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tv   News Ch8 at 11PM  NBC  August 14, 2016 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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right now on news channel 8 at 11:00. >> not once but twice. two wrongway drivers arrested in common. plus, up for auction. thousands of unclaimed items go up for bid today in tampa. good evening. thanks so much for joining us this saturday night. no injuries in the latest wrong way driver incident. a florida highway patrol put the cuffs on two wrongway drivers overnight. why does this keep happening and why does this happen more often here in tampa bay?
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borrow from hillsboro . chip. reporter: we've done these stories time and time again. the common denominator seems to be most of these drivers do not belong behind the wheel of a car. >> the highway patrol tells us that was the case with rodriguez. at 11:00 friday night she driving her nissan altima and drove into oncoming traffic. a good su mar tan ran to help and she struck him. she's now facing dui and battery charges. since 2008 the department of transportation has tracked dozens of wrongway crashes include a rash of them two years ago. >> and there's a wrong way driver on 275 south bound. >> in an effort to curve the number of crashes, the d.o.t. installed warning beacons at
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built in radar sensors alerted the wrongway driver when he or she drives up the ramp. troopers tell us there's no quick fix to the issue as impairment seems to be the factor in most of the crashes. >> that's what we're putting our focus on as well. not just that people are missing the turns. these the people going out there and taking massive risks putting everyone else and themselves in jeopardy. >> they believe that was case with this driver, 58-year- old bruce green. they spotted him driving in the veterans expressway early saturday morning. troopers responded and determined bruce was driving under the influence. reporter: and his blood alcohol level was a .193. that's more than twice the legal limit. he bonded out of jail at 3:11 saturday afternoon. as far as rod rei guess.
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at last check she was still in jail on a 1,500-dollar bond and rod, according to jail records, this is her third dui. >all right. reporting live for us tonight, thank you. making news across america, a small police force in new mexico lost one of their eight officers. investigators blame two fugitives from ohio for the deadly traffic stop. they believe jesse hayes shot the officer and ran from the scene and shot another man while car jacking him. history. so does his travel partner wanted in ohio for murder. hains shot himself in the leg and now in a local hospital and nelson is behind bars and state police are going to take over the department while the remaining seven police officers from patch mourn their colleague. possibly gunshots led to some frightening moments inside a north carolina shopping mall this afternoon. take a look at the video. you can see people running from the exits.
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police did respond and tell us they searched the mall and found no one with gunshot wounds and have not made any arrests in the case. an oregon wild fire created this. they kicked up something called a fire nado. fire crews were able to put this flaming whirlwind out without anyone getting hurt. firefighters believe the blaze was sparked by equipment cutting the field. while it did last, the fire nado was quiet the site to see. i'm sure they're glad that's out. today thousands of pieces of unclaimed property went up for sale in tampa. everything from sleeves to cash to baseball cards and plenty of people showed up to bid on them. >> it's fast paced and exciting.
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for some. >> you get very nervous especially if it's your first time. after a couple of times you get use to it and learn how to bid. >> like almar who came looking for a few specific items. >> she was focused on getting silverware. we point out which ones were the ones that were the silverware and i wanted to get some replicas on bills also. >> if he wanted, he could buy anything here. anything from mickey mantle baseball cards to jewelry and sleeves of cash. >> folks come from all across the country to bid on these fine items. >these things are from unclaimed safety deposit boxes. >> if the bank can't reach the owner of the box in three years then it's to be turned over to the state of florida and it then hits the auction block.
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heels of our first ever phone bank. shannon teamed up with state officials to reunite viewers with money they didn't know they had. we helped viewers find more than $1.3 million. that's good stuff. before it was closed, seven years ago this pool was the open center of evor. now it's back and better than it was before. the pool underwent a $3.1 million renova. city officials opened the newly renateed pool today and it's already a huge success. looks like a lot of folks having fun. still ahead on news channel 8, the last race for a living legend. coming up, see how michael phelps did today in what he says is his final career swim. plus marco rubio fighting to keep his sentence.
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we had a few isolated to strong thunderstorms this afternoon. i'll take you through the full
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in florida, people are working hard, just to get by. but in washington - "republican senator marco rubio has the worst voting record in the u.s. senate." marco rubio stopped showing up for work. let us down. i'm patrick murphy and enough's enough. i'm proud to work with president obama. to protect social security and a woman's right to choose. and grow this economy so it works for all of us.
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? ? ? ? ? come seek the royal caribbean ? . senator marco rubio continues the fight for his senate seat. he's taking heat from his republican opponent. that's not all.
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>> it's been two months since the pulse night club shooting which marco rubio claims was the reason he jumped back into the race. this week he took heat from the lgbt community. >> the key, politicians go with the direction the wind blows and they don't actually mean many of the things they say and that's the difference between myself and them. >> there's some people that had spoken on the program that communicated themselves in ways to love, to love them, you don't have to endorse what people do in order to accept who they are and to love them. that was the message i wanted to share and it was the right place to do it. >> rubio was in the bay area as the republican offices opened their offices today. >> he doesn't mean harm by it.
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that would be better off not verbalized. >> i disagree with donald on a number of issues and disagree with hillery on every issue. >> reports that donald trump might hurt rubio's chances of winning in november. >> i haven't seen evidence of that. the presidential race is an election for president. i think people understand the senate is an independent branch of government. >> news channel 8. >> now, 8 on your side special coverage of the >> in rio, the gold medals keep stacking up for team u.s.a. especially in the pool as the swimming competition draws to a close and track and field now heats up. jared is joining us live from rio. how are things looking out there? >a tremendous for team u.s. a. the biggest story tonight was michael phelps. if this is it for phelps and he said there is, we saw the last
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23 famous. michael phelps may make it legend dare. phelps swimming in the final swim in rio and it's a golden end. 23rd career gold medal. the americans finished first in the last race for a legend. the american women also won the four by one relay meaning the u.s. won 33 total medals, 16 gold medals just in swimming. the best story at the track, the 10,000-meter ce the defending gold medalist tripped up and falls and quickly gets up and presses on. by the 25th and final lap he's in position to take the lead. from the floor to the first for ferra. >> that was absolutely incredible to watch. meanwhile, team u.s.a., tonight they surpassed 1,000 gold medals in u.s. olympic history.
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time. 60 medals so far including 24 gold as they move into an action packed sunday. cannot wait for the men's 100- meter final coming up tomorrow night. incredible competition there. cannot wait for it. back to you all. >> was watching. kind of a rough start but he still pulled it out. >> he was supposedly injured coming in. didn't look injured the me. me either. appreciate it, jared. let's take a look at the latest medal count. china is next with 41 total medals followed by great britain with 30. the water at the olympic driving center in rio generating quiet the buzz these days. now an unexpected body of water is causing problems for olympic organizers and the athletes too.
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. rio's polluted water has been a focal point and now an unexpected body of water is causing problems for olympic organizers and athletes alike. ryan has that story. >> this is one of coca-cola's best selling beverages although you can't find it in the united states. it tastes like mountain dew with a splash of grenade. diving pool. on tuesday, the once blue pool started to turn green. olympic officials couldn't figure out why until saturday when they concluded a well meaning contractor dumped 80- liters of hydrogen peroxide in the pool to clean it. it neutralized the chlorine allowing things to grow. >> that doesn't effect the
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they'll fix it supposedly some day. >> out of ideas and running out of time, organizers have decided to drain the pool. all 3.7 million-liters of water and refill it in time for the synchronized swimming event for sunday afternoon. >> why not have a green pool. >> that was paul ryan reporting. you can catch paul's live reports every morning here on news channel 8. you can catch the extras he's putting together under the section on >> pretty nice night. we're looking at slow cooling. mostly clear skies. not a bad shot over downtown tampa. 82 degrees your current temperature. east and north east winds averaging around 5 miles an hour. that window coming down through the night. a few thunderstorms this afternoon. some of them got a bit rough. a nice photo from andrew
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development with the rain shaft and shower below. also, the storms producing vivid lightning. jim sending us that picture. 78 degrees is where we'll start off tomorrow morning, i should say rather this morning here. mostly clear skies to start us off and then as we go through the day, another quick warm up. we'll get back into the low 80s by 10:00, 11:00 and back on track tomorrow afternoon. 40% rain chances after scattered showers and thunderstorms. a few more than we had today. 80 in palm harbor. 78 for lewd. 78 in temple terrorist this evening. 77 for fairly warm. these temperatures only cooling down a few more degrees. right now, all the rain is done. there are showers way off to the south and east. those have a hard time making it to the tampa bay area. one more thunderstorm that
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rain over louisiana. it's been such a rough couple of days for them. looks like more rain coming their way. looking at the water vapor imagery, you can pick out a counter clockwise spin. an upper level low over the area. today we're on the drier end. that's why we have limited rain chances. on the southern end we have moisture developing and that's going to ride on top of us and help to bring back to better coverage of showers and thunderstorms for tomorrow. we'll start off ve your sunday morning and by sunday afternoon we'll get daytime heating and showers and thunderstorms and generally they'll move in that south east to north westerly fashion. again, very good coverage of thunderstorms during the afternoon with heavy downpours.
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pattern. the strong flow. 40% rain chances for the afternoon sunday closer to the coastline. that 40-50% rain chance looks like it's going to continue through the next couple of days. middle of the week we'll get a boost of moisture wednesday and thursday. that's when we'll start to look at rain chances jumping up to 50%. in the meantime, this is your typical afternoon thunderstorms. high temperatures to the low 90s. morning lows into the 70s. again, watch rain, frequent lightning and we may get a push of dry air by next weekend. >> what you're saying is it's summer in florida. >> that's it. >> thank you, sir. we appreciate it. coming up in sports, florida state seminoles, they get some bad injury news after today's practice. just when you think this player might be out of a job, he shows you why the team needs him on
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. we're not likely to see those changes until the bucks head over the jacksonville to practice with the jaguars beginning wednesday. one player that has helped himself is wide receiver russell shepard.
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game and continues to impress passes but the regular team duties as well. shepard is batting for one of the three spots behind the buck's top three receivers. every time he's doubted shepard reminds you why he's so valuable. that's kind of what i've been brought up on. >> find myself wanting to write him off as a wide receiver and i look at him as a special teams only player. he's one of those guys, you can't wear him out. >> day in and day out he puts in work. again, another chip on his shoulder cut him that's why we took emphasis on him last year.
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and once again, we're going to broadcast that game on 38. you can see the channels on your screen. sheen has a broken bone in his right foot and will miss three go four weeks. he's expected to be a starter this season. he'll have a screw inserted next week. francis walls looks like he'll lead them thursday ole miss. yankees tyler austin, his first at bat is a home run. congratulations. next batter aaron judge making his major league debut. he homers at his first at bat. that's the first time two teammates go back to back in
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the newest player p.c., he's brazilian. he scored his first goal for the team today. they've had a 2-0 lead. they blow it. 3-2 is your final. ouch. first thing i thought is pc magnum p. i.
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it's friday night and everyone is here. there's jeff. we helped his furniture company start shipping globally. we helped lisa finance a new office building. ...and that's dr. ryan, we helped him buy his new mri machine. but today, i'm not here as their banker. i'm here for the eagles. at synovus, we do business in a way others don't. because we live here, too.
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. tampa police on the scene of a traffic accident involving a pedestrian.
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avenue. taken to the hospital by tampa fire and rescue. you need to know this. the westbound lanes of hillsboro avenue from north to lowest avenue north will be shut down for the next several hours. if you have to go that way, you need to choose another route. >> looking fairly quiet. marine forecast, not a bad day on the water tomorrow. south east winds around 10 knots. watch out for the afternoon thunderstorms. 92 degrees for this sunday. similar story for monday and we're going to keep on a broken record forecast. >> thank you. we'll hear more about the forecast tomorrow. when will it be here? >> about three hours. >> we'll let you go take a nap. >> on my cot. >> this summer's block buster not showing in theaters. it's lighting in showers overhead. the meteor shower was in the northern hemisphere. it kept us from being able to see it here.
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mexico. >> thank you for that. >> have a great night and we'll see you back here tomorrow. >> rn seacrest he on cocaba beach. we are live. theserehehree this you need t know. rio, day eht. print mals wer awarded tonit in the highly ticipate women's 100 meter. >> it was no contest. elaine thompson of jamaica put away the fielderly and often. >> in the men's 10,000 meters, mo farah won in dramatic fashion. >> oh, no. it's farah that went down. >> coming back from an early fall to defend his olympic


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