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tv   News Ch8 at 11PM  NBC  March 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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>> everyone was in panic, we had to run. >> 2 killers believed dead, a third, the target of a global manhunt. >> we can and will defeat those who threaten the safety and security of people all around the world. >> tonight, the world stands with belgium, and vows not to give into terror, for tonight's special coverage, here is jennifer leigh and josh benson. >> good evening. >> thank you for joining us, 34 people with confirmed dead after coordinated bombings at an airport and subway stations, hundreds injured, 2 suspected attackers are believed dead, photo. the man there on the light-- in the light colored jacket is unaccounted for. >> tributes to the victims are appearing all across the globe, and at one world trade center, new york city, you can see it is belgium flag.
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in a town square in brussels for a candle light vigil, with messages of love and support. >> the islamic state terror group is claiming credit for today's attacks. >> isis posted threatening more violence and promising dark days ahead. we have team coverage of the cowardly attacks, lets start with jen. >> homeland security jay johnson says there is no specific attack towards the united states, airports and train stations. law enforcement agencies around possible third suspect. >> these 3 men are now at the investigation at the brussels airport. >> at the airport we have a photo of 3 suspects, we can assume 2 of the 3 have committed suicide attacks, the third man in a light colored jacket and hat is being searched for at this moment. >> we confirmed there are 9 americans among those caught in the terror attack today. 3 missionaries, 66-year-old
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joseph empy, and mason wells, age 19. along with the air force colonel and members of his family. ripple around the world are at almost every major airport and train station. in the uk things are serious, isis issued a statement with the messaging app threatening to hit the uk "harder and more bitter through the grace of allah." >> the third man in the airport security video reportedly walked out of the brussels airport momes before his 2 accomplices blew themselves up. >> besides the video, do investigators have leads on identifying the suspect? >> antiterror police did find another bomb reportedly, filled with nails and may have dna belonging possibly to that third suspect. >> all right, a lead, jen rr holloway, thanks.
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noticing heightened security at airports and tourist degzination. mary mcguire is on vacation in london and we talked to her on skype about how the mood has shifted. >> this morning i went on a run through hyde park, the equivalent to central park in london, to new york city and there were guards, both at the front gates, getting into the park, and also walking in through the park and i had gone on a run when i first got here and that security was not there. my brother's girlfriend is visiting from milan, italy, and she flew and said she was asked just a multitude of questions she had never been asked before. >> mary tells us she is not changing travel plans and won't return early to the u.s. but she will give herself more time than usual to get through airport security on the way back. on the wake of the new isis threat specifically targeting uk
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passengers at tampa international noticed more police while arriving, additional officers as a precaution after the attacksism more tsa agents were also on hand and several k-9 units. it is worth mentioning there are no direct flights from tampa international to belgium. a jet plane that left brussels landed in orlando, not allowed to pull up to the terminal. passengers were unloaded and searched along with bags and bused to the terminal for normal customs screening. >> the attacks hit close to home for owners of a bay area restaurant, born in belgium and came here to live their american dream, leaving their families behind. when they heard about today's attacks, they were understandably heart broken. paul mular joins us live. >> reporter: they came here
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of a kind menu that was full of belgium fair, they kept the doors to the restaurant open but they will never shut the doors on the memories of today's tragic events. in their spring hill restaurant, family photo s, peace, serenity, a far cry from the terror that wreaked havoc in the native country earlier today. >> there is no words, i don't think you can put a word to it, you just are devastated. >> isabella ross and yay came to open the belgium restaurant more than 4,000 miles away and 16 years later their worst fears came true. >> you just panic, you don't know what to think. it is a big cloud that comes over you, you know? >> their families live 1 hour from brussels. >> they are all in shock, they don't believe that can happen in belgium, or any country. you saw what happened 9/11,
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happen in europe and belgium. >> they said with the unrest in europe and paris, they knew something like this would happen. >> the worst than expectation but to have it happen is just shocking. >> they said the country will never be the same. >> it is always in the back of your mind, you know, because things happened, but you never think it will be in your home country or something, or close by to your family. >> one of yan's brother was at the same airport yesterday, obviously he is very grateful tonight he wasn't there today. jen. >> really touching they would share their day with you, what about security concerns for upcoming events? what are the worries there? >> you know, there is a big soccer game going to be played one week from today verses portugal. right now the game is still on, and obviously if they will play, no doubt there will be
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>> paul mueller, live for us. a touching cartoon has gone viral. the french newspaper, the bombs are listed on the bottom. for more on the attack, go to our website,, you can get a slideshow and videos we have posted there. tonight that visit has come to an end, the president and first family boarded air force one this evening, but earlier the president made a speech to the cuban people, he address ed the terror attacks in brussels and the president also told the crowd he hoped to bury the last remnants of the cold war, he kept up his push to left the u.s. trade embargo against cuba. the president attended the exhibition baseball game between
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national team. >> our own keith cate traveled from tampa to havana and was also at the game. >> good evening, from havana, the president is no longer in cuba, he wrapped up his visit with a baseball game, seated right behind home plate with the president of cuba, raul castro, the rays went on to win the game 4-1 but this really was more than a game. in fact, politically speaking, president. -- header for the president. >> there was a lot of love and no loseers at this game. >> >> who signed your ball? >> this man's favorite player, deroan, serano. >> this could be a home crowd. >> awesome. >> he is among the hundreds of cuban baseball stars who are in search of a better life.
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years before returning to this game where he batted first. the biggest highlight this day took place before the first pitch. the president of the united states, barack obama, and the first family walking into the stadium with cuban president raul castro, something unimaginable for decades and yet, here it was, economic and political differences set aside for the one thing these 2 countries can agree on, and that is the love of baseball. before the game, president obama spoke to the cuban people on government run television, appealing for political liberties, economic reform, and human rights in cuba. does this offer you some hope that the 2 countries can work better together? >> [ speaking in foreign language ] -- >> this man told me the important thing is a relationship has begun, we now have a starting point. it is a starting point that beguns by reflecting on the barriers broken then remembering what we share in common, like the love of our national pasttime and looking toward a
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>> this is a great experience and i am just going to not take awesome. >> time to soak it in, right? >> once in a lifetime experience, having the time of exaggeration. >> the hard work begins for those heading to clean up&for the leaders who must put into the action the hopeful vision for u.s./cuban relations they have been talking about. there is a lot of work left to be done when it comes to the u.s. trade embargo, the president will have to convince republicans, convince congress, he has an ally on his side, u.s. representative kathy, you will tomorrow. reporting from beautiful havana, cuba, i am keith cate, back to you. >> tomorrow is keith's last day
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reports wednesday before heading back to tampa. not everyone is happy about the president's visit, tampa mayor buckhorn will not go to cuba out of respect for people in his city who fled from the castro regime, some in west tampa with family ties say they are disappointed in president obama. >> what did you think when you saw the president standing next to raul rr castro? >> not-- a happy thought, that is our president and i am trying to be respectful but my thoughts were not kind. >> mayor buckhorn may not go to cuba but st. petersburg mayor did go there, he hopes to get the u.s. consulate in st. pete. yooone woman claims a fake-- >> one woman claim as fake cop chased her on the highway more
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a roaring fire consumes a recycling plant. cool today, 71 degrees for a high, started out chilly but boy, with that warm march search it was a beautiful day. our forecast does get warmer and increased rain chanceinize to the holiday weekend . where-- chances into the holiday weekend. we will talk about that.
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welcome back, it is western tuesday on the presidential campaign trail with contists in 3-- contests in 3 states. donald trump and hillary clinton are hoping to pad their delegate leads. in arizona on the democrat side, clinton leads sanders 61-36% with 41% of the votes counted. trump leads cruz 45-20% with 38% reporting.
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for the democrats are still going on, we have the results at 4:00 a.m. right now firefighters in phoenix are mopping out what is left of what was a roaring fire at a recycling plant. this is what the fire looked like several hours ago, lots of flames and billowing black smoke. here is why. the fire had plenty of fuel, as the facility is full of paper, plastic, card board, and chemicals. good news to report here, nobody was hurt. 2 sky divers are at tampa general hospital tonight after colliding mid-air, both were wing suit jumping at sky dive city in pasco county when the accident happened. one sky diver was able to pull his parachute and land at the sight. the other man slammed on to county road 54 using his reserve chute. for the second time in 2 days, police are investigating a deadly accident, an suv crossed the median, went air born and
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a man in one of cars, randy henson of north port die. another suv swerved and hit a tree. a st. petersburg woman is telling a terrifying story after a man who looked like a cop tried to pull her over. police arrested him twice over the weekend for that same crime. >> early sunday morning, amber notingham, with a friend in the passenger seat made her way to work, near u.s. 19 and brian her right bumper. >> i brake checked him and he didn't stop. he swerve-- i swerved, he swerved and started chasing me. >> frightened, she sped up running red lights to get away. >> i looked in my rear view and he has what appears to be a red light in his windshield, then i panicked and was like, it is the police, i thought about it and i am like that is thought the police. >> it was not.
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35-year-old todd bloomenkrant in his 2007 nissan altima. saturday he told a neighbor he was an undercover narcotic largo police busted him. >> reporter: 8 on your side checked and 15 hours after he walked out of jail, largo police had his back in handcuffed arrested for the same thing. that is after he encountered amber on the highway. >> top speed about 110, 120, he is behind me, i get on roosevelt, i am trying to get to where people are, where there is somebody. >> she ended up at the speedway station laying on her horn to attract attention. amber tells me she knew the guy was a fake. >> one light, there was just one light, cops don't do that, they have a bunch of lights and you can hear them telling you to pull over. >> a real cop noticed the fake cop and busted him again. peter bernard, news channel 8. >> clearwater police got a
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after he described himself as undercover narc to people at a circle k store, he did it to "look cool." that is right, minutes ago at cape canaveral, the launch of the rocket is on its way carrying supplies to the international space station, don't know if you got a chance to look off to the east and check this out but it was a crystal clear night and successful rocket launch as far as we know. hope it continues the rest of the mission. easter forecast going to show you what we expect with bunny hopping. 10% rain chance, sunrise easter sunday, lot of watch for morning services, 2:00 and 7:00 there is a possibility of shower but lower. tonight, full moon, almost peeking tomorrow 8:00 a.m. but jupiter and the full moon is
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a view from shelly hopkins in the largo area looking down the street and checking out the full moon on the very clear night. clear conconditions continue overnight, bit chilly for this time of year a little cool but close to the averages, not as chilly as last night, had frost. near 80 tomorrow. 71 today. 56 seminole, brandon, 57, lakeland, 55. 62 inverness, we show dry air aloft on the water shaper imagery, the reason for the blue sky and crystal clear conditions under high pressure, which is now shiftd to the east and more of a flow will be east and southeasterly, tepds to bring in a-- tends to bring in a bit more moisture, gives the air a milder feel. ceaseerly flow-- southeasterly flow wednesday, dry day, quick warm up few extra clouds.
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cold front, picking up moisture in the afternoon, maybe possibility of shower favoring central and south florida, rain chance to 20%. here comes the front, isolate showers may develop friday as a result, and stalling an area where showers can continue to develop. 57, little cool for this time of year but not much, 80 in the afternoon, sunshine mixed with clouds, nice, warm day. spring breakers going to love this one, 82 degrees for thursday, note the rain chance 20%. few more clouds. 80 good friday. 40% chance. 50% saturday but easter sunday perhaps less at 30%, of course these numbers can change and the timing can depending where the front decides to end. temperatures warm, warm sector, hoping to get to sunrise services with no problem easter sunday, we think the early part will be drier but that could change. we will watch. >> keep an eye, thank you. coming up next in sports, the rays put on a good show for
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the lightning gain another big win against a division opponent but is the road to the playoffs getting any easier? there is a big portion of bay area college to make sure african american and latino males go to school and stay in
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how will it feel tomorrow? when the rays wake up for a measly little grapefruit league game in fort myers, today they played before 55,000 baseball fans in havana, making history for not only the club but the way the world will view it for years to come.
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national team this afternoon, we talked plenty about this man, verona returning to play in his own country 3 years after leaving. they swung at the first pitch and popped it up but his place in history is forever. first cuban player to return to play in cuba. now, lets get a little grapefruit leagueish, james loney is hitting and did it today hitting in kiermaier, great speed on the bases, the cubans were like, whoa, why is this guy? you don't need speed for this, loney goes deep 4th inning, 2-run, rays win 4-1. the manager, cash, spoke about the greatest memory, seeing verona reunite with family. >> i haven't talked to him at all, there has been plenty of people talking to him the last 2 days, so, we know he is very excited, i know it has been an emotional 24-48 hours for him. there are so many highlights but
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gone with him the last couple days is probably the highlight. >> big game amalie arena, the lightning hosting the red wings, great pass brian boyle to andrei palat, 1-0 at 2 minutes in. can't quite get it in there, there to make it 2-zip. stamkos gets the second period under way with a bank shot off the skate of the defenseman, all no! the red wings come back, darren, beautiful move, and beats ben bishop to make a 3-2, but the bolts come back with a power play, first place in the atlantic division for now. >> so many times are not only in it, but thinking division title, including yourselves, you can't really relax after this one, can you?
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work tomorrow, obviously a big win for us, and at the same time we take one game at a time. >> even if you have a couple point cushion you want to ride in the playoffs on a good note and we have 9 left and are hoping to do that. >> 9 games left. all right, bucs were in gainesville, 1 nfl team on hand for florida gators pro, they are are take aglook at this guy, potential first round draft pick vernon hargraves who played his high school football in tampa at wharton high school and the mock drafts, which i can't really stand but a lot say hargraves could land with the bucs. pretty cool. >> awesome. >> how cool that would be. >> thanks so much.
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all year at both parks. two great parks, one great deal. cash 3, 2, 09. play 4, 9, 9, 06, fantasy 5, 1, 6, 2, 29. lucky money, 36, 44, 1, 6, lucky ball 9. mega millions, 6, 19, 34, 38, 7, mega ball is 5. breaking news in tonight's primaries, donald trump and hillary clinton are the projected winners of the arizona primary, the democrat caucuses
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polls in utah for both parties are open until 1:00 and we will have results on news channel 8 today at 4:00 a.m. tonight. jimmy fallon is coming in next and our next news cast is 4:00 a.m. >> have a great night and we
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[ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the


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