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tv   News Ch8 at 530PM  NBC  August 23, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> right now, at newschannel8 at 5:30. >> winning over florida voters could be crucial in securing a win in november. a look at what both presidential candidates are doing now to rally support in the sunshine state. good evening, i'm jennifer leigh. >> i'm josh benson. thanks for being with us. >> we begin with breaking news. an update out of miami-dade county. a fire in a substation in miami county is just about out.
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out of the substation. at one point, as many as 10,000 customers are without power. and the airport was impacted briefly. but now, we are told it is down to about 3500 customers impacted. and there are no injuries reported. now to your vote, in the race for the white house. all eyes are on our home state right now as both presidential candidates work to draw up support here in florida. former president bill clinton stopped by the bay area fundraiser. candace mccowan joins us now live from the florida state fairgrounds where donald trump will speak tomorrow afternoon. candace, can anyone attend this event? >> reporter: yeah, you know, this is open to the public. of course, you have to register and go through secret service security before you can come inside. we are here at the florida state fairgrounds. they are sets up here for big crowds expected when trump speaks tomorrow around 1:00. now, he will be a part of two events here in tampa bay. this public event and also a
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releasing many details about now. what do you think is important for mr. trump to get across? >> i don't think there is one specific message that is more than another in terms of if it is an issue. i just think it is important that we continue to encourage people to get out to vote. >> reporter: donald trump surrogate is calling for prime recruits grounds. getting supporters to work. >> we have signed up 30,000 volunteers alone in of florida. >> reporter: but the crowd will be anxiously awaiting trump's stance on immigration. will he continue his call to deport 11 million illegal immigrants or soften his position as his new campaign manager signaled? >> looks like he is getting ready to totally change his stance on immigration policy. give me a break. we can't trust anything this
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alec sync is at a hillary clinton campaign. >> he made a compelling argument for why we need hillary clinton. >> reporter: striking back against trump's call for a special prosecutor to look into the clinton foundation and paper play during clinton's time as secretary of state. >> it is just totally unnecessary and a total distraction. >> reporter: we also understand that bill clinton met with a group today. as for trump supporters, i asked them what do they want to hear? they want more about the immigration plans. see if they have changed and they want to see mr. trump stick to his script so there won't be any distractions. >> you talk about this second private event. do we know anything about that? >> reporter: you know, his campaign sent out a statement saying there would be two events in tampa. they are not releasing many
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the fairgrounds. we are watching for the news. >> turning up the heat. time for the candidates to hit these spots. candace mccowan, thank you very much. tonight, we are keeping an eye on a tropical wave that could affect florida. storm team 8 chief meteorologist steve jerve joins us with a look at the tropics and it is brewing. >> we have been talking about 99l for several days. they actually investigated this area with a hurricane hunt is elongate and disorganized according to what they found. they found a 37 miles an hour wind gust. not organized at the moment. we will continue to move to the northwest. the computer models continue to move it toward the southeast portion of florida. possibly later this weekend into the early part of next week. we will have to watch for the system.
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we get into the movement. a 60% chance of development by the national hurricane service. in the tropics we have the remnants of fiona. and tropical storm gaston could become a hurricane some time tomorrow, but it would be inconsequential. it will likely stay out to sea. we will have more later. >> thank you steve. for you folks at home, you can track the weather with our storm team 8 weather max is free to download in the app store. we have new information about the florida state university student believed to be behind a gruesome murder of a martin county couple. a florida sheriff says austin harrouff may have ingested chemicals from the couple's g garage. austin harrouff is still in the hospital a week after he brutally killed the couple in their home in jupiter. they are awaiting results of a toxicology report to see what, if anything, he took that
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in afghanistan part of a foot patrol clearing improvised explosive devices. one other service member and six afghans were injured in the blast. we are waiting to find out how they are doing. health officials confirmed the first zika case in south dakota. the woman who traveled to the caribbean contracted the virus. an infectious disease special itself says it shouldened spread beca mosquito that carries the virus is not found in south dakota. you can find everything you need to know about zika on a florida teenager is getting credit for beating the odds. he survived a rare infection that normally kills its victims. two-and-a-half weeks ago, the 16-year-old developed a headache so severe he couldn't stand anyone touching him. doctors at orlando's florida hospital for children realized he had been infected with a
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was delivered to the hospital within minutes of the diagnosis likely saving that teen's life. >> we are so thankful that we have the miracle through this medical team and this hospital. >> get this. the teen is just one of four people in the u.s. known to survive an infection of this microscopic amoeba. it only affects people when water is forced up the a four-year-old boy is being hailed a hero after saving some baby sea turtles stuck in a storm drain. john rogers spoke to the little rescuer. sounds like he spotted these turtles in the nick of time. >> reporter: he certainly did. it is a good thing this kid got his family's attention, because, those turtled would not have lasted much longer if
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old aiden hen son and his family were going to buy some beach toys when he looked in the storm drain. >> i looked down the drain and i saw one turtle. >> reporter: his grandmother struggled to see anything in the murky water. but then, there they were. there were three baby logger head sea turtles in there. >> there wasn't very much water in there. i was afraid it was going to get too warm. >> how did you see that? >> because i can see in the dark. >> reporter: so rescuers from and wildlife rushed over. time was of the essence. this storm drain led to a retention pond and these turtles needed salt water. >> if they had been in there another hour, they would have been dead. >> reporter: the four men struggled but lifted the grate and removed the turtles. a fourth turtle was found nearby. sadly, around ten baby sea turtles were found dead in the area. turns out, they hatched from a nearby nest and became
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>> reporter: but thanks to aiden's keen eyes, four baby turtles were saved and are recovering at the marine lab. >> you got to save their lives aiden. you're a hero. do you know that? >> yeah. >> reporter: he certainly is a hero. now, it is unclear exactly why these turtles got disoriented but the wildlife officials tell me it was likely because the headlights of the cars on this road here because this road is very close to the jen? >> they always tell the locals to turn off their back lights at night. but, the bottom line is these folks did the right thing by calling the wildlife experts. >> reporter: they certainly did. a lot of people fail to realize or don't know here in florida, it is illegal to pick up and handle these baby sea turtles. you are supposed to leave them alone. so if you do spot any that are in danger, call the authorities, call florida fish and wildlife. >> or call aiden.
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john rogers, thank you very much. great story. we appreciate it. well, just like an old friend, a tampa bay staple has returned. >> it sure has. goody goody reopened its doors after more than a decade. we will take you to a look at the old restaurant in hyde park. >> plus, giving students a break from homework? what? what this florida teacher wants parents and kids to do instead. >> we'll have that and more coming up. you're watching newschannel8, the station that is always on
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>> this morning, tampa experienced a little bit of yester year.
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but they wanted to reopen and recreate it. as ryan hughes reports, it opened to much fanfare and celebration. >> reporter: famous tampa restaurant goody goody was closed more than a decade. then it reopened this morning at the crack of dawn. it is a trip down memory lane in black and white. these pictures have history written all over them. so does this snapshot of a menu showing a burger priced at a whopping 20 >> goody goody! >> reporter: fast forward decade to this day in color. a burger joint steeped in tampa history that reopened. >> you will step back inside. the bite you remember at goody goody will bring back the fond memories. >> reporter: richard bought the rights and recipes to goody goody. he was anxious to get to the
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served up at high park village. >> it has been 12 years in the making. i feel like an expectant father. >> reporter: tampa natives eagerly awaited the grand opening. mike smith was the first customer through the door around 7:00 this morning. and the first seated at the counter. >> it is a part of tampa. you can't let it go away. >> it is a symbol of how far we have come as a city. >> the new goody goody becomes part of the fabric of tampa again. >> i couldn't let it kiss appear. >> reporter: i'm ryan hughes, newschannel8. >> they salvaged some of the original furniture and the sign. they plan to use beef from a fifth generation ranch in manatee county. >> nice. a north texas second grade teacher to parents about her
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viral. here is the letter parents received. she explains research has been unautomobile to prove that student performance so she would not be formally assigning homework this year. >> take what you have learned in the classroom. apply it outside of the classroom. that is what i hope they are doing. i hope they go outside and go home and use it. >> and, instead of homework, the teacher suggested parents spend their evenings eating dinner as a reading together. playing outside. here is an idea. getting to bed early. well the rain coming down here in hula bay. 79 degrees. temperature was 92 degrees about a minute ago. four one-hundredths in the way of precipitation. that's a good way of seeing showers. these continue to push to the southeast. no rain at this location.
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clouds. boiling clouds. mostly well west of the location. a southwest wind, the rainfall two one-hundredths. at the loews don cesar, awaiting some showers. the northeasterly flow adds a little extra heat. highs 92 to 93. in the tropics as we talked about the top of the multiple areas including tropical storm gaston, but get this. 95 degrees for a high temperature today. tied a record set in 1989. so we did tie a record today. and it felt like it. the dew points have been running in the upper 70s . a very uncomfortable day. 93, 92 forecast highs. that is not changing any time soon. a few showers and thunderstorms drifting down to the west.
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lake county moving toward sections of hernando county. you can see around the northeast portions of hillsborough county, those are drifting to the north as well. or the south. and these two across the northern part of polk county moving in the same direction. the northeast flow has taken over. these are the thunderstorms you saw in the hula bay camera pushing toward saint petersburg. hopefully, you will pick up more showers in pinellas county. folk ins downtown saint pete look for that moving across the bay. these shower sarasota, they are pretty quiet at the moment. with the flow the way it is. probably won't see too much. temperatures will be warm this evening. 80s very easily unless you have been cooled off by the showers. some showers have definitely dropped the temperatures. dew points in the mid to upper 70s . when they are in the upper 70s or 80 degrees, that is just extremely humid and the feels like temperatures correspond well above triple
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no surprise today. and the flow continues to move from the northeast. you can see on the visible satellite imagery today. as for tropical storm gaston as i was talking about, moving off to the northwest. 65 miles an hour winds. could be a hurricane wednesday. but, as i mentioned well offshore, and will not affect florida in that way. we will continue to watch 99l for any short term or long term tropical effects. a look at the forecast on our high resolution model continues to show showers drifting to the ut progresses. in the overnight, partly cloudy skies on the rpm model. we see a few showers developing here across the northern sections of highlands county. possibly. and then as the afternoon goes along, pushing off to the southwest, so that is our setup for tomorrow with that 40% rain chance, essentially seasonal when you think about the easterly flow is what we normally expect this time of year. and we will watch for the sea breeze collision so we could see similar showers tomorrow. 40% carries into wednesdays,
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summer weather. though with the temperatures a little warmer and the humidity a little higher, today was definitely a stifling day. a record high, but the humidity is even a little bit extra high today. so, enjoy. [ laughter ] >> thank you. >> you are hilarious. thank you steve. >> we love it. thank you much. a man's attempt to impress his date terribly wrong. >> what he did that ended with him wedged between two buildings for hours. >> and remember, you can join jenn holloway, julie phillips, and me on ne
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>> now to what's making headlines across america. a man trying to impress his girlfriend failed in a pretty embarrassing way. he intended to jump from one pittsburgh, but he missed and fell between the buildings. he dropped three stories before getting stuck. it took emergency crews about four hours to cut him out. physically, he is doing okay. we are told, but, i'm guessing the eco is a little bruised right about now. a bizarre heist in texas has investigators scratching their heads. several thieves broke into a car dealership and stole the wheels and tires off dozens of vehicles. the haul, worth about $250,000,
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to pull off the heist. and a scary situation for people inside this memphis jewelry store. a pickup truck came barreling through the front door throwing customers to the ground. amazingly, the only person hurt in the crash was the man you can see on your screen in that blue shirt. you see him there? he was hit by the truck and pushed about 15 feet and covered in glass. he broke his ankle. but otherwise, he is going okay. a lot of people are apparently forgetting to leave their guns at to the airport. the tsa confiscated a record number of guns. they found 81 guns from people trying to board planes. 70 were loaded. 31 had a round in the chamber. officials also confiscated swords, throwing knives and a machete. a decision at stanford university comes months after brock turner was convicted to
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no hard liquor on campus. his sentence sparked national outrage and highlighted the drinking culture. newschannel8 at 6:00 is coming in next. >> keith and stacie are here with what we are working on. >> it is tampa bay's first case of zika that is not travel related. >> there is a lot of mystery surrounding the case of pinellas county. we will show you what the being done to find out if here are responsible. >> plus, businesses fed up with roadwork in sarasota county. we will look at how this project similar pacing them. >> after a polk county man is lured to his death through an online dating site, law enforcement want you to be careful. what you need to know before looking for love online. >> after five years of construction, work on this stretch is still underway. it cost nearly $2,000 a foot. that you paid for.
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>> right now at 6:00, the zika virus closer than ever before. it is ta public travel related case of zika. >> we do aggressive testing to find out if there is chance of local transmission. >> tonight, special coverage of zika in your backyard. >> good evening, i'm stacie schaible. >> i'm keith cate. thank you for joining us tonight. we start with that alarming news about the zika virus. righted now, we know there is one person in pinellas county who contracted the zika virus. but, the real mystery that
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where did the person contract zika and, could it have been spread by a mosquito in pinellas county? either way, it is certainly a wakeup call for people all over the tampa bay area. 8 on your side's jeff patterson joins us live with the latest on this story. and jeff, the big question again right now is how? how did this person get zika? >> reporter: yeah, good evening keith. state officials, county officials are now working to determine how this person contracted the virus. we are told the person did not travel out of the country and they did not travel to the miami area. >> so far, the state pumped 28 million additional dollars into fighting the zika virus. the governor claims the state is winning the fight. reducing the area north of


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