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tv   News Ch8 Today at 6AM  NBC  August 11, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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a violent carjacking. right now, pasco deputies are southbounding for two suspects. police -- deputies are searching police-involved shooting. and news channel 8 is your official olympic station. a live look this morning at the olympic caldron as the sunrises over rio. the u.s. dominating the pool tonight, compete freddie grayer more gold. -- competing for more gold. and we are keeping you connected to rio on social media. that's a whole different competitive sport there. >> another layer of excitement for you. good morning. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez.
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thursday morning weather with meteorologist leigh spann. >> good morning. and temperatures close to what we expect for august. we're at 75 in lutz. 76 in palm harbor. kids making up, heading back to school in pinellas and hillsborough. 74 in river riverview. 73 in brooksville. polk county, kids still sleeping in, 77 in sarasota. all of us will stay nice and dry through the morning hours. in fact, even early hours, the rain chance is very p.m. when i bring the rain chance up to 40% and the storms generally push closer and closer to the coast by the time we see the sunsetting this evening. above average, but just slightly as far as temperatures are concerned. i'm expecting 91, the average is 90. at 6:08, i have an hour-by-hour look through thursday. we've been off to a really quiet start. so hopefully we will keep it that way. here's a live view of 257 at fowler.
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we are seeing more folks hitting the road but no one hitting the brakes. and busy in the plant city area. both directions of i-4 at park road but the same deal, no one is having to slam the brakes on. you should never follow so closely that you have to do that anyway. bay area bridges from top to bottom, courtney campbell causeway, howard frankland bridge, gandy, all in the green with a travel time of about six minutes. gene and gayle, back to you. >> thank you. right now, pasco county deputies are looking for two people at a busy 7-eleven in holiday. early in the morning as people were headed to work. news channel 8's ryan hughes is live at the store along u.s. highway 19 this morning. and ryan, surveillance video shows the pair just moments before the crime. >> reporter: gene, exactly. and detectives hope someone recognizes the two people in the video and it leads to an arrest. now let's go to the surveillance video. you can see the couple walking around in the parking lot
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it doesn't show the actual crime in progress. deputies say the man pulled a gun on the woman pumping gas and then took off with her van. he had a woman with him as you saw in the video. she later dropped off the van nearby. and then someone saw them leaving in the back of a pick- up truck. neighbors in this area are naturally on edge. >> i want to move. i want to move. >> reporter: you've had it? >> it's scary. >> reporter: and we are checking but it caught. we are told by deputies they're likely in their early 20s. for the victim, she is physically okay but obviously quite shaken by what happened. gene and gayle, a really scary situation and many people who have showed up here are on edge this morning. back to you. >> that he sound concerned. ryan, thank you. happening today, the police chief is expected to reveal some more information about the deadly shooting during a training exercise. >> he will speak at 11:00 this morning. investigators are looking into
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year-old volunteer dead. news channel 8's lindsey mastis started following this story as it broke overnight yesterday. so lindsay, the officer has been identified. >> reporter: that's right. the officer's name is lee cole. and the chief tells us that cole is devastated over this tragedy and now the victim's son is speaking out. >> we forgive you. i know my mom forgives you. and knows that, you know, nobody means for this to happen. nobody. >> reporter: she was a beloved librarian and she was chosen at random on tuesday to participate in the exercise. he was supposed to be used blanks. the chief insists no one knew there were real bullets in the gun. although the officer is on administrative leave, the chief is making sure that the officer is not alone. other officers are watching over him because of his emotional state.
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he has been with the department since 2004. and back in june, he was accused of using excessive force allowing his k-9 to bite a suspect for nearly two minutes. we will continue to follow the story and let you know what we find out about the investigation and the officer. gayle-- >> sure did have a sad outcome. all right. thank you. new this morning, canada's royal mounted police put a stop to a possible terrorist threat. credible information of a terrorist attack wednesday. the suspect is a 23-year-old aaron, driver, an isis sympathizer and he was killed by police. police say he was well known to them because of his support for isis. they claim he was planning a suicide mission but haven't released information about where this was set to happen. this morning, new information on a road rage case with a bizarre twist. we now know it was an ex46 con
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behind the wheel of one of the cars. deputies say gary durham began arguing with the guy behind him from traffic. he was shot and killed. the driver in the case will not face charges. in sarasota county, deputies arrested a man who skipped out on a 26-year-old restaurant bill. after having cheese fries and a couple beers with a walked out of the ale house on kenny drive. the bartender tried to stop him. when deputies arrived, davis took off and it started a police chase. when he was arrested, he told police officers that he was going to his mother's house to get the money. likely story. this morning davis is facing several charges including dui. >> yeah, going to cost more than the tab. right now, delta airlines
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after three days of delays caused by a computer meltdown. we just checked tampa international airport's website and the 5:00 a.m. flight to atlanta is still on- time but a 7:00 a.m. flight to new york city is delayed until 9:00 a.m. this morning, we are learning a small fire in an electrical system caused the outage. in your vote, presidential candidate donald trump will be in orlando later today. while there, he will speak to a large gathering of or an evening rally in kissimmee. today hillary rodham clinton will speak about her commitment to fight for working families and improve the economy. the democratic presidential nominee will deliver the speech at an automotive facility in warren, michigan. we are sneaking up on 6:08 on this thursday morning. and boy, nicer and nicer with every passing day. >> yeah, sunday, monday, tuesday, just washouts. now the good news with that, if you can call it that,
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80s. because today with more sunshine, we are into the low 90s. let's go hour-by-hour and show you. 80degrees 9:00 a.m. by lunchtime, 87. 90 at 3:00 p.m. and all the rainfall after 2:00 p.m. 19degrees at 4:00 p.m. and the rain chance goes up to 40% later around sunset. and you will be inside anyway. it will be the first buc's pre- season game against the philadelphia eagles. they are hot and humi degrees with a 30% rain chance. typical for us. like i said, downpours possible between 2:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. next few day, steamy, low 90s. into the weekend, i'm going to drop the rain chance slightly. 40% today and tomorrow. 30% saturday and sunday. we will check in with meredith in for leslee. and traffic on the 8s. more people headed back to work and school. >> yeah, absolutely. but the interstates have looked really good so far this morning. we're going to try to keep it that way.
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that's southbound traffic. and everyone is moving along just fine. and you are seeing busier conditions southbound 275 approaching downtown. but no delays just yet. and pinellas county, still want to tell you about an accident on ridge road north, near 119th terrace. fhp telling me no lanes are blocked but we did have injuries so you may find law enforcement onscene there. gene and gayle, back to you. >> thank you. and we are follg breaking news now at 6:09. british police are investigating allegations that a player at the wimbledon tennis tournament was poisoned. she became sick. her mother explain her daughter came down with an infection that can be spread through rat urine. bay area teachers want to connect with more students. >> still ahead, i'll show you the tactics teachers are using to personalize learning for
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straight out of a movie. main climbing the skyscraper using suction cups. the building he was climbing that's connected to a presidential candidate. a gruesome mystery at the u.s.-mexico border. what police found inside one couple's duffel bag that has them facing murder charges. you're watching news channel 8 eight.
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across america, a couple is under arrest for trying to sneak a dead toddler across the border. agents arrested the couple at the u.s.-mexico border crossing. when scanning a duffel bag, agents discovered the body. they speculate the child was about 2 years old. the couple faces first degree murder and d charges. frantic moments caught on camera as firefighters rescue a woman from a burning home. >> you guys get out! come to the backside! >> go to the back! >> this is video out of los angeles, california. a washington machine blocked the front door so the woman get out. firefighters used a saw to cut through the bars on the window. they were able to pull her out to safety. this morning, there are
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he scaled trump tower in new york city with giant suction cups. the man made to it the 21st floor before police yanked him inside the building. there's the grab and the yank. here we go. right into the window. police claim he is the same guy who posted a video on youtube. in the video, the man claimed he had a message for donald trump. he didn't say what the message was. it is day six of athletes are ready to go for gold again. this is a live look from rio. the olympic caldron flame is blazing bright this morning. let's take a look at for today's u.s. athletes. today in the action, they'll go for gold once again. she will swim in the 800-meter free style. michael phelps in the 100-meter butterfly. and golf begins today, get this, for the first time in the
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finals for gymnastics. your chance to see simone biles go for the gold in the individual events. a look at the medal count. the u.s. sits on top with a tote of 32, 10 gold, 11 silver and 11 bronze. china earned 23 total and japan 18. now during the olympic, more than ever before, we are getting a new perspective of the games and i think it's making it that much more fun the action. >> very fun to watch on social media. because that's what allowses to go behind the scenes with the athletes -- what allows us to go behind the scenes with the athletes. and. >> reporter: she was the star yesterday but she is is quiet on social media so this reaction sums it up. she is the beyonce of swimming.
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relay, she posted this fun picture of her teammates with the caption, a little fun never hurt. and now speaking of fun, swimmer cody miller is a hoot. he was watching the women's competition from the stands yesterday and posted pictures like this. he is worth a follow. guys, back to you. >> thank you. all right, well, all this month, 8 is on your side to help you get schooled as students and teachers are either back in ready to hit the books. but did you know before educators even teach the first class, they take a refresher course to learn about new strategies and other ways to connect with students. >> you as educators have a huge challenge. >> reporter: at district wide training in pinellas county, teachers learning about what -- teachers are learning about what kids have been up to this summer. most likely they wandered around trying to catch little monsters on pokimon go.
6:17 am
connected to something else like kik or snapchat. and now educators begin the work of breaking down the technical barriers. >> they are in the corner on the cellphone texting each other and like, no, learn to speak with one another. and get back to being human beings again. >> reporter: teachers come together twice a year during the school year to share ideas and strategies to use in class. >> round table discussion, we have what may have worked for me may her. so you know, trading ideas with fellow colleagues really helps a lot in these instances when we teach. >> reporter: many teachers in this workshop head up specialized programs in pinellas. for example, she is the only bio-med teachers at east lake high. >> it's important to come together and see what other teachers are doing similar because we are so isolated. >> reporter: and project-based teachers are used to fine
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future of education in this country. and that's personalized learning. >> we find out what their skill level is for whatever we're teaching and pick them up at that level and start moving them forward. >> now i just touched on some of what's going on at district training in pinellas but experts are brought in to talk to teachers and later they break off into groups and fine tune their plans for the year and come back mid-year to readdress the issues. >> constantly learning, whether in the teacher's desk or student's desk. >> you have to evolve. >> yeah. all right, 6:18. let's turn things over to leigh. boy, it's nicer out there. >> this is the lake club in lakewood ranch. and the sun is just beginning to get over the horizon. actually doesn't rise until about two minutes before 7:00. 74degrees at this location. southeast wind, mild and dry, 78 degrees at 8:00.
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basically dry at lunchtime. 87degrees. i don't bring the rain chance up until 4:00 and after. so hopefully after the kids are back home from school today. 91degrees at 4:00 p.m. weeki wachee, zephyrhills, 73. plant city, 75. st.petersburg, 76. bradenton, 77. and my weather watcher dora in inverness is at 73 degrees. again, it's going to start out dry today just like yesterday. you need the sunglasses in the morning. and now fast forwarding to notice a couple showers on the southeast wind in polk county and highlands county. by 5:00 p.m., the better coverage of rain, the 40% chance. and the storms generally push toward the coast by 9:00 p.m. and then out into the gulf of mexico. and we do it all again tomorrow, typical august morning sunny and muggy, afternoon storms, about 40% chance. and 30%, slightly drier saturday and sunday. meredith is in for leslee lacey. we're going to get you started in pinellas county.
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largo area, ridge road at 19th terrace. a single vehicle accident. we do have ems still onscene. if you want to avoid the area, just use 113th street. pretty simple detour there. pinellas, you look really good. palm harbor, clearwater, no problems. let's go over into tampa and look at i-4. busier as you make your way into downtown but no major snarls on the interstates just yet. gene and gayle, back to you. >> thank you. > families. >> still ahead, how you can save money on tickets to lowry park zoo. and how technology is helping a bird lead a normal life after sadly this little
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things. giving a bird a new beak. check her out. he was brought to a refuge after he was found with the beak smashed. workers started a fund raising campaign to pay for a prosthetic beak. once they received enough money, a designer used a 3d printer to print the beak. a hot deal from tampa's how ride remains park zoo. >> yeah, you will want to grab these. they have a discounty for florida residents now through september 30th. if you show your driver's get a ticket for just under $20. and they're offering 10% off annual passes. it's a great zoo. you could take advantage. and eat breakfast like them. a new report shows how many crashes have been caused by road debris. i run into this all the time. not literally but -- >> yeah, you see it on the road. >> yeah. >> ahead, why experts want to you take care as you head out the door.
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of dining and dashing. how tun paid bar tab throed a high speed chase and a huge take down. but first, weather and traffic on the 8s is just three
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it is 6:28. ar peeks of day the light. downtown tampa, 77 degrees at tampa international airport. and emoji man is excited about getting to wear sunglasses. just like yesterday although some late day storms will occur. before that happen, we hit 91 today and tomorrow. 92 for saturday, sunday and monday. how about traffic on the 8s? getting busier near the airport. a tractor-trailer off to the shoulder on memorial but otherwise, no problems there. a look in hillsborough county, this is i-4 at park road.
6:29 am
a viewer reported accident on main street in the dunedin area.
6:30 am
breaking overnight. a possible explosion at an apartment complex in maryland. debris, look at that, it's scattered everywhere. dozens of people are hurt including firefighters. and we are learning more about the water slide where 10-year-old boy died. the scary new video and information about what went wrong when the park tested the ride. and an 8 on your side alert this morning before you hit the road. the danger experts want you to be on the lookout for. good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez. thank you for joining us. we want to get a check on the weather for you. let's check in with leigh spann. good morning. >> good morning. starting to get brighter but i wanted to show you land o'lakes.
6:31 am
cover. that may give you haze but generally, it's a pretty morning, right? 74degrees at this location. the area of low pressure that brought us the gloomy start to the week has pushed far enough away so that we are generally free of the effects for today. today, back to just typical old august afternoon thunderstorms. right now, 77 in tampa. st.pete, 76. kids headed off to school in fish hawk. it's zephyrhills, you're 73. and speaking of going back into the class for the second day, in the first blast, 78 degrees. the forecast an a because through lunchtime, 87 degrees, final bell, 90. not until after that final bell rings when i bring in the rain chances. in weather and traffic on the 8s, i have the eight-day temperature trend for you. and leslee lacey is out today but meredyth censullo has traffic this morning. >> we will do our best. right now, looks good.
6:32 am
down to 275, still in the green. 275 southbound in through downtown getting busier but looks okay. bay area bridges, up to speed. dunedin, an accident on main street. and just to the east of belcher road. gene and gayle, over to you. >> thank you. starting with breaking news this morning. two dozen people including two firefighters are hurt after a possible explosion and fire at an apartment billing in the washington, d.c. area. the silver spring maryland complex, they saw flames shooting from the roof. witnesses report hearing a loud boom around midnight and then saw the fire. others claim they felt the ground shake from a mile away. right now, fire crews are still on the scene. it's very active. they're searching the building for at least five people who are still missing. in an 8 on your side report
6:33 am
morning for work or school, you will want to hear about a new study that points to what is causing thousands of wrecks a year >> yeah, we not only have to be on the lookout for dangerous drivers, we need to be aware of dangerous debris on the road. news channel 8's ryan hughes is live in pasco county. ai big, big problem, ryan. >> reporter: gene and gayle, good morning once again. a big problem on roads caused by small and large objects. now a study s 200,000 crashes over the past five years were caused by road debris. and another shocking stat, these accidents led to 39,000 injuries and 500 deaths between 2011 and 2014 according to aaa. a lot of the debris flies out of vehicles. driver simply forget to secure stuff like mattresses and wood and other objects that can lift up and take off. accidents caused by debris have jumped 40% since 2001. most debris related crashes
6:34 am
because driving at high speed cans increase the chances of vehicle parts becoming detached and landing in the road. and now add to this a study from a couple weeks ago that said florida has some of the worst drivers in the country. >> sounds like a terrible combination. we can all do our part, make sure you secure that correctly and be on the lookout for others. ryan, thank you. happening today, a hearing in the case verses gawker media in st. petersburg. a judge ordered the website to pay hogan $140 million in damages in a sex tape case. shortly after that, gawker filed for bankruptcy. today's hearing is expected to focus on how the company will pay logan and where the funds will come from. the hearing begins at 3:30. today we expect an update on the zika virus from federal officials. the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases
6:35 am
travel related zika virus infections confirmed in florida. experts believe they all originated in miami's winwood neighborhood. and time now 635:67:89 new questions about ride safety after a 10-year-old boy dies on the world's tallest water slide. >> it comes as the water park re-opens. the ride though remains closed. news channel 8's lindsey mastis joins us. lindsay, we are getting a lot of comments about this on our wfla facebook page. >> reporter: yeah, a lot of people questioning how investigators are not revealing much but two women that witnessed part of the tragedy as it happened, they're now speaking out and calling for changes to the ride. >> i think they definitely need to fix the straps on the ride. because you would think for something that's supposed to be known for the tallest slide in the world they would have more secure straps than velcro. >> i think they need to fix the
6:36 am
like really good. and you hit your head a lot. >> reporter: and now this video is showing riders going airborne on this test model of the ride in texas. that video is from 2014. and we're learning that early tests of the ride, sandbags flew off the rafts. and here is a picture of the victim, just 10 years old. and engineers had to reton configure the angles before it opened and were height and weight restrictions as well. the family is asking for privacy as they prepare for his funeral on friday. and we will continue to follow the story and let you know what they find in the investigation. >> so devastating for the family. >> and like you were saying earlier, it makes you question all rides, how they are regulated and how often, who regulates them? >> who is checking to make sure that the kids are fitting the description. there's a weight requirement, a height requirement, all of that. >> thank you.
6:37 am
big tree came crashing down. you're got to see this. this is the 2600 block. and you can see it's one big tree limb that fell on a car in the driveway of the home. the homeowners tell us there were no storms in the area at that time so they can't explain how it happened. days of rain causing problems with street flooding. high water covering the road. drivers tapping the brakes, just trying to make it the area. the water has since receded. this is straight out of a thriller. stuck in the mud with poisonous snakes all around. >> this will give you the creeps. a lakeland man had to live through the nightmare. 78-year-old bob royals was feeding turtles behind his home. and the flashlight fell in the creek and when he tried to reach in to get it, he got stuck in the muddy water with snakes all around him. eight hours later, eight hour,
6:38 am
lakeland spotted bob. >> i pulled up and saw him and saw, what in the world are you doing here? >> waiting for somebody to pick me up. >> he was covered with mud and banged up. i'm glad he's okay. >> poor bob. >> thank goodness they were there. to thank the men, bob got them gift cards to red lobster. forget feeding the turtles -- >> he gives food to everybody. to the furthers, rescuers, the snakes, no food for them. let's get weather. >> good morning. getting lighter and light they are morning on 24 thursday as many of the kids head back to the second day of school. let me show you from the hula bay restaurant in tampa. patchy clouds but generally sunny. 77, quickly higher. 80 by 9:00 a.m. 85 at 11:00. by 1:00 p.m., 88. rainfall potential basically out of the forecast for the
6:39 am
to start developing in polk county and highlands around 3:00 p.m. and look at the rainfall potential pushing farther west as the evening progresses. and there could be pockets. you see the colors there, about an inch or rain or less. meteor shower this evening too. the peak of the meteor shower. expect, more meteors per hour than we normally see. so get out there away from bright lights and check it out. otherwise, hot days days. we will check with traffic on the 8s as meredyth censullo has the roadways. typical hot spots now. let's take you out live to 75 near fowler. you can see southbound traffic getting busier there. downtown tampa, same thing goes. and i-4 gets slow now from ybor city in through the junction with 275. over on 75, out of the riverview area, looks okay but
6:40 am
>> thank you. all right, in the road to rio. our hometown olympic allege led to a high-speeds coming home with gold. she helped the women win four by 200-meter free style. she did swim a leg in the preliminaries which helped the women secure a medal in all around so congratulations. >> yeah. and today there's a locality more swimming action and also after more than 100 years. >> we are talking about golf. it hasn't been there since 1904. paul ryan is live this morning from rio. so paul, are the golfers all teed up and ready? >> reporter: i think they are. they are just getting underway. i don't think they were alive the last time that golf was olympic sport. good morning, gene and gayle. but first, before we talk about golf, credit where credit is due.
6:41 am
yesterday, her third of the game thanks to the win in the four by 200 relay. and armstrong, three straight gold medals in the time trial. props to her. all eyes on the golf course for an olympic sport that hasn't been featured since roosevelt was president. >> reporter: first the first time since 1904, olympic golf will be played today. tees it the coastal nature reserve. >> first time around, a learning experience but a done golf course to play. >> on the front nine, perfect shape. and the greens are rolling real true. >> reporter: generally an immaculate course leads to low scores but it may not be the case if it stays windy. >> when the wind blows here, that's one of the defenses. and i can see that because
6:42 am
mid irons and a couple greens and some hole that were short. going to be fun. >> reporter: the field isn't as strong as an olympic tournament should be in near ride remains. six of the top 10 pulled out due to zika virus concerns. including the americans dustin johnson. however team usa has a strong shot to medal. ever. >> it's a different feel. not. i'm pulling for the guys but not if i'm trying to beat them for a medal. >> reporter: we can't get used to golf. they'll do it in 2020, after that it will be reevacuated. one expert used to measure the strength says this one stacks up like the 2015 sony open where i think golf fans would
6:43 am
>> yeah, no kidding. okay. paul ryan reporting live from rio. thank you. a smart watch can do more than keep you connected. >> still ahead, how one boy used a smart watch to save his life. >> yeah. plus, one man's solution to missing his flight caught on camera. why police are warning us not
6:44 am
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we're back. a story of bravery after a quick thinking utah boyoses whit and his smart watch to escape a kidnapper. >> the 9-year-old boy was snatched while walking to a friend's house. his kidnapper was speeding away but he jumped out, ran away to hide and then he called his stepdad using the kid's gadget. that's like a smart watch for
6:47 am
was there and now police are searching for the kidnapper. >> wow, incredible. and really just works where you can only reach out to preapproved numbers or family phone numbers. >> really safe for kids. a question many of us have faced, what do you do if you miss your flight? >> maybe just book another flight or find another way to get there. nope, not this guy. this guy in spain did something that secured a spot in jail. check out the video. he bypasses security, jumps from the op for it, he chases down the departing flight on the tarmac. there he goes. bags in-hand and all. he manages to get on that flight moments before take-off. they let him on the plane. however, when the flight arrives at the destination, police arrest the guy. don't try this at home. >> i can't believe. i mean the video of him trying to catch the ride with the luggage truck. and then he's waiving down the
6:48 am
>> and wearing shoes and had water. i don't know that part. let's get a check on the weather with leigh spann. >> yeah, you have heard me rant about this all morning long. it's tough and this guy just runs across. the hyundai of new port richey. this camera, you can see there's some low clouds in the area. and there's spots that are also clear but you are getting areas of low clouds. not necessarily fog. 75degrees at this location. generally dry this in 78 degrees at 8:00 a.m. got that fast warm-up, 87 at noon. and then typical afternoon storms, about a 40% chance with a high of 91. brandon, 75 degrees. kids heading back to school. 77 in clearwater. 73 inverness. a wider viewpoint shows hot conditions across the middle of the country and up in the northeast as well. both areas under extreme heat advisories this morning across the middle of the country.
6:49 am
northeast. and remember, just basically what we deal with every day. so as we head through day today, dry through 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, maybe by lunchtime, there's a couple showers in the eastern portions of polk county and highlands county. as the day progresses, the storms push toward the coast. checking in with meredyth censullo now. big issue on the roads. and excuse the poor focus, fdot is trying to focus on this. we just occur. that truck has just been moved to the side, northbound 75 approaching i-4. all lanes are now re-opening. the delay back to the selmon expressway. so heavy and slow here. if you're heading this way and you're in a hurry, scoot over and use 301. we will keep you posted on that accident. had a crash southbound 275 approaching i-4. just pushed that to the side.
6:50 am
heading into downtown. veterans expressway, typically busy, up here approaching ehrlich. and then southbound approaching hillsborough avenue. a crash near east lake high school. at east lake road and ridgeline by the school. so look out for that, fhp onscene. gene and gayle, over to you. >> thank you. you've got to take a look at this guy trying to catch a foul ball at the padres and pirates game while holding nachos. never a come on, put down the food. >> natch cho cheese. >> at least it wasn't beer. instead of -- nacho cheese. >> at least it wasn't beer. instead, they tossed him a consolation prize, a shirt that reads, i caught the shirt like a boss. what you need to know
6:51 am
next. including, why you may want one last look at disney's main street electrical parade. plus, neighbors on edge this morning. see the two suspects still on the run after a carjacking at a busy gas station. you're watching news channel 8
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a pair of carjackers on the loose this morning. >> ryan hughes >> reporter: good morning to you two once again. this is the parking lot where this incident happened two days ago around this time. let's go to surveillance video right now. you can see the coupling around in the parking lot before the crime. it doesn't show the actual crime in progress. deputies say the men pulled a gun on a woman pumping gas and then took off in her van. he had a woman with him as you saw in the video. we're told they later dropped
6:55 am
saw them leaving the area in the back of a pickup truck. call deputies if you have any information on these two. live in holiday in pasco county, ryan hughes, news channel 8 today. >> thank you. and the police chief is expected to reveal more information about the deadly shooting during a training exercise. he's set to speak this morning. investigators are looking into this incident that left a 73- year-old woman dead. she was a volunteer. the officer involved is lee cole. the chief tells devastated over the tragedy. and a possible explosion rocked a maryland apartment complex. witnesses reported hearing a loud boom and then seeing fire. this happened around midnight in silver springs in the washington, d.c. area. at least two people were injured including two firefighters. five people are still missing this morning. and a home owner in sarasota got quite the shock when a tree came crashing down. you can see a big tree limb
6:56 am
there. it's huge. the homeowners tell us there were no storms in the area at time and they can't explain what happened. you might want to head over to disney world to get one last look at the main street electrical parade for now. come october, it's head add cross the country to california where it will be enjoyed by many at disney land. and your last chance to see the pa pasco county raid here at disney world is october 9th. and state's official financial regulations is part viewers find money they did not know they had. the better call behnken phone bank is open today from 5:00 until 7:30 tonight, call the number on the screen, 1-800 manufacturer 528-0808. -- 1-800-528-0808. and the final for the women's individual all-around.
6:57 am
simone biles go for gold. catch it live online at 3:00 this afternoon or tonight in prime time on news channel 8. and nfl football returns tonight. the bucs play their first pre- season game against the eagles in philadelphia. and because of the olympics, the game will air on our sister station great 38. again, kick-off off is at 7:00. and make sure you keep it locked on news channel 8 all season as we follow the bucs. hopefully it will be a great season. >> go bucs, go usa, cheer for. and now i've just noticed that we are really getting low clouds to develop. you can see it here out of the wfla towercamera. it's 77 degrees. and i checked there, are some area where is the low clouds are low enough that it's causing fog in the brooksville area, eastern portions of hillsborough county. just a heads up there. generally dry though. partly cloudy at noon at 87. 91 with a 40% rain chance today and tomorrow. and very heavy traffic northbound 75 between state
6:58 am
right at i-4, now off to the shoulder. expect delays there. and 275, generally busy out of north tampa. good morning, wesley chapel, an accident westbound 54 near bruce b downs, right approaching 75. that one has lane blockage. and over in clearwater, there's an accident causing delays, u.s. 19 at whitney road. >> all right. thank you. thank you for joining us on this thursday morning. a lot of olympic coverage coming your way. >> and we will st the breaking news, weather and traffic throughout the morning. catch the updates during the
6:59 am
7:00 am
? ba da ba ba ba ? good morning. the final showdown. michael phelps and ryan lochte grab the top spots in the 200 i.m. final setting the stage for one last duel in the pool tonight. katie ledecky digging deep for a golden comeback in the 400 meter free relay. in beach volleyball a close call for kerri walsh jennings and april ross. but escaping with the win. as the leaders of the final five simone biles and aly raisman get back to business for


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