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tv   News Ch8 at 5PM  NBC  August 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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with more than homework. the creepy crawly warning parents need to hear. >> tasked to serve and protect. instead, he is charged with sexual battery. a former police officer disgraced. >> millions of dollars of unclaimed cash. our better call behnken phone bank can help you determine if some of it is ours. i'm josh benson. >> i'm jennifer leigh. we begin with breaking news. kathlene steele is charged in the death of baby. the pinellas county sheriff is talking about the case right now and we want to listen in briefly here. >> we fast forward to this past monday august 8, 11:00 monday morning. steele took the baby to a pediatrician office. she claimed the baby was not
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we speak with the pediatrician and he found nothing medically wrong with the baby. but importantly, in the physician's examination of the baby 11:00 a.m. monday morning, he states there was no sign of trauma to the baby. the baby's skull was intact and there was no bruising on the baby's face. after leaveing the pediatrician's office, frankie, the six-year-old, dropped his mom's cell phone the screen. they went to a business called cpr cell phone repair in saint petersburg and dropped the phone off. after going to a restaurant in saint pete, they returned to the cell phone repair shop at 1:50 p.m. where steele left baby kathlene, six-year-old frankie, and three-year-old phillip in the vehicle alone. and this was a van type vehicle
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frankie and phillip could get out of their seats, stand up and move around. baby kathlene was in the car seat. steele turned the car off, locked the doors, rolled the windows up, and went inside the business. steele left the kids unattended while she was in this business for over 30 minutes which is confirmed by video. while in the car with frankie and phillip, baby kathlene was acting up an the six-year-old removed kathlene from the car seat and began flipping her multiple times back and forth, dropping her on the floor, slamming her head against the ceiling, striking her in the face and causing severe, severe trauma to the baby's head and face. we found blood in the car that is cost sis tent with where frankie slammed the baby. the baby's skull was trucktured in several places and her
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bruised. the baby was beaten, traumatized, gross swelling around her face. the skull was cracked in numerous places. one of the worst things i have ever seen, especially with a 13 day old and her appearance was one of just a kid that had been pummeled. frankie, the six-year-old put baby kathlene back in the car seat and wh to the car, told his mother in relation to kathlene's condition, it is "serious." steele disregarded frankie's notification to his mother that the baby was in distress and proceeded to another business before going home. when they arrived home, steele brought the baby inside and noticed that she was in distress asking six-year-old frankie if "the baby was even
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there is no mistakes the condition that this 13 day old infant was in. and as i said, she had been pummeled. she was blue and cold to the touch. the baby had likely been dead since they left the cell phone store at about 2:15 p.m. however, when they got home, a couple of hours later, instead of calling 911, steele called a neighbor who is a nurse. the neighbor responded to the home, immediately recognized the called 911. as i mentioned, baby kathlene was transported to saint pete general hospital where she was pronounced dead. the autopsy consistent with what we saw revealed severe trauma to the baby and multiple skull fractures. the six-year-old admitted he
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ceiling and caused these terrible violent injuries. on monday night, our child protection investigation division removed frankie and phillip from steele's custody and they have been in foster care since monday night. due to his age of being six years old, frankie will not be criminally charged with the homicide of 13 day old kathlene. he will remain in dcf custody determines where he should be placed. i talked in the last couple of days with the dcf secretaries and they and their staffs have participated in the decision of frankie's placement. and the course of action for frankie to the future.
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manslaughter in the child abuse and leaveing the children unattended in the car allowing six-year-old frankie to kill his baby sister. needless to say, there is a lot troubling about this story, a six-year-old boy who violently killed his sister. steele left the kids unattended in the car over 30 minutes. but there is another troubling aspect to this case. and that is some, medical professional who agreed to inpeg mate a 62-year-old woman with her dead husband's sperm and she gives birth to a baby she is unable to care for. steele made statements that she was not finished as there is more frozen sperm and she wanted to have another baby boy. something is seriously messed
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this in this business for a very long time have never seen anything like this. i can tell you in talking to the state attorney, talking to secretary carol, secretary daley, no one can recall a situation in our history here in florida at least where we have had a six-year-old kill a 13 day old. and a six-year-old boy who engages brutalization of a baby and killed somebody. so, you know there is a tragedy here. at the end of the day, frankie is a victim. frankie has a lot of issues and a lot of problems. it is a very sad case to say the least. but the accountability belongs with kathlene steele, the mother who was by all accounts
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62 years old. to care for these kids, and, frankie and phillip at six and three were running amok and were unsupervised and what others saw was consistent with what happened on monday in that she didn't care for the kids and was negligent and neglectful and abused them by leaving these so that's the situation. >> you have been listening to the sheriff give some staggeringly graphic information about the death of a two week old infant. you can see that this has been a case that has impacted his agency quite a bit. child abuse for leaving her three children unattended in a van for 30 minutes at which
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the two week old baby in the vehicle. our reporter peter bernard is checking into the story. we will check with him in a couple of minutes. an 8 on your side warning for parents. head lice is on the rise in several tampa bay areas. now that school is back in session, you will want to keep a close eye on your child. jamel lanee joins us live. and jamel, the health department won't say if there is an outbreak per se in pinellas county obviously have a situation on their hands. >> reporter: good evening jen. they are saying this is a nuisance. one mom is getting more than a dozen calls from parents to treat head lice. it only took a few seconds for jessica vasquez to realize something was wrong with her daughter. >> they were doing head to head selfies. she was itching her head.
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she had lice and i had to treat her. >> reporter: that was three weeks ago. since then, her business hair fairy god mother has been nonstop. she gets up to 20 calls for parents looking for help to get rid of lice. >> especially before school started parents were panicking because they needed to get this under control before school started and more spread. >> reporter: pinellas county health department officials say they remind parents to inspect their children's head on a regular basis. >> we are seeing an increase of head lice cases after kids return to school because of the close contact they have in the classroom. >> reporter: nurses say parents can treat lice with over the counter medicine, but the super lice strain spreading across the country has resisted. doctors suggest something prescribed. >> you have to pick each and
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be taking some time and takes real attention to detail. >> reporter: they recommend parents wash any sheet, clothing that your child may have been laying on and also vacuum the room and discard any waste afterwards. >> jamel lanee live in pinellas county. thank you. there could be hundreds, even thousands of dollars with your name on it. >> if you are curious, better call behnken. ph your call. we want to reunite you with
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>> 85 degrees down in the south
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nissan, you could see venice, 85 degrees in areas around this region. temperature ins the 90s . 88 degrees. this is in philadelphia tonight. this game by the way on great 38. as the bucs travel to pennsylvania to play the eagles. a 30% storm chance there. perseid meteor shower tonight and tomorrow morning. up to 200 meteors an hour possible if the clouds will allow you to. we will have clear patches. away from the city light it is best observation. down in rio, temperatures not too 7:00 a.m., 65. 18 celsius. 71 degrees at 4:00 p.m. so weather wise, not too bad for the olympic ins rio. since january 1, the rainfall over 38 inches of rain, almost 38.5 inches. that is ten inches above normal at tampa international airport. so again, we talked yesterday about the rain for the month of august. and even last year was a wet one, so it looks like we are continuing the trend with above normal rainfall. at that one location. showers and a few thunderstorms
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we don't see as much as we saw yesterday, but we still think there will be some showers that could fill in the general area as the east coast sea breeze arrives from off to our east moving to the west. these showers kind of drying up around inverness, also the thunderstorm activity that was a little stronger is now north of polk city. mostly as rain at this point. then further south, you can see a few showers traversing sections of highlandst county and de soto county pushing off to the west. collision areas not as be in this general area. 82 degrees at 9:00 p.m. 91 degrees, a hot day in the forecast for tomorrow. that about sums it up. 92 temple terrace. macdill, 85 degrees. crystal river is 90 degrees. it is 92 in bartow. 85 in sebring. you can see the west coast sea breeze and west coast. the mess with the area of low pressure is further back to our west.
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further away from us, that will basically take us out of any kind of influence. 50% chance of thunderstorms in the forecast afternoon an evening tomorrow. 30% lower rain chance with drier rain moving in. seasonal chances monday, sunday, tuesday. all the way next week. afternoon, evening, early sunshine. you know the routine. if you have been cheated, when you need help, she's on your side, better call behnken. >> well, tonight we have a special edition of better call behnken. >> shannon behnken is joining forces with florida's office of financial regulation to reunite you the viewers with millions in unclaimed cash. let's get to our better call behnken phone bank. how is it going so far? >> reporter: this is so exciting. we are helping viewers reunite with money they don't even know that they is. we have all of these volunteers behind us. they are from the state of florida and they are here to take your calls. all you have to do is call that
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528-0808 and they can put your name into their computer system and let you know on the spot if you are owed money. i'm joined now by ashley can the state of florida. how long have you guys bing do this and why did you choose tampa? >> this program has been in existence 50 years. we are coming to tampa for unclaimed property. shannon, you are right, this is big one. one in five floridians has an unclaimed property account in their name so the chances are high if you give us a call, we will find something for you. >> reporter: when you first told me about the number, i thought it must be a typo. i couldn't hear you right. that's a lot of money. >> absolutely. we have a graphic that we can show you. in the tampa bay area, we ran a quick test. there are $383 million just waiting to be claimed.
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467,000 accounts just in hillsborough county. that is $118 million. that is big money guys. give us a call. we are taking calls until 7:30 tonight. >> reporter: where does the money come from? >> it could be anything. it could be a savings account you forgot you had. it could be a deposit from a utility company or a cable company or life insurance benefits from a deceased participant you didn't know had a life insurance policy. >> reporter: it is amazing. you said some people think that this is a joke. it can't be real. they don't believe it. >> reporter: absolutely comes knocking on your door wanting to give you money, but that is why we are here. it is your money. you have simply forgotten about it or department know it existed but we are here. this is a service we offer to the people of florida. >> reporter: this is so exciting. i can't wait to hear how much money we are able to help people reunite with. again, call that phone number. this is your chance. it is 1-800-528-0808. back to you guys. >> all right, thank you
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some success stories. >> can't wait to hear that. our phone banks still going strong. you can call in until 7:30. we will give you the number one more time. 1-800-528-0808. calling is the best way you can find out if you have any unclaimed cash. if you get a busy signal, we put a link to the state's website on it is in the phone bank story right there on the home page. you can search out your name yourself if you would like. a bay area
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>> now, 8 on your side special
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>> bay area swimmer melanie margalis was reluctant to dream about winning a medal. >> now she is coming home for gold. >> she helped secure a spot in the finals for the team. paul ryan is in rio and talked with her about her victory. >> reporter: i'm here with melanie margalist, gold medalist. has that sunk in yet? >> i done think so. i have to wait until i see the thing that went through your mind? >> well i was so happy for the four girls who got to swim. one of the girls really started crying immediately. i was just like so excited for her almost. it was a cool moment. >> reporter: you can be candid for me. what was the celebration like and when did it end? >> i wouldn't say there was any celebration. i tried to get a popcicle in the dining hall but they didn't
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that for breakfast. >> reporter: so when do you get your medal? >> i think i get it late tore night. >> reporter: when you do, we will post a picture for it on the twitter account so everyone at home can see it. now that your olympic experience is concluded, can you sum it up for me? >> reporter: it was such an incredible experience. i definitely will never forget this week in my life. and now, i think i'm really hungry to come back for some more. >> that was paul ryan. that has to be so ti her. we can't wait to see that gold med medal. >> looks like jordan augier. he is one and done. we certainly wish him congratulations for being an olympian. paul ryan is in rio all through the olympics and you can catch his live reports every morning on newschannel8
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we continue to stay on top of that breaking news now from pinellas county. a disturbing story ending in the death of a baby at the hands of a young six-year-old sibling. tonight, the mother is in jail. we are going to bring you the latest updates as soon as we get them. >> coming up, one man was branded with some nasty fang marks. how he got the marks and the details on the huge animal responsible for them. >> plus, we take you live to rio from women's all-star around gyas swim competition.
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>> right now on newschannel8 at 5:30. >> good evening. i'm jennifer leigh. >> i'm josh benson. thanks for being withtous night. >> let's get to an update on the breaking news involving the death of a baby in pinellas county. kathlene steele is charged in the death of her two week old daughter. steele left her children in her van for about half an hour while she went into a cell phone store. that is when her six-year-old her car seat and in the sheriff's words, pummeled her to death. the sheriff described it as one of the worst things he has ever seen. >> the baby was simply beaten, traumatized. gross swelling of outer space. the skull was cracked in numerous places described as mush. and there are some people out there ... >> right now, steele's other


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