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tv   News Ch8 at 6PM  NBC  August 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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the latest on the storm that could impact florida. it keeps changing on us because it's not well organized, right steve. >> that's right, we're trying to get a fix on this thing. the hunters are in the aircraft to see what's going on in this system. the serpent is difficult to determine and it will get better in the next 24 hours. all the thunderstorms are south and east of the center itself as you look at the cooler tops and on the enhanced satellite imagery. you can see in the next 24 hours, the system will move to the northwest. i like using the visible imagery. we're using our light of the -- losing the light of the day. it shows the center of circulation north of the island of hispaniola and cuba is on the left side of the screen. that's an area undergoing wind shear and dry air in the atmosphere above.
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spaghetti models, you can see the forecast track for sunday, it's farther west and the global models as well have shifted a bit to the west and the computer model that's available. quite a bit of wind shear on and off for that period. it's more favorable for the red and pink areas, it's getting into saturday and the florida straights, it's a little less favorable in terms of wind shear, it's not good fo strengthening of the system, that red color would mean a better chance of strengthening with wind shear. we'll watch this, we can't give you a solid answer on that, it's not even a tropical depression, it's difficult to monitor. >> we know you'll stay on it. thank you, steve. >> now, to some breaking news, a firefighter critically hurt while battling a fire is improving. >> here's a look a short time.
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is what's left of a double wide mobile home as well as outbuildings there, these are brand-new photos into our newsroom. he suffered an injury related to the heat. he's in fable condition. a remarkable gesture for the pulse nightclub victims of orlando as they continue to heal from that terrible night. orlando health and human hospital will bi the care from that shooting. and we spoke to a victim in the hospital. >> reporter: good evening. this will spare them more than $5 million in medical bills. we spoke with one survivor what this gesture means to him? >> i feel like it was last night sometimes. >> not a day goes by that jose garcia doesn't think about last night. >> listening to music, you
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again. >> he went to pulls nightclub with a group of friends, two of them didn't make it out. others were shot and left with astronomical medical bills? >> they haven't been able to work, they have bills, they have responsibilities and our concern was the hospital bill that was going to come. >> angel cologne was hit in the hip and leg. the pulse county man took steps the shooting. the recovery is far from shooting for many after the shooting. and this is the pulse of orlando fund. they help the victims as they wait for funds. >> this is a huge burden lifted. there's so much they're going through and trying to deal with mentally that to not have to worry about hospital bills. >> the ceo of orlando health, it's their way of paying it forward, for victims saying they won't be getting those
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relief. >> it's a relief that the community has come together, it's befui mean there's hate everywhere, but there's so much love in orlando. >> as for future medical costs, they say they'll continue to work with these patients. this gesture is showing that these victims have not been forgotten. a child protection investigator with the pasco county's sheriff is off the and under a accused of falsifying reports. christine filled out a report saying she tested a couple she was investigating for drugs when, in fact, she did not. the sheriff believes she did that because she wanted to end the case. he admits that they have a heavy work load covering 30 to 40 cases each, but there's no excuse. >> we don't rush on cases, they're thoroughly done especially when it comes to a child you do everything in your power to protect those
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looking into all the cases she handled to see if they were done by the book. it is a new look at a campus creep, the university of south florida police released video a flasher they're trying to track down. police have new information about this guy who flashed multiple people on campus this week. authorities believe this is something before. chip osowski is joining us live on campus. they have the video and it's just a matter of time they can catch up with them? >> the video can't hurt. he flashed twice on campus last week. they believe the same guy did the same thing here last year. news of a flasher on campus travels fast, it is certainly not the news students want to
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places that he was at, it was somewhere where they had been a little bit before it happened, it's creepy. >> now, we know what the creep looks like, this is video of him entering the argos building, he appears to be concealing his identity, he assures he's a repeat offender, this happened last year, if we get that video out there, the fact that it's help determine who it may be. >> university police got the call a week ago, a man exposing himself out of the juniper poplar dining hall. again another call, this time outside of the dining air of fresh foods and they got a call of a man running beer driving
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text to report suspicious activity type in 672853 in the to field, type usf tip with a field and a space, all tips are anonymous, if police are asking students to be vigilant, walk with friends and, of course, report any activity that seems to be out of the ordinary. >> all right chip osowski live in this guy may be the farthest from father of the year you can find. he was driving drunk with his five-year-old daughter in the front seat. that's not all, five-month old daughter. investigators tell us they found knives, meth and a pipe had they searched his truck. the baby was not injured and she's in the care of child protection investigators. a frostburg man is accused
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he brought the beer with his underage nephew's money, but when the victim tried to get more beer out of the fridge, he got angry and stabbed him times. the teenager survived. there's a heated debate in south tampa this one over noise. >> neighbors are sick and tired of the noise from the bars, they want the bars to do something, but they believe their solutions may be bad for business, we'll explain what a the humane society is bringing dogs out of state when dogs in tampa can't find homes. are they part of the problem or
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it might have been prevented with trumenba. a kiss. it all started here... ask your doctor or pharmacist about trumenba. governor rick scott is going to washington to demand what he calls urgent action on funding to fight zika. in bradenton today, he's going to dc on september 6th. day the governor returns from vacation. he argues it's not just a florida problem. >> they need to provide zika control, there needs to be test
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support. they need to provide prevention kits all these things. >> the state is running out of emergency funds for zika, they've allocated 23 of the $26 million set aside for fighting it. homeowners in south tampa are not happy from pulsing music from bars on howard avenue. they are there to talk about that today. the bars pump out loud music late at night. the bar owners far and would make it impossible for them to do business. >> first it's not possible, just a normal conversation at panera bread at the patio that's over 55 decibels. it's the measuring device that's in question. it's the general feeling about this being an entertainment district that it's grown into rather than what a regular neighborhood would expect. >> city council members will
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come out with a compromise and it could include different rules for different part of the city. is saving dogs out of state making things worse for stray dogs in tampa bay. >> overcrowding in animal shelters, some believe the humane society is contributing
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now, an 8 on your
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>> taking dogs out of state means the end for others at the county shelter. they're paying the humane society for housing stray dogs. >> we're talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money. >> accusations and insults began to fly. >> you're talking about taxpayer dollars. this was at the animal advisory of state, their overflow remains at the pound and when there is no more availability at the inn, the dogs in florida pain the price. >> they saved 43 more from georgia, pit resource center is not feeling warm and fuzzy about the humane society. that day she claims the county euthanized 7 amazing dogs for
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dogs for the shelter they could have taken them from us. >> cara remembered recently euthanized dogs. >> these dogs, [ names said ] >> all of these dogs, and there's honestly like 40 more names on this. >> it was in this atmosphere that they hoped to dollars to help with the cost of adopting and housing strays. >> you cannot speak to the public and lie any more. >> she is the director of shelter operations for the humane society. >> i don't understand why there's such hatred to our organization -- >> pam contends they need financial help with strays. >> we're going to have to consider whether they can help take those strays in.
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the humane society is contributing to the overcrowding problem. >> they're shipping in the large breed puppies, adopting them out, and they'll end in the shelter. >> when they become full size dogs and they become strays, they're the county's problem. now, the humane society of tampa bay says it costs $400 grand to house and adopt strays last year. the animal advisory committee out of the $7 million budget. >> where does pet resources come up with $100,000 to pay to do the job. >> it claims that it saved $178,000 in the partnership. some are suggesting instead of giving that money for the humane society, some say it should be putting into an aggressive spay and neuter
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out of the mess we're in. >> really, the domino effect. it's a big problem. thank you, steve. a reminder, if you have something that needs to be investigating, call our line 1- 8358-0808. 92 degrees in hula bay, we don't have much of a see breeze, and much to help drop th don't have a cooler breeze coming off the gulf of mexico. there's more than that, and the breeze is coming off of the gulf of mexico with the westerly flow. downtown st. pete's is cooler. bucks playing the cleveland browns, 84 degrees, a slight possibility of seeing a shower for the tailgate time. the bucks will get under way,
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game here. and paul ameson and the eagle not much to contend with shower and thunderstorm activity, southern portions south of the bay, our rain chances are climbing a little bit. we'll have to see how this tropical system develops or doesn't develop. we'll see an increase in moisture that will increase our rain chances at the least. this is pushing to the west, big area of high pressure, it dominates across the southeast, the northern section of florida and the bay area, it's loser and most of the activities in south florida today. 77 degrees at 7:00 a.m., 92 at 4pm, 92 in clearwater beach, where's the sea breeze to cool ups off at the beaches. it's hot there, treasure island 93, inland it's warm too, 97 in
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how clear it is in the northern and central portion of the state and compare that to the southern part of florida where most of the thunderstorm activity and that looks like a southern day moving east to west. we don't see the storms converging. it's still not a tropical depression, 99, they're investigating it right now. dry air a loft, it's been contending with that and the high shear values, it local speculation. here's the spaghetti models today, you can see the trending farther west of the locations yesterday that we had essentially over the florida peninsula, that will change including the forecast tracks like this. they change every time. 110 long term for gaston, rpm
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southern areas tonight. warmer and rain chances 30% and saturday and sunday 40 to 50% with the potential of increasing moisture depending how the low pressure will move to the south. we'll be talking about that at length now. we'll get a slightly higher rain chance and get into a typical pattern late next week. coming up next in sports, the rays strike again the late innings to beat the red >> and the bucks fans are ready to pay the bucks, and james winston, and they'll tell us
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he wears it like a crown. "make america great again". but trump made his shirts in bangladesh. and his suits in mexico. in fact, the real donald trump outsourced his products and jobs to 12 different countries. so don't believe the hat. you can't make america great again, if you don't make things
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the rays might be gearing up for a september inventory check, the boston red sox are in the middle of a gut check, the last night's win by the rays was a costly night for them. a day game at the trop, this was fabulous, he got into trouble in the sixth inning and the fly. and they're trying to figure out drew pomeranz. steven sousa gives the rays a 2- 1 lead. and david ortiz, two straight wins by the rays who win a four game submit with the red sox.
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outstanding, we knew coming in our bullpen was extremely short and we needed him to go and keep the ball game. >> these are important games for us for next year's purposes. we want to be in contention next year, and we're going to face these teams year in and year o it's a good gauge of our team right now and where we can go and prepare for the future. dan cutter seas there's too many worry about in the preseason game. stage lights or not this, is the most of the projected starting lineup both sides of the ball. and the offensive side has had mixed results. tomorrow against the browns. the start will be huge. the slow start plagued the bucks, and it will be a chance to see the entire offense play into the third quarter.
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teasers and now, we actually will play a whole game. have you to go into game and i'm preparing like this is a real game. you took out, oh, i wish i could have kept playing when you're taken out. the day after the san diego chargers released a statement why they pulled their contract offer from the first round draft pick. they think they may have done more damage than and join his teammates, and bosa is not interested in compromising on his deal. he may sit out the entire nfl season. that would be a disaster. >> millions of dollars. >> i almost took the words out of your mouth. >> it's on the field for the chargers. >> thank you dan.
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news is coming up next. we'll see you at 7. >> and we'll see you later on tonight. at 7
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developing news tonight. damage control over the skyrocketing cost of life-saving medicine. a big pharma ceo on the hot seat refusing to cut the price. tonight a big star is cutting ties with the company. prejudice and unloads in a blistering takedown of donald trump supports racist and trump making a major shift on immigration suddenly embracing the jeb bush plan he once denounced. taking aim. florida in the crosshairs as a gathering storm closing in. al roker is here. aftershocks and a soaring toll in the quake zone. a desperate search in the rubble to find any signs of life. and burkini ban.


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