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tv   News Ch8 Today at 530AM  NBC  September 14, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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deputies find a body inside and a brandon home. investigators are now on the scene. we are live with the latest on this investigation. and more breaking news overnight. an suv smashes into a home. the dramatic pictures and inside and that home. and while you were sleeping, tropical storm julia formed off the east coast of florida. this morning, we are tracking julia. what it means for you coming up in just seconds. good morning. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez. thank you for joining us. a lot going on this morning. we want to start with meteorologist leigh spann with the latest on the tropics. >> yeah, you probably went to bed last night, no tropical system anywhere close to the florida and woke up this
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it formed right on the coast of jacksonville. it's actually drifting to the north and west. it's onshore now but the tim pact is going to be real small. notice the wind flow bring all the rain to the northern side of this up into city councilling and and even into some of georgia. not even all of georgia. as it pushes slowly to the north, it's going to be a tropical storm for the next few hours. and then it will weak on the a tropical depression and then just fizzle out basically in the the impact on us, while we do have tropical moisture linger inning in place and a south to southwest wind. that means a couple showers are possible near the coast. very light and spotty showers. places are seeing, again, light rain in coastal areas of manatee and sarasota county. basically along and west of 75. and that's why i left in the 20% rain chance this morning. now again, you heat things up and there's not a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. the rain chance is higher than
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so 30% chance at noon. 50% during the later afternoon hours as the storms push east. at 5:38, i have an eight-day temperature trend for and you i will let you know what to expect as you get closer to the weekend and leslee lacey has that. right now, folks traffic- wise, the interstates look good but we have an update for you here. i just got off the phone with florida highway patrol. the eastbound lanes of ridge road are completely blocked just past airway boulevard. thousand get around it. there'sc college right there. and what is happening is patrol cars are routeing you through the college. and that's how you get around that. there's no need to talk other alternatives, just allow for extra the time. and they expect this accident and everything to be cleared up including the investigation by about 6:30 a.m. so i will keep you posted as soon as that happens. and still, we've got one of the westbound lanes at university under 75 blocked due to overnight construction. back to gene and gayle.
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detectives are investigating a death in a quiet neighborhood in brandon. >> they're trying to figure out how a person at a home died. news channel 8's ryan hughes is live from the scene. we have been checking in with him all morning. what is the latest now, ryan? >> reporter: gene and gayle, good morning to you guys once again. investigators have been here at this home in brandon for the past five hours and you can see that they are still here onscene. a number of them in the front yard. at this point, they have been going in and out of this home after a search signed by a judge early this morning. and we have video of the scene to show you right now. we're told by a sheriff's spokeman that someone called 911 around 12:15 this morning. deputies got to the home and they tell us they found a person dead inside and. but they are not saying what led to the death of the person or the gender of that person. and we are told by the
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interviewed. as you can see, an investigation underway. more detectives have arrived here within the last 30 minutes or so. so obviously, they are taking the situation seriously trying to get to the bottom of what happened. and once we get more information from here, we will pass it along to you. back to you for now. >> definitely more to come. thank you. and a frightening scene overnight in this after an suv smashes into a port richey home. it happened on greenbrier lane. that's in the jasmine estates neighborhood. you can see the suv crashed through the home's garage. we're told the driver went off the road. the suv then jumped the curb and ended up in the house. the homeowners say there have been other crashes like this in the past few years. more breaking news, a body was found in the road near the intersection of 4th avenue and
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after midnight. at this hour, pinellas county deputies are not releasing details about the person's identity or how that person died. right now, the search is on for a man who attacked a 16- year-old girl when she was walking to her bus stop. news channel 8's mary mcguire is live where it happened near 20th street east and 50th avenue drive in east bradenton. mary, this had to be terrifying for that teenager. >> reporter: so she tells us that she thought she was going to die. she was just walking to the bus stop just about 24 hours ago around 6:00 a.m. yesterday when she heard a man's voice. now deputies tell us that this happened around 6:00 a.m. when the man approached the girl, told her to turn around and face him. when she didn't, the man grabbed her backpack, tackled her to the ground and told her to take her clothes offer. the teen did not want to be identified but tells us that she thought that she was going
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>> i tried to scream so he covered my south and he was like shut up or i'm going to choke -- my mouth and he was like, shut up or i'm going to choke you. i was afraid i was going to die. >> reporter: we have a description of the guy. the man is about 5'7", skinny, about 25 years old. he was wearing jeans and a dark shirt. if you know anything, please call crime stoppers. now thankfully that girl was able to escape, get back to her house to speak with her mother and then they authorities. we are told that manatee county sheriff's deputies will be patrolling the area for the rest of the week just as a precaution to give peace of mind to parents out here in manatee county, gag. >> wow, what an -- county, gayle. >> wow, what an incredibly scary story. thank you. a controversial vote on ride sharing services in hillsborough county is now in question. the county's public transportation commission was set to vote today on new rules for services like uber and
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not happen today as scheduled. however, a member of the board tells news channel 8 that it will go on as planned. the ptc meets at 9:00 a.m. news channel 8 will be there to get answers. also happening today, the city of st. pete is holding another public open house on the pier district project. this is the second of three meetings hosted by the city. you're invited to offer suggestions about the pier and also the area leading up to the pier, today's meeting starts at 6:00 p.m. on 22nd avenue north. a local group is offering a reward to help find the arsonist responsible for burning the islamic cent over fort pierce. tampa's council are offering the reward. the st. lucie county sheriff's office says sunday's fire was deliberately set but they have no motive and no suspect. the fire did extensive damage
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mateen. security video has given investigators some clues. you can see here a man running away from the islamic center. it's not clear but if you recognize this person, please call police. it's 5:38 on this wednesday morning. and we are talking tropics again in weather and traffic on the 8s. >> that's right. tropical storm julia formed at 11:00 last night. if you're like me, i was snoring loudly about that point. and now the good news is, as it drifts to the north, have much of a impact on our forecast. even most of georgia with the center of circulation, it won't get much rain from this. the impact on us is minimal. i'll tell you. it's leaving us with lingering tropical moisture. so feels humid. plus we have showers and thunderstorms just lined up along the coastline. so spotty showers along the coast in sarasota and manatee at the moment. and we go from 76 degrees at 7:00 a.m. to 80 at 9:00. around lunchtime, 85 degrees
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the rainfall potential, we could see spotty showers between now and 11:00 a.m. and mostly west of 75. later in the day, those storms push inland. and there will be spotty areas where you pick up 2 inches of rain but most will see less than an inch. today's high 88. 90 on friday and saturday. and leslee, let's check on traffic on the 8s. yeah, a couple issues. we still have a fatal crash and an investigation going on in pasco county. let's take a look at the maps here. and as i zo know that eastbound ridge road is completely blocked and the westbound lanes you can get by fine. and eastbound you can't. and this crash is just past airway boulevard. the fatal accident is always out there for a while because of the investigation. there's a college in the area. they are routeing you through the college. you can get by, just allow for an extra five minutes. and looks good on state road 52 and state road 54 to the south
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no delays. look at downtown tampa, 55 miles per hour. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. in your vote, we should learn more about donald trump's health later today. dr.oz is set to interview the presidential nominee later today. trump is expected to reveal some of his on the show however the trump campaign has not confirmed. dr.oz says he will and about security, finances and access to jobs. the interview hillary rodham clinton continues to recover from pneumonia. she is expected back on the campaign trail tomorrow. her spokesman says she spent tuesday reading briefings and making calls. she has a campaign rally in north carolina tomorrow. the products you use to clean your house could contain harmful chemicals that stay in
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about before you clean again. and also a suspect's arrest caught on camera. what he is accused of and the charges he now faces. that's just ahead. plus, the number of zika virus cases in florida continues to rise. governor scott is in washington, d.c. trying to get federal funding to fight the virus. the latest on his trip and why he is inviting lawmakers to miami next. you're watching news channel 8 today. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump says he alone can fix the problems we face. well i don't believe that's how you get things done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids.
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we've got to bring people together. that's how you solve problems and that's what
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approximately 800 people in florida have been infected with the zika virus. governor rick scott is in the in addition nation's capitol asking for more money to fight the virus. >> news channel 8's meredyth censullo is in the tampa news center this morning. what progress did the governor
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majority leader mitch mcconnell and continue to push for more money. he has allocated more than $26,348 from the state to combat -- more than $26 million from the state to combat zika virus but he says that's not enough. tuesday he told congress members that zika virus is non- part son. governor scott says he would spend more money on 10,000 more prevention kits for pregnant women. and the state already offers pregnant women free assessments at county health departments the state's expense. tuesday scott asked congress to come on down to miami and hold a meeting on zika virus preparedness and prevention before the end of hurricane season. last week, senate democrats blocked a $1.1 billion zika virus funning package over concerns of eliminating funding for planned parenthood. legislatures are working under a time crunch. they only have three weeks until they head to another recess. maybe they should spend the
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fairs today in the nation's capitol. >> yeah, thank you. so one burglary victim helped catch the culprits after he saw pictures of them driving his car and wearing his clothes. in this surveillance video, you see three men searching cars in lakeland communities. here they are again using a stolen credit card. and investigators posted the photos. one victim recognized his things and called detectives. two of the suspects were denied third. we have new video from one dramatic murder suspect take down. we see night vision footage taken when they first spotted him running. he is accused of slitting a woman's throat. now on the ground, you see here, body camera video showing police using a stun gun four times as they attempt to put the practically naked man in handcuffs. the homeowner was found dead inside and her home. the man faces second degree murder charges.
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to meet with the state counselor. the meeting will take place at the white house. among the topics will be promoting greater commercial ties between the u.s. and the country. the leader is also expected to meet with secretary of state john kerry. a somber anniversary today, it's been one year since flash floods devastating a polygamist community on the utah and arizona border. three cars swept away by water killed the same store drowned seven hikers in a narrow canyon. a memorial service is planned for tonight in colorado city. well, some intense video to show you of a car wreck rescue. this is when a woman found herself trapped inside and her flipped car. let's give you a closer shot here. a group of good samaritans worked together to free the woman from the car. this is cellphone video showing a rescuer using a pocket knife to cut the seat belt and you
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of the car. the victim says she swerved to avoid a head-on collision when her car flipped. the woman is expected to be okay. in this morning's medical report, being out of shape could be as deadly as smoking. living an unfit life style can lead to a number of health risks. it could take a huge toll on the body's lungs. and it could impact the body's ability to retain oxygen which could make it harder to move around. dust may contain harmful chemicals from every day products. researchers from george washington university tested dust samples from homes in 14 states. they found evidence of 45 toxic chemicals used in cleaning products and home furnishings. the chemicals which can be inhaled, ingested of absorbed through the skin are linked to cancer and reproductive problems.
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seconds away from 5:48 on this wednesday morning. and you're talking the tropics today, leigh in weather and traffic on the 8s. >> that's right. a new tropical storm-forced at 11:00 last night. it's actually on land already. it came onshore overnight. near the jacksonville area. but it's hard to pick it out as a tropical system. you can see the counterclockwise flow and some of the rain moving into south carolina but it's almost all dry on the western and southern side. and we're on the southern side of still has 40 miles per hour winds now and pushing into the border of georgia. it's going to quickly weaken to a tropical depression later today as it drifts northward and weakens completely through the next couple days. 48 hours or so. all it's done for us is leave with us a tropical air mass so we have a couple small showers. one in citrus county, a couple light rain areas in sarasota and western portion of sarasota and manatee counties and it's near the coast.
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and 85 at noon. 88 at 4:00 p.m. and we have a 50% rain chance later today. and let me show you what's going to happen, showers along the coast this morning with the south to southwest flow and it's going to push the showers farther and farther inland. and it will give us about a 50% chance. and after that, julia basically leaves us alone, 40% chances for thursday, fred and the weekend. thursday, friday and the weekend. traffic looks great away from lakeland and plant city and through ybor city. here's i-4 around known as u.s. 41. all right, a look here again at pasco county. quick reminder to you, ridge road eastbound completely closed down. a bit west of little road just past airway boulevard. and all the eastbound lanes are blocked due to an investigation from a fatal crash. and you are routed into the local college that's right there. and that's how you get around it. and we have a good drive on state road 52. we still have lanes blocked here westbound university parkway underneath 75.
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will let you know as soon as they clear up. and of course, here in south tampa, southbound macdill just past azeele in the left lane, there's a hole in the roadway with cones. so allow -- it's not going to slow you down but use patients through there. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you. a new record at a major league baseball game. and not talking about humans. a different art project. up next, how this giant interactive billboard is helping promises. it's 5:50. you're watching news channel 8
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it is a big sign as you can see here that sits in the shadows of boston's trinity church. but it's not just a giant billboard. full of the day's headlines and proms from world leaders. it examines the power of the posted prom. >> what i like, the piece is a drawing that you keep and it's your drawing. we and you to sign it. and it's your words. >> the blank space in the middle, that's where anyone can write many a contract they want to keep with themselves. it keeps you honest here. from a pen to a fingerprint, you can sign with anything.
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national toy hall of fame. it's between the fisher-price little people and care bears verses the robots and transformers. none of them could make it. some of them could make it. or all of them could make it. the rules will be announced november 10th. for more information, go to >> i love clue. >> yeah, that's a great one. the chicago white sox have a new attendance record. >> yeah, it went to th pups of all breeds were represented by the proud owners as the white sox welcomed pooch patrons in their annual bark in the park event. they were the first mlb team to hold a dog's day 20 years ago. they brought in 1,122 pups in their game against the indians last night earning official recognition by the guinness book of world records for the most number of furry fans to
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would just fall asleep. breaking news overnight, a death investigation in a quiet brandon neighborhood. >> we will take you live to the scene with at this time latest from investigators. -- scene with the latest from investigators. first, quiet out there. let's find out what the day looks like with weather and traffic on the 8s is just three
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it's 5:58. time for weather and traffic on the 8s. skies are patchy clouds. there's a couple showers along the coast but not bad. the wfla towercamera in downtown tampa, 79 degrees at tampa international airport with a dew point of 75. it is muggy. a tropical air mass will keep with us a 50% rain chance today. light breeze and high of 88. how about traffic on the 8s? out here between sarasota and arcadia, flight the middle,
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seidel road. and quick live look again at traffic in downtown. more vehicles but great speeds
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breaking news overnight, a death investigation in a quiet brandon neighborhood. we are live the scene. along the courtney campbell causeway. plus, tracking the tropics. tropical storm julia is causing problems on the northeast coast of florida. will it have an impact here? leigh spann tells us what to expect. thank you for joining us here on news channel 8 today. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo. let's get you out the door with the tropics. >> yeah, you think tropical storm julia, what are you talking senate well, it formed at about 11:00 last night. it was an area of low pressure we were tracking yesterday.


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