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tv   News Ch8 at 5PM  NBC  August 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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(cell phone ringing) hello hey tommy! what did you say to me when i said i was going to invent the telephone. i said you were crazy. hmmm and what did you say to me this morning when i said i wanted chicken for breakfast. i said you were crazy. 0 for 2 pal. this new egg white grill from chick-fil-a is aces. it's not as crazy as you think. try the new egg white grill from chick-fil-a. right now on news channel 8 at 5:00. neighborhoods under water after a day of drenching rain. hillary clinton pitching her jobs plan in st. petersburg
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paul ryan talks to nel knee after a race. >> thank you for joining us. >> we want to begin with some breaking news a 4-year-old child in the hospital after being hit by a car in north port. it happened it tropicaire boulevard. north port police tweeted this picture of the scene. we are working to get additional information. a flash flood watch in effect for northern this is video from pasco county. pasco, hernando, and citrus counties are under a flash ood watch through tomorrow. our meteorologist has a look at the radar. >> it sure has keith. rain piling up over the cupping of days. -- couple of cays -- days. a break in the action now
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coast -- stuff on the east coast you can see. pretty impressive rainfall totals the last three days. largo almost four inches. many areas needed rain but obviously not this much. you don't want the flooding that comes with it. 2.11 inches in st. petersburg. rain through the last 48 hours the fortunately it stayed offshore. but still areas yielding that flash flood watch. citrus, hernando, levy, citrus counties. rain chances are relatively high. >> thank you steve. we're going check back in with you in a few minutes. we'll see where it is in a new minutes. >> residents are dealing with
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>> pump trucks have been out around the county all day. janelle joins us now live. residents say they have prepared for the worst. >> good evening. jenn, keith. you know people who live here on iron park drive say this is a nightmare. this retention pond for the last decade or so whenever it rains it floods into the street. and now all they have are those water doesn't get into their houses. early morning rain flooded several streets in pasco county. jose woke up to water in his driveway in new port richey. in hudson 11-year-old steven and his friends brought out the kayaks on ny avenue. the worst is on iron bark drive. for months jennifer has had
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beginning of july when we had the last scare. we had the sandbags up for them. -- then. yeah, you got to pick up your car pets, rearrange your lives on the inside and pray it doesn't come in. >> emergency crews prepared over the weekend. >> we saw some of the med els we knew we -- models. we knew we nedded to get ahead of that. we only have a few neighborhoods we're seeing problems with right now. >> as you can see the pump truck is here. it has been here all morning trying to give this neighborhood some relief. residents say that usually without this pump truck taking some of this water out of here it would take two weeks for the water to reseed. >> for those folks liking -- looking to get sandbags there are several locations to make that happen.
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until further notice. there are some sand bag locations at west pasco government center. the jw park and veteran's memorial park. that's where you need to go. >> thank you within the past hour hillary clinton wrapping up a campaign stop in st. petersburg. she's touting her plans for job creation. joining us live is our reporter from inside. there hillary clinton today. >> keith, good evening. there was indeed and you talk about that rain many of the supporters had to spend hours waiting in the rain but that didn't re-- prevent them from packing in here. she talked about her jobs creation plan and took aim at donald trump. >> in the first hundred days i
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clean energy, technology and invasion, jobs in -- innovation jobs in infrastructure. >> sup pofrter -- subpoena porters spent hour -- supporters spent hours in the rain to hear this. >> i think she is going to open up new jobs. >> earlier clinton stopped at three daughter's brewery. then in front of attacking trump's past with small businesses. >> it's outray jous to me that -- outrageous to me that somebody who claims to be successful has done it by stiffing hard working americans. >> she wants to remain optimistic. >> he's not only putting our national security at risk, now he's putting our economy at rising. >> secretary clinton took a
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he has instructed his staff to not use the words climate change. the republican party of florida firing at clinton today saying that her visit disease nothing to help -- does nothing to help people trust her. >> she rolled out her vice presidential running mate here in florida. and she's staying on the road in florida tonight. >> absolutely. another appearance in the next hour and a >> live in st. petersburg. donald trump outlined his economic plan in michigan. in an address before the detroit economic club he presented his tax income. there are three bracts -- brackets instead of seven. it also offers deductions in
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income families. >> i am proposing an across the board income tax reduction. this will lead to millions of new and really good-paying jobs. the risch will pair their -- rich will pay their fair share but no one will pay so much that it destroys jobs or undermines our ability as a nation to compete. >> he was interrupted multiple times by what appeared to be a at least 14 people were removed. conservative republican evan mcmullin is launching an independent bid for the white house. he's a former cia staffer and top house gop aid. he's a long shot at best. he will face many hurdles in the form of ballot access deadlines that have passed in many states. a travel nightmare for delta passengers around the
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international today. after passengers learned their flights were canceled or delayed. things got back to normal at 8:30 this morning the ripple effects have been seen all day long. it's being blamed on a power outage in atlanta. the rio olympics. >> the olympic flame is burning brightly in rio. this is a live look at the ca installation. it was lit during friday's ceremony. and we are three days into the competition and there have been several memorable moments. >> we're watching some athletes from the tampa bay area. melanie making a strong showing today in the 200 meter medially. sports anchor paul ryan is in rio right now. >> unlike some olympians
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to dream of winning a medical. -- medal. she set a more realistic goal. this afternoon she took one step closer. she wam it in -- swam it second in her heat and third overall. i caught up with her moments is after she left the pool. >> you qualified with a time a shade over 2 sln that feel? >> i've been trying to go to a nine for a couple years now so it feels good to do it. >> and to do it on a huge stage what's it feel like? >> it feels great. and it was just so exciting because i heard my family up in the stands before it so i got to see them for the first time here. i think that's what helped get me threw. >> when i talked to you the other day you said your goal was to get to the final is that
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making it to the final at this point. >> that's paul ryan reporting for us. he's reporting from rio through the olympics. you can catch his reports live every morning on news channel 8. and speaking of sports the buccaneers first preseason game is this thursday and news channel 8 your official buk's stake v -- buc's station will broadcast that game. it starts at 7:00 p.m. this thursday night. >> and you know when you call shannon behnken for help that story doesn't stop here. she stays on the case and doesn't stop until she gets results. she gives us the latest updates on the most talked about story.
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you don't like to see the flooding but we do like to see the cooler temps. southwest winds and over 2 inches of rain in the last 24 hours. this flash flood watch review citrus, pasco, levy county. the heavier rain is with well to the east. scattered showers around. north to south some of these areas that have seen the heavier rain get a bit of a break but more showers possible. it'll just rotate more instability more showers on the coastal spots. some light to moderate rain
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-- sar so the away from us. 82 degrees at noon 85 at 6:00 p.m. mostly cloudy skies needless to say so temps aren't much of an issue. 81 in temple terrace. 79 in city centerment 77 in lakeland. 82 sebring. dade city wesley partly over water partly over land. that's what's giving this flow. we're basically close to the peak of hurricane season so lots of moisture in the atmosphere. the hurricane center has kept half an eye on this thing but that shouldn't be an issue. quite a bit of moisture our way. on the big picture you can make
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counter clock wise with storms imbedded on either side. that's the feature largely driving the showers and of course the flooding that we've seen locally. on the short-term you see the occasional showers. back to the west more showers dropping -- developing back to the west. that includes the morning hours too. as we move along in the day itself we see showers like we've seen in the past 24 hours. still impressive totals elsewhere as well. we've seen the past couple of days pushing inland. lot ofs -- lots of cloud cover needless to say. holding on to a higher rain chance but by thursday mostly afternoon showers and
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chance of showers. the rainfall potential as we get into tuesday and on into wednesday the greater amounts to the north as this will drift away to the northwest but around to provide a huge influence for tomorrow. another day of a fairly high rain chance at 70%. eventually into wednesday at 60%. same for thursday and friday. as we head into the end of the week back in that summer routine of afternoon showers and storms as the low pressure moves away from us. if you've been cheated if you need help she's on your side. better call josh benson. . >> sometimes believe it or not the story continues after it hits the air. here's some stories we thought you'd like to hear about.
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every step of the way and i have some exciting updates. >> you may remember 82-year-old bruce he bought $6300 in face cream and wanted to return it. he tells of being pressured to forking over thousands. when he tried to return the pointed to a no return sign. our viewers did not appreciate the way bruce was treated. the store owner ended up changing his mind and now three months after our story the baylors have been paid in full. next up kevin decided he better call me with a very unusual request. he needed help getting a funeral home to cremate his
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33 days later national cremation and bur yal society had not carried out her wish. there was confusion between the funeral home and the insurance company. the day after i got involved everything was taken care of and kevin is finally at peace. i can't get an answer. >> and one of our most popular investigation is missing diamond wedding and zales jewelers. the last one to turn to us is theresa. her ring was sent off for routine maintenance and was gone for three months. she called me and the company quickly found her ring. but 12 days later austin reports the ring started to separate. it is now being repaired at the private store and cay jewelers
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the success stories and we are working on more. >> we run them and you think that's it. like the ring thing i didn't realize she had a problem. and these stories are generated through phone calls and your phone has been ringing off the hook since we started. >> it's been a couple months now. we have a phone number, email. a lot of people reach out to me on facebook. we do have people going through these. us we're going as fast as we can. they don't all make tv but
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in florida, people are working hard, just to get by. but in washington - "republican senator marco rubio has the worst voting record in the u.s. senate."
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i'm proud to work with president obama. to protect social security and a woman's right to choose. and grow this economy so it works for all of us. i'm patrick murphy and i approve this message
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an update on breaking news. paul is over the scene. what can you tell us? >> good afternoon general. -- jenn they are here on the scene investigating. you can see the police out here taking measurements and u the road where the child was hit. if i pull up here here is the car we believe was involved with it. the child in critical condition and initial reports saying the child darted out not at a crosswalk. you can see this is a fairly busy street with houses on either side. it's secluded. so somehow the child got out on the the road and was hit. police have the road closed off.
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and they are rerouting traffic. >> hey, paul, real quick do you get the sense if the child was on a bicycle. >> they are rerouting traffic and the investigation continues. in eagle lamson lam lam stgs. florida. marco rubio raising some eyebrows with his remarks about what women should do if they get the virus. a live look at the olympic flame. taking you to brazil for a live
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right now on news channel 8 at 5:30. historic changes being made in the bay air. a med -- bay area. a medical marijuana dispensary is on the horizon but already a patient is reaping the benefits. >> history made this morning as the first patient registered with the state of florida marijuana. a long time neurologist prescribed it to a brain injury victim. the company who made it plans to open a dispensary later this month. and that's where we find melanie. >> it will officially be open for business in just days. as for that patient today we were there as he received his prescription. >> for rupert murdoch life has


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