hello to the second baby eagle. the proud parents named president and first lady are seen on web cams feeding them and taking care of them. the one that attached friday is studier on his feet. that's so cute. it's 6:18. you never would know it's the first day of
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>> no you would not. think about january. that's what it is going to feel like in late march. cold and windy 50 degrees at 8:00 a.m. 58 at noon, 66 degrees and still breezy at 4:00 p.m. that's below average. look at this, we just dropped to 48 in inverness, clearwater 55, plant city 54. north port you have finally made it into the 50s at 59 degrees. we're 15 degrees colder than sunday morning. obviously a cold front has come through. the winds are coming out of the north at 10 to 15. 25 miles per hour in st. petersburg, 21 in brandon. for the spring breakers, a big head's up here, might not want to go to the water today. there's a high risk of rip currents, rough conditions on bay and inland waters. that wind is stirring up all the
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because of the rain is going to kick back up into the high category today but settle back to moderate for tuesday and wednesday. you know when oak and pollen is all over your car. mid 60s for highs today but a cold front tonight with the lighter winds. in the 30s and 40s. after that we're warming back up into the easter weekend. leslee, how about traffic on the 8s? >> it's awful when you have a black car like me because it looks lime green when the pollen is bad. look at this, this is 275. i promised you a shot of tampa. this is near hillsborough avenue. southbound traffic is beginning to build as we push towards downtown tampa. seeing a lot more vehicles on the southbound side than the northbound side. of course we continue to follow this breaking traffic in sarasota. triple fatal accident, folks. university boulevard -- excuse me university parkway close it had both directions between old bradenton down to desoto. it's
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that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gayle and candace. it's not easy to tell which foods have genetically modified ingredients in them. >> the law prompting general mills to label products. that's
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general mills will begin labeling products that have gmo's because of a new law in vermont. they claim it would be impractical to make the change in just one state so it will be in all states. >> a lot of parents will be interested in that. weather and traffic on the 8s is just 3 minutes away.
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on camera trying to out run police.
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it's 6:28 on this monday. a big head's up, emoji man is letting you know to hold onto your hat. it's windy this morning. for those kids not on spring break it's going to be windy and chilly at the bus stop today. 50 degrees. even when they come home just 66 degrees and sunny but gusty still. certainly a cool start to the week. you see for all of those on spring break a nice end to the work week getting back to near 80 degrees. leslee, how is traffic on the 8s? >> we continue to follow the
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sarasota area just southeast of the sarasota international airport. university parkway remains closed both directions between old bradenton to desoto. what you need to remember is to use desoto road instead of university. at least until you get east of u.s. 301 and then everything is fine. again, a triple fatal accident involving
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good morning. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm candace mccowan in for gene. >> i'm gayle guyardo. we are father or mother -- following breaking news this morning, three people are dead and one person in the hospital after a crash in sarasota. now, this is a live picture from that investigation. now, the crash happened at old bradenton road and university parkway. that's just south of the sarasota bradenton international airport. right now police believe speed was a factor in this deadly crash. we have a crew asking questions at the scene. of course we will bring you up to
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now over to leslee lacey. >> very sad news. very sad, a triple fatal accident involve ing one vehicle. police believe that speed was involved. what happened was a vehicle apparently hit a tree and it was ripped in half. three people deceased now, one in the hospital. here's what you need to know traffic wise, if you're used to taking university parkway you know where it connects here with desoto road. well, from old bradenton road to desoto road it is completely closed down both directions here. you won't be able to transition either way. that's where the accident is located. again, south of the sarasota bradenton international airport. so what you need to remember is desoto road will be your alternate here. it's fantastic because it parallels university and intersects. you can come through desoto and take 301 to get back up to university. we have a good drive in hillsborough county in tampa.
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the heart of downtown tampa. hour. taking a look at 275 king, hillsborough to downtown it's getting busier out there. we have had a big issue on the road. any big issues with weather? >> it's windy. the sun won't rise for another hour so we're still seeing the temperatures drop. a huge drop from when you went to work and school last we're. zephyrhills just dropped into the 50s. clearwater and tampa 54. very windy. 15 to 20 miles per hour and gusting up to 25. skies are clearing out from north to south. by the afternoon sunny, feeling like a winter day. a high of only 66. in weather and traffic on the 8s at 6:38 i have an 8-day temperature trend for you.
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>> thank you, leslee. -- or leigh. sorry. three people are dead after their car crashes in sarasota. only one person survived. now university parkway is closed from bradenton to university parkway. ryan hughes is live in sarasota. what can you tell us? >> reporter: candace, good morning to you once again. as crow mentioned this intersection, university parkway at old bradenton road is closed. there's crime scene tape up all over this general area. the investigation is in full swing. you're looking at the vicinity. look at this. the car is split parts strewn all median. a wide shot shows front and back of the car broken apart again, three people police. one taken to sarasota that person
6:34 am
a police spokeswoman just told us they know who the victims are at this point but are not going to report that because family members still have not been notified. she also mentioned how this all may have happened. listen here. >> when our officers a rrived they do believe due to the severity of the crash that speed was a factor. the vehicle actually split in half after it happened impact with the tree. so that is why our officers do believe that speed was a factor. at this time it's unknown if alcohol or drugs were a factor in this crash. >> reporter: so this this hour. this is another live look at that median where the we will let a look when the sun so. to recap, three people dead, a fourth expected to survive, taken to near by
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bad scene this morning. back to you. >> thank you. >> to stay on top of praeking news you can download the news channel 8 app to your smart phone. it's free. the search continues for the driver in a deadly hit and run over the weekend in tampa. the driver did not stop when he hit a bicyclist. police closed inner bay boulevard at 6th street south for several hours. >> once we arrived on scene we found that subject was deceased and appeared to be a victim of a hit and run crash. >> police are interviewing witnesses and checking for several videos. so anyone with tampa police. in your vote more threats against republican presidential family. a threatening letter was sent to his sister who is a judge in philadelphia. this as his rallies.
6:36 am
protester was kicked out of a rally in arizona. >> there's a disgusting guy that put as ku klux klan hat on. >> a man in the crowd attacked another. >> ted cruz campaigned in arizona and said people to reconsider saying hillary clinton will will win if donald trump is the nominee. the arizona primary is tomorrow. on the democratic side senator bernie sanders is looking ahead to saturday's primary in washington state. during the weekend he spoke to an enthusiastic crowd in vancouver near the oregon border. the crowd drowned him out in cheers and boos when he targeted hillary clinton. >> we need real change in this country and between you and me i do not believe that real change is going to come from a
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who receives millions of dollars from wall street. >> in arizona former president bill clinton stumped for his wife, hillary clinton. today president obama will meet with cuban president raul castro. >> it's the first time in nearly a century that a sitting u.s. president is in cuba. lindsey mastis is following this center. tampa is playing an important role. >> reporter: that's right. today is about president obama and raul castro meeting and relations. tomorrow we're going to see it in action as the tampa bay rays take on the cuban national team. now the two countries have a shared love for baseball. president obama is expected to attend the ray's game there. he spent time with his family touring old havana and some people stood in the rain just to catch a glimpse. >> it's been 50 years without
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it looks like within the past year more years. >> reporter: he's expected to meet with u.s. and cuban entrepreneurs and will address the american people. keith cate is in havana. we'll have more coverage on first at 4:00. >> a lot of people watching to see what happens. thank you. time now is 6:38. leigh is here for a check of our spring-like not so much weather. >> definitely spring and it definitely doesn't feel like it this morning. we're seeing temperatures more like what we would see in january. let me walk you hour by hour through the day. for the next two hours we can see temperatures fall. i'm expecting the upper 40s to near 50 by 8:00 a.m. we don't get to warm up very much. still in the mid 50s at 11:00 a.m. we
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then mid 60s through the afternoon. specifically 66 at 4:00 p.m. the breeze will keep it feels cool all day. it will feel like a winter game. phillies and tigers in lakeland 63 when that game starts, rays and pirates in bradenton at 60 degrees. tonight is the coldest night. check out the lows. 45 apollo beach, 46 chest chase west chase, 37 in brooksville. could see some frost on your car. 44 tonight in bartow. i know for the spring breakers you don't want it to be this way for long and don't worry, it won't. it warms back up by the middle of the week and then rain chances for friday and the weekend. let's check in with traffic on the 8s because there's a lot of issues. >> traffic building on i-4 and on the veteran's expressway and we have the triple fatal accident. first look at the travel times, folks. through hillsborough county ybor 301 to 275 up to 9 minutes. starting to build in through the ybor
6:40 am
ehrlich to 275 up to 12 minutes. southbound on the veteran's getting busy as well. a collision at dale mabry and waters possibly tieing up a lane. let's take a quick look at sarasota. this is the breaking traffic that we have been following all morning. a triple fatal accident has both directions blocked on university from old bradenton to desoto. take desoto and that will get it's already getting busy there. let's go to maleek on the street and you can get a live look at part of this car actually ripped in half. it's difficult to see but this fatal crash has left three people dead. it looks like one is in the hospital at this point. so nasty crash here again university blocked old bradenton to desoto. candace and gayle. it was a full house at macdill air force base in tampa. highlights of the air fest
6:41 am
>> the video getting a lot of attention on social media this morning, a virgin mary statute untouched after devastating storms in texas. some are calling it a miracle. >> first a police chase involving a cement truck and you won't believe who was behind the wheel. >> this is news channel 8 today.
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take a look at this police chase through the streets of dodge center, minnesota. you will not believe who is behind the wheel of this cement truck. an 11-year-old. police say the child swiped the truck from a
6:45 am
a police car. it shocked many neighbors. >> i bet he drove around in town six or seven different times, smiling and hooting and hollering. he was having a good time. >> until he got caught. no one was injured. there's no word on the driver's identity probably because of his age. he was arrested and taken to juvenile hall. now to indiana where this morning police are trying to figure out why a woman drove her car into a school bus. inside the bus a high school basketball team. incredible video there. they were head today a big ed to -- headed to a big state tournament. she lost the lid on her drink driving it and swerved into the side of the bus. family and friends gathered for a prayer vigil. 20 students and three coaches were injured. the team stepped up to show their strength and do a cheer.
6:46 am
november terror attacks in paris claims he planned new attacks. he is being questioned by investigators in brussels where he was arrested friday. belgium's foreign minister said this morning that the terror suspect said he was ready to restart something. authorities seriously. they say they found a lot of weapons and a new network of people around him. the fly dubai plane that crashed in russia saturday had enough fuel to keep flying according to the ceo of the airport. bad weather forced the pilot to circle the airport for 2 hours. it landed in strong winds and nosed dive and exploded killing all 62 people on board. south florida may have found the biggest python recorded. there could be negative implications from it. scientists are gathering data from snakes to determine where
6:47 am
some people are saying he cheated death after getting into a horrific accident at the fernando alonzo is lucky to be alive after he crashed and went aborn. there was little damage to the car where he was. a storm passed through and knocked over everything in its path but but thing. in corpus christi, texas a tree narrowly missed hits a virgin mary statute. the homeowner is working to have that tree removed. one of the most popular annual events wrapped up at macdill air force base, the air fest.
6:48 am
a performance by the united states air force thunder birds and their f-16s was on hand. the base was at crowd capacity that and they had to stop accepting guests. the little cherry blooms are starting to bloom in washington dc. as bright as the blossoms were not all have bloomed. the national park service is forecasting the peak bloom period to start later this week. leigh, pollen is all it makes me think of. >> yes. we've had our fair share of pollen. in fact, the rain this weebd weekend helped to setting it but the winds picking that back up. back in the high category for today. sorry allergy suffers. gusty winds is our big sorry this morning because the wind is bringing in colder air. at 8:00 this morning 50 degrees and most of
6:49 am
like i have or at least a light jacket. we don't really warm up much. breezy and 58 at noon. pretty much a winter-like day. 66 degrees to high temperature. i mentioned the winds coming out of the north dragging the cold air south. 22 miles per hour in clearwater, 12 miles per hour in lakeland and gusting up to near 25 miles per hour in a lot of spots. look at this, crystal river you're down to 49, plant city at 52, clearwater and tampa at 54, bradenton 59. this is really chilly, especially when you compare it to last week when we were waking up in the 70s. wendy in brooksville said it's chilly and 47 at her house. there will be snow in the northeast. at least we don't have to deal with that. just the cold air. today 10 degrees below average. tomorrow the winds will be lighter so in the morning it's going to be even cooler. the 30s and 40s by tuesday morning. a little warmer tuesday afternoon at 73. then as we warm up we also add rain chances in for friday and easter weekend.
6:50 am
the 8s? >> traffic is definitely building out there. we're starting to see some slow and go action on 275 southbound, especially coming away from bearss into downtown. a 16 minute commute. here's downtown still looking pretty decent as we back up here. this is part of what i just showed you. this is near hillsborough avenue. let's move over and take about dale mabry at waters. a disabled vehicle. veteran's expressway starting to get heavy from gun highway down to hillsborough and ehrlich to 275 is 17 minutes. southbound i-4, 301 to 275 is 10 minutes. the biggest issue in sarasota. a triple fatal accident has university parkway closed both directions here between old bradenton to desoto. that is due to a single car collision but three people deceased due to that crash. take desoto road as
6:51 am
weather and traffic on the 8s. a piece of jewelry given to shirley temple is being auctioned for millions. >> it was given to her from her father at 12. it's expected to auction between $25 million and $35 million. she was a huge box office access in the 30s and appeared in several films like little princess. she died of natural causes 2 years ago. what you need to know before you walk out the door is next. >> a horrific fatal crash in sarasota sends one person to the hospital. >> for details when we get back. a live report in just a few moments. you're watching
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three people are dead after a car crashes in sarasota. >> right now a fourth victim is
6:55 am
hughes live on the scene with more. i know it's horrific, ryan. >> reporter: yeah, good morning. it is bad out here. investigators are still here on scene. you might be able to make some some flashlights right there investigating this crash. not far from university parkway and old bradenton road here in sarasota. we have some video to show you as well. look at this. the car is split in two pieces. parts strewn all over the road and the median. we're told by a spokeswoman for the police department that the vehicle was traveling westbound when it hit a tree and split in two. we have not received any identities or ages of the victims involved. we will keep you posted. i'm ryan hue, news channel 8. >> thank you. another near miss by another wrong-way driver and this is far from over. the driver is out on bond after almost hitting a tampa police officer head on on i-275. this comes days after a
6:56 am
deputy was laid to rest. john colonial was killed by a wrongway driver on the selmon expressway. the search continues for a driver in a deadly hit and run that kill add bicyclist in south tampa over the weekend. police closed inner bay boulevard at 6th street south for several hours. anyone with information is asked to call tampa police. president obama is waking up in cuba this morning. today the commander in chief has a busy day ahead of him. he's scheduled to meet with cuban president raul castro and attend a state dinner after wards and tomorrow. it's the first game against the u.s. major league baseball club since 1999. president obama and cuban leader raul castro will be at the historic baseball game between the tampa bay rays and the cuban national team. for some of the rays stars like deron verona they call it a visit past home.
6:57 am
in tampa to discuss where to put hangar airports. right now they're at macdill but need to move next week. an exciting day for apple junkies. today the tech giant will hold an event to launch new gadgets. apple users are looking forward to seeing the new 4 inch iphone se. they have not come out with a regular iphone since 2013. it's getting colder as we speak. we just dropped to 52 in tampa, 57 in st. petersburg. brooksville in the 40s. certainly not feeling like spring. feeling more like january. a.m. we 66 is the high. tonight is a colder night in the 30s and 40s. after that we warm up quickly. back into the 80s by thursday. rain weekend. looking at traffic right now, of course the biggest issue remains in sarasota as we
6:58 am
on the latest on this fatal accident. three people are dead now because of this crash. university is closed between old bradenton to desoto. let's take a live look. you can see still a lot of activity out there. it's going to be closed for quite some time. you want to take desoto road instead of university. that's how to get around it. again, university parkway closed both directions between old bradenton and desoto. some sad news to kick off the morning with. >> absolutely. >> of course we will follow that breaking news all morning long so stick with us. thank you for joining us this morning.
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. snowy start to spring. millions across the northeast waking up to a messy, monday commute. a foot of snow expected in some areas. schools shut down in boston. al is tracking it all. history in havana. president obama kicks off his ntroversial trip to cuba. the first by a u.s. president in nearly 90 years. >> this is a historic visit, and it's a historic opportunity to engage directly with the cuban people. >> the president set to meet raul castro later today. lester holt is there live.


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