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tv   News Ch8 Today at 5AM  NBC  September 7, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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talk about low. a discuss abled veteran beaten and robbed outsided a local walmart. >> got on top of me and grabbed me around the neck and starting hitting and >> the key piece of evidence police hope will track down the thug. dozens of guns stolen from a bay area store and out on the streets. where the investigation stands and why investigators believe the thieves are now amateurs. plus, another milestone in the changing relationship between the u.s. and cuba. what is taking flight from south florida making it easier to visit the island. good morning. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo.
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temperatures are running about average for this time of the year at this point. zephyrhills, brooksville, 71. 73 throughout polk county. and gets warmer to the south and west. notice sarasota you're at 76. that's where it's more humid. sure did enjoy that dry air that was around yesterday. and for the most part, we're going to keep the dry air around today. the afternoon high just above the average of 90. i'm expecting 91 during the below average. we have a 10% rain chance at noon. and 20% after 2:00 p.m. and that's mostly for areas south of i-4. at 5:08, i have an hour-by-hour look at your wednesday. that's right. and it's nice out there. bay area bridges look great, folks. not seeing delays there. this is 275 around kennedy by the howard frankland bridge. and if you're hopping across the howard frankland bridge, it's only going to take you roughly six minutes. again, i just want to mention
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seidel. it's completely blocked due to a road closure. and they're doing repairs on the roadway. it will link up with fruitville. or just take state road 70 or 75, depends on where you're going. and a closure on pinellas, more coming up in the next report. and now back to gene and gayle. right now, a man who police say attacked a disabled veteran in front of a bay area walmart is still on the loose. it happened last friday in broad daylight. news channel is know live from st. petersburg. so jamel, do police have any leads on the suspect? >> reporter: good morning, gene and gayle. police were able to pull some surveillance video from walmart's parking lot cameras. and they were able to get a look of the attacker's vehicle. take a good look at it. this could help detectives get this guy off the streets. police say the attacker took off in the blue dodge. a witness said the plate began
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and the victim, a 67-year-old jeffrey hardman says he was walking into the store located on 4th street north around 1 :00 -- on 34th street north around 1:00 friday afternoon. the man approached him and asked for the time and afterwards, that's when he says he was beat and choked and he says the suspect took his walker and hit him with it. he says he's lucky to be alive and investigators say this person needs to be off the streets. >> lucky he didn't st shoot me or something. >> why are you attacking an elderly man with a walk senator get a job. >> reporter: hardman has bruises and some bumps but he is doing okay. police tell us that the suspect is between the ages of 29 to 35 years old. about 6'tall and around 200 pounds. again, investigators say this was a random attack but if you have any information, you are asked to contact police. gayle-- >> just horrible to beat a man
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three dozen stolen guns are on the streets this morning and they could end up in the wrong hands. >> they sure can. polk county investigators are scrambling to find the firearms and the thieves who took them. news channel 8's meredyth censullo is in the tampa news center with information on a big reward and also why investigators think the thieves are no amateurs. >> reporter: yeah, and deputies don't have a lot to work with. the surveillance video is pretty crummy. take a look though, maybe you recognize something. this is exterior video titan arms in lakeland. a brown extended brown pickup truck with a chrome grill, chrome wheels and bumpers pulls up to the store around 2:30 sunday. four people wait for 20 minutes and three men get out, smash the front window, rip out the burglar bars and take 26 hand guns and 10 long guns. polk county sheriff grady judd says it was well planned the. men knew the store well.
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they knew that the burglar bars weren't approximately installed. >> reporter: that crime took just two minutes. so there is an $8,000 reward. you will want to send your anonymous tips to and anyone with information can remain anonymous. >> and we st just log on there for a closer look. some pasco county residents are getting tired of being flooded out of their homes. this is what it still looks like and they're hoping help will come soon. emergency managers are in the process of completing damage assessments in the areas affected by hurricane hermine. those reports will be used to apply for federal funds to help residents to recover and build.
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>> why? where are the tax dollars going? what's going on here? you know, you can ride through here and say we need to fix this and that. we know what the problems are. you need to hit us with solutions. >> pasco county reports nearly 300 homes suffered major damage as a result of the hurricane. nine homes are destroyed. in an 8 on your side consumer alert, scammers are trying to profit off the damage left behind by hurricane hermin wants to warn all residents about a phone obstetrical. callers claim to be from the federal emergency management agency or fema. they demand a deposit for storm damages, something fema does not do. a set back in the fight against the zika virus. 52 voted in favor of the $1.1 billion funding bill but it needed 60 votes.
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stalled bill. this morning, a sign of healing after the nightclub massacre in orlando. the last victim at one orlando hospital is back home. orlando edgal medical center announced on twitter it aleased the last patient from the mass shooting and they treated 35 patients. that's when gunman teen teen walked into the club and -- gunman omar mateen walked into another airline begins direct flights from the u.s. to cuba. american airlines will fly its first scheduled flights out of miami to havana. service is expected to start in november. last week, jetblue became the first u.s. airline to offer regular commercial flights to cuba many more than half a century. and 10 u.s. airlines are set to add cuba as a destination, some of the flights departing from
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let's get a check on the weather. >> we still have river flood warnings in effect across the tampa bay area. still that lingering high waters from hurricane hermine. we still have at flood stage the river, little manatee river at wimauma, state park area, still under river flood warnings, cyprus creek as well as the peace river. we have another day basically dry. only a 20% rain chance later in the afternoon. it will be 9:00 a.m. up to about 88 by 1:00. with an afternoon high of 91. around 4:00 p.m. and now citrus, hernando and pasco, your rain chance is just 10%. 20% is for polk county, hillsborough, pinellas and portions of manatee county. the south, more humid so a 30% rain chance. one more day with the lower humidity. the mugginess returns tomorrow. and it will help to increase our rain chances into the
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each afternoon. at 5:08, we will check on ask traffic on the 8s. it's a good drive overall. not perfect. an issue somewhere. it's 5:00 somewhere, right? isn't that the saying? >> wrong 5:00. >> yeah, that's right. exactly. it's 5:00 a.m. just after it. let's look at pinellas county here, folks, in the seminole area. we we have a road closure northbound on seminole boulevard. and it's between ulmerton and east bay in the middle there. they are doing road work until september 16th. so the middle of the month, you will see the closure. so wrap you around to starkey and ridge road. that's how you get around the closure. on the northbound side. northbound not affected. traffic is extremely light right now. a lot of people are still home and watching tv. state road 72 is blocked, both directions through the state park. from actually state park road
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so keep that in mind too. and a quick alternate, take seidel to clay gully and loops up and then hits fruitville. and state road 70 or i-75 to the south until they can get that road work done out in sarasota county. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. >> okay, leslee. the 2016 heart walk is right around the corner and news channel 8 is committed to raising $100,000. but we need your help. kia $550,000 reraise so every -- the first $50,000 we raise so every dollar you donate counts as two. head over to for heartwalk for more details. hope you can join -- over to for more information. a neighborhood dispute gets
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into a bulldozer. >> that story is just ahead. and a wild police chase and shootout. coming up, how the chase of a bank robbery suspect played out and came to an end. first, a military face-off for the presidential candidates. where trump trump and hillary rodham clinton will sound off about national security and where you can watch it. you're watching news channel 8
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anticipation is building for the first-ever commander in chief forum happening tonight live on nba. the two major presidential -- live the two major presidential candidates will take the stage. the questions will come from the audience made up of service members and veterans. you can watch live from new york live here on news channel 8. matt lauer will moderate. it begins at 8:00 p.m. and across america, a bank robbery suspect is dead, shot by police after this violent car chase. it happened through the streets of phoenix. a closer shot here.
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police in unmarked vehicles managed to stop the fleeing suspect. they then fired multiple shots into that vehicle. police claim they were returning fire after the driver shot at officers. a minnesota man has confessed to the abduction and killing of an 11-year-old boy in 1989. he told authority where is to find the body of the child. he had been missing for 27 years. he also detailed how he kidnapped and killed the the confession was part of a plea deal that calls for him to spend 20 years in federal prison. a trial date is set for bill cosby. on june 5th, 2017, cosby will take the stand in a case that involves accusations. she says cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her. dozens of women have come forward with similar accusations going back decades. cosby has denied all of them.
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swimmer brock turner registered as a sex offender in ohio. this surveillance video shows the registration when the 21- year-old turn arrived with his parents at the sheriff's office. he spent three months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman on the stanford campus. it's 5:16. a dispute between neighbors led one man to bulldoze john higdon's feuding and tensions just boiled over. but his brother is confused as to why he did this. >> don't know why. never had a beef with him. no explanation. my dad built this house. this man over here decides come 12:00 in the morning with a dozer and tractor and starts pushing the house down. >> he is charged with criminal
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while, ice cream is a hot commodity in manhattan these days. >> that's right. because thieves are stealing the sweet treat from pharmacies and convenience stores. so far, they have stolen more than 1200 containers of ice cream. and they've got good taste. they are targeting ben and jerry's and others. surveillance video show three suspects that police are looking for. thisser and they seem pp and they seem happy. more support for quarterback colin kaepernick and and his national anthem protest. his jersey is a top seltzer. nfl shop website reports the red version of the 49ers jersey is the number one seller. the boom in sales follows his decision to sit during the national anthem. you will remember he is doing this to highlight racial injustice in the u.s. across the nation, nfl
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>> and while they are focused on the game, some players had fun. they created their own version of comedian james corden's car pool karaoke. ? we will have a house party ? ? got a gypsy soul to blame and you were born for leaving ? ? by my side girl ? >> better with the country song than -- >> yeah. >> those are players for the mi the team posted the video on facebook. it features players singing some of their favorite songs, driving around town. maybe they should just keep to it the field. >> i put out the challenge, i want to do this with gene and leslee and leigh. >> it is on. >> warm up the pipes. >> just no rap songs, gayle. i won't know those words. the forecast feeling comfortable for this time of the year. 75degrees at 8:00 this morning. still holding on to some lower humidity.
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creep up later in the day. 86 at noon. 891 at 4:00 p.m. and a -- 91 at 4:00 p.m. and a 20% rain chance. brooksville, 71 degrees. going into polk county, 73 in auburndale and bartow. 74 in north port. and gets warmer and more humid the farther south that you go. because that trier air has come in from the north. another pleasant morning on this time of the year. but as the day goes on, this dry air is going to start to retreat back to meaning the farther north that you live, you will enjoy it all day long. to the south, the 20% rain chance. tomorrow morning, already going to start to notice higher humidity. but i'm keeping the rain chance still at 20%. just spotty showers tomorrow. not really until friday when the rain chances start to increase. 30% friday and saturday. 40% next week. how about traffic on the 8s? just a quick reminder. seminole area, we do have road work that kicked off.
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northbound side, seminole boulevard in between east bay and ulmerton. so alternates. could be ridge road or starkey road. avoid the area, there's a lot of work going on. not wrapped up until about september 16th. that's when they plan to have it finished. they are doing water main work in the area. sarasota county state road 72, come completely closed both directions through the state park. in fact, from state park road to seidel. it 275 at kennedy, looks great. no delays across the howard frankland bridge. back to gene and gayle. >> all right. thank you so much, leslee. a sneak peek behind the scenes of sunday night's football's new theme song. >> it will catch your eye for sure. that story still ahead. and what we are spending our money on. a survey that reveals what americans are saving for. it's 5:20.
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we're back. a look at what people will spend their money on in the next five years no. surprise here, technology. sales-- years, no surprise here, technology. sales will skyrocket. in fact, experts believe by 2021, people will spend about $45 million on high-tech gadgets you can wear. and this morning we are getting a look at what we can expect from nbc this football
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about the gridiron match-ups. rather the puss cal open to sunday night foot -- the musical open to sunday night football. ? nbc sunday night about to happen ? >> carrie underwood. she is hot. singing the open set to her 2014 hit "something bad." you will hear the open every sunday night before the game. this week's game features new england and arizona. and the season opener is tomorrow night, a super broncos and the carolina panthers. >> people will be watching the open. usually around that time is when you are refilling the nachos, not now. you got to watch that. >> exactly. disney is cracking down on tickets scams. >> what the theme park is doing to make sure people aren't sharing tickets. and apple is creating buzz
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downtown tampa. dark and early on this hump day. you made it to the midweek mark. weather and traffic on the 8s
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it's 5:28. sending the kids to the bus stop should feel nice for when they get dropped off, hot at 91. but the rain chance is small, just 20%, especially south of i- 4. high temperatures the next five day, 91 today and tomorrow. going up to 92 on friday. and humidity and rain chances increase toward the weekend. how about traffic on the 8s? looking at the roadways right now. 275 is a great drive across the bay area bridges. sunshine skyway bridge will take about 11 minutes. howard frankland bridge, roughly six minutes to cross.
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gandy. i-4 through lakeland looks great, about 13 minutes. and no delays in and out of
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a military veteran brutal beeten in the middle of the day in a busy parking lot. and now police need your help to get this attacker behind bars. and futures put on hold. a hillsborough county colleg after itt tech campuses shut down suddenly. and fingers are crossed that apple will reveal a new iphone today. we will show you all the features the iphone 7 will have and when you can get your hands on one. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez. let's get you out the door with a check on the weather with leigh spann. >> you know, it's not too bad.


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