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tv   News Ch8 Today at 6AM  NBC  August 10, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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teachers are ready to welcome students to the classroom. >> and dangerous crosswalks as students head back to class. we're getting a lesson on crosswalk safety. and michael phelps added more gold to his collection. reaction to last night's wins in rio. good morning. welcome to newschannel 8 today.
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parents up early to head back to school today. and it will not be rainy like it has been all week. >> except for after school. >> but then you're not trying to impress people. all the rain has shifted towards the western panhandle of florida. and look closer to home. there may be some sprinkles, but not the heavy dunn powers that we've seen in the past couple of mornings. sarasota, you might sneak in here with heavier rain. i've highlighted for you. so off to class this morning. patchy clouds around and 76 and slim rain chance and after school, that is when the rain chances get better, 87 degrees. and look at it here. this morning, 20% and 30% at lunchtime and 50% early afternoon and 60% by the time the rest of us are coming home from work around 6:00 tonight. so i have an hour by hourlike at this first day of school for many kids.
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with the buses. >> back to school affects all of us, if you have children or not. you will see extra traffic on the roads. downtown tampa already busy here. both directions of 275. but everybody is moving along without delay. 1275 and i-4, 75 and the veterans checking in accident free. we have an issue in pinnelas park where the kids are heading back to school. and the railroad crossing arms are stuck in a down position. avenue. you'll want to use 58th street or. >> 34th street at your alternate routes for now. and csx is heading there. and a couple trouble spots in manatee county. a crash on the shoulder. northbound on 75 a disabled vehicle. we continue to follow breaking news out of punta
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investigate a terrible tragedy. mary nolton was part of a group of people participating in a shoot or don't shoot role play scenario and she was shot and killed by anen identified officer. the investigate -- by an on identified officer. and now they are trying to determine why it was loaded with live ammunition instead of blank rounds. and the police chief call this a horrible accident. >> during the fi participate mary nolton was mistakenly struck with a live round. our community will have many questions about the incident. however, we're taking great care not to jeopardize the investigation. >> and the officer involved is on administrative leave right now pending the outcome of an investigation. right now last-minute preparations as the school bus depot in pinnelas county and drivers are ready to hit the roads and pick up tens of thousands of students. you can hear some of the
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and the students in hillsborough county, manatee and hernando counties are getting ready to head back to class. and our friends in citrus county are heading back as well this summer was shorter for students as a way to push up mid-term exams before the holiday break in december. >> and ryan hughs joins us live in south tampa. how is it looking it right new? >> reporter: the lights just kim -- came on. the new school year starts in roughly an hour. many students and teachers are gearing up and they are ready for day of the accident let's get to video from last year. the hillsborough county is the 8th largest in the united states, the third in florida. statistics show more than 200,000 students attend schools here. and we went along with the bus drivers yesterday as they did the run throughs of the various
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students today. hundreds of buses are getting ready to hit the roads. most high schools kick off classes just after 7:00 this morning. and middle and elementary schools are back in session later this morning. and moments ago we spoke to the pinnelas county school school superintendent about this year and this is what he had to say. >> we have about 460 bus drivers and buses on the road today. they've been out practicing the routes. people probably have noticed them the last few days even with the rain. our drivers are out the routes. so they're familiar with them and the bus stops. we're excited. >> reporter: very important jobben deed, the superintendent -- job indeed, the superintendent of the hillsborough county. we'll catch up with students of as they make their way back to school. dent forget the first day -- don't forget that the first
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we know you're taking the pictures as the kids head out this morning. send them to news at or our facebook page or news app. 6:06. two people charged in a disturbing case of animal cruelty are expected to face a judge. animal control had to remove pigs from a polk county animal rescue facility. and i understand all this came to light when peta took video. >> reporter: the video is ve troubling to watch. it is hard to watch. it shows what kind of shape that the animals were in. some of the pigs struggled to walk and others were too sick so tanned up. peta got a tip and they went undercover as volunteers. and it shows the pigs going without food and water without days at a time and owner admits that the food and animals were
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day? >> this wasn't every day, but it was a good portion of the week but when they did eat, they got a good portion of food. >> reporter: why not every day? they are facing more than a hundred animal neglect charges and three of the pigs died. the vets are treating the rest. and the polk tells us that there was a steer and dogs and cats. >> that is infuriating, you think about these helpless animals with no food or water. >> hopefully the withins getting the vet care will pull through. a sat update on a breaking news story that we told you about on monday. a little boy hit by a car in north port has died. sawyer gordon was on his bike and rode out in front a car and
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two knew zika virus cases in the bay area. they are reported in hernando county. the florida department health said that both cases are travel related. and that brings the number to 44 in the tampa area. but none of the case are believed to have been contracted by mosquitos but travel. in a couple months you can skip 275 and take cross the bay. the commissioners finally gave the green light. the ferry plans to run twice a day two three trips on friday. and service is expected to start in november. continuing is sounds like a great time. it will get people to enjoy both sides of the bay. >> it is a nice way to get across and a nice breeze in your hair. >> you don't have to worry
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back to school. much better this morning. we don't have any rain. there may be some sprinkles by the time you head to school. but paisley dry and that is -- but basically dry. and that is good news for the teachers and the parents trying to get the kids out this morning. a sprinkle not out of the question. we'll start at 78 and 84 at noon and slightly better chance, 30% at lunchtime and then 50% in the aften the kids are coming home and 60% in the later afternoon and evening when the rest of us come home from work. so scattered storms today and a high rain chance as the low pressure heads away from us. and typical storms start tomorrow and that means getting hotter. and look at the rain chances, going down significantly from 60% today and 30% by the week. and meredith is in for leslie
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this morning. pinnelas county, you're accident free. but pinnelas park, the railroad crossing arms are stuck in the down position 49th street and 62nd avenue. you'll want to use 58th street or 34th street. and in man see county, if you're out the door, watch out for a disabled vehicle northbound 70 on the approach to 70. it is taking out the left-hand lane. a man goes on alone. >> that defeats the point of a honeymoon. >> but he did when he found out his wife lost her passport. gold, gold and more gold for swimmers and gymnists. and drivers are getting schooled. why you need to adapt in the school zones. you're watching newschannel 8
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. 6: >> 13. -- 6:13 and we're on your side for the new school year. >> reporter: school zone abc news crosswalks, they are here to keep pedestrians -- zones
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here to keep pedestrians safe. i just walked you cross the crosswalk and you were obeying the law and the car just barreled through. how did that make you feel? >> it is frustrating when you think we're going to be safe in the crosswalk and people ignore it or think they go by in front you. >> reporter: last near the city of tampa, 360 citations were handed out to speeders in school zone crosswalks. and a ticket will # $41 and $446. if you speed above 30 miles an hour, you're headed to court. so the police will be beefing up the presence the first two weeks of school. >> we're going to have officers at a lot of the crosswalks monitoring people for speeding in the school zones and also it make sure that people are using the crosswalks as they go to school. >> drivers should watch their speeds. but pedestrians also have a responsibility. and the law states that
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to pedestrians in a crosswalk. but at the same time, you don't want to step out into oncoming traffic. you want to give the vehicle enough time to stop for you. pedestrians are also requires to use a crosswalk when it is available. and that means no j walking. this walker could get slapped with a $62 ticket. >> use them if there is be mindful. >> reporter: it sounds like a good plan. we've also learned that you can walk across the street if there not a crosswalk available but you must do this as safe as possible and walk not run to stay away from any dangers out there. it is day five of the rio
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for immortality for team usa. team u.s. takes on certify sir bee i can't. and australia has three next ba players in the starting five. florida's ryan locke races in the and rafael nadal fights for his second singles gold. and one olympic gold medal is available for grabs in the 100 free style final. and michael phelps collects two more gold medals. in the 200 butterfly, he beat the man that beat him in
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of this morning. the u.s. clearly dominating nine golds and nine bronzes for a total of 26. we'll see how many we add today. as you can imagine, reaction to last night's gold medal win trending on social media this morning. >> and some of the most popular posts are om themselves. >> reporter: this one is the final five. before the warmups, gymnastic's coordinator is retiring after the games. and before the win, simone behind all of our hard work and dedication our coaches that never gave up on us.
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alley simply tweeted a seen with grab with the hash tag final five. and finally, you'll see a lot of this selfie today. it is gymnists from north and south korea taking a selfie, this is why we do the olympics. important point there. a few olympics could do, we could not do that. it wasn't a thing. and indian unforgettable honeymoon in italy and they realize that, honey does not have her passport. >> this is every traveler's nightmare. but this man went on the trip anyway without his new wife. you have to look at what he tweeted. this is a cutout of his wife. >> at least he took that. >> india minister of affairs
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but no luck. she also needed a visa to travel. >> 6:18. why not stay behind with her and replan the whole trip when you can both go. >> maybe that didn't occur to him. and we see the first slimmers of daylight here. 75 agrees and dry for the most part, finally, as we head become to school and become to -- head back to school and to work. all the rain moved up in the northern gulf of mexico. could there be a light, stray showers this morning? yes. but nothing like we saw recently a couple clouds 78 at 8:00 p.m. and the storm coverage increases and the storms head inland. pretty good rain chance later today at 60% with a high of 88. 78 in tampa, 76 in st. peters. the kids are heading back to school and plant city it is 75
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and the low is in the gulf of mexico with tropical downpours. and it will get pushed in the highland county later in the afternoon. tomorrow morning, we actually get to start out with some sunshine really tran -- transitioning in. andlike at saturday and -- and look at saturday and sunday, only 30% tampa, accident free and a couple trouble spots in inplace and southern pinnelas county at 62nd avenue south and 16th street. we have e mix s working and -- ems working an accident there. and this is 39th street north to 62nd. the railroad arms are stuck down. you may want to use 38th street
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csx is heading there now to try to get that resolved. ahead, how the idle time in the car translate into time and money. hundreds of thousands of chair under recall. the home depot brand that you'll need a repair kit for to keep you and your loved ones
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hands ever chairs are being recalled. the swivel chairs were stole on home depot in sort and on line. you should stop using the chair and contact brown jordan
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-- free repair kit. we spend a lot of time in traffic. what does that translate into realtime and money. they found that the average commuter wasted 42 hours during the average workweek and $960 just sitting in the frustrating traffic. and commuters in the nation's capitol had nearly double the cost. >> that is a lot of money. weather and traffic 8s coming your way in three
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ba ba ba ? back to school. and watch for the puddles as you walk to and from the bus stop. it is not raining this morning that is good news. 60% later today and dropping to 30% this weekend. crash in hillsborough
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road block here and we're seeing a delay in the northbound direction. and i'll keep an eye on this and have another update after the break. we'll be right back. ? good is in every blue diamond almond. ? from whole natural to wasabi & soy sauce. good is a catalyst, good is contagious. it's a wonderful feeling, a magical feeling, and once it gets going
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blue diamond almonds. proud sponsor of the us swim team a tragic accident at the hillsborough county police department whale a woman was participating in a shoot or what went wrong? the first day of school in several bay area counties. and that means a lot more cars and buses on the road. and we're helping you get to where you're going this morning with weather and traffic on the 8s. this is live at olympic park. it was anything quiet just hours ago. a rundown of the big wins for
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newschannel 8 today. half first day of for many of you -- of school for many of you. and let's get a look at the weather. i'm so excited as you head to the bus stop or walk to school, it should be dry. if i have to give the forecast a grade, i'll give it is a b because of the rain that will come after school. but after school. so 78 at first class and chance will start going up. a plus for the sunshine making a return. this is in land o' lakes. 73 degrees. and it's been so language since we saw the sunshine -- so long since we saw the sunshine. nothing like the last couple days, just a 20% rain chance this morning. a little better rain chance at noon and most of you dry and a 30% chance before we come home from work around 5, 6:00 to the
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temperature trend for you. but trending, the first day back to school for so many people. >> it affects everyone, whether or not you have kids. more folks on the roads. we have a crash along 301. there is a easy work around here. and you'll want to use 579 and main street till they get this one cleared out of your way. otherwise, majors in tampa starting to get bush boulevard. there is a railroad arm still stuck in the down position on 62nd avenue. good to 34th street. we have breaking news that we're following this morning. a punta gorda officer is on leave after shooting and killing a woman during a
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horrible accident. how did this happen? >> reporter: about 35 people were taking part in a citizen police academy. and the woman, a 73-year-old, was asked to participate in a role playing game. the scenario, whether to use lethal force. >> during the first scenario, we had a more accident, participant, mary nolton was mistakenlily struck with a live round and she was taken to the hospital deceased. >> reporter: it is obvious now that the officer's gun was loaded with live ammunition instead of blanks. the charlotte sun thatted officer was playing the bad guy and shot the woman multiple times. and the victim, mary nolton was randomly chosen to participate in the role playing scenario. and the florida department law enforcement is investigating. and the chief said that he
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questions but they're being careful not to jeopardize the investigation this is getting a lot of attention on our news app. and we'll let you know if any charges are filed. >> we'll look for updates through the day. happening today, the first day of school for students all over the bay area. these are live pictures of largo's new high school after a $65 million renovation. construction started two years ago. and this rn are starting classes in a brand- new glowing building. if you look closely it does glow you see the cars filing in. that has to be exciting to go to a brand-new school. and students in hillsborough, manatee, citrus, hernando and highland counties are heading back to school. welcome, everyone. what a beautiful building. congratulations on that. the school bus depot in pinnelas county was busy about
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dozens of school buses hit the roads. in hillsborough county, teachers and administrator have been gearing up nor day all summer -- up for this day all summer. students will start showing up soon if you have not already seen some. >> reporter: we have. we have seen some trickle in at this early hour. and there's a reminder, a number of messages is been scrolling that said this is the first day of school just in case anybody forgets. statistics show that more than 200,000 students attend schools in hillsborough county and 15,000 teachers and administrators as well. we went along with bus drivers yesterday as they did the run throughs on the various routes. and they were prepared to pick up the hundreds of thousands of students today. and most high school start just after 7:00 in the morning. and middle and elementary
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later this morning. the superintendent plans to visit some district schools this morning, including this one. and we'll catch up with him and the principal and the students as they make their way to the first day of school. it should be a lot of fun. >> my little ones are so excited. the hillsborough county commission want your -- input on a transportation fee. the funding would start in the 2017 fiscal incremental increases t be in downtown tampa at the community center. wal-mart stores in the tampa area are offering shoppers to do the shopping for you for free as they face stiffer competent like like
6:37 am
you arrive at the stores, the wal-mart associates will load them in the car. and new information on the sudden death of radio personality dave mckay. his station the 99yf is holding a celebration of his life. and the doors will open at 4:30. the fans, friends and the public are invited to head down there and share some of their >> such a great guy. nearly 48 hours of nonstop rain brings nothing but misery to some pasco county neighborhoods. two dozen streets remain flooded after heavy rainfall. they have a pump to remove water along iron bank drive and people are stranded and groups of fire and the are floating by. and neighbors caught a small gator in the area.
6:38 am
the problem started with the flooding. >> they continue to say that the problem is fixed. they turn the pumps on and do a few things, every time it rains, we are nervous to wonder, is this going to happen again? >> for the iron park drive flooding, there are solutions in the works. it is on a list of top ten stormwater projects. but that has to be so frustrating for the folks. thankfully when it comes to whether. let's check in with -- comes to weather. let's check in with lee this morning. we actually get to see the sunshine this morning t will start the draining process. unfortunately, afternoon storms are back in the forecast this is 6:38. the mule la bay restaurant shows some glimpses of sunshine it is not out of question that
6:39 am
and i'm bumping it up a little more as you get closer to lunchtime. all the rain will be close to the coast, basically along or west of i-75. after 2:00 p.m., we'll get heavy downpours, not everywhere but scattered east of i-75. and the rain chances going up through the day and so do the temperatures, 76 at 7:00 a.m. and 82 at 11:00 and peeks of sunshine today, it warmer. but you still have to get to school this morning and work around all of those school buses. so meredith, will tell us how to do that. it is busy this morning. this is i-4 and macintosh road and the right-hand side of the screen, westbound, a lot of folks on the roads starting to hit the breaks -- the brakes. on the maps we have an accident on 301 and harney road. look out for florida highway
6:40 am
maps now. southbound 275, starting near fletcher that is indicating traffic is starting to hit the brakes all the way down in through hillsborough avenue. and good morning pinnelas county, eastlake road and 19, getting busier and accident free. and you'll be detoured and the railroad crossing arm still stuck there and you may want to alternates. team usa dominating olympic so far. and the highlights, gymnastics and swimming. >> one athlete in the pool is not only representing america but the bay area as well this is exciting. clearwater's -- swam in the final of 200-meter medley. and she gave it here all but
6:41 am
teammate. >> it was so excited. i cannot believe i just got forth at the olympics. that is incredible. i was so excited for mia that i congratulated her before i looked at the scoreboard to see what happened to me. and to see forth, i'm just so happy. i didn't think i would swim definitely a possibility. >> what a positive outlook. and she's not done. if the u.s. qualifies for the financial, she'll swim again for the medal tonight. and team usa's golden children, these were to doing well. >> they're incredible. they're making us so proud. paul ryan has a pool side seat to it what is it like to watch
6:42 am
the u.s.? >> reporter: it was pretty special last night. i had a see the up in the press row being able to watch the events live. and it takes your events to see some of the greatest swimmers of all time. we have a little change of scenery here. not the sunshine and sand that it is cracked up to be. a lot of wind and rain today. we're just 20 feet away from the today show set and we're on a beach. so i really but the water in the atlantic ocean is way more choppy than the aquatic stadium last night for the americans. four gold medals up for grabs and team usa claims three of them. >> everyone who has one a medal for team usa comes back the next morning and say, i got no sleep. >> reporter: sleeping looks
6:43 am
she earned her second gold medal last night. she toppled two record holders. >> it is an amazing feeling. i just have to get ready for the next one. i'm enjoying every moment in rio. >> reporter: moments like teammate michael phelps claiming gold medal 2340ub -- in the 200-meter butterfly and hitting blackj by 200 relay tond the night pushing his career total to 21. >> doing a double like that is a lot harder now than it once was. that is for sure even with the hour. that was a challenging one tonight. i'm looking forward to the rest of the week. >> reporter: would anyone ever catch phelps? it is an upstream swim for
6:44 am
the baltimore aquatics . 38 countries have earned more gold medals in the summer olympics than michael phelps. he could lay claims to three more gold medals. olympian of all time here. >> nice seeing you in rio. let's take a look at the medal count. u.s. dominating.
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air continues to after passing through mexico and tucson, arizona, it looks like they are getting hammered hard today with rain. and the national whether service has issued a flash flooding watch till thursday. locally, not looking too bad this morning when you care to earlier in the week. >> that is great because it is back to school for six counties. you don't want to start the first day like we did the
6:49 am
>> so not a bad hair day. >> look at that good morning gus -- look at that gorgeous start to the morning there. and this is crystal river at 74. the sunshine makes it so much prettier in the morning. just a great start to the day. we'll move on now. we went to black there. and area of low pressure finally moving away from us. taking all of the downpours. there may be some high, thin clouds, you saw some on the cameras. but the rain chances really small this morning. and about 20%. 78 degrees at 8:00 a.m. and 84 at noon and pockets of storm by noon and a good rain chance in the afternoon and evening at 60%. 78 in tampa as you head to school today and 72 in zephyrhills. 72 in bartow. and i checked in with my whether washer in new port
6:50 am
mostly dry with -- 78 degrees. and mostly dry with showers developing along the coast midday. and 1:30, the rain closer to the coast. and scattering of thunderstorms when the kids head home from school today at 3:00, 4:00. and most of the storms further inland and better coverage at 60% through the afternoon and evening and 50% tomorrow. let's check on traffic on the 8s. here is 75 it be it be at fouler ad also southbound 275 and bush boulevard. you hit that morning rush there. andlike out for a crash at 301 and harney road. this one is clearing out of way now in the dover area. we have an accident reported on 574. that is mlk and forbes road. and not seeing any delays in the area. and i'll keep you posted. this one just came across my stream. fhp responding but not recorded
6:51 am
pinnelas county, we have railroad crossing arms stuck on 49th street north and south of 62nd. and the traffic is being rerouted there and csx is doing their best to get that out of your way. what you need to know before you walk out the door is next. >> several crypts are back -- counties are back to school today. keep an eye out when you go
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school buses are trickling
6:55 am
they are looking forward to the first day of the school year. and statistics show that more than 200,000 students attend schools all over hillsborough county. and 15,000 teachers and staff members. we went along with bus drivers yesterday as they did run throughs of the various routes so they're prepared today as they're out right now picking up students. and most high schools start just after 7:00 in the morning and middle and elementary schools get in punta gorda, a woman is shot during a police exercise. mary nolton was part of a shoot, don't shoot scenario. investigators are now trying to determine why that officer's gun was loaded with the live ammunition instead of blank rounds. and the officer involved is on administrative leave pending an outcome of an investigation. a man in woman in polk
6:56 am
rescue facility were found starving this isunder cover video shown starving. and the animals went without food or water for days at a time. the owner face more than a hand animal neglect charges. 48 hours later two dozen streets are still flooded in some pasco county neighborhoods after nonstop rain and crews are pu other areas people are still stranded. and neighbors caught a small gait for in one area. -- gator in one area. more on the sudden damage of radio personality david mckay. they are holding a celebration of his life. downtown state pete theater
6:57 am
gets underway at 5:00. fans, public and his coworkers will be there. and buc's preseason game is tomorrow. and we'll show it on our sister station at great 38. it gets started at 7:00 p.m. after days of rain. it is nice to get some peeks of sunshine. and i think the coast will take a little crowdier than inland areas so back to school for citrus, hernando hillsborough county and highland county. after school, that is when i bring the rain chance up with the high temperature of 87 grows. after 3:00 p.m., we go from a 50% to a 60% chance with high of 88. slightly lower chance to 50% and down 30% this weekend.
6:58 am
the usual trouble spots adding it congestion this morning. and a crash on 301 and harney. but expect minor delays and carolwood, an accident on dale maybry and highway patrol on the scene. right now pinnelas, you're accident free. but west railroad arm stuck dunn on 42nd avenue. so you'll want it detour there. thank yo have a great first day of school. >> stick around, we'll be with weather and traffic updates
6:59 am
7:00 am
? ba da ba ba ba ? good morning. solid gold. the u.s. women dominate the gymn proudly announce their new ckname to the world. >> we are the final five! >> in the pool michael phelps avenging one of the few losses of his olympic career in dramatic fashion. adding even more gold just an hour later. and katie ledecky strikes gold


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