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tv   News Ch8 Mid- Day at 11AM  NBC  September 8, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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when you build it on fantasy ? an update to a big problem for some kids in polk county. dangerous bus stop now being moved to a safer location. the steps county is taking coming up. >>tr shootout between a convicted felon and officers. >> we shot back because he shot at us. and we shot him a lot. 2 that suspect shot is no stranger to crime. pinallas county continues to deal with sewage issues days after hermine. coming up, the county plans to do. we will have straight over to the weather.
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have had a taste of fall. lower humidity in even in our far southern areas, lower humidity as well. 84, a couple of clouds. the dry air extends from the surface to the atmosphere. this red color is dry air, especially the upper levels. the green and blue is the humid air and it is staying far away. this red color has spread all the way down everyone is getting a taste of what is to come in the fall. 85 in tampa. it's still warm it's just a humidity makes it more comfortable. 84 lakeland. i expect the afternoon high to be 91. humidity slowly increases through the day. keeping rain chances 20%. 30% tomorrow. and we stay hot in the low 90s.
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video showing how his kids had walked to the polk county bus stop. the father was worried sick telling us it was a dangerous accident waiting to happen. now the school is making changes >> reporter: at the beginning of this new school year this polk county parent reached out to us telling us that he was concerned for his children's safety as they walked to the had to take to get to the bus stop in lakeland. walking on the road aside traffic and crossing the road for about a quarter mile. the family film that and sent it to school administrators hoping it would open their eyes. but when it didn't they send their concerns and the video straight to us. >> i do road construction and people get distracted and will
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the kids are walking on the white line. >> reporter: officials at the school declined an on camera interview but sent an interview to news channel 8 saying they would review this stop in contact the parents to discuss options. this morning big changes are in place after school officials made a house call to check out the route for themselves. >> it's totally because of news channel 8 and because of everyone involved that we were able to >> the new bus stop is 100 feet away from their home. >> they did have to change the bus routing a little and sometimes, it was not an easy solution for the school to make and a lot of credit goes to them for listening and coming out and looking and agreeing this may not be the best scenario for the kids. >> reporter: bus stop safety is a problem the polk county knows far too well. in the past 5 years for students have lost their lives either walking to school or to
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federal prison records show that douglas accuse the man who landed 8 gyro copter on the us capital is out of prison. he served 3 months of his four- month sentence. he is back at his home in ruskin. in april of last year he flew his one-man aircraft from gettysburg pennsylvania to the capital to call attention to the influence of big money on politics. in polk county a man is in the hospital after officers opened fire on him. this after he allegedly fired 1st when confronted over drugs. it happened in lakeland. the sheriff tells us 32-year-old francis perry refused to roll down the window. instead and his gun and fired. the officers fired back. >> we shot back because he shot at us. we shot at him a lot.
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he will leave the hospital after undergoing emergency surgery. he now faces a long list of charges and his existing rap sheet is at least 100 pages long with numerous arrests in polk county. the sheriff will be speaking to us in a minute and we will update you. also in polk county a man accused of sexually abusing 2 toddlers is back in court. we 1st told you about him yesterday. he is facing for child porn. his court appearance is for new charges against him after detectives found more than more than 4000 child porn images. the polk county sheriff worries the could be more young victims. the recovery from hermine continues. the price tag for the repairs may be much higher from haskell county. pasco officials say damages from hermine could top $89 million.
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history. this is part of the county look like at the height of the flooding. hurricane hermine dropped several inches of rain. emergency managers put the high damage aspect for homes and businesses and properties together. more than 300 homes sustained major damage in the storm and leaders plan to apply for state and federal aid to longer. st. petersburg has a sewage problem. today the city council is meeting to discuss it. public works official give more updated numbers and run down the plans in the works to fix that system. hurricane hermine brought a lot of rain into the city sewer system and it couldn't handle it. it's estimated more than 20,000,000 gallons of raw and partially treated sewage and rainwater is being dumped into
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voters on the hillsborough river me to slow down. the city of tampa installed idle speed and no wake some signs on the river. hoping to protect the wildlife. the rules are effective immediately. boaters caught speeding could face 8 $90 fine. florida job link is hosting a diversity career fair in tampa. it's going on now through 2:30 pm. available. some companies are hiring on the spot. be sure to bring a resume and you want to dress professionally. it is that time of year. walk time. news channel 8 is committed to raising $100,000 with your help. kia is again generously
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is $2. go to our website/walk. >> are lots of people signing up? >> we get a fair number but we would like to see more. usually picks up steam. the zika virus is a problem that is not going away soon. >> especially when funding keeps falling through in congress. a representative did something to demonstrate how bad this is. >> i'm here to talk about the,. i arrived with 100 mosquitoes straight from florida. >> coming up, his comments and the new case. woman stabbed 32 times lives to tell the story. coming up going to hear from her
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it's always fun to host houseguests that is if they show up at the white house. >> check out these out-of- towners visiting family in odessa. they were lighting in all their stuff into the wrong house. -- bringing all their stuff. they were supposed to be this is surveillance video posted on facebook. the home security camera keeps pushing alerts that someone is walking into and out of this house. the owners of this house or to expecting any guests but it happens they accidentally left the door unlocked. no foul, no harm. it took about 10 minutes and everyone figure out what it was going on. a good reminder to lock your doors. and visitors, double check the
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>> that is a great story to tell. >> now they are all friends. >> i like that. louvers coming in, you're getting a tree. we don't expect to have this low humidity and comfortable weather. we will take it. a couple of patchy clouds starting to develop. 83 se. wins. a gorgeous serlo the plantation on crystal river with 84. 57% humidity. the farther north the drier the air. more refreshing when you walk outside. no rainfall but we do have extra moisture. are southern portion of the peninsula is not enjoying the drier air. they have rain coming down around alligator alley. but that's basically where the
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lunchtime, warm and dry, 86. 20% rain chance 4 pm. safer areas south of i-4. 91 of 4 pm. even that rain comes to an end at 7 pm. outside right now 87 in sarasota 82 clearwater. mostly sunny cop feels nice through the rest of the morning. of the morning. even this small amount of rain is south of i-4. your rain chance is next to nothing in pasco county. tomorrow morning it's not going to feel quite as nice. it's not going to be super uncomfortable but not quite as nice. as the day progresses with slightly higher humidity rain
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30%. in the tropics we are at the peak of hurricane season, not a lot. a 20% chance of developing. nothing subsequence. we can enjoy our beautiful sunny day at 91. 77 degrees at a touch more humid overnight. here is the 8 day forecast. 20% rain chance to 30% saturday and sunday. 40% the street. the zika virus is an ongoing issue in florida and it will be for some time. it is still spreading. we have a new case here in the bay area. in pasco county a new travel
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that makes 8 in that county and 74 total in the bay area. the health department is still doing door-to-door outreach and testing in pinallas county weather was one on travel related case. funding continues to be a problem associated with fighting zika virus. now local politicians are getting creative to get the attention and money to stay -- the state is asking for. after a bill to authorize nearly $2 billion failed more than once, bay area covers be congress floor with 100 live mosquitoes from florida in a jar. he hoped the prop would convey millions of floridians feel every day. >> can you imagine the fear and anxiety in this chamber if these 100 mosquitoes were out see the star -- outside this jar. members of congress would run down the hall to be tested. they would spray themselves. this is the fear of floridians. >> many unrelated issues are
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bill. congressman jolly says he is willing to accept "imperfect plans". the spring of insecticides and miami beach has people concerned over toxicity. today's schedule round of spring's delayed until tomorrow. the county mayor explains state and federal health officials assure them it safe. we have breaking news happening right now in polk county. >> the sheriff is speaking >> the 3rd detective goes in front of the vehicle to take down the guy by the name of william. as francis perry is arriving in the car, william is walking down the driveway thornton. -- toward him. are one detective is in front
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as he said later, i did what they told me. i got down on the ground. him let me see your hands, tell world on your windows, open the doors because the windows on the side of the vehicle are very dark and they can just barely see in. are detective in front of the car says he continues to do everything from show his hands to go down to the right side of his body. he says this over and over. william who turns out to be a darn good witness, says in his estimation it was 1 minute-1.5 minutes maybe 2 minutes that the detectives kept saying roll down the windows, open the door roll down the windows, open the door.
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hands. the only detective that has a good view into the vehicle is the one in the front. and he says the guy ultimately shows his hands and then goes down by his body. the detective on the passenger side of the vehicle retreats back to get will be call a hooligan tool out of the patrol vehicle in order to knock the window, the side windshield out of vic as he is coming back with a hooligan tool, just as he prepares to hit the window, to shatter the passenger side window, william goes back down to his right-hand side, comes up with we know now is a 9 mm block that is stolen and begins to shoot at not only the
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arrived. so francis perry is shooting 2 of the detectives and of course kate retreat and immediately start shooting into the vehicle at perry. we shot approximately 28 times before perry we know that perry shot at least 5 times at us. we're not sure how he missed the 2 detectives on the right side of the car. we see at least 2 outgoing projectiles that struck some
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the broken window. and who knows where they are at this time. that crime scene search is on. as soon as the fight is over, and perry quits shooting at us, we quit shooting at him. detectives immediately pull him out of the car, have him down on the ground, and begin cpr and life saving measures. calling ems and fire rescue to help. is important to understand from high intensity drug trafficking areas experienced detectives were in a gun fight for their life last night. and they won. it was an incredibly dangerous
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taken to the hospital, he undergoes emergency surgery. quite frankly there is no way -- >> listening live 2 more details on this exchange of gunfire between officers and 32- year-old francis perry who is in the hospital. from there he will face a long list of charges. we're going to take a k
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the 4th annual working women conference gets underway in downtown tampa. >> tomorrow an impressive lineup of speakers will take the stage. >> this is a tremendous networking opportunity for
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it's also about women sharing their stories of triumph to encourage other women to reach new heights. i cut up with one of the keynote speakers whose message not only made headlines in tampa bay but nationwide. >> if he was to be released in 10 or 20 years there's nothing to stop them from finding me and finishing me. >> this is melissa dohme confronting her ex-boyfriend in court in 2013 but either one year being stabbed times. miraculously she is alive to share her story. >> i believe that i was safe for a special purpose and that experienced a lot of miracles and different things and that is to speak out about domestic violence and my story and what i went through. >> she is one of 28 speakers speaking at the working women's state conference. and she hopes her message resonates. >> i made a decision to become
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i want that message to go out to any woman who is going through a struggle in their life other it be domestic violence or a change in career or ending a relationship, whatever that life change is that you can move forward and find strength from others and lean another women. in tampa through tomorrow. if you can't make it, the organization has a working women of tampa bay chapter that has events year-round. >> the information on the conference is on and you can find more about the working women tampa bay chapter. >> sounds like a good event. election day is 2 months away. >> last night we got a better idea of where the candidates stand on military issues. >> coming up with a pledge to
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taking a look at our local top stories. >> frustrated with nowhere to turn, a concerned parent sent 8 on your side video showing how his kids had to walk to a polk county bus stop. officials reviewed the stop and made big changes. the bus stop is about 100 feet away from the parents home. it used to be a quarter-mile away. the man who landed a one- person gyro copter on the lawn of the capital served 3 months of his four-month sentence. in april 2015 he flew the aircraft from gettysburg pennsylvania to the capital to call attention to the influence of big money on politics.
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hurricane hermine brought a lot of rain into the city's sewer system and they couldn't handle it. the outdated system is blamed for dumping about 20,000,000 gallons of raw and partially treated sewage into tampa bay. let's get a check on the weather. >> thankfully hermine is well done. and we are replacing it with this is a look from our tower cam, looking down over the river. a few white puffy clouds. pictures at temple -- international 84. dew point was in the upper 60s. a big difference. when you get the temperature, the dewpoint temperature below 70 it's more comfortable. the higher that gets more steamy it feels. we will feel the gradual
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it's still warm. 82 clearwater. 87 sarasota. rain chances in northern areas like pasco, 10% chance. basically dry. pinallas a 20% chance. higher moisture is here and i will let you know what creeps hillary clinton and donald trump campaign into important swing states today. after battling on stage last night. we go to washington with more on today's campaign stops and last mates form. -- last night form. >> reporter: clinton rallies in charlotte after answering tough questions about emailing classified information. >> i communicated about classified material on a wholly
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i took it very seriously. >> reporter: she drew the line on ground troops to fight cases. >> we're not putting ground troops into iraq ever again. and we are not putting ground troops into syria. >> reporter: and she insisted trump also support the iraq war. >> i am taking responsibility for my decision. he refuses to take responsibility for his support. >> i was totally against the war in iraq. back trump heads to ohio after being challenged repeatedly by the audience to explain his policy. he said immigrants were not citizens should be allowed to serve as a military. >> it would be a very special circumstance. >> reporter: he defended praising russia's leader. >> he says great things about me, i say great things about him. >> reporter: he criticized our military leaders. >> they been reduced to a point where it's embarrassing.
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ministration private. >> reporter: setting the stage for their 1st debate. democrats released clinton's emails. they describe it as a playbook on how to use, system using personal email. we have breaking news out of west texas. police in the town of alpine say there is an active shooter situation. the town is about 2 to 20 miles south of el paso. the schools are on lockdown in the alpine independent school district website says the town has about 5900 residents and 3 schools, and elementary school will school and high school. that is all we know about this active shooter situation right now. we're monitoring the story and we will update you. around the world, the only surviving suspect in last
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set to face an antiterrorism judge for interrogation. the suspect has refused past questioning. he kept silent at a hearing in may and refused to attend a hearing in july. 2 people are in custody after a car parked near notre dame cathedral in paris was found with 7 gas canisters inside. it's license plates were remove found 6 gas canisters filled in an empty one. papers with arabic writing were found inside. prosecutors opened a criminal terrorist investigation after the discovery. jury selection begins today for the new jersey ridgegate scandal. attorneys will look for 12 men and women who could render an unbiased verdict about the
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closure. 2 top aides to governor chris christie are accused of orchestrating a traffic jam back in september 2013 to punish fort lee's mayor for not endorsing christie. christie has denied knowing anything about it. opening statements are set for september 19. oakland police officers are facing serious consequences for 8 sexual misconduct schedule -- scandal. the officers were found guilty of visiting prostitutes, lewd conduct and using police databases for personal gai this morning we're learning that for officers will be fired and 7 others will be suspended without pay. in north dakota tribal group has filed a restraining order against the company trying to build a 4 state, $3.8 million pipeline. members of the standing rock sioux tribe say there are cultural sites in the path of the pipeline. the final ruling is expected by
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it would no longer require a human be inside a self driving car when testing it on public roads. this measure one unanimous senate approval. the legislation is designed to keep the auto industry's home state ahead of the curve on autonomous vehicles. victory for uber. a federal appeals court says drivers have to resolve claims against the company individually, not through a class action lawsuit. this came after a lawsuit in california against it affects other drivers who accuse the service of exploiting them by treating them as independent contractors instead of employees. those drivers will have less leverage against uber is a pursue claims. tonight is the 3rd and final night of the preliminary competition in the miss america pageant in atlantic city. last night miss arkansas won the talent competition. missed maryland on this ones
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the district of columbia importer rico. in 2017, the credit will be held sunday night and will be nationally televised. a concert in louisiana will help make sure music survives the disasters flood that hit in august. money raised put out by the louisiana philharmonic orchestra will support school music and art organizations. homes and musicians are also performing. is 70 national park wide 400 acres of metals and forest in its largest expansion in 70 years. the trust public land bought the land from private owners for $2.3 million and donated it to
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the land on the western boundary will be preserved as habitat for wildlife. in american soccer star was denied a 2nd opportunity to kneel during the national anthem. here's why. sunday she knelt during a game in chicago in support of nfl quarterback kaepernick. in a game in dc against the washington -- against washington the team play the national anthem while the teams off the field. the team, the spirit, said decided to play it in our stadium ahead of schedule rather than subject our fans and friends to the disrespect such an act would represent. as for kaepernick, we told you sales of his georgie -- jersey rose to number 1. he is promised to donate proceeds to committee organizations. the 1st us mission to collect a sample from an asteroid watches today. the spacecraft will bring
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asteroid back to earth. scientists hope the samples will give us a better understanding of the solar system's origin and help fuster -- future asteroids. -- learn how they will impact us. apples new gadgets finally revealed. >> there's a lot to be excited about. will take a look at what you can expect from the new iphone 7.
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we are back to breaking news. in west texas it's been reported at least one person
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school. we understand there 280 schools -- students at the school. the other schools are on lockdown. this is about 220 miles southwest of el paso. there are varying reports on the number of shooters from 1- 2. this is a developing story. we're watching it closely. it's been a beautiful morning with weather. we're seeing clouds pop up because there hasn't been a lot of moisture. 83 in tampa. 63% humidity. through the rest of the date will stay dry. 86 at noon. there will be a couple of showers developing in the heat of the day around 4 pm. most of those will be south of i-4. otherwise it's hot, less humid but still hot. 91 at 4 pm. 87 as the rain comes to an end. temperatures have climbed we are 86 in arcadia.
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-- clearwater and st. pete 82. the moisture level is just down to the south and it will eventually start climbing back to the north. you knew it wasn't going to last long. not quite fall. the forecast going forward. i will circle the area most likely to see a quick passing shower. all move from east to west. itself of i-4. south tampa. a quick passing shower. generally the rain chance the still 20%. moisture level has remained dry. this is the forecast going forward notice humidity in south florida. the blue and red color state socked in in the tampa bay area. even tomorrow, will it's not the super dry air like today,
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the south. just a 20% chance of rain today, 30% friday, saturday sunday and monday. in our consumer watch apple unveiled big changes. it's not about what's in the new iphone that is raising eyebrows, it's more about what they're taking away. the headphone jack is gone. it's being replaced with an additional speaker. the company says it will give you stereo sound. there's also waterproof casing and higher-quality camera. the iphone 7 is not cheap. $649 in the air buds will cost an additional $160. an interesting change the didn't come to the phone, but to applecare, it used to cost $100 to fix a broken screen but those with applecare will play
11:48 am
have gotten lost but it unveiled 2 new playstation consuls. playstation for pro is an upgraded faster processor, better graphics. it will launch november 10 and sell for $399. a slimer standard version console will roll out later this month and will be priced at $299. and in sports, tim bo major league baseball team. for a minor league contract. the new york mets 1 this lottery. they tweeted out that tebow will now play for them. he will participate in the mets instructional league before spring training next your. he held it open tryouts last week in front of scouts from 28 of the 30 mlb teams. the 29-year-old has not played competitive a small since high school. >> it will be interesting to
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the nfl season kicks off tonight. only here on news channel 8. a rematch of last year's super bowl. this will be interesting. the defending champs, the broncos will be at home, peyton manning is no longer around. he retired in the off-season. they are facing cam newton and the carolina panthers. pregame coverage starts it 7:30 pm. that game promises to be fun but here. tampa bay heads north to atlanta to take on their vision rival falcons. kickoff is at 1 pm. both -- most starters are healthy. analysts give atlanta a slight favor. we will have to wait and see. earlier this hour we officially got word from the u.s. olympic committee and usa swimming that olympic swimmer
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for 10 months. he will forfeit $100,000 in bonus money the went with his gold medal from realty. he agreed -- rio de janeiro. he agreed to the band. he will get no monthly funding and cannot access the training centers. you must perform 20 hours of community service and he will miss teen usa post-olympic trip to the white house. which we know is an incredible moment to go to the white house to take a picture with the president. >> one moment 10 change the course of how things pan out. - marco. - polo. - marco. - polo. marco. marco?
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or doesn't show up. i'm patrick murphy. solving problems means showing up. showing independence. and working together. it's why i worked to protect women's health care and worked with both parties to stop cuts to medicare. i'm patrick murphy and i approve this message because florida needs a full-time senator. marco?
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fans of the movie greece might find this interesting. >> fan theories floating around on social media, it's about this scene. the end of the movie were danny and sandy take off into the sky in a convertible.
11:54 am
the entire movie takes place in sandy's brain in her head as she drowns. >> you might remember the line in the song summer love and about danny saving sandy frontrunning. the theory explains she does drowned in the whole movie is playing in her head. the car going into the sky, -- >> i don't know. it's supposed to be a fun light will be. >> actor director mel brooks is paying tribute to gene wilder next month. and one night screening of young frankenstein. october 5 you can catch it in several bay area theaters. works directed wilder in this film and it's considered one of his best. special screening has been in the works for about one year. but with his passing late last month it will double as a
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television took us were no man has gone before. with an original run on nbc of 79 episodes, star trek inspired an entire generation of kids. it still continues to inspire. tv revival in the 90s and many movies. it has become an american classic. another revival will soon be available online proving that star trek brand will live long and prosper. the u.s. navy is perhaps unintentionally paying to be to 50 years of star trek, the largest and most expensive navy destroyer is on its way to report -- newport rhode island. it's captained by james kirk. sound familiar? james kirk was the director of
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designed to minimize its radar signature. it has new guns to boast land attack capability. it will be commissioned in -- it would based in san diego. the reason we're talking about it is because of captain kirk. >> get it. >> element. live long and prosper 87. this is the weather. it's warming up. we and 91 on saturday. >> what you do with your thumb? live long and prosper. thank you for joining us. >> have a great day. family bundles. ucing car'w choose one of six favorites plus a large salad to make a carry-out dinner for the whole family starting at $34.99. it's carry-out without the compromise.
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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1-a in >> hey, everybody. welcome to thirsty thursday. it's september 8. who is that? >> that is luke bryant. >> a great show for you to day. look at this beautiful lady in our kitchen. that is haley did you have. and that necklace is wearing you beautifully. >> i might need that. >> she's a new mom. she has handsful and a meal for busy parents that is just six ingredien


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