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tv   News Ch8 at 11PM  NBC  September 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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some who practice santa maria explains why this ritual is. ed is in the part of his religion. and a violent jewelry heist is still unsolved. a victim relives her terrifying encounter. >> thank you for joining us tonight. headless animal carcasses spread in man groves across the causeway. many belief what we showed you last night is part of a and the ritual involves animal sacrifices and tonight even some followers are denouncing the way this was handled. we have an update and this report really struck a nerve, peter. >> reporter: yes, it blew up on facebook and our web site. tampa police really need someone to step forward and let them know what happened monday night. by one count, at least 27 animals were slaughtered and
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look at. several pictures, a -- chickens, a duck and a goat just east of the boat ramp. also left behind, piles of fruit arranged neatly, most likely all part of a santa maria ritual. >> at least one chicken, if not more. >> reporter: and one showed me where someone left a dead chick inn a box. she says this has been going on for a decade. >> that usually the animals would be in a plastic bag or a box. sometimes we'll just find a dead animal, but it is not like it just got hit and laying there. it has been placed there. you can tell. >> reporter: fruits and flowers are sometimes left behind. >> you think who would do that and why and you think what is the point of it. >> it is not a regular, daily thing. >> reporter: to learn more i asked a practicing about the dead animals on the causeway.
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do, we actually clean right after and we make sure that everything is as neat as possible. >> reporter: he blame this is mess on people who don't know what they're doing, killings, he explains, are done to heal the sick. >> sacrificing with animals only to transport the emergency of -- energy of life. it shouldn't be something you do just for fun. >> reporter: tampa police want to know who is responsible. >> we don't know if this is a prank, some sort of religious ceremony. k and a health hazard. >> reporter: that is for sure. the animal carcasses on monday night, he says that is not the way it should go and you should respect land and property and tampa police say is this animal cruelty or freedom of religion. it could go either way. they want information. >> and you also talked about all of the fruit around there. what is that about, pete summer. >> reporter: that is about an offering or a gift of life.
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transferred to people, like if you're sick, it will give an offering of fruit and hopefully the sick person gets better. >> thank you, peter. tonight a man who shot and killed a neighbor in brandon is not facing charges. the shooting happened overnight between donald wood and his girlfriend. another tenant in his building heard the argument and intervened. he came at that man with a knife and that man opened fire. the sheriff's office is still looking for the man they say tried to run down on their own. the incident happened during a traffic stop. we're told a deputy stopped a man wanted forage vatted assault, -- for aggravated assault. the deputy fired at the guy who took off running. >> you can't train for the unexpected, and that's something that would truly be unexpected if a car reversed and started coming back on you. >> that man is still on the
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hillsboro county deputy have a picture of the guy they believe ran off with jewelry from a store at the bran doan mall last week. it is from a similar case in pasco county. the employee was eventually thrown and seriously hurt. >> absolutely, keith. and we could be talking about a serial robber who doesn't care thankfully the clerk in the case here in pasco county did exactly what she should have done. she let him run and let the cameras capture pictures of him. this is the latest picture of a dangerous robber, pat, who didn't want her face shown, knows this guy all too well. >> he has -- asked to see a bracelet. he looked at it once, gave it back to me a couple of minutes later he asked to see the bracelet again, he put it on
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deputies tell us the guy stole jewelry from the gulf square mall and then ran off. fast forward to this month, the deputies believe the same guy went to the mirage diamonds and fine jewelry store in brandon. the man is calm, cool and collected, asked the clerk to try on an expensive necklace, even checks out how he looks in the mirror, and then takes off. in that case, the clerk gave chase, jumps on the hood of before being tossed on a nearby roadway. pat is hopeful this guy gets caught before he strikes again. and believe it or not, she spent sleepless nights wondering if her customers would be spooked off when they learn about the robbery she says not to worry. >> and the store is a very safe place and we were on camera. we knew the police would come and see his face on the camera. >> reporter: so take another rook at this thug.
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who he is, you're urged to give the pasco or the hillsboro county sheriff's office a call. and pat, the clerk in the case here in pasco county was not injured, but when she heard about the case and the injuries to the clerk there, all she could do was scratch her head and wonder what he could have done differently. >> thank you. a polk county school bus driver cited in a crash is off the investigators ticketing him for pulling out in front of a pick-up truck yesterday. he resigned today. three students were taken to the hospital for evaluation after the crash. everyone is okay, but 8 on your side decided the driver has a history of crashes. this was his third crash since he started with the district this year. >> tonight the future of ride sharing services is uncertain in the county. today they packed the
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background check requirement for drivers. uber main feigns they do their own extensive private background checks and may pull out of the county if the rules are enforced. >> we're going to wait and see what the rules look like. i will say uber will not operate under the rules that lot lot if enforced look like rules that were under consideration today. >> a final vote on the issue is scheduled for october. also today the state representative james gr asked the federal trade commission to investigate their actions on ride sharing company rules. the tropical storm now moving across the southeast. right now millions are in the path of the storm that is bringing strong winds and a driving rain. jacksonville, the system has already snapped some trees and taken down power lines as well. we have the ratest on the -- latest on the track of this storm. >> reporter: the tracker path, very interesting to talk about because there have not much of
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the computer models definitely disagree. you can see what it looks like on the satellite imagery that is a good thing. obviously there is quite a bit of wind there. charleston, south carolina northward, and you can see 40- mile-per-hour winds. it is moving east-northeast at five miles per hour. and then you see over a several- day period how it sort of wanders, stays stationary and wanders back to where it part of the weekend as an area of low pressure that will continue to bring high seas and occasional showers. but we hope more dry air will be pulled into the system. just dry it out a bit. there is the satellite imagery, and we have tropical depression number 12. that one will continue to move to the west. not in a great environment and potentially the next on the
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position there on & at 8:00 p.m., it is not a very strong system, but we'll continue to watch it. >> all right. thank you, steve. a viral infection more common to babies than toddlers has hit florida state university living quarters. the campus health officials have confirmed more than a dozen students with hand, foot and mouth disease. there is no treatment for the contagious virus which causes sores, skin rash and a fever. the fsu crews are wiping down the dorms of days are already canceled. authorities in the st. lucie county believe they caught the man who torched a mosque. he faces hate crime charges. he could serve 30 years behind bars if convicted. his social media accounts were filled with anti-islamic posts. by the way, the pulse nightclub shooter occasionally attended that mosque. in your vote, a new poll showing the race between donald
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a poll out today shows clinton leading trump 48% to 43% in a two-way match-up among likely voters nationwide. a poll shows trump with a narrow lead over hillary clinton in ohio and florida. hillary clinton's campaign releasing new medical information today, including details of a recent check-up. they're hoping to put an end to the speculation of her mental and physical well-being. her blood pressure, 100 over 70. heart rate, cholesterol of 189. her physician says the remainder of her physical exam is, quote, normal and she in excellent mental condition. as hillary clinton battles pnemonia, the americans are sizing up the health of both presidential candidates. today donald trump appearing on "the dr. oz show" the talk about his health. he shared a one-page summary of his physical and the results will air tomorrow. still ahead, water shows
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>> next, we'll explain the historic new bill that means the end for the orcas who are already in captivity. and a customer gets plenty of bang for her buck, but she also got a lot of smoke. we explain what caused her purse to go poof. >> eagle 8 hd, ruling the skies of tampa bay, brought to you by
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>> shows like this one at sea world san diego are about to go away for good. california is now the first state to ban breeding and holding killer whales in captivity. california governor jerry brown signed that bill tuesday. >> under the new law killer whales already in captivity may remain in the state, but they can only be used for educational presentations. i'm curious, does this impact
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we're not exactly sure, but sea world orlando has yet to release a statement. back in march, sea world made the decision to end all of its killer whale shows. it put as deadline on the san diego park so far. over the years millions of park guests have watched these beasts jump, splash and show off their amazing abilities in a pool. but as with any animal act, controversy swarm around these shows for years, especially after the film "black fish." that sea world announced to end the orca shows and captive breeding programs. now in california, those shows must be obsolete by the summer of 2017. sea world has yet to release an official statement regarding this new law, however, back in march, they anuanced what they would do, saying, quote, they will stay at sea world and receive the highest quality
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advances and best practices. the new california law also states that any corporations or individuals who break the new law can be fined up to $100,000 plus. sea world, it will be allowed to rescue any orcas in need in the ocean and then rehabilitate and re-release them as quickly as possible. >> thank you, jen. following the lead of the ncaa, the atlantic coast conference announced today that in north carolina will be moved thanks to house bill two. the controversial bill requires the transgender people to use restrooms at schools and government buildings corresponding with their birth certificates. and check out this incredible video of a woman's purse explodes. everyone scatters away from a included of black smoke. here it is again. the woman quickly dumps the contents of her purse on to the
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the lithium battery inside her personal vaporizer had exploded. >> terrifying, scary. >> the lithium batteries are often used because they pack a lot of energy into a little package. they're also delicate. a defect can lead to an explosion. lots of rainbows tonight, at least the pictures of them and this is one out in the river view area. double rainbows tonight and generally showers that passed and our weather camera sites picked up a little bit of rain. we got to 90 degrees. if you didn't get cooled off we a shower, it has been a very hot, hot evening. i think we can sighly say it is in the oppressive area. thumb's down on that one all the way down to the weekend. and just think summer here now
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september. our forecast low, that is pretty mild and it also reflects high humidity. a few coastal showers because we're in the westerly flow. at 4:00 p.m., 88 degrees. rain will push inland kind of like it did today. maybe a coastal shower, especially north of the bay. 76 degrees, brandon. 80, largo. 81 in treasure it is mid 70s inland. keep in mind we're seeing the dew points in the mid and upper 7 0s which is quite impressive. here is this dry air i talked about a couple of minutes ago being drawn into at the mid and upper levels into the system. the tropical storm julia, near the carolinas so that is a good thing helping to potentially weaken or take some of the moisture out of this. the winds still spinning away there. you can see this system and
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north of us. you can see showers out into the fgcu gulf. left over cloudiness. and you can see a mix. as for the localry dare, the gulf gulf, you can see a -- the gulf of mexico, you can see a few of the showers, but they, too, are losing a bit of their punch. potentially a shower in the morning hours, don't be that surprised if you see that. and tropical storm ian. it is inconsequencal to our p.m. forecast model, there is the westerly flow and the slight possibility of seeing the overnight or morning rain showers as the rpm forecast model so a shower or two possible. quite a few clouds around too. generally in the afternoon we're seeing those traverse inland. even stronger thunderstorms on florida's east coast today. kind of a sea breeze collision in the opposite that we see sometimes ton west coast.
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for sure, although there is a front to the north of us. it is nowhere near here with cooler, drier air. it feels cooler, potentially a thunderstorm in our forecast. so, again, to start the day, 77 degrees with partly cloudy skies. there will be sun mixed in here with clouds. 89 degrees in the afternoon. we have 90 today. this weekend we had 95 three days in a row. 93 degrees the day before that. warm temperatures. 40% for thursday. 30%. that is our rain chan sunday. seasonal rain chances really at 30% and 40%, especially even though we're getting closer to fall starting, we're definitely having summer weather, so these would go along with summer percentages, 30s and 40s and high temperatures in the upper 80s. >> no frost on the pumpkin. >> not even close, but the pumpkin spice is definitely out everywhere else. >> so you can live the dream. >> you can smell it anyway. the bucs are moving on from
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one buc place. >> and make room ton mantle. jameis winston adds another award to his collection. the details are next with paul ryan in sports. and do you know the 2016 tampa bay heart walk is just around the corner. we need your help raising $100,000. kia is matching the first $50,000 so go to walk for details. see tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. >> a hot car can be dangerous and even deadly. i'll show you safety features that could save a life. >> and weather and traffic on the eights on news 8 today. tonight's picture of the day brought to you by 1-800-ask-
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i'd like to punch him in the face. you know what they used to do to guys like that? they'd be carried out in a stretcher, folks. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. priorities usa action is responsible
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hungry, young group of guys that is trying to win football games and i got a chance to watch this past & and it was nice to beat up on the old team. >> check out the fresh face at one buc place. the recently signed running back rodgers. the 5'6" change-of-pace back has a heck of a history with the head coach racking up over 2,200 yards when cutter was still the offensive coordinator. rodgers is unsure if he will be able to suit up on su if he does, add another weapon to jameis winston's already impressive arsenal as if rambo needs more lets. from the high school gridiron in birmingham, and to the victor go the spoils. today he added a new accolade to his resume and the nfc offensive player of the week. winston is taking home that hardware for the first time in his career courtesy of his four touchdown performance against the falcons on sunday.
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passes. both more important than some silly award, but, hey, he'll take it. >> it is an honor, but i couldn't do it without those other 53 guys out there. the defense played an amazing game no sacks. when a quarterback is not even getting touched back there, you have to have fun back there in the pocket and everybody just making plays. it is my second year. i'm comfortable with all of the guys that are around me. we worked hard this off season. it is not by magically just got better. >> the buccaneers' season opening win was their first since 2012. they haven't started a season 2- 0 since 2010. tampa bay will be an underdog this sunday in arizona. perhaps the key to another victory is not dwelling on the first one. >> it doesn't define you. i don't think last year's first game defined the team. they put themselves in an opportunity, so you have to avoid the noise, right? that's what our job is to avoid the noise. >> it is just one game.
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praising us right now, if belows by one point, they're going to be saying how bad we suck. so we have to keep getting better and we have to keep improving. >> at 21 games below .500, you'll take a win where you can get it that's what the rays did today snatching a three-game series. two home runs, part of a four rbi day for dickerson. the starting pitcher alex cobb picked up his first major league win since 2014. and the rays have one more road series before they come home for their final home stand of the season. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back with
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he's a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. he's not a serious adult. i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported.
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pick four, 6, 6, 6, 1. and pick five. and the fantasy five, 4, 10, 28, 25, 8. lotto, 39, 43, 25, 32, 37, 21 and the power gal, 10, 11, 23, 21 and the powerball is 14. >> and in the morning, steve? >> well, i guess you request guess low. the humidity is very high. it is very high. 77 degrees. when we have a high dew point,
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forecast low. a coastal shower is possible because we're in a low. the seasonal averages, but they'll generally be moving east as the day moves along. >> thank you. >> do you like yoga? >> i love yoga. >> do you like it as much as you like the goat ? >> not that much. >> experts say yoga can be good for your body and soul and at one oregon farm is mantra is being followed by people and goats. >> the deep breathing, the posing, the downward dogs and some of partner goats. you're a yoga person? yoga enthusiasts actually say they find the goats relaxing and apparently there is a waiting list of 500 people to get into the class. >> they're therapeutic. >> do you know that goats actually hum like a meditative sound when they're chewing. >> how does it go? >> it is a goat sound. >> it does sound a lot like broadway. >> i watched a goat eat a map
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>> did it hum? >> probably. i ran away. i was squared. >> that is your news for now. jimmy fallon is next.
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[ cheers and applause ] ? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- kevin james.


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