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tv   News Ch8 at 5PM  NBC  August 26, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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a homeowner who has seen speeding cars crash through her fence knew she better call behnken for help. i'm jennifer leigh. >> i'm keith cate. thank you for joining us. we will start with the tropics. we are watching that potential tropical threat that could bring wind and rain to the bay area. it could have been worse. meteorologist steve jerve will explain what is headed our way. >> we have been talking about this for days. still, it has not strengthened into anything. a tropical depression, a tropical storm, it is still investigation and low pressure with a low level circulation. that is a bit open today too. this is what we are talking about. the broad area in the atlantic basin. we have invest 99-l with a 60% chance of development. and gaston, a tropical storm today. visible satellite imagery, probably the best way to spot any circulation, you can see the tampa bay area in the left portion of the screen. zoom into where we think the
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counterclock wise rotation. less distinct than it was 24 hours ago, but there is a bit more convection, clouds closer on the eastern side of where it would be. hurricane hunter aircraft did not find a clear center or wind gusts exploring this area today. 28 miles an hour speed. so they have not upgraded this system into anything at this point. to look at the computer models, the trend is all over the place because it is hard models to be off one location when there is no pure center of a tropical center. to the west is where they are pushing them today. some of the major models have gone this way as well back to the west. our current thinking with the computer model has more of a westerly track. the wind shear tends to weaken these systems. you can see higher wind shear gets into more favorable environment into the gulf of
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surface temperatures. 80-degree plus temperatures which can sustain a system. potentially an open area of low pressure over the keys with a bit breezier conditions. higher rain chances for south florida. potentially gain some strength in the gulf of mexico and better environment. it is something we will have to watch all the way into the mid part of next week to see how this may or may not develop. guys? >> keep the umbrella handy. thank you steve. you can track the weather any time using our storm team 8 weather max app. now, zika in your backyard. >> u.s. health officials are reporting the first case of zika spread through sex by a man with no symptoms of the disease. a maryland man went to the dominican republic where there is a zika outbreak. he did not get sick, but his sex partner did. experts recommend practicing safe sex after traveling to a region with zika. all donated flood in the u.s.
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testing is underway in south florida. screening is mandatory nationwide. the city of tampa is waging war on zika, specifically the habitats where mosquitoes thrive. they are panning out across the city hoping to prevent the virus from making its way here. chip osowski joins us from a home live on church avenue and you rode with one of those officers today. >> reporter: this is one of our stops. this vacant abandoned home in south tampa. the front yard looks pretty bad, but look at the back. code enforcers encounter homes like this too often. >> typical of what you see? >> yes it is. >> reporter: he is chucking plus quito chucking mosquito dunks into the water and says the grass need to be cut. >> there are kids in the
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concern, zika. if you wanted to breed mosquitoes, this is the perfect habitat. stagnant water and pools is a problem across the city. >> you can see, we can see it from the alley. we have clearance. we will try to throw one into that pool. >> reporter: the city takes calls from concerned citizens and dispatches code enforcement to check out any issues. >> we of locations. stagnant water that can be pool sites. city ditches. tires. >> reporter: residents like robert griffin appreciate the city's proactive approach. >> i think it is definitely something that is necessary. a lot of mosquitoes, i have noticed it this year more than any other year, specifically more than south tampa.
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home and property owners to hopefully prevent a case of zika in tampa. if you have a property that is cause for concern, you are urged to give the city a call. you are its eyes and ears and calls do remain anonymous. jen? >> chip osowski, live in tampa. thank you chip. tires holding standing water are also a concern. citizens can drop off up to four at the mccay bay refuge energy facility on south 34th street. you have to provide proof of residency. so far, there are no confirmed cases for anyone who went to the rio olympics. but because the virus has a one week incubation period, it is possible a few cases may still occur. hillary clinton's running mate senator tim kaine stopped in tallahassee today. toured a small business and
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they are launching a nationwide registration campaign focusing on historically black colleges and universities. yesterday, clinton lambasted donald trump accusing him of promoting racism and fear. today, kaine had similar comments. >> yesterday, hillary clinton gave a speech in reno, nevada calling out donald trump on a lot of things on this equality idea. calling him out on the fact that he has supporters like david duke connected with the around and saying donald trump is their candidate because donald trump is pushing their values. ku klux klan values, david duke values, donald trump values are not american values. >> earlier this week, donald trump told his supporters that hillary clinton was a bigot who sees people of color only as
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race has turned increasingly bitter. have you noticed? over the past 24 hours especially, so will the harsh words make a difference with voters in mark meridith breaks down the latest polls. >> reporter: this weekend, it's a war of words on the campaign trail when it comes to donald trump's record on race relations. he is seeinger to ask clinton about her ties to the family foundation. we saw some of the shar attacks yet on the campaign trail thursday. trump is hoping to label clinton a bigot and eager to try a new strategy. sharp questions over the clinton family foundation. >> i have three words. i want you to remember these three words. shame on you. >> reporter: clinton wasted no time fire right back. she released this ad thursday
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to organizations like the ku klux klan. a new poll out from quinnipiac university shows clinton with a strong lead. 45% support, seven points ahead of trump. libertarian candidate gary johnson is polling in double digits but he will need 15% in major polls to make it into the debates. we are waiting to find out who the moderators the decision could be controversial and the campaigns could use that to try to change the format or amount of debates. i'm mark meridith, newschannel8. a woman who lives by a dangerous curb doesn't feel safe in her own yard. >> newschannel8 catches speeders by the woman's home, she will show us why the county is not stepping up to slow them down. >> slashdown. how this new test takes us one
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people used home sharing services. not everyone had a good experience. for many people, it was was of one reason. i'll tell you what a new company is trying to do to change that. >> you're watching
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your local dealer today. >> a water main break in baltimore sent water spewing like a geyser. it happened shortly after noon today. the jet of water creating a big traffic backup as well as the water just rained down all over the streets. crews are expecting to be working on repairing for hours to come.
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dozens of schools in baltimore had to shut down because of the heat. nasa one step closer to a mars center. scientists did a successful splash down test of the orion spacecraft. here it comes. here comes the splash. sound effects extra. more than 5,000 sensors measured the impacts. crash dummies were inside to meas they hope to go to mars in 2023. >> thank goodness you made that sound. i wouldn't have remembered what a splash sounded like. >> it is like a silent movie. i wanted a little noise. we will have some rain now without a doubt. some increasing shower chances with whatever it is off to the west of us. sometimes in a couple of days, that's the way it looks like it will move. i'm sorry we couldn't be more specific.
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this shot. that is an f-150. >> looks like the platinum series. >> you can tell from that distance. >> this is veteran's ford. want to welcome them to our camera family. you have probably seen this many times. it looks like a truck floating in space. [ laughter ]. i also wonder how they got it up there. 90 degrees. that's in the tampa area. the traffic doesn't appear to be too bad. in land puffy clouds. fair weather clouds. a few scattered showers and storms. new port richey, an east wind at 3 miles an hour. as we look at weekend weather, 92, 91 degrees. the rain chances are definite lip creasing a little bit here. 40% here tomorrow. i think we have all of that today. staying warm. better coverage for showers and thunderstorms on sunday. increased atmospheric moisture will always do that.
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unbelievable. 86 degrees at kickoff. 84 at halftime. 82 for the final play. probably a bit more muggy. maybe you will be at a field where the showers have moved through and dropped the temperature. that will be a little cooler. but make sure to wipe off the seat. always a good idea. and we have the cleveland browns in town playing the bucs here, or tonight rather. 8:00, still a lingering shower, thunderstorm. but as the evening goes along, things will get better. there are a few thunderstorms and a bit of a wrest coast sea breeze convergent. the flow has east, but the west coast sea breeze is trying. it will converge on the beaches or out in the gulf of mexico. you can see the showers here. the western sections of pinellas county. thunderstorms moving through most of central and south pinellas right now. saint pete, pinellas park. headed to indian rock's beach. saint pete beach. downpours along brandon too. looks like it is seeing a shower or a storm.
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of venice, englewood, bradenton. a few scattered showers points east of that. that's the rain cooled football fields i was talking about. 92 degrees at 4:00 p.m. a hot day. a few more clouds. 92 degrees in temple terrace. these temperatures will obviously drop once the showers drift to the west. over these areas. 88 degrees in lake land. 90 dade city. frost proof. high pressure l the southeast. helping to provide us with an easterly flow. the moisture increasing a little bit from south to north and a bit more activity focused to where the sea breeze convergence is. this is 99l. the center right around here roughly. and again, it is not officially anything. we will just continue to watch. the longer it goes without organizing is good. that would keep the intensity down. whatever may potentially develop. certainly, this is an important way to look at our best thinking.
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they have been trending to the west. trending north. if it should get in the gulf of mexico. we still have gaston in case you are tracking well out to sea. it could become a hurricane again. it was a tropical storm, was a hurricane, a tropical storm. and could become a hurricane again. 40% rain chance saturday. 50% chance sunday. we will watch the movement of any potential influence on us from a stronger tropical system. we will increase the moisture, we will see more rain chances. and tuesday. if you have been cheated, when you need help, she's on your side. better call behnken. >> investigator shannon behnken is keeping up the pressure on pinellas county officials to help a largo woman afraid to let her children play in their own backyard. that's after two cars plowed through her fence within six months. she wants a guardrail. but county officials tell us there is not enough evidence it is needed.
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better call behnken. shannon behnken joins me now. i ups her frustration and her fear. >> reporter: absolutely. it has been three weeks since we first reported this story and very little progress. even the largo police department says a guardrail is probably needed but county officials are not convinced that cars speed enough here. so, i am trying to enlighten them. amber davis is afraid to be in her own backyard. >> we don't spend any time out here at all. >> reporter: and who be? she is in constant fear of a car plowing through her fence for a third time. >> i hear it all the time. just in normal driving, just, people thinking that you know, it is not as sharp as it is until they get up on it and i hear them squealing around the corner. >> reporter: late last month, davis got home to find this. a car thief fleeing police whipped around this curb and slammed through the fence. and get this, this is the second car to take out davis'
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there, they probably would con the house. >> reporter: davis wants a guardrail. the county officials say this 15 miles an hour speed limit sign is enough. we saw cars blowing right past it. so, i came back with my better call behnken speed buster's radar gun. >> 23, 24, 25. 26. 28, 29, 30, 31. >> reporter: not crazy speeds. especi after they saw me and put on but nearly every car was speeding. many more than double the speed limit. i called the county. and was told more testing is needed. >> well, there has been two cars that have plowed through her fence in six months. makes you wonder what kind of evidence do you need. but you assure me your staff is going to look at this again? >> reporter: as for davis, her backyard will remain off limits for r lyunl the county does something to help. >> some people don't get it
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tragedy. it will not be my kids or my pets. what a shame. >> reporter: county officials say a guardrail is pretty much out, but they promised me they would come back out and take another look and consider other traffic methods like speed bumps. >> i look at her yard. she obviously has a wooden fence up instead of that nice pvc fence she had that was obliterated by the crash. is she on the hook for another fence? >> reporter: at this point yes. fence up for temporary use, she is hoping to get the money, but she wants the thief who ran into her fence to pay for it. she will have to go through court for that as part of the criminal process or civilly. or she might just have to pay for it. but she want it is guardrail. >> you'll stay on it. thank you very much, shannon. if you have a problem that needs solving, better call behnken. 1-855-behnken. high school football fans are fired up tonight for e returnof the friday night blitz.
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with a preview of our game of
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. "make america great again". but trump made his shirts in bangladesh. his ties in china. and his suits in mexico. in fact, the real donald trump outsourced his products and jobs to 12 different countries. so don't believe the hat. you can't make america great again, if you don't make things
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>> a friday night blitz is back. newschannel8 is your station for all of your favorite high school highlights and analysis. >> we are so excited to kick off the season of the blitz. paul ryan has a preview of the game of the week. >> reporter: high school football season is officially back. and what better way to start out than with a classic rivalry
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sickles. these two national geographic rivals five-and-a-half miles apart. the schedule makers changed it so they face off first against each other every single year. didn't work out last year. shut out, 16-0 by sickles in the opener. the griffins made the playoffs, the ravens finished 4-6. but it is a new year and these programs are not carrying that baggage. sickles has a new head coach, patrick under its belt. they square off once again when it really matters and it is time to put all that talk behind them. >> i'm not a twitter and facebook guy but these young kids are. i'm sure there's been a lot of fair play trash talking going on. >> whatever they have to say, they have to so it. and, you know, we just show it on the field. >> a lot of us went to school, you know, before back in middle school. so we know each other, we are
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>> reporter: kickoff set for 7:30. highlights coming up on the first edition of the blitz. dan lucas and i taking over the studio tonight at about 11:15. check it out. back to you. >> they will have to wrestle it away from us jen. they will take the studio. oh. but they really are. >> yeah. >> you can catch all of today's football highlights tonight on the friday night blitz with paul and dan. it starts at 11:15. ey us on out of the way. >> get out of here. >> we love this time of year. >> can't believe it is already some brazen restaurant burglars caught on camera. how long it took them to rip off three drawers of cash. we'll have that. and counting off to kickoff for the bucs.
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>> right now on newschannel8 at 5:30. >> the hunt is on for two brazen burglars caught on camera stealing from a business in a quiet bay area community. i'm jennifer leigh. >> i'm josh benson. thanks for being with us. surveillance cameras were rolling as two bold burglars broke into a mom and pop diner and the who men were in before highland deputies were able to stop them. john rogers breaks it down frame by frame. >> reporter: good evening. when you look at this surveillance video, you will see how confident and quick these crooks were. it didn't matter that a surveillance camera was right in front of the door. just before 4:00 thursday morning these two men simply breakthrough the glass and walk inside market 27 in avon park. >> we found a spark plug out


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