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tv   News Ch8 Today at 5AM  NBC  March 23, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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well, good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez. our top stories this wednesday morning. the search for a suspected terrorist in the belgium attacks. investigators are posting wanted posters of the man they want to find. they believe the man is one of the bombers seen at the brussels airport. killing 34 people. this morning, we have the results from another round of primaries and caucuses. democratic senator bernie idaho. the wins don't give him enough delegates to make up for his loss to hillary rodham clinton in arizona.
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cruz won the caucuses in utah and will take that state's 40 delegates. however, front-runner donald trump won arizona's gop primary with the prize of 58 delegates. and today, family and friends of hillsborough deputy john kotfila will say good-bye in massachusetts. a funeral mass is scheduled for today. deputy kotfila die when had a wrong-way driver hit him on the selmon expressway. and let's get a check on the weather this morning. another cool morning for us. >> you will notice, it's a little cool but it's closer to what is basically average for late march. it's cooler up in inverness at 43 but most of us are in the 50s. 50 in lakeland. 55 in bartow. 49 in wimauma. and 51 in clearwater. brooksville, you are nine degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. plant city, seven degrees warmer. lakeland, five. and we will keep warming up. even faster than yesterday so that we hit 80 this afternoon which is above the average of 77. and even warmer tonight, we
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and now in weather and traffic on the 8s at 5:08, i have your rain chance forecast because into easter weekend, the rain chances increase. but leslee is going to let you know what's happening on the roads. >> that's right. polk county looks wonderful. if you happen to live in lakeland and you're going to be commuting in the area between each entrance of the polk parkway, just an 11 minute commute. wonderful drive continuing on i- 4. and here's kathleen road in the heart of it. traffic overall very nice. and wonderful moving into tampa. all right, let's talk about new port richey. we will start with the good news, u.s. 19 looks great. 54 looks great. but trouble creek at rowan road, trouble on the roadway there with an accident tying up the lane. just be aware of that. that's weather and traffic. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you, leslee. right now a man shunt underway for one of is suspected isis terrorists responsible for the attack in
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>> 34 people died. news channel 8's lindsey mastis has been following this story since it broke yesterday morning. lindsey, good morning. we are just now learning the name of the suspects. >> reporter: we just found out the man police are searched for is the same man linked to the paris attacks and they have been trying to hunt him down for day, even before this attack. police released this picture of the 24-year-old on monday. and now it's possible he's a bomb maker and also a belgium national that traveled to syria and paris with plotters whom authorities just captured and. we also knowshon moreno the names of two suspected suicide bombers, they're brothers, khalid el bakraoui and brahim el bakraoui, they are the two dressed in black on the left. and both are wearing gloves but only on the left hands. investigators believe that could be to hide detonators. the man on the right is the one authorities are searching for now. investigators reportedly
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and then left the airport. the bomb reportedly did not detonate. investigators have already found a site described as a bomb-making factory complete with an un exploded ied, chemical, nails, and an isis flag. isis released a statement promising to attack countries fighting against them and they insist the next attacks will be worse. right now homeland security here in the united states insist there's no specific credible threat to the u.s. but today. and today officials are trying to decide whether people coming from belgium need extra screening before entering the u.s. belgium is one of 38 countries where citizens do not need a visa to visit the u.s. we will continue to monitor the situation and let you know as soon as we get more updates. >> thank you. and this morning, the bay area is showing its support of tampa's suntrust building is
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the colors of the flag of belgium. happening today, another emotional good-bye to a bay area hero. in just a few hour family, friends and coworkers will honor hillsborough county deputy john kotfila in massachusetts. news channel 8's adrienne pedersen is joining us live. and adrienne, clearly the deputy impacted so many people. >> reporter: that's right. good morning, gayle. we already know that he meant so much to the people here at the hillsborough county sheriff's office. and a lot of you could be asking, so why massachusetts today? well, the kotfilas not only shared a last name but also a love for law enforcement. kotfila's father is a massachusetts state police sergeant and a former town police officer. one brother is currently an officer there. and that's why the funeral mass today will be at st. patrick's catholic church in massachusetts. and you just have to look at this video right now.
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family is getting from that community. there are people lining the streets and holding american flags as the hearse goes by. and then here at home in the bay area, family, friend, and law enforcement officers gathered at st. timothy's catholic church in lutz to say their final good-bye to deputy kotfila last friday. you will remember that the deputy died in the head-on crash with a wrong-way driver. the woman who called police to report the accident believes the deputy sacrificed himself just to save her life. we also know that some of those hillsborough county deputies are in massachusetts right now. they'll be attending that funeral today and just looking at social media, looking at the police account as well as the hillsborough county sheriff's office account, there are so many touching tributes. i'll retweet some of those this morning so you can check those out. and of course we will have coverage for you starting at first at 4:00. >> he impacted a lot of lives. thank you so much, adrienne.
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this morning, eight st. petersburg man was busted not -- morning, an 8 on your side alert, a st. petersburg man was police officer. ryan, a quick-thinking driver wasn't tricked by the suspect though. >> reporter: gene, good morning to you. she was driving along u.s. 19 here in largo when she first noticed the vehicle hot on her tail. upon closer up inspection, she knew things didn't light up. >> there was one sole light. cops don't do that. lights. >> reporter: she was right. police tell us that it was a 35- year-old driving a 2007 nissan altima. impersonating a cop. and when he left, largo police busted him 15 hours later for
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chased her along u.s. 19. the scary thing in all of this, largo police say there could be more victims out there. people who had no idea he was not a cop when he was pulled over. they are urging anyone who may have had a run-in with him to give them a call. >> yeah, you never know what they could want. thank you. and at 5:08, a check on the weather. how are we looking today? >> great. all the spring breaker, this is the day you have been waiting for. you're sleeping in anyway. it warms up really fast. already into the mid-60s by 10:00 a.m. low 70s by lunch break. and then 80 around 4:00 p.m. lots of sunshine. 76 degrees at 7:00 p.m. so again, spring has returned after a little bout of winter this week. and near 80 and mostly sunny. a stalled cold front to the north so we stay warm in the 80s over the next several days. but rain chances are also increasing and look what happens. tomorrow it's a 20% chance.
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it's a 50% chance on saturday. and sunday is of course easter for the easter sunrise services. again, the timing could change but good news is that the lowest rain chance is in the morning. it will be humid at 7:25 when the sunrise happens. and scattered rain throughout the afternoon with highs around 83. we will check in now with traffic on the 8s to to see how >> not perfect. we have a couple fender-benders but we have a great drive and nothing that's going to slow you down. let's take a look at brooksville, fantastic out in hernando county. if you live in hernando and you're commuting down to pasco, no delays on u.s. 41. highway 50 looks good. and also i-75, good drive as well. and let's take a live look at 275. this is right at hillsborough avenue and traffic looks absolutely fantastic. we're not seeing any delays there. and also, taking a look at the maps, i just want to mention again trouble creek at rowan road, we have a collision in lanes but no injuries involved in that accident. and you can get by.
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traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. >> leslee, thank you. a bay area college with a plan to get and keep minority students in school. >> what the college is doing to make dreams happen. and he's the youngest in the history of the venice theater. meet the teen who is beginning his path to broadway from right here in florida. also, the rocket launch with gear almost as complex as the ship it rides in. much more on that when we get back.
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new this morning, an atlas 5 rocket is headed to the international space station after blasting off from florida. >> three, two, one, ignition and lift-off of the atlas 5 rocket. >> the capsule is carrying nearly 8,000 pounds of food, equipment and scientific research for nasa. some of the gear includes a 3d printer, an experimental robotic gripper and it is expected to arrive at the international space station saturday. well the florida mom who was shot by her own 4-year-old
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the putnam county sheriff is recommending that jamie guilt will charged with failure to secure a firearm. guilt is a pro-gun activist. you might remember her son shot her when he found a loaded hand gun in a truck the two were riding in. and right now, president barack obama is in argentina. air force one landed in buenos aires overnight. the president is hoping to strengthen ties with argentina's new president. things are getting back to normal in cuba after president barack obama's historic visit. on his last day, the president spoke at havana's grand theater. he called on u.s. lawmakers to lift the embargo against cuba. as news channel 8's keith cate report, it's a fight president barack obama will now have to take to congress. >> reporter: good morning from havana. president barack obama is no longer in cuba. he has wrapped up his whirlwind tour and he did it seated beside razl castro at a baseball game yesterday.
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game 4-1. but in the political world, this is sort of a double- header for the president. he has to now convince congress that they need to lift the embargo that he has been talking so much about. he has some help on his side, representative kathy castor, a tampa democrat, is fighting on his behalf to get the republicans to join forces with her to lift the embargo. we will see how that goes. and you will actually hear from kathy castor later on today in our next report coming up at 5:00. in the meantime, i'm keith cate reporting from havana, cuba. beautiful night in havana and a beautiful morning as well. i'm keith cate, back to you. >> okay, thank you. lots of big news coming out of havana yesterday. and also the president when he addressed the cuban people on cuban television told them that that their own future was in their own hand which is something they're not used to hearing over there. >> yeah, can you imagine after so many years of being oppressed to hear a leader say. telling the castros that
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differing opinion, of course talking about the dissidents who the president met with. so a lot of things happening there. this morning, the girlfriends of the two men involved in the easter bunny mall brawl are defending their men. >> yes, each claims the other threw the first punch after a little girl slipped off the easter bunny's lap. listen to how the mother of the 15-month-old describes what happened. >> grabbed her. we snapped three pictures and the baby just fell. he didn't have any type of sympathy. he never reached for her. he was so inhumane towards the baby. and of course her father went to him and you know, said what's going on? how you going to just drop my baby? >> well, that's when fists started flying. surveillance video captured the brawl. the father of the little girl and the easter bunny are now facing aggravated assault charges. the little girl is okay. >> that's what matters. in an 8 on your side report, helping minorities finish college.
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between minorities and non- white hispanic males. nationally, 65% of students graduated college in the 2013 school year. well that compares to 80% for white non-hispanic male students. josh thomas shows us a program at a local college working to change that. >> reporter: for year, there's been an effort to get more minority male students to attend hillsborough community college and that's paying off. male minority students are truly in the minority when it comes to tending college. the president of hcc wants that to come to an end. >> we need to really start working and trying to find ways to reverse that trend. >> reporter: dr. atwater is continuing to push a program started by his predecessor. the program helps minority students get and stay in school. >> we have been able to retain about 75% of those students and if you look at the general
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is in the mid-30s or so. so it works. >> reporter: mentors play a key role, making an impact on students. >> there's a difference between like the person who doesn't have anybody to push them, give them that kick, you know, light a fire under their butt. and then there's the other guy who does have the support he needs. >> reporter: calvin greer is a 21-year military vet who wanted a degree. he credits the program with direction. he will attend usf in the fall. >> try to map a plan for you, what's going to give you the best success to graduate from hillsborough community college and then proceed to a major university. >> reporter: hcc's president told me, increasing minority enrollment is not just good for the community. >> the program like this that supports minority male graduation is a community improvement program. >> reporter: a program that
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the country. in tampa, josh thomas, news channel 8 today. >> well, students in the program are encouraged to give back and help out other students who have the same dreams and goals. how is the weather looking? >> not too bad. the skies are clear. there's a bright, full moon but by 8:00, it will transition to a sunny sky. just a little cool, 57 degrees at 8:00 a.m. and then we warm up so fast, it will feel great by your lunch break, 72. perfect beach day today with a high of 80. and i know the spring breakers are excited about that. 47 in brooksville right now. yeah, cool. 44 in zephyrhills. 50 in lakeland. 55 in bartow. and warmer as you get closer to the coast like 63 in st. pete. long range forecast, high pressure with the clockwise winds keeps us dry and warm today. high continues to push away from us which pulls up more moisture tomorrow.
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after that, a cold front stalling to the north will keep scattered rain in the forecast friday, saturday and even into easter sunday. and now at this point, the timing looks like it may just be afternoon rain on sunday. so the sunrise services will be okay but that could change too. it's off and on rain into next week. and leslee, how about traffic on the 8s? well, state road 54 looks good. the only reason we don't see green is because you have red lights on the surface roads so that can affect the time. from u.s. 19 to the sun coast parkway, an 11 minute drive. and on 19 away from palm harbor between state road 54 to tampa road, looking at roughly 14 minutes out the door. lakeland looks great, downtown polk parkway up to speed between each entrance on i-4, 11 minutes and continues to be a good drive. if you work in tampa, live in lakeland, no problems at this point. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you.
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a teenager in venice is making history at one of the largest community theaters in the u.s. the 17-year-old eli is still in high school. but he also happens to be one of the youngest music directors in history of the theater. he just finished directing the rocky horror picture show playing piano while conducting the band with his head. >> it was a daunting task to think about at the time. i was very nervous but i'm glad i did it because the cast has been very, very welcoming to me. >> nice. eli's dream job is to be a composer on broadway. but for now, he will start rehearsals for james and the giant peach. those start in a week. >> what a huge accomplishment. >> yeah, young guy. a new roller coaster at busch gardens reaches a new milestone. >> where crews stand on building the new thrill ride. and how we like to pay for little things. a survey looks at how age matters in whether we reach for cash or cards.
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well a survey discovers a generational divide in small purchases. among those under age 50, 41% preferred cash for small transactions and 40% preferred using debit. and 74% of those 50 and older preferred cash, that makes sense. and millennials are the most likely to use plastic. >> i never carry cash. >> i don't either.
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>> and what do you do with the change? your pocket's full, your cup holder, just charge it all. a new rollest corer will soon start thrilling busch gardens visitors. >> the final track piece for cobra curse has been installed and now comes the testing phase. the ride is set to open this summer. it will spin riders forwards and backwards and then freely bringing them just inches from four-foot long cobra fangs. weather and traffic on the 8s in three minutes. plus, a man who looked like a police officer but wasn't. we will hear one bay area woman's scary story of her run- in with a fake cop. and a sky diving scare. what happened in mid-air that two sky divers to the hospital you're watching news channel 8 today -- to the hospital.
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emoji man says perfect spring break weather today. lots of sub shine. unfortunately, some of you still have to go to school, cool this morning at 57. leslee -- all right, well, heading to school, a great dive on the interstates.
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good wednesday morning. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo. we now know the name of the suspected terrorist on the run. he is a 24-year-old. two other suspected suicide bombers caught on camera are identified as brothers and were noun to police. this morning death toll from the brussels attacks has risen to 34. coming up in minutes, how the world is reacting to the attacks. and president barack obama is in argentina this morning.


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