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tv   News Ch8 Today at 6AM  NBC  September 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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a deadly boat crash kills a rising major league baseball star with ties to tampa. a look at the impact star fichter jose fernandez had on the bay area. >> all eyes will turn to new york tonight where donald trump and hillary clinton f the first presidential debate. still ahead, a look at how these candidates are preparing and what is at stake. good morning and happy monday morning to you. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm melanie michael in for gayle guyardo. >> i'm gene ramirez. let's get a check on the weather with leigh. >> good morning. we had the even thunderstorms that were powerful but they have since cleared out. patchy clouds. i'm going to zoom down to the
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not getting any closer to shore at this point. dry and comfortable. 77 in plant city and tampa, st. petersburg at 79, 73 degrees in zephyrhills. i left the forecast dry for the next several hours and then 20% at 1:00, 40% by 5:00. again, these storms will be slow moving if you get under one of them it may take a while for it to end. other wise, 89 degrees, above the average of 88. at 8:08 6:08 i'm tracking the tropics. leslee is going to let you know what she is keeping our eyes on. >> traffic up to speed. no accidents to show you down. new port richey look s great on state road 64. u.s. 19 through palm harbor a wonderful commute there. a look at manatee and sarasota county. state road 64 to fruitville road up to speed. i-75 looks great throughout the suncoast area. heading over into tampa, great drive through
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that's a look at weather and traffic. now back to melanie and gene. happening today, a local high school baseball star turned major league pitcher is being remembered. jose fernandez was killed over the weekend in a boating accident in miami. he was just 24 years old and a rising star for the miami marlins and got his start right here in tampa bay. news channel 8 ryan hughe he led the school to two championships. >> reporter: good morning. jose fernandez help ed ed lead the alonzo baseball team to championships during his sophomore and senior years. those who knew fernandez during his time here can't believe he's gone so soon. >> we had this thing on the field. he glowed. everyone looked at him because he was so aggressive and so -- he put all his heart into the game. you know, i think that really says a
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others were killed in a boating accident in miami early sunday morning. their boat hit a jetty. authorities believe they were speeding. fernandez fled cuba at 15 years old on a speedboat filled with others. he made his home in the bay area where he attended alonzo high. that's where he made his mark as an ace pitcher before being drafted by the marlins in the first round of 2011. he was scheduled to start in today's game against the this morning people all over florida are remembering fernandez from his high school here to south florida. he recently posted on social media that he was expecting to become a dad, melanie. >> you know, ryan, i think that's the most heartbreaking part of all of this. he was so young and about to be a father. ryan live this morning. thank you. more sad news out of the sports world to share with you. legendary golfer and american icon arnold palmer passed away. 87 years old. he died in
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related to heart problems. palmer was nicknamed the king and known for taking chances with quotes like you must play boldly to win and win he did. palmer won more than 90 tournaments including 7 majors, 4 of them masters. >> he will be missed. in your vote , hillary clinton and donald trump face off tonight for the first presidential debate. the stakes could not be higher. a national poll out this morning shows the race is in a dead heat. more meredith is in the tampa news have with a look ahead. >> reporter: as many as 100 million potential voters are expected to watch tonight's debate. the debate matching the 7-week home stretch to election day. clinton and trump must convince voters of their visions for america's future. tonight's head to head will give the candidates more time to speak than they've had in any other debate so far. clinton's challenges include getting under
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provoked. she also needs to deliver an ernest performance. for trump his first one on one debate is a test of his ability to stay on script and keep his cool. >> hillary clinton is the voice for global special interests. >> he's unfit. >> reporter: clin ton's no -- clinton's campaign made it secret of her long prep. the debate will be live online as well as news channel 8. facebook and twitter will live stream the debate and it will also be carried by multiple digital news out lets. you tube will have coverage from six news services and snap chat is going
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will combine live stories with brief debate highlights. gene. >> so many options. no excuse not to watch. meredith, thank you. we would like for you to watch here. news channel 8 has your covered for this debate. you can watch it on news channel 8 beginning at 9:00. rod carter is in new york reporting live on all the action reporting tonight and tomorrow morning. don't tim kaine is campaigning today for hillary clinton in lakeland. he will campaign at the lakeland center. the rally begins at 12:15. it's day two for his florida swing. he campaigned in miami yesterday and will head to orlando tomorrow. he is pumping up supporters for clinton's debate performance. >> i'll tell you this, i know this about hillary clinton, when the lights are bright like they
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plus game to the table. >> the vice president candidates will face off next tuesday, october 4th. right now the mayor in charlotte, north carolina lifted the curfew after days of protests over the killing of an african-american man by police. now the protests continued but remained peaceful on sunday. 100 demonstrators stood outside the bank of america stadium as the fans walked into the carolina panthers game o sunday. cam newton won a martin luther king shirt in pre-game yesterday. outside demonstrators took a knee. many bucs fans waking up very disappointed today. the team blew a 10-point lead. in the 2nd quarter the bucs were ahead by 10 but the rams wiggled away and took the lead. with less than 2 minutes left in the
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thunderstorm. the rams ended winning 37-32. >> our culture is not where it needs to be and that -- i mean, that starts with me. i'm the head of that. i'm putting that squarely on my shoulders. >> we have to get over that hump, man. we have to find a way to get over that hump. >> did you see his face? so many folks were hoping they would win their home opener. they fall next sunday they take on the super bowl champions the denver broncos at ray j. >> a rocky start to the games but you hope for them. >> we're rooting for you. with weather play ed a role in that game so i wanted to take you back over the last 12 hours. about 6:00 yesterday evening was right when the storm started to form. this is 6:05. watch what happened between
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thunderstorms that lasted until about 9:00 last night. now, i'm going to start the day out dry but i do expect those thunderstorms to return about a 30 to 40% chance. 86 degrees at noon, 89 degrees at 3:00, 4:00. 86 degrees at 7:00. these scattered downpours will continue through midweek. looking forward, fewer storms and a bit less humid on friday and saturday. the cold front is not going to really cool us down but less humid. tropical wave invest 97l. it's going the head into the central caribbean. just what abouted d -- just wanted to let you know it's out there. now checking in with traffic on the 8s. >> a couple problem spots but they won't slow you down and that's always nice, especially closer to rush hour. let's take a look at what is going on here. a good drive in bradenton on i-75. right by the sarasota bradenton airport we have a collision on 15th street at lehmberg court.
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it's tieing up some lanes. utility work starting at 9:00 a.m., not right now but macdill avenue right at grenada street by the sellman expressway, portions of macdill are going to be closed starting this morning at 9:00 a.m. but right now it's still open. that's going to last for almost a couple of weeks. that's a look at weather and traffic. baaing to melanie and gene. >> thank you. a new de vice that bay area doctors are using could be a game changer for breast cancer patients. >> it's amazing. a look at what means for women. >> two shootings at the university of illinois. this morning a gunman is still on the loose. >> you're watching news channel 8 on this monday morning. it's 6:10. blah p
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but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites. but now you can get more of what you love. so you can find something else to not love. like hearing the sound of your own voice. (softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice. get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. across america this morning, two shootings near the university of illinois campus. the shooter or shooters are the first shooting happened at an off-campus apartment during an argument. four people were shot and one of them died. the second shooting happened about 30 minutes later at a second apartment. investigators in champagne believe the two cases are indeed related. in st. louis someone is shooting out windows with a bb or a pellet gun. police received hundreds of calls from people whose vehicles were shattered over the end woo -- over the weekend. police don't
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the nation's emergency alert system coming from new york senator chuck schumer related to last week's bombing. during the search for admad khan rahami schumer said the alert only gave people a belief description. he believes it should allows for pictures. >> a picture is not o 1,000 words it could save 1,000 thrives. -- lives. >> it mainly warns people about dangerous weather or missing children. in iowa residents are bracing for the potential of devastating floods. hundreds of people in cedar rapids filled sandbags to protect their homes from the rising cedar river. it's expected to crest 8 feet above flood stage tomorrow. they are telling people who live in low lying areas to leave tonight.
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morning. a new device that's helping breast cancer patients right here in the bay area. it's designed to make removing tumors easier, less painful and less expensive. gayle guyardo tells us how ultrasound is saving lives. >> surgeons in tampa bay are now the first to use a non-radioactive device that pinpoints breast tumors and allows surgeons to remove the tissue effected. >> pain free, simple. joyce just moments before she had her tumor removed. leading up to the surgery, she was injected with a small rice-sized ultrasound technology that allows doctors to pinpoint where lesions are located. >> you can actually see on the probe numbers so you know how close you are to it based on the distance wherever the little device is and you see it. that's where you wrote make your
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>> the breakthrough device developed by dr. charles cox and used in hospitals across tampa bay is thanks to grant money donated by an organization called hooked on hope. >> you can actually help us to get the resources we need to be able to provide the newest and best technology for our patients that can't afford it or wouldn't normally be able to afford it. >> gayle guyardo, news channel 8. >> speaking of cancer the women of hooked on hope raise money for breast cancer research through fishing tournaments held right here in tampa bay. the greatest location ever. they also organize yoga classes and they pamper breast cancer patients. the big annual hooked on hope fishing tournament is next week. to find out how to participate log onto
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the annual fan fest for the bolts this end woo. they -- this weekend. they got to chance to watch the team scrimmage and got autographs if their favorite players. >> it's so much fun to be with other people who like hockey and to watch our amazing team. >> preseason hockey kicks off tomorrow. they take on the hurricanes at amalie arena. the puck drops at 7:30. the tampa bay rays are hitting the road. today the team kicks off a four game series againsthe sox yesterday at the trop. yesterday's home game was the financial home game of the season for the rays. how are we starting off the week, leigh? >> not too bad at this point. it's still dark. our days are getting shorter and shorter. partly cloudy skies but generally clear. 76 degrees. 92% humidity. yeah , it's a little steamy. 77 degrees at 8:00 a.m. warm and partly cloudy
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slimmest rain chance around midday. when it's not raining on you, temperatures in the upper 80s that's not too far away from the average of 89 degrees. 75 in clearwater. apollo beach you're start ing your day at 75, lakeland 75. i just checked in with rich in oldsmar, it's 72 degrees at his house. feeling muggy actually -- muggy. a few clouds this morning. as the day goes on around 2:00 wll developing and not really moving a lot. they are going to be slow moving. if you get under one it has to rain itself out. by 8:00 maybe drifting a little bit inland before things clear out over night. tomorrow though small rain chance in the morning. it's still small. summer-like because we will see more of an on shore wind flow. they will push towards the east so we'll have some direction.
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chance today. 30% tomorrow. 40% wednesday as a cold front comes into the area. notice that brings our rain chances down to 20% on friday and saturday. leslee, how about traffic on the 8?s -- 8s? sdmrsz -- >> we are up to speed for the most party. an accident in lanes. head's up on 15th street at lehmberg court. part of 15th is blocked here. this is right by the airport. so just remember that. 301 still looks pretty good throughout the sarasota area. let's take a look at travel times for you. great. also coming through hillsborough county coming away from pasco and then linking up with 275 great commute into downtown tampa. here's 275 at 22nd avenue south. this is the southern portion of pinellas county. we are up to speed. we are definitely get ting busier through downtown tampa but traffic accident is still flowing at good speeds. that's a look at weather and traffic only 8s. now back to gene and
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dimension in the form of unique glasses. >> a look at the glasses and what that i can do for you. a deal alert. why right now is the time to cash in on travel deals and how much you can save by traveling this time of year. >> you're watching news channel 8 today on this monday.
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a consumer watch for you. right now is the time to think about taking a trip. that's because fall is considered one of the cheapest times to travel. travel experts explain the time of year airlines, cruise ships and hotels have a hard time filling vacancy. school is back in session so families aren't travel as much. right now
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the busy winter and spring seasons. snap chat is branching out. the social media app is introducing their first hard wear product. they are video recording glasses. they are called spectacles. you can record 10 second at a time with the tap of a button. it's uploaded to the memory section of the app. the glasses are expected to hit store shell ve -- shefls protests gift gear s in charlotte as a deadly encounter between police and an african-american man raises questions. >> just ahead a look at how presidential candidates are preparing for tonight's debate. >> first a live look at downtown tampa all lit up just gorgeous out there. it's a monday morning. let's make it a great day. 6:24 is the time. weather and traffic only -- on the 8s
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect?
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well, it's 8 -- it's 6:28. it will be dry and warm as the kids wait on the bus this morning. it's 77 degrees. when they come home from schoolst the going to be hot, 89 degrees with a scattering of thunderstorms. about a 40% chance. that goes to wednesday as a weak cold front starts to bring in drier air. friday's rain chance at 20%. leslee, how about traffic on the 8s? >> slower southbound 275. an accident near the fowler area. slow traffic through here . again, southbound on 275. taking a look at i-4 through ybor city. starting to get a little bit slow too. 13 minutes ehrlich to 275. the veteran's
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past linebaugh. i'll keep you posted on this throughout the
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all eyes on the university in new york where the stage is set for the first presidential debate. up next, how the candidates preparing for tonight's face off. >> also this morning, remembering jose fernandez. the marlins pitcher and alonzo high school star diedve accident. a look back at his career next. >> the protests continue but what really happened in charlotte when police fatally shot an african-american man after he climbed out of his car. video of that deadly encounter could hold the key. good morning, everybody. happy monday to you. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm melanie michael in for gayle guyardo. >> i'm gene ramirez. thank you for joib joining -- joining us. now a check on the weather with leigh. >> good morning. the skies are clear. we will see the sun come
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horizon. 74 in lutz, 74 in sun city center. 74 in venice and 74 in wimauma. dry for the most part. we had a strong evening thunderstorm. i know you're glad to wake up dry. i wanted to show you there's a couple of lightning strikes just off the sarasota and manatee coastline. it's actually come your way. i'm keeping the forecast introduce i for the next several days. 20% chance by 20% at 3:00 and 40% at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. the storms will be relatively slow moving. at 6:28 stay tuned to weather and traffic on the 8s because i have a temperature trend. let's check a look at traffic. >> we have some slow downs because of accidents there. a slow down through ybor city. that's typical. heavy year on
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normal. down to 13 minute just past linebaugh. downtown tampa not too bad but where i move over near this accident at fowler very, very heavy southbound. it extends back to bearss. that's a blook at -- look at weather and traffic. the race for the white house is neck and neck between presidential candidates hillary clinton and donald trump. the rivals face off tonight in new york is what is being called a critical moment. and -- moment. >> an especially -- epic night where history could be made in 90 minutes. experts say while you can't win an election in a debate you can lose one. will with see voters throw their support behind the first female presidential contender or a billionaire businessman.
6:33 am
bring along guests to rattle their rivals. >> hillary clinton invited trump critic mark cuban to sit in the front row while donald trump tweeted that he will bring jennifer flowers who had an affair with bill clin ton. >> trump put them on notice that we could invite guests to get in the head of hillary clinton. we have not invited her formally. >> i think mark cuban is one of the business leaders who never involved in partisan politics who endorsed hillary because he thinks she'll do better for the economy. >> anyway you look at it it's going to be a night to remember. this morning new numbers are out. a new washington post abc poll showing the race tightening between the two candidates as if that was possible they are neck and neck right now. 46% of the vote with trump -- excuse me 44% for vote and 46% for hillary.
6:34 am
rod carter is there with a preview of what we can expect. >> reporter: good morning guys. the university has been busy for the past couple of weeks preparing for this debate, longer i'm sure. they hosted a debate in 2008 and another one in 2012. in fact, they have to distinction of being the only university to host three consecutive presidential debates. i want to show you video that we took a short time ago. they have here, set up camp. this place has been very, very busy. of course this debate is key to what the voters will see when they make their decision in november. the debate starts at 9:00 and you can watch it on news channel 8. all of the networks will carry it. it's 90 minutes uninterrupted. it comes on a very interesting day. it's 56 years to the day that the first televised presidential debate took place. of course you'll recall that involved john
6:35 am
president richard nixon. a very transformative moment in politics when it comes to presidential elections. this one proves to be right up there near the top. in new york, i'm rod carter. now back to you. >> and once again, that debate starts at 9:00 p.m.. news channel 8 will have a front row seat. rod carter will be reporting live before and after the debate. you can watch for his reports starting today at 4:00. time now 6 breaking news this morning, tampa police burst four teenagers for a rash of car break-ins in sulphur springs. woef -- we have been following this all morning. this is video from the scene at north 20th street and humphrey street in tampa. no word on how many cars were burglarized. we will update you when we find out. happening today, florida fans are mourning the death of marlins star pitcher jose fernandez who played for alonzo high school before he went to
6:36 am
he was just 24 years old when he was killed in a boating accident over the weekend. ryan hughes is live from alonzo high school this morning where he's dearly missed. fernandez was born in cuba and moved to the bay area as a teenager. >> reporter: good morning once again. jose fernandez was just 15 years old when he reached the united states on a speedboat with other cubans. he and his mom settled in hillsborough county. he attended alonzo high school where he was part of the championships here and senior years. fernandez and two friends were on board this boat that crashed sunday morning in miami. it ran into rocks and crashed. people left cards and messages at marlins park to remember fernandez. the major league baseball commissioner called him one of the great
6:37 am
we spoke to the former alonzo resource officer james crowell who couldn't help but smile when talking about fernandez. >> he was a great kid. full of life. an amazing pitcher, probably the best i've seen. it was a joy to have him here. he even came back after he made the marlins just to come and see us. >> reporter: arrange. -- arrangements are still being made at this hour. the names of the other two people who die in that boating accident haven't been released at this point. sadly fernandez just announced that he was going to be a dad. back to you. >> so sad and of course the sunday game, the marlins and braves game was canceled because of this. a check on the weather with leigh standing by. >> this morning mostly clear skies. dry for the next few hours. let me take you hour by
6:38 am
it's going to warm up. 76 degrees at 7:00 a.m. and warming up quickly to 84 at 11:00, 88 at 2:00 and 89 by 3:00 or 4:00. look at the rainfall potential. starts around 1:00. you will get tonight pockets of rain. there's a 40 per % chance of rain. if you do see it you can pick up an inch in spots. invest 97l has g chance of developing. this is still saturday morning. as far as our 8-day temperature trend, cooler, 89 today, 88 tomorrow, 87 on wednesday and thursday, making emoji man smile at 86 on friday. it's 6:38. we will check in on traffic on the 8s. a couple things going on. >> a big message -- mess on hillsborough avenue. i'll take a look at this. southbound on the vet 17 minutes from ehrlich
6:39 am
linebaugh. it has you backed up almost to gun highway here really hitting the brakes. allow for an extra 20 minutes. also this nasty crash hillsborough at benjamin. completely closed down, both directions of hillsborough. take waters instead. what is happening we have a crash here with injuries. power lines are down blocking the roadways. you can't get by and that's causing that back up. happening today, beginning a new weak day morning service. the first streetcar will depart at 7:10 from downtown tampa and ybor city. the new service will run every 30 minutes until noon. a one-way ticket is $2.50. you can purchase a $20 ride pass for $25 if you live near the area. baaing to jean and melanie. >> leslee, thank you. gas prices continue to go up. what you can expect to pay at the pump this morning if
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>> a victory celebration gone too far. who police arrested for setting fire to a tree. >> first, the curfew lifted in charlotte after a weekend of peaceful protests. up next, a look at how the city is getting back to normal and the new video of the police shooting of an african-american man. you're watching news channel 8 today. it's 6:40 on your mopped.
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we are back at 6:43. right now more protests in charlotte, north carolina after the shooting of keith lamont scott by police. meredith is in news channel 8 center. video was released but protesters want more done. >> reporter: that's right. protesters plan today to request the resignation of the charlotte mayor and police chief. protesters telling our nbc affiliate in charlotte they are
6:44 am
and chief have handled this investigation into this shooting and the subsequent protesting. >> don't shoot. hands up, don't shoot . hands up, don't shoot. >> reporter: those protests lasted all day yesterday including demonstrations outside of the bank of america stadium before, during and after the charlotte panthers game. the curfew in charlotte was lifted but the city is still under a city of charlotte-mecklenburg police released body camera and dashcam videos of the shooting of keith lamont scott. the body camera was blurry, the dash board camera footage provides a better view of scott's actions in the moments before he was shot. neither settled the debate as to whether scott was holding a gun. again tonight at the city council meeting protesters planned to ask for the mayor and
6:45 am
>> okay, meredith, thooung. -- thank you. time now 6:44. the suspect accused in a deadly shooting spree inside a seattle mall on saturday is expected to appear in court today. arcan see tip tin tournament is -- arcan cetin was arrested ed just mort of seattle. he once date add woman who worked but the motive for his shooting is unclear. another deadly shooting, this one at a starbucks in las vegas. two people got in an argument when one of them pulled a gun and opened fire. the suspect was arrested at the scene. roughly 14 customers and employees were inside the starbucks when it happened. it's 6:45. a college football celebration goes too far. students at auburn
6:46 am
toilet paper on fire. take a look. just minutes later the entire tree is engulfed. they rolled the tree after auburn's win against louisiana state university. that's a long time campus tradition. it's expected. that's when police claim a 29-year-old auburn man who is not a student set it on fire. he's now facing charges. video this morning that will warm your heart. a daring res rescue in iowa after a small deer a bystand ing ing tie -- bystander tied himself to a rail and jumped in. one of the men who helped said it was great the see the community come together for the rescue. is a lot of animals that won't be able to make it through this flood so we were able to help an animal. >> this is just about the
6:47 am
little guy is like thank you so much for getting me out of there. the men said they would set him free in near by woods. >> he was so calm too. today we're get ting an idea of how the housing market is doing. new home sales for august will be released. they expect a surge in late summer sales that's good news from decreasing sales. that believe higher home prices and fewer homes for sale caused that decline. filling up your gas tank after the weekend will cost you more this morning. gas prices are up another $0.04 over the past two weeks. the national average is $2.25. we checked on gas buddy this morning and the price in florida is lower at $2.13. in tampa lower than that
6:48 am
starting today mcdonald's is offering happy meal boxes with two mcgriddle cakes or an egg and cheese mc muffin. hold on a second. you can only get them in oklahoma. however, if this works mcdonald's could offer these nationwide. that could happen next year. something to smile about in the morning. leigh, how is it going? >> this morning we're seeing the first glimpses of daylight that might make you happy here. looking over the veteran's expressway, some patchy rise. 75 degrees at this location. thin clouds over the area. there's been a few thunderstorms off the sarasota and manatee coastline but they're not moving on shore right now. we have some time to be dry as you start your day at 77 degrees at 8:00 a.m., 86 at noon. clouds will build. we will hold off the rain chances through the afternoon, about a 40% chance today. other wise a high of 89. so in tampa right now, 77. plant city you're at
6:49 am
75. i just checked with my weather watcher patty in new port richey and she's starting her day at 73. for the most part this morning it's dry. maybe a few showers will pop up around lunchtime. through the afternoon though the storms are going to fire up and sort of rain themselves out. they will not be moving around all that morning. they will continue until 7:00 or 8:00. here's something to look forward to, the moisture forecast. the green and blue is a lot of moisture. good rain chances today, tomorrow and into wednesday. by thursday a cold front to usher in some drier air. not necessarily cooler. that is going to knock our rain chances down to 20% on friday and saturday. got some rough roads there, leslee. >> we have some issues popping up here and there, just about everywhere. southbound i-75 look at this back up. very, very heavy. it's coming away from the northern apex. the right lane is blocked due to this crash.
6:50 am
fowler. the veterans extra heavy from ehrlich to 275. that's due to an accident just past linebaugh. you are backed up all the way to van dyke and then you really hit the brakes closer due to that accident. take dale mabry or allow for an extra 30 minutes. look at that, hillsborough avene what a mess here. all lanes blocked both directions at benjamin. it's not too far away from the veteran's expressway. involved. power lines are down. they are block ing ing the roadway. remember to take waters instead. don't get mixed up in that mess. it's probably going to be there for a while. also south 275 at fowler we have a collision as well. that one is tieing up lanes too. you can see that heavy traffic here southbound on i-75. heading over here again that crash here's a live look at 275 in fowler and then a crash on i-75 at fowler. that's a look at weather and traffic. baaing to melanie and gene.
6:51 am
mork. thank you, leslee. what you need to know before you head out the door next. >> including a big flight for the presidential candidates. what is at stake tonight. >> a rising baseball star's sudden death in a both crash. the ties that jose fernandez built in tampa bay and how one high school here is remembering him. >> this is news channel 8 on your monday morning.
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remembering jose fernandez. let's go live. >> reporter: their boat hit a jetty. authorities believe they were speeding. fernandez fled cuba at 15 years old an a speedboat filled with others. he made his home in the bay area where he attended alonzo high. that's where he made his mark as an ace pitcher before being drafted by the marlins. live hughes, news channel 8. some more sad news from the world of sports. legendary golfer arnold ? principal golfer -- arnold palmer has died in pittsburgh. he doo -- he died from complications from heart disease. he was 87. it's debt bait debate to want. -- debate tonight. donald trump and hit-and-run -- will face off
6:56 am
night to remember in new york. new polls are showing clinton and trump in a dead heat. you can watch the debate at 9:00 on news channel 8. clinton's running mate is campaigning in florida. tim kai kaine will attend a rally at the lakeland center at 10:15. the mayor of charlotte lifted the curfew after six days of protests over shooting death of a black man. police released the dashcam video. it does not show whether scott had a gun as police claimed. more breaking news out of charlotte this morning. the faa issued a ground stop effecting a lot of flights all over the country. if you are catching a flight to charlotte or anywhere else this is effecting connecting flights. they are
6:57 am
charlotte so that could be messy. a fiery looking sdieing sky this morning. 75 in palm harbor, in polk county 76 degrees at the lakeland auto mall. beautiful conditions out of the famous tate bedding and appliance center in brandon at 75. patchy clouds this morning. getting hot by noon at 86. i'm calling for a 40% chance of afternoon storms. they will fire off and taper off 30% tuesday, a 40% on wednesday. the cold front sneaks into north florida that will draw in cooler air for friday and saturday. taking a look at traffic right now, southbound on the veteran's expressway, if you're going to take it leave the house 20 minutes early. a collision in lanes around linebaugh. hillsborough avenue at benjamin road, it looks like they have opened up hillsborough avenue now so that's good news. very congested.
6:58 am
waters. that will be better. southbound 275 at foul wler we have a crash. now to our cam as. we have one on eras. we have one on 75 southbound. you see those flashing lights on the onramp. still heavy coming away from the northern apex. >> that's a mess out there. >> that's me -- messy. >> thank you . thank you so much for joining ounce this monday morning. here's to a great work week. >> we will stay on top of the stories today. it's going to be a big so catch our updates throughout the today show. >> i'll be back with another hour of local news along with leigh spann and stacie at 11:00. bloop
6:59 am
i'm david jolly and i approve this message. since we're going to be friends huck. let me show you how washington really works. members of congress spend too much time rasing money. congressman david jolly on 60 minutes last night and they don't do enough for our veterans. david jolly has opened his seminole office to veterans. and they don't get we can prevent terrorism and protect the constitution congressman david jolly you are making too much sense. we've got unfinished business huck. good talk buddy. you love all-day breakfast. but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites. but now you can get more of what you love. so you can find something else to not love.
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get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. good morning. unprecedented event. donald trump and hillary clinton set to go head to head on the debate stage for the first time tonight. a record 100 million expected to tune in. for what will be an of politics and personalities. can trump prove he's fitor the job? can clinton show she's trustworthy? this morning the top aides from both camps weigh in. breaking overnight, evacuations under way in the midwest as rain swollen rivers spill over their banks. thousands of homes at risk. floodwaters set to rise even higher. and remembering the king. golf icon arnold palmer has died at the age of 87.


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