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tv   News Ch8 Weekend Morning  NBC  August 20, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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[ cellphone vibrates ] [ cellphone vibrates ] [ cellphone vibrates ] [ cellphone vibrates ] [ cellphone vibrates ] [ bell rings ] buy online. ready in an hour. weren't you just...? got it. staples. make more happen. good morning, everybody. i'm paul mueller. thank you so much for joining us here this saturday morning. it's now 7:00 a.m. bright and early outside. what are the weather headlines right now? over to ed. >> a beautiful looking sky right now. the sun just a few minutes away from the
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warm in some spots. 81 in tampa, 76 in fish hawk and 72 in zephyrhills. right now we're seeing a few showers starting to break out just off of pinellas county. i think we'll keep a rain chance around on the coast for the next couple of hours. you can see that through 11:00. minimal rain chances through 10:00 and then showers blossom inland. the inland communities will have a better shot at seeing that rain. there's the weekend in greater detail, 30% chance today, 20% chance by sunday. temperatures right around 91. we'll break down the weekend forecast in greater detail in just a few short minutes from now. paul. >> see you in a few short minutes. thank you, ed. new this morning, a fiery crash on 275 in tampa after a st. petersburg police officer stops to help a driver
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road. mary mcguire is live. first of all, weave seen we've -- we're seen what can happen in crashes like these. any injuries? sglz thankfully everyone is -- >> reporter: thankfully everyone is okay. more good news, the crash was completely cleared from the howard frankland bridge. this fiery crash broke out after a third car slammed into two cars on the howard frankland br e i want the show you video that we have from around 2:30. that's on i-275 near tampa when a st. petersburg police officer stopped to assist a motorist who had broken down in the northbound lanes. a third vehicle crashed into the cruiser and the disabled car. no one was hurt but those two other cars issue not the police cruiser, caught on fire. the florida highway patrol is now investigating this crash and we do expect a little bit more information on what led up to this a little bit later today.
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they were left in, it's unbelievable that no one was injured this this crash, paul. >> it certainly is. i know a lot of people are asking the question right now, what could have led up to this. the investigation is early in the stages right now but could alcohol and drugs be to blame? >> reporter: that's certainly a possibility and that's traditional part of's definitely will be a part of the crash investigation that we will receive. >> mary mcguire live in tampa with that new information. thank you so much. the search continues this morning for a killer who shot a man at his home in lakeland last month. jonathan jay charles pier gunned down at his home on castle way. a witness claims a man knocked on the door, pointed a gun at him and demanded to see the victim. when he came to the door the man
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police believe there's a woman that's a person of interest. this morning there's an $8,000 crime stoppers reward being offered in this case. usf students be warned the hunt is on for a guy who exposed himself on campus, get this, three times in just three hours. usf police telling us the description of the man is similar in all three cases but it's a very vague description. the school year starts on monday. poli s new worries this morning about the zika virus. five new mosquito trans transmitted cases have show up in south florida. they are linked to miami beach and that's outside the area of winwood.
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the cdc is urging pregnant women not to travel to south beach. on friday congressman david jolly and kathy caster toured a mosquito research lab at usf. they got to see firsthand the research takes place in tampa bay. it's research that could eventually help in the fight against zika. >> we all have to understand the urgency involved. we have to stay ahead of this issue. in some ways it's a race against the clk -- the clog now. >> it is. leaders have yet to approve a package and nothing the happening because lawmakers are out on recess. in polk county this morning, the city of mulberry will have extra money to fight off mosquitos there. the state has given the city $150,000 towards clearing waterways, getting rid of breeding areas and spraying for mosquitos.
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left for dead in his own backyard. now the man that police believe is responsible is behind bars. carlos cordero was originally a person of interest and then became the prime suspect. this morning he's in custody and charged with aggravated battery. he attacked 81-year-old alford watton for money for yard work he had done. watton is in critical condition. the fourth in the robbery debob l is back home this morning. a judge ordered this swimmer to pay $11,000 to a local charity. he was one of four swimmers involved in last sunday's incident at a rio gas station. ryan lochte broke his silence on friday. in a
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accept responsibility for my role and learned some valuable lessons. he said that he and three fellow olympians were robbed at gun foint. -- gunpoint. police released this surveillance video showing they were not robbed but vandalizing a gas station bathroom. a huge night a big upset for team usa. bolt won gold in the four by 100 relay. the u.s. team disqualified yet again. they exchanged illegally outside the zone and this gave canada the bronze medal. in case you're counting here, this is the 9th time since 1995 that the u.s. men have been disqualified or failed to get the baton
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or world olympics. >> last night kingston erupted after bolt won the goal medal. as you can imagine the celebration went well into the night and possibility still going on right now. >> let's take a look at the medal count this morning. taep usa with 105 medals, 38 gold, 35 silver, 32 bronze. that's followed by britain. a warning for beachgoers. be careful with you step in the water. thaw are warning people about sting rays. lifeguards raised the purple flag to let people know about the dangerous marine life. a dozen people were already stung this week. shuffling your feet in the water helping because it scares sting rays away. firefighters are working
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upper hand on fires this morning . the latest on their progress just ahead. >> a terrifying skydiving accident caught on camera. . look -- camera. look at the video here. what happened to this when their parachutes got tangled.
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a month after 9/11, i got a call from david and he told me he was going into the national guard. he was sent to iraq to be a gunner on a humvee. a car pulled up in the driveway and three soldiers got out, and the sound of their boots as they came up those stairs will, will stay with me the rest of my life. you have moments when you really don't want to live anymore,
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when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. ...wife, she was standing there, she had nothing to say, she probably... i would like to tell donald trump what it feels like, the sense of emptiness, that only losing a child can bring. those people should be honored and treated with kindness for the rest of their life, and i don't think that donald trump will ever understand that.
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firefighters are finally getting the upper hand on the so-called blue cut in california. right now it's 25 per % contained. some evacuation orders this morning have now been lifted. >> nearly 10,000 firefighters are now battling six large wild fires in the state and red flag warnings are in los angeles and san diego counties. california. >> at first it's the fire that was playing offense racing across dry foothills forcing 80,000 people to quick aabandon their homes. >> gary williamson discovered that his car is burned but his rv did not. >> i can't thank the fire department enough. this is just overwhelming to me that i was lucky. >> today
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with traces of smoke lingering over 37,000 acres of charred land where 96 homes have been destroyed. >> this is the worse feeling ever. >> one of those homes belonged to ronnie moore and his family. >> the main thing is my family is safe. everything else can be replaced. >> they have been living in a rite aid parking lot. >> for now the cain family is actually living out after a nissan with their three pets. >> it's been t >> in northern california another fire this week torched 190 homes. one belonged to matthew porter who was at the olympics in rio where he managed equipment for team us arc fencing. his athletes won medals but his family lost their home. >> as long as we have each other we can get through anything. >> joe fryer reported on that sad news out of california.
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southern california. they found him in quite the unusual place. not the washer but the drier. when they got on scene officers were told the suspect locked himself in the laundry room. they searched it and never found him. one officer had a thought and searched the drier. this morning he's out of the drier and behind bars. a scary scene 16,000 feet above the earth after the parachute lines of two sky divers get twisted together. two sky divers had a wild ride in caldwell, idaho. one of the divers had to cut the main parachute and it was just 2500 feet from the ground. thankfully neither sky diver was injured. coming up, your full forecast straight ahead. >> and this, she may be in her 80s combu
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iron and getting others to hit the gym while she's breaking barriers not only for herself but for others. you're watching news channel 8 today.
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all right. just in case you did not know tomorrow is national senior citizens day. it's going to be
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it's not going to be one of central indiana's oldest personal trainers. drew blare has why despite age limitations the woman decided on a career change just 2 years ago at the young age of 80. >> i'm trying to encourage everyone, especially seniors that age isn't a factor. training is. >> terry coaches, motivates and demonstrates. she's trainer. >> we look at her thinking if she can do it we can do it. >> proving there's no time like the present she choose a professional path when most are decades into retirement. she worked to become a certified personal trainer at 80 years old. >> a director for the ymca encouraged the career choice. >> it's really a dream that i wanted but i needed someone to tell me that age wasn't a factor. >> instead age is an asset. she quickly learned that her
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in the gym broke barriers for some who had been too intimidated to train. >> i love to see them change. they tell me i don't need a walker anymore, i don't need a cain, i can walk in here on my own. >> a senior trainer may stand out but she maybes sure she's just like everyone else in many ways. >> i also have to stay young in here because of the coaches are 25, 28 years old. i have to keep up with them. i have to do any share in here. i i keep up. i have no problem. >> turned in her walker. can you imagine. this woman lives by example and she's staying active. she averages about eight or eight 5k races every year. on a morning like this you just want to get out and head out on a jog. why not? just a beautiful sunrise here. look at that view.
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looking from hula bay restaurant, seeing a similar looking sky. just a few fair weather clouds out there. 80 degrees this morning. the view from hyundai of new port richey a few clouds over head. hour by hour today those numbers climb quickly. into the upper 80s by midday, low 90s this afternoon. a shower possible along the coast and then the rain chances shift inland. where we sit now in tampa, 79 for sarasota, 77 for zephyrhills right now. wendy from brooksville reporting 77 degrees this morning. not too much happening on land. just offshore there's some showers about 5 to 15 miles offshore and we're seeing a few more form. our beaches along pinellas couny you could see a few more showers later on this morning.
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pattern. we'll see some showers start forming around midday over tampa bay and then the rain chances shift inland and east of 75 through the afternoon. if you live in the interior portions a better shot at getting wet today. a similar story tomorrow. a coastal shower will be possible and then only a few hit and miss thunderstorms with drier air settling in. we will see some thunderstorms just not nearly as many for tomorrow afternoon. through monday as well. again, keeping our rain chances fairly low with that continued on shore flow. a break down of the rain chances for today , only a 20% along the coast that increases to 30 to 40% inland. lakeland, sebring you stand a better shot at seeing some wet weather later on today. the rain chance over all at 30%.
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temperatures slightly above average around 91 to 92. i think we'll get a surge in moisture by tuesday so a decent coverage of thunderstorms. it will start to transition back to the typical summertime pattern by the end of the, who -- of the work week. >> you had a lat to lot -- a lot to say. >> always. >> did i hear beach day? >> perfect. there will be a stray shower along the coast in the morning but by the >> thank you so much. the bucs take on the jaguars tonight. news channel 8 is your bucs station. we are in jacksonville with a preview of tonight's game next in sports.
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all right. are you ready? today the bucs take on the jaguars. dan lucas is in jacksonville with preview of the game. >> hello from jacksonville where the bucs will take on the jaguars. one thing we learned in the first game so far, the defense, particularly the defensive line. one of the leaders that the bucs didn't see coming, a free agent. >> he have could have gone just about anywhere but defensive end robert airs fell in love with
7:26 am
it had everything to do with the conversation with new defensive coordinator mike smith. >> it was word of mouth. the people that i play for knew him, spoke highly of him. he brings a lot of passion. when i talked to him in free agency and he talked scheme and how he would use me he believes to put guys in the best position to succeed. >> did the bucs know what they had in airs? >> he's lived up to what we expected. what we didn't know is what a good leader and good tempo setter he was. >> airs fitting in because the defense is focusing on better communication. if airs can't get to the quarterback he hopes his work allows a teammate to get the sack instead. >> you know, this time it isn't your number. this time it's gerald's number. you have
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the community is hoping for some wins and that's what i'm trying to help bring and be a part of a great winning organization. >> see you in jacksonville, the bucs taking on the jaguars. >> thank you, dan. tune in tonight to news channel8 , your official bucs station. we will broadcast the game at 7:30 on the great 38. the channel line up you see right there. it's on your screen. all right. an update on that fiery crash on 275 involving a police cruiser. we're live on the scene with details just coming in.
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and a good morning to you, tampa bay. it's officially the weekend. you are looking live right now at downtown tampa. good morning, i'm paul mueller. thank you for joining us this saturday morning. if you looked outside already it's bright and early. we're going to get to weather in a minute but first our top stories this morning. a fiery crash on 275 in tampa. look at this dramatic video here. a st. petersburg police officer stops to help a driver who broke down on the side of the road when all of a sudden a third car crashes into them. two of the cars burst into a ball of flames.
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just minutes in just minutes -- details in just minutes. new cases of the zika virus are reported in miami. that's outside winwood where health officials said all local zika transmissions had been contained. a big night for jamaica. bolt finished out his olympic career in style. he gold in the four by 100 meter relay. the u.s. team was disqualified again. crowds watching bolt in kingston erupted into fweers. -- into cheers. ed is here with the morning forecast. >> we're celebrating a nice start to the weekend. some sunshine and a few clouds looking from our tower cam in downtown tampa down the hillsborough river. if you've got your jog planned along the river walk you are good to go. it's 81 degrees and very
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-- as well. that dew point at 7 5. right now we are tracking just a few showers offshore in pinellas county. you can see a few dots of the blue and yellow there. they are slowly trying to meander towards the coast. we cannot rule out a shower at least for the next hour or two. even by 11:00 we'll see a few of those drift inland towards 75. the better chance in the interior locations where we're seeing the best chance of seeing wet weather generally east of 75. that afternoon high steamy at 91 degrees. the storms start drifting inland and temperature wise at our -- at or above average over the next couple of days. that and a check of the hot tropics coming up in just a bit there, paul. >> thank you. new this morning, blan a fiery crash on 275 in tampa after a st. petersburg police officer stops to help a driver broke down on the side of the road.
7:33 am
275 where this all happened. first of all, we've seen these accidents before when one car crashes into others on the side of the road. the question, did anybody get injured in this? >> reporter: it can be a dangerous situation, a scary situation. thankfully everyone is okay after that fiery crash early this morning. now, we do have a little bit of video that i want to show you that was taken at the scene of the crash. this all happened right after 2:30 in t near tampa when a st. petersburg police officer stopped to assist a motorist who had broken down in the northbound lanes. a third vehicle crashed into the cruiser and the disabled car. no one was hurt. the two other cars, not the police cruiser, did catch on fire. the florida highway patrol is investigating this crash and we do expect more information to be re leased by troopers a little bit later today. the names and identities of those drivers that
7:34 am
also the st. petersburg police officer that was involved in the crash. thankfully no one was hurt. it's unbelievable once you see that dramatic video. the crash is completely clear from i-275 so there's no problems with your weekend morning commute. >> unbelievable that no one was injured mary. let's talk about this third car that hit the officers car and that other car. do we know anything about this driver? are drugs and of this? >> reporter: we haven't confirmed those might have been a factor in this crash but that's typically a part of the investigation for florida highway patrol. we definitely do expect to receive that information. >> mary mcguire live with the latest information coming to you from tampa. thank you so much. emotions running high as dwyane jones steps out of the pinellas county jail into the
7:35 am
death of a clearwater woman. prosecutors decided they didn't have enough evidence to have a case. the murder of lydia anne truss sparked the concern about safety along the pinellas county trail. a grandfather and grandson found her in a ditch on the trail peter bernard with more on dwyane jones' release. >> during the 2-year period he was in jail his family stood by his side. they never believed the truss over a robbery. >> in the lobby of the pinellas county jail, dwyane jones mother and aunt waited for his release. screams of delight in the stark halls. called d.j. by his family, the woman took turns giving him hugs. >> 2 years ago along the pinellas trail two people found
7:36 am
boyfriend and later a relative of jones found truss's wallet in his house. cops believed they had their killer. with jones's confession tossed out the case fell apart. >> come over and say hi to us. >> asked if he committed the crime. >> i didn't. >> that's right. it's god. it's god. >> but if what about -- but what about the wallet? >> how did that stuff get in the house that day? >> i just want to go. >> jones head ed >> he never did it. he never, ever. in jesus name he didn't do it. >> his public defenders said he found the wallet and intended to turn it in. his confession coerced after 9 years of interrogation. >> dan slaughter said investigators will continue to seek justice and suggests they used proper criminal procedures saying they
7:37 am
>> he's a good kid. i know -- i knew he was innocent. >> from day one. >> yes. >> the pair of public defenders said they doubt this is a murder or homicide in the first place. they said truss's boyfriend told cops she was suicidal and any injuries on her neck may have been caused by an animal. peter bernard, news channel 8. >> thank you, peter. many are asking what is going on at walmart. bloomberg news publicished a report claiming that walmart has an out of control crime problem. more than 200 violent crimes have taken place at the 4500 walmarts. that's one violent crime per day. 8 on your side wants to know what executives are doing to rid our stores of crime. tampa bay police and other thunderstorms said the number -- and other authorities said the
7:38 am
is aimed at walmart instituting new programs. >> if someone is caught shoplifting their security handles it if it's below a certain amount. >> with the new changes the number of calls to area stores are down. in one case look at that, as much as 94%. however, walmart admits there is still a lot of work to be done. thisni relief for one south florida family . police found their 2-year-old girl who was in the back of a car when they was stolen -- when it was stolen late last night. this car was taken from a strip maul in miami gardens. the driver left her alone when he went in a liquor store. when he came back the car and the girl were gone. they found the car two blocks away.
7:39 am
the everglades who crashed ed -- in the every glades were rescued by the coast guard. you can see the pilot and passenger being hoisted up. they were taken to an air station where they were checked out and amazingly had no injuries. >> incredible. >> incredible stuff. the coast guard does this so many times where they're hoisting people up in the bts the mind of these people being hoisted up in those baskets. >> hats off to the coast guard this morning. speaking of amazing, amazing photos from yesterday. take a look at the downpour out of feather sound yesterday. we are used to seeing those in those building towers there. weeki wachee also. a beautiful sunset in hudson from don bailey. send us your
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a beautiful morning at st. petersburg beach. you can't argue with that. there's some building clouds and even some showers way offshore about 15 to 20 minutes. we're going to keep our eyes on those as they try to move back towards the coast. right now not too bad. 83 degrees at st. petersburg beach. over all the beach
7:43 am
this afternoon rain free. the wind comes off the watering off the water this afternoon. sunshine and clouds and a stray shower along the coast this morning and then the rain chances shift inland in the afternoon hours. 91 for today. the rain chance around 30 %. 81 tampa, 76 for fish hawk and venice this morning, bartow and inverness. good morning to wendy in brookeville reporting 74. you can see a batch of showers is slowly trying to ease their way back towards the coast. we have a bit of an on shore flow here and it's going to keep the morning rain chance around. also the tropics are heating up. we have tropical storm fiona and invest 99 that has a good shot
7:44 am
system. right on its heels another tropical wave off of africa. there's the latest on fiona. it's encountering a lot of dry air and wind sheer. here's that second system, invest 99. all of the forecast models take this towards the lesser antilles. it has a 50% chance of becoming our next hurricane center will be keeping a close eye on that. back here at home, a shower along the coast, rain chances pushing east of 75 as we go into the afternoon and those rain chances will head back towards the east coast of florida late in the evening. this pattern will continue into your sunday as well. a shower along the coast in the morning pushing inland through the course of the afternoon right on into monday. this pattern really doesn't change much over the next couple of days.
7:45 am
today. with some drier air rolling in we have that on shore flow but only a few showers and thunderstorms . rain chance only at 20% for your sunday and also for you monday. -- for your monday. a dry start to your week. highs in the low 90s. >> 8.5 out of 10 for a beach day i'm out of here. >> thank you so much. now the special coverage of the rio olympics. dominate in rio. two local athletes competed last night. one left in a wheelchair. paul ryan is live from rio and paul, do you know how trayvon bromo is doing this morning? >> reporter: i do have an update for you, paul. good morning. first that's weird. that's my name. it feels like i'm talking to myself. trevone
7:46 am
he was going to have achilles surgery after the olympics anyways so i'm not sure if that's what caused his injury last night. he left in a wheelchair, did not speak to the media. i wanted to get a word with him but get an idea from his twitter account from now. he competed against bolt. it appears that we have seen the last chapter in his story. bolt was born in jamaica and become a child of the world. i was at olympic stadium the cheers for the whole -- the home country of brazil were drowned out by the cheers for bolt. he finished his olympic career the only way he knew how. >> when was the first time you realized that you were good at throwing stuff? >> as a kid throwing rocks. i could throw stuff further than other people. >> what was your diet like as a
7:47 am
>> reporter: all apologies for the technical difficulties there. that's a story that i did that's going to appear later today on news channel 8. bolt completing the triple-triple yesterday. three olympic gold medals in three straight olympic games in the 100, 200 and four by 100 relay. as you mentioned, another local athlete tiana bartaletta won in the women's four by 100 relay. a lot about in rio, paul. >> from one paul to another paul i'm surprised that you are not celebrating this morning in jamaica. i thought that you would be there. >> reporter: they didn't invite me actually. it's tough to catch a flight from rio to jamaica. i think bolt is still partying here tonight for now. >> paul ryan live in rio. thank you so much. here's a look at the medal count this morning. team usa continuing to dominate with 105 medals.
7:48 am
and great britain comes in with 60. all right. still to come this morning on news channel 8 today, the surprising results from parents when it comes to taking their kids to school and sports. how stressful it can be and why some feel they could lose their job. >> stay with us, it's 7:38 and-- it's
7:49 am
david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david.
7:50 am
"she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them.
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7:51 now. it's back to school season and a new study reveals the stresses many parents are having get this over transportation. this weekend you're probably enjoying a break. hopefully you are from dropping off and picking up the
7:52 am
to after school sports, tutoring lessons. they said their work schedule is effected. 25% feel they put their job at risk and a third of them said it's more stressful than filing their taxes. brewers of pumpkin beer could have a frightful season. they are scrambling to find the squash because there's not nuch of it. many like to get an erier start by the -- earlier start but the decline in pumpkin could be a 4-week process. good news about the annoying robocalls. the biggest tech and telecom companies are working to block your number. apple, comcast, verizon are taking part in a robocall strike force working with the fcc to
7:53 am
incoming calls. they are the number one complaint that the fcc receives from consumers. twitter is rolling out new features. everyone has the ability to limit notifications to people they follow on mobile and that will be helpful for blocking harassment. they are adding a quality filter that can filter out content that appears to be spam. still ahead this morning, a marriage proposal that had many looking at tampa bay's skyline. that story is next. >> you're watching news channel 8 today at 7:53.
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all right. love was in the air in tampa last night. did you catch it? two important light shows in downtown. one put on by moesh nature -- mother nature and the other by spencer that said will you marry me rosie. rosie and her family and friend were all across the street at a loft. you can pet the -- bet the happy couple had a great night. why, ed? >> because she said yes. >> of course she said yes. that's why they had a great night. >> this story would be sad if she said no. >> i was going to say imagine all the work he went through. time for a final check of weather before we leave you this morning. >> the beaches not bad right
7:57 am
st. petersburg beach, 83 degrees. i'm keeping my eye on showers that are developing offshore working towards the coast. a coastal rain chance around for the morning, shifting inland during the afternoon. similar story tomorrow. 30% today, 20% on sunday and looking at a typical supper time pattern -- summertime pattern by midweek next week, highs in the 90s and lows in the 70s. >> thank you so much. thank you for join ing thus morning. -- us this morning. our next newscis
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z22pvz zy6z
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good morning. going out on top. >> here is usain bolt! three times three the triple triple! jamaica's usain bolt wins his ninth crossing the finish line first in the 4 x 4 relay. becoming the first man to win medals in the 100, 200, and 4 x 100. after u.s. men were heartbreakingly disqualified over a bad baton pass. the u.s. women cruise to victory. >> the u.s. and jamaica second.


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