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tv   NEWS CH8 7PM  NBC  September 1, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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good evening we began with hurricane hermine and all the problems it is causing your
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in the forecast center. >> this was upgraded to a hurricane this afternoon 75 mile-per-hour winds and probably this evening will come to shore around the southern side the winds are coming from the south and eventually southwest. that's why we're concerned about coastal flooding of in the northern spots citrus liddi and potentially hernando county more around the panhandle. hurricane warning and place that is the registered the orange strip south is a tropical storm warning that goes all the way down to the southern part of sarasota county. should we can overland. the fuel for hurricanes is the warmer air over the waters. hurricane warning in place for the northern area. it goes to the coastal sarasota
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for kanellis, hillsboro and polk county northwards of the threat of a tornado is still there. we have seen several warnings this afternoon and we still can. you can see the bands that spinoff defeat -- center of the hurricane. very strong winds within this and reports of damage from likely straight line winds. it is still moving over pasco county over citrus county. keep in mind you can see strong wind gusts all the -- the intensity is not what was. breakout showers can occur. right now east of sarasota around the lake pretty good ground force. a broader range shows the circulation off to the west. incredible views on the visible satellite imagery losing the light of the day but it does give you somewhat of a stadium
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how you can see how close the center of the storm or the eye is to landfall. ev then the winds will become more southwesterly. that is the concern for the coastal flooding and the title flooding. i type coming around 3:00 in the morning and at 3 pm tomorrow. look at the wind direction when you see the equal pressure coming in from winds will be lighter as we get into the later date tomorrow. we saw some title flooding today all over the bay area as a result of the high tide. it will be more southwesterly the next 24 hours. that is the point where the water is pushed into the bay. it does not allow the high tide to come backout. >> we will be on the lookout. hurricane herminat florida' will be the first working
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jeff patterson has gone up to cedar key and joins us live and those conditions have been deteriorating.>> reporter: good evening we are certainly seen the wind pickup here and cedar key and there is a mandatory evacuation and leaving county for low-lying areas. as you might be able to tell my photographer who is a big guy is being bumped around by this went and we have been keeping a close eye on it with the wood meter. this has hurricanes of 2004 and i have been measuring steady went above 30 miles per hour and a couple of gusts above 50 miles per hour. just from my handheld wind meter. i will also tell you if you look at the gulf of mexico behind me it has come up again and we have been monitoring private by some picnic tables at one point the picnic tables were completely covered with water. it has since gone out a
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the shift of the wind that the tide has started to come back up and hour access point out of here, some of the roads are now covered by water. we will be changing locations because safety is our number one prioria concrete structure where we are which has given us a great deal of safety, but we r equipment safe. we will change locations to a higher .. the sheriffs office is urging people at this in the high water on the roads and the danger of downed power lines. we will be keeping a close eye out for all of that to make sure that we can still bring you images of the storm and do it in a safe fashion. >> you to be very careful. plenty of students around the bay area will enjoy another
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plants of -- canceled classes tomorrow. these sunshine skyway bridge also shut down just before one thisafternoon your this is a live look from one of the traffic cameras. and look strange not to see vehicles. at one point winds were gusting up at 56 miles per hour at the top of the span. in st. pete a number of states -- trees down. this is near park boulevard. you can see there is a large tree lane debris scattered everywhere. there is also a utility truck nearby and emergency crews. st sewage treatment laps e in around the bay area and one plant the pumps have failed. >> i am mark douglas where crews are working very hard to contain the mess caused by the shutdown of a wastewater plant
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into the nearby creek. there were 30,000,000 gallons of water flowing through the plant design for 10 million. becomes shutdown and now they have temporary pumps and trying to get this under control. this is not the only problem today. the beach shutdown because it was underwater today. water also flowing over the nearby bike path. to the west, residential streets in north rw water today the main tourist beaches also underwater, submerged and water actually flowing into the storm sewers nearby. people playing in the serve despite the danger flags because of the riptide and the horrendous serve. meanwhile out here there is still a very fluid problem as the sewage continues to flow. thousands of gallons into the street and they are trying to contain that and it is out of
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tonight a local hospital that lost power remains close. more than 200 patients had to move out of regional medical center when the lights went out. chip joins us now live and chp, it will stay closed for a while at the your >> reporter: a remains close that this hour and we are hearing it will remain closed until at least monday. the ceo telling us that he believes lightning is to blame. it looked like a scene out of a mass casualty exercise, ambulances from all over and as far away as orlando lined up at regional medical center. the ambulance were not dropping off patients they were picking them up. more than 200 forced to relocate due to a power outage. the hospital ceo claiming a lightning strike disabling the main power feed to the hospital and also maybe facilities backup generators useless.
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in the hospital. we kicked an hour emergency command center and we are working with cell phones flashl it will begin the process of evacuating patients. >> reporter: elevators were not working so staff used stairwells to get patients out of the building amazingly there were no injuries. now until and a power source and backup power source are restored the hospital is not treating or accepting any patients. you can see the hospital has an ambulance here just in case someone with a medical emergency drives here not knowing what the situation is. the two closest hospitals to this one are in trinity and brooksville. live in pasco county.
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let streets shut down insert petersburg. the water was so high one mother and daughter had to be rescued. >> i couldn't go to work or get out. >> reporter: that's when she knew it was time to call for help. fire rescue not driving their truck through this water instead bringing in this high water storm water truck. they drove down the street and minutes later came back with two dogs and the mother 67-year- old. >> we don't know what went on i'm just glad they came and got us. >> reporter: she was visiting her daughter and is now going to her nearby home. water only seem to come closer and higher. the high water truck going back to retrieve her spent the mother. rying to calm her >> just calm down and keep the lord first. >> reporter: when did you realize it was so bad? >> this morning. they couldn't get it pumped off
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caused some damage for a restaurant on the beach. the restaurant posted this video showing the peers tracking stripped away. the video also shows driving rain and big waves washing over the parking lot. there is no doubt the beaches will lose a lot of stand due to erosion -- sand due to erosion. the water was all the way here is a good reason not to wait out into floodwaters. one of our crews spotted this alligator swimming around in a flooded street. if you managed to snap a picture or get some good video please send it to us. remember to stay safe while shooting pictures. images to us very easily through the news
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road rage ends with shots fired and deputies needed clues. plus incredible video from cape canaveral a routine rocket test
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surveillance video out of pasco county shows a wild confrontation that is likely a case of road rage. it shows a crash as to cars rounded corners in the driver of the white car gets out and start shooting at the black heart and a red suv. investigators say they have identified the white car, but not the other two vehicles. this all happened last friday. anyone with information should call crimestoppers and could receive a $3000 reward. they have suffered a huge setbacks. some explosions destroyed an
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spacex was experimenting with an explosion. the rocket was supposed to carry a satellite into space that would have expanded internet service into africa. the ceo tweeted it is too soon to know what went wrong. it is not just people virus. officials say they have found it in mosquitoes. state officials say they have detected and three mosquito samples taken from a small area in miami beach. it is one of the areas where local transmission has been confirmed and mosquito control efforts are in full force. 95 mosquitoes tested positive for the. some people have had a big sewage mess on their hands and all the rain from the hurricane has made a bad situation worse. coming up, find out what
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donald trump facing new criticism - he appeared to mock a reporter with a disability. "you gotta see this guy. aid, i don't remember.' he's going like 'i don't remember'." "putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. i don't want to sound too much like a chauvinist." "you have to be wealthy in order to be great. i'm sorry to say it." "he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured."
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some people face a disaster. raw sewage flowing into their homes. the backup was caused by city workers and then hurricane hermine arrived. homeowners were desperate for help. >> this is the remnants of my life. here are my dishes and pots and pans. >> reporter: laura has lived like this with her house torn apart pieces of her life scattered on the floor for three long weeks. >> yesterday we got to the point where i just thought we need to throw away. just >> reporter: this after her and her neighbor discovered their homes flooded with at least 3 inches of raw sewage water. they found ways, toilet paper and roaches on the floor. the city of largo admits they messed up when testing pipes nearby and caused this backup. >> i wanted to fix my house and i mean fix it the way it was before. >> reporter: the city has paid
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is painfully slow. now she points to the storage unit outfront as another failure. pictures and heirlooms she managed to save were stashed here and then went floodwaters from the hurricane came it just inside the park. >> you see where the water came up. >> reporter: the water and more sewage flooded her home again. she blames the city for this to say in her home has never flooded in more than 20 year this street. >> reporter: i call the city for answers for a solution to protect these homes. i found that people with the answers took the day off. but that is inconvenient for these residents that are concerned about what is happening and city hall is close. where is the city when you need them? >> she continues to wait for
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they just don't care. >> reporter: most of the city leaders i called they were not working, but i kept calling and got in touch with a supervisor at environmental services. they sent someone out to check the system and made some modifications. hurricane hermine landfall expected on the big bend area possibly this evening. the rain will bring heavy downpours on and off and through friday morning and the coastal flooding we talked about and the high tides, the weather we are still in awarding until tonight. we have some south winds and we have seen gusts up to 62 miles per hour plus and some of the areas. over 2 inches of rain. 75 mile-per-hour winds as
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the north. coming to sure probably this evening sometime potentially around midnight or before. the eastern side of the storm, the advancing part of the storm would be the worst winds and the potential high tide and the storm tide would be on the east. coastal flooding is what we are concerned with when we have high tide at 3:00 in the morning. winds coming more southwesterly putting water in the day. that may have not come out from the earlier high tide. there is the banding feature we talked about, this thir strong. we have seen tornadoes today and very strong wind gusts. with the line itself that came through earlier in the dallas county some damage reported. east of brookfield another line setting up on shore and keep in mind we can see some tornadoes with the lives. southern sections of hillsboro county and further south so you can see surging into the southern portion of hillsboro county. offshore this line
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some video from the -- my hairstylist. this is in the shores area and you can see the wind gusts coming. this looks like incredible tropical weather. classic tropical weather. 60% range chance friday 60% for saturday and 40% on sunday. as we get into monday which is labor day i kind of rgot that surprising to get this kind of weather. it has been a while since a hurricane has had florida which is 11 years. i had a chance to talk to add. from the nationthe experts. >> hurricane hermine did what we see most often. it strengthened and that is partly because of the very warm
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course is that that area is highly vulnerable to storm surge and the greatest risk for loss of life is water and the storm surge is the number one killer. >> that is what you have been saying for a couple of days. >> have to watch the water and the possibility of a tornado
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west and the effects will be coming in the rest of the evening and overnight and throughout the day tomorrow. this should improve by saturday. >> we have chris up-and-down
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history of crying wolf. >> now on "extra." ? ? ? before she said chris brown pointed a gun, baylee curran accused this former roommate of making death threats. >> she made false accusations against why? for what? >> we investigate the ugly past of beauty queen baylee curran. >> she likes to cause drama. >> bethany versus luann. >> behaves like a complete [ bleep ]. >> inside the name calling, mudslinging all-out hatefest on the housewives of new york reunion. >> there's not a man in manhattan you haven't slept with. >> jennifer lopez on her surprise reunion with ex marc nth me.
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blue". >> to how she shocked angie martinez. >> how do i not know that about you? >> because i know how to act in public. >> britt ney's first date horror stories. >> the guy she really liked, just wasn't that into her. >> taraji p. henson naked in bed for "ew". >> ryan lochte's new dancing partner cheryl burkend why she's kick up a dance war with mario. >> again, you're m.c. hammer. >> no, it's not! >> now on "extra" from universal studios hollywood, the entertainment capital of l.a. hey, everyone. welcome to "extra." i'm mario lopez. coming up, lochte after dark. new video of his nightclub hopping with his playmate girlfriend. >> also coming up, mario, brit flea, a bikini and a wild wipeout on the "today" show. >> new claims chris bown's accuser has done it before. jerry has details on the last
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man of a serious crime. >> her shady .?! tiara-ble. the blaring new headline. >> i don't lie. >> his angry new, i'm innocent rant. >> yo, all this [ bleep ] going on, man. >> as these pics of brown accuser baylee curran modeling in the desert in a bikini and daisy dukes and her allegation against the superstar. >> for a minute i thought, yeah, this is it. he's going to shoot me. >> are being raised today. >> brown's mark geragos slamming her i was held at gun point story calling it false and fabricated insi insisting police found no weapon or the diamond necklace she claims she was viewing during the alleged incident. >> i would never lie. why? for what? >> only hours after the 911 call from the grammy winner's $4.3 million tarzana mansion. >> a screaming woman in front of the location. >> the 25-year-old already predicting her story would come under attack, insisting right


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